The Freakacast! Episode: 4

The Freakacast! Episode: 4

In this episode Andrew talks about Mega Man. Matt tries to follow along.

The Code: Island Attackers website:

I’ve got a bunch of fun video’s to share so check em out!

“Mega Man vs. Quick Man” : One of the best animated Mega Man fights I’ve ever seen.

“Mega Man-Rockin in Paper”: Stop motion animation with some very cool designs.

“Mega Man and Pompous Robots”: Really well made and funny.

“Rockman Neo” : What if Mega Man X was done in a dark tone?

“Dr. Light’s New Robots”: When Mega Man and They Might be Giants meet…

“Mega Man vs. Met -2010 edition”: Sprite animation that uses all of the weapons Mega Man has gotten over the years.

Fredde Gredde: Mega Man 9 Rock Melody

“Mega Man 2 by Duane and BrandO”: Hilarious and awesome stuff. They curse a lot. You have been warned.

“I Can’t Defeat Air Man”: Frustration in musical form!

The Mega Man cartoon intro!!! :

And finally…. Here is a clip from Mega Man 8… Ugh…

Music Credits:

Fredde Gredde: Mega Man 9 Rock Melody (Listed above)

Strings: Storm Eagle Remade

TritoneAngel: Mega Man X Boss Intro

Josh Brown: Mega Man: Wily’s Castle

Breaking Prodigy: Mega Man 3 Intro Remixed

Doctor Octoroc: MM3 Snake Man

DJ-Tr4nc3r: Mega Man 2 Flash Man Orch.

Sean Sullivan: Magna Centipede (MMX2)

Blackaux: Wheel Gator (Crash Remix)

All other music was from the actual games and is owned by Capcom. You can find all the music at the Mega Man Universe right here:


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