Prologue for Series

Hey all, Outlaw here. I was one of the original members of the Mega Man X 2 team known as The Code: Island Attackers and played the role of Wheel Gator. It was one heck of a fun time but like many things in life it sadly came to an end.

What is a Mega Man team you may ask? Well the quick answer to that is it involves a bunch of people coming together to write creative stories based on characters from the popular Mega Man video games, usually focusing on the Robot Masters. They are the bad guys of the game but depending on how they are written for, they can become something else entirely. Since most of these stories take place after the events of the game the stories are often called epilogues.

I did not want all the content we had written over the years to be lost to the ages, so I asked Rebel (who you will get to know more as these eps go up) to send me every and anything he had. So I will be slowly  putting up all the content we have here.


*In the future city of Megalopolis Auditorium, eight Reploids tirelessly work*

Magna Centipede: Everywhere we goo…

Cast: Everywhere we goo…

Magna: People want to knoow…

Cast: People want to knoow…

Magna: Whoo we arre… Soo, we’ll tell yoou…

*Lights turn on*

Wheel Gator: Magna, what the HELL are you doing?

Magna: Uhh…

Wheel: Whatever, I probably don’t even want to know. Are we ready?

Magna: Yah, I think so.

Wheel: All right, let’s get started. *Turns around* Okay, guys! Lift the curtain up!

*The curtain slowly begins to lift*

Wheel: Okay, I guess that’s it. But remember Magna: FOLLOW THE SCRIPT. I don’t want you embarrassing us.

Magna: Bah, I don’t see what the big deal is. If Frosted Flakes could do that same exact song without getting sued, then I shouldn’t. In fact, it’s almost impossible to sue me, since I… *Looks at everyone* What? Oh, yeah. Right. The script. Got it.

Wire Sponge: Guys! The curtain is almost up! It’s show time!

*As the curtain opens up completely, everyone leaves, except Magna, who walks forward*

Magna: *Grabs a microphone* Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, to–*Gets hit with an apple*–and Maverick Hunters, to this little meeting me and the others have set up. We are here today, to tell you the story of how and why we came back.

Our story begins way back when, after Sigma, leader of the Mavericks, was defeated at the hands of that super pansy–*Gets hit with another apple*–the all great hero, Megaman X. It had been 6 months later, when X and the rest of the Hunters had tracked down the remaining Mavericks to an Island Base, home to the X-Hunters, reploids designed to destroy that good for nothing–*Dodges the apple and blows up the Hunter*–Thank you!! Now, we of course were put in charge while they moved to the North Pole so they could revive Zero for their purposes. In the end, though, we were all destroyed, including Sigma, who had come back at the last minute, and Zero was saved.

But of course, just like Sigma, we managed to survive. Me, with my magnetic abilities, and awesome ninjutsu–*Gets hit with a crowbar*–OW! Powers, I was able to reform with ease… ow. Wire Sponge had the ability of regeneration, and Morph Moth’s skill of healing by using mere junk was impressive. Together, the three of us rebuilt the others, and vowed to never again work for the Mavericks.

That was when we, together, had decided on becoming something more. More than just Hunters, instead, to protect you, the dear citizens, from evil whenever the Hunters couldn’t. For we are…


*The others get on the stage and pose*

Bubble Crab: I think I got a wedgie…

Magna: Shut up, Crab.

The End

*Written by Rebel


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