Destroying the Space Time Continuum pt. 2

*By Rebel4000+

*When we last saw the Island Attackers, they were all thrown into the past, along with the one known as Cutman.EXE. After finding out that they were in the past, Rebel and the others decided to cause some mischief, while Void was held in captivity. However, the “mysterious force” that is actually Dr. Wily and Bass have discovered them. What will happen to our heroes now?*

Rebel: Stroke, fools! The town must be red! Mwahahahah!!

PBX: Yay for being a slave to a madman! *Gets wipped* Yay for ticklish things!

GDT: Grr… getting bossed around like this… Just who does he think he is?!

Rebel: I am Rebel! Mighty, MIGHTY Rebel!!

Bass: And soon you will be nothing! Die!!!

*Bass fires at Rebel, but misses*

Bass: W-what?

Rebel: Bah, what an annoyance. *Kicks Bass in the gut*

Bass: Ugh… Curse you. *Passes out*

Ghaleon: Pant, pant… we’re done, sir…

Rebel: Hmm? Already? Boy, you guys work fast!

Outlaw: It’s easy when your using PBX to eat and then burp the highly toxic paint all over the walls!

PBX: Burritos, yay!! Burp.

GDT: You nasty little crab.

PBX: Heehee!

Rebel: So, Void, whaddya think?

Void: *In a crystal* You’re a bastard!

Rebel: No need to thank me… Ooh! Camera people! *Makes several poses*

*In the future*

Void: Hmm… I need to think of some bodies so we can travel around without getting the living daylights beaten out of us… *Looks at a REALLY old newspaper* Heh, that guy posing and the one’s in the background should do. God, that guy trapped in the crystal looks like a complete idiot!

*Back to the story*

Ti-An: Man, this is crazy… This must be the hundredth wall we’ve painted!

Rebel: Hundredth and one, to be percise.

Ti-An: Shut up, don’t correct me!

Rebel: Hey! I’m the leader, so I can correct you all I–

GDT: This stinks. I’m outta here to form an even BETTER team! *Leaves*

Outlaw: I think I’ll go too. See ya Reb.

Ghaleon: Um? Gotta go.

PBX: Yay for doggy treats!

Rebel: Fine. LEAVE THEN!! See if I care! Besides, I still have Deathtuna. Right?

Deathtuna: Magic Man is evil… Must kill…

Rebel: …I miss the others…

Dr. Wily: Allow me to comfort you.

Rebel: Why thank you.

Dr. Wily: Don’t mention it. *Captures Rebel and Deathtuna*


Dr. Wily: Mwahahahahahahahahah!!

*And in a flash, Wily disappears with both Rebel and Tuna, leaving a still-trapped Void alone with an unconsious Bass*

Void: Great…

???: Never you fear, dear citizen! We have come to save you in your moment of peril!

Flash: Shut up, Pointy.

Metal: Aw.

Void: Who’re you guys?

Quick: We are Wily’s Warriors! I’m Starnik, the cool, most handsome member and leader of the team.

Void: …Right. Well, could you get me outta here? My friends were sorta–

Air: Bass destroyed them, did he? We shall make him pay!

Void: NO! That weakling isn’t worth the time.

Metal: So we’re gonna just beat him up?

Void: NOOOOOOOO! You gotta get me outta here first!

Quick: No problem, man. Toasta?

Flash: All right, I’m gonna give it my all!!

Void: *Gets flashed* I’M BLIND!! I’M BLIND!!!!

Quick: Hmm, guess not. Pointy?

Metal: Y’okay.

*Metal throws a blade for it to only bounce off the crystal and get hit upside the head*

Metal: *Head falls off*

Murray: *Grabs Pointy’s head and buries it*

Bubble: Murray, you and your games…

Murray: *Grunts*

Quick: Eh… Koala?

Wood: *Raises the Leaf Shield*

Everyone else: …

Void: This is just stupid. Can’t you just tell that guy with the drill-like hands to bust me outta here?

Quick: But that would be to easy. I’ve gotta try all of the other crappy solutions before I pick the right one.

Void: Oh.

*At Wily’s castle*

Dr. Wily: Welcome, to your final resting grounds!! Hah hah hah!!

Rebel: Not too shabby…

Dr. Wily: Thank you. I just finished getting it rebuilt for the 42nd time this week.

Deathtuna: Lotsa beds here…

Rebel: So what will we be doing here, anyways?

Dr. Wily: After I do a thorough amount of research on you, I shall build the most powerful robot ever created!! It will be unbeatable, and I will rule EVERYTHING!!!

Rebel: Sounds stupid.

Dr. Wily: I know, but making ubsurd plans is what I do.

Deathtuna: Zzz… zero is a lonely number… for suicide missions… zzZZzzzz……

*Back with Void, the Warriors haven’t had much luck freeing him*

Quick: Ben?

Heat: Ain’t no way I’m gonna get hurt and look stupid.

Void: Can you pleeeeease just hurry this up?

Quick: Oh, fine, you big baby. Go on, Tails.

Crash: *Cracks the crystal wide-open*

Void: Thank you, God! *Transforms and flies off*

Metal: Bye, come again!

Bass: *Gets up* Man, I have such a headache…

Heat: AHEM.

Bass: Oh, crap.

*Void flies off in search of the other Attackers, hoping to get them before they decide to quit for real and save Rebel and Tuna*

Void: Stupid Rebel… Huh? Wait… There they are! Guys!

GDT: Oh, great… It’s Void. Lemme guess. You’re here to form the Island Attackers again and put Rebel back in charge.

Void: Well, yeah. Kinda.

GDT: All right, let’s go.

PBX: Yay for saving!

Void: Wow, you gave up kinda easy. What made you do it?

GDT: I don’t know how he does it, with PBX’s constant yaying, Ghaleon’s questions, Outlaw’s smell, and Ti-An’s godmodding! It’s enough to drive anyone crazy! In fact, you’d have to be crazy to actually WORK with that team!

Void: So you’ve given up on taking over?

Outlaw: Yeah right. He’s just going to kill us all and make another team called Island Attackers.

Ti-An: Not if I kill you first, fool.

Void: Right. Well, let’s go!

Ghaleon: Where are we going?

Void: Rebel and Deathtuna were kidnapped by Dr. Wily! We have to save them! And get back to our own timeline!

*With Dr. Wily*

Dr. Wily: Interesting… VERY interesting.

Rebel: So doc, am I gonna be okay?

Dr. Wily: Shut up, and watch as I build a new robot right now!

Deathtuna: ZzzzZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

Rebel: Tuna wake up man!!

Deathtuna: Recharging hunger… Will activate in five more minutes…

Rebel: Why you lazy little–


Dr. Wily: What is happening?!?!

Rebel: It wasn’t me! …Sorry.

Dr. Wily: GARRR!! *Checks the monitor* Hmmmm? More reploids? No matter! After I capture and study them as well, it will only serve to make my robot even strong–

Void: Wily! It ends here!

Dr. Wily: What?! How did you get in here so fast?!

Void: The stairs.

PBX: Yay for being used as a stepping stool!

Dr. Wily: It’s not over yet! Even if he isn’t complete, he is still more than enough to defeat all of you! Awaken, my most fearsome creation… ZERO!!

Zero: Yo. Wazzup?

Everyone else: Huh?

Zero: Dude, I totally need to go get a drink.

Outlaw: …..Wait, what?


Deathtuna: *Drools all over the motherboard*

Dr. Wily: WHY YOU…

Void: Hey, that “monstrosity” is releasing high amounts time distortion. If we destroy it, we may be able to cause a rift in time!

Ti-An: Leave it to me! *Pulls out a million nukes from nowhere and blasts Zero to oblivion*

Zero: Like, dude! I am SO dead!

*Zero explodes, creating a warp in space. All the Island Attackers jump through the portal, leaving Wily alone in his crumbling fortress*

Dr. Wily: 43rd time this week…

*Later, at the ruins of the Island Attackers base*

Outlaw: Man, what a freakin’ day… Going into the past and dealing with Dr. Wily and his stupid plans.

Void: But at least we survived and are in our own timeline.

Ghaleon: Do we even know that? We could be in the future for all we know.

Deathtuna: Meh…

GDT: Literally, people.

PBX: Yay for literature!

GDT: Not that kind of lit, stupid.

Rebel: …I guess as I am the leader I should do some congratulating.

Ti-An: Aw, you don’t need to that.

Rebel: But I should. I have been a real jerk lately.

Void: Rebel?

GDT: Wow, Rebel actually LEARNED something?

Ghaleon: Isn’t that good thing?

Rebel: Yes, I would like to thank… Dr. Wily!

Ti-An: What?!

Rebel: If it wasn’t for him and that awsome tour of his castle, I wouldn’t even be congratulating anyone! Now, who I really must congratulate is… Me.

Ti-An: *Slices Rebel’s head off and leaves*

Outlaw: Ooh, that didn’t sound to healthy.

Ghaleon: You okay, Rebel?

Rebel: Shut… up…

PBX: Yay for something that should of been directed towards me!


Cutman.EXE: *Slides onto the screen* Umm… Hi. For those that didn’t know, I’m still in 20XX. What are you guys going to do about that? Huh?! WHAT!!!

Dr. Wily: Shut up and help me rebuild my castle, you piece of data.

Cutman.EXE: Ooh, I am so scared.

Bass: Hey, Wily! Look! I don’t have any arms!

Dr. Wily: …

Bass: Wily? Hellooooooooooo? Look at me! Come on, Wily, I want you to look at me! …Look at me, Wily! Wily, loooooooook at meeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hey, Wily–

Dr. Wily: Just shut up already!

The End



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