Rambling Composition 1

Once there was a badger who decided it was time to fix time using a spork named Leroy. The clock who had been going to the ice cream shop looking for pants to use as a garden tool had not been feeling too well so he and the wooden moose head went on a trip before they could be dealt with by Leroy and the badger, who now had put on a hat made of ants.

In Canada the magic pickle was giving flute lessons when all of a sudden this desk showed up to bring the news of sewer rats weekly sport games. Meanwhile the doomed lemur fought against the raging rage of the fluffy fluff. Near candy the whale gets nervous.

One time when things got out of hand the brilliant cheese helped save the marmot from bad auto insurance by giving him the sacred, rare, authentic, genuine, pristine, paper clip of mud. Sometimes the wall leaks.

Is it wrong to love thy lawn gnome? Because when the snake cries the pie goes bad. Leeks once saved the day by giving the radish a new can of instant kittens. Never eat the last dance.


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