The Nightmare After Christmas

September 28, 2014

*Written by Rebel4000*

*It was another day at Code: Island Attackers flying base, the Whale King. The members were all engaging in various occupations around the base, with Void and Shadowstrike in particular down in the engine room, making a routine inspection…*

Shadowstrike: So why are we down here again?

Void: *sigh* I’ve already told you three times. Do I really have to say it a fourth?

Shadowstrike: Yes.

Void: Very well. And take that bucket off your head!

Shadowstrike: Aw… *takes the bucket off*

Void: Anyway, this Whale King is older technology. Powerful, but still nonetheless old.

Shadowstrike: Kinda like X except less whining.

Void: Bingo. Now, the engine room needs to be properly checked every other month or so, because if this baby were to fail on us, we’d hit who-knows-what that’s below us…

Shadowstrike: Oh.

Void: Yeah, “Oh.” Now let’s get back to work.

*A few minutes pass as the two inspect the engine.*

Shadowstrike: Everything looks good to me.

Void: Hmm… the energy readings are all positive. Guess we’re good to go.

Shadowstrike: Man, what a waste of time.

Void: Quiet you, unless you want to be nicknamed “GDT mkII.”

Shadowstrike: I don’t even know who that is.

Void: Original Overdrive. Basically, you my friend are just a replacement.

Shadowstrike: And you carry a man purse!

Void: …Who told you that–*hears an alarm go off*

Shadowstrike: Does that sound mean we’re gonna die?

Void: Don’t be stupid. Let’s see… What the Hell!?

Rebel: *runs into the room* Void! What in blazes is that racket!? I was trying to beat my record of drinking 342 cans of coke in a day!

Void: Got bad news, Rebel. One of the cells on this engine has just blown!

Rebel and Shadowstrike: What!?

Void: Take a look at this chart… the energy levels are steadily dropping. We’ve gotta land this ship NOW!!

*And so the three Island Attackers race back up to the main part of the ship, where they then head to the control room…*

Sean: *at the controls* All right, so where are we landing?

Shadowstrike: Say… why are you piloting?

Sean: Because you keep wearing a bucket on your head.

Shadowstrike: Aw… *takes the bucket off*

Void: It doesn’t matter WHERE you land it, as long as you manage to LAND it.

Sean: But right now we’re directly over the Pacific Ocean…

Rebel: Meh, one of those islands will have to take a sacrifice.

Void: Rebel!

Rebel: Listen up, Void, I ain’t gonna let some stupid island stand between me and life! And Sean, if you land in the ocean I swear I will haunt you to the day you die.

Sean: But we’ll all be dead.

Rebel: I guess it couldn’t get any worse then, could it?

Sean: *shocked* No.

Outlaw: Ahh, the drama.

Dark Knight: Makes me sick.

Metabad: IT RAAAAAAAAAWKS!! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Majin: y oshun named pacifier?

Void: No, no, no. Majin, it’s not called “Pacifier.” It’s called “Pacific.”

Majin: wat so specific bout it?

Void: *smacks self*

Sean: *ignoring everyone else* All right… I’m gonna land this baby!

Shadowstrike: Not so fast! *shoves Sean* I’m the pilot of this ship! I wanna be the one to land it!

Sean: Hey! Stop that! You’re messing up the flight path!

Shadowstrike: It couldn’t get worse!

Sean: *is shocked and the controls are fried* Oww… look what you did!

Void: What just happened?

Sean: He not only messed up the flight path, but he fried the circuts in the control panel!

Void: *turns to Shadowstrike* You what!?

Shadowstrike: Umm… oops?

Rebel: Way to go, GDT mkII.

Metabad: Not rawkin.

Dark Knight: *falls to the ground* Urgh… the drama… suffocating me…

Outlaw: When all else fails, make some good food. That’s my motto. *heads to the kitchen*

Void: Damnit you guys, don’t you see what’s going on around here? Now that the flight path is messed up and we can’t change it…

*Suddenly, the entire ship starting spinning out of control*


*The ship goes flying up into the air at unbelievable speeds, before heading back down, nearly nosediving. The members on board can do little but hang on for dear life as the aircraft touches down on the flat surface of an unfamiliar terrain…*


*A few minutes later…*

Rebel: *rolls out of the ship* Ugh… did anyone get the number of that last Coca-Cola truck…?

Sean: *curling out of his shell* Where are we…?

Void: That’s what I’d like to know…

*The team views their surroundings. It was mostly gray in color–the ground, the objects, everything, minus the sky, which was completely black.*

Sean: Wasn’t it early in the morning?

Void: Who knows how long we’ve been out of it…

Rebel: Well, first thing’s first. How is everyone doing?

Outlaw: *explodes from the wreckage* Awesome! Totally awesome! Look at all of this garbage just lying around!

Dark Knight: You could make a freakin’ statue with all of this trash!

Void: *rubs chin* That’s a pretty good idea…

Majin: *lying on back, kicking his arms and feet* SNOW ANGELS ARE PHUNY

Metabad: Dude, I like totally rawked my sawks off during that crash. I was all like “whoa,” and you guys were all like “whoa,” and then suddenly the ship was all like “whoa” and which made me all like “whoooooa.”

Dark Knight: You’re stupid.

Metabad: I dare you to say that again! Only this time say, “Metabad, I LOVE YOU!!”

Dark Knight: Got a better idea. *attacks Metabad with Bubble Splash* Mwahahahah!

Metabad: Nuuuuu!! *runs*

Outlaw: Ahh, everything looks all good to me, boss bug.

Rebel: Hmm… Something seems missing though.

Void: I think that’s the lack of one Mr. Shadowstrike.

Rebel: Oh, right. GDT mkII. Where is that boy?

Shadowstrike: HELP ME!!

Sean: I think that just answered one question.

*The Island Attackers run off to locate the source of the voice. There, they find a nearby town with Shadowstrike being surrounded by a group of monsters…*

Wolfman: *to Shadowstrike* And just who are you?

Undersea Gal: What’ll we do with him?

Devil: Look at him; he’s scared out of his wits! Let’s make it quick and gobble him up!

Zeldaborn: We should lay a curse on him!

Helgamine: Or turn him into a frog!

Clown: *laughs* Does it even matter? He’s already an ostrich… *tears his face off* AN UGLY ONE AT THAT!!


Rebel: Hey, freaks, get away from him!

Monsters: Huh?

Outlaw: Spin Wheel! *fires a pair of wheels, causing the group to scatter*

Shadowstrike: Guys! Thank goodness you’re here!

Void: You’ve been causing us a lot of problems lately, Shadow.

Shadowstrike: Sorry…

Dark Knight: What’s going on? What are those things?

Shadowstrike: I don’t know. I woke up near this town and suddenly those things showed up! Where are we? We need to get out of here!

Sean: We can’t… the ship’s busted. It’s gonna take a lot of work to repair.

Shadowstrike: No…

Wolfman: *howls*

Dark Knight: Guys, I think we’ve got some more company…

Rebel: Stay on your toes.

Cyclops: You dared attack us? You are a threat to our people!

Void: That’s because you wanted to harm our friend?

Clown: Harm? *laughs* We don’t harm… only scare!

Metabad: What be you unrawkin people?

???: We are the denizens of Halloween Town!

CIA: Huh?

The Witches: It’s Jack!

Wolfman: Jack!

Majin: who jack?

Outlaw: Sounds like their leader…

Jack: Welcome, one and all! Welcome to the town of Halloween… Halloween Town! I am Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King! Who might you all be?

Rebel: *steps forward* I am Rebel40000, also known as Magna Centipede, and I am leader of Code: Island Attackers. Those guys over there are Void Darkheart, Shadowstrike, Sean, Outlaw88, Majin, Dark Knight, and Metabad.

Jack: Oh, it certainly is a pleasure to meet you! Please, pardon my friends, they are just doing what they do best.

Shadowstrike: You mean scare the living daylights out of us?

Jack: Is that right? Huh! Looks like we’re making good progress for next Halloween after all!

Sean: Oi vey.

Jack: Anyway, please, come on in… allow me to show you around!

Mayor: *drives up* Jack! What’s going on!? Did you manage to figure out what the source of that crash was?

Jack: Oh, it’s you, mayor! Am I glad to see you. I believe I figured out where the source came from. I was just about to show our special guests around.

Rebel: Hold on a moment, what exactly is going on here?

Jack: Well, if you must know… Rebel, was it? Well, we heard a large crash just recently. Shook the entire town! Luckily nothing was severely damaged, but we’ve been sending scouts out to locate the source, and when we found your friend we realized that he must have been the cause behind it. Of course, seeing the rest of you show up has pretty much confirmed it.

Void: Well, you are partially right, Mr. Skellington. We were flying around in our airship, and the engine died and we lost control, so we crashed.

Jack: An airship, you say? Hmm… Very interesting! Dr. Finklestein may know how to fix that.

Majin: lol beetlestein

Jack: No, no, not Beetlestein. FINKLEstein!

Majin: orite.

Void: Judging from his name, I’d assume he’s a scientist?

Jack: Correct. He is more in-tune with these gizmos then I could ever hope to be.

Mayor: Umm… excuse me… but what are we supposed to be doing now?

Jack: Oh, I’m sorry, mayor! Well, let’s see… I’m assuming that our new friends would like to get their ship back up and running, correct?

Sean: That’d be pretty nice.

Shadowstrike: Anything to get me away from this place! *is bopped on the head* Ow!

Rebel: *rubbing his fist* Don’t mind him.

Jack: *nods* Will do. Anyway, I figure that we should send some men to salvage the ship, and while they are doing that you can talk to Dr. Finklestein to see about lending a hand to repair it. Then, while all of that is underway, you can all spend some time here and sight-see!

Rebel: Hmm… sounds good to me. What do you all think?

Metabad: Sounds like a rawkin plan to me! *rawks*

Outlaw: Eh, as long as I get around to cookin’ like I said I was then I guess I’m good.

Dark Knight: *whispers to Outlaw* Say… with the guys in this town they’d probably love some of our concoctions…

Outlaw: *whispers* Good idea!

Void: I’m fine with it… even though I’ll probably spend most of my time on the ship. I don’t particularly trust a scientist I’ve never heard of before.

Sean: I can probably help out a little as well.

Shadowstrike: I don’t wanna stay here…

Metabad: But it’ll RAWK!!

Shadowstrike: No it won’t.

Metabad: D:

Majin: *drinking a beer* Burp.

Rebel: …I’ll take that as a yes. So yeah, we’re completely fine with that, Mr. Skellington.

Jack: Please, call me Jack. Everyone does!

Rebel: All right then, Jack, please show us the way.

Jack: Right away. *to the mayor* Mayor, go get some able ghouls to salvage the wreckage. We’ll rendezvous with you shortly.

Mayor: Okie-dokie then! *in his megaphone* Aaaall ghooouls, come to the town gate immediately! Aaall ghooouls, come to the town gate immediately…

Jack: Hahahah, that lovable mayor. What would we do without him? Anyway, let’s get going! We can talk on the way.

Void: Right. So, Jack, what exactly is this “Halloween Town?”

Jack: You don’t know? Halloween Town is the very embodement of all that is Halloween! Every year we celebrate the holiday in a typical festive manner, scaring as many people as we possibly can! Then, after all is said and done, we start preperations for the next year.

Dark Knight: So it’s a perpetual cycle?

Jack: *nods* Oh, it is a thrill though. Granted, sometimes it can start to get a little stale… but nevertheless, the show must go on! That is why I am constantly searching for new and fresh ideas.

Metabad: Sounds like a rawkin place to rawk! *rawks*

Jack: Right you are! *rawks*

Rebel: Now THIS is my kinda leader! *rawks*

Void, Dark Knight, Sean and Shadowstrike: *sweat drops*

Outlaw: Heh, funny stuff.

Majin: jelly bellies!

Jack: Anyway, perhaps you can all tell me about yourselves? I don’t think I have ever heard of the Code: Island Attackers before.

Rebel: Well, basically we are a group of Reploids, banded together to fight evil.

Shadowstrike: Even though we got beat by Anti-Majin…

Rebel: That was a fluke, damnit! Next time I swear his ass will be grass!

Dark Knight: Rebel sounds pissed.

Sean: Not surprising. After all, they lost their old base and three of their close friends after that fight*.

*See Series 2, Epilogue #19 “Dark Time”

Jack: Hmm… seems like you all have quite a story to tell. Well, we’ve got plenty of time! Please go ahead.

*As the Island Attackers explain their story, in the shadow are three mischevious figures…*

Lock, Shock, and Barrel: *giggles uncontrollably*

Lock: It looks like things are getting interesting!

Shock: We better go tell Oogie Boogie about this!

*And thus the three troublemakers hop into their walking bathtub, heading back to their hideout. They head down in the basement where their master, Oogie Boogie is located…*

Lock, Shock, Barrel: Mr. Oogie Boogie!

Oogie Boogie: What do you fools want? It better be good!

Barrel: We saw something amazing! Jack was–

Shock: *shoves Barrel out of the way* What he means is that a ship crashed!

Oogie: Hold on a tick… what was that about Jack?

Lock: A ship crashed, and we’ve got these visitors in Halloween Town! They’re Jack’s “special guests.”

Oogie: Oooh, special guests, huh? Sounds like this could be good… *rubs “hands”*

Shock: They called themselves Code: Insane Attackers!

Lock: It wasn’t Insane Attackers! It was Island Arsenals!

Shock: Was not!

Lock: Was too!

Shock: Was not!

Lock: Was too!

Shock: Was–

Oogie: QUIET YOU NINCOMPOOPS!! I don’t care if they’re the next ingredient for my snake and spider stew, I’m gonna use these fools to my advantage… *laughs*

???: First, the correct term is “Island Attackers.” Second, you aren’t going to do anything to them until you have agreed to our terms…

*Out of nowhere a familiar-looking Reploid comes down from above…*

Frank: …Oogie Boogie.

Oogie: Well, well, well, what have we here? Frankenploid, was it?

Frank: Glad you remembered my name. It seems that the Island Attackers have made an abrupt pit stop in Halloween Town.

Oogie: Wait… those special guests are the ISLAND ATTACKERS?

Frank: That’s right. Remember the proposal we gave you a while back, Oogie? If you help us, we’ll help you.

Oogie: Do you mean…

Frank: If you destroy the Island Attackers, we’ll help you get rid of Jack Skellington, and Halloween Town will be yours to control.

Oogie: Bwahahah!! Bug Day will soon be making a comeback, then. *to his henchmen* All right, scum, let’s get busy! We’re gonna assemble the biggest armada this world has ever seen, and annihilate those CIA fools!

Lock, Shock, and Barrel: Right away! *runs off*

Frank: Glad that you are cooperating with us. I’ll be leaving, then, to tell Anti-Majin of this news. Before I do, though, I’ll leave to you the service of someone who may be able to help you…

*Elsewhere, back with the CIA…*

Finklestein: Hmm… an airship, you say?

Jack: That’s correct, doctor. My friends here are in need of repairs so they can get back to their travels.

Finklestein: *scratches brain* Well, I’ll need to take a look and see the damage myself, but I’m confident that I can rebuild it and make it even better than before!

Void: (That’s what they all say!)

Shadowstrike: *choking* Void… my neck… you’re squeezing it…

Void: Oh! Sorry, I just suddenly felt like squeezing something! *let’s go*

Finklestein: Where is the ship now?

Jack: I had it moved closer to your workshop.

Finklestein: Excellent… well then, I’ll be getting to work then. You are all free to stay for as long as you like.

Outlaw: Gee, that’s mighty kind of you!

Finklestein: A friend of Jack Skellington is a friend of mine. As long as you can cook, that is…

Outlaw: I can make a mean stew.

Finklestein: With dried rats?

Outlaw: Only the worst!

Finklestein: I outta call you son!

Outlaw: Daddy!


Void: …Oookay. Well, I’ll be going on ahead to help with the repairs. *flies off*

Finklestein: *nods* I must be getting to work. I will let you all know once the ship is complete. *strolls away*

Rebel: Now that has been taken care of, feel free to show us around, Jack.

Jack: Wonderful! I’ll show you all the way to my place, seeing as how you will probably be spending a night or two there.


Sally: *appears* Hello, Jack…

Jack: Oh, Sally! It’s great to see you!

Rebel: *to Jack* Who’s the broad?

Jack: *whispers* That’s Sally. She’s Finklestein’s creation.

Rebel: Oh.

Sally: Who are your friends, Jack?

Jack: These are the infamous Island Attackers! They come from the land of Megalopolis Town, where they battle evil on a day-to-day basis.

Sally: Oooh… that sounds interesting.

Shadowstrike: Megalopolis Town?

Rebel: Don’t ask.

Jack: Doesn’t it? Why, I wouldn’t mind going around with these gentlemen myself in order to see the world!

Sally: …

Jack: Heheh, of course, I wouldn’t dream of leaving you behind, Sally. Honest.

Dark Knight: This girl’s got him whipped!

Metabad: But does she know how to RAWK?

Jack: Don’t mind those details, Metabad! In good time I’m sure she’ll learn how to rawk as well.

Metabad: w00t!

Rebel: Yeah, as much fun as this has been, Outlaw’s cookin’ for Dr. Finks, and Void has already left to work on the ship with him. I’d suggest we’d better get going, too.

Jack: *nods* Well, Sally, I’ll see you soon!

Sally: Be careful Jack. I’ve got a bad feeling something is going to happen…

Dark Knight: Lady, don’t be silly. Nothing bad is going to happen around here.

Sally: My premonitions are never wrong, though…

Dark Knight: Then stop having them! Sheesh.

Majin: such a silly sally ffffff


Jack: Before we start going, are there any more questions?

Dark Knight: Yeah, who are those guys? *points at the Street Band*

Jack: Oh, they play awful music.

Sean: If it’s so awful then why play it?

Jack: Because it’s bad!

Metabad: I’m confused.

Rebel: Just shake your heads and act like you know what’s going on.

Dark Knight: Again, sheesh.

Jack: *to the Street Band* Hey, why don’t you play something for our guests?

Street Band: What did you have in mind, bone daddy?

Jack: Hmm… what should we play…?

Majin: BEER!

Metabad: I want it to be something that I can rawk to!

Majin: BEER!!

Rebel: You ain’t the only one, Metabad.


*Everyone stares at Majin*

Majin: wut

*At that moment, a car comes speeding towards them before coming to an abrupt stop. The mayor pops out of the driver’s side, his face flipped over to the sad side.*

Mayor: Jack! Jack! It’s awful! It’s TERRIBLE!!

Jack: Whoa! What’s the matter, mayor?

Mayor: It’s…

Rebel: Yes?

Mayor: It’s…

Shadowstrike: We’re listening…


Metabad: WE GET TO BOOGIE!? RAWKSOME!! *rawks*

Mayor: Not the boogie! Oogie Boogie! He’s coming to Halloween Town!

Jack: Oogie Boogie? But why?

Rebel: Who is this “Oogie Boogie” guy?

Jack: A fiend who lives outside of Halloween Town. He’s more or less a bully to the community who doesn’t scare just for fun… he truly is evil. I’ve had clashes with him in the past.

Sean: So basically he is comparable to one of our own villains.

Dark Knight: Could always be worse!

Sean: *shocked* Stop doing that!

Jack: Anyway, it’s just Oogie Boogie? I’ll have this problem taken care of in a jiffy.

Mayor: No, Jack! Don’t go!

Jack: Why not?

Mayor: Oogie Boogie isn’t alone! He has… an entire army!

Everyone else: HE HAS A WHAT!?

Mayor: It’s terrible! We’re all doomed! Gigantic bugs are nearing us at a rapid pace! We’ll be overrun!!

Sean: Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us this time…

Outlaw: *steps outside with a large, steaming pot* Hey guys, I forgot to ask where Finklestein was headed. Do you think you could point me in the… uhh… what’s with the freaked out faces?

Rebel: Outlaw, drop that pot and let’s go get Void. We’ve got a war to attend.

*The seven Island Attackers, Jack, and the Mayor all rush over to where Void and Finklestein are working on the Whale King. When they get there they explain to them the newest situation that they’ve landed themselves in.*

Void: So an entire army is closing in on us?

Finklestein: Then the only thing we can do is retaliate.

Outlaw: What do you mean?

Finklestein: What do you mean, what do I mean!? And to think I called you son!



Shadowstrike: We don’t have time for this stupid random crap! If we don’t move we’ll all die!

Void: GDT mkII’s right. Let’s concentrate here.

Shadowstrike: Quit calling me that!

Dark Knight: Then quit wearing that bucket on your head!

Shadowstrike: Aw… *takes the bucket off*

Finklestein: *clears throat* Anyway, here is what’s proposed: We gather the strongest, most capable men in Halloween Town, and we use them to counter the advancing army.

Dark Knight: …That’s it?

Finklestein: Yes.

Dark Knight: That’s freakin’ suicide!

Finklestein: Then why don’t you come up with something better!?

Dark Knight: Err… well…

Finklestein: Eh? Eh? EH!? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT!! *shakes fist*

Jack: Calm down, doctor. I trust in your words, and personally, I believe that this is the only choice we have right now.

CIA: *nods slowly*

Jack: Mayor, go gather as many fighters as you can. When you gather enough, take them to the area where the army is closing in, which I will then lead–

Finklestein: Wait a minute!

Jack: Huh?

Finklestein: I need you to stay here, Jack.

Jack: Why, doctor? Something wrong?

Finklestein: You are the Pumpkin King. If something were to happen to you, then we’d be all lost.

Sally: Please, don’t go Jack!

Jack: Sally…

Rebel: *puts hand on Jack’s shoulder* Do what they say, Jack. I’ve got an idea, myself. The CIA will gladly take the mantle and lead the troops to victory! What do the rest of you guys think?

Outlaw: I’m not complaining.

Metabad: As long as I get to rawk, then I’m cool. *rawks*

Shadowstrike: Let’s go show ‘em who’s boss!

Sean: Look, DK, things did get worse!

Dark Knight: Bah.


Jack: Right. Then I leave all of this in your capable hands, Rebel.

Shadowstrike: Oh boy, now Rebel is capable. *rolls eyes*

Rebel: I don’t need to be chastised by some GDT clone!

Void: …

Rebel: Something the matter, Void?

Void: Huh? No, it’s nothing… let’s do this!

*The Island Attackers head out to assist the Mayor and Jack gather as many soldiers as possible to counter Oogie’s army. Meanwhile, the mastermind himself is leading the attack with glee…*

Oogie: Bwahahah! I can see those poor saps now, fleeing in terror! I got only the best bugs to do the job this time around… my own personal “super bugs!”

Yuber: *appears from the shadows* Then I suppose it is time to play my hand.

Oogie: Eh? You still here? Well, you might as well do something useful. Get on with whatever you’re supposed to do!

Yuber: Hmph. Of course.

*With the wave of his hand, another army full of undead monsters appears behind Yuber.*

Oogie: *whistles* Not bad. Then if you’re serious about playing in the big leagues, then take your troops to the other side. We’ll pull a pincer attack on those weaklings and crush the opposition!

Yuber: Sounds like a plan. One condition, though.

Oogie: *impatient* What is it now?

Yuber: I want to kill the Island Attackers.

Oogie: As long as I get Jack then I couldn’t care less.

Yuber: Then we are in agreement with each other. It’s been a pleasure. *steps back and both him and the entire army disappear*

Oogie: *shudders* That guy… gives me the chills!

*Back with the CIA, the team was heading towards the main gate of Halloween Town, where the enemy army was reaching at a rapid pace.*

Wolfman: *howls* I’m ready to show those bugs who the wolf-man is!

Behemoth: *sticks tongue out stupidly and nods*

Clown: Hahahah! *tears face off* LET’S GIVE THEM A SHOW THEY’LL NOT SOON FORGET!!

Shadowstrike: At least the residents are raring to go.

Void: I was kind of scared that they wouldn’t be capable. After all, they seem more intent on just having a good scare rather than actually resort to violence.

Majin: *sober* During times like this, the only thing we can do is fight… even people who don’t like to.

Rebel, Outlaw, Void, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Dark Knight, Sean: *nods*

Dark Knight: All right! *points* Let’s go get those overgrown bugs!

Mayor: *runs up to the CIA* WAAAAIT!!

Rebel: What is it now, mayor?

Mayor: Terrible news! Another army has appeared from the opposite side!

CIA: What!?

Outlaw: More enemies?

Void: But who the heck could be leading those troops?

Mayor: Well, we sent out a small scout… well, according to him, it was a strange man dressed in black…


Rebel: Yuber…

Mayor: You know him!?

Majin: I guess this means Oogie Boogie and Anti-Majin are in cahoots.

Void: *face palms* Terrific…

Shadowstrike: What do we do now?

Rebel: …All right, we’re gonna split up. I’ll take half of the available troops and move them to the other side of town. Outlaw, Dark Knight and Shadowstrike, I want you to come with me. Void, I’m leaving you in charge.

Void: All right…

Metabad: It’s time… to rawk. *rawks*

Dark Knight: Can’t you ever say anything else that is relevant?


*The CIA split up with Rebel’s orders. In due time, everyone is positioned to where they should be, and before long, both sides start clashing with one another, resulting in a bloody battle.*

Cyclops: CHAAAAAAAAARGE!! *tackles a small monster*

Devil: Show no mercy! *saws through a zombie*

Zombie: *screams as it is slaughtered*

Rebel: *takes out a few zombies with some kunai* Damn, there’s too many of them!

Outlaw: *tears one to pieces* They don’t even taste good!

Zombie: RAAAAGH!! *pounces Dark Knight*

Dark Knight: Agh!! GET IT OFF OF ME!!

Shadowstrike: *slices through it* You owe me one.

Dark Knight: Hahahah, no. Thanks for the laugh–*is pounced again* OKAY OKAY!!

*On the other side of town…*

Metabad: Speed Burner! *sets a bug on fire*

Bug: SKREEEE!! *kamikazes into Sean*

Sean: Oww!! *puts himself out* Watch where you’re aiming!

Void: *takes to the skies to dodge an attack* Hmm… this isn’t good. We’re being pushed back!

*Another brigade of super bugs appears, overcoming the opposition.*

Majin: *skewers one and two more appear* There’s too many of them!

The Witches: Ahhh!! *knocked out of the sky*

Void: *fires a beam of light, eradicating a line of them* Take that!

Bugs: *replaces the soldiers with more* Skree!!

Sean: Void! We can’t do this!

Metabad: I CAN’T RAWK HERE!!

Void: They’re right… *opens up a comm. link* Rebel! How’re things on your end?

Rebel: *taking on two zombies at once* Peachy.

Void: No time for sarcasm, Rebel!

Rebel: Things are getting worse, Void! I don’t think we can hold them off like this! We haven’t even seen Yuber in this army of undead freaks!

Outlaw: *is surrounded* We’re being overrun! We have to get out of here! *clears a path and flees to town*

Monsters: *flees as well*

Void: Crap… looks like we’ve got no choice… Rebel! Get the others and head back to Finklestein’s place! I have an idea!

Rebel: Right! *to everyone else* DK, Shadow! We’re getting out of here! *runs*

Dark Knight and Shadowstrike: *follows*

Zombies and Bugs: RAAAAAAGH!! *chases*

*The Island Attackers all leave the field and run back to Dr. Finklestein’s place. There, Void reveals to them all his last-ditch plan…*

Void: All right, guys. Time is of the essense, so listen up.

Finklestein: You better make it quick… without any obstacles the enemy is on the verge of invading.

Rebel: *with a can of coke* Go ahead, Void. We’re all ears.

Void: *nods* Right. Rebel, do you remember a while back when I gave you that remote?

Rebel: You mean this one? *pulls out a small remote*

Void: That’s the one. I want you to press it.

Rebel: But… I already did*.

*See Series 2, Epilogue #19 “Dark Time”

Void: You what!?

Rebel: I know I may not seem the type, Void, but I know when it’s important to press the button. When Anti, Frank, and Ryouga beat us I pressed it, and those Yoshobos showed up which saved us.

Sean: Wait a second, so Void knew about the Yoshobos beforehand?

Void: *shakes head* No, no, no! I never knew about them before! Rebel, that remote wasn’t for calling Yoshobos!

Outlaw: What was it for, then?

Void: A while back… I started working on a project dubbed “Hyper Forms.” It essentially allows us to power up into a more powerful form. While most don’t exhibit new attacks, they do allow increased strength, defense, speed, and so on. I finished them a while ago and I was really just waiting for a proper time to unveil it… That remote I gave you Rebel is what activates them in case of an emergency.

Dark Knight: If that’s the case, then when Rebel pressed it back then, shouldn’t the Hyper Forms have been accessed?

Shadowstrike: Maybe something happened to them?

Void: That can’t be…

Sean: Guess we’ll have to resort to Plan B, then.

Metabad: But I wanted to rawk all hyper-like!

Void: Wait a second. If I am given enough time to look into the matter, I can probably fix whatever the issue is and we can use it to our advantage.

Rebel: So we just need to stall for time?

Void: Yeah. This won’t be easy, though…

Finklestein: I’d be willing to lend a hand.

Void: All right then… it’s a deal!

*Suddenly, the sound of several windows breaking outside could be heard.*

Rebel: Crap, we’re outta time!

Jack: *to Rebel* Rebel, we need to stall for Void and Finklestein to complete the Hyper Forms.

Sally: Jack! Don’t go!

Jack: Listen, Sally. If I don’t make a stand, Oogie Boogie and his new accomplices will take over Halloween Town, and eventually, the world itself. I cannot stand by and let my friends do everything for me!

Majin: Looks like he really wants to help.

Rebel: Then he is by all means welcome. All right, guys… whatever you do, don’t let the enemies into this house!

*The CIA, along with Jack Skellington, barge outside, to be met with the soldier’s of Anti’s army, raiding all the houses and chasing out the innocent civilians of Halloween Town.*

Oogie: Hahahah! Run, run, as fast as you can! You’ll never escape from me, the one and only Boogie Man!

Jack: Oogie Boogie!

Oogie: Huh!? *turns to see Jack* J-J-Jack!! You’re still here!?

Jack: Oogie, we’re going to take you down, right here, right now!

Rebel: So you’re Oogie Boogie, eh? You’ll pay for what you’ve done!

Oogie: So, you fools must be the Island Attackers. Working together with Jack… Hah! Yuber said he wanted your heads but if the opportunity presents itself, I’ll crush you all at once!

*Two super bugs appear before Oogie Boogie. They scream before charging at the group of heroes.*

Dark Knight: Scramble! *dodges*

Majin: *dodges and throws a chain* Take this, you ugly insects!

Bug #1: *is wrapped by the chain* Skreee!?

Majin: *is pulled forward but resists* Urgh!! Guys, take him down!

Metabad: Rawkin Powah! *slams his fist in the bugs face*

Bug #1: SKRAAAAAAAAAHH!! *breaks free and slashes Metabad*

Metabad: Aaaghh!!

Bug #2: Skreee!! *attacks Metabad*

Outlaw: Metadude! *fires a pair of Spin Wheels at the bugs*

Bug #1: SKREE!! *is torn to pieces*

Bug #2: Skree…EEE!! *tackles Outlaw*

Outlaw: Oof! *locks places with the bug*

Dark Knight: Get him! *fires bubbles*

Shadowstrike: *fires Sonic Slicers*

Bug #2: *takes the hits but doesn’t budge*

Outlaw: Grr… help me!

Rebel: *jumps on Sean’s shell* Sean, curl up and activate your jet boosters.

Sean: Huh?

Rebel: No time! Aim for the insect!

*Without hesitation Sean curls up and goes flying towards the insect with Rebel attached. Immediately Rebel pulls out a Magnet Mine, and using the momentum of Sean’s jets, springs off of him and toward the bug, slamming the mine into it’s face and down it’s throat. The bug reels back, letting go of Outlaw, before exploding.*

Rebel: *covered in bug fluids* Ugh… I never want to do that again.

Outlaw: *also covered* Aww, it’s not that bad. It’s even like a shower if you look at it in a–

Rebel: NO IT’S NOT!!

Oogie: Grr… I bet you think you are all something amazing, huh!? Well, I’ve still got more tricks up my–*feels his body tear*–WHAAAA!?!?

Jack: *using his claws* No more tricks, Oogie! This time it’s all over!

Oogie: *covering up the wound* My… my bugs!! You’re making my bugs spill out of me!! I won’t let you defeat me like this, JACK SKELLINGTOOOON!!

*In desperation, a giant super bug that looks like a mantis lands between Oogie and the heroes, allowing Oogie to run off to stitch himself up. The heroes can only look at each other in despair.*

Shadowstrike: Oh god… a normal sized one was hard enough! Now we have to take on a GIANT!?

Dark Knight: Stop complaining. *extends pincers* We’ve got a war to win.

Jack: *preparing some magic spells* I wonder how Void and Finklestein are doing…? If they don’t hurry…

Rebel: Things couldn’t get any… *sees Sean looking at him* Er, I mean… well, things are pretty bad right now–*is smacked across the face by the giant bug, causing him to go flying back into Finklestein’s lab*

Metabad: Rebel!!

Majin: Don’t worry about him! We’ve got to beat this thing!

*Back in the lab…*

Void: So that was the problem! Three of the Hyper Forms disappeared!

Finklestein: A bizarre circumstance, to say the least.

Void: Yeah. Oh well, at least we managed to replace them. Just in time too, with our three new members. I’m actually kind of glad I had the opportunity to redo them now. And I wouldn’t have gotten it done without your assistance, Finklestein.

Finklestein: Think nothing of it.

Void: No, really. I didn’t exactly trust you at first, mainly because I am so used to fixing everything myself, and when Sean helps me his curse always gets in the way…

Finklestein: Well, we scientists have to look out for each other!

Void: *nods furiously* Too true! We should collaborate more–

Rebel: *falls down the stairs* Agh!! *gets up* Void… VOID!? What are you doing!? We’re out there getting our asses handed to us, and here you are having a leisurely conversation!?

Void: It was an educational conversation.

Rebel: Screw that! Are those Hyper Forms done yet?

Void: Just finished them, actually.

Rebel: …

Void: …

Finklestein: …

Rebel: …Well!?

Void and Finklestein: Well what?


Void: Oh, just press the button again. The rest will work by itself.

Rebel: All right, then… *pulls out the remote* This is it…

Void: The stage is all yours, Rebel.

Rebel: …Let’s do it.

*Rebel flips the switch and a beam of light surrounds him, preventing anyone from looking inside and outside of the cylinder. Void then receives the same treatment, followed by the rest of the Island Attackers outside, causing Jack, Sally, Finklestein, Oogie, Yuber, and everyone else to stop what they are doing to watch in awe. After a few minutes passed, the light began to diminish, revealing something completely new. Meanwhile, outside…*

Yuber: *in the distance* Hmm… It looks like things are getting rather interesting. Perhaps now is the time for me to finally have the battle that I have been seeking… Island Attackers!

To Be Continued…

The C:IA Holiday Special!

September 22, 2014

*Written by Outlaw88*

*’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Whale King, much excitement and activity from our favorite super team. Each one was busy with the holiday so near, in the hope that no one will try and kill them this year.*

Void: *Eating a candy cane* Ah, I love this time of year. The weather is nice and cool, and people and Reploids are generally nicer to each other. Except when they are shopping anyway, and for once we might get left alone and have a nice time.

Sean: Like that will last long.

Metabad: Sure it will, in fact it’s gonna rawk! *Rawks!*

Majin: Zoooooooom!

*Majin runs around hanging his vines everywhere in an attempt to be decorative*

Shadowstrike: Not too bad, Majin. But next to my awesome Christmas tree your stuff can’t compare!

*Shadow points to a tiny, mini tree with way way way too much crap on it*

Void: Good grief.

*In walks Rebel with all arms full of coke*

Rebel: Ok I got my jolly fuel.

Dark Knight: Hey, something smells good. What are you cooking, Void?

Void: I’m not cooking anything. Shadow?

Shadowstrike: *trying to make his tree stand up* Nope, not me. Maybe Majin was sober long enough to put a roast in the oven or something.

Metabad: Are you kidding? Do you think we would even let him near the oven much less cook with it?

Majin: I’m a pretty pretty pony!! *Does a little jig*

Rebel: I bet I can figure out who it is. The one guy who should never be allowed anywhere near a kitchen. Why does Outlaw insist on trying to poison us?

Metabad: I guess he’s trying to be nice. But hey, *grins* it could be worse!

Sean: *ZAP* Ow! Don’t say that!

Dark Knight: Say what?

Sean: It could be worse. *ZAP* Ow, ow, ow! I hate you both…

*Just then Outlaw walks in with a huge steaming pot with the lid on. The rest gather around and gawk at it*

Outlaw: So what do you think? Who wants to try it first?

Rebel: I’m not convinced.

Outlaw: Oh it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever made. I used the best stuff I could find. I even sent the recipe to Chef Bender.

Void: I’m not touching it until I know what’s in it.

Outlaw: If you say so.

*Outlaw opens the lid. Uber putrid stuff*

Outlaw:(Sing to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas)

The first thing I used in my recipe
Is mold I found in the pantry.
The next thing I used in my recipe
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantry

The next thing I used in my recipe
3 bad eggs
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantry

The next thing I used in my recipe
4 slimy slugs
3 bad eggs
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantry

The next thing I used in my recipe

Shadowstrike: Just listening to this is making me sick.

Majin: Hey, the whatever-it-is in the pot is so strong I’m losing my buzz. What month is this?

Metabad: Um… December? Hence the holiday stuff and the rawking to the Christmas tree?

Majin: Wow awesome! Time to hit the eggnog!

*Majin leaves the room*

Sean: Jeez. Um Outlaw, this stuff…

Outlaw: It’s awesome I know. It has more in it too!

Void: And I’m sure you won’t stop until you tell us the rest right?

Rebel: Just one more reason why I won’t touch it.

Outlaw: *Resumes* The next thing I used in my recipe
6 spider legs

Dark Knight: Wait, only 6? What about the rest?

Outlaw: Made them into candy canes.

*Void spits out the cane he was eating and proceeds to gag*

Outlaw: The next thing I used in my recipe
7 flakes of dandruff
6 spider legs
4 slimy slugs
3 bad eggs
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantry

Shadowstrike: You ok, Void?

Void: Ugh. Remind me to double check everything I eat.

Rebel: You think after living with these nuts you would have learned that on your own.

*Rebel takes a swig out of one of the cans he’s holding. He spits it right back out*


Void: Looks like you should do the same.

*Majin rushes back in with a large pitcher of eggnog*

Majin: Noggggg… Is… *chugs* holiday treat!

Outlaw: Spiked the hell out of it huh?

Majin: Ya!

(Sung drunkenly to the tune of “Oh Dradle”)

Oooohhhhh eggnog, eggnog, eggnog
I fill you up with booze
Oh eggnog, eggnog, eggnog
With you I cannot lose!

*repeat a lot*

*Majin falls flat on his face*

Sean: Should we try and revive him or something?

Void: Nah, let him sleep it off.

Shadowstrike: He’s still useful though, check it out! *Puts the tree on top of Majin*

Metabad: Awesome! You know if he had gotten any drunker it…

Sean: Don’t you dare.

Metabad: It could have been…

Sean: I’m warning you!

Dark Knight: Might have been…

Sean: I swear I’ll hurt you both so freaking bad!

Metabad and Dark Knight: WORSE!!!

*Massive ZAP!*

Sean: When I regain feeling in most of my body you both are going to feel more pain than you have ever felt before.

Rebel: Ok who took the coke? I am not drinking the Dr. Pepper that’s in the fridge. Whoever bought that is going to feel my wrath by getting stabbed in the eyes!

Void: Is it really that big a deal?

Rebel: Of course it is! Don’t you know all I really want is one thing?

Rebel: (Sing to the chorus of “Jingle Bells”)

Gimme Coke, gimme Coke
And I don’t mean the drug!

If I could drink it all day
I’d be a happy bug!

Oh gimme Coke, gimme Coke
I’d drink it all down!

And if I ever needed cash
I’d sell you all to the pound!

Dark Knight: Hey!

Rebel: And I would, too!

*Rebel takes off towards the kitchen and raids the fridge*


Anti and Frank: I hate all this singing!

Ryouga: I kinda like it, actually.

Frank: Shut up Pig-boy!

Ryouga: Scrooge…

Anti: I got coal again too…

*Back to the CIA*

Outlaw: So back to my masterpiece.

Void: There’s more?!

Outlaw: Yup!

The next thing I used in my recipe
8 lizard tongues
7 flakes of dandruff
6 spider legs
4 slimy slugs
3 bad eggs
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantry

Void: Oy.

*The room goes dark and a single spotlight shines on Void*

Void: (Sung briefly to the tune of “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem”)

Oh why do I put up with them?
I could work without a fuss.

*Metabad pokes his head into the light*

Metabad: Because you’d get your ass kicked,
if it weren’t for the rest of us.

Void: Oh… Right.

*Elsewhere in the not-so-secret location of a cardboard box*

Serges: *Sigh* Yet another holiday with us in shame.

Agile: You would think that eventually our bad luck would change.

Violen: Hey guys guess what?

Agile: Your brain started working?

Violen: No, better than that! My stocking got filled!

Serges: You have a stocking?

Agile: What’s in it?

Violen: Coal!

Serges: Really?! That’s great! That’s exactly what we asked for!

Agile: No kidding, I’m freezing. Who’s got a light?

Violen: Uh…

Serges: Um…

Agile: *Sigh* Things never change.

*Back to the CIA*

Outlaw: Theeeeeee–

Void: Just skip to the end.

Outlaw: But I was having fun.

Metabad: If you really want to have fun, just keep doing the “Worse Curse” to Sean. I’ll never get tired of seeing him get zapped!

Dark Knight: It’s funny the way he twitches!

Sean: Payback time!

*Sean attacks DK and Meta*

Rebel: Alright I have enough Coke to make it through the rest. Go ahead Outlaw.

Outlaw: The last thing I used in my recipe
12 jars of sludge
11 rotting road-kill
10 mutant frogs
9 toe nail clippings
8 lizard tongues
7 flakes of dandruff
6 spider legs
4 slimy slugs
3 bad eggs
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantryyyyyyyy!!!

Shadowstrike: Man that’s beyond gross. Far worse than anything you’ve ever made. How in the world do you expect us to eat that?

Outlaw: I don’t.

Void: Huh?

Rebel: Didn’t you say you wanted us to try?

Metabad: *Now with a black eye* Yeah. You called it a masterpiece and everything.

Dark Knight: *With two black eyes* I don’t get it.

Sean: If you didn’t make it for us, then who? Is it all for yourself?

Outlaw: Nope. This fine creation is for a “friend” of ours.

Majin: *Groggy and with the tree on his head* Tube socks…

Shadowstrike: You made it as a gift?

Outlaw: Ammunition.

*In one of the Whale King’s cells*

Trump: Blast those CIA idiots! How dare they lock me up! I’m the richest man in the world, not some common criminal. I’ll get them. As soon as I get out I’ll make them pay.

*A chute opens up above his jail window. It drops a special present in Trump’s cell.*

Trump: What in the world?

*The gift explodes upon impact with the floor filling the cell and covering Trump with the nasty dish*


*Back with the CIA*


Rebel: Oh man, I shot Coke out my nose!

Void: I have to admit that was awesome.

Outlaw: I knew you would get a kick out of that.

Dark Knight: Hey wait a minute, how come the good smell is still here? That wasn’t your stew?

Metabad: Didn’t you hear what was in it? There is no way that it could smell like that.

Sean: Then what?

Outlaw: Go in the kitchen and see.

Rebel: I’ve been in there already, nothing there.

Outlaw: Didn’t check under the sheet huh?

Rebel: Uh…

*They all go in the kitchen. Outlaw takes off a sheet that was covering a large table. All sorts of good food to be had*

Shadowstrike: Whoa! You made this? Better question, you can actually cook real food?

Outlaw: Of course! I figured you guys wanted a real feast this year. We are still a team and we survived a lot of bad situations. I pulled out all the stops this time.

Void: I’m actually impressed Outlaw. Wait… Did you wash you hands before you made all this?

Outlaw: I didn’t really want to but yeah. Dig in guys.

Dark Knight: I call first on the mashed potatoes!

Metabad: Something still doesn’t feel right. Something is missing.

Sean: I know!



Rebel: I think you mean have a Happy New Year.

Void: And I think we will too.

The End

Legends of the Hidden Temple

September 18, 2014

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site.  Those were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was  more on the creative side.

*Written by Shadowstrike*

Kirk Fogg: Hello! And Welcome to Legends of The Hidden Temple! *swings on a vine over to a lake* Now lets meet our teams! The Blue Barracudas, Rebel and Metabad!

Rebel: Yeah! Kickass!

Metabad: Rawkin!

Kirk: The Red Jaguars, Shadowstrike and Sean!

Shadowstrike: All right now, here we go!

Sean: Lets kick some ass!

Kirk: The Silver Snakes, Void Darkheart and Majin!

Void: You’re all going down!


Violen: PANCAKES!! *is hit by Majin*

Majin: *hisses*

Kirk: The Green Monkeys, Outlaw and DK!

Outlaw: Oh yeah!

Dark Knight: *high fives Outlaw* Lets win it all!

Kirk: The Purple Parrots, Serges and Violen!

Serges: Lets just get this over with.

Violen: Wait a sec… This isn’t the set of Lucy; you said we were going to see Lucy get filmed!

Serges: I lied.

Violen: *cries*

Kirk: And the Orange Iguanas, Agile and… a mailbox!

Agile: *strikes a pose*

Mailbox: …

Kirk: Okay! Now for the first round! The Moat! Now, all you have to do is cross the moat and press the actuator! Do that and you win! The first four teams across go on to the next round.

Sean: What about the other two teams?

Kirk: They lose.

Sean: Do they get a prize?

Kirk: Yes, we don’t kill them.

Shadowstrike: Could be worse.

Sean: *shocked* OW!

Kirk: All right! On your marks! Get so! GO!

Rebel: All right, Metabad, you ready?

Metabad: Ready to rawk! *jumps across the moat* Okay your turn!

Rebel: …Rawksome.

Violen: Nuh-uh, I’m not doing it. You lied to me, so I’m not going.

Serges: *pulls out a gun* Go across now or I’ll shoot.

Violen: !!! *swims across the moat in 2 seconds*

Serges: Yes… yes!

Shadowstrike: All right, now lets get across.

Sean: How, I’m not exactly fast.

Shadowstrike: *grabs Sean and jumps the two acrost, and hits the button* That’s how.

Sean: Nice.

Void: *looks left, then right* Okay. *flies across* That was easy. Okay, now Majin! Come here boy!

Majin: Hmm? *drinking from the lake*

Void: Come here Majin!

Majin: *starts swimming towards Void*

Serges: Well, we can’t have that. *gets a cookie from a pocket* Majin! Look here!

Majin: *looks at Serges* !!!

Serges: Go get it! *throws it back to the shore*

Majin: !!! *goes chasing after it*

Void: No, Majin! Damn it, no! Majin! I have beer!

Security: You have WHAT?

Void: Um… um…

Secruity: Take him away! *15 guards start to beat up Void*

Agile: With my super speed, I can easily win this! *dashes across the water* All right! Now your turn!

Mailbox: …

Agile: …


Agile: This isn’t fair! My partner won’t cooperate!

Mailbox: *bursts into flames*


Rebel: *presses his button* Rawksome! *high fives Metabad*

Metabad: You know it! Super Awesome Fighting Force! *the two strike a pose*

Kirk: Well, that’s two teams locked in! Lets see who is left!

Outlaw: Lets just swim across.

Dark Knight: Good idea. *jumps into the water and swims acrost fast*

Outlaw: *does the same*

Dark Knight: All right! *presses the actuator and Outlaw does the same*

Outlaw: We just rule!

Kirk: And there’s our third! Who will be our last.

Serges: *lazily floats acrost the moat and presses the button*


Violen: I don’t think I’m allowed on those…

*Later… *

Kirk: Okay, you are all on the steps of knowledge. Olmec, what is our legend for today.

Olmec: Yes. Today is The Legend of Zero’s Hair.

Rebel: Holy crap, that wall just talked.

Shadowstrike: That is the biggest muppet I have ever seen.

Sean: Where is Kermit?

Outlaw: Maybe the wall ate him?


Serges: *to Violen* and I thought you were unbalanced.

Violen: *swinging his mace* DIE FROG EATER!

Serges: *ashamed* I stand corrected.

Olmec: The Legend of Zero’s hair goes back far. There once was a great and mythical red armored hero named Zero who used a beam zero. And he had long golden hair. He worked with his parnter X. They fought many great mavericks. The worst was Sigma. Then, one day, he fell alseep and his golden hair disapeared. It found it’s way here, and today, you must find it. The power is yours!

Kirk: Okay, that was the legend. Now I’m going to quiz it on you. First two teams to answer three questions gets to go on to the temple games.

Rebel: We got this!

Metabad: You know it!

Kirk: First question. What color was Zero’s armor?

Shadowstrike: *steps down*

Kirk: Yes Shadow?

Shadowstrike: His armor was black!

Kirk: WRONG!

Rebel: *steps down* RED!

Kirk: That is correct. You and Metabad advance to the next step.

Metabad: Yeah!

Kirk: Next Question. Who was his partner?

Outlaw: *steps down* Axl!

Kirk: WRONG!

Serges: *steps down* X!

Kirk: That is correct. Next question. What was the action that made Zero lose his hair?

Sean: *steps down* He died sacrificing himself to kill Vile!

Kirk: Wrong!

Dark Knight: *steps down* He sacrificed himself to kill Sigma!

Kirk: Wrong!

Metabad: *steps down* He went to sleep?

Kirk: Right!

Metabad: Rawkin!

Kirk: Next Question: What is Zero’s main weapon?

Shadowstrike: *steps down* A sword!

Kirk: Wrong!

Rebel: *steps down* A Beam Saber!

Kirk: Right.

Rebel: Yeah! We made it!

Kirk: Okay, Next question. What did Zero fight?

Outlaw: *steps down* Irregulars!

Kirk: Wrong!

Violen: *falls down* MAVERICKS!?

Kirk: Right! Now, they are only ONE QUESTION AWAY! FINAL QUESTION! Who was the worst one?

Serges: *stepping down* Sigma.


Rebel and Metabad: OHHHHHHH YEAH!

Serges: Good.

Violen: YAY!!

Sean: This sucks.

Shadowstrike: Yeah.


Outlaw: Give it up already. *drags DK off*

Kirk: Now for the temple games!

Kirk: This first one will test your agility. Olmec?

Olmec: To be a Maverick Hunter you needed great agility. You are to run up this hill. Water will be streaming down. The first team to hit the actuator will win a pendant and be one step closer to my temple.

Rebel: I’ll take this one, you don’t do well with water.

Metabad: Yeah… Go get it man. We need to win.

Serges: *to Violen* You! Fool! Do this one!

Violen: Why should I?

Serges: I said so.

Violen: Oh, well that’s enough for me.

Kirk: On your mark, get set, GO!

Violen: *goes bounding up the hill, only to be hit by a gusher of water and come sliding down fast, and slams thru a wall* Ow…

Rebel: Amateur. *teleports and hits the button*


Rebel: *high fives Metabad* Super Awesome…

Metabad: …Fighting force!

Kirk: Onto the next game!

Kirk: In this game, you’ll have to climb up high.

Olmec: Yes. Maverick Hunters had to scale entire walls. The first team to reach the top wins.

Metabad: I got this one.

Serges: This one is mine! I can fly.

Kirk: GO!

Serges: *slowly slowly slowly floats up* Damn damn damn! I am going to slow!

Metabad: *looks at Serges* Ha! *jumps to the top of the wall* Got it!



Kirk: Onto the final Temple Game!

Kirk: Now, this one is worth a whole pendant. Tell them what we gotta do Olmec!

Olmec: Yes. This will be a test of your intelligance. There are 5 boxes. One has a picture of Zero, the others dont. Your team has to grab the right one, and place it on that ledge up there. *indicates a high ledge, with pegholes to climb* First time to do it right, wins.

Rebel: We got this in the bag.

Metabad: Team work time. You get the box, and throw it to me,I’ll jump it up.

Rebel: Right. SAFF!

Metabad: SAFF!

Serges: Just… let me do this one and dont’ mess anything up!

Violen: Fine… *sits down*

Kirk: GO!

Serges: *grabs the box and runs towards the wall and starts to climb*

Rebel: Got it! Catch! throws the box to Metabad*

Metabad: *catches the box, and jumps. He places the box just before Serges does, winning the game*


Rebel: YES!


Kirk: Okay Olmec, tell them the route to take!

Olmec: First, you will start in the Room of the Three Gargoyles. Next, they will procede to The Pit of Despair. After that, The Observatory is next. Following that, The Heart room. The next step in your path will be The Treasure room. The very next one will be The Shrine of the Silver Monkey–

Rebel: Man I hate that thing!

Olmec: –After that, is The Pirates cove, where you will find the legendary Zero’s Hair. Avoid the Temple guards, get through the traps, grab the hair, and return to this spot to win a faboulus prize. Which one of you will go first?

Rebel: You’re faster.

Metabad: Yeah. I will!

Olmec: Good, now are you ready?

Metabad: Ready to Rawk! *rawks*

Olmec: Good. You have three minutes.

Kirk: Lower the gate!

Olmec: *does so* The gate is lowered.

Kirk: On your mark…get set….GO!

Metabad: Yeah! *dashes into the temple* Okay, I have to pick the right one. *tries one and it doesn’t work. * Damn! *tries the other* Damn it! *tries the last one**the door opens* Yeah! *dashes into the next room, and jumps acrost the pit to the door* That was easy!

Kirk: Okay, Metabad is in the Observatory now. He has to turn the sun dial.

Metabad: *spins the dials so much they break, and the door opens* YEAH! *runs off*

Kirk: Ooh, now he’s in the Heart Room. Here he has to…press a button.

Rebel: That’s it?

Kirk: We ran out of ideas.

Rebel: I think you mean drugs.

Kirk: Thats what I said.

Metabad: *stesp into the room, and is grabbed by a temple guard* HOLY SHIT WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?

Temple Guard: *grabs the pendant around his neck and runs off*

Kirk: Oh, that was a temple guard, if he runs into another, he is outta luck and you gotta go in, Rebel.

Metabad: *presses the button and hurries off* Half way there!

Kirk: Now he’s in the treasure room! Now he has to climb down the treasure chest.

Rebel: it’s empty?

Kirk: Yes.

Rebel: Damn!

Metabad: *climbs down and enters the next room* Okay.

Kirk: Now he’s in The Shrine of the Silver Monkey! Here he has to put the monkey together.


Metabad: *quickly puts the monkey together, but upside down* Damn it! *does it right and door opens* YES! *dashes in*

Kirk: Now your in the pirates cove! FIND THE HAIR! FIND IT!

Metabad: WHERE IS IT?! *sees it! * YES! *dashes over but trips* Damn it! *gets up, grabs it, and heads out*

Kirk: You’ve got the hair! Now get out of there. The traps are disabled and the guards are gone!

Metabad: *dashes out with not much time left*

Kirk: 15 seconds!

Metabad: Noooooo!

Kirk: 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… *Metabad lands at his feet* YOU DID IT! YOU WON! YOU GOT THE HAIR AND YOU GOT OUT!

Rebel: METABAD! YEAH! *high-fives him*

Kirk: Olmec, tell them what they won!

Olmec: You have won a trip to Space Camp!

Rebel: Oh, that’s cool.

Olmec: You also won Sketchers Light up Shoes.

Metabad: I can wear those, thats okay.

Olmec: And your grandprize… A LIFE TIME SUPPLY OF PEPSI!

Rebel: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *goes dashing towards the talking wall, held back by Metabad*

Kirk: Haha! Thanks for watching. Tune in tomorrow for a new episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple!


The End

Join Us.

September 13, 2014

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site.  Those were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was  more on the creative side.

*Written by Shadowstrike*


*It is day in a warehouse outside the city*

Serges: Damnation! Why can’t we–

Agile and Violen: Beat those C:IA fools.

Serges: How did you know what I was going to say?

Agile: We have heard that same statement at least 10 times today.

Violen: Can’t we just sit around the TV and not fight?

Serges: Yeah, that will work–*turns around*–WHERE IS THE DAMN TV?!

Rebel: *holding the TV* Haha! YOINK! *runs out*




Violen: NOOOOOOOOOOOO–Oh wait, Lucy is on!

Agile: Rebel stole the TV, remember? It was 30 seconds ago!


Serges: Agile, I think it is time we did something to change our future. It is time we increased our numbers!

Agile: You don’t mean….

Serges: Yes! I mean a Membership Drive! The X-Hunter’s Reputation will no longer be shamed by those damned Code: Island Attackers!

*A week later and every TV has had the same ad on it*

Serges: *wearing large glasses* So you say you got to know why the world goes round

Violen: *wearing an afro* And you can’t find the truth in the things you’ve found

Agile: *wearing a beret and a fake mustache* And you’re scared shitless ’cause evil abounds

X-Hunters: COME JOIN US!

*As they say the words, they appear on the screen with a location and a date underneath it*

*A few weeks later*

Agile: *sitting in a warehouse filled with people* Look at this turn out!

Violen: All these people want to join us?

Guy In Crowd: Wait, you mean this isn’t the place to touch Zero’s booblight?

Serges: No.


Agile: Wait! No!

Guy In Crowd: Why shouldn’t we?

Agile: Why? This is why… CUE THE LIGHTS!

Violen: *the lights dim, as he starts to sing * Well I heard you were looking for a place to fit in

Serges: *singing along* Full of adherent people with the same objective

Agile: A family to cling to and call brethren

X-Hunters: Come join us!

Guy in Crowd: Hey… these guys know what they are talking about…

X-Hunters: *singing more * All we want to do is change your mind
All you need to do is close your eyes!
*as they finish they strike a pose*
Come join us!
Come join us!
Come join us!

Serges: So, gonna stay?

Crowd: Hmm… NO! *All but a few leave*

Agile: Aw… they all left.

???: Um… not all of them sir.

Violen: Who said that!?

???: I did sir. You may call me GBD.

Agile: What is your real name?

GBD: My name is… um… I don’t really remember. Everyone has been calling me GBD for years that I forgot my real name.

Serges: What is your training?

GBD: I served with Megaman X for a few years, until I was shot down in duty.

Agile: Why do you want to join us, then?

GBD: Because people keep thinking that all I am good for it blowing up in less than ten seconds! Well, I want to prove them wrong! I’ll prove them ALL wrong!

Serges: I see nothing wrong here. Any other questions?

Violen: *raises hand* Do you like Lucy?

GBD: Wasn’t she some stupid human that died hundreds of years ago?

Violen: GRARGH LUCY IS NOT STUPID!! *smashes GBD to pieces*

Serges: Damnit! What was that for?

Violen: He said Lucy was stupid…


Violen: BUT LUCY!! *cries*

Rebel: You guys REALLY are messed up.


Rebel: Well, I came here originally to make fun of Zero, but now that I see it really is you guys in this place, I had a better idea.

Agile: And that was?

Rebel: I’m going to sit here *points to a chair* and watch you guys recruit.

Serges: *seething with anger* And why would you do that?

Rebel: Because I know you won’t get anyone else to join.

Serges: But what about them? *points to the rest of the people here*

Rebel: I doubt they will be here much longer.

Serges: Oh, you think that?

Rebel: Yes.

Agile: Well, watch this people… listen up!

Serges: *starts to sing* Don’t you see the trouble that most people are in?

Violen: *pointing at Rebel* And that they just want you for their own advantage?

Agile: But I swear to you we’re different from all of them

X-Hunters: Come join us!

Rebel: Bravo. *claps just once* Just bravo.

Metabad: That was rawkin.

Rebel: Metabad, what are you doing here?

Metabad: I go with the flow, and the flow told me to rawk here.

Serges: Thanks. Want to join up?

Metabad: No. That would not be rawksome.

Agile: Then… GET OUT!

Metabad: Okay, you’re not rawkin anymore! I’m out of here!

Violen: Uh-oh!

Serges: Is there anyone here that isn’t an Attacker?

Reploid A: Um… I’m not an Attacker. But, why should I join you guys? All you’ve done is sing to me.

Agile: This is why!

Violen: *starts to sing* I can tell you are lookin’ for a way to live

Reploid A: More singing…

Agile: Where truth is determined by consensus

Serges: Full of codified arbitrary directives

X-Hunters: Come join us!
All we want to have is your small mind,
turn it into one of our own kind!

Reploid A: O… kay…

Rebel: You guys are pathetic.

Serges: Shut up you!

Violen: So, what do you say, want to join?

Reploid A: Are… are you guys a band or something?

Agile: No. We’re bounty hunters.

Reploid A: Oh. Are you any good?

Rebel: They are the worst.

Serges: IGNORE HIM! We are the best of the best!

Reploid A: Then why do you want more people?

Agile: We want new blood.

Violen: Why do we want blood? Shouldn’t blood stay in the person?

Reploid A: Well… I’ll wait a bit and see.

Serges: Why wait?

Agile: You see, we are offering friendship!

Violen: *singing* You can go through life adrift and alone

Agile: Desperate, desolate, on your own

Serges: But we’re lookin’ for a few more stalwart clones

X-Hunters and Rebel: Come join us!
Come join us!
Come join us!

Reploid A: *to Rebel* Why did you just break into song?

Rebel: It’s kinda fun.

Reploid B: I… I think I’m going to join!

Serges: YES!

Violen: BABALOU!


Reploid C: I’m out of here. You guys are too weird. *goes to leave*

Violen: NOOOOO! *throws his mace at the Reploid, making it go boom* …Oops.

Reploid A: …Well that complicates this.

Rebel: *cracking open a coca-cola* Red Rum!

Violen: Can I have one?

Rebel: No.

Violen: I hate you.

Rebel: The world hates you.

Agile: Yeah, well… *singing* We’ve got spite and dedication as a vehement brew!

Violen: The world hates us, well we hate them too!

Serges: But you’re exempted of course if you

X-Hunters and Reploid B: Come join us!
Agile: Independent, self-contented, revolutionary!

Violen: Intellectual, brave, strong and scholarly!

Serges: If you’re not one of them you’re us already!

X-Hunters, Reploid B, and Rebel: So come join us!
Come join us!
Come join us!
Come join us!

Violen: *holding his mace* So… what do you say?

Reploid A: Um… I… um…

Serges: *aiming a rifle* Yes or no?

Agile: *sword in hand* It’s a really simple question.

Reploid B: *with a lead pipe* You know you want to.

Rebel: Just answer. *pulls out a Magnet Mine*


*The scene shifts*

Reploid A: Huh? What? Where am I?

Lifesaver: Your upgrade is done! That mp3 player addition correctly adjusted to your system!

Reploid A: Then… all that was a dream?

Lifesaver: Nothing more.

Reploid A: None of it happened?

Lifesaver: Not a single part.

Reploid A: Wow. That is… anti-climactic.

Lifesaver: I know. Imagine if you were reading this.

Reploid A: Yeah, sucks to be them.

The End


September 9, 2014

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site.  Those were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was  more on the creative side.

*Written by Void Darkheart*

*The X-Hunters Base, which is, amazingly, an actual warehouse in the middle of Oregon and not a dumpster… or a dumpster warehouse*

Violen: *watching a small portable TV showing nothing but static* Oh Lucy… the problems you get yourself into never cease to amuse me.

Agile: I have to say, after getting that TV for him, he’s become a lot more docile.

Serges: Well, it at least makes it easier on me to try and come up with some new invention so that we can get out of this dump and into an actual base.

*Serges and Agile walk away from Violen, heading down towards another end of the warehouse.*

Agile: Speaking of which, are you sure this new invention you’re making will work? It seems kind of… I don’t know… shabby.

Serges: Well I don’t have any kind of real tools or parts to use. All I’ve got is junk!

Agile: And yet the moth still seems to make better things…

Serges: The moth is also a freak of nature that doesn’t understand why junk is called JUNK!

*Agile sighed and shook his head a bit at Serges’ words before looking over at what could almost be described as a rifle had it not looked like it was patched together by tons of junk*

Agile: So this… weapon… what is it supposed to do again?

Serges: It re-programs the target into a gibbering fool of a reploid.

Agile: And if the target is already a gibbering fool of a reploid?

Serges: Then it just makes them even more so! I swear, sometimes my own genius seems to be a curse…

*Agile walked over to the rifle and took it in his hands, looking it over a bit while Serges continued to mutter to himself.*

Agile: Could this be a sword? I mean, guns and rifles aren’t nearly as personal as I would like them to be.

Serges: Hm? What do you mean? And be careful with that thing.

Agile: Please, like I would manhandle a piece of junk.

*As Agile said that, he tried to spin the rifle around in his hands, only to drop it onto the ground, where it discharged a shot off away from Serges and Agile.*

Serges: *quickly picking the rifle up* Hey! I told you to be careful!

Agile: Why? It’s a defective piece of junk if a small shock like that causes it to fire. Besides, we didn’t get hit by the shot as it was.


*The sudden cry for the flatbread prepared from a sweet batter cooked on a hot griddle or in a frying pan from their comrade caused Agile and Serges to look over at the big, lumbering red reploid. They stood their ground as he lumbered his way over to them, no trace of any kind of intelligence in his eyes.*

Violen: *grabbing Agile and Serges in his hands* PANCAKES!

Agile: Uh… Violen… you’re squeezing a bit tightly there… could you please…


Serges: I’m going to go out on a hunch here and say he wants pancakes.

Agile: Maybe it was caused by your rifle that he just stomped on.

Serges: So now we have a rampaging beast craving…


*With that cry, Violen went and punched his way out of the warehouse, still holding Serges and Agile in his hands as he did so.*

Violen: Pancakes, boom, pancakes, mmmm, pancakes…

*Meanwhile, not more than ten feet away from the warehouse was an IHOP or an International House Of Pancakes for those that don’t know. A respectful distance away from the IHOP was the Whale King, parked and refueling. Inside the IHOP, though, were the members of the Island Attackers, sitting around a table and waiting for their food to show.*

Rebel: Why are we here again?

Void: Because three-eighths of the team still need something other than any old energy to continue living and you were too cheap to get a proper food processor. That, and pancakes are good.

Majin: Pancakes are made of people! PEOPLE!

Shadowstrike: No, that’s Pepsi you’re thinking of Majin.


Sean: That guy must like his pancakes.

Outlaw: I don’t see why they don’t serve the kind of pancakes my mom used to make.

Dark Knight: Because your mother was a toaster and they don’t serve rats.


Outlaw: Well that’s discrimination! What about Garbage Rat? What if he wanted to eat here?

Void: Then I guess he’d just have to eat else where. Nothing we can do about it.

Rebel: Speaking of eating, where’s our food?


Metabad: You know that guy sounds like he really wants his pancakes.

Sean: Maybe someone should make sure he has some.

Rebel: His voice sound familiar though…

*It was then when the warehouse suddenly had a large hole punched into it, causing much noise and rubble.*

Metabad: That doesn’t sound like it rawked at all.

Void: Not our problem. We’re just going to eat our food when we get it, and leave.


Rebel: Wait a minute… that sounds like…

*Just as Rebel realized who was yelling, Agile and Serges go crashing into the table that the Island Attackers were sitting at, through the wall.*

Outlaw: I’d say it is our problem since these two are our villains.

Violen: *busting through what was left of the wall* PANCAKES!

Rebel: Sean, you, Dark Knight, and Outlaw go handle big red! We’ll deal with the other two here!

*The three quickly went off to go hold Violen off while Rebel bent down and picked Agile up by his throat.*

Rebel: Now tell us, what are your plans and why is Violen screaming…


Agile: *hacks and coughs a bit* This isn’t part of any plan you wretched insect. Violen’s just insane!

Serges: *picking himself up a bit, dusting himself off at the same time* We don’t know what’s going on with Violen. One moment he’s off in Lucy Land, and the next, he’s crying out for pancakes like it was blood.

*Sean then flies by and crashes into the ground, slowly picking himself up.*

Sean: Okay… I don’t think we can hold off Violen for long on our own Rebel…


Metabad: Well if he wants to rawk, lets rawk.

*Metabad quickly throws of a few Speed Burners at Violen while Sean joins in with some Crystal Hunter shots. Outlaw and Dark Knight grapple with Violen, trying to hold him steady as the attacks come, struggling against his strength.*

Violen: *as the attacks strike his form, doing little damage* SYRUP FOR THE SYRUP GOD! BUTTER FOR THE BUTTER THRONE!

Shadowstrike: He’s indestructible! What have you guys done?!

Serges: We haven’t done anything to him! We certainly didn’t hit him with any kind of ray!

Rebel: Well Dr. Void, what do you suggest?

Void: Simple. We run for the ship, pray that he doesn’t follow, and find ourselves new teammates.

Majin: Why don’t we just give him pancakes like he asks for?

Rebel: I don’t know… I like Void’s plan better…

Outlaw: This is madness!


*Violen then manages throw Outlaw off of him and through a wall, grabbing Dark Knight and hurling him at Rebel. Rebel grabs Void and quickly places the moth in front of him, Dark Knight slamming into Void instead of Rebel.*

Agile: I must say, if you are going to be looking for new members, may I inquire as if we could join you?

Rebel: Nah. First thing we do is run a credit check, and I already know you two have lousy credit. Anyway, I guess we try Majin’s plan, since we can’t really get by that walking behemoth of a nut.

Sean: Okay, give me and Void some time and we can build a pancake launcher designed to stuff Violen full of pancakes.

Serges: Or you could just let him rampage around enough until he gets to where they have their pancakes stored.

*The group looks over as Violen busts through some more walls towards IHOP’s pancake storage unit, tearing it open and tearing into all of the pancakes there*

Majin: Oh the pancake-ity!

Metabad: Rawkin! We won!

Rebel: Have you ever seen a more disgusting display in your life?

Void: Remember when we used to have a base connected to the sewers?

Rebel: Good point…

*It doesn’t take Violen long before he finishes eating the pancakes and then lets out a very loud, earth shaking burp. So loud and forceful that is quickly caused the building to collapse on the group inside.*

*A few hours later, after digging themselves out of the ruined IHOP and getting back to the Whale King…*

Rebel: Okay… next time someone asks if we can stop at a restaurant like that, I’m going to just say no, and have us speed by it.

Void: Sean, we’re going to go see what we can do about making that food processor something that can actually make food.

Sean: At least we don’t have to deal with Violen’s aftermath.

Metabad: That would so not rawk at all. I mean, really… ugh…

*In the local jail…*

Violen: Ooooo… I don’t feel so good guys… I feel like I’m going to hurl syrup from every part of my body…

Serges: What did we learn today Agile?

Agile: Never trust the Island Attackers to clear your name.

Serges: And…?

Agile: *sighs* Never to touch any of your inventions again.

Serges: Now come on. You need to help me bust out of here before Violen decides to hurl again.

The End


September 6, 2014

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site.  Those were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was a more on the creative side.

This particular entry ended up becoming cannon so consider this a side story to where we are in the current story line.


*Written by Sean*


*At the X-Hunters secret base, currently a cardboard box they found on the street*

Agile: We need a plan to finally defeat those troublesome Code Island Attackers, our reputation has hit an all time low. Ever since X defeated us, we’ve fallen to lower and lower levels of misery.

Serges: Damn X, I remember working as a high level maverick. I had my own lab, much better than the dump that is that pesky Morph Moth’s. With proper funding I was capable of building real weapons. I remember with nothing but my genius and a few good parts that I created that wondrous duplicate of Zero after X had managed to take the three parts of Zero from us. It would have trounced X had Zero not shown up and destroyed my beautiful creation.

Violen: Uh, didn’t we succeed in keeping the parts from X and then X destroyed our Zero?

Serges: Ugh, ever since we’ve lost we have been down right pathetic! Agile, you’ve lost you’re skill!

Agile: I am still the best warrior; I’ve just had a few bad fights!

Serges: Violen, you’ve lost what little intelligence you’ve had! Last week we were arguing over whether it was Dr. Doppler or Zero who helped X defeat Sigma after the Doppler crisis!

Violen: But, I remember it happening that way!

Serges: And I lost the budget necessary for my intelligence to work!

Agile: Don’t you mean you lost you’re intelligence?

Serges: Silence! We all need to break this losing streak!

Agile: Yes, after this no more failures!

Hobo: Hey, what are you doing in my house?

Agile: This is now our base of operations!

Violen: You think you can take it back from us?

*Five minutes later at a local tavern*

Serges: *sighs* I can’t believe he took all three of us.

Agile: He was rather quick for a bearded guy who smelled of booze in old clothing.

Serges: Along with strong and smart, I can’t believe how he took down Violen.

Violen: *near tears* I don’t want to talk about it…

Serges: *takes a sip* We’ve hit rock bottom, haven’t we?

Agile: Yep. *empties his glass*


Violen: Why don’t I get a kids cup?

Agile: You’d look retarded.

Violen: But I want one…

Serges: You’re a bulky reploid that is known for muscle and we’ve just been talking about out rep. We can’t have the ‘tough guy’ of our group drinking from a cup covered with colorful cartoons that has a lid and straw!

Violen: *a bit desperate* What if I take the lid off?

Serges: *slams head to the table top* There isn’t enough alcohol in the world….

Bartender: How are you guys going to pay for these drinks?

Agile: You’re asking the X-Hunters to pay?

Serges: *lifting head up* We’re feared villains!

Bartender: You just got beaten up by a hobo, you lose any right to be called a feared villain.

Violen: He was a very scary hobo. *shudders*

Serges: It was a fluke!

Agile: You won’t stand a chance.

Bartender: You’re forgetting something. *snaps fingers*

Giant Mech: You called, sir?

Agile: That thing is huge!

Violen: Scary… *gets up and starts backing away*

Serges: I want one…

Bartender: I have to deal with drunk, overly powered reploids on a regular basis. This bar has stronger walls than most military bunkers and I have workers who can swat a god away. Believe me, you are the scrawniest guys to question paying their bill in a long time.

Agile: *gulp*

Serges: Well now that I think of it, our wallets really are a bit too heavy at the moment.

Agile: Really a pain, they would slow us down during are next evil plot. We don’t want to be weighed down.

X-Hunters: *Hand over the little they had and dash out*

*A minute later, the random hobo walks in and sits down. He demands a drink.*

Bartender: And how will you be paying?

Hobo: Pay?

Bartender: *snaps fingers* Don’t expect my employees and myself to be as weak as those three freaks.

Giant Mech: Can I actually blow someone up this time?

Hobo: *Raises a hand and a wave of energy travels outward towards the mech*

Giant Mech: *Whole body starting to vibrate* I’m losing control of my body, everything is shaking! My frame is starting to fall apart! *collapses into a pile of a scrap metal*

Bartender: *staring at former employee* Uh…. Would you be interested in a job?

*Back to the X-Hunters*

Serges: *sighs* Things used to be so much better. I remember when the Mavericks needed us and the Hunters feared us.

Agile: Sigma never even bothers calling us anymore. *Turns to Violen and glares* But then he started to dislike us rather early on.

Violen: *cowers and starts to cry* I didn’t think I’d pop his doggy’s head off with my hug! It was so cute, and I killed it…

Serges: Whatever, he never got to realize it wasn’t really his dog. I just picked one up at the local pound. I didn’t want to waste resources on rebuilding a pet when I could just buy a new one.

Agile: We just had to pay for our drinks and we got beaten up by a hobo! We were beaten twice today and by normal people, not even the Code: Island Attackers!

Serges: Not like the old days, we were feared and respected back then. I was such an amazing scientist. Void? He would have looked like a dimwit compared to me back then. I created a copy of Zero, when you two lost your Zero parts to X and when I lost mine because of a fluke.

Violen: But I remember X failing to recollect the Zero parts!

Agile: We all know what happened, Serges created the Zero copy with the black armor that got torn to pieces by the real Zero before it could smash X… wait, could you create another fake Zero?

Serges: Remake my fake Zero?

Agile: Yes, I just asked that.

Serges: Possibly, but I would need supplies. The Hunters would probably be the only ones with them.

Agile: And?

Serges: Shouldn’t they have amazing security for those areas?

Agile: Their best warrior is an ancient machine that they dug up from a hole that we are all based off of. Despite their enormous budget, their best weapons are the one X steals from us or the ones X finds lying around. Also during any major battle or war, guess who actually does anything significant? X and Zero are the only guys whoever defeat someone important along with the guys who on their own demolish more than half of the entire opposing army. Everyone else basically sits around and gets killed or rescued by X or Zero if they decide to fight.

Serges: How do you know this?

Agile: Eh, they pass out a few brochures during local parades.

Violen: I like the candy they hand out!

Serges: So you think we can sneak in?

Agile: I snuck in last week to steal twenty bucks and a pack of beer, trust me at least at this outpost they won’t care.

*Later that night*

Agile: Told you it was easy.

Serges: I can’t believe that the guards aren’t paying any attention at all.

Violen: Can I go watch tv with them?

Serges: No!

Violen: But “I love Lucy!” is on…

Agile: What is wrong with him?

Serges: A lot, but we don’t have time to talk about his many inadequacies. The guards are stupid, but the janitor has to clean this lab eventually.

Agile: Pfft, even Violen could handle a weak janitor.

Serges: With out track record as of late?

Agile: Well, he probably isn’t paid well. Maybe an IOU for five bucks can convince him to leave.

Serges: An IOU for five dollars?

Agile: We gave that bartender all our money, remember?

Serges: Right, now leave me alone so I can work.

*An hour later*

Violen: Are you done yet?

Serges: Not yet!

*An hour later*

Violen: Are you done yet?

Serges: Not yet!!

*An hour later*

Violen: Are you done yet?

Serges: Not yet!!!

*An hour later*

Violen: Are you done yet?

Serges: Not yet!!!!

*An hour later*

Serges: Yes! I finally finished!

Agile: You finished the Zero copy?

Serges: Huh?

Agile: The fake Zero we came here to make!

Serges: Oh, that. I finished that four and a half hours ago. I’ve been trying to beat the high score on this computer game.

Agile: How did you make something so fast?

Serges: They had plenty of spare parts and their system is pretty easy to use. When I was stumped on what to do I just went to Wikipedia or did a Google search.

Agile: You created a Maverick copy of Zero with what was lying around and an online encyclopedia?

Serges: No, I already said I used Google as well. A few things I found using Google.

Agile: Whatever, just show me the reploid.

*Serges leads Agile and Violen to a table and lifts up a sheet*

Agile: …Are you a pervert?

Serges: What?!

Agile: This reploid is a girl!

Serges: And?

Agile: Zero is a guy!

Serges: He looks like a girl and I could only find girl parts.

Agile: This room is full of reploid parts; they can’t all be for girls!

Serges: You don’t know that for sure and is there any real problem?

Agile: Changing the gender of our fake is stupid!

Violen: I think she is pretty…

Agile: *glares at Violen* Whatever! Can this copy do anything?

Serges: Of course! I did my best to give our copy the same abilities as Zero along with as much weaponry that I could possibly add. Her standard weapons are a buster and saber equal in power to Zero’s buster and saber, but that isn’t all I gave her. I added the best weapon copying system I could find along with some stealth equipment and anti-gravity boosters instead of just the standard dashing equipment. I believe I added a few elemental attacks that I found lying around along with a bunch of junk that I doubt anyone knew the purpose for. Also as an added bonus, this copy is a virus carrier. I gave her a unique virus based off the Maverick virus that has been created using the research of the Maverick Hunters themselves. Their search for a cure will cause a greater epidemic!

Agile: You have outdone yourself, I guess. You created your own virus?

Serges: Umm… Well most of the work on it had already been done and I googled to find the remaining bits and pieces for it. I’m not exactly sure about what most of the code means. I might be able to decipher a few bits and pieces of it if you want.

Agile: How much of the design for this reploid was yours and how much of it did you copy?

Serges: Ninety-nine percent.

Agile: Yours?

Serges: Copied.

Agile: Whatever. Just activate it.

Violen: Don’t you mean her?

Agile: Just activate the stupid reploid!

*Serges flips a few switches and the lights flash*

Fake Zero: Ugh… *Sits up*

Serges: It’s alive!

Fake Zero: I’m alive for less than a minute and I already have people yelling at me… *Rubs head and eyes while starting to yawn.*

Agile: Well, I guess it does work.

Fake Zero: I do have a gender, and I hope you guys have a name for me…

Agile: Yes, you’re Fake Zero.

Fake Zero: Fake Zero?

Serges: Yes, you are our female and maverick copy of the famous Maverick Hunter, Zero.

Fake Zero: Isn’t there a better name you could have given me?

Serges: Null?

Fake Zero: No.

Agile: False?

Fake Zero: Definitely not.

Serges: Decimal?

Fake Zero: No.

Agile: Copyrka?

Fake Zero: No way.

Serges: Replica?

Fake Zero: Uh, no.

Agile: One?

Fake Zero: No way in hell.

Violen: How about Nega?

Fake Zero: Nega?

Violen: Short for negative, but you probably hate it…

Fake Zero: Wait one second; I haven’t said anything yet… Nega… That just might work.

Janitor: *walks in* What are you guys doing here? *looks around* Who made this huge mess?! *raises broom threateningly*

Serges: RUN!

Nega: Why? *raises buster and blasts the janitor to pieces*

*A guard rushes in hearing the noise*

Guard: What’s going on in here?

Agile: That is why!

Nega: Him? He’s no big deal. *dashes over and slashes the guard in half at the waist*

*An alarm is raised and a bunch of guards dash in*

Serges: Now a big deal?

Nega: Just let me convince a few to attack their allies while we exit if you guys are so worried. *Infects a few guards and then uses her buster and beam saber to clear a path*

X-Hunters: *Just stare*

Nega: You guys coming?

Serges: Yeah, it has just been so long since we’ve actually succeeded…


Agile: I can’t believe she could take on so many reploids…

Serges: I can’t believe Nega is now securing us a new base. An actual base, not a dumpster!

Violen: Do you think someone will notice?

Serges: *smacks head* We’re now too big! They’ll be sure to send in X or the real Zero since we destroyed Maverick Hunter property!

*The next day*

Zero: I never thought I’d see you three again, but prepare to go back to the grave! *takes out beam saber*

Agile: *gulps* Nega, attack!

Nega: I’m not a Pokemon, but fine. *takes out beam saber*

*Two hours later*

Agile: So what is the score now?

Serges: Zero has died five times so far and Nega has bit the dust six times thus far. I say in a little bit we play dead and hope Zero goes away.

Violen: *pauses to think* If Zero and Nega started dating, would Zero be a narcissist?

Serges: *pauses for a second completely thrown off guard* What is wrong with you?

Violen: Well, yesterday you guys said a lot.

Nega: Are you guys going to help at all? *blocks an attack from Zero*

Agile: I think you’re doing fine on your own.

Nega: I died six times! *slashes at Zero*

Agile: Yes, and Zero has only died five times so far. You need to catch up.

*The next day*

Nega: Serges, I highly doubt a bikini is a required dress for maintenance.

*The next day*

Nega: Agile, how can you be the better warrior when you don’t fight?

*The next day*

Nega: I am not reading you a story, Violen.


Nega: Okay, I just need to adjust. Things have to get better. They aren’t going to keep making me do all the chores and fight all our battles while being either annoying or creepy as I work, are they? I know Serges is a creepy old man, Agile is a sexist and egotist, and Violen has the brain of a five year old and intelligence of a rock, but they must have some good qualities I haven’t noticed.

*A week later*

Nega: Get away from me, pervert! There is no way anyone sane would ever give you a degree!

Serges: *cowers*

*The next day*

Nega: Shut up, wimp! Maybe you can use your bragging as a weapon next battle, it is definitely more effective than your saber!

Agile: *cowers*

*The next day*

Nega: Go away, crybaby!

Violen: *starts bawling*

Nega: But I haven’t even gotten to the real insulting! You’re a warrior, can’t you take any name calling?

Violen: *while still crying shakes head*

Nega: Why must you make being mean like slaughtering big eyed puppies?

*The next day*

Nega: Okay, everyone out! I’ve had it!

X-Hunters: But this is our base…

Nega: Look, you guys are at best moochers. At worst, I’m not sure how to describe you! You’re lucky that I’m doing this the nice way; the not nice way involves severed heads!

Serges: But what are you going to do without us?

Nega: What am I going to do without you guys? I’m going to excel! I am an amazing warrior and have a virus that makes foes my loyal minions; I don’t know why I ever thought I might need you!

Agile: *gulps* Are you going to make us your slaves now?

Nega: No, I want competent minions! You guys would turn any army I create into a mess! Now get out before I start kicking you guys out the not nice way!

*The X-Hunters quickly run out the door and Nega slams it behind them*

Agile: Well it looks like we need to start our self-improvement plan over…

Violen: Back to the drawing board?

Serges: No, idiot. Back to the bar.

The End

Bohemian Rhapsody C:IA Style

September 1, 2014

*Written by Rebel4000*

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site.  Those were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was a more on the creative side.


*It was late at night at the Code: Island Attackers base… but some people just couldn’t sleep.*

Majin: *drunk* BEER!

Rebel: *high off of caffeine* HEY MAJIN HIT ME WITH ANOTHER!!

Majin: BEER!


Majin: BEER!

*After another hour consuming alchohol and Coke, the two members went to bed. Majin, who drank the most as usual, wasn’t feeling too well, however.*

Majin: errrr i DoN’t feeeeeeeeeeel 2 well… *passes out*

*The next day…*

Majin: Urrgh, my head hurts. I think I drank a little too–*turns a sickly green*–Urp!! *runs to the bathroom*

*After “relieving” himself, Majin heads to the kitchen to find some more beer.*

Majin: Yup, nothing like some beer to get a man over a hangover! *stops, blinks, rubs his eyes, and blinks again* Huh?

Agile: Hey Majin.

Majin: Agile? What are you doing here?!

Serges: *reading the comics* Are you drunk again? We live here. We are a team, after all–ooh, Garfield. *starts laughing maniacally*

Majin: Wha…?

Agile: Too true… *turns his head* Hey, Violen! Are you done with breakfast yet?!

Violen: *in a really girly voice* Yessir Mr. Agile, sir! *giggles uncontrollably*

Serges: C’mon, Majin. Let’s sit down and eat.

Majin: …Right… *sits down and looks at the food* What the heck is this?

Violen: Soy sauce with peas.

Majin: …Then why is it moving?

Violen: Oh, no!

*Violen pulls out his medicine ball and proceeds to beat the food to death, until it retialiates by eating him whole and then catches itself on fire.*

Agile: FIRE!!

Serges: FIRE!!

*Agile grabs Serges and uses his body to put the fire out.*

Agile: Whew…

Serges: Man, that was some quick thinking, Agile! I wish I was as smart as you.

Majin: …Come again?

Agile: Aw, stop it, Serges. Just because I have a PhD in nuclear technical rocketry fission doesn’t mean I’m that smart.

*Majin can only stare in wonder as he watches the two talk. He is amazed that Agile is a brainiac and that Serges is an idiot.*

Majin: Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide–
No escape from reality…

Agile and Serges: Open your eyes…
Look up to the skies and see!

Majin: I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy.
Because I’m easy come, easy go,
A little high, little low…
Anyway the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me…
To me…

Rebel: *smacks Majin* Majin, shut up.

Majin: *blinks* Hu-what?

Void: Shh! We are trying to remain hidden.

Dark Knight: So quit singing!

Rebel, Void, Outlaw, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Sean: Shhh!!

*Everyone–all of the members of the Island Attackers–stand there for roughly 27 hours, waiting.*

Majin: So, um… what are we doing again?

Rebel: *smacks self* Would someone get this guy a beer?

Shadowstrike: I’ll do it!


*Everyone stares at Void in wonder.*

Outlaw: I smell puppies.


Shadowstrike: No!! *kills Void*

Rebel: *gasps*

Outlaw: *gasps*

Sean: *gasps*

Dark Knight: *gasps*

Metabad: *gasps*

Majin: *gasps even louder than everyone else* What did you do?!

Sean: *points* Oh my God! He killed Void!

Metabad: You bastard!

Shadowstrike: B-but… he was gonna kill me first! You guys gotta believe me.

Outlaw: We must do something.

Dark Knight: Yes, before we are next.

Rebel: But what?

Sean: *jumps on Void’s corpse* I suggest we peel off his skin using a potatoe peeler and then feed it to a group of starving fangirls who scream “CloudxSephiroth” which will lead the fulfillment of a dark and ominous proficy where we all shall gain the amazing ability of boiling carrots.

*Everyone stares. Especially Majin.*

Rebel: That idea… is just crazy enough to work! Did everyone bring their potatoe peelers?

Rebel, Outlaw, Metabad, Sean: *lifts their arms up, showing potatoe peelers*

Majin: *notices he has one too* Uh…

Shadowstrike: W-wait! Don’t I at least get a… *picks up a phone* Phone call?!

Dark Knight: Oh, fine, you big baby.

Sean: But you only get five minutes!

*And so Shadowstrike dials the phone*

Shadowstrike: Mama, just killed a man.
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.
Mama, life had just begun…
But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away!

Everyone else: Mama ooo~!

Shadowstrike: Didn’t mean to make you cry!
If I’m not back again this time tomorrow–
Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters…

*A sudden explosion interrupts the group. The intruders are…*

Rebel: The Code: Island Attackers!

Majin: …Say what.

Agile: Aha! So this is what you X-Hunters have been planning! Trying to destroy a Coca-Cola factory in the name of Pepsi, eh?!

Majin: *a part of him dies inside*

Serges: Good thing you decided to put Majin undercover for us, huh boss?

Agile: You bet!

Metabad: Majin is a traitor!

Rebel: How dare you!

Majin: Err… I’m confused… and man I still gotta hang–*throws up Violen*

Everyone else: Eww…

Violen: *wearing a pinky frilly dress* April Fools everyone!

Agile: Now, to finish this! Let’s just see who the real murderer is! *pulls Violen’s mask off* Gasp!

Serges: It was Majin!

Both Majins: *laughs nervously*

Outlaw: Then who is this other Majin? *pulls his mask off* Gasp!

Sean: It’s Void!

Majin: So who the heck did I kill… or Shadow killed… or was it Violen?

Agile: *steps forward* Obviously it was all an ingenious attempt for Majin, knowing that Void was in fact Violen to kill him and thus throw him back up to reveal that he had actually killed himself which would result in the immediate death of Void.

Void: *immediately dies*

Sean: It all makes perfect sense!!

Majin: No it doesn’t.

Metabad: Yes it does.

Majin: No, it doesn’t.

Rebel: Yes, it does.

Majin: No it doesn’t, damn it!

Agile: *grabs Majin’s jaw and moves it* “I mean yes it does silly me hahahah.” Look! He admits! Take him away!

*Members of the CIA and X-Hunters grab Majin and drag him off.*

Majin: Too late, my time has come.
Sends shivers down my spine,
Body’s aching all the time…
Goodbye everybody–I’ve got to go…
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth–!!

Everyone else: Mama ooo~!

Violen: *appears* Anyway the wind blows~…

Majin: I don’t want to die…
I sometimes wish I’d never been born at all!

Rebel: *takes out a crobar and knocks Majin out* Shaddup.

*After a little while, Majin wakes up and notices he is in a courtroom. But it is not a normal courtroom, for he is standing the middle of a spotlight, and the Island Attackers, X-Hunters, and other teams are seated around him. He looks up and sees the judge, which looks like Donald Trump, peering at him, and other various villains to the side acting as the jury.*

Trump: *in a loud, booming voice* HOW DO YOU PLEAD?

Majin: Innocent, what else?! This is ridiculous, I didn’t kill anyone! Shadowstrike did!

Phoenix Wright: *slams his hands on the table* He’s lying damn it, and I can prove it!!


*Everyone stops talking.*

Trump: *looks at Frank, who is drawing a picture of the trial* TELL ME, WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THE PICTURE YOU ARE DRAWING, MR. FRANKENPLOID?

*Frank sighs, stands up, and lifts his picture into the air so everyone can see. All it contains is a red squiggly which looks disturbingly like Ronald McDonald’s hair. Everyone simply stares stupidly at the drawing, making “oohs” and “ahhs.”*


Frank: I see a little silhouetto of a man!

Neonman: Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?

Shadowstrike, Blackbelt, Nathan: Thunderbolt and lightning–very, very frightening me!!

Jade: Galileo!

Ben: Galileo!

Jade: Galileo!

Ben: Galileo!

Jade: Galileo!

Ben: Figaro!!

Alpha Movement: Magnifico-o-o-o-o-o-o…

Majin: But I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me–

Wily’s Warriors: He’s just a poor boy from a poor family!
Spare him his life from this monstrosity!

Majin: Easy come, easy go, will you let me go–

Trump: Bismillah!

Ryouga, Oreo, Loreo: No, we will not let you go–

CIA: Let him go–

Trump: Bismillah!

Jobin, Quint X, Red: We will not let you go–

Red Alert: Let him go–

Trump: Bismillah!

Sigma, Vile, Wily, Bass: We will not let you go–

Majin: Let me go–

X-Hunters: Will not let you go–

Majin: Let me go–

Alien Wily, Gutsdozer, Dragon: Will not let you go–

Majin: Never, never, never let me go-o-o-o-o-o-o–

Shadow Hunters: No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!

Starnik: Oh mama mia, mama mia!

Majin: Mama mia, let me go!
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me,
for me–

Everyone else: For me!!


*Everyone shuts up.*


Mr. Whiz: *hands Trump an envelope*

Trump: *opens the envelope* GUILTY!!

Anti-Majin: *stands up and points* Hah! I KNEW you were going to get the ax! You hax!!

Majin: Shut up!


Majin: Can I go home?


Majin: Hey!

*After the trial…*

Rebel: Majin, I’ll never forget ya.

Majin: Really?

Rebel: No, actually I lied.

Majin: Oh…

Rebel: In fact, I’ve already found a replacement for you. C’mon out!

Naoshi: Hey.

Majin: *stares*

Naoshi: Rebel, guess what?

Rebel: What?

Naoshi: I LOVE AVI!!

*Out of nowhere Metabad appears with two guitars and hands one to Rebel. The two then proceed to rawk out.*

Metabad: So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?

Rebel: So you think you can love me and leave me to die?!

Metabad: Oh, baby–can’t do this to me baby!

Rebel: Just gotta get out–just gotta get right outta here!!

*Rebel immediately jumps out of a 20-story window and plummet to his death. Naoshi and Metabad scream.*

Naoshi: *points at Majin* Oh my God! You killed Rebel!

Metabad: You bastard!!

Majin: If I got a nickle everytime someone called me that, I’d have… *counts his fingers* 5 cents.

*X, Zero, and Axl come in and slap handcuffs on Majin.*

X: You are under arrest for the murder of a suicide!

Majin: But I’m already under arrest!

X: Then you’ll be above arrest, damn it!

Axl: Zero, quick, DO A BARREL ROLL!

Zero: *does a barrel roll out of the same window Rebel jumped out of and dies.*


Majin: Now’s my chance! *knocks X out of the way and runs down the hall*

Naoshi: Stop the murderer!

*Majin runs from the law as Code: Island Attackers, Alpha Movement, Red Alert, Wily’s Warriors, X-Hunters, Shadow Hunters, and everyone else chases after him. Eventually he bursts out of the massive labrynth of the building, outside, and with the persuers right on his heels.*

Majin: FREEEEEEEEEEDOM!!! *hits a brick wall* Ow. *looks up* Why is there a brick wall right in front of the doorway?


Majin: *turns to see that he is surrounded* Leave me alone!! I didn’t do anything!

Brick: LIAH!!

*The group slowly advances on Majin as everything goes dark. Next thing Majin notices he standing up on a podium with his head stuck in a guillotine.*

Fay: Good, your awake. Now we can commence with the execution!

Majin: Now wait just one cockin-pickin minute…

Fay: Executioner, are you ready to… execute?

Lan: YOU BET!!

Ben: Come on! Kill him already! I haven’t got enough violence today!!

Anime Master: Although this is technically justice.

Ben: Violence, justice… since when were they different?

Fay: *clears his throat* Majin, you have been charged with the murders Void Darkheart, Rebel40000, and Zero.

Majin: Okay, first off, Shadowstrike killed Void! Second, Rebel killed himself! Third, Zero is right over there!

Zero: *waves*

X: *kills Zero* OH MY GOD NOT ZEROOOOOOOOOO!! *cries*

Fay: Okay then, you have been charged with the murders of Void, Rebel, Zero, AND Zero, bitch. Any last requests?

Majin: Don’t kill me?

Fay: Hahahah, sorry, this is America. We don’t spare people here unless they are famous and can give us lots of moolah. *faces Lan* Drop the guillotine!


Everyone else: Ooh yeah, ooh yeah~!

*As Lan drops the guillotine, the last thing Majin sees is Violen, in tears, coming up to give him a big, wet, sloppy kiss–*


Void: *flies in* Majin, you’re awake!

Majin: Void! You’re alive!

Void: *blinks and nods slowly* Yes… it would appear that I am.

Majin: That’s great! What about Rebel, is he alive too? I mean, I saw him jump out of a building and all so I–

Void: I doubt jumping out of a building would harm Rebel, much less kill him, especially when Coke is involved.

Majin: Oh.

Void: *pulls out a clipboard and checks it off* You’ve been out of it for about two days… Apparently you went passed the limit on how much alchohol you can handle… not to mention you drank beer when it was warm.

Majin: Ew.

Void: Very. Anyway, I suggest you get some rest. I’ll have Frank bring you some food later. *starts to leave*

Majin: Hey Void?

Void: *stops* Hmm?

Majin: …Bah, forget it.

*Void shrugs and walks off, and Majin flops back down in his bed and sighs deeply, glad he is out of that nightmare.*

Majin: Nothing really matters…
Anyone can see…
Nothing really matters–nothing really matters to me…

Everyone else: Anyway the wind blows~…

The End

Prelude to a Dark Time

August 30, 2014

*Written by Shadowstrike*

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site.  Those were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was a more on the creative side. This particular story is like a “What if?” type that focuses on what could have happened before we meet Anti-Majin and Yuber.


Staring his enemy down, each one knew it was going to be a fight to the death. Complete insubordination was the matter here. The leader was staring daggers at his former teammate, who in turn had a look that could incinerate a tree. Only one would survive. Only one could be the who–

“Hey, boss bug, where are the power converters?” asked the blue sweater clad teenager who just walked up.

The leader, Magna Centipede, turned and stared at him. “Shadowstrike, can you not see I am about to kill PBX here?” he said, rhetorically.

“What is it over this time Rebel?” asked Shadowstrike, this being the third time today this had happened.

“The last cookie.”

“Your going to kill PBX over a cookie?” he asked, as the after mentioned Bubble Crab, walked off sneakily last cookie in hand.

“Yes,” said Magna, who then turned to his now vanished opponent.

“And you wonder why we aren’t taken seriously…” Shadowstrike says, opening a can of Coca-Cola.

“Meh. Like it really matters to me,” sighed Magna, taking the can of Coke from Shadow’s hand.

In another part of the base, the main room to be more precise, three other members of the team rested. Crystal Snail was showing a rare moment. He was wide awake and concentrating on something. He had his guitar in his hands, and he was trying to learn the hit song “I’d Like To Apologize” by the hit oldies band Sweeve. In front of the TV, sat Flame Stag, He was totally absorbed into “The Adventures of the Sinister Six” for the Play Station 5. On the couch, staring at the wall, sat Majin. He was totally drunk. Every once in awhile, he would let out a bark.

“Hey, Ghal,” Yelled Crystal Snail, to no avail. “GHALEON, TURN THE TV DOWN!” he then screamed, hoping to be over heard.

Ghaleon then, yelling over the T.V. “DEATHTUNA, SHUT UP, I’M TRYING TO AVENGE EDWARD HERE!” The two continued to yell back and forth at each other, all the while, Majin was trying to dig through the wall with a spork.

In the laboratory, two reploids stood. One was an older type, beard and red eye showing prominent. He stood upon a hover platform. The second bore a purple armor plating. He had a sword sheathed to his side. They stood and looked around their surroundings until the door to the outside opened. In walked their third member. The hulking reploid walked in, mace hitting against the red armor upon his back. He joined the other two. Upon looking at their surroundings, they had to struggle to stifle a laugh.

In the sewers below the base, Wheel Gator was swimming, looking for his next meal. Near him, floated Morph Moth. He was putting solvents into the sludge. Unaware to him, his inventions might soon be the end of him.

Later that night…

Seven out of the eight members of the Code: Island Attackers were in bed, asleep. All except for Bubble Crab, who, due to his insomnia, never slept. He, like normally, was running to and fro, all throughout the base. That was, until he came upon Morph’s lab. Upon going near the door, he heard muffled shouting. Opening the door, he heard.

“Void Darkheart, I have you to thank for this marvelous machinery. If you didn’t pioneer this “Hyper Form” technology, my colleagues and myself would not have the upgrades we do now,” breathed a scowling old reploid, who had a visor over both eyes, upon his back was an omega class battle-pack, a type of jetpack.

“I wouldn’t have made it if I knew that filth like you would try to steal it,” Morph Moth hissed, pure anger in his voice. There was a stare down, until, the moth-themed maverick made a mad dash for the door.

“HEAT HAZE!” yelled a robot in the corner, as hundreds of clones, all of the same robot appeared. Every clone had the same motif. They were clones of Agile, but, not the same. This new appearance was a drastic change. Jet black instead of purple, he also had beam sabers fused to his wrists.

“Nice try moth” the clones, with the same voice all said.

“Violen, grab him,” Serges said, as he powered up a gun upon his back. Following his orders, a huge robot appeared out of nowhere, moving faster than any robot his size should, and grabbed Void. He held him in front of Serges. The robot holding him was much alike the Violen of old. Except that his one had two maces and blue armor, and he didn’t give off an air of idiocy. Serges leveled off the gun. Void then fired off his Silk Shot, at the exact moment Serges fired. The Silk Shot hit the gun, utterly destroying it. But, the beam had found its mark in Morph Moth. Morph was pulled into the air by a bright light. He was then thrown violently to the ground. But, upon hitting, he was not himself. He was reverted to his cocoon form. He was then duct taped to the wall. He would be able to break lose, but it would be hours later. And by then, it would be to late…

“GUYS, GUYS, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!” Yelled the frantic Bubble Crab. In mere moments, he is joined by the six other members of the Code: Island Attackers.

“PBX, I was sleeping. This had better not be petty bullshit,” Said the half awake leader of the team.

“What did I say, next time you find a rat, just come get me,” said the hulking form that was Wheel Gator.

“Guys, I am being serious! We are being attacked by the–” gasped Bubble Crab, as a laser bolt shreaded through his stomach. As he collapsed to the ground, three figures stepped into view.

“My god, PBX is down and, who are you guys?” asked Crystal Snail, pointing at the three figures.

“You don’t remember us?” the one floating asked “why, with all the time we spent together, I’m appalled you don’t remember!”

“The eye looks familiar…” Wheel Gator says suspiciously. “Wait a tick…Serges!?”

“Took you long enough, simpleton.”

“I’ll make you eat those words!” screamed the enraged Wheel Gator, as he charged at Serges but was slashed by a black blur. “Wha?”

“You must be more careful, gators are known to be quite clumsy,” said the blur, as he sped around Outlaw. That was, until, he ran into a block of frozen air, courtesy of a Crystal Hunter, that was precariously placed there by Deathtuna just moments before.

Meanwhile, Shadowstrike and Ghaleon had just engaged the now blue Violen.

“Remind me to thank that Void again, as his power ups allowed me to do this!” he raises his hands, and fires the two mace balls that were suspended before them. The chains whistled as the air went streaking through them, as the maces rocketed towards their targets. Ghaleon jumped up to dodge, as shadow jumped to the side. Before they both had even landed, 20 rounds of both of their indivivudal weapons streaked through the air towards Violen. “Going to attack me yet?” he sighed, as the weapons hit his armor but left not a single mark.

At the same time, Rebel and Majin were doing all that they could to dodge the various rounds that Serges was spitting out at them. Still, they both were hit some. Rebel fired a Magnet Mine, and took a Spin Wheel to pay for it. As the mine exploded, Majin threw his Strike Chain, and imbedded them into Serges’ jetpack. “You annoying gnat!” breathed Serges, as flames erupted around him. When they died down, Majin no longer had hands.

“Majin, are you alright?” asked a worried Rebel.


“I had to ask.”

As that was happening, Shadow and Ghaleon had devised a plan to defeat Violen. As Violen fired his maces again, shadow dashed forward, and used a reinforced Sonic Slicer to cut the laser chain. Before the mace fell, Shadow kicked it up to Ghaleon, who caught it in mid air. Swinging it around once, he hurled it towards Violen. Violen attempted to move his arm to guard, but, Shadow had the other mace by the chain. The mace slams into Violen, as a resounding shatter is heard. Violen can look only in disbelieve as his armor has been shattered. Before he can even process another thought, he is slammed by many rounds of the two Attackers weapons. His last thought before being shut down was “I forgot to tape Lucy…”

Everything was not going as well for the Outlaw and Deathtuna. They were being battered by the black blur. Finally, it stopped. As they looked up, they saw a familiar face.

“Agile, when did you get so strong?”

“Thank Void. Well, actually, you WON’T get the chance to!” He snickered. “I hope you like my next trick.” As he said that, a solid illusion appeared next to him, and another on the other side. As soon as they appeared, the two illusions and Agile turned to blurs again, removing Outlaw’s arm from its socket, and destroying Deathtuna’s shell. After a few more moments, they fell. Agile could only stand over them snickering.

At the same time, Serges was still firing random blasts at Rebel and Majin. That was, until Majin tried to dodge the wrong way, and slammed into Rebel. As the two hit the ground, Majin was hit with the esenece of Sonic Slicer, and fell to pieces at the hand of Serges. Jumping to his feet, Rebel dashed forward, trying to poison Serges. That was, until, one of the guns turned to his face, and fired. Rebel was rocketed back to a wall by what seemed to by a solid pillar of Silk Shot. As he slowly feel to the ground, pieces of his armor stayed on that place. He crashed to the ground, and deactivated.

Shadow and Ghaleon were celebrating their small victory over Violen. As they were, they neglected to turn around. As their teammates fell, the two remaining X-Hunters turned their attention to them. Silently signaling each other, they agreed as to how to attack. Serges charged his guns with Crystal Hunter and aimed at the back of Shadowstike, as Agile and his three clones triangulated around Ghaleon. With a signal Serges fired, and Agile charged. Shadow was hit in the back and as he fell forward to the ground, his armor crumbled around him. He fell to the ground in his human-self. Next to him, Ghaleon was stabbed by three beam sabers. He screamed in pain and rage, as he feel to the ground deactivated.

“We did it… we finally did it!” said Agile, his voice filled with glee.

“You think so?” joked Serges, “Well, you’re wrong. We aren’t done until they are dead.”

“Can I kill Rebel first?” asked Agile, brandishing his sword.

“Go ahead.”

In a flash, he was in front of the deactivated body of Rebel. He brought his sword to the throat. If he even twitched, it would be all over for the bug. He brought his arm back, and he started it’s descent. Just as it was about to slice, time stopped. A figure appeared in the air, shimmering at first. But, soon, it came into clear view. Anti-Majin, the C:IA’s worst enemy, floated above them.

“No, this is not how it should be. First off,” he waves his hand, and the X-Hunters glow. A second later they are in their normal forms. Another second later, they are just gone. Anti waves his hand one last time, and the C:IA are no longer damaged. He waves his hand again, and they are back to where they were before the fight. He waves his hand one last time, and time resumes, without him there.

On a cliff over looking the C:IA tower, stands two figures, hidden in shadows. In front of them, appears Anti-Majin.

“Hello again my associates. The day of reckoning has come! The C:IA will not see another sunrise. We will see to that!”

The End

Sewer Freaks

August 25, 2014

*Written by Outlaw88 and Dark Knight*

*Just a common morning at the Code: Island Attackers’ Whale King…*

Sean: A common morning?

Rebel and Metabad: *rawking*

Shadowstrike: Yep, a common morning.

*Anyways, at the kitchen…*

Outlaw: Put some sewage water!

Dark Knight: And don’t forget Edam cheese! Life is better with cheese!

Outlaw: This mutant rat seems tasty…*puts it in the pot* Aah, the guys will love this!

Dark Knight: Mmm… I think Nutella will work?

Outlaw: I dunno. But look at this! *puts a four-headed radioactive fish*

Dark Knight: Wow. The best about this is that the rest of them don’t know about…

Rebel: What the… ? Hey don’t put the cheese and Nutella there!!!! AND DON’T COOK OUTLAW!!!!

Outlaw: But…

Dark Knight: But…

*The Whale King lands. Outlaw and Dark Knight are thrown out of it.*

Dark Knight: Let me at him! Let me at him!!!!

Outlaw: Calm down, DK. It isn’t that bad. Perhaps we can go to have some sewer hunting!

Dark Knight: Freakin’ sweet!

*A moment later, at the sewer system of some random city…*

Outlaw: Aaah, the glorious smell! Do you feel it?

*They swim through the horribly dirty courses of rotten sewage water, until…*

Dark Knight: Am I supposed to be glowing like this?

Outlaw: You’ll be fine. Since we are both made for all kinds of water conditions you won’t feel any negative effects.

Dark Knight: Oh good…. Negative effects from what exactly? I’ve never sewer hunted before.

Outlaw: Truth be told no one has ever come with me ‘cept Void, and that was only to map the city system we were living by at the time, and he flew over the surface so that doesn’t really count.

Dark Knight: But what are…

Outlaw: Right right, so yeah everything and anything can be found here. I’ve earned some extra cash in reporting the serious stuff. Like toxic waste by human areas, overpopulation of mutant bugs, moldy pokemon cards, that sort of thing.

Dark Knight: Wow. So what are we looking for? I’m kinda hoping to find more mutant things! That fish you had was awesome!

*So the two C:IA members swim on for a while, taking in the strange sights and smells they encounter. Suddenly DK spots something…*

Dark Knight: Holy crap, look at the size of that mushroom!

Outlaw: Badger badger badger… *Shakes head* Whooo sorry. Too much Weebl for me.

*They go over to the giant mushroom*

Dark Knight: It’s all glowy and everything! Lets take it back and put it on a pizza.

Outlaw: Sounds good to me.

Giant Mushroom: I beg your pardon but I’d rather stay here.

*DK and Outlaw jaw drop*

Dark Knight: OMFGWTFBBQ!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!111oneoneone!!!1

Giant Mushroom: Pardon?

Dark Knight: You’re talking! o_0

Giant Mushroom: Well, of course.

Dark Knight: How many licks-

Giant Mushroom: Oh, please, not again! This is the hundredth time people ask me that today!

Outlaw: *still jaw dropped*

Dark Knight: Ohoho, I know! Grant me a wish. I want an Imperial Walker and a date with-

Giant Mushroom: And it’s the thousandth time they ask me for a wish. You little crab thing are pretty irritating. So I’ll eat your brain! *roars*

Dark Knight: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah! *runs away, fear in his eyes*

Outlaw: *still jaw dropped*

Giant Mushroom: And the reptilian friend as well! *roars again*

Outlaw: Aaaaaaah! *runs away*

*A moment later, inside an oversized trashcan…*

Dark Knight: *eyes widened* Did that thing follow us?

Outlaw: *shaking head* I don’t know, I don’t know!

*The sound of multiple steps is heard*

Outlaw: Quiet! I heard something…

Dark Knight: !!!

Outlaw: I’ll take a look. *looks over the trashcan* Oh, holy hell, it’s that thing again!

Dark Knight: But why am I hearing so many steps?

Outlaw: Let’s see…

*Three voices are heard inside the oversized mushroom*

??? #1: Hehehehe. We managed to scare them!

??? #2: Yes!!! Let’s celebrate this as a victory for the… watch out, Violen, you dumbass!

*The enormous mushroom trips with a tuna can which managed to be there, and falls*

Serges: *crawling out* Oh, great! We spent our last zenny on buying this cheap costume, and look how it is now, Violen!

Agile: Bad boy, bad! *hits Violen with a leather belt*

Violen: *crying* I’m sorry, please, I won’t do it again!

*Inside the trashcan…*

Dark Knight: Who are those guys? They look kinda familiar… Some kind of retarded sewer monstrosities?

Outlaw: No, no. They’re the X-Hunters, not our worst, but surely most recurrent enemies.

Dark Knight: Oh, right… them.

Outlaw: *Thinking* Odd… I thought they were–

Dark Knight: How about jumping out of here and see them screaming like girls?

Outlaw: Sounds good to me.

*DK and Outlaw leap out of the trashcan and land directly in front of the X-Hunters*

X-Hunters: *scream like little girls*

Outlaw and Dark Knight: *burst out laughing*

Agile: How did you find us???

Serges: You guys can take a little prank, right?

Violen: *crying* But please don’t hurt us!

Dark Knight: That’s precisely what I was going to do! *cracks knuckles*

Outlaw: No, wait DK! *stops him* We’re not going to hurt you! It’s almost nice to see you again. But tell me, weren’t you dead?

Serges: It seemed so. However, some random entity called Randomness managed to randomly revive us. Right, Chewbacca?

Chewbacca: Roaarrr! (Translation: Yeah.)

Dark Knight: Is that the gorrilla you keep talking about?

Outlaw: No, but this is just as weird.

*Suddenly the sewer, Chewbacca, and the X-Hunters vanish leaving our heroes in total darkness*

Outlaw: What the hell? Where is everybody, and everything?

Dark Knight: EEEeeeEEEeeEeEEK!

???: Welcome! Why not stay and enjoy for a while? My toenail is like warm milk!

Dark Knight: Who is that?

???: It’s-a me! Randomness here to poke things!

*Suddenly the area fills with spoons*

Randomness: With spooooooooooooooooooooooons!!!!

Outlaw: *Up to his shoulders in spoons* What do you want with us?

Dark Knight: *Completly buried* And where are the X-Hunters? Were they even real?

Randomness: You here cuuuuz me likey you! Find your way through my world, my alternate dimension, my whole wheat bread. Great fortunes it be if a winner is you.

*Outlaw fishes DK out from under the spoons*

Randomness: As for those others.. Real they were but are lost…Lost lost lost. I lost my bib.

Dark Knight: I don’t like this. This clown from who-knows-where just wants to toy with us. Lets just get out of here.

Outlaw: No… Something tells me we need to take this challenge and rescue the X-Hunters.

Dark Knight: Why? You said they were our enemies! Why help them?

Outlaw: I can’t explain it really, I feel it’s the right thing to do. They might be useful when we finally confront Anti-Majin and his crew.

Dark Knight: I get it, they hate them more than us. The more firepower we have on our side the better!

Outlaw: Right!

Randomness: TACO! I make gate!

*A swirling vortex opens before the two*

Outlaw: You ready?

Dark Knight: Lets do this!

*They step through the gate*

Outlaw: Where the heck are we?

Dark Knight: Oh, I don’t know… I have never been here before…

Outlaw: But this is… the tower! Our tower!

Dark Knight: Pardon?

Outlaw: Our old base… before that bastard… before Anti-Majin took control of it. *clenches fist* And it seems Mr. Randomness will use it for his sick game…!

Dark Knight: *looking around* It was a pretty nice base. Did you have computers?

Outlaw: Yes, and…

Dark Knight: *dissapears*

Outlaw: Wait…! *follows him*

Dark Knight: Here it is! *points to a door*

Outlaw: How do you know?

Dark Knight: Easy, here’s a sign that reads: “Here’s the computer room. No, this isn’t a trap. You won’t hit a brick wall, face your worst nightmares or whatever. Yours truly, Randomness with no j. REMEMBER WITH NO J OR THE SPACE CLOWNS WILL EAT YOUR BRAIN!!! ARGH!” *the sign bursts into flames*

Outlaw: I have a bad feeling about this…

Dark Knight: *enters the room*

Outlaw: Great… he NEVER thinks before moving.

*Outlaws tries to enter the room, but hits… a brick wall.*

Outlaw: Oof! Didn’t Mr. Randomness say no brick walls?!

Phoenix Wright: OBJECTION! He’s lying and I can freakin’ prove it!

Outlaw: But Randomness…

Phoenix Wright: He says he wants randomness! *implodes*

Outlaw: I’ll just ignore that happened… let’s try again. DK, you in here? *opens the door*

Donkey Kong: Uh.

Outlaw: …

Donkey Kong: Ah.

Outlaw: *faints*

*When Outlaw wakes up…*

Dark Knight: *sitting in front of a computer* Hey! Look at this! I beat the highest score!

Outlaw: *scared* You can’t! That computer is just ham!

Dark Knight: What?? Chuck Norris, I blame you for this!

Outlaw: *horrified* You can’t!! That’s not Chuck Norris! That’s only bread! It’s a ham sandwich!!!!

Dark Knight: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! *ear-piercing scream*

*Meanwhile, at a random place…*

Randomness: Oh, c’mon, they are losing! The aren’t beating the highest score! Me meaning, c’mon, me has beaten Tetris! Me beat Pacman! YES, THE HALF-EATEN PIZZA THING! MWAHAHAHA!!! Listen to my pizza-like beat of unquestionable doom!! *dances*

Agile: Holy cows, how can a beat be pizza-like, and even worse, of unquestionable doom?!

Serges: More importantly, how do we know he dances if we can’t see him!?

Violen: *crying* I want to go back home…

Randomness: *stops dancing* Lack of faith in the awesome power of Randomness! The ultimate orange hamster living in Serge’s mustache is angrrrrry!

X-Hunters: No, please, not again!

Narrator: *loses it* This isn’t any sense!

Randomness: Shaddup. *splats a pizza in his face*

*Back to Outlaw and DK*

Dark Knight: Ok I’ve had enough of this crazy place. We’ve seen floating brooms, crawling toasters and melting windows. I don’t think I can take much more of this.

Outlaw: No arguments there. We need to find where the X-Hunters are, and then all this should go away. Now let me think, where would they be?

Dark Knight: This place looks like your old tower right? Where would the toughest place be?

Outlaw: The toughest? That would be..TCoD*!

*See Series 1, Epilogue #11 “Training Bad”

Dark Knight: What?

Outlaw: I’ll explain on the way. C’mon!

*They race down the hall*


Randomness: The peanuts are fighting my toenail!

Serges: *wearing a tutu* Have you noticed that everytime he talks things get weirder?

Agile: *In a bunny suit* Yeah… I noticed.

*Back to our heros*

Dark Knight: How can you be sure that that’s where Randomness is?

Outlaw: I’m not, but I have a feeling that its the right place. Only problem is that the TCoD is in the basement. We’re still a few floors up.

Dark Knight: Just to be sure I’m going to check out some of these doors.

*DK goes to a door that once led to Void’s lab. When it opens a train is seen going at full speed towards them*

Dark Knight: HOLY CRAP! *slams door*

Outlaw: You sure you want to keep that up?

Dark Knight: Umm…Let me try one more.

*DK goes to what was once Majin’s room and opens the door. A giant face pops out*


Outlaw: Forget this. I’m going to get us down the quick way.

*Using his blades Outlaw cuts a large hole in the celing*

Outlaw: Lets go!

Dark Knight: That’s not right.

Outlaw: That’s what I’m counting on!

*They jump in the hole which takes them to the TCoD*

Dark Knight: What the…

Outlaw: I think I’ve got how we can beat Randomness.

Dark Knight: How?

Outlaw: By fighting fire with fire.

Randomness: Well well, you found me hiding place. Rabbits change my channel! Come get your pals. They right here!

*A spotlight shines on the X-Hunters*


Dark Knight: Fine then. *Begins to walk towards them, but is stopped by a force*

Randomness: Ah ah ah. You didn’t say the magic word! Me am cosmic being, me am strong. Fight me you must now. Choo-choo! Choooose form!

Outlaw: Right. Ok Mr. Cosmic being of annoyance here goes. Get ready for an ass kicking!

*Randomness turns into an apple*

Dark Knight: Now he should be easy to fight.

*Suddenly Randomness gets the shape of a teddy bear*

Outlaw: Help me here DK!

Dark Knight: Huh?

Outlaw: The only way to win is to fight him at his own game. Keep thinking of things for him to turn into.

Dark Knight: Ok I get it now!

*So the two of them keep on thinking of the most out there and strange things, as well as ordinary things causing the entity known as Randomness to keep his form ever changing*

Randomness: Stoooooooop, stooooop, can’t keep up. Too much Fruitcake eats children!!! Never taste the last wrench! Arglbargle fluffy fluff!

*The world around them begins to become even more distorted and soon everything is going haywire.*

Outlaw: X-Hunters! Get over here now, he should be weak enough for you to move!

*The X-Hunters, not wasting any time, charge towards them. They make it across a pudding stream that showed up and finally made it to our heros.*

Dark Knight: I wonder if they can help us now that they are with us?

Serges: Worth a shot.

*So with the collective minds of the two C:IA members and the X-Hunters they send Randomness even more forms and ideas. Now with all the thougths coming his way he no longer can keep a form, just an ever changing blob of mess.*

Randomness: AEIOU!!!

*The world they were in sudddenly begins to implode. Mass chaos ensues and they all black out*

*Some time later*

Outlaw: *waking up* uhhHhhh. Oh man… My head. What a dream that must have been. Wait a sec.

*Looks to see DK nearby. They are back in the sewer where they began.*

Dark Knight: You finally woke up. That adventure was crazy, but kinda fun! We should rescue our enemies from cosmic entities more often! But why did it choose us, and why did we need to save those guys? And where are they?

Outlaw: I don’t know. Lets just go home and let everyone know what happened.

Dark Knight: *As they are leaving* They’ll never believe us you know.

*Further back in the sewer*

Serges: That’s the last time we rely on magical beings that revived us to help in our plans!

Agile: Look it was worth trying ok? How was I supposed to know we would go through something like that?

Violen: At least it’s over.

The E–

Randomness: WAAAAAIT! Me no done yet, me no done yet!

Narrator: No more out of you. Shut the hell up loser.

Randomness: …k… :(

The End

Enter the Assassin

August 17, 2014

*Written by Rebel4000*

*Late one night at the Code: Island Attacker’s former base, now Anti-Majin’s evil fortress…*

Anti: Blast it all!

Frank: What are you going on about?

Anti: Didn’t you watch the news, you fool? The CIA is still alive!

Frank: What!? How!?

Anti: Apparently some “huge epic battle of the ages” was recorded a few days ago with them being on it*.

*See Series 2, Epilogue #26 “Dissed in the Digital World (part 6)”

Frank: How could that be…? Our huge epic battle was supposed to be the huge epic battle of the ages*! Not their huge epic battle!

*See Series 2, Epilogue #19 “Dark Time”

Anti: It doesn’t matter. What does is that they are still alive when they should be dead! Do you have any idea what this means?

Frank: I am afraid to ask.

Anti: Plan time.

*And so the two super villains start to draw up plans to thwart the CIA once and for all.*

Frank: We could always just blast their new base out of the skies. Can you say “instant KO?”

Anti: Or we could alter the gravitational field surrounding them, causing them to go flying upwards into outer space!

Frank: Perhaps we could go over there and simply beat the snot out of them again. I mean… we did it before. We just have to get Ryouga for some back up and we’ll be all set.

Anti: We can’t.

Frank: Why not?

Anti: He got lost looking for the bathroom again.

Frank: That’s the fourth time this week!

Ryouga: *knocks a wall down* Uh… is this the bathroom?

Anti and Frank: …

Ryouga: Right. Carry on. *leaves*

Anti: Arrgh!! *tears up the paper they were drawing on* This is pointless! We’re never going to figure out a way to defeat them and they will eventually come back and try to stop our plans of causing mass chaos and destruction!

Frank: Now, now, Anti. There is still hope yet. Let’s take a look in this old book that I found. *holds up a small, black book*

Anti: What the heck is that thing?

Frank: It was made hundreds of years ago–I’m not really certain who wrote it. Anyway, this book contains some pretty useful stuff… surely we can use this to destroy the CIA!

Anti: Let me see that. *takes the book and flips through some pages* Yes… yes! It’s all right here! With this those fools will finally be put in their place! Mwahahahah!!

*The following day, at a local gas station…*

Clerk: Okay, say that one more time, dude.

Void: We want to know if you have fuel for a Whale King.

Clerk: And uh… what’s a Whale King again?

Sean: It’s our ship.

Shadowstrike: A Zoid.

Outlaw: And it’s really, really big.

Rebel: It’s right outside if you wanna take a look at it.

*The clerk turns to look out the window, only to see a massive blue ship sitting on top the gas pumps, crushing them and causing oil to spew everywhere. Outside Metabad and Majin are running around in a circle next to it.*

Metabad and Majin: WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Rebel: Ain’t she a beaut?

Clerk: Uh…

Dark Knight: He must be amazed by the paint job.

*Everyone nods in agreement.*

Clerk: Well, thing is dudes, is that you kinda crushed the gas pumps.

Void: And?

Clerk: Well that’s gonna cost a lot of money to fix.

Shadowstrike: You’re right. Sorry that you have waste your paycheck on that.

Clerk: Hey, wait a sec…

Rebel: Let’s go team!

*The Island Attackers leave, leaving only the clerk to stand there dumbfounded. Outside the CIA get ready to leave.*

Rebel: Okay, so here’s the game plan: We’re gonna grab some buckets and nab as much fuel as possible.

Outlaw: *pounds his stomach* Heh, I’ve got enough storage in here to last a lifetime. *sticks his mouth on a pipe and sucks in all of the oil*

Sean: That’s just gross.

Outlaw: *gets back up* Eh, you kinda get used to it after awhile. *smacks his lips* Mmm, tastes just like momma’s homemade soup.

Void: So, is there anything we’re forgetting before we move on?

Dark Knight: You mean last minute stops?

Void: Well, we’re flying around on a ship most of the time now. You’ve gotta enjoy these stops.


Void: *ignoring Metabad* Anyone? …Please?

Rebel: Void! I see you over there, ignoring a fellow teammate. For shame. *to Metabad* Where do you wanna go Metabad?

Metabad: Oman, it’s gonna rawk.

Rebel: Well, duh. I could tell you that.

Metabad: I wanna go to…

*At Toys ‘R’ Us*

Void: You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Metabad and Rebel: QUIET!!

Majin: *holding a teddy bear* ur teh bestest frend i ever had *hic*

Teddy Bear: *talking* I love you mommy.

Sean: *to Void* Well, it COULD be… I mean, it’s not too bad, Void. We’ve got a video game section.

Void: True.

Outlaw: *is covered by a pile of four year olds* So uh, guys, how long are we staying here?

Shadowstrike: Ask Rebel and Metabad.

Rebel: *tearing open an action figure*

Worker: Sir, you have to pay for that.

Rebel: Bite my shiny metal ass!

Metabad: D00D!! That rawked! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Outlaw: *has more kids pile on top of him* They… they like me! They really like me! *they then start to leave* W-wait! Come back! Is it the smell? Is it not strong enough!? TELL ME!!

Dark Knight: *sees the kids inching towards him* Oh… HELL no. Get these little freaks away from me! *runs*

Majin: TED WILL SAVE YOU!! *throws the bear at DK, hitting him in the face*

Teddy Bear: I love you mommy.

Dark Knight: Up yours! *takes the bear and rips his head off*

Majin: NOOOOOOOO!! *cries hysterically*

Void: Okay, that’s it. We are leaving. Shadow, get Metabad.

Shadowstrike: Right! *runs over and grabs Metabad by the collar and takes off*


Rebel: Hey, Void, what do you think you’re doing?

Void: No more fun and games Rebel. I’m taking you down!

Rebel: You’ll never take me alive, coppah!

Void: *ensares Rebel in a Silk Shot*


Metabad: *comes crawling back with Shadow holding onto him* FOR THE SUPER AWESOME FIGHTING FORCE!!

Shadowstrike: Help me, Outlaw!

Outlaw: Okay, okay. *lays on top of Metabad, pinning him*


Sean: C’mon, you guys. Do we have to settle things like this? People are starting to stare.

Void: More like they’re looking at DK getting attacked by the hordes of kids.

Dark Knight: They’re everywhere! Everywhere, I tell you! *is dogpiled*

Majin: *still crying over Ted*

*Suddenly an explosion rocks the store. Over in the distance, a group of familiar-looking Reploids greets the CIA in the newly made hole in the wall…*

Outlaw: The X-Hunters!

Agile: Well, well! If it isn’t the Island Attackers!

Serges: We knew that if we came here we’d find you… my tracking device never fails me!

Violen: What!? I thought we were here to buy some more stuffed animals–*is slapped*

Agile: You don’t know what you’re talking about!

Void: So, I take it you want to tango with us?

Shadowstrike: *coughs*

Void: What?

Shadowstrike: Tango, Void? Tango? Is that the best you could come up with?

Void: Be quiet, you. Since Rebel is currently… preoccupied, I must take the mantle of leader momentarily.

Dark Knight: *beneath the pile of kids* Sounds like mutiny to me!

Void: It’s not! I am just the obvious choice for second-in-command!

Sean: Funny, I always assumed that Rebel would put Metabad as No. 2…

Metabad: YEAH!!

Agile: Umm…

Void: Oh, c’mon! Even Rebel has more brains than that.

Outlaw: Yeah, about that Void… We’ve known him for how long, now?

Serges: Uh…

Void: That’s beside the point. If Rebel wanted this team to survive in case something were to happen to him, he’d want it in the hands of someone capable! Someone… like me!

Shadowstrike: But Rebel isn’t even capable himself and yet the team has survived for over three years now…

Rebel: You guys do realize that I am right here, right?

Void: *ignores Rebel* Again, that is completely beside the point–


*Everyone turns to stare at Violen.*

Agile: Whoa… I didn’t think he had the lungs to scream like that…

Serges: I think I heard the windows crack…

Metabad: Definitely doesn’t rawk.

Violen: It could easily rawk! Actually, no, that’s not quite right. What I mean to say is, that it doesn’t necessarily rawk, but at the same time it’s not completely awful

Agile: Enough of this! It’s time to get down to business!

Void: Here they come! Island Attackers, attack!

*Before anything can happen, however, a blue aura surrounds the store, causing everyone to freeze in place minus the Island Attackers and X-Hunters.*

Serges: Huh?

Shadowstrike: What’s going on?

Dark Knight: *explodes from the pile of kids* Hah! Thought they had me, did they!? Well I showed you fools! Hahahahah!!

Sean: *studying the blue surrounding* This is a highly advanced magic field…

Rebel: *rips free from the Silk Shot* So what are you saying? We’re trapped?

Outlaw: *gets off of Metabad* Looks like it, boss bug.

Metabad: *getting up* Definitely doesn’t rawk.


Sean: Someone must have lured us into this.

Agile: Way to figure it out, genius!

???: You are not as stupid as you all seem.

Outlaw: Who said that?

*A man materializes out of thin air. He was tall and lean, wearing all black with long, blond hair put into a ponytail. His eyes were two colors–one a blood red and the other an icy blue.*

Rebel: Who the Hell are you?

???: My name is of no importance to a walking dead man.

Rebel: *clenches fists* What did you say!?

???: Hmph, very well… The name is Yuber. I have been sent by Anti-Majin to exterminate you.

Majin: huh… Anti know we live?

Yuber: Apparently you all left quite a show that was broadcasted worldwide the other day… Yes, I must thank you for such a wonderful display of carnage.

Metabad: So does this mean you won’t kill us ’cause we just rawk at carnage like that?

Yuber: No.

Metabad: Damn.

Void: Why are you siding with Anti-Majin, though? He’s trying to rule the world! …I think.

Yuber: Because by attempting to do so he will cause large amounts of destruction. Even if he fails… destruction will still result. I thirst for the bloodshed…

Violen: But that’s not very human-like…

Yuber: Right again. I’m not some mere flesh and blood human that you are all used to seeing. I am immortal–I have lived for countless centuries watching this pitiful world continue playing it’s pitiful role… and everytime a chance for this planet to suffer arises I have been there to help assist it.

Outlaw: That’s… just not right…

Yuber: Which is exactly why I’m here now. Anti-Majin told me that if I were to kill you all his plans for a global takeover would speed up, and as you all know, the sooner he commences with part two of his plan the sooner we get to see some people die.

Rebel: So here you are… getting ready to finish us off. Is that it?

Yuber: Precisely… I see that as leader you do have some brains after all.

Dark Knight: You call yourself immortal… but I will prove to you otherwise!

Majin: *sober* And you said you worked for Anti. We won’t let you stop us!

Yuber: Strong words for someone afraid of kids and another a drunk. Very well then. *draws two long, thin swords from his sleeves* Prepare for the end.

Rebel: All right, let’s go do this! Island Attackers… ATTACK!!

Serges: Wait!

Everyone: Huh?

Agile: *pulls out a beam saber* So you guys are just gonna fight each other while we stand back and watch? I don’t think so!

Shadowstrike: What are you idiots going on about–

Serges: We are sick of being treated like third-rate villains! We’ll take this guy down by ourselves, and then we’ll defeat you, Island Attackers!

Violen: What he said!

Yuber: Hmph… what fools. Very well, then. Prepare to meet your maker.

*The three X-Hunters charge at Yuber, weapons drawn. Before they make impact, however, the demon disappears and reappears behind them.*

Yuber: Too slow.

Serges: Wha–AAAGH!! *has his arm sliced off*

Agile: Serges! *swings his saber*

Yuber: *parries* Do you honestly think you can defeat me, Reploid? *knocks Agile’s sword out of his hands* They always say ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately for you, that will not be the case.

Agile: What!?

Yuber: *cuts Agile in half*

Agile: Gagh!! *crumples to the floor*


Yuber: *dodges and grabs the chain* “Cut it out?” The Reploid was so weak… the power of my blade sliced through him like butter. I didn’t even try. *pulls the chain and flings Violen*

Violen: AAHHH!! *crashes into Serges, crushing him*

Yuber: You three bore me. *turns to walk away but stops* What the…!?

Agile: *holding onto Yuber’s ankle* W-wait… another round…

Yuber: You don’t seem to comprehend what has just happened. Here… allow me to make it more clear. *stabs Agile in the head*

CIA: !!!

Violen: Agile! Serges! NOOOOOOOO!!

Yuber: And you… your screaming has gotten on my last nerve. Time to say goodnight.

*With a flick of his wrist, Violen is suddenly struck with a bolt of lightning, causing him to scream in pain as his circuits are fried. A minute passes afterward, with no movement coming from the X-Hunters mangled remains.*

Sean: He… he killed them… He really killed them!!

Rebel: You monster! They weren’t even a challenge for you and you still slaughtered them!

Yuber: Why do you care? After all, they were your enemies. If anything you should be thankful that I was eliminating such nuisances for you.

Dark Knight: I’ve gotten sick and tired of this guy…

Yuber: If you think you can fare better than the three stooges, then please be my guest…

Rebel: Right. Island Attackers… KICK HIS ASS!!

Outlaw: Spin Wheel! *unleashes a pair of wheels at Yuber*

Yuber: *quickly moves*

Shadowstrike: Sonic Slicer! *releases a blade*

Yuber: *steps to the side*

Void: Silk Shot! *fires a ball of junk*

Yuber: *easily dodges*

Sean: Crystal Shot!

Metabad: Speed Burner!

Yuber: *dodges again*

Rebel: Magnet Mine!

Majin: Strike Chain!

Yuber: *moves out of the way*

Dark Knight: Enough of this! Bubble Splash! *opens his mouth and fires a stream of bubbles*

Yuber: *doesn’t move at all as the bubbles float gently past him* …Is that all? How disappointing.

Dark Knight: Why you…!! *creates his energy pincers and lunges at Yuber*

Yuber: My turn.

*Yuber runs toward Dark Knight and quickly moves to the side, using one of his swords to slash the CIA member’s side, making him come crashing to the ground. He then leaps and teleports directly in front of Outlaw and slashes him in the chest, making him fall back, and then quickly runs over to Void and attacks him, slicing his wings clean off, causing him to land face first on the floor.*

Sean: He’s fast!

Rebel: You won’t get away with this! *pulls out multiple shurikens and flings them at Yuber*

Yuber: Too late for that. *dodges and gets behind Magna, piercing one of his swords through his tail and ultimately his midsection*

Rebel: Gah!! *collapses*

Metabad: Nooo, not my rawkin buddy! *ignites his blue flames* I’ll get you for that! *charges*

Yuber: *attemps to get out of the way but gets punched in the face, knocking his hat off* …Not bad. You actually managed to hit me. I suppose it’s time to throw off the kid gloves, then.

Void: Ugh… Metabad! Get away from him! NOW!!

Metabad: What?

Yuber: Experience true power… my Eight Devil Rune! *launches himself forward, creating several afterimages as he attacks Metabad from all sides*

Metabad: AHHH!! *is badly beaten up*


Outlaw: No!!

Yuber: *finishes and knocks Metabad to the side next to Rebel* Who else wants to waste my time?

Dark Knight: *is back up* Grr… he’s fast… and strong.

Outlaw: It’s almost like that time when Anti, Frank, and Ryouga beat us only it’s just one of him.

Majin: We need to come up with something, and quick.

Sean: I’ve got it!

Void, Outlaw, Dark Knight, Majin, Shadowstrike: What?

Sean: He focuses mainly on speed, right? Well if I use my powers I can slow him down.

Void: Good thinking. I’ll move in and distract him. Everyone else, you make sure Sean can finish and when he does, move in for the finishing blow!

Dark Knight: Ugh… I think I’m wasted… I don’t think I can help much…

Void: Don’t worry about it. We can handle this. You just rest and watch Rebel and Metabad. All right… time to do this!

Outlaw: Good luck, man.

Shadowstrike: Don’t die.

Void: Will do. *walks up to Yuber* If you think you’ve beaten us then you’re mistaken.

Yuber: Hmph. I see no reason to fear you. Even if you aren’t human you Reploids are still… so pathetically weak.

Void: Oh yeah? Then let me show you something! *extends his hands forward and fires a powerful beam of light*

Yuber: What the–!? *moves but is hit in the shoulder* Argh! You will pay for that… with your lives! *hand begins to glow*

Void: *turns to Sean* Sean, now!

Sean: I’m on it! *releases a blast that ends up slowing Yuber down*

Yuber: W-what is this…? I can hardly move…

Majin: *uses his chains to tie Yuber’s hands behind his back* Everyone! Get him!

Outlaw: *attacks with Spin Wheel*

Yuber: *is slashed up by the wheel* Ugh!!

Shadowstrike: Now to finish this! *runs up to Yuber and kicks him square in the gut*

Yuber: Oof! *goes flying back and hits the ground*

Outlaw: We did it!

Shadowstrike: Oh yeah, I got him all right. Did you guys see that sweet finishing blow?

Void: Good job back there, Sean.

Majin: Yeah, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to tie him down.

Shadowstrike: I hate you all.

Sean: We can celebrate later–We need to check up on our fallen comrades first.

*The remaining CIA members get Rebel and Metabad. In a few minutes they are concious again.*

Metabad: Ow… that was definitely not rawkin.

Rebel: *playing with the whole in his stomach* This is going to hurt in the morning.

Void: *has his wings underneath his arm* Speak for yourself.

Rebel: So… what about the X-Hunters?

Sean: *walks up to Rebel* I was just checking them out. Their life signs… it’s gone.

Rebel: *wide-eyed* You mean they really are…?

Outlaw: Man… I didn’t think that they’d become casualties in this mess, too…

Majin: It was always them and us, after all.

*The older members are all silent for a moment, remembering their past struggles with the villainous team.*

Void: *changing the topic* Anyway, why is this aura still surrounding us?

Majin: He’s right… it’s still here. The people are still frozen too.

Dark Knight: *busy kicking a kid* Take this! And that! Mwahahah!!

Outlaw: Guys… I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Rebel: Yeah… Say, what did you do with that Yuber guy’s body?

Shadowstrike: Huh?

Rebel: The body. It’s not there anymore.

Void: We didn’t touch it.

Dark Knight: Then… that means–

*Dark Knight is cut short as a sword plunges through his body and then slowly taken out.*

Rebel: Dark Knight!

Dark Knight: I’m… okay… *passes out*


Yuber: I told you I was immortal. Did you think some kick was going to stop me?

Shadowstrike: (You weren’t acting all that cool when I actually DID it, bitch.)

Rebel: You bastard… you will pay for what you have done! Island Attackers… ATTACK!!

Yuber: …Not today.

CIA: Huh?

Yuber: You are stronger than I gave you credit for… It might be more fun to have this battle when you are actually ready.

Majin: So does this mean that we actually have a fighting chance?

Yuber: What are you talking about? Your deaths will be served by my hands. I just wanted to say farewell for now… as I gave you all a lovely parting gift. *kicks Dark Knight’s body over to the CIA*

Outlaw: How could you!?

Yuber: Consider yourselves lucky. *takes a step back* Island Attackers, the next time we meet is when you are lead down a fiery path of destruction.

Rebel: Wait!!

*As Rebel reaches out for Yuber, a black portal opens up beneath the enigmatic man and pulls him in before closing. The rest of the members can only look in shock. Immediately the aura disappears and time resumes once more.*

Rebel: He’s… gone…

Void: *puts a hand on Rebel’s shoulder* Rebel… let’s get back to the base. We need to tend to Dark Knight.

Rebel: …Yeah…

*The Island Attackers solemnly head back to the Whale King. Elsewhere, Yuber is reporting what happened to Anti.*

Anti: So, what you are basically saying is that you failed to destroy them?

Frank: How completely useless.

Ryouga: I don’t even know what’s going on around here…

Anti: My plans! I need those CIA goons dead once and for all! I need to wipe them out so I can–

Yuber: The plan hasn’t changed. Let me handle the CIA. You can just keep focusing on your end of the bargain.

Anti: Ergh… right. Well, you just better make certain that it doesn’t happen again. After all, I’m the one who summoned you!

Yuber: But of course.

Frank: *suspicious* Anti… I think we should keep an eye on him…

Yuber: There is no need to concern yourselves over me–I am more than happy to assist your cause because of the outcome. So, please, do not mind me… and I will continue fighting the Island Attackers for as long as necessary.

The End



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