Bohemian Rhapsody C:IA Style

September 1, 2014

*Written by Rebel4000*

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site. ┬áThose were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was a more on the creative side.


*It was late at night at the Code: Island Attackers base… but some people just couldn’t sleep.*

Majin: *drunk* BEER!

Rebel: *high off of caffeine* HEY MAJIN HIT ME WITH ANOTHER!!

Majin: BEER!


Majin: BEER!

*After another hour consuming alchohol and Coke, the two members went to bed. Majin, who drank the most as usual, wasn’t feeling too well, however.*

Majin: errrr i DoN’t feeeeeeeeeeel 2 well… *passes out*

*The next day…*

Majin: Urrgh, my head hurts. I think I drank a little too–*turns a sickly green*–Urp!! *runs to the bathroom*

*After “relieving” himself, Majin heads to the kitchen to find some more beer.*

Majin: Yup, nothing like some beer to get a man over a hangover! *stops, blinks, rubs his eyes, and blinks again* Huh?

Agile: Hey Majin.

Majin: Agile? What are you doing here?!

Serges: *reading the comics* Are you drunk again? We live here. We are a team, after all–ooh, Garfield. *starts laughing maniacally*

Majin: Wha…?

Agile: Too true… *turns his head* Hey, Violen! Are you done with breakfast yet?!

Violen: *in a really girly voice* Yessir Mr. Agile, sir! *giggles uncontrollably*

Serges: C’mon, Majin. Let’s sit down and eat.

Majin: …Right… *sits down and looks at the food* What the heck is this?

Violen: Soy sauce with peas.

Majin: …Then why is it moving?

Violen: Oh, no!

*Violen pulls out his medicine ball and proceeds to beat the food to death, until it retialiates by eating him whole and then catches itself on fire.*

Agile: FIRE!!

Serges: FIRE!!

*Agile grabs Serges and uses his body to put the fire out.*

Agile: Whew…

Serges: Man, that was some quick thinking, Agile! I wish I was as smart as you.

Majin: …Come again?

Agile: Aw, stop it, Serges. Just because I have a PhD in nuclear technical rocketry fission doesn’t mean I’m that smart.

*Majin can only stare in wonder as he watches the two talk. He is amazed that Agile is a brainiac and that Serges is an idiot.*

Majin: Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide–
No escape from reality…

Agile and Serges: Open your eyes…
Look up to the skies and see!

Majin: I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy.
Because I’m easy come, easy go,
A little high, little low…
Anyway the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me…
To me…

Rebel: *smacks Majin* Majin, shut up.

Majin: *blinks* Hu-what?

Void: Shh! We are trying to remain hidden.

Dark Knight: So quit singing!

Rebel, Void, Outlaw, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Sean: Shhh!!

*Everyone–all of the members of the Island Attackers–stand there for roughly 27 hours, waiting.*

Majin: So, um… what are we doing again?

Rebel: *smacks self* Would someone get this guy a beer?

Shadowstrike: I’ll do it!


*Everyone stares at Void in wonder.*

Outlaw: I smell puppies.


Shadowstrike: No!! *kills Void*

Rebel: *gasps*

Outlaw: *gasps*

Sean: *gasps*

Dark Knight: *gasps*

Metabad: *gasps*

Majin: *gasps even louder than everyone else* What did you do?!

Sean: *points* Oh my God! He killed Void!

Metabad: You bastard!

Shadowstrike: B-but… he was gonna kill me first! You guys gotta believe me.

Outlaw: We must do something.

Dark Knight: Yes, before we are next.

Rebel: But what?

Sean: *jumps on Void’s corpse* I suggest we peel off his skin using a potatoe peeler and then feed it to a group of starving fangirls who scream “CloudxSephiroth” which will lead the fulfillment of a dark and ominous proficy where we all shall gain the amazing ability of boiling carrots.

*Everyone stares. Especially Majin.*

Rebel: That idea… is just crazy enough to work! Did everyone bring their potatoe peelers?

Rebel, Outlaw, Metabad, Sean: *lifts their arms up, showing potatoe peelers*

Majin: *notices he has one too* Uh…

Shadowstrike: W-wait! Don’t I at least get a… *picks up a phone* Phone call?!

Dark Knight: Oh, fine, you big baby.

Sean: But you only get five minutes!

*And so Shadowstrike dials the phone*

Shadowstrike: Mama, just killed a man.
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.
Mama, life had just begun…
But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away!

Everyone else: Mama ooo~!

Shadowstrike: Didn’t mean to make you cry!
If I’m not back again this time tomorrow–
Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters…

*A sudden explosion interrupts the group. The intruders are…*

Rebel: The Code: Island Attackers!

Majin: …Say what.

Agile: Aha! So this is what you X-Hunters have been planning! Trying to destroy a Coca-Cola factory in the name of Pepsi, eh?!

Majin: *a part of him dies inside*

Serges: Good thing you decided to put Majin undercover for us, huh boss?

Agile: You bet!

Metabad: Majin is a traitor!

Rebel: How dare you!

Majin: Err… I’m confused… and man I still gotta hang–*throws up Violen*

Everyone else: Eww…

Violen: *wearing a pinky frilly dress* April Fools everyone!

Agile: Now, to finish this! Let’s just see who the real murderer is! *pulls Violen’s mask off* Gasp!

Serges: It was Majin!

Both Majins: *laughs nervously*

Outlaw: Then who is this other Majin? *pulls his mask off* Gasp!

Sean: It’s Void!

Majin: So who the heck did I kill… or Shadow killed… or was it Violen?

Agile: *steps forward* Obviously it was all an ingenious attempt for Majin, knowing that Void was in fact Violen to kill him and thus throw him back up to reveal that he had actually killed himself which would result in the immediate death of Void.

Void: *immediately dies*

Sean: It all makes perfect sense!!

Majin: No it doesn’t.

Metabad: Yes it does.

Majin: No, it doesn’t.

Rebel: Yes, it does.

Majin: No it doesn’t, damn it!

Agile: *grabs Majin’s jaw and moves it* “I mean yes it does silly me hahahah.” Look! He admits! Take him away!

*Members of the CIA and X-Hunters grab Majin and drag him off.*

Majin: Too late, my time has come.
Sends shivers down my spine,
Body’s aching all the time…
Goodbye everybody–I’ve got to go…
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth–!!

Everyone else: Mama ooo~!

Violen: *appears* Anyway the wind blows~…

Majin: I don’t want to die…
I sometimes wish I’d never been born at all!

Rebel: *takes out a crobar and knocks Majin out* Shaddup.

*After a little while, Majin wakes up and notices he is in a courtroom. But it is not a normal courtroom, for he is standing the middle of a spotlight, and the Island Attackers, X-Hunters, and other teams are seated around him. He looks up and sees the judge, which looks like Donald Trump, peering at him, and other various villains to the side acting as the jury.*

Trump: *in a loud, booming voice* HOW DO YOU PLEAD?

Majin: Innocent, what else?! This is ridiculous, I didn’t kill anyone! Shadowstrike did!

Phoenix Wright: *slams his hands on the table* He’s lying damn it, and I can prove it!!


*Everyone stops talking.*

Trump: *looks at Frank, who is drawing a picture of the trial* TELL ME, WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THE PICTURE YOU ARE DRAWING, MR. FRANKENPLOID?

*Frank sighs, stands up, and lifts his picture into the air so everyone can see. All it contains is a red squiggly which looks disturbingly like Ronald McDonald’s hair. Everyone simply stares stupidly at the drawing, making “oohs” and “ahhs.”*


Frank: I see a little silhouetto of a man!

Neonman: Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?

Shadowstrike, Blackbelt, Nathan: Thunderbolt and lightning–very, very frightening me!!

Jade: Galileo!

Ben: Galileo!

Jade: Galileo!

Ben: Galileo!

Jade: Galileo!

Ben: Figaro!!

Alpha Movement: Magnifico-o-o-o-o-o-o…

Majin: But I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me–

Wily’s Warriors: He’s just a poor boy from a poor family!
Spare him his life from this monstrosity!

Majin: Easy come, easy go, will you let me go–

Trump: Bismillah!

Ryouga, Oreo, Loreo: No, we will not let you go–

CIA: Let him go–

Trump: Bismillah!

Jobin, Quint X, Red: We will not let you go–

Red Alert: Let him go–

Trump: Bismillah!

Sigma, Vile, Wily, Bass: We will not let you go–

Majin: Let me go–

X-Hunters: Will not let you go–

Majin: Let me go–

Alien Wily, Gutsdozer, Dragon: Will not let you go–

Majin: Never, never, never let me go-o-o-o-o-o-o–

Shadow Hunters: No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!

Starnik: Oh mama mia, mama mia!

Majin: Mama mia, let me go!
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me,
for me–

Everyone else: For me!!


*Everyone shuts up.*


Mr. Whiz: *hands Trump an envelope*

Trump: *opens the envelope* GUILTY!!

Anti-Majin: *stands up and points* Hah! I KNEW you were going to get the ax! You hax!!

Majin: Shut up!


Majin: Can I go home?


Majin: Hey!

*After the trial…*

Rebel: Majin, I’ll never forget ya.

Majin: Really?

Rebel: No, actually I lied.

Majin: Oh…

Rebel: In fact, I’ve already found a replacement for you. C’mon out!

Naoshi: Hey.

Majin: *stares*

Naoshi: Rebel, guess what?

Rebel: What?

Naoshi: I LOVE AVI!!

*Out of nowhere Metabad appears with two guitars and hands one to Rebel. The two then proceed to rawk out.*

Metabad: So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?

Rebel: So you think you can love me and leave me to die?!

Metabad: Oh, baby–can’t do this to me baby!

Rebel: Just gotta get out–just gotta get right outta here!!

*Rebel immediately jumps out of a 20-story window and plummet to his death. Naoshi and Metabad scream.*

Naoshi: *points at Majin* Oh my God! You killed Rebel!

Metabad: You bastard!!

Majin: If I got a nickle everytime someone called me that, I’d have… *counts his fingers* 5 cents.

*X, Zero, and Axl come in and slap handcuffs on Majin.*

X: You are under arrest for the murder of a suicide!

Majin: But I’m already under arrest!

X: Then you’ll be above arrest, damn it!

Axl: Zero, quick, DO A BARREL ROLL!

Zero: *does a barrel roll out of the same window Rebel jumped out of and dies.*


Majin: Now’s my chance! *knocks X out of the way and runs down the hall*

Naoshi: Stop the murderer!

*Majin runs from the law as Code: Island Attackers, Alpha Movement, Red Alert, Wily’s Warriors, X-Hunters, Shadow Hunters, and everyone else chases after him. Eventually he bursts out of the massive labrynth of the building, outside, and with the persuers right on his heels.*

Majin: FREEEEEEEEEEDOM!!! *hits a brick wall* Ow. *looks up* Why is there a brick wall right in front of the doorway?


Majin: *turns to see that he is surrounded* Leave me alone!! I didn’t do anything!

Brick: LIAH!!

*The group slowly advances on Majin as everything goes dark. Next thing Majin notices he standing up on a podium with his head stuck in a guillotine.*

Fay: Good, your awake. Now we can commence with the execution!

Majin: Now wait just one cockin-pickin minute…

Fay: Executioner, are you ready to… execute?

Lan: YOU BET!!

Ben: Come on! Kill him already! I haven’t got enough violence today!!

Anime Master: Although this is technically justice.

Ben: Violence, justice… since when were they different?

Fay: *clears his throat* Majin, you have been charged with the murders Void Darkheart, Rebel40000, and Zero.

Majin: Okay, first off, Shadowstrike killed Void! Second, Rebel killed himself! Third, Zero is right over there!

Zero: *waves*

X: *kills Zero* OH MY GOD NOT ZEROOOOOOOOOO!! *cries*

Fay: Okay then, you have been charged with the murders of Void, Rebel, Zero, AND Zero, bitch. Any last requests?

Majin: Don’t kill me?

Fay: Hahahah, sorry, this is America. We don’t spare people here unless they are famous and can give us lots of moolah. *faces Lan* Drop the guillotine!


Everyone else: Ooh yeah, ooh yeah~!

*As Lan drops the guillotine, the last thing Majin sees is Violen, in tears, coming up to give him a big, wet, sloppy kiss–*


Void: *flies in* Majin, you’re awake!

Majin: Void! You’re alive!

Void: *blinks and nods slowly* Yes… it would appear that I am.

Majin: That’s great! What about Rebel, is he alive too? I mean, I saw him jump out of a building and all so I–

Void: I doubt jumping out of a building would harm Rebel, much less kill him, especially when Coke is involved.

Majin: Oh.

Void: *pulls out a clipboard and checks it off* You’ve been out of it for about two days… Apparently you went passed the limit on how much alchohol you can handle… not to mention you drank beer when it was warm.

Majin: Ew.

Void: Very. Anyway, I suggest you get some rest. I’ll have Frank bring you some food later. *starts to leave*

Majin: Hey Void?

Void: *stops* Hmm?

Majin: …Bah, forget it.

*Void shrugs and walks off, and Majin flops back down in his bed and sighs deeply, glad he is out of that nightmare.*

Majin: Nothing really matters…
Anyone can see…
Nothing really matters–nothing really matters to me…

Everyone else: Anyway the wind blows~…

The End

Prelude to a Dark Time

August 30, 2014

*Written by Shadowstrike*

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site. ┬áThose were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was a more on the creative side. This particular story is like a “What if?” type that focuses on what could have happened before we meet Anti-Majin and Yuber.


Staring his enemy down, each one knew it was going to be a fight to the death. Complete insubordination was the matter here. The leader was staring daggers at his former teammate, who in turn had a look that could incinerate a tree. Only one would survive. Only one could be the who–

“Hey, boss bug, where are the power converters?” asked the blue sweater clad teenager who just walked up.

The leader, Magna Centipede, turned and stared at him. “Shadowstrike, can you not see I am about to kill PBX here?” he said, rhetorically.

“What is it over this time Rebel?” asked Shadowstrike, this being the third time today this had happened.

“The last cookie.”

“Your going to kill PBX over a cookie?” he asked, as the after mentioned Bubble Crab, walked off sneakily last cookie in hand.

“Yes,” said Magna, who then turned to his now vanished opponent.

“And you wonder why we aren’t taken seriously…” Shadowstrike says, opening a can of Coca-Cola.

“Meh. Like it really matters to me,” sighed Magna, taking the can of Coke from Shadow’s hand.

In another part of the base, the main room to be more precise, three other members of the team rested. Crystal Snail was showing a rare moment. He was wide awake and concentrating on something. He had his guitar in his hands, and he was trying to learn the hit song “I’d Like To Apologize” by the hit oldies band Sweeve. In front of the TV, sat Flame Stag, He was totally absorbed into “The Adventures of the Sinister Six” for the Play Station 5. On the couch, staring at the wall, sat Majin. He was totally drunk. Every once in awhile, he would let out a bark.

“Hey, Ghal,” Yelled Crystal Snail, to no avail. “GHALEON, TURN THE TV DOWN!” he then screamed, hoping to be over heard.

Ghaleon then, yelling over the T.V. “DEATHTUNA, SHUT UP, I’M TRYING TO AVENGE EDWARD HERE!” The two continued to yell back and forth at each other, all the while, Majin was trying to dig through the wall with a spork.

In the laboratory, two reploids stood. One was an older type, beard and red eye showing prominent. He stood upon a hover platform. The second bore a purple armor plating. He had a sword sheathed to his side. They stood and looked around their surroundings until the door to the outside opened. In walked their third member. The hulking reploid walked in, mace hitting against the red armor upon his back. He joined the other two. Upon looking at their surroundings, they had to struggle to stifle a laugh.

In the sewers below the base, Wheel Gator was swimming, looking for his next meal. Near him, floated Morph Moth. He was putting solvents into the sludge. Unaware to him, his inventions might soon be the end of him.

Later that night…

Seven out of the eight members of the Code: Island Attackers were in bed, asleep. All except for Bubble Crab, who, due to his insomnia, never slept. He, like normally, was running to and fro, all throughout the base. That was, until he came upon Morph’s lab. Upon going near the door, he heard muffled shouting. Opening the door, he heard.

“Void Darkheart, I have you to thank for this marvelous machinery. If you didn’t pioneer this “Hyper Form” technology, my colleagues and myself would not have the upgrades we do now,” breathed a scowling old reploid, who had a visor over both eyes, upon his back was an omega class battle-pack, a type of jetpack.

“I wouldn’t have made it if I knew that filth like you would try to steal it,” Morph Moth hissed, pure anger in his voice. There was a stare down, until, the moth-themed maverick made a mad dash for the door.

“HEAT HAZE!” yelled a robot in the corner, as hundreds of clones, all of the same robot appeared. Every clone had the same motif. They were clones of Agile, but, not the same. This new appearance was a drastic change. Jet black instead of purple, he also had beam sabers fused to his wrists.

“Nice try moth” the clones, with the same voice all said.

“Violen, grab him,” Serges said, as he powered up a gun upon his back. Following his orders, a huge robot appeared out of nowhere, moving faster than any robot his size should, and grabbed Void. He held him in front of Serges. The robot holding him was much alike the Violen of old. Except that his one had two maces and blue armor, and he didn’t give off an air of idiocy. Serges leveled off the gun. Void then fired off his Silk Shot, at the exact moment Serges fired. The Silk Shot hit the gun, utterly destroying it. But, the beam had found its mark in Morph Moth. Morph was pulled into the air by a bright light. He was then thrown violently to the ground. But, upon hitting, he was not himself. He was reverted to his cocoon form. He was then duct taped to the wall. He would be able to break lose, but it would be hours later. And by then, it would be to late…

“GUYS, GUYS, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!” Yelled the frantic Bubble Crab. In mere moments, he is joined by the six other members of the Code: Island Attackers.

“PBX, I was sleeping. This had better not be petty bullshit,” Said the half awake leader of the team.

“What did I say, next time you find a rat, just come get me,” said the hulking form that was Wheel Gator.

“Guys, I am being serious! We are being attacked by the–” gasped Bubble Crab, as a laser bolt shreaded through his stomach. As he collapsed to the ground, three figures stepped into view.

“My god, PBX is down and, who are you guys?” asked Crystal Snail, pointing at the three figures.

“You don’t remember us?” the one floating asked “why, with all the time we spent together, I’m appalled you don’t remember!”

“The eye looks familiar…” Wheel Gator says suspiciously. “Wait a tick…Serges!?”

“Took you long enough, simpleton.”

“I’ll make you eat those words!” screamed the enraged Wheel Gator, as he charged at Serges but was slashed by a black blur. “Wha?”

“You must be more careful, gators are known to be quite clumsy,” said the blur, as he sped around Outlaw. That was, until, he ran into a block of frozen air, courtesy of a Crystal Hunter, that was precariously placed there by Deathtuna just moments before.

Meanwhile, Shadowstrike and Ghaleon had just engaged the now blue Violen.

“Remind me to thank that Void again, as his power ups allowed me to do this!” he raises his hands, and fires the two mace balls that were suspended before them. The chains whistled as the air went streaking through them, as the maces rocketed towards their targets. Ghaleon jumped up to dodge, as shadow jumped to the side. Before they both had even landed, 20 rounds of both of their indivivudal weapons streaked through the air towards Violen. “Going to attack me yet?” he sighed, as the weapons hit his armor but left not a single mark.

At the same time, Rebel and Majin were doing all that they could to dodge the various rounds that Serges was spitting out at them. Still, they both were hit some. Rebel fired a Magnet Mine, and took a Spin Wheel to pay for it. As the mine exploded, Majin threw his Strike Chain, and imbedded them into Serges’ jetpack. “You annoying gnat!” breathed Serges, as flames erupted around him. When they died down, Majin no longer had hands.

“Majin, are you alright?” asked a worried Rebel.


“I had to ask.”

As that was happening, Shadow and Ghaleon had devised a plan to defeat Violen. As Violen fired his maces again, shadow dashed forward, and used a reinforced Sonic Slicer to cut the laser chain. Before the mace fell, Shadow kicked it up to Ghaleon, who caught it in mid air. Swinging it around once, he hurled it towards Violen. Violen attempted to move his arm to guard, but, Shadow had the other mace by the chain. The mace slams into Violen, as a resounding shatter is heard. Violen can look only in disbelieve as his armor has been shattered. Before he can even process another thought, he is slammed by many rounds of the two Attackers weapons. His last thought before being shut down was “I forgot to tape Lucy…”

Everything was not going as well for the Outlaw and Deathtuna. They were being battered by the black blur. Finally, it stopped. As they looked up, they saw a familiar face.

“Agile, when did you get so strong?”

“Thank Void. Well, actually, you WON’T get the chance to!” He snickered. “I hope you like my next trick.” As he said that, a solid illusion appeared next to him, and another on the other side. As soon as they appeared, the two illusions and Agile turned to blurs again, removing Outlaw’s arm from its socket, and destroying Deathtuna’s shell. After a few more moments, they fell. Agile could only stand over them snickering.

At the same time, Serges was still firing random blasts at Rebel and Majin. That was, until Majin tried to dodge the wrong way, and slammed into Rebel. As the two hit the ground, Majin was hit with the esenece of Sonic Slicer, and fell to pieces at the hand of Serges. Jumping to his feet, Rebel dashed forward, trying to poison Serges. That was, until, one of the guns turned to his face, and fired. Rebel was rocketed back to a wall by what seemed to by a solid pillar of Silk Shot. As he slowly feel to the ground, pieces of his armor stayed on that place. He crashed to the ground, and deactivated.

Shadow and Ghaleon were celebrating their small victory over Violen. As they were, they neglected to turn around. As their teammates fell, the two remaining X-Hunters turned their attention to them. Silently signaling each other, they agreed as to how to attack. Serges charged his guns with Crystal Hunter and aimed at the back of Shadowstike, as Agile and his three clones triangulated around Ghaleon. With a signal Serges fired, and Agile charged. Shadow was hit in the back and as he fell forward to the ground, his armor crumbled around him. He fell to the ground in his human-self. Next to him, Ghaleon was stabbed by three beam sabers. He screamed in pain and rage, as he feel to the ground deactivated.

“We did it… we finally did it!” said Agile, his voice filled with glee.

“You think so?” joked Serges, “Well, you’re wrong. We aren’t done until they are dead.”

“Can I kill Rebel first?” asked Agile, brandishing his sword.

“Go ahead.”

In a flash, he was in front of the deactivated body of Rebel. He brought his sword to the throat. If he even twitched, it would be all over for the bug. He brought his arm back, and he started it’s descent. Just as it was about to slice, time stopped. A figure appeared in the air, shimmering at first. But, soon, it came into clear view. Anti-Majin, the C:IA’s worst enemy, floated above them.

“No, this is not how it should be. First off,” he waves his hand, and the X-Hunters glow. A second later they are in their normal forms. Another second later, they are just gone. Anti waves his hand one last time, and the C:IA are no longer damaged. He waves his hand again, and they are back to where they were before the fight. He waves his hand one last time, and time resumes, without him there.

On a cliff over looking the C:IA tower, stands two figures, hidden in shadows. In front of them, appears Anti-Majin.

“Hello again my associates. The day of reckoning has come! The C:IA will not see another sunrise. We will see to that!”

The End

Sewer Freaks

August 25, 2014

*Written by Outlaw88 and Dark Knight*

*Just a common morning at the Code: Island Attackers’ Whale King…*

Sean: A common morning?

Rebel and Metabad: *rawking*

Shadowstrike: Yep, a common morning.

*Anyways, at the kitchen…*

Outlaw: Put some sewage water!

Dark Knight: And don’t forget Edam cheese! Life is better with cheese!

Outlaw: This mutant rat seems tasty…*puts it in the pot* Aah, the guys will love this!

Dark Knight: Mmm… I think Nutella will work?

Outlaw: I dunno. But look at this! *puts a four-headed radioactive fish*

Dark Knight: Wow. The best about this is that the rest of them don’t know about…

Rebel: What the… ? Hey don’t put the cheese and Nutella there!!!! AND DON’T COOK OUTLAW!!!!

Outlaw: But…

Dark Knight: But…

*The Whale King lands. Outlaw and Dark Knight are thrown out of it.*

Dark Knight: Let me at him! Let me at him!!!!

Outlaw: Calm down, DK. It isn’t that bad. Perhaps we can go to have some sewer hunting!

Dark Knight: Freakin’ sweet!

*A moment later, at the sewer system of some random city…*

Outlaw: Aaah, the glorious smell! Do you feel it?

*They swim through the horribly dirty courses of rotten sewage water, until…*

Dark Knight: Am I supposed to be glowing like this?

Outlaw: You’ll be fine. Since we are both made for all kinds of water conditions you won’t feel any negative effects.

Dark Knight: Oh good…. Negative effects from what exactly? I’ve never sewer hunted before.

Outlaw: Truth be told no one has ever come with me ‘cept Void, and that was only to map the city system we were living by at the time, and he flew over the surface so that doesn’t really count.

Dark Knight: But what are…

Outlaw: Right right, so yeah everything and anything can be found here. I’ve earned some extra cash in reporting the serious stuff. Like toxic waste by human areas, overpopulation of mutant bugs, moldy pokemon cards, that sort of thing.

Dark Knight: Wow. So what are we looking for? I’m kinda hoping to find more mutant things! That fish you had was awesome!

*So the two C:IA members swim on for a while, taking in the strange sights and smells they encounter. Suddenly DK spots something…*

Dark Knight: Holy crap, look at the size of that mushroom!

Outlaw: Badger badger badger… *Shakes head* Whooo sorry. Too much Weebl for me.

*They go over to the giant mushroom*

Dark Knight: It’s all glowy and everything! Lets take it back and put it on a pizza.

Outlaw: Sounds good to me.

Giant Mushroom: I beg your pardon but I’d rather stay here.

*DK and Outlaw jaw drop*

Dark Knight: OMFGWTFBBQ!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!111oneoneone!!!1

Giant Mushroom: Pardon?

Dark Knight: You’re talking! o_0

Giant Mushroom: Well, of course.

Dark Knight: How many licks-

Giant Mushroom: Oh, please, not again! This is the hundredth time people ask me that today!

Outlaw: *still jaw dropped*

Dark Knight: Ohoho, I know! Grant me a wish. I want an Imperial Walker and a date with-

Giant Mushroom: And it’s the thousandth time they ask me for a wish. You little crab thing are pretty irritating. So I’ll eat your brain! *roars*

Dark Knight: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah! *runs away, fear in his eyes*

Outlaw: *still jaw dropped*

Giant Mushroom: And the reptilian friend as well! *roars again*

Outlaw: Aaaaaaah! *runs away*

*A moment later, inside an oversized trashcan…*

Dark Knight: *eyes widened* Did that thing follow us?

Outlaw: *shaking head* I don’t know, I don’t know!

*The sound of multiple steps is heard*

Outlaw: Quiet! I heard something…

Dark Knight: !!!

Outlaw: I’ll take a look. *looks over the trashcan* Oh, holy hell, it’s that thing again!

Dark Knight: But why am I hearing so many steps?

Outlaw: Let’s see…

*Three voices are heard inside the oversized mushroom*

??? #1: Hehehehe. We managed to scare them!

??? #2: Yes!!! Let’s celebrate this as a victory for the… watch out, Violen, you dumbass!

*The enormous mushroom trips with a tuna can which managed to be there, and falls*

Serges: *crawling out* Oh, great! We spent our last zenny on buying this cheap costume, and look how it is now, Violen!

Agile: Bad boy, bad! *hits Violen with a leather belt*

Violen: *crying* I’m sorry, please, I won’t do it again!

*Inside the trashcan…*

Dark Knight: Who are those guys? They look kinda familiar… Some kind of retarded sewer monstrosities?

Outlaw: No, no. They’re the X-Hunters, not our worst, but surely most recurrent enemies.

Dark Knight: Oh, right… them.

Outlaw: *Thinking* Odd… I thought they were–

Dark Knight: How about jumping out of here and see them screaming like girls?

Outlaw: Sounds good to me.

*DK and Outlaw leap out of the trashcan and land directly in front of the X-Hunters*

X-Hunters: *scream like little girls*

Outlaw and Dark Knight: *burst out laughing*

Agile: How did you find us???

Serges: You guys can take a little prank, right?

Violen: *crying* But please don’t hurt us!

Dark Knight: That’s precisely what I was going to do! *cracks knuckles*

Outlaw: No, wait DK! *stops him* We’re not going to hurt you! It’s almost nice to see you again. But tell me, weren’t you dead?

Serges: It seemed so. However, some random entity called Randomness managed to randomly revive us. Right, Chewbacca?

Chewbacca: Roaarrr! (Translation: Yeah.)

Dark Knight: Is that the gorrilla you keep talking about?

Outlaw: No, but this is just as weird.

*Suddenly the sewer, Chewbacca, and the X-Hunters vanish leaving our heroes in total darkness*

Outlaw: What the hell? Where is everybody, and everything?

Dark Knight: EEEeeeEEEeeEeEEK!

???: Welcome! Why not stay and enjoy for a while? My toenail is like warm milk!

Dark Knight: Who is that?

???: It’s-a me! Randomness here to poke things!

*Suddenly the area fills with spoons*

Randomness: With spooooooooooooooooooooooons!!!!

Outlaw: *Up to his shoulders in spoons* What do you want with us?

Dark Knight: *Completly buried* And where are the X-Hunters? Were they even real?

Randomness: You here cuuuuz me likey you! Find your way through my world, my alternate dimension, my whole wheat bread. Great fortunes it be if a winner is you.

*Outlaw fishes DK out from under the spoons*

Randomness: As for those others.. Real they were but are lost…Lost lost lost. I lost my bib.

Dark Knight: I don’t like this. This clown from who-knows-where just wants to toy with us. Lets just get out of here.

Outlaw: No… Something tells me we need to take this challenge and rescue the X-Hunters.

Dark Knight: Why? You said they were our enemies! Why help them?

Outlaw: I can’t explain it really, I feel it’s the right thing to do. They might be useful when we finally confront Anti-Majin and his crew.

Dark Knight: I get it, they hate them more than us. The more firepower we have on our side the better!

Outlaw: Right!

Randomness: TACO! I make gate!

*A swirling vortex opens before the two*

Outlaw: You ready?

Dark Knight: Lets do this!

*They step through the gate*

Outlaw: Where the heck are we?

Dark Knight: Oh, I don’t know… I have never been here before…

Outlaw: But this is… the tower! Our tower!

Dark Knight: Pardon?

Outlaw: Our old base… before that bastard… before Anti-Majin took control of it. *clenches fist* And it seems Mr. Randomness will use it for his sick game…!

Dark Knight: *looking around* It was a pretty nice base. Did you have computers?

Outlaw: Yes, and…

Dark Knight: *dissapears*

Outlaw: Wait…! *follows him*

Dark Knight: Here it is! *points to a door*

Outlaw: How do you know?

Dark Knight: Easy, here’s a sign that reads: “Here’s the computer room. No, this isn’t a trap. You won’t hit a brick wall, face your worst nightmares or whatever. Yours truly, Randomness with no j. REMEMBER WITH NO J OR THE SPACE CLOWNS WILL EAT YOUR BRAIN!!! ARGH!” *the sign bursts into flames*

Outlaw: I have a bad feeling about this…

Dark Knight: *enters the room*

Outlaw: Great… he NEVER thinks before moving.

*Outlaws tries to enter the room, but hits… a brick wall.*

Outlaw: Oof! Didn’t Mr. Randomness say no brick walls?!

Phoenix Wright: OBJECTION! He’s lying and I can freakin’ prove it!

Outlaw: But Randomness…

Phoenix Wright: He says he wants randomness! *implodes*

Outlaw: I’ll just ignore that happened… let’s try again. DK, you in here? *opens the door*

Donkey Kong: Uh.

Outlaw: …

Donkey Kong: Ah.

Outlaw: *faints*

*When Outlaw wakes up…*

Dark Knight: *sitting in front of a computer* Hey! Look at this! I beat the highest score!

Outlaw: *scared* You can’t! That computer is just ham!

Dark Knight: What?? Chuck Norris, I blame you for this!

Outlaw: *horrified* You can’t!! That’s not Chuck Norris! That’s only bread! It’s a ham sandwich!!!!

Dark Knight: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! *ear-piercing scream*

*Meanwhile, at a random place…*

Randomness: Oh, c’mon, they are losing! The aren’t beating the highest score! Me meaning, c’mon, me has beaten Tetris! Me beat Pacman! YES, THE HALF-EATEN PIZZA THING! MWAHAHAHA!!! Listen to my pizza-like beat of unquestionable doom!! *dances*

Agile: Holy cows, how can a beat be pizza-like, and even worse, of unquestionable doom?!

Serges: More importantly, how do we know he dances if we can’t see him!?

Violen: *crying* I want to go back home…

Randomness: *stops dancing* Lack of faith in the awesome power of Randomness! The ultimate orange hamster living in Serge’s mustache is angrrrrry!

X-Hunters: No, please, not again!

Narrator: *loses it* This isn’t any sense!

Randomness: Shaddup. *splats a pizza in his face*

*Back to Outlaw and DK*

Dark Knight: Ok I’ve had enough of this crazy place. We’ve seen floating brooms, crawling toasters and melting windows. I don’t think I can take much more of this.

Outlaw: No arguments there. We need to find where the X-Hunters are, and then all this should go away. Now let me think, where would they be?

Dark Knight: This place looks like your old tower right? Where would the toughest place be?

Outlaw: The toughest? That would be..TCoD*!

*See Series 1, Epilogue #11 “Training Bad”

Dark Knight: What?

Outlaw: I’ll explain on the way. C’mon!

*They race down the hall*


Randomness: The peanuts are fighting my toenail!

Serges: *wearing a tutu* Have you noticed that everytime he talks things get weirder?

Agile: *In a bunny suit* Yeah… I noticed.

*Back to our heros*

Dark Knight: How can you be sure that that’s where Randomness is?

Outlaw: I’m not, but I have a feeling that its the right place. Only problem is that the TCoD is in the basement. We’re still a few floors up.

Dark Knight: Just to be sure I’m going to check out some of these doors.

*DK goes to a door that once led to Void’s lab. When it opens a train is seen going at full speed towards them*

Dark Knight: HOLY CRAP! *slams door*

Outlaw: You sure you want to keep that up?

Dark Knight: Umm…Let me try one more.

*DK goes to what was once Majin’s room and opens the door. A giant face pops out*


Outlaw: Forget this. I’m going to get us down the quick way.

*Using his blades Outlaw cuts a large hole in the celing*

Outlaw: Lets go!

Dark Knight: That’s not right.

Outlaw: That’s what I’m counting on!

*They jump in the hole which takes them to the TCoD*

Dark Knight: What the…

Outlaw: I think I’ve got how we can beat Randomness.

Dark Knight: How?

Outlaw: By fighting fire with fire.

Randomness: Well well, you found me hiding place. Rabbits change my channel! Come get your pals. They right here!

*A spotlight shines on the X-Hunters*


Dark Knight: Fine then. *Begins to walk towards them, but is stopped by a force*

Randomness: Ah ah ah. You didn’t say the magic word! Me am cosmic being, me am strong. Fight me you must now. Choo-choo! Choooose form!

Outlaw: Right. Ok Mr. Cosmic being of annoyance here goes. Get ready for an ass kicking!

*Randomness turns into an apple*

Dark Knight: Now he should be easy to fight.

*Suddenly Randomness gets the shape of a teddy bear*

Outlaw: Help me here DK!

Dark Knight: Huh?

Outlaw: The only way to win is to fight him at his own game. Keep thinking of things for him to turn into.

Dark Knight: Ok I get it now!

*So the two of them keep on thinking of the most out there and strange things, as well as ordinary things causing the entity known as Randomness to keep his form ever changing*

Randomness: Stoooooooop, stooooop, can’t keep up. Too much Fruitcake eats children!!! Never taste the last wrench! Arglbargle fluffy fluff!

*The world around them begins to become even more distorted and soon everything is going haywire.*

Outlaw: X-Hunters! Get over here now, he should be weak enough for you to move!

*The X-Hunters, not wasting any time, charge towards them. They make it across a pudding stream that showed up and finally made it to our heros.*

Dark Knight: I wonder if they can help us now that they are with us?

Serges: Worth a shot.

*So with the collective minds of the two C:IA members and the X-Hunters they send Randomness even more forms and ideas. Now with all the thougths coming his way he no longer can keep a form, just an ever changing blob of mess.*

Randomness: AEIOU!!!

*The world they were in sudddenly begins to implode. Mass chaos ensues and they all black out*

*Some time later*

Outlaw: *waking up* uhhHhhh. Oh man… My head. What a dream that must have been. Wait a sec.

*Looks to see DK nearby. They are back in the sewer where they began.*

Dark Knight: You finally woke up. That adventure was crazy, but kinda fun! We should rescue our enemies from cosmic entities more often! But why did it choose us, and why did we need to save those guys? And where are they?

Outlaw: I don’t know. Lets just go home and let everyone know what happened.

Dark Knight: *As they are leaving* They’ll never believe us you know.

*Further back in the sewer*

Serges: That’s the last time we rely on magical beings that revived us to help in our plans!

Agile: Look it was worth trying ok? How was I supposed to know we would go through something like that?

Violen: At least it’s over.

The E–

Randomness: WAAAAAIT! Me no done yet, me no done yet!

Narrator: No more out of you. Shut the hell up loser.

Randomness: …k… :(

The End

Enter the Assassin

August 17, 2014

*Written by Rebel4000*

*Late one night at the Code: Island Attacker’s former base, now Anti-Majin’s evil fortress…*

Anti: Blast it all!

Frank: What are you going on about?

Anti: Didn’t you watch the news, you fool? The CIA is still alive!

Frank: What!? How!?

Anti: Apparently some “huge epic battle of the ages” was recorded a few days ago with them being on it*.

*See Series 2, Epilogue #26 “Dissed in the Digital World (part 6)”

Frank: How could that be…? Our huge epic battle was supposed to be the huge epic battle of the ages*! Not their huge epic battle!

*See Series 2, Epilogue #19 “Dark Time”

Anti: It doesn’t matter. What does is that they are still alive when they should be dead! Do you have any idea what this means?

Frank: I am afraid to ask.

Anti: Plan time.

*And so the two super villains start to draw up plans to thwart the CIA once and for all.*

Frank: We could always just blast their new base out of the skies. Can you say “instant KO?”

Anti: Or we could alter the gravitational field surrounding them, causing them to go flying upwards into outer space!

Frank: Perhaps we could go over there and simply beat the snot out of them again. I mean… we did it before. We just have to get Ryouga for some back up and we’ll be all set.

Anti: We can’t.

Frank: Why not?

Anti: He got lost looking for the bathroom again.

Frank: That’s the fourth time this week!

Ryouga: *knocks a wall down* Uh… is this the bathroom?

Anti and Frank: …

Ryouga: Right. Carry on. *leaves*

Anti: Arrgh!! *tears up the paper they were drawing on* This is pointless! We’re never going to figure out a way to defeat them and they will eventually come back and try to stop our plans of causing mass chaos and destruction!

Frank: Now, now, Anti. There is still hope yet. Let’s take a look in this old book that I found. *holds up a small, black book*

Anti: What the heck is that thing?

Frank: It was made hundreds of years ago–I’m not really certain who wrote it. Anyway, this book contains some pretty useful stuff… surely we can use this to destroy the CIA!

Anti: Let me see that. *takes the book and flips through some pages* Yes… yes! It’s all right here! With this those fools will finally be put in their place! Mwahahahah!!

*The following day, at a local gas station…*

Clerk: Okay, say that one more time, dude.

Void: We want to know if you have fuel for a Whale King.

Clerk: And uh… what’s a Whale King again?

Sean: It’s our ship.

Shadowstrike: A Zoid.

Outlaw: And it’s really, really big.

Rebel: It’s right outside if you wanna take a look at it.

*The clerk turns to look out the window, only to see a massive blue ship sitting on top the gas pumps, crushing them and causing oil to spew everywhere. Outside Metabad and Majin are running around in a circle next to it.*

Metabad and Majin: WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Rebel: Ain’t she a beaut?

Clerk: Uh…

Dark Knight: He must be amazed by the paint job.

*Everyone nods in agreement.*

Clerk: Well, thing is dudes, is that you kinda crushed the gas pumps.

Void: And?

Clerk: Well that’s gonna cost a lot of money to fix.

Shadowstrike: You’re right. Sorry that you have waste your paycheck on that.

Clerk: Hey, wait a sec…

Rebel: Let’s go team!

*The Island Attackers leave, leaving only the clerk to stand there dumbfounded. Outside the CIA get ready to leave.*

Rebel: Okay, so here’s the game plan: We’re gonna grab some buckets and nab as much fuel as possible.

Outlaw: *pounds his stomach* Heh, I’ve got enough storage in here to last a lifetime. *sticks his mouth on a pipe and sucks in all of the oil*

Sean: That’s just gross.

Outlaw: *gets back up* Eh, you kinda get used to it after awhile. *smacks his lips* Mmm, tastes just like momma’s homemade soup.

Void: So, is there anything we’re forgetting before we move on?

Dark Knight: You mean last minute stops?

Void: Well, we’re flying around on a ship most of the time now. You’ve gotta enjoy these stops.


Void: *ignoring Metabad* Anyone? …Please?

Rebel: Void! I see you over there, ignoring a fellow teammate. For shame. *to Metabad* Where do you wanna go Metabad?

Metabad: Oman, it’s gonna rawk.

Rebel: Well, duh. I could tell you that.

Metabad: I wanna go to…

*At Toys ‘R’ Us*

Void: You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Metabad and Rebel: QUIET!!

Majin: *holding a teddy bear* ur teh bestest frend i ever had *hic*

Teddy Bear: *talking* I love you mommy.

Sean: *to Void* Well, it COULD be… I mean, it’s not too bad, Void. We’ve got a video game section.

Void: True.

Outlaw: *is covered by a pile of four year olds* So uh, guys, how long are we staying here?

Shadowstrike: Ask Rebel and Metabad.

Rebel: *tearing open an action figure*

Worker: Sir, you have to pay for that.

Rebel: Bite my shiny metal ass!

Metabad: D00D!! That rawked! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Outlaw: *has more kids pile on top of him* They… they like me! They really like me! *they then start to leave* W-wait! Come back! Is it the smell? Is it not strong enough!? TELL ME!!

Dark Knight: *sees the kids inching towards him* Oh… HELL no. Get these little freaks away from me! *runs*

Majin: TED WILL SAVE YOU!! *throws the bear at DK, hitting him in the face*

Teddy Bear: I love you mommy.

Dark Knight: Up yours! *takes the bear and rips his head off*

Majin: NOOOOOOOO!! *cries hysterically*

Void: Okay, that’s it. We are leaving. Shadow, get Metabad.

Shadowstrike: Right! *runs over and grabs Metabad by the collar and takes off*


Rebel: Hey, Void, what do you think you’re doing?

Void: No more fun and games Rebel. I’m taking you down!

Rebel: You’ll never take me alive, coppah!

Void: *ensares Rebel in a Silk Shot*


Metabad: *comes crawling back with Shadow holding onto him* FOR THE SUPER AWESOME FIGHTING FORCE!!

Shadowstrike: Help me, Outlaw!

Outlaw: Okay, okay. *lays on top of Metabad, pinning him*


Sean: C’mon, you guys. Do we have to settle things like this? People are starting to stare.

Void: More like they’re looking at DK getting attacked by the hordes of kids.

Dark Knight: They’re everywhere! Everywhere, I tell you! *is dogpiled*

Majin: *still crying over Ted*

*Suddenly an explosion rocks the store. Over in the distance, a group of familiar-looking Reploids greets the CIA in the newly made hole in the wall…*

Outlaw: The X-Hunters!

Agile: Well, well! If it isn’t the Island Attackers!

Serges: We knew that if we came here we’d find you… my tracking device never fails me!

Violen: What!? I thought we were here to buy some more stuffed animals–*is slapped*

Agile: You don’t know what you’re talking about!

Void: So, I take it you want to tango with us?

Shadowstrike: *coughs*

Void: What?

Shadowstrike: Tango, Void? Tango? Is that the best you could come up with?

Void: Be quiet, you. Since Rebel is currently… preoccupied, I must take the mantle of leader momentarily.

Dark Knight: *beneath the pile of kids* Sounds like mutiny to me!

Void: It’s not! I am just the obvious choice for second-in-command!

Sean: Funny, I always assumed that Rebel would put Metabad as No. 2…

Metabad: YEAH!!

Agile: Umm…

Void: Oh, c’mon! Even Rebel has more brains than that.

Outlaw: Yeah, about that Void… We’ve known him for how long, now?

Serges: Uh…

Void: That’s beside the point. If Rebel wanted this team to survive in case something were to happen to him, he’d want it in the hands of someone capable! Someone… like me!

Shadowstrike: But Rebel isn’t even capable himself and yet the team has survived for over three years now…

Rebel: You guys do realize that I am right here, right?

Void: *ignores Rebel* Again, that is completely beside the point–


*Everyone turns to stare at Violen.*

Agile: Whoa… I didn’t think he had the lungs to scream like that…

Serges: I think I heard the windows crack…

Metabad: Definitely doesn’t rawk.

Violen: It could easily rawk! Actually, no, that’s not quite right. What I mean to say is, that it doesn’t necessarily rawk, but at the same time it’s not completely awful

Agile: Enough of this! It’s time to get down to business!

Void: Here they come! Island Attackers, attack!

*Before anything can happen, however, a blue aura surrounds the store, causing everyone to freeze in place minus the Island Attackers and X-Hunters.*

Serges: Huh?

Shadowstrike: What’s going on?

Dark Knight: *explodes from the pile of kids* Hah! Thought they had me, did they!? Well I showed you fools! Hahahahah!!

Sean: *studying the blue surrounding* This is a highly advanced magic field…

Rebel: *rips free from the Silk Shot* So what are you saying? We’re trapped?

Outlaw: *gets off of Metabad* Looks like it, boss bug.

Metabad: *getting up* Definitely doesn’t rawk.


Sean: Someone must have lured us into this.

Agile: Way to figure it out, genius!

???: You are not as stupid as you all seem.

Outlaw: Who said that?

*A man materializes out of thin air. He was tall and lean, wearing all black with long, blond hair put into a ponytail. His eyes were two colors–one a blood red and the other an icy blue.*

Rebel: Who the Hell are you?

???: My name is of no importance to a walking dead man.

Rebel: *clenches fists* What did you say!?

???: Hmph, very well… The name is Yuber. I have been sent by Anti-Majin to exterminate you.

Majin: huh… Anti know we live?

Yuber: Apparently you all left quite a show that was broadcasted worldwide the other day… Yes, I must thank you for such a wonderful display of carnage.

Metabad: So does this mean you won’t kill us ’cause we just rawk at carnage like that?

Yuber: No.

Metabad: Damn.

Void: Why are you siding with Anti-Majin, though? He’s trying to rule the world! …I think.

Yuber: Because by attempting to do so he will cause large amounts of destruction. Even if he fails… destruction will still result. I thirst for the bloodshed…

Violen: But that’s not very human-like…

Yuber: Right again. I’m not some mere flesh and blood human that you are all used to seeing. I am immortal–I have lived for countless centuries watching this pitiful world continue playing it’s pitiful role… and everytime a chance for this planet to suffer arises I have been there to help assist it.

Outlaw: That’s… just not right…

Yuber: Which is exactly why I’m here now. Anti-Majin told me that if I were to kill you all his plans for a global takeover would speed up, and as you all know, the sooner he commences with part two of his plan the sooner we get to see some people die.

Rebel: So here you are… getting ready to finish us off. Is that it?

Yuber: Precisely… I see that as leader you do have some brains after all.

Dark Knight: You call yourself immortal… but I will prove to you otherwise!

Majin: *sober* And you said you worked for Anti. We won’t let you stop us!

Yuber: Strong words for someone afraid of kids and another a drunk. Very well then. *draws two long, thin swords from his sleeves* Prepare for the end.

Rebel: All right, let’s go do this! Island Attackers… ATTACK!!

Serges: Wait!

Everyone: Huh?

Agile: *pulls out a beam saber* So you guys are just gonna fight each other while we stand back and watch? I don’t think so!

Shadowstrike: What are you idiots going on about–

Serges: We are sick of being treated like third-rate villains! We’ll take this guy down by ourselves, and then we’ll defeat you, Island Attackers!

Violen: What he said!

Yuber: Hmph… what fools. Very well, then. Prepare to meet your maker.

*The three X-Hunters charge at Yuber, weapons drawn. Before they make impact, however, the demon disappears and reappears behind them.*

Yuber: Too slow.

Serges: Wha–AAAGH!! *has his arm sliced off*

Agile: Serges! *swings his saber*

Yuber: *parries* Do you honestly think you can defeat me, Reploid? *knocks Agile’s sword out of his hands* They always say ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately for you, that will not be the case.

Agile: What!?

Yuber: *cuts Agile in half*

Agile: Gagh!! *crumples to the floor*


Yuber: *dodges and grabs the chain* “Cut it out?” The Reploid was so weak… the power of my blade sliced through him like butter. I didn’t even try. *pulls the chain and flings Violen*

Violen: AAHHH!! *crashes into Serges, crushing him*

Yuber: You three bore me. *turns to walk away but stops* What the…!?

Agile: *holding onto Yuber’s ankle* W-wait… another round…

Yuber: You don’t seem to comprehend what has just happened. Here… allow me to make it more clear. *stabs Agile in the head*

CIA: !!!

Violen: Agile! Serges! NOOOOOOOO!!

Yuber: And you… your screaming has gotten on my last nerve. Time to say goodnight.

*With a flick of his wrist, Violen is suddenly struck with a bolt of lightning, causing him to scream in pain as his circuits are fried. A minute passes afterward, with no movement coming from the X-Hunters mangled remains.*

Sean: He… he killed them… He really killed them!!

Rebel: You monster! They weren’t even a challenge for you and you still slaughtered them!

Yuber: Why do you care? After all, they were your enemies. If anything you should be thankful that I was eliminating such nuisances for you.

Dark Knight: I’ve gotten sick and tired of this guy…

Yuber: If you think you can fare better than the three stooges, then please be my guest…

Rebel: Right. Island Attackers… KICK HIS ASS!!

Outlaw: Spin Wheel! *unleashes a pair of wheels at Yuber*

Yuber: *quickly moves*

Shadowstrike: Sonic Slicer! *releases a blade*

Yuber: *steps to the side*

Void: Silk Shot! *fires a ball of junk*

Yuber: *easily dodges*

Sean: Crystal Shot!

Metabad: Speed Burner!

Yuber: *dodges again*

Rebel: Magnet Mine!

Majin: Strike Chain!

Yuber: *moves out of the way*

Dark Knight: Enough of this! Bubble Splash! *opens his mouth and fires a stream of bubbles*

Yuber: *doesn’t move at all as the bubbles float gently past him* …Is that all? How disappointing.

Dark Knight: Why you…!! *creates his energy pincers and lunges at Yuber*

Yuber: My turn.

*Yuber runs toward Dark Knight and quickly moves to the side, using one of his swords to slash the CIA member’s side, making him come crashing to the ground. He then leaps and teleports directly in front of Outlaw and slashes him in the chest, making him fall back, and then quickly runs over to Void and attacks him, slicing his wings clean off, causing him to land face first on the floor.*

Sean: He’s fast!

Rebel: You won’t get away with this! *pulls out multiple shurikens and flings them at Yuber*

Yuber: Too late for that. *dodges and gets behind Magna, piercing one of his swords through his tail and ultimately his midsection*

Rebel: Gah!! *collapses*

Metabad: Nooo, not my rawkin buddy! *ignites his blue flames* I’ll get you for that! *charges*

Yuber: *attemps to get out of the way but gets punched in the face, knocking his hat off* …Not bad. You actually managed to hit me. I suppose it’s time to throw off the kid gloves, then.

Void: Ugh… Metabad! Get away from him! NOW!!

Metabad: What?

Yuber: Experience true power… my Eight Devil Rune! *launches himself forward, creating several afterimages as he attacks Metabad from all sides*

Metabad: AHHH!! *is badly beaten up*


Outlaw: No!!

Yuber: *finishes and knocks Metabad to the side next to Rebel* Who else wants to waste my time?

Dark Knight: *is back up* Grr… he’s fast… and strong.

Outlaw: It’s almost like that time when Anti, Frank, and Ryouga beat us only it’s just one of him.

Majin: We need to come up with something, and quick.

Sean: I’ve got it!

Void, Outlaw, Dark Knight, Majin, Shadowstrike: What?

Sean: He focuses mainly on speed, right? Well if I use my powers I can slow him down.

Void: Good thinking. I’ll move in and distract him. Everyone else, you make sure Sean can finish and when he does, move in for the finishing blow!

Dark Knight: Ugh… I think I’m wasted… I don’t think I can help much…

Void: Don’t worry about it. We can handle this. You just rest and watch Rebel and Metabad. All right… time to do this!

Outlaw: Good luck, man.

Shadowstrike: Don’t die.

Void: Will do. *walks up to Yuber* If you think you’ve beaten us then you’re mistaken.

Yuber: Hmph. I see no reason to fear you. Even if you aren’t human you Reploids are still… so pathetically weak.

Void: Oh yeah? Then let me show you something! *extends his hands forward and fires a powerful beam of light*

Yuber: What the–!? *moves but is hit in the shoulder* Argh! You will pay for that… with your lives! *hand begins to glow*

Void: *turns to Sean* Sean, now!

Sean: I’m on it! *releases a blast that ends up slowing Yuber down*

Yuber: W-what is this…? I can hardly move…

Majin: *uses his chains to tie Yuber’s hands behind his back* Everyone! Get him!

Outlaw: *attacks with Spin Wheel*

Yuber: *is slashed up by the wheel* Ugh!!

Shadowstrike: Now to finish this! *runs up to Yuber and kicks him square in the gut*

Yuber: Oof! *goes flying back and hits the ground*

Outlaw: We did it!

Shadowstrike: Oh yeah, I got him all right. Did you guys see that sweet finishing blow?

Void: Good job back there, Sean.

Majin: Yeah, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to tie him down.

Shadowstrike: I hate you all.

Sean: We can celebrate later–We need to check up on our fallen comrades first.

*The remaining CIA members get Rebel and Metabad. In a few minutes they are concious again.*

Metabad: Ow… that was definitely not rawkin.

Rebel: *playing with the whole in his stomach* This is going to hurt in the morning.

Void: *has his wings underneath his arm* Speak for yourself.

Rebel: So… what about the X-Hunters?

Sean: *walks up to Rebel* I was just checking them out. Their life signs… it’s gone.

Rebel: *wide-eyed* You mean they really are…?

Outlaw: Man… I didn’t think that they’d become casualties in this mess, too…

Majin: It was always them and us, after all.

*The older members are all silent for a moment, remembering their past struggles with the villainous team.*

Void: *changing the topic* Anyway, why is this aura still surrounding us?

Majin: He’s right… it’s still here. The people are still frozen too.

Dark Knight: *busy kicking a kid* Take this! And that! Mwahahah!!

Outlaw: Guys… I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Rebel: Yeah… Say, what did you do with that Yuber guy’s body?

Shadowstrike: Huh?

Rebel: The body. It’s not there anymore.

Void: We didn’t touch it.

Dark Knight: Then… that means–

*Dark Knight is cut short as a sword plunges through his body and then slowly taken out.*

Rebel: Dark Knight!

Dark Knight: I’m… okay… *passes out*


Yuber: I told you I was immortal. Did you think some kick was going to stop me?

Shadowstrike: (You weren’t acting all that cool when I actually DID it, bitch.)

Rebel: You bastard… you will pay for what you have done! Island Attackers… ATTACK!!

Yuber: …Not today.

CIA: Huh?

Yuber: You are stronger than I gave you credit for… It might be more fun to have this battle when you are actually ready.

Majin: So does this mean that we actually have a fighting chance?

Yuber: What are you talking about? Your deaths will be served by my hands. I just wanted to say farewell for now… as I gave you all a lovely parting gift. *kicks Dark Knight’s body over to the CIA*

Outlaw: How could you!?

Yuber: Consider yourselves lucky. *takes a step back* Island Attackers, the next time we meet is when you are lead down a fiery path of destruction.

Rebel: Wait!!

*As Rebel reaches out for Yuber, a black portal opens up beneath the enigmatic man and pulls him in before closing. The rest of the members can only look in shock. Immediately the aura disappears and time resumes once more.*

Rebel: He’s… gone…

Void: *puts a hand on Rebel’s shoulder* Rebel… let’s get back to the base. We need to tend to Dark Knight.

Rebel: …Yeah…

*The Island Attackers solemnly head back to the Whale King. Elsewhere, Yuber is reporting what happened to Anti.*

Anti: So, what you are basically saying is that you failed to destroy them?

Frank: How completely useless.

Ryouga: I don’t even know what’s going on around here…

Anti: My plans! I need those CIA goons dead once and for all! I need to wipe them out so I can–

Yuber: The plan hasn’t changed. Let me handle the CIA. You can just keep focusing on your end of the bargain.

Anti: Ergh… right. Well, you just better make certain that it doesn’t happen again. After all, I’m the one who summoned you!

Yuber: But of course.

Frank: *suspicious* Anti… I think we should keep an eye on him…

Yuber: There is no need to concern yourselves over me–I am more than happy to assist your cause because of the outcome. So, please, do not mind me… and I will continue fighting the Island Attackers for as long as necessary.

The End


Bride of Frankenploid

August 10, 2014

*Written by Void Darkheart*

*One evening, in a bar where everyone knows your name and wants your head for the price that’s on it (known as Head Chop for those that are truly curious), Morph Moth of the team Code: Island Attackers is currently sharing a table with everyone’s favorite Boba Fett cosplayer, Vile.*

Void: Okay Vile, I know we had our… disagreements in the past…

Vile: If you call me wanting to crush your skull into a fine dust and then use your wings as my new means of flight a disagreement…

Void: *coughing a bit* Yes, well… given what happened in the past, I’m not too surprised you’re still wanting me dead.

Vile: You tried to turn me into a toaster-slash-toilet!

Void: How was I supposed to know that those were your parts? It was all junk!

Vile: It was in a crate labeled “Vile’s Parts! Do Not Touch!” in fifteen different languages.

Void: All of which was painted over in a disgusting shade of green…

Vile: Just get on with it Moth!

Void: Well fine. Simply put… you know my skills, especially pertaining to junk and spare parts. Well I just want you to give me some of AM’s spare parts, a bit of funding, and I’ll design you a warrior the likes of which you have never seen before!

Vile: You’re saying you can turn spare parts from those worthless half wits into a single competent warrior?

Void: I guarantee you will not be disappointed Vile. You know what they say. You don’t want to get on the bad side of B… Vile.

Vile: Very well then. I expect results within a month. Otherwise…

*Vile then left a pile of money on the table, quickly getting up and leaving.*

Void: No problem Vile… and with this cash, the team shouldn’t have any problems meeting any of the bills for the next month.

*Two Months Later, In Morph’s Lab*

Void: *working away some at his computer* A few adjustments here… three more firewalls here… And done! With that, I now have a program that can be used in… um…

*Morph turns around and faces a large object underneath a tarp*

Void: I can’t really call you Frankenploid MkII… that would be a bit too obvious, and the original Frankenploid would want to kill me all that more…

Rebel: How about Francine?

Void: That’s perfect! It even fits in with the fact that it will act like a female!

*Morph quickly starts to put in the name into the program before stopping and looking over at Magna*

Void: Pray tell how you got in here?

Rebel: You left the door open. Care to explain what you’re doing making another Frankenploid?

Void: *shrugged a bit, taking the program disk out and heading over to the tarp* Making some quick cash off of Vile, mainly. This thing is like, ten times worse than Frank is, and I mean that she’d be a push over if we ever had to fight.

Rebel: *nods a bit* So you’re conning money out of one of the many people who would want us dead?

Void: It wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve conned Serges out of more money than he could ever dream of having. Why just last week I managed to pin the Internet’s crash and subsequent five day downtime on him. He’ll be broke for EONS!

*A few minutes later, after a sufficient period of laughter, and in the Whale King’s Repair Bay…*

Dark Knight: So is there a reason why you called us all together?

Outlaw: *dressed up in an armor of what appears to be toilets and a very foul stench* Oh, Void always does this when he’s about to unveil his latest invention.

Shadowstrike: Last time he did this, we all switched bodies*…

*See Series 2, Epilogue #16 “Opposite Day”

Sean: And given he made Frankenploid, that sort of makes his track record 0-2 right now…

Void: Hey! What about that automatic cookie maker I debuted prior to our base being destroyed?

Rebel: Just get on with the unveiling of this monstrosity, Void!

*Sighing, Void went and pulled a large cloth off of the object next to him.*


Francine: *Belch* When is dinner?

Dark Knight: What kind of monstrosity is this?

*Francine growled, and quickly rushed over to unleash a fury of punches on the crab.*

Rebel: Damn it… Island Attackers, attack!

*In a flash, the entire team unleashed all of their attacks on Francine and DK. Fortunately for DK, he survived and was missed by Outlaw’s attacks. Francine, on the other hand, was a charred, scorched, cut up husk laying on the ground*

Francine: W-what… what diddddd I dddddo?

Rebel: Void, explain, now!

Void: Simple. Francine here is just a pile of junk. Even Majin could beat her when his blood is nothing more than alcohol.

Shadowstrike: So you didn’t make a weapon of mass destruction?

Void: Nope. Besides, with Frank, Anti-Majin, and that other yahoo with them, the last thing we need is me creating another unstoppable creation.

Metabad: So when can we get to RAWKING?

Sean: And why did you make her?

Void: Rock away if you wish, Meta, and as for her creation… we needed money for bills and repairs, so she’s being sold to Vile as his newest, and strongest, soldier.

*Meta goes off to rawk while the rest of the team process Void’s words.*

Void: For now, she’ll be fine and we’ll just test her out for a bit. You know, make sure she doesn’t try to destroy us and all.

*The next morning…*

Outlaw: Rebel, Francine’s hogging the TV…

Rebel: Do I look like I’m your babysitter? Just punch her in the face and be done with it.

Outlaw: But… but she’s a girl… I think…

Void: Outlaw, Francine is a walking pile of junk. If there is anything female in that thing, then its almost pure coincidence.

Outlaw: Oh? Alright then. *wanders off*

Sean: Are you sure that she’s okay? She is made out of discarded parts…

Void: Sean, I can make her out of quality parts, but why bother? This is just to fleece Vile out of money, remember?

Sean: Its not that… I meant mentally. All those parts have to be at conflict with each other.

Void: Its not a problem. Now for the last time don’t…

Shadowstrike: *walks into the area* Say, guys… why is there a large hole in the side of the ship?

Rebel: Better question, how did a large hole get into the side of the ship with out us knowing about it?

Void: Stealth explosives?

Sean: Aren’t explosives supposed to be loud though?

Void: No, you see, I’ve been working on…

Rebel: So you’re saying someone in our ship busted a hole out of it?

Void: Maybe… but who?

Outlaw: *walking back to the rather enlarging group* Hey! Francine’s gone now.

*Morph’s eyes went wide, or as wide as they could, when he heard Gator’s words.*

Void: Guys! We need to find her! NOW!

Rebel: What did you do this time Void?

Void: Well… in about… an hour at best, she’ll explode due to not being on the ship as she’s supposed to be.

Shadowstrike: And we’re worried about her exploding… why?

Void: Because if we don’t stop her, not only will we get blamed for whoever she harms and/or kill, Vile will come hunting us for our heads.

Sean: Don’t you mean your head?

Void: You think such a thing would keep Vile from taking everyone’s head?

Rebel: He’s right. Come on, we’ve got to go clean up his mess now.

*In the nearest city…*

Francine: I’m nothing more than a worthless pile of junk to them, am I? I’ll show them! I’ll be the best thing this town has ever seen!

*With a roar, she went to throw a punch, one that seemed to be heading straight for the big, red, massive form of the X-Hunter Violen. A punch that hit and, after a moment, caused Francine to cry out in pain*

Violen: *looks over and at Francine* Hm? What was that? A gust of wind? Please tell me that wasn’t your best…

Francine: Yes… it was actually…

Violen: Pathetic! That was worse than what me and the rest of the X-Hunters–

Francine: X-Hunters? You’ve got to help me get revenge on the Island Attackers!

Violen: *blinks some, looking at the junk pile* Wha? What do you mean? Well, I guess I could introduce you to the others… we’re already about as far down in the pecking order as you can get…

*A few minutes later, in a dumpster behind a dumpster at the back of a warehouse of dumpsters…*

Serges: Violen… what is this junk pile doing in our base?

Violen: The lady wants us to help her get revenge on the Island Attackers.

Agile: It’s a lady now, and what makes you think we can even do that? For that matter, why do you seem rather… intelligent lately?

Serges: Ah, now that’s a good question. You see, my guess is, with out that insipid show to watch every day…

Violen: HEY! ‘I Love Lucy’ is not an insipid show!

Serges: *stares at Violen for a bit* As I was saying… with out watching it every day, it was bound to happen that he would, eventually, regain some intelligence.

Agile: So we just need a TV that plays a show twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

Francine: Or you three can help me destroy the Island Attackers…

Serges: What are you still doing here you junk pile?

Francine: I’m not a junk pile…

Agile: You are too and now get out of our secret base!

Francine: But this is just a dumpster…

Rebel: Which is an appropriate place for trash such as the X-Hunters.

*Magna’s sudden appearance and words caused the X-Hunters to jump back in surprise and shock while Francine calmly turned around to face him.*

Francine: Hey! Get out of our secret base!

Serges: She’s not really with us… you can take her away. We weren’t planning on doing anything evil… today at least.

Void: Oh, we’re not here for you three, as much as I’d enjoy making your life even more miserable Serges…

Metabad: But we’re going to rawk out of here with our gal there!

Rebel: Sean, if you will…

*Nodding, Sean quickly activated his time slow, slowing Francine and the X-Hunters down, leaving the rest of the Island Attackers ample time to grab the Female Frankenploid and teleport themselves back to the base.*

Violen: Well, that was anti-climatic.

Serges: Stop using big words. The universe might implode.

*Later that same week, after Morph had finished the tests on Francine…*

Void: Well, I have to say, it seems like everything is going to be fine now. We get to ship you off now girl.

Francine: You mean you all don’t want me?

Rebel: No, its more we want to stay in one piece in case Morph there does something stupid again.

Void: You wound me Magna…

Sean: Either way, its not that we don’t want you, Francine, but just that matters prior to your awakening state that we have to give you up.

Francine: You know… if you are just jealous of my power, you could say so.

Metabad: You can’t rawk as hard as I or Rebel!

*Before Francine could reply, Morph quickly hit a button, teleporting her out of the base*

Void: And that’s that. I do hope that Blackbelt and the rest of AM have prepared by now.

Rebel: Wait… she is still primed to go off?

Void: No. She’ll just fall to pieces. I took the bomb out when I realized how difficult it would be to explain such a thing.

Dark Knight: Why haven’t we replaced the Moth by now?

Rebel: Because we’re all just as crazy and insane as he is?

*Morph chuckled a bit as he flew off to the lab*

Void: Anyway… that’s the last of that… no more Frankenploids, ever.

*Meanwhile, just outside the Alpha Movement base, or a reasonable facsimile of it…*

Vile: Finally! A warrior with which to make me proud!

Francine: Hm? You mean you know I’m powerful?

Vile: Of course! That moth fears me too much to…

*It was at this point that Francine began to shudder violently, causing Vile to back up some. A few seconds later and Francine quickly fell apart into a pile of junk.*

Vile: That… moth will pay for this…

The End

Final Fiasco III

August 3, 2014

*Written by Sean*

*In one of the many spare rooms of the enormous Whale King, Void is hard at work on a new machine. Suddenly Sean walks in through the open door while playing a videogame.*

Sean: What are you doing? *doesn’t even look up from his game*

Void: Well, for the last couple of hours I’ve been trying to set up a virtual training facility. I’ve had to set up several different machines and computers already, and am still not close to being finished. What are you doing? *never once takes his eyes off his work*

Sean: Playing Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS. *finally take his eyes off his game* Need a hand?

Void: Do you even know anything about these machines?

Sean: I was a tech expert on my first team. Also I gave the Yoshobos the little technology they have. Finally I was the guy keeping you and the others alive not too long ago. I think I can help build one of those stereotypical training rooms almost every sci-fi story has. *closes his Nintendo DS and places it on top of Void’s current project*

Void: Fine. Just don’t break anything. *continues working*

Sean: You’re not used to anyone actually being capable of helping with this stuff are you? *sits down and lends a hand*

*The rest of the C:IA walks in*

Shadowstrike: Whoa, someone is actually helping Void with something? Void’s new lab assistant isn’t going to become a crazy backstabber like Frank, right?

Sean: I’m not crazy, a backstabber, or an assistant.

Shadowstrike: So what are you working on anyways?

Void: We obviously need more training considering how easily Anti-Majin beat us. Therefore I decided to create a training room for us we’re we could fight numerous battles of various difficulty in order to be ready for our next fight.

Rebel: Yes, a training room is an amazing idea. I’m glad that I thought and proposed such a wonderful idea to you two.

Metabad: The idea is wonderful, but does it rawk?

Rebel: Of course! Every idea I come up with rawks because I’m awesome and rawk so much! *proceeds to rawk with Metabad because they rawk*

Dark Knight: Maybe it was a bad idea of mine to join this team since you guys seem to be in such a mess, *smiles* but I guess it could always be worse.

Sean: *shocked* Ouch! What was that for?

*Sean quickly stands up and steps away from Void’s machine. In his haste he accidentally knocks his DS into an open panel.*

Dark Knight: I thought it would be funny. *shrugs shoulders*

Sean: Well, it wasn’t!

Majin: durr black hole thing me gots question *hic*

Void: Is it actually important this time?

Majin: ya

Void: Does it have anything to do with beer?

Majin: YA i meen no

Void: Fine, what is the question?

Majin: *points at what Sean and Void had previously been working on* y it go spark spark?

*When Sean was shocked, the electricity started traveling through the wires in the machine. The electrical energy damaged and powered the unfinished machine. Also the Nintendo DS was struck by some of the electrical energy when it fell into the machine.*

Sean: This is going to suck isn’t it?

Void: Probably.

*A blinding flash of light suddenly bursts forth from the machine as the door that the C:IA had entered through shuts. As the light surrounds them, the reploids are temporarily blinded and stunned. The light cleared and the C:IA are suddenly confused of where we are.*

Shadowstrike: What happened?

Void: Sean was working on delicate machinery when his curse was triggered. The electrical discharge caused by the curse activated the machine prematurely. It doesn’t look like I can terminate this simulation, but the simulation should end normally when beaten. Unfortunately, I don’t remember programming a cave like this.

Sean: I need to get this curse removed.

Rebel: I knew this was a bad idea from the start. You should have never built this without consulting me first.

Shadowstrike: So where are we then?

Void: I’m not sure…

Sean: I recognize this place…

Void: How? I know you were just helping me, but you haven’t even looked at the simulations I’ve programmed.

Sean: I’ve played the original and remake of Final Fantasy III dozens of times. This cave looks almost identical to the starting cave of the game.

Void: So I guess the machine somehow accepted your Nintendo DS game as a program to run. You really shouldn’t have left it near such sensitive equipment.

Sean: Don’t blame me; none of this would have happened if Dark Knight hadn’t shocked me.

Dark Knight: I’m hardly responsible for your mess. So now we’ll be treading through some dungeon crawler for possibly days?

Sean: Don’t worry, it seems like we still have our powers.

Void: Wouldn’t be much of a training exercise if we couldn’t use our own abilities.

Sean: Plus, in this game you get job classes so we should be able to go through this rather quickly.


Sean: Not yet, in the DS version sadly you aren’t allowed to get classes until after you defeat Djinn.

*A few minutes later, the C:IA runs into some goblins*

Rebel: This shouldn’t be tough.

Metabad: Who that kid over there with the grey hair? He looks like an old man! *laughs*

Sean: Woah that is Luneth. He is one of the main characters, I guess he got loaded as usual too.

Luneth: Great, more monsters?

Dark Knight: Don’t worry, you lucked out kid. We’re on your side.

Goblin: There are nine of them? At most there are only supposed to be four!

*After a short battle, a quick round of introductions followed and the C:IA and the Light Warrior agree to travel together*

Metabad: Wow, this guys rawks!

Dark Knight: He seems a bit familiar.

Shadowstrike: He is the main character of a popular game and his character is similar to at least one hundred others. The guy who doesn’t quite fit in, causes a bit of trouble, is good at heart with a strong sense of just, and has some magnificent destiny revealed during the series. Yes, he is very original.

Sean: Whatever. We should hurry up and go fight the Land Turtle.

Luneth: You guys are some odd monsters.

Rebel: Hey! Who are you calling a monster?

Luneth: What are you things then?

Void: We’re called reploids and we don’t like being referred to as things.

Luneth: Whatever.

*Later when fighting the Land Turtle*

Luneth: So is this guy a reploid as well? *shortly before charging the Land Turtle*

Void: No, why would you ask something like that? This guy is a regular monster.

Luneth: Well his name sounds sort of like the names of you guys. A word describing what he has power over and then the name of the animal he looks like.

Void: He isn’t made of metal though. He isn’t a reploid.

Luneth: Really? His armor seems pretty hard.

Shadowstrike: He does have a point there. It isn’t too bad of a mistake for someone who has never even seen a robot before.

Void: It still is a rather stupid mistake.

Sean: No, I kind of have to agree with Shadowstrike on this one.

Void: You would.

Dark Knight: Will you idiots stop arguing?!

Rebel: Yes, I defeated this beast all on my own! *standing in front of a collapsing Land Turtle*


Metabad: We rawk! *does victory dance along with Rebel and Luneth*

Outlaw, Void, Majin, Shadowstrike, Dark Knight, Sean: … *just stand there*

Luneth: What are you guys doing? It was hard to accept you not doing this for a random encounter, but you have to at least do it for a boss battle!

Dark Knight: We are not doing something so idiotic.

Majin: hay guis

Void: I’m not getting you a drink.


Void: What?

Majin: teh baddle scren isnt fadin

Void: …

Sean: We really have to do the dance don’t we? *sighs*

Void: *sighs as well* Looks like it.

*Everyone does the stupid victory dance. The battle scene then fades away and the C:IA and Luneth return to the Crystal Cave.*

Sean: Quick, make a dive for the crystal before–

*Another flash of light and the party is outside the cave*

Sean: –we’re teleported away…

Outlaw: Let’s just hurry through this game.

*A few minutes later*

Dark Knight: So this wimp is your childhood friend?

Arc: Hey!

Outlaw: Another stereotypical character, huh?

Shadowstrike: Yeah. He is the main character’s friend, who is a bit of a coward and reads too many books, but can stand up and fight for what he believes in if necessary. I’ve seen guys like this before as well.

*About a minute later*

Dark Knight: How is this girl supposed to help us?

Refia: Hey!

Outlaw: Care to analyze the character again, Shadowstrike?

Shadowstrike: She is a girl who is outspoken and slightly rude to the other party members, but can often show a softer, sweeter side. She refuses to let herself be pushed or ordered around and does the same work as the guys. If you haven’t seen a character like her before, you must have been living under a box for the last ten years.

Outlaw: Ten years?

Shadowstrike: Give or take.

*Slightly later…*

Dark Knight: You’re an actual soldier, and yet you still have no more fighting experience than these bums who have been living simple lives in their simple villages? Are you incompetent?

Luneth, Arc, Refia: Hey!

Ingus: I am far from incompetent!

Outlaw: I guess Square really isn’t that creative.

Shadowstrike: Yeah, this guy is the rival of the main male character who is much more serious and less willing to show his emotions. By the end of the game, he’ll definitely be more open and friendly.

Rebel: Let’s just take out this Djinn guy that every NPC seems to be talking about.

Void: How did he manage to turn people into 2D ghosts?

Sean: Better question is why did he even bother? Or at the very least, why didn’t he do the same to those in the castle?

*Even later*

Dark Knight: Am I the only one slightly disappointed that the princess’s outfit isn’t the same as her original outfit?

Luneth: That is the nicest thing he has said.

Sean: In the original, Sara’s outfit was a bit skimpier.

Princess Sara: Hey!

Outlaw: Do I even have to ask?

Shadowstrike: No. She is the stereotypical, rebellious princess that seems to be in love with one of her soldiers whom often seems to rush to her rescue despite her desire to do things on her own.

*A couple minutes later*

Rebel: Hah, this guy was no match for our greatness!

Metabad: He should have known better to pick a fight with us for–

Rebel and Metabad: We rawk! *the two proceed to rawk*


Princess Sara: Hey! Don’t I count for anything?

Djinn: NO! *finishes fading away*

*Another flash of light and they find themselves once again in the Crystal Cave. The Light Warriors are then given the powers of the Wind Crystal, but the C:IA don’t seem to get anything.*

Majin: *sober* Where are our powers?

Dark Knight: I thought we were supposed to get special abilities.

Void: It must be because we aren’t the Light Warriors. The four crystals are only supposed to lend their power to the four warriors chosen by the light. Not eight reploids sent to this world by a glitch.

Sean: I’ll fix that. *walks over to the Wind Crystal*

Void: What are you going to do?

Sean: Quiet, just let me concentrate. *presses both hands against the crystal and closes his eyes*

*Sean and the Wind Crystal then begin to glow.*

Outlaw: What is he doing?

Void: Well, Sean is CRYSTAL Snail and the Wind Crystal despite being incredibly powerful is still a crystal. I guess Sean is just trying to communicate with the Wind Crystal and see if he can exercise any control over it.

Sean: And doing so would be easier if you all would shut up. *takes a step back from the crystal* That should do it. *Sean and the Wind Crystal then cease to glow*

Rebel: Do what?

*Eight beams of light then come forth from the Wind Crystal and strike each member of the C:IA*

Sean: That. We should now be recognized as Light Warriors. I’ve convinced all four crystals that there are now twelve warriors of light instead of four. Now let me see what else I can do. *steps back over to the Wind Crystal and both he and the crystal once again begin to glow*

Shadowstrike: What else could he do?

Void: Well, the crystals hold immense amounts of power and are supposedly connected. He might be trying to boost the amount of power the Wind Crystal gives us.

Sean: There. *Once again steps back from the Wind Crystal*

*The Wind Crystal glows even brighter as Sean returns to normal. Then a single beam of light shoots forth from the crystal and hits Sean’s right hand. The Wind Crystal then returns to normal.*

Dark Knight: So what did that do?

Sean: *opens his hand and reveals a small crystal* Not as much as I wanted, but it still did something. This little thing should allow me to change our classes during battle along with boost a character’s already existing power. I might be able to temporarily upgrade classes to a higher level or allow access to classes that aren’t supposed to be gained until later. Also I should be able to grant these temporary upgrades onto non-Light Warriors as well.

Shadowstrike: So basically, your using more cheat codes than this game could possibly have?

Sean: Do you want to get out of here quickly or not?

Shadowstrike: Yeah, I just didn’t think you liked cheating at games.

Sean: I normally don’t, but we don’t have time I usually devote to an RPG to waste.

Shadowstrike: Whatever. I can’t wait until this adventure is over. What is next?

Sean: We have to climb a mountain.

*Later after climbing the mountain*

Majin: *finds and picks up a baby dragon* Aren’t you a cute little bugger? *gets his hand bitten* Aww, look, he’s teething.

Sean: There is a lot of baby dragons on the top of this mountain!

Rebel: And?

Sean: We could raise dragons and use them in battle like that one time with the digimon*! Wouldn’t dragon partners be awesome?

*See Series 2, Epilogues #21-26 “Dissed in the Digital World”

Void: Don’t we get attacked by Bahamut right about now?

Sean: Oh, yeah. We kind of do…

*Just then Bahamut flies down and a battle scene commences*

Rebel: So how shall this beast fall before us?

Sean: We aren’t supposed to beat Bahamut right now.

Rebel: What?

Sean: We run away.

Rebel: Why?

Sean: Bahamut at this point in the game has immense HP and his HP resets after each turn. It is impossible to win right now.

Rebel: What? I refuse to flee; I could defeat this dragon on my own!

Metabad: This dragon can’t beat us!

Sean: *sighs* We should just let them find out on their own.

Void: Yeah, it should work out best that way. *sits down*

Luneth: You two are just going to abandon you’re friends?!

Void: No, if we were abandoning them we would run away on our own. We’re just waiting for them to get some sense knocked into them.

*An hour later…*

Sean: They’re still at it?

Void: I guess we can always try to deplete his HP before it resets.

Rebel: What are you guys doing? Lend a hand already!

Sean: Do you think I should see what this baby can do? *holds out the crystal he got from the Wind Crystal*

Void: Might as well.

Sean: Time to see just how great the power of the crystals is.

*Twelve beams of light fly from Sean’s crystal and hit each C:IA member and each Light Warrior. Each glows brightly as his or her armor changes.*

Luneth: Whoa, I feel much stronger.

Arc: I’ve only read about a power like this.

Refia: I can feel the energy flowing through me.

Ingus: I never encountered something this powerful in all my time as a soldier.

Dark Knight: I guess you aren’t completely useless after all.

Sean: Thanks, I guess.

Rebel: Let’s show this dragon whose boss! Attack!

*Ten minutes later*


Metabad: We rawk!


Bahamut: We’re am I?

Land Turtle: I take it you usually don’t lose in battle.

Bahamut: No, I don’t. What is this place?

Land Turtle: Our entire world is just a programmed game. When defeated in battle, our code isn’t deleted. After our fight is over, we’re just sent back into storage we’re we came from. This simulation seems to have no problem creating digital bodies for all the monsters in the game, but it is having a problem un-creating powerful creatures like bosses. After the final boss is defeated and the simulation ends, the simulation we’ll be terminated and us along with us. The good news is that we are finally allowed to socialize with each other.

Bahamut: What about learn from our mistakes?

Land Turtle: When the game is restarted, so are we. Everything we do will be the same as before. Any knowledge gained from the last game is instantly lost.

Bahamut: So I’m just supposed to sit here and talk to all the losers who get their butts kicked by those twelve cheating warriors?

Land Turtle: Pretty much.

Bahamut: Screw that! If they are going to cheat, then so am I! I’m not sticking around. I’m going to escape this entire game by sending myself to a different computer system! *vanishes*

Land Turtle: Wow, do you think he can actually escape?

Djinn: How would I know?

*Now, back with our heroes who are finishing celebrating their victory on the mountain.*

Rebel: So where to–

*Everything and everyone except for the C:IA flickers for a few minutes*

Rebel: …Next?

Majin: Dude! That was awesome!

Shadowstrike: What was that?

Metabad: Whatever it was, it rawked!

Sean: Bahamut is not supposed to be defeated in combat. We almost crashed the game.

Rebel: So by being more awesome than the game expected, we could end this before taking down the final boss?

Void: Or glitching the game could possibly kill us.

Metabad: So it didn’t rawk?

Void: It was a bad thing. It didn’t ‘rawk’ and it wasn’t ‘awesome.’

Metabad and Majin: Aw…

Sean: We probably should try and play through the game normally.

Void: Agreed.

*Later in the Tower of Owen*

Void: You see there is no need to sacrifice yourself, Desch. With our abilities and knowledge we should be able to repair the tower without suffering a loss.

Desch: Thanks.

Sean: Void, what was it we just decoded a couple of hours ago?

Void: True, but this guy has been in our party for a while are we really going to just let him die?

Desch: Are you guys going to help or do I still have to jump?

Sean: It isn’t like he actually dies.

Void: Still it is a bit heartless even knowing that he is just a very simple computer program.

Desch: Guys?

Sean: That isn’t what I meant.

Desch: I am going to jump if you don’t help soon. *gets ready to jump*

Void: What did you mean?

Sean: He really doesn’t die from this.

Void: What?

*Desch jumps*

Sean: He appears later on in the game.

Void: Thanks for ruining it for me.

Sean: Sorry. Now that I think about it is pretty bad to just let him almost die. I guess we can help out.

*Both turn to face Desch and find him missing*

Void: Well, I guess it is kind of pointless to argue now.

Sean: Yeah.

Void: So what crystal is next?

Sean: Fire.

Metabad: Really?

Sean: Yes.

Metabad: That’s awesome! Will it increase my fire powers and make me rawk even more?

Void: No.

Metabad: Not awesome.

*Later after gaining both power from the Fire Crystal and then just after finding the Water Crystal*

Aria: The light has been restored to the Water Crystal. You can now receive its power.

Rebel: I guess we should continue on then. *begins to leave and everyone follows except Sean* You coming Sean?

Sean: In a minute. You guys continue on, I’ll catch up.

Rebel: Okay.

*Everyone begins to leave and then an enemy projectile heads for the party. Aria moves to take the hit for everyone else and then Sean’s shell takes the attack.*

Kraken: Light warriors, my first attack might have failed, but–

Void: And you were complaining about me trying to help Desch.

Sean: This is different.

Void: How so?

Sean: First off, she actually dies.

Kraken: Light warriors?

Void: Thanks for spoiling even more of this game.

Kraken: I guess I have to skip the dramatic speech. Blizzara! *everyone except Void and Sean manage to block or avoid the attack*

Sean: Maybe we should wait until after the battle to continue arguing. *brushes pieces of ice off his armor and pulls the arrow out of his shell*

Void: Agreed.


Hein: There is no way that Kraken can defeat those warriors.

Gutsco: Eh, I think it is possible for him to win. Those kids are way too easily distracted.

Hein: Their power is too great to lose against a weakling like Kraken. They defeated me after all.

Land Turtle: The class that people use to beat you with wields books. I don’t think you can really claim to be that powerful.

Hein: At least it is better than being beaten by a guy without any spells or even a class.

*Kraken then appears with the other defeated bosses*

Kraken: That has to be my least favorite battle. They outnumbered me by so much and didn’t even pay attention to my speech. Those warriors even went as far as to block my initial attack and deprive me the pleasure of showing how evil I am by not having any remorse for killing an innocent girl.

Hein: See? I told you he couldn’t win.

Gutsco: Whatever. Just don’t think because they beat you means they can’t lose.

Kraken: Um, guys? Don’t you care about how the battle went?

Hein: When did I say that?

Gutsco: It’s just how you act.

Kraken: I mean it was a tough battle still; don’t you want to hear about it?

Hein: Oh, like you are one to talk. Weren’t you the one who tried absorbing the power of the fire crystal turning yourself into the Salamander?

Gutsco: So?

Hein: Weren’t you bragging then that you would crush those Light Warriors and that you were invincible?

Kraken: Just because I didn’t kill the girl this time doesn’t mean I’m less of a villain.

Gutsco: Were those my exact words?

Hein: They were close enough.

Gutsco: Want to see how you handle the heat?

Hein: Bah, fire isn’t even my weakness.

Kraken: Why does no one ever want to talk to me?

Gutsco: It is sometimes. You can’t even commit yourself to one element, no wonder you lost.

Hein: Why I ought to–

Land Turtle: Calm down! Fighting will get you no where, and besides we can’t even fight here. Do you have anything to say about this, Djinn?

Djinn: *sitting in a corner with his head down* Nope, I just hope one of the other bosses takes those kids down.

Land Turtle: Don’t worry. They could never defeat the final boss. They are too impatient. The Light Warriors are trying to progress through the game too quickly and won’t take the time to level up as necessary.

Djinn: You’re right. *quickly stands up* You’re right! They are rushing things! The bosses are getting defeated too fast! They aren’t getting the experience necessary to stand a chance against the Cloud of Darkness!

*A few hours later*

Djinn: So, you got beat to?

Cloud of Darkness: Yes.

Djinn: That stinks.

Cloud of Darkness: Yes.


Luneth: We will never forget your kindness or deeds.

Sean: Yes you will.

Luneth: Huh?

Void: None of this is real. You and your entire world are going to cease to exist.

Luneth: When will this occur? How long do I have to save my world?

Void: You can’t do anything.

Sean: The game ends now.

*There is another flash of light and the C:IA find themselves back in the room next to the sparking, damaged machine that Sean electrocuted*

Void: Now that we’re finished, can everyone clear out and let me work?

Sean: Yeah, Void and I need to fix this machine and then finish everything else the system needs.

Void: Actually, while I appreciate the help, I’d rather not get stuck playing a video game for several hours. Why don’t you go out somewhere else until I finish so nothing else gets electrocuted?

Sean: Not my fault, but fine. *sticks his hand into the broken machine and pulls out his Nintendo DS* I’ll just go back to playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

Void: Fine.

Sean: *starts to walk away and stops* What? The game got glitched by that mess! I need to buy a new copy now.

Shadowstrike: Well, it could be worse.

Sean: *immediately shocked and drops his DS that breaks upon hitting the floor* I really need to find a way to remove this curse.

Shadowstrike: Sorry.

The End

What in the World Happened? (Series 3 Prologue)

July 28, 2014

*Written by Rebel4000*

*On the Island Attackers new flying base, the Whale King…*

Rebel: I think a small recap of the last few events that took place is in order.

Dark Knight: What? Why?

Void: That’s right… you and Metabad haven’t heard the whole story of what has recently happened to us.

Metabad: We didn’t? Dude, that doesn’t really rawk.

Dark Knight: All right. Enlighten us, Rebel.

Rebel: Okay, first off, we have a big problem on our hands. His name is Anti-Majin.

Metabad: Majin?

Rebel: No, no, ANTI-Majin.

Majin: He’s the exact opposite of everything that I am, basically.

Metabad: Oh.

Dark Knight: Hmm, a being who is the exact opposite of yourself…

Rebel: Anyway, he has teamed up with a monstrosity known as Frankenploid–

Void: Hey! I know he tried to kill us all on more than one occasion, but I don’t believe that gives you any right to call–

Rebel: Shut up. *to everyone else* Void made him.

Shadowstrike: You bastard!

Void: Thanks… I guess. *glances around*

Dark Knight: Okay, okay, so let me get this straight so far: A guy who is the exact opposite of Majin, called Anti-Majin, teamed up with a reploid built by Void named Frankenploid, right?

Sean: From what I’ve heard, yes.

Metabad: What do you mean, from what you heard? YOU WERE THERE RIGHT?!

Rebel: I’m gettin’ to that! *clears throat* Okay, so Anti also called the service of some punk named Ryouga… don’t know much about him, ‘cept I don’t like him. Together the three of them fought and defeated us, destroyed our former base, and killed three of our previous members.

Sean: I’m like you guys… new to the team. Although my joining was more of a freak accident*.

*See Series 2, Epilogue #20 “Beasts of Metal and Lightning”

Outlaw: We will never forget what they did to our former friends and teammates.

Shadowstrike: Yeah…

*The room is silent for a moment.*

Metabad: Damn. That really doesn’t rawk.

Void: You just had to ruin the moment, didn’t you?


Rebel: Moving on… We decided to learn from our mistakes and that is why we are currently traveling across the globe. When the day that we have to face Anti comes, we will be ready.

Dark Knight: Hmm, I see. So that’s what happened. Just how strong is this Anti-Majin fellow anyway?

Majin: Frighteningly strong. In fact I’m afraid it is probably just beginning…

Shadowstrike: What do you mean, “it is probably just beginning?”

Majin: Now that Anti has removed those he deems as a threat out of the way, what do you think his next goal will be?

Outlaw: The world?

Majin: Yep.

Metabad: But I neeeeeeeeeeed the world! How am I gonna rawk without it?

Dark Knight: *readies a Bubble Splash* I can help rectify that matter.

Metabad: Nuuuuuuuuu. ;_;

*As Metabad rawks his way out of the situation, the rest are going over some other minor details…*

Rebel: So how would Anti try to take over the world?

Void: Even if he did manage to beat us, I doubt that would suddenly crown him ruler of everything.

Majin: I’m not certain… but we’ve got to stop him before it’s too late!

Sean: So I guess it’s settled. We will gain experience and then defeat Anti once and for all.

Shadowstrike: As a team!


Dark Knight: This’ll be over soon! Mwahahahahah!!

Rebel: Team. Right. Whatever.

Outlaw: You okay there, boss bug?

Rebel: Just trying to figure out when this dumb prologue will end. Everyone go do some stupid stuff like you usually do!

Majin: Actually a beer sounds pretty good right now… *leaves*


Dark Knight: *goes straight through the wall*

Shadowstrike: I need to go watch this…

Sean: Then I suppose I’ll pilot the Zoid.

Shadowstrike: Oh no you don’t! *chases after Sean*

Outlaw: Uh… guess I’ll go cook. Heh, maybe I’ll get Majin to help me since he’s in the kitchen. *leaves*

*In a few short moments, the only ones that are left is Void and Rebel.*

Void: …You know, for once it wouldn’t hurt to be partially serious without some stupid jokes.

Rebel: Ah, but then I wouldn’t be me.

Void: True. So what now?

Rebel: Not exactly sure. I only know one thing right now–I want revenge on Anti and I aim to have it. *pauses slightly* Anyway, I’m going to go stop Outlaw from poisoning us while I grab a Coke. See ya. *disappears*

Void: Yeah, see you… *flies to his lab* I feel that the team is starting to change because of Anti. If that is good or bad, though, I’m not so certain…

The End

Dissed in the Digital World (Part 6)

July 22, 2014

*Written by Rebel4000 and Shadowstrike*

*The two opposing teams, Alpha Movement and Code: Island Attackers, were still attacking one another relentlessely, with neither Reploid nor Digimon showing any signs of stopping. The battle quickly turned into a fight for survival.*

Rebel: *sneaking around in the smoke* (All I have to do is get close to this guy and latch my tail onto him… after that it’ll be easy pick–) What!? *notices he has a tentacle wrapped around his leg*

Jade: Got you!

*Rebel is quickly dragged over to Jade*

Rebel: How in the world did you find me?

Jade: You aren’t as sneaky as you think you are, Rebel. You’ve still got a long ways to go before you can call yourself a true ninja.

Rebel: Is that so? *disappears*

Jade: Drat! I forgot that he could do that. Well, he’s gotta be around here somewhere… *uses his tentacles again*

*Elsewhere, the two Dark Knight’s were continuing their battle…*

Dark Knight: *Blade caught inbetween pincers* …Hmph! Not bad.

DK: I could say the same…

*DK pushes forward, knocking Dark Knight’s sabre out of his hands and onto the floor behind him. Dark Knight merely glances back for a moment before letting out a small laugh.*

DK: What’s so funny?

Dark Knight: Honestly, I can’t believe I am having difficulty in terminating such a puny looking Reploid. Obviously I must have grown careless. Then again… *leaps back and picks his sabre up* I suppose it might more than a coincidence that we share the same name!

DK: There can only be one Dark Knight in this world–there’s just not enough room! *lunges with the pincers*

Dark Knight: I couldn’t agree more! *charges*

*During Anime Master and Metabad’s battle*

AM: Quit following me around!


AM: Exactly. So leave me… *smacks Metabad with his trunk* …alone!

Metabad: I’VE GOTTA RAAAAAAAAAAWK… *goes flying into the distance*

*The Digimon, too, were continuing their battle of epic proportions…*

Taomon: Don’t let up! Hit them with everything we’ve got! *dodges a blast*

Grademon: Hey, hey! I’m the leader of the CIA’s Digimon so I should be saying that! *gets hit*

Hisharyuumon: The Alpha Movement will prevail! Seiryuu Jin! *morphs into a giant blade and attacks*

MegaSeadramon: Don’t think so! *grabs the blade with his mouth and throws it*

Garudamon: Take cover! *takes to the skies to avoid the blade*

GrappLeomon, Tankdramon, Sagittarimon, Vamdemon, and Shawujinmon Ahh!! *is hit by the blade*

Lilamon: I won’t let you hurt Dark Knight!

Lillymon: No, I won’t let you hurt Dark Knight!

Lilamon: That’s what I just said!

Lillymon: Mine is more correct!

*They both attack each other at the same, flying backwards. Meanwhile, inside the ship…*

Barbamon: It certainly is a wonderful thing seeing our enemies fight amongst one another. And here I thought we would have to get our hands messy.

iX: *to himself* Not like it ain’t a bad thing…

Leviamon: Enough pointless banter. Let’s find that emerald!

iX: Do we even know if that thing is here? The only reason why we came here was because Mr. Big Bucks over there wanted to.

Trump: Do you dare doubt the power of the dollar?

Lilithmon: Enough you two. I can sense it… there is an emerald here. Can’t you as well, Barbramon?

Barbamon: Yes… so let’s hurry and find it.

Trump: If I know those Island Attackers, that Morph Moth must have studied it out of his scientific nature. We should find his lab and start there.

Eggman: Leave it to me. I know a lab when I see one!

*The villains follow Eggman down a corridor until he stopps at a door and opens it. Certainly enough, it was Void’s lab.*

iX: Not bad, gramps. How’d you figure it out?

Eggman: There was a sign on the door.

iX: *smacks self*

Leviamon: Then let’s start looking! *smashes a cabinet open*

Eggman: Quiet! What if someone heard you?

Barbamon: With all of those fools out there beating one another up, I highly doubt it.

Lilithmon: Still, Leviamon, be a bit more careful.

Leviamon: Right, right…

*They check every single nook and cranny in the laboratory. Unfortunately, the elusive emerald could not be found.*

iX: Gah, I’m tired of looking! I give up!!

Eggman: You’re going to give up, just like that? Surely we were just mistaken of where it could possibly be, correct?

Trump: *thinking* …Check Rebel’s room. That could be the only other place.

Leviamon: This is pointless! Why would such an important emerald just be lying in someone’s room? Lilithmon, are you sure you sensed it?

Lilithmon: …Yes. Let’s check the leader’s room.

*As they walk outside the lab they notice a someone walking down the hallway. It was a black hedgehog holding three emeralds.*

Shadow: Hah, that was far too easy. These fools need to stop leaving their emeralds left unguarded… Not like I’m complaining, though.

Eggman: *chokes* I-it’s him! Shadow the Hedgehog!

Lilithmon, Barbramon, Leviamon: What!?

Shadow: *whirls around* Who’s there? *sees Eggman* Eggman! What are you doing here!?

Eggman: *smiles evily* Hohohoh… Shadow… what impeccable timing! We’ve been looking for you quite a while, see, and I…

Barbamon: You have the last three emeralds! Give them to me!

Shadow: You think I’m just gonna give them to you? Think again.

*Shadow uses Chaos Control and bolts down the hallway, leaving the villains stuck in place, incapable of doing anything. After a minute or so passed, they were able to move freely.*

Eggman: Curses! He’s gotten away!

Barbamon: A tenacious cockroach…

Lilithmon: And like all cockroaches, he needs to be squashed…

iX: Let’s kick his ass!

*Back to the clash of two teams…*

Seadragon: *notices Shadow right behind him* Hey, you’re pretty fast!

Shadowstrike: Faster than you! *jumps into the air and fires off a couple Sonic Slicers*

Seadragon: *weaves through the barrage* Hah, is that all you’ve got? *spins around and fires a Storm Tornado*

Shadowstrike: *is thrown backwards* Waaah!!



Majin: ROROROROROROR *bites Brick*

Brick: HE’S BITTEN ME!! I’VE GOT RABIES I TELL YOU!! RABIES!! *runs around flailing his arms*

Majin: *howls*

*With Spark and Outlaw…*

Spark: You may have taken my arm, but I’ll make sure to take your life by the time I’m through!

Outlaw: …Bring it.

Spark: *punches the ground* Electric Spark! *electricity surges toward Outlaw*

Outlaw: Don’t think so!

*Outlaw jumps into the air and starts to spin rapidly toward Spark, diminishing the electricity on the way. As Outlaw nears the surprised AM member, Spark grabs Outlaw with his one hand, feeling his hand slowly break off as Outlaw screeches to a stop, before getting thrown off in another direction.*

Outlaw: Ahhhh!!

Spark: Damn, he’s almost completely crippled me… doesn’t look good…

*As Spark tended his wounds, Sean and Darksage were continuing their epic battle…*

Darksage: So, everyime someone says “It could be worse” you get shocked?

Sean: *shocked* …Yes.

Darksage: I suppose it could always be worse, then, eh?

Sean: *shocked* Stop saying that!

Darksage: Well, it could be worse, I’m afraid.

Sean: *shocked again* (Actually… he’s right.)

*With Sean reaching this shocking conclusion, Void and Blackbelt were making some conclusions of their own…*

Void: I am telling you, Newton’s theory on gravitational pull is completely sound. There are hardly any faults in it!

Blackbelt: That is where you are wrong. Words such as “hardly” just doesn’t cut it in the world of science! That is why it’s still considered a theory.

Void: Blasphemy! And I suppose you have something better?

Blackbelt: Actually, I do. Now listen, gravity is all caused by… *sees Shadow behind Void* …Chaos Emeralds?

Void: Gravitational pull is caused by Chaos Emeralds?

Blackbelt: No, that Shadow guy has three of them! *points*

Void: *turns around* You’re right! One of them was one we found, too!

Blackbelt: And those other two belonged to us! The thief!

Void: …Temporary truce?

Blackbelt: Deal.

*The two Reploids shake hands as they face a common adversary.*

Blackbelt: Now… LET’S KICK HIS ASS!!

Void: Charge!! *fires out a web of silk*

Shadow: *is ensnared* What’s going on here!?

Blackbelt: *curls up into a ball and rams into Shadow*

Shadow: *goes flying off the ship* MARIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…

Blackbelt: All right! Now, I’ll be taking these… *reaches for the emeralds, only to be blocked off*

Void: No, I’ll be taking them! They must be studied in the name of science!

Blackbelt: Wrong! They must be studied in the name of the Maverick Virus!

Void: I guess the truce is off, then…

Seadragon: Move outta the way! *zooms by, taking the emeralds*

Blackbelt: Way to go, SD!

Void: No!

Seadragon: Now, I’ve just gotta take these emeralds to a safe location–

Shadowstrike: Don’t think so! *grabs SD by the feet, yanking him backwards*

Seadragon: Ack! You again!

Shadowstrike: I’ll be taking these. *takes the emeralds and throws SD back*

Seadragon: Nooo!! *crashes into the ground*

Shadowstrike: I’m gonna make it!!

Spark: Don’t think so, kid!

*Using what’s left of his remaining hand, Spark rips off a large piece metal off the top of the ship and flings it toward Shadowstrike, hitting him in the side, causing the emeralds to go flying out of his hands.*

Jade: I’ve got it! *grabs them with his tentacles*

Rebel: *sneaks up behind Jade and takes the emeralds* No, I’ve got it!

Darksage: *steals the emeralds with his tongue* You’re not the only one who can disappear!

*Immediately Darksage blends in with the ship, and slithers over to the opposite side. As soon as reappears, however, Outlaw goes right through the flooring beneath him to grab the emeralds with his mouth.*

Outlaw: *mouth full* This ship tastes like an actual whale!

Dark Knight: No one cares, fang face!! *zips by and takes the emeralds*

Outlaw: Wha!?

Dark Knight: Now that we have gotten back what was rightfully ours, we can resume this petty battle… *starts to slow down* Hold on a moment… why am I slowing down?

Sean: *using his powers* Someone, quick, catch him!

Metabad: RAWKIN CATCH!! *tackles Dark Knight, sliding into DK*

DK: *jumps on top of the two* We’ve got the faker!

AM: I don’t think so! *slathers their path full of oil*

Metabad, Dark Knight, DK: Whoa!! *spins out of control*

Brick: THE RABIES!! I’M FOAMING AT THE MOUTH HERE!! *is plowed into*

Dark Knight: *lets go of the emeralds* Nooo!!

*Everyone watches as the emeralds go flying up into the air once more. As they continue moving forward, they all see that they are heading toward Majin.*

Rebel: Majin!!

Void: Get the emeralds!!

Jade: No, stop him!!

Blackbelt: We can’t let him take them from us!!

Majin: why do the sparklies sparkle???

DK: You stupid drunk!

Dark Knight: *advancing* Keep acting stupid!


*At that moment, Majin pulled out a Strike Chain and hit the emeralds with it, making them get sent back. The emeralds fly over the heads of all the members as they watch in shock, until it lands at the feet of a particular group as a man bends over to grab them. Everyone, including the Digimon, who had been so preoccupied beating one another up, stop to look at the intruders.*

Barbamon: *holding the emeralds* …And with this we have all seven…

Leviamon: And it’s all thanks to you fools!

Void: Wait a tick, just what in the world is going on here?

iX: You would like to know that, wouldn’t ya!?

Seadragon: iX!?

Blackbelt: What are you doing here… and Eggman too!

Eggman: Hohoho… you honestly didn’t think that our last encounter would be the end, would it?

Rebel: Of all the damn… Trump too!?

Trump: So we meet again, Island Attackers. I hope you are ready to be fired from your duty as heroes.

Majin: lol wut

Darksage: All right, just what in the world is going on here?

Barbamon: It’s all very simple… we are a part of the Seven Great Demon Lords, and together we have come together to search for the Chaos Emeralds in hope of ruling a dimension!

Void: “A” dimension?

Leviamon: There are hundreds of thousands of dimensions. With the power of the Chaos Emeralds, traveling to them is an easy matter!

Lilithmon: And we have plenty to choose from because of this… a new dimension for us to dominate!

Eggman: That is why we were gathered together. We were promised that if we assisted them we would be able to rule this dimension for ourselves.

Trump: As you know, Island Attackers, what you have done to me has ruined my public image. This was by far the best option after the Demon Lords busted me out of jail.

iX: But who cares–we’ve got asses to kick!

GrappLeomon: Hold!

Grademon: *Crossing blades and standing in front of Rebel* We can’t let you do that.

Leviamon: You puny ultimates? You are nothing to us! You won’t even scratch us.

Hisharyuumon: We have to at least try. Evil such as you should not be allowed to exist.

Barbamon: Trying is what will get weaklings killed! Crimson Flame! *Barbamon raises his Staff as hellish flames engulf the digimon of the two teams*

Shawujinmon: Waterfall Formation! *spins his staff causing a tornado of water to douse the flames around the 16 Ultimates, then sending the tornado towards Lliithmon.*

Leviamon: *swings his tail, destroying the Tornado, and sends Shaujinmon flying into the wall behind him.*

GrappLeomon: Turbine Kick! *tries to kick Lillithmon, only to be slashed by her Nazer Nail*

MagnaAngemon: My blade can destroy any evil soul! Excalibur! *goes to slash Barbamon, but fails as he catches the blade in his bare hand* Wha! *Barbamon snaps the blade in half and blasts MagnaAngemon into the wall using Pandemonium Lost*

Tankdramon: Gattling Blast! *Fires 3600 missles at Leviamon, at point blank range* Now I’ve got you!

Leviamon: *Each missles hits him, but is unphased* No, you didn’t. Cauda! *He slams his tail on the ground, causing a massive jet of water to slam into TankDramon*

Taomon: Talisman of Light! *uses her brush to draw a symbol, which blasts Lillithmon, but has no effect.*

Lilithmon: You really must try harder, one would think you’re not even trying! *stabs Taomon with her claw, then throws her to the side*

Sagittarimon: You want something tougher? Take this, Judgement Arrow! *fires a three pronged arrow at Lilithmon*

Lilithmon: *dodges the arrow* You call that tough? I’ve seen far better! *slashes Sagittarimon with her claw* Phantom Pain! *spews the deadly mist on his wound*

Sagittarimon: The mist! It… burns… *collapses*

Lillymon: *flies up above Barbamon* Time for you for to fall! Flower Cannon! *Summons a flower bulb and fires a blast of energy at Barbamon*

Barbamon: Pandimonium Flare! *The flame engulfs the small blast of energy, until it slams into Lillymon, who falls to the ground ablaze.*

Lilamon: Lilac Dagger! *Forming a dagger in her arm, she tries to sever lillithmon’s clawed hand, only to be slashed by it, then kicked to the wall*

Raidramon: MegaSeadramon, lets try to a double attack.

MegaSeadramon: All right. Thunder Javelin!

Raidramon: Blue Thunder! *The two electric based attacks fuse to form a massive lightning bolt. The bolt slams into Leviamon, who winces slightly*

Leviamon: Admirable effort, but still not enough. Cauda!

*He again bashes his tail into the ground, causing another torrent of water to form, this time smashing into MegaSeadramon and Raidramon, sending them crashing into the wall and still continued to blast them.*

Vamdemon: Bloody Stream! *he throws his blood red energy whip at Lillithmon * Time for you to suffer!

Lilithmon: *The energy whip crashes into her, but does nothing.* Your power is weak for one who could have so much more. *around her, the whip turns a deep shade of purple, and slowly creeps up Vamdemon. The purple crashes into him, overloading his systems with a virus.*

Cyberdramon: Grrrr…Cyber Nail! *jumps on Leviamon’s back, clawing madly at his back.*


Leviamon: Annoying pest. *rolls over on his back, crushing Cyberdramon onto the ground.*

Metabad: …Never mind.

Garudamon: Wing Blade! *The giant bird fires a giant bird of flame, and has it fly right at Barbamon*

MetalGreymon X: Giga Blaster! *fires two huge missles at Barbamon*

Barbamon: Hmph. *appears behind MetalGreymon X and kicks him into his own missles, then soon appears behind Garudamon and throws her into her own flames*

Hisharyuumon: *transforms into a blade yet again* Grademon, we are the only one’s left.

Grademon: We can’t give up! *grabs the massive blade and charges towards Barbamon*

Barbamon: Your allies have fallen, why do you continue to fight?

Grademon: I have to, if I don’t no one will! *slashes at Barbamon, only for Barbaman to blast the blade, causing it fly out of his hand, and send Hisharyuumon flying towards the wall.*

Lilithmon: *slashes at Grademon* Your finished!

Grademon: *blocks with his twin blades* No I’m not! Grade Slash! *Slashes Lillithmon, to no effect, who backhands him into Leviamon, who slams Grademon with his tail*

Leviamon: That was tiresome, now let- *He stops as Grademon gets up* You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re finished. Just stay down.

Grademon: I won’t let you win. I can’t! I WON’T! *a light flares up out of him, covering him and the 7 other digimon of his team in it.* DIGIVOLVE!

*The light dies down, and in Grademon’s place, is Alphamon, Legendary leader of the Royal Knights. Next to him stands Gaiomon, MetalGreymonX’s digivolved form.On the other side of Alphamon, is Justimon, the mega form of Cyberdramon, In the air above them hovers Magnamon, Sakuyamon, Seraphimon, and Rosemon, the mega formns of Raidramon, Taomon, MagnaAngemon, and Lilamon respectfully. Behind them all coils the massive form that is MetalSeadramon, the mega form of MegaSeadramon.*

Alphamon: You are all going down.

Leviamon: What is this!?

Lilithmon: It… it can’t be…

Barbamon: Alphamon!? How is it possible for a Royal Knight to be hidden amongst such weak Digimon!?

Magnamon: Don’t forget about me, either!

Lilithmon: *to Barbamon and Leviamon* That makes two… more than enough to match us three with their other partners.

Hisharyuumon: …That’s it! Look at those Demon Lords… they’re on the defensive now!

Vamdemon: Are you saying what I believe you are saying?

Hisharyuumon: Yes… we must Digivolve now!

Tankdramon: But what about the power of the Maverick Virus?

Garudamon: We cannot rely on it at this point… we must defeat our enemies!

Shawujinmon: He’s right! Let’s do this!

Hisharyuumon: DIGIVOLVE!!

*Another blast of light covers the Alpha Movement’s Digimon, causing them to Digivolve. At the front is Ouryuumon, the digivolved form of Hisharyuumon. Behind him stand Rosemon, Hououmon, BanchouLeomon, Darkdramon, Zanbamon, VenomVamdemon, and JumboGamemon, the digivolved forms of Lillymon, Garudamon, GrappLeomon, Tankdramon, Sagittarimon, Vamdemon, and Shawujinmon respectively. They all stand right next to the CIA’s Digimon, tall and proud.*

Lilithmon: Them as well!?

Leviamon: They are all at the Mega level… what should we do?

Barbamon: Heheheh… do not forget my comrades, we have the power of the Chaos Emeralds. There is no way we can lose!

Sakuyamon: If that’s how you feel, then prepare to be terminated. Amethyst Wind!!

*Sakuyamon creates a powerful gust of wind that flings hundreds of purple shards at the Demon Lords. Immediately all three of them move out of the way, seemingly dodging the fatal attack. To a trained eye, however, they were actually littered with cuts all over.*

Lilithmon: Grrr… you wench! You will pay for that! *lunges at Sakuyamon with her Nazer Claw*

Rosemon: Rosy Cradle! *grabs Lilithmon and flips her over on her back*

Rosemon: Ivy Hug! *multiple vines sprout and wrap themselves around Lilithmon*

Lilithmon: W-what is this!?

Sakuyamon: You’re own demise. *jumps into the air and performs a Spirit Kick, straight at Lilithmon’s head*

Lilithmon: NOOOOOOO!! *tears out of vines and grabs Sakuyamon by the foot, shoving her back* You stupid Digimon! I am a Demon Lord–you three are nothing! You stand no chance of defeating me!

Rosemon: Perhaps you are right.

Rosemon: Then again, maybe you aren’t.

Lilithmon: What did you say!?

Magnamon: I believe she said, “You lose.”

Lilithmon: *turns and faces Magnamon* …You. “Royal” Knight. You dare to challenge me?

Magnamon: It’s a tempting offer, but I didn’t want to ruin this cat fight. *smirks*

Lilithmon: Hmph! Please humor me.

Magnamon: Very well. Magna Blaster!! *fires a few energy bullets*

Lilithmon: *dodges the bullets* Nazer Nail!

Magnamon: *blocks the claw with his gauntlet, feeling the poison eat at his armor*

Lilithmon: *lets go* Phantom Pain!! *spews mist*

Magnamon: *jumps to the side* Magna Kick!

Lilithmon: *is kicked in the side and goes flying back* You… will pay for this. *gets back up*

Magnamon: The only one who is going to pay is yourself!

Lilithmon: It appears I should stop going easy on you. Very well. Prepare to feel my true might… Darkness Love!

Magnamon: Not if I can help it! Magna Explosion!

*In a brilliant dispay Magnamon unleashes a powerful energy wave from his body, which collides into Lilithmon’s attack. The two attacks lock in place, each trying to overwhelm the other, until the Magna Explosion breaks through and strikes Lilithmon dead-on, causing her to scream in pain until she turns into data and disappears.*

Magnamon: …Whew. That was tough.

Sakuyamon: No time for relaxing, Magnamon. We’ve got work to do.

Magnamon: Right!

*Over with Leviamon and the other CIA and AM Digimon…*

Leviamon: So, now all of you are Mega. Does this mean I will finally get a worthy challenge?

Gaiomon: If you mean us earning our payback, then yes.

Leviamon: Hahah… Fool! I will tear you apart and eat you myself!

Seraphimon: In the name of all that is holy, we will purge your viral form from this world! Strike of the Seven Stars! *fires seven holy orbs at Leviamon*

Leviamon: *takes the attack head on* Oof!! No… no!! Not a seraph! Anything but that!

Seraphimon: I see that my mere presense frightens you.

Hououmon: That is our advantage! Let’s get him! Crimson Flames!

Gaiomon: Rinkageki!

*The combined attacks strike Leviamon as he attempts to run away from the imposing form of Seraphimon.*

Leviamon: N-no fair… Get away from me!! Cauda!! *slams his tail on the ground, causing the entire ship to shake violently along with water spraying everywhere*

Seraphimon: W-what are you doing!?

Gaiomon: He’s going crazy! At this rate he’ll crack the ship open like an egg!

Hououmon: Let us hurry!

*The three Digimon advance toward him but are knocked back by Leviamon’s rampage.*

Ouryuumon: Allow me to assist you!

VenomVamdemon: And I as well!

MetalSeadramon: Don’t forget about me!

*The three large Digimon wrestle with Leviamon, holding him down*

Leviamon: L-let me go!!

MetalSeadramon: Quiet.

Ouryuumon: *struggling* Seraphimon, now!!

Seraphimon: Right! Hallowed Ascension! *summons a powerful bolt of lightning to crash right on top of Leviamon*

Leviamon: IT BURNS!!

Ouryuumon: And now to finish this–Eiseiryuuoujin!! *stabs Leviamon in the head with both of his blades*

Leviamon: AHHHHHHH!! *erupts into data and scatters*

VenomVamdemon: Now, let us destroy the rest of these pathetic fools.

Everyone else: Right!

*Finally, at the site of the final battle stood Barbamon and Alphamon and his companions.*

Barbamon: So, Alphamon… to think that the two of us would have a face off.

Justimon: Hey, what about us!?

JumboGamemon: If you think we are just going to stand back and watch you two fight, then you are sadly mistaken!

Alphamon: Unfortunately, he is right. I want you all to stand back and let me handle this.

Darkdramon: What? Why!?

Zanbamon: Bah! Don’t listen to this guy! Besides, we aren’t even on the same team!

BanchouLeomon: Wait. Can you not see it? This is what they call… destiny.

Justimon: Destiny?

BanchouLeomon: Yes… they were destined for this. Just the two of them. We cannot interfere.

Darkdramon and Zanbamon: …Very well.

Justimon: All right, then. Alphamon, as much as I’d love to help, it seems like everything rests on your shoulders. Sorry.

Alphamon: Don’t worry about it. Now… *summons his legendary sword, Gradalpha*

Barbamon: Heheheh… Destiny may be correct… after all… Alphamon is to forever rule over the empty seat. Why is it now that you appear?

Alphamon: Because not only is the Digital World in danger, but every dimension in existance.

Barbamon: How true! But enough idle chitchat. It is time for you to die! Crimson Flame!

Alphamon: *deflects the spell with his sword* Yaaaaaaaah!! *swings his sword*

Barbamon: *blocks it with his staff, which snaps from the pressure* My staff!

Alphamon: Digitalize of Soul! *fires multiple green rings from his hand*

Barbamon: *hit full force* Ack!! I don’t believe it… The battle has hardly started and yet you already have the upper hand.

Alphamon: Did you assume otherwise?

Barbamon: Not at all… but I refuse to accept this as “destiny”. Prepare to face my true might! Pandemonium Lost!

Alphamon: What!? *is suddenly caught in a violent explosion*

Justimon: Alphamon!!

Zanbamon: He’s dead already!?

Barbamon: Bwahahahahah!! Die you fool! Go back to the Digital World as a pathetic Digi Egg! Hahah!!

*As the dust clears, a sword flies by as it stabs Barbamon in the chest, causing him to scream as he stebs back, clutching the mighty weapon with his hands until he pulls it out, severly wounded.*

Barbamon: Impossible…!!

Alphamon: *reappears* But it is.

Barbamon: *falls to his knees, and with a shudder, turns into data and scatters*

BanchouLeomon: He did it!

Darkdramon: All right!

Rebel: HECK YEAH!! Way to go, Alphamon! And to think I doubted you just because you were slow in digivolving to your Rookie form… I’m not worthy!


Justimon: *sighs*

Ouryuumon: Is it over?

Jade: Ouryuumon! Did you and the others take care of Leviamon and Lilithmon?

Magnamon: Pretty much. Everything is practically wrapped up.

Sakuyamon: And the good news is is that the Chaos Emeralds are now in safe hands.

Void and Blackbelt: What a relief… Eh? *stares at each other before turning away*

Shadowstrike: So in the end Veemon was also a part of the Royal Knights. Sweet!


Outlaw: Hey, now, don’t be trying to use those words so lightly, ‘kay?

Spark: *arm duct taped back on* So what now? Do we continue fighting?

Dark Knight: Yes! *faces DK* I will show you who the real Dark Knight is!

DK: Oh, really?

Seadragon: *ignoring them* Things seem pretty peaceful now…

Sean: Yeah. Sure hope it stays like this.

Trump: I hope you idiots didn’t forget about us.

Sean: DAMNIT!!

*The CIA and AM turn to face Trump, Eggman, and iX.*

Eggman: I honestly can’t believe that you defeated the Demon Lords. But we will still be taking the prize! *pulls out a vacuum*

Brick: What the heck is that!?

Eggman: It’s the Egg Sucker!

*Everyone bursts out laughing.*

Eggman: What!?

Void: Egg Sucker? How original.

Rebel: Says the guy who made Frankenploid.

Void: Quiet you.

iX: Seriously, I’m with them. Come up with better names!

Eggman: Grrr…

Darksage: Okay, so what does this thing do?

Eggman: I’ll show you! *presses a button and a vacuum activates, pulling the Chaos Emeralds into the device*

Blackbelt: H-hey!

AM: He’s got the emeralds!

iX: *takes them out and holds them* We’re gonna rule the universe now!

Jade: It’s a fight then! Let’s go Alpha Movement!

Rebel: CIA… ATTACK!!!

Barbamon: *reforms* Hohoho… not so fast…

Everyone else: Huh!?

Leviamon: *reforms* We will not be defeated…

Lilithmon: *reforms* Especially by you!

Trump: Do you see now, fools? The Demon Lords are unstoppable. Isn’t that correct, Barbamon?

Barbamon: …

Leviamon: Barbamon?

Barbamon: …Chaos Emeralds! I beckon you! Come to me!

iX: What the…? *the emeralds fly away*

Barbamon: *holding them* With this… HAH!! *blasts Leviamon and Lilithmon*

Leviamon and Lilithmon: AHH!! *has holes ripped through them*

Dark Knight: Holy Hell!!

DK: You can say that again!

Seraphimon: Everyone… stay on guard!

Lilithmon: Barbamon… why…?

Barbamon: My dear Lilithmon, I am doing this for the sake of our goal. It is only natural to have some sacrifices along the way.

Leviamon: Y-you… tricked us…

Barbamon: Now… with the power of these emeralds…

*The seven emeralds glow simultaneously, circling around Barbamon. Instantly Lilithmon and Leviamon scream as they are reduced to bits of data that encases Barbamon’s form, until his body glows as brightly as the emeralds. Slowly his body shifts, transforming into a horrible monster…*

Eggman: T-this is too much… even for the world! *hops into his floating pod and takes off*

iX: Hey! Old man! Wait for me! *latches onto the back of the pod*

Trump: You fools! Don’t leave me behind! *chases after but is caught* What!?

Rebel: *pulls him back with his tail* Hey, Trump… stick around for a bit. The show is just about to start.

Trump: Magna Centipede… you are a fool. We will all die!

Rebel: No, we won’t! Right, Alphamon?

Alphamon: Right! Everyone… let’s do this!

Everyone else: Right!

Barbamon: Y-you will al-all… EVERYTHING WILL DIE!!

*In a flash of light takes place, followed by perpetual darkness as Barbamon’s transformation is completed.*

Sakuyamon: It’s…

JumboGamemon: It’s monstrous…

Magnamon: Don’t back away now!

Gaiomon: So, this is his true form…

GranDracmon: That is correct. I am now a true Lord of Demons… GranDracmon!

Ouryuumon: This is it. We cannot lose!

GranDracmon: You cannot lose? I am afraid you are wrong. With this new power I will rule every single dimension! Only me!

MetalSeadramon: We won’t let you! Let’s get this freak!

Gaiomon: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! *swings his swords*

GranDracmon: *grabs his swords and breaks them, and then knocks him out of the way*

Justimon: Justice Kick! *makes contact but has no effect*

GranDracmon: An eye for an eye… *turns around and kicks Justimon with his hind legs* And a kick for a kick!

Justimon: Oof!!

Darkdramon: Giga Rour!

Zanbamon: Mystic Flame!

JumboGamemon: Megaton Hydro Laser!

GranDracmon: Three on three, eh? Allow me… *raises his arms* CRYSTAL REVOLUTION!!

Darkdramon, Zanbamon, JumboGamemon: Aghh!! *is covered with a crystalline ice*

BanchouLeomon: Hold on, friends! Lion King Advance!!

GranDracmon: Another target? Crystal Revolution! *encases BanchouLeomon in ice*

Alphamon: You fiend!

*The rest of the Digimon quickly gang up on GranDracmon but to no avail. As quickly as they come they are put down.*

GranDracmon: I grow tired of this nonsense… it is time to finish this.

VenomVamdemon: No!

GranDracmon: EYE OF THE GORGON!!

*All of the Digimon scream as GranDracmon gazes into their hearts, until they die down and stare blankly into space.*

Void: What’s going on?

Outlaw: They aren’t fighting back!

AM: I don’t know about you guys, but this doesn’t look good at all.

GranDracmon: Fools… Your Digimon have surrendered to the darkness. Nothing can save them.

Alphamon: Wrong!

GranDracmon: …You!!

Ouryuumon: And I as well.

GranDracmon: So two of you did not succumb to the darkness… such a pity.

Alphamon: Gradalpha! *lunges his sword at GranDracmon*

Ouryuumon: Eiseiryuuoujin!! *attacks*

GranDracmon: Crystal Revolution! *encases them in ice*

Rebel: No!!

GranDracmon: Now nothing can stop me… nothing! Hahah!!

Jade: It’s all over, then…

Void: Not so fast!

Blackbelt: What are you planning?

Void: We can still use the Chaos Emeralds.

Spark: Why in the world would we want to use those things?

Void: Don’t you guys get it? If Barbamon could use them to force himself to Digivolve, then we can do the same!

Majin: *sober* He’s right! We’ve gotta do this. Together.

Seadragon: You mean… *looks at Shadowstrike* As more than two seperate teams?

Shadowstrike: Yep.

Rebel: *takes some emeralds* Then it’s settled–We, Code: Island Attackers…

Jade: *takes the rest of the emeralds* And we, Alpha Movement…

Rebel and Jade: Shall work as one!!

*Together the Chaos Emeralds flash and Alphamon and Ouryuumon erupt from the crystalline ice. The two of them glow and merge into one being–Alphamon (Ultimate War Blade King Dragon).*

Ultimate Alphamon: GranDracmon!!

GranDracmon: What!? You again? …You seem different somehow…

Ultimate Alphamon: Yes, and with this new power, the might of the CIA and the AM will destroy you!

GranDracmon: Those two pathetic teams of Reploids? Don’t make me laugh. Now, get out of my way–I have several dimensions to conquer!

Ultimate Alphamon: Never!

GranDracmon: Then prepare to face the cold reality of the situation. Crystal Revolution!

Ultimate Alphamon: *dodges the attack* Ultimate War Blade King Dragon Sword!!

*Using his giant blade which was originally Ouryuumon, Alphamon flies right into GranDracmon, slicing him cleanly through his midsection, causing him to fall into two pieces. GranDracmon, in surprise, can only scream in pain.*

GranDracmon: Arrrrgh!! H-how… how can this be possible!? I am… a king…

Ultimate Alphamon: GranDracmon… for your heinous acts you have been sentenced death. Never again will you threaten the peace of this nor any other universe.

GranDracmon: N-never ag-gain? Hah… hahahah… HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Ultimate Alphamon: What’s so funny?

GranDracmon: It’s you… d-do you honestly think that this is… th-the end? Th-there are others out there… others, wh-who will take this p-pathetic world and everything e-else for themselves… And then… w-we’ll see who really won!

Rebel: *to himself* Others… like Anti-Majin…

GranDracmon: Goodbye… for now… *turns into data and disappears*

Metabad: WE REALLY DID IT THIS TIME!! *rawks*

Darksage: Three cheers for the AM and CIA!

*Everyone cheers as the captured Digimon are freed. There is a small celebration over the battle won and the friendship made.*

Jade: Rebel, just so you know, we won’t fight you anymore.

Rebel: Really now?

Jade: Yeah, but it will be a pain to cover this up from Sigma… but we won’t let you worry about it.

Rebel: Thanks, Jade.

Jade: Don’t mention it.

Shadowstrike: Yo, Rebel, aren’t you forgetting something?

Rebel: What?

AM: *points to Donald Trump, sneaking off*

Rebel: Not so fast, Trump! *grabs with his tail*

Trump: Island Attackers and Alpha Movement… I see we are still alive.

Blackbelt: Spare us, dirtbag.

Trump: Just what do you plan on doing with me?

Void: Well, seeing as how you broke out of jail and assisted in trying to take over not only this but every other dimension out there…

Brick: You better enjoy a long time in the slammer: Again!

Rebel: Outlaw, take him to our cell room!

Outlaw: Right! *carries Trump off*

Trump: Curses! I’ll get you yet, Island Attackers… just you wait! And the Alpha Movement, too!

*As everyone laughs, a strange light comes down and the Digimon begin to fade.*

Sean: What’s going on?

Agumon X: Sorry, Sean.

Ryuudamon: We have to leave now.

Jade: What!? Why?

PicoDevimon: We believe that a lot of these problems as of late are all caused by us Digimon.

Dorumon: We think the world just isn’t ready for us… yet.

Majin: *cries*

Patamon: There, there, Majin. We’ll always be together.

Majin: Really?

Patamon: Yes, as long as you drink lots of this. *hands him a bottle of beer*

Majin: WOOHOO!! *chugs*

Elecmon: But yeah, it’s been real guys.

Piyomon: For real.

Veemon: Just remember how much I owned, okay?

Shadowstrike: Will do!

Brick: But… Kamemon, who will be my unwavering servant?



Metabad: C’mon, Monodramon, let’s do a rawkin’ goodbye.

Monodramon: No. Now shut up.

Commandramon: Darksage, may you be successful always.

Darksage: What, you think I’m not? I predicted this predictable ending back when this predictable storyline first predictably started.

Commandramon: Then I have nothing to fear.

Betamon: Tell Outlaw I said bye, okay?

Void: We will–goodbye, you guys.

Renamon: Goodbye…

Bearmon: Until we meet again…

Palmon: DK, you be careful!

Lalamon: You too, DK!

Dark Knight and DK: WE WILL!!

*As the CIA and AM wave goodbye the Digimon vanish, presumably back in the Digital World. Shortly after Outlaw returned with Trump in a holding cell, the AM decided it was time to leave.*

Spark: I guess we should say sorry about the mess.

AM: We probably owe you one…

Rebel: Nah, you guys helped us destroy GranDracmon. If you weren’t here who knows what would have happened.

Jade: *put his hand on Rebel* Rebel, if you ever need us, just send the word. Hopefully it will get through.

Dark Knight: And you… I suppose that with everything ending on good terms we shall settle this dispute another day.

DK: Bring it–I’ll gladly end it!

Seadragon: All right, we’re finally done. We can leave at any time.

Jade: Then this is it.

Void: Yeah, it is.

Rebel: I would just like to say, to everyone out there, from Code: Island Attackers and Alpha Movement…

AM and CIA: It’s been a blast having you with us!

Dissed in the Digital World (Part 5)

July 15, 2014

*Written by Dark Knight*

*Aboard the Death Rogumer*

SEADRAGON: Laser cannons charged at maximum firepower and ready to blast that whale to…

JADE: No, wait!


JADE: Don’t fire!

AM: Aw, but I installed those new laser cannons yesterday! They are just like the ones of the Millenium Falcon!

BEARMON: Yeah, I want to see action! I want to see BLOOD!



BLACKBELT: You better explain this.

JADE: They deserve a true fight.

RYUUDAMON: He’s right!

SEADRAGON: And why, if I may ask?

JADE: Well, they seem to be the other Mavericks who followed us in the first Maverick Rebellion.

AM: Such fond memories…

JADE: Do you remember them?




DARK KNIGHT: *doesn’t answer*

BLACKBELT: Well, you weren’t with us at that time, but yeah, I remember them.

SPARK: Wait a tick, aren’t they the Mavericks who weren’t good enough to be in the battlefront?

The sound of a window crashing is heard. Immediatly, a shoe hits Spark’s head.



DARKSAGE: Whatever… *falls asleep*

BLACKBELT: *thinking*

AM: *burps*

SEADRAGON: *slaps himself*

SPARK: *punches Brick in the face*


BLACKBELT: Why did you do that?

SPARK: Dunno, needed to do something.

JADE: So guys, you ready for a fight?

Everybody answer with a sonorous “Yeah!!!”, except Dark Knight and Darksage (who’s still sleeping).

JADE: Dark Knight, are you listening?

Dark Knight is in the corner, speaking something with Lilymon.

JADE: What are you two speaking about?

DARK KNIGHT: *shadowy* I’m telling her the story of the Guardian.

SEADRAGON: The what?

DARK KNIGHT: Did I say the story of the Guardian? I mean I was speaking how hard we will fight those guys.

LILYMON: *giggles*


JADE: *sighs* Anyway, it’s time for the showdown!

BRICK: So let’s go and kick some Hunter asses!

SPARK: Man, that’s the second time you said that in these crossover series! And they aren’t Hunters!


BLACKBELT: What’s this, enemy fire?!

JADE: Nah, just the Fourth Wall breaking…

At the Whale King…


SHADOWSTRIKE: I must admit, kicking someone else’s butt would be good for a change.

DK: And… it could always be worse.

SEAN: *gets shocked* Hey!

DK: No problem, dude. It could always be worse.

SEAN: *gets shocked* Enough! One more time and you know where this is going? *holds up a rotten rat*

DK: Funny rat.

OUTLAW: *eats the rat* Heh, tasty.

SEAN: o_0

AGUMON X: *pukes*


DK: I’m wondering how must one of those sewer hunts be, as I have no problem with the dirt nor the smell!


DK: Yeah!

OUTLAW: Dude, once these weird problems finally end, let’s go for some sewer hunting, ok?

DK: It’s a deal!

EVERYONE: *roll eyes*

LALAMON: Just promise me you’ll always take a bath!

BETAMON: Oh man… sorry Outlaw but don’t count me in those ones!

VOID: *sighs* So that our brilliant leader brilliantly managed to begin the hostilities, I think there’s no way back, right?

MAJIN: FUNI LADY VERY ANGRY!!LOL!1!11!!one1kk *laughs histerically*

PATAMON: *laughs historically as well*


METABAD: *getting serious* Void, I know. It’s time to…

VOID: Fight?

METABAD: No, rawk! *rawks*

VOID: Why am I not surprised?

MONODRAMON: Same here.

Sounds are heard behind the main hatch of the ship

VOID: They’re here!



REBEL: Quiet you all! I’ll try to hear what they’re saying!

Rebel moves right next to the hatch. Meanwhile, outside…


SPARK: HYAAAA!!!! *charges a punch and busts the hatch down*

REBEL: Oof! *hatch falls over him*

AM: You!

CIA: You!

AM Digimon: You!

CIA Digimon: You!

REBEL: *getting up* So, you managed to enter here?

JADE: Of course, my comrade.

SPARK: *chuckles*

AM: The nostalgia…

REBEL: Yeah, it’s fine to see another reunion of the Cossack Comrades in this centur–

SHADOWSTRIKE: Screw that! Rebel, we’ve got bad guys to–Hey, aren’t you guys Darksage and Seadragon? Didn’t you used to work for my grandfather way back when?


DARKSAGE: *gulp*

METABAD: *gulp*

SHADOWSTRIKE: *smacks Metabad*

METABAD: Ouch! That didn’t rawk.

JADE: Anyways, *brings Nautilus* shall we start?

REBEL: *to himself* Damn, he’s got a lightsaber…

Suddenly, something comes flying through the air, breaking a window and falling in Rebel’s hands. It’s Agile’s beam saber.

REBEL: *stares at the sword* What the heck is this thing doing here?

VOID: That can only mean…

SHADOWSTRIKE: Something happened to the X-Hunters…

In the Maverick HQ…


VELGUADER: *sits down*

SIGMA: Good boy! Hey, Vile, isn’t Velguader truly the best dog in… *stares at Vile* Are you alright?

VILE: *runs away*


Back at the Whale King…

SPARK: Hehehehe!

CIA: Huh?

SPARK: I remember the sole mention of those guys gives Vile diarrhea.

CIA: …

DORUMON: *to the AM Digimon* And you! Don’t even try thinking you will harm them!

VEEMON: Evil will not prevail!


MONODRAMON: (Oh please, may those guys free me from that retard!)

RYUUDAMON: So do you want a fight?

BEARMON: Then that’s what you will have! *clenches fists*

KAMEMON: *to himself* Oh please, may those guys free me from that tyrant penguin!

BRICK: Pardon?

KAMEMON: Nothing, my lord.

BETAMON: Time to digivolve!

The CIA Digimon digivolve with the power of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP to their Champion forms, minus Lalamon, who digivolved to Lila-chan!

FLAMEDRAMON: Ready for a beating?

RYUUDAMON: *snickers* Is that so? Guys…

ELECMON: Let’s show them the power…

PicoDevimon: Of the Maverick Virus!

They digivolve to their Champion forms using the evil power of the Virus, except Lily-chan, of course.

GAWAPPAMON: (My time will come, soon. Muhaha!)

The two groups of Digimon engage in a fight.

DK: *to Boomer Kuwanger* You’re going down, skinny corpse! *points his Bubble Splash cannon (wich curiously looks like a gatling gun) at him*

DARK KNIGHT: *cold* Sure?

LILAMON: *to Bubble Crab* Watch out, I feel a strange energy emitting from him!

DK: Nothing my new powerful yet short and stocky body can’t handle, my dear.

And so the ultimate battle begins. Meanwhile…

iX: This is their base…

BARBAMON: That Chaos Emerald will soon be ours!

LILITHMON: Odd. I feel some presence there…

LEVIAMON: And what is it?

LILITHMON: Oh, don’t worry, it dissapeared… I think.

Into the fray, several individual fights are taking place…

DK: RAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! *shoots a full barrage of Bubble Splash*

DARK KNIGHT: *easily dodges* What, too quick for you, little boy?

Crab shoots another barrage of fully-automatic Bubble Splash. Dark Knight dashes out of the way, and teleports.

DK: Grrr, where are you, coward?

DARK KNIGHT: Behind you! *sends a swift kick to his back*

DK: Agh! *keels over*

Dark Knight takes his Boomerang Cutter, ready to terminate the crab Reploid.

LILAMON: Dark Knight!!

DARK KNIGHT: The hell? What do you want with me you… *sees Lilamon* sweet cute flower?

LILYMON: Hey! *smacks Dark Knight’s head, surprisingly without suffering any harm from the razor-edge blades*

DARK KNIGHT: What was that for? You’ll be always the most precious person to me, Lily-chan!


DK: *gets up* (Aww, what a pretty girl!!!). Anyways, why are you named after me?

DARK KNIGHT: *sighs* I was going to ask that…

DK: Put that away for later! *activates Energy Pincers*

DARK KNIGHT: *smirks* Is that so? It seems you’re gonna make things *brings Necro Sabre* interesting.

As both Dark Knights continue their duel, let’s check Jade and Rebel…

REBEL: *delivers a quick blow with Agile’s saber* I won’t give you any chance, even to an old comrade like you!

JADE: *blocks it* Sorry, Rebel. Orders are orders. *sighs to himself* Mmm, I don’t like this…

Rebel lunges at Jade, but he dodges the lightning fast swing of the sword, darting as it comes down. Jade responds by launching a salvo of Homing Torpedoes. Rebel tries to dodge them but they finally hit him.

REBEL: *staggering, slightly sorched* Ouch… those freakin’ missiles surely pack a punch.

JADE: Well, I saw your design was similar to Boomer’s one, and deducted that a tracking weapon would be just as effective.

REBEL: *recovers* My turn now.

Rebel tosses a small bomb, releasing a black smoke cloud wich quickly engulfs them both.

JADE: You think that can fool me? Watch and learn! *starts swinging his tentacles around him, trying to find Rebel.*

GIRL: Hey! >o<

JADE: *sweatdrops* Ehh… I didn’t want to…

GIRL: *slaps Jade*

JADE: That hurts? *rubs the red spot on his face*

REBEL: *leaps at Jade, saber drawn* And the pain only begins!

Meanwhile, each Alpha Movement member is fightning against a CIA counterpart. Let’s take a look…

MAJIN: WOOF WOOF!!!! GRRRR!!11!!one1

BRICK: Oh, my God! He’s insanely drunk! I’ll take him! *leaps at the barking Majin. The two then begin to wrestle on the floor*


VOID: *supremely complicated mathematical speech*


mY hEaD hUrRrRtSsSs….

AM: Stop jumping! I can’t target you!

METABAD: *jumping rawk*

AM: *oils the floor*

METABAD: *trips and falls*

AM: Hehehe. *aims his cannon at him*


AM: Time to die, boy!

METABAD: WAAAIIIIT!!! Can I have a last will?

AM: *sighs* Whatever.

METABAD: YEAH! *rawks*

AM: *grimaces* You’re disgusting, I’m out of here.


SPARK: You look like a pretty buff guy. Let’s see if you can handle some of this! *throws a punch*

OUTLAW: *catches it with his arm* Okay! *chomps down on it*

SPARK: Yaaargh!! *pulls back, having his arm torn off*

OUTLAW: …That’s gotta hurt. Heh.

SPARK: Now I’m REALLY angry! *throws a punch charged with electricity*

OUTLAW: *grabs it with his mouth and lights up like a Christmas tree*

After a slightly gross encounter…

SHADOWSTRIKE: Man, I can’t believe you would actually hurt the grandchild of your former leader.

SEADRAGON: What can I say? Times change… and I don’t plan to fall behind! *zooms past Shadowstrike*

SHADOWSTRIKE: *smirks* So you want to play that game, huh? I’ll match you blow for blow! *runs after*

As for the last set of members, well…

DARKSAGE: An interesting match-up, to say the least.

SEAN: Yeah.

DARKSAGE: I suppose it could be worse.



With everyone beating the snot out of each other, all that was left were the Digimon, who by that time managed to reach their Ultimate forms minus Lilamon and Lilymon. During this entire conflict, however, the villains were slowly advancing onto the ship. When all three parties meet, will disastor truly arrive for the world? Or…

To be continued…

Dissed in the Digital World (Part 4)

July 8, 2014

*Written by Rebel4000*


Trump: I am telling you this because it is for your own good.

Bill Gates: And I am not inclined to agree.

Trump: Stupid fool. Even if you are arguably the head of the most powerful company in the world, you don’t think I have the power to take it away?

Gates: You drive a hard bargain, Mr. Trump. But why should I care about Chaos Emeralds?

Eggman: *clears throat* We have reason to believe that you discovered one not too long ago.

Gates: I see… so that is why you have come.

Eggman: Eggsactly.

Gates: …Did you just say eggsactly?

Eggman: Don’t be absurd. Now back onto business–

Gates: You did say eggsactly! I heard it with my own two ears!

Trump: So did I.


*Both of the men stare at Eggman.*

Eggman: *calms down* Whatever the case, we want that emerald. It would not do our associates any good if we came back empty-handed.

Gates: Look, Ivo. I know you have been ridiculed over the years of having an obsession with eggs, which is why I am concerned that you are starting to take the whole situation too far–

Eggman: I. DON’T. CARE.

Gates: But–

Eggman: No.

Gates: But–

Eggman: No.

Gates: BUT–

Trump: It’s official: You suck.

Gates: THAT’S IT!! *presses a button behind his desk and an army of robots emerges from behind the wall* GOOD DAY SIRS!!

Eggman: It’s go time! *presses a button on his wrist watch*

iX: *breaks the door down* Someone call?!

Trump: I believe that it is time to fire these gentlemen, if you catch my drift.

Barbamon: Of course. Leviamon?

Leviamon: Right away.

*Leviamon starts tearing through the robots while iX tackles a group on his own. During the distraction Gates attempts to escape.*

Lilithmon: *appears before him* Oh-ho, I think not, little man.

Gates: Hunh?

Lilithmon: Phantom Pain! *Lilithmon sprays a deadly mist that covers Gates, causing him to scream in agony until it subsides.*

Barbamon: I suppose that takes care of another fool.

Gates: W-what…?

Lilithmon: Now, you will be a good boy and get us our Chaos Emerald, okay?

Gates: Y-yes… *walks off in a trance*

Eggman: What did you do?

Lilithmon: Cursed him. That particular curse made him a nice little puppet.

Trump: *turns to the remaining robots* You are all fired.

Robots: Damn it! *walk off*

iX: Hah! Weaklings!!

Barbamon: Hm, it was just as I thought. Together with our abilities we are all unstoppable. Not even some super-powered freak would be able to defeat us!

*Elsewhere, in a familiar-looking area in Megalopolis…*

Anti-Majin: *sneezes* STUPID FOOLS WHO DARE SPEAK OF MY NAME SHALL BE TERMINATED!! *raises fist threateningly*

Frank: What are you blabbering about?

Anti-Majin: Shut your mouth or I’ll rip you a new one.

*Back with the AM*

Jade: What in the world is going on, Dark Knight? You aren’t acting normal here.

Dark Knight: Heheheh, I’ve done it!

Blackbelt: Done what?

Dark Knight: I’ve got my very own LILLY-CHAN!!

Everyone else: *groan*

AM: And here we were worried you were going to kill us all or something.

Dark Knight: Nah, that’s for later.

Everyone else: What?!

Dark Knight: I didn’t say anything.

Vile: *walks in* Hey, slackers! Sigma’s got an important message for all of you, so hop to it!! *leaves*

Spark: Again?

Elecmon: We’ve been getting a lot of these, haven’t we?

Brick: Aw, who cares? Kamemon, if you’d please.

Kamemon: Yessir. *lifts Brick up and carries him to the meeting room* (I’m gonna spike your drink!)

Lillymon: Let’s go, DK.

Dark Knight: *hearts in his eyes* Yes, Lilly-chan… Mmm…

*The AM heads to where Sigma is located*

Darksage: What’s the word, Sigma?

Sigma: Good, you’re here.

Commandramon: Is there a problem?

Sigma: Hmph, nothing that a mere digital creature should concern himself with.

Bearmon: I smell a prejudice–

Seadragon: Shh!!

Jade: Please continue, Sigma.

Sigma: *eyes everyone cautiously* Yes… anyway, you all know about those ex-Mavericks who have their own Digimon now?

Dark Knight: Yeah…

Spark: What about ‘em?

Sigma: Apparently my pets have failed, which means that the mercenary has not done his job correctly.

Ryuudamon: So how is that our problem?

Sigma: I’ll tell you how it is–that means that I am going to make you all go up there and finish the job. No one will make a mockery out of the almighty Sigma!!

Everyone else: Right!

Sigma: Now go!!

Everyone else: …

Sigma: What’s the matter?

AM: Er, no offense, but we just got done with a fight with the Shadow Hunters not too long ago.

Blackbelt: So we were kinda-hoping to kick back and relax for the rest of the day.

PicoDevimon: What they are trying to get at is that they want to wait until tomorrow to kill the fools.

Blackbelt: What he said.

Sigma: Hmm, let me think about it–No.

Everyone else: Damn!

Seadragon: Can’t you reconsider?

Sigma: Well, all right–No.

Everyone else: Double damn!

Piyomon: You bastard!

Sigma: So I am! Now get going.

Everyone else: *grumbles as they leave*

*Onboard the Whale King…*

Rebel: C’mon, Dorumon! You’ve gotta rawk!! *rawks*

Dorumon: Why?

Rebel: ‘Cause you are behind everyone else! Therefore you must rawk to get better. You don’t want to suck do ya?

Dorumon: Well, no…

Rebel: Then let’s rawk. Right Metabad?

Metabad: YEAH!! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Dorumon: All right, I’ll do it! *rawks*

Monodramon: You all make me sick.

Void: *enters the room* Everyone, I’ve got an important announcement to make.

Outlaw: What is it?

Void: Oh, nothing much, just–

Rebel: Hold on a sec. Who’s the leader around here, Void?

Void: …You are.

Rebel: That’s right. So WHO should be making all of the important announcements?

Void: Me.

Rebel: Damn straight. Now go on and tell us. *drinks a can of coke*

Renamon: *smiles to herself*

Sean: Is this going to be bad?

Void: Not as bad as Majin when he’s sober.

Majin: *covered in bandages* AND I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Shadowstrike: Oh god, he’s gotten Patamon!

Veemon: *tugging Shadow’s arm* Hey, uh, can I try some of that?

Shadowstrike: Fine, we might as well all try it, too!

*Shadowstrike and Veemon grab a bottle of beer and swig it down in one shot. Immediately they both turn green and run out of the room.*

DK: Hah, how sorry they are. Can’t even hold some common alcohol!

Lalamon: Now, now, DK. Don’t make fun of others just because they aren’t like you.

DK: Too true…

Void: ANYWAY, back to the topic at hand…

Rebel: I’ll say. Hurry up and speak already, Void. Sheesh.

Metabad: Yeah, sheesh.

Dorumon: Sheesh.

Void and Renamon: *sweatdrops*

Monodramon: To give you the benefit of the doubt I’ll beg you to start talking.

Void: Thank you. Now, about what I was going to say… I have been doing some research on the Chaos Emerald that was found during the encounter with the Devidramon earlier.

Betamon: So what’d you find?

Void: Well, normally Chaos Emeralds have a reaction when they are near other emeralds, right?

Agumon X: Right.

DK: Go on…

Void: I have noticed that the emerald has been reacting sporadically, as if the other emeralds are here, but not.

Rebel: And what the Hell is that supposed to mean?

Void: It means that the rest of the emeralds are in another dimension. And they are gathering.

Outlaw: Gathering?

Void: Yeah, but who or what is doing it is unknown to me at this point. I’m going to have to do some more research to figure that out.

Dorumon: Oooh, spooky.

Metabad: But liek, or awesomeness will save the day, right?

Rebel: I believe you mean our… rawksomeness.

Metabad: Dude that rawks.

Rebel: Totally.

Dorumon: I say we rawk in celebration of this new revelation!

*The three proceed to rawk.*

Void: So… does our great and almighty leader have any comments on this latest news?

Rebel: *stops and thinks* Hmm… well, it sounds pretty bad, but eh, I really couldn’t give a rats ass at this point in time.

Renamon: What… did you just say?

Rebel: I said I really couldn’t care less. Besides, I’m too busy rawking and all.

Renamon: What…?!

Rebel: VOID!! I demand that this Digimon gets hearing aids! It’s ruining my jive.

Void: *sighs*

*Suddenly an alarm sounds off.*

Agumon X: Again?!

Void: Hmm, apparently we’ve got a message coming in. Should I accept it?

Rebel: Go for it.

*Void pushes a button and a screen lights up, showing the face of Launch Octopus.*

Jade: Greetings, Code: Island Attackers. May I ask which of you is the leader?

Rebel: That’d be me… wait a tick… you sound familiar… Jade?!

Jade: Rebel?! You’re the leader?

Sean: Why are you attacking us?

Jade: Sean, too? Sheesh, this is craziness.

Rebel: I’ll say. Are there any other surprise guests on your end as well?

Jade: Well, AM is here too.

Rebel: Crap.

Jade: Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m in charge of this unit, Alpha Movement.

Rebel: All right. So what do you want?

Jade: Under the orders of our master Sigma, we have been instructed to destroy both you and your ship.

Rebel: I see, so it’s a fight you want, eh?! Well, bring it on! We won’t lose!!

Jade: Then let’s get this show on the road.

*The screen goes black.*

Void: Rebel, what in the world was that all about?

Rebel: I’ll talk about it later. What’s important right now is that we get ready for a fight. Island Attackers… ATTACK!!!

Everyone: YEAH!!

*In the Mushroom Kingdom…*

Mario: *attempts jump on Barbamon’s head*

Barbamon: *steps out of the way*

Mario: Mama-mia!

Barbamon: I’ve grown tired of this child’s play. Crimson Flame!

*In a matter of seconds Mario is turned into charcoal*

Peach: What did you do to Mario?

Eggman: Do not worry. He’s merely gone on vacation.

Peach: Okay! Lalala~! *prances off*

iX: Dumb blonde. Bet she still thinks Bowser Jr. is her kid.

*At that moment Leviamon comes out of the moat with Trump on his back.*

Leviamon: *holding an emerald in his mouth* Barbamon! We found the emerald!

Trump: It was located in the basement, just like our sources told us. It was practically unguarded.

Barbamon: Excellent. *takes the emerald* With this, we have four.

Lilithmon: And we know that a certain “Shadow the Hedgehog” holds two of the remaining three.

Eggman: *coughs* I still can’t believe we have to deal with that OTHER hedgehog. Knowing my luck we’ll probably run into–

iX: Aw, stuff it, gramps.

Eggman: Quiet, you.

Barbamon: Well, in order to find this “Shadow” we must be able to locate him. Therefore let us look for the other emerald first.

Leviamon: Do we have any leads?

Lilithmon: I was incapable of obtaining more information.

Eggman: Then… I suppose we are at a dead end.

*The group of villains all stand there, crestfallen at this news. Suddenly Trump lifts his head up, an idea coming to mind.*

Trump: Actually…

Barbamon: Yes? What is it?

Trump: I have a place that we can check out… some old “friends” which I’ve been dying to see…

Barbamon: Then by all means, show us the way.

*The villains quickly disappear into thin air. A few minutes later, however, another figure walks onto the scene, smiling.*

Luigi: Ohohoho. Poor Mario. With these burns I can say he met his end by the hands of Bowser, and once I bring that Koopa to justice, I shall become the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! Just you wait, Peach. Luigi here is gonna show you why mushrooms are bad for you.

*In the Megalopolis sewer system…*

Agile: Ah, home sweet home.

Serges: I must say our new accommodations are rather nice.

Violen: But I miss my trash can…

Agile: Shut up! At least with this we’ve got a roof over our heads. Do you want another freak blizzard to come out of nowhere and trample us again?

Violen: But the snowman I made–

Agile: SHUT UP!!

Serges: *ignoring the others* Now, our first objective is to find the CIA.

Agile: Yeah, after that Anti guy came in here and took over we’ve lost our only good job.

Violen: You mean getting our butts handed to us on a regular basis?

Agile: Yep.

Serges: Regardless, we’ve heard that they are now in a mobile base, so they could be anywhere in the world.

Violen: That’s a big place.

Agile: Do you try to be stupid?

Violen: *teary-eyed* I don’t try! I just am.

Barbamon: So, you say that they are mobile…

X-Hunters: Who’s there?!

*Barbamon and the rest of the villains emerge from the shadows.*

Lilithmon: Lovely base you boys have.

Agile: *puffing his chest out* W-why thank you. I do try to set a good example and all that…

Lilithmon: That was a joke, idiot!

Agile: Oh.

Trump: *stepping forward* It’s nice to see you again, X-Hunters.

Serges: T-Trump?!

Violen: Weren’t you thrown in jail or something?

Trump: These gentlemen were kind enough to free me. Unlike a trio of nincompoops who can’t even tie their own shoelaces.

*The X-Hunters all bend down and try to tie the shoelaces that aren’t there.*

Leviamon: Stand up, fools, less you want to feel our wrath!

*They quickly stand up.*

Agile: So, uh, what can we do for you, such honored guests?

Trump: Well, since we go such a long way back, I wanted you to tell us where the CIA is now.

Eggman: Of course we already have that information… so why not tell us if you know where one “Shadow the Hedgehog” is located?

Serges: Shadow the Hedgehog? Never heard of him.

Lilithmon: If you are lying you will pay for it.

Agile: *steps back* The X-Hunters don’t lie! Maybe stretch the truth to the point where it is no longer recognizable, but lying? Don’t make us laugh!

Violen: Only on Tuesdays!

Trump: It is Tuesday.

Violen: Oh… never mind then.

Barbamon: Very well, then. I suppose we have gotten what we have come for. Let us go meet these “Island Attackers…”

*The group turns to leave.*

Agile: W-wait!

Serges: What do you plan to do once you meet the CIA?

Violen: Is there any Lucy involved?

Trump: Hmm, since you were kind enough to tell us where they are, I suppose it would only be fitting to reward you. iX?

iX: Yeah?

Trump: Fire them.

iX: Heheheh, right away… *cracks knuckles*

Serges: Huh?!

Agile: No! Wait! LOVE AND PEACE!!

Violen: *Curls into a ball and starts rocking back and forth* The bad things will go away, the bad things will go away, the bad things will go away…

*The X-Hunter’s screams pierce the air as the real villains make their leave. Their destination: The CIA’s headquarters…*

To be continued…



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