Undercover Kicks

*Written by Rebel4000

*It was an early morning at the Island Attackers island base, and with it a huge battle had just begun*

Magna Centipede: Die, you vermin!

Bubble Crab: I’m not a vermin, I’m a crab! Yay for crabs!

Wheel Gator: *Half-asleep* Guys…

Magna: *Kicks Crab* Who cares what you are! You’re going DOWN!

Wheel: *Awake* Guys.

Bubble: *Dodges a punch* I don’t see what the big deal is!

Wheel: Guys!

Magna: Well, if you must know…

Wheel: GUYS!!

Magna: *Stops fighting* Jeeze, Wheel. Can’t you keep it down a little? Someone could be trying to sleep!

Bubble: If someone is, then it’s definitely not me. Yay for sleep!

Wheel: I was trying to sleep, thank you very much, and I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t fight over such petty stuff anyways.





Magna: …*Kicks Crab*

Bubble: Ow.

Wheel: Grr…. MAGNA!! *Attacks Magna*

*At that moment, three things happened at once. 1.) Morph Moth came and caught the attack. 2.) Wire Sponge then came in and wrapped Magna and Crab up, and 3.) Wheel then got sick off of his own stench and threw up*

Morph Moth: Good job, Sponge. Just prevented another hole in the wall.

Wire Sponge: Ah, there’s nothing to it. After all, only here would a fight break out because Crab had the last cookie in the cookie jar.

Bubble: Yay for cookies!

Morph: Well, as long as I’m here, we might as well call a team meeting. *Takes a deep breath* TEAM MEETING!!

*The remaining members fall from the ceiling*

Crystal Snail: *Looks around* What just happened? I was busy… taking a nap, ya know…

Overdrive Ostrich: Whatever, just get off of me!

Crystal: Maybe later… *Falls asleep* Zzzzz…..

Overdrive: *Throws Crystal into the wall*

Wire: Oh, God dammit.

Flame Stag: I can fix that.

Morph: No need, I’ll do it.

Flame: Okay… So what’s the meeting for?

Morph: Well, I have decided that it was time that we started to search for a way to get some sort of publicity.

Magna: Huh?

Wheel: He means we need to get a job.

Bubble: Yay for jobs!

*Everyone stares at Crab*

Bubble: What? *Thinks* Oh, wait… Crap.

Overdrive: So how are we going to get publicity? After that introduction a few days ago I don’t think the people will be too thrilled to see us again. (Refer to the prologue)

Magna: We should have done the song…

Wheel: Just shut up about the song! Now how are we going to get publicity?

Morph: *Hands everyone a small device* I have invented a contraption which will allow us to look like regular everyday reploids, so we can blend in.

Magna: Cool! *Transforms* Hey, what gives? I’m a small puny robot!

Overdrive: *Smirks* Suits you.

Morph: ANYWAYS, Magna, your name in that form is Rebel40000, or Rebel for short.

Rebel: Word.

Flame: *Transforms* I guess I look all right. So what’s my name, or do I even have a new one?

Morph: Your name is Ghaleonx5z.

Ghaleon: Kind of long, don’t you think?

Morph: Fine, then how about Ghaleon or Ghal for short?

Ghaleon: Okay, that sounds good.

Bubble: Ooh, ooh! What about me? *Transforms*

Rebel: Oh, that is just not fair. How come these two look all cool, but I don’t?

Wire: Stop your whining, you big baby!

Rebel: *Cries*

Morph: Crab, your name is ProtoBassX.

Wheel: I know damn as well you have no life.

Morph: That is correct.

ProtoBassX: Yay for no lives! But I think the name is a little long too, so I’ll just use the intials. How’s PBX sound?

Overdrive: Sounds pretty good, PeanutButterX.

PBX: D’oh!

Overdrive: Now what’s mine look like… *Transforms*

Rebel: Hah! Your all puny like me, GDT!

GDT: Shut up. But what’s GDT stand for?

Morph: *Knocks Rebel out* You don’t want to know.

GDT: Tell me!

Morph: No!

Crystal: *Wakes up* GoodDoggyTreat…


Wheel: Aw, come one. It ain’t that bad. *Transforms* Oh now this is just sick.

Morph: Heheheh…

Wheel: It isn’t funny! I’m a rat! Why?

Rebel: Because while he was working on the bodies a rat came by and decided to do its business!

*Everyone laughs*
Morph: Put aside, your name is Outlaw88, or just Outlaw if your going to complain.

Outlaw: Awesome name, but a lame body.

Rebel: Hey it isn’t that bad, Rat Guy.

Outlaw: I’m not Rat Guy!

Rebel: Sure you are Rat Guy!

Wire: It’s my turn now. *Transforms*

Ti-An: Ti-An Future MKII ready for action sir!

Morph: But you… Sigh, never mind. Crystal?

Crystal: *Transforms* Cool. *Falls asleep*

Morph: And your name is Deathtuna… And mine…

Void: *Transforms* Is Void Darkheart. We will use these disguises to, as I said before, blend in with other people. And hopefully they will get to trust us.

Ghaleon: But how are they going to trust us if we’re deceiving them by thinking we’re not them?

*Everyone stares at Void*

Void: Eh, I’ll think of something.

Rebel: Well then, what are we waiting for?! Let’s GO!

PBX: I call shotgun!

Ghaleon: Aren’t you a little young to drive?

*And so the eight (seven 1/2 if you cut off sleepers) went to the city, so they could gain the peoples trust and maybe even some action*

GDT: *Steps into the light* No matter how many time I come here, the city still amazes me. How about you guys… Guys?

Rebel: *Talking to some girls* So anyway, I may not look much, but I am the leader of an awesome team of super heroes…

Void: *On the verge of throwing up* Man, Outlaw! You keep on complaining about being a rat, but if you truly hate it so much then why do you keep on sticking your head in the sewers?!

Outlaw: I told you, the gases charge my batteries. *Sniff* Ahh… What a glorious smell… *Barf*

PBX: Yay for barfing! *Barfs*

Deathtuna: *Playing a GBA* Damn stupid Dynamo Man is too hard… *Breaks game*

Ti-An: You weren’t even playing Megaman & Bass you lazy–

Deathtuna: Shh! Do you hear that?

Ti-An: *Listens* No…

Deathtuna: Exactly!

Ghaleon: *Pats GDT on the shoulder* We lost ’em. Let’s get lost too.

GDT: Right. *Bumps into a cloaked man* Sorry, my bad.

Man: ‘Ti’s all right, son. *Leaves*

*The Island Attackers went their separate ways, getting to know the people. In a few short ours, the sun had started to set.*

Rebel: *Looks at a clock* Guess I better call the team back, seeing as how I’m the leader.

Void: GROUP UP!!!

Rebel: Void, stop stealing my lines or I’ll hex you!

Void: Shut up.

PBX: Yay for shutting up!

Rebel: Can’t you ever say anything else?

PBX: Umm… Crack? *Gets knocked down* Oof! Hey! Watch where your going!

Man: So sorry, I’ll be on my way now. *Leaves*

Outlaw: *Runs up* Hey guys, sorry I’m late. I was busy throwing up.

GDT: As usual.

Outlaw: *Spews gas into GDT’s face*

GDT: *Throws up*

Ghaleon: Sheesh, what’s with all of the throwing up lately?

Ti-An: *Shrugs* Dunno. I was more of wondering why Rebel keeps on singing that stupid song.

Rebel: *Singing* Whoo we arre…

GDT, Ti-An, Outlaw, Ghaleon, PBX, Void, Deathtuna: Shut up, Rebel!

Man #1: Excuse me, but I was wondering who you guys were.

Rebel: *Still singing* I am Magna! Mighty, mighty Magna!

Man #2: Magna, huh?

Outlaw: Hey, weren’t you the guy I bumped into earlier…?

Man #3: And what about me, little PBX? Or should I say Bubble Crab?

PBX: Who are you!?

Man #1: We are… *Removes cloak*

X-Hunters: *Poses* THE ONE AND ONLY X-HUNTERS!!!


Serges: Uhh… Boo?

Deathtuna: Oh my God run!! *Grabs everyone and runs*

GDT: What the heck?! Since when was he so fast!

Ghaleon: Tuna always talked about how his laziness depended on the situation, so I guess when he’s scared he runs faster than the average reploid!

Rebel and PBX: Weee!

Void: Well at the rate we’re going, we should be safe for exactly 10…

Ti-An: Nine…

Ghaleon: Eight!

Outlaw: Seven…

GDT: Six!

Rebel: Five, four, three, two, one, who cares! Void pal, your timing is really off ’cause he’s right THERE!

Agile: And now your going to perish! *Attacks*

Deathtuna: *Dodges* Me no wanna die! Me no wanna die!

Outlaw: *To Void* We have to fight back! *Transforms*

Void: *Nods* Agreed. *Transforms* SILK SHOT!!

*Void fires three shots at the Hunters, only for each of them to bounce off. Outlaw assists but the same thing happens*

Violen: BWAHAHAHAHAH!! Your pathetic attacks can’t harm me! *Swings his mace at Deathtuna, with a direct hit*

Rebel: *Transforms* This isn’t working! *Grabs PBX*

PBX: *Transforms* Hey, what’re you doing!

Rebel: Letting loose some fireworks! *Fires both Magnet Mines and Bubble Splash*

Serges: *Attacks bounce off* What a ridiculous attempt at fighting back! I thought you would have proved to be more challenging, but I guess I was wrong! And now it’s time… to… finish… this……….. Crap.

Agile: *On the ground* AHH!!!! THE MAGNETS!!!! THEY HURT!!!! MAKE THEM STOP, MAKE THEM STOOOOP!!!!!!!!!

Violen: *Dead*

Void: Using the weaknesses was a very cheap but also a very effective move, Rebel.

Rebel: I do my best for the team.

PBX: And I helped out! Yay for helping!

Serges: *Grabs Agile and Violen*

Ti-An: So what’s Serges weakness?

Rebel: That, my friend, would be the Sonic Slicer.

Serges: *Backs away*

GDT: *Cracks knuckles* Heheh… fun for me.

Outlaw: Just try to not make it very bloody…

Ghaleon: Wow, I thought I was the only one here who wasn’t all into blood and gore!

Serges: *Takes off*

Outlaw: I’m not a pansy, I just… I just… *Throws up on Ghaleon*

GDT: *Turns to face Serges* Hey, where’d he go?

Ti-An: Grr, the coward ran off with both of his buddies! We have to go after them!

Rebel: Leave them be.

Ti-An: But…

Rebel: I said, leave them be! We one, they lost. Maybe they won’t bother us again.

Void: I agree with Rebel for once. Let’s rest.

Deathtuna: Back to the base we go… *Falls asleep*

*Back at the Island Attackers base*

Outlaw: What a freakin’ day. Not only did we get new looks and names, but we also got attacked by our old bosses, the X-Hunters.

GDT: I wonder if we’ll ever see them again…

Ghaleon: Hopefully the next encounter will be a more peaceful one.

Deathtuna: *Asleep* Yeah, peaceful… whatever…

Rebel: *Comes in* Okay, its pose time!

GDT, Ti-An, Outlaw, Ghaleon, PBX, Void: What?

Rebel: Just say “Code: Island Attackers” and do a pose!

Ti-An: Not again!

Rebel: It’s either that, or the song!

Deathtuna: *Wakes up* NO! Not the song! I’ll do anything! Anything!

Rebel: Sweet. Now…

Everyone: We are… *Poses* Code: Island Attackers!

PBX: Ugh… I think I’m gonna throw up…

Rebel: For the love of God, PBX! Shut up!

The End

P.S. I know this would be a lot better if you could see the sprites that used to accompany these but I can only do so much.


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