Rambling Composition 4

            Thrice upon a clock there lived an octopus named Sam who enjoyed the complicated and absurd things in Spam. This influenced the talking fruit snack to set out on a quest to find the missing “You Are Here” map his great grand cold sore once gave to a helpful piece of mining equipment. The mantis song once made the leopard cry pizza.

            It is said that a man with a ripe piece of crayon can solve the riddle of the mixed can of toothpicks. The long winded sock, savior of goats, told the dull pen spoon that if it wanted some then  to get the hell off my lawn. Hippie.

            What does the bee dream about as it picks the chips off the pigs back? Never be the last one to admit that advanced alphabet sorting confuses the teddy bum of seaweed. Sometimes there is no quark. Just remember that the Squamster is watching you. Always.


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