Rambling Composition 3

One fine day late at night there lived a magic pea and his great great lawn gnome who guarded the pudding cup of sea lice. But they have nothing to do with the flying spatula that grants wishes to the very polite toenail that lives at the edge of town where the busses don’t go. Out there you will find a lonely Chap Stick tube sock who was down on his luck due to the poor performance of his rubber lava lamp. Next door to the enchanted weasel you could visit the land mine lady who loves tea and choo-choo trains that can go for miles running only on dreams and child labor.

When the badger mime strolled into town in a stroller pushed by mustard seeds and soda they came upon a store that sold things that are made of things. The ignored that place since it seemed silly and redundant. Being a bunny can take a lot out of the gold stock in the underground black market meat market where if you can slice it you can have it. Jimmy Jim of the royal order of the lemur pie club once wondered if there was more to life than chairs made of Jell-O. Obviously the sleeping dog sentry of chili steaks won’t stop the rock or even attempt to clean up the mess that was made by Larry the one-legged snake.

A Derf in its natural environment will often cause bodily harm to itself if it attempts to film a moving car while on the hood. Never poke a walrus with a cinnamon bun as it will just annoy the nearby hot pants that have been captured and forced to listen to gum tell her life story though a broken mega phone while eating ice cream flavored ice cream.


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