Going Forward

Well the year is almost up and I find myself both reflecting on the past and looking ahead. It has been an interesting and trying time for me these last few years and I know there will be plenty of things to keep it that way.


At the end of 2009 I finally graduated from college. I leftGeorgiaStateUniversitywith two BA degrees; one on Journalism and the other in film. I had been heavily involved with radio and wanted to get into that field. I’ve kept my audio editing skills in use by making a monthly podcast that I really enjoy doing. While I had decent credentials, it didn’t seem to matter as I never even got a job interview with the numerous places I applied. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of writing freelance since I was also considering being a film critic and just didn’t find anything that I felt I could do. So needless to say I felt pretty low. The job I have at a grocery store was one I’ve had while I was in college. I’m happy to be employed but this isn’t exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I knew something had to be done.


Last June I applied for and was accepted into a teaching certification program. It lasts for a full year and thus far I’ve been doing well at it. It required some additional tests to show that I was qualified to teach the subjects I applied for. As it stands once I have been certified I can teach Language Arts (Middle Grades) and English (6-12) and I will probably take more tests later to expand what I can teach. The program is done in two parts; the first half is mostly book work and projects and the second half is a built-in internship where I take on the role of a student teacher. Starting January 4th, I will be in a middle school learning how to be a real teacher.


This poses some problems though. Like most internships this is unpaid work, and because I am require to be there every day I have to reduce my hours at my paying job. I’m not living with parents anymore and have to make rent and pay for food and all that on my own. Thankfully I do have a roommate to share in the rent but it’s still going to be very tough on me. I’m also nervous about the whole thing. I’ve never had to be in charge of that many kids before and middle school aged kids are not the easiest to deal with. Plus I still have to do plenty of additional work to pass the course so it’s not like I just show up and help the teacher. I am required to make my own lesson plans and teach them. The course runs until the end of the school year in May so I know I’ll be cutting it close with my funds, which is small to begin with.


So yeah. I’m nervous. But its time. Time for me to move forward with my life. Time for me to make use of the knowledge and skills that I’ve picked up. I know its going to be rough at first but once I’m done I know that I’ve accomplished something big and that I will have new opportunities. Does this guarantee a job? No. Of course not. I don’t expect a full time job right off the bat. I anticipate that I will substitute teach while still working the grocery job until a full time position comes along.


I just know that I have to keep moving forward. 2012 will hopefully be the year of opportunity.



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