Destroying the Space Time Continuum (part 1)

*By Rebel4000*

*In one part of the Island Attackers Island Base, two figures are in a room with an outdated computer that still surprisingly works*

Rebel: *On the PC* I’m telling you, Punk is red, not pink.

Cutman.EXE: *Standing next to Rebel* Bloody hell. I wanna see what Havoc has to say.

Rebel: Hold your freakin’ horses, or I’ll be forced to get the tazer.

Cutman.EXE: ….Eh? What were we saying?

Rebel: Uh… Punk was red and you were agreeing?

Cutman.EXE: I think not, you haven’t won this one yet!

Rebel: But, you agreed to that I did. *Laughs*

Cutman.EXE: Don’t make me get my dad involved in this: Color is his job, and he’s been at it for 30 years!

Rebel: *Turns PC off* Hmm, Havoc doesn’t have his AIM address out.

Cutman.EXE: Bastard!

Rebel: So now we must go by the second best thing.

Cutman.EXE: Which is…?

Rebel: Me.

Cutman.EXE: Hah!

Rebel: Well, we obviously can’t go by you. You’re a blind fool.

Cutman.EXE: Well, I’m making my Punk.EXE figure pink, so there!

Rebel: You wouldn’t dare.

Cutman.EXE: I would! Same with…… Magna Centipede!

Rebel: Hey, wait just a minute… You said the sprites look pink.

Cutman.EXE: Yes, they do.

Rebel: But, they were released in black ‘n white.

Cutman.EXE: Look at the Punk.EXE sprites.

Rebel: No.

Cutman.EXE: Why?

Rebel: I don’t wanna.

Cutman.EXE: Mwahahaha!

Rebel: *Kicks Cut*

Cutman.EXE: AUGH! *Shears get stuck in the ground*

Rebel: *Points* Hah hah!

Cutman.EXE: *Summons Rolling Cutter to attack Magna but misses*

*The Cutter flies out of the room, going all the way into Void’s lab*

Cutman.EXE: Umm, oops?

*At Void’s lab*

Void: Hmm… Now that I have formed this new, dangerous chemical that has never been tested before, I guess I must do what all great geniuses do and test it. *Turns to PBX* Here!

PBX: Yay, kool-aid! *Drinks*

Void: Good kid.

Ghaleon: Are you sure he’ll be okay?

Void: 99.9% positive.

Ti-An: What about the other 0.1% pecent?

Deathtuna: …Explosions…

PBX: Grape flavored, yay! Hey, what’s that?

Void, Ghaleon, Ti-An, Deathtuna: Huh?

*Cutman.EXE’s Rolling Cutter quickly flew in, hitting PBX directly in the gut. Because of the digital weaponry being combined with the dangerous new substance, it resulted in the most likely of things to happen*


Everyone: HOLY SH….

*Three days later, or…*

Outlaw: Uhh… Did someone get the number of that garbage truck?

Rebel: Shut up… And get off of me!

Outlaw: I’m over here.

Deathtuna: Zzz…. Time… travel…

Rebel: *Kicks Deathtuna into a steel wall*

Void: Guys… What happened?

PBX: Explosions, yay!

Void: Oh, yeah. I knew that.

Ti-An: *Pulls out a chain* Rebel… What did you do to the base?!

Rebel: Whaddya mean, what did I do to the base?

GDT: *Headlocks Rebel* YOU must have done something! Who’d you piss off today!?

Rebel: Well, let’s see… First there was Void, since I was playing with his stuff… Then Outlaw, ’cause I kept sneaking up on him… Then Void again, but only because PBX was dumb enough to think that container full of acid was a soccer ball…

PBX: Yay for soccer!

Void, Ghaleon, Ti-An, Deathtuna, Outlaw, GDT: Shh!

PBX: Sorry.

Rebel: There was also the X-Hunters, Donald Trump, MHUX, HOTEC, the mayor, the mailman…

*Five hours later*

Ghaleon: Zzz…

Rebel: My old high school teacher, my mom, my dad, my dog, my–

Deathtuna: GOD DAMMIT SHUT UP!!!

Outlaw: Whoa.

Ti-An: I didn’t know Tuna had it in him.

Void: Wake up, Ghal.

Ghaleon: Huh, what? Oh. Um, did Rebel finish?

Void: No.

Ghaleon: Um, okay then. Where are we anyways?

Outlaw: That’s what I want to know.

GDT: You know, we could use a little something called “common sense” to have just answered that five hours ago!

Cutman.EXE: Why didn’t you just say that?

GDT: Huh? Who’re you?

Cutman.EXE: My name’s Cutman.EXE! But you can just call me Cut.

Void: EXE? As in those Battle Network guys?

Cutman.EXE: Yep.

PBX: Tell me my fortune!

Rebel: *Grabs Cutman* Well as much as we’d all like to get to know one another, we really don’t have time to be bothered by you, Cut. So you’ve gotta leave now.

Cutman.EXE: Hey! I’m lost too! You can’t do this to *Gets sent into orbit* MEEEeeee…..

Ghaleon: Um, why’d you do that?

Rebel: It’s always the with the questions with you, isn’t it?

Ghaleon: Well…

Ti-An: Enough talking, more killing!

*Everyone stares at Ti-An*

Ti-An: What?

Deathtuna: Wise man once said…. the thing……. Zzzz…

Outlaw: What the Hell…? Guys, look what I found!

*The Island Attackers gather around Outlaw to find a newspaper dated: 20XX. There was mixed emotions. Void started studying the area around them. Rebel punted Outlaw, while GDT and Ti-An beat the crap out of PBX, who was oblivious to everything around him anyways. Deathtuna just slept, while Ghaleon grabbed a chair and watched the others go about their business*

Void: Hmm… If this truly is 20XX, then that would explain why everything is so… downgraded.

Rebel: Holy crap! Look guys! My old computer has become an awsome plasma tv!

PBX: Yay plasma! *Breaks the screen*

Void: Okaaay… I think we should get going, so we can–

GDT: Mess with time and space, therefore making it so that Rebel will in no possible way exist, making ME the all supreme ruler of the CIA?

Void: No. Actually–

Rebel: We’re going to go off and mess with time and space, but were going to do other bad things than what GoodDoggyTreat has just listed!

GDT: Grr… I WILL rule the CIA… One of these days…

Rebel: What was that?

GDT: *Whistles*

Void: Guys, we aren’t going to mess with time in anyway like that! We’re just going to go down to Dr. Light’s lab and ask if–

PBX: Yay, time-messer uppers! *Takes off with everyone but Void and Tuna*

Void: No! We cannot alter the future in any severe way, you guys! Come back!!

Deathtuna: Giddy… on up… Cowboy! ZzzZzzz… Yeehaw… Zzz……

*Little did the Island Attackers know that they were being watched…*

???: Hmm… What a strange energy source. It’s even more powerful than the robots I’ve created!

Bass: What are you going to do, Dr. Wily?

Dr. Wily: Dammit, Bass! I was supposed to be in the shadows. You completely ruined the moment.

Bass: Oh. Well, what are you going to do, anyways?

Dr. Wily: All in good time, all in good time… MWAHAHAHAHA……

Bass: Bah, do what you want. I’ll defeat them myself! *Leaves*

Dr. Wily: Foo’.

*We see the Island Attackers in the past city of Megalopolis*

PBX: Yay for narrations!

Rebel: Shut up. All right guys, are you ready?

Outlaw: Yeah, but what’s with the paint cans? *Hold two up*

Ghaleon: And why are we in our transformed state?

Rebel: Simple. We need to be in our transformed state so we won’t get caught, therefore revealing our true identity. Even though this is the past, we must be as careful as possible.

Ti-An: But what’s the paint for? Are we… painting the town red?

GDT: Please. Only an idiot would… Oh wait. I forgot.

Rebel: All right, let’s get going! Void, come on!

Void: I refuse to help.

Rebel: Fine. Be that way. Deathtuna?

Deathtuna: Must capture… Party poopers… *Encases Void in solid crystal*

Rebel: Good boy. Now, you wait here and gaurd Void, while we go and have some fun!

Deathtuna: Zzz…

Rebel: *Kicks Deathtuna* DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!

Deathtuna: *Nods*

Rebel: Good. Now let’s go!

PBX: Yay for continues!

To Be Continued…


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