*By Void Darkheart*

*It was the middle of the night, and like most sane people, the Island Attackers were all asleep soundly. Well, save for Bubble Crab and Morph Moth*

Crab: Now how do I infiltrate Donald Trump’s unknown fortress, defeat his army of evil, knock him out, drag him over here and secretly put him in the lab without anyone else noticing?

*While Crab plotted his arch-nemesis’ destruction, Moth battled a totally different villain of evil designs down in the lab*

Moth: Lets see… connect this wire to the servo… then plug it into this end of the power feeder… apply the lubricant where needed…

*Moth continued to attach wires and plugs and other technical things all through out the night. The following morning, A very loud explosion blasted through the kitchen, tossing out both Magna and Crab.*

Magna: That’s it PBX! You’ve stolen the last cookie from the jar for the last time! *charges at PBX, swinging his ‘tail’ around at the crustacean.*

Crab: I didn’t steal it! No one had claimed the cookie for themselves, so I just took it!

*Crab jumped backwards some and fired off the Bubble Splash at Magna, but Magna just teleported out of the way and behind Crab, punching at him*

Magna: Too slow!

*Moth flies into the kitchen, above the warring reploids, landing on the ground and going to fix him some food. As he fixes the food, Wire Sponge’s chain slams into the wall near him and drags himself over next to Moth*

Moth: Another cookie battle it seems. What do you think the outcome will be?

Sponge: Neither of them will get the cookie because Crab will end up crushing it when he gets knocked upside the head and falls onto it.

*Moth turned to look over at the warring crustacean and insect, watching as mines and bubbles flew back and forth between the two. As they battled, a very grumpy and foul mouthed (as in smell) Wheel Gator came into the kitchen*

Gator: Will you two please stop with all the noise? The rest of us are trying to sleep!

Crab: Yay for sleep!

*Gator finally swung at Crab, clobbering him upside the head, causing Crab to trip up and loose his grip on the cookie and crushing it between himself and the ground*

Moth: Looks like you were right.

Sponge: Not too hard to predict what those guys will do.

*Crab then jumped at Gator, firing off his Bubble Splash*

Crab: Death to the one who caused the cookie’s death!

*Gator prepared to fire off his Spin Wheel at Crab, but suddenly found himself wrapped up in Sponge’s Strike Chain while Crab was ensnared by Moth’s Silk Shot. Crab landed with a thud right in front of Gator, who then proceeded to squirm to kill the crustacean*

Crab: Yay for attempted murder!

Moth: One of these days I am going to find out what you run on that gives you all your energy there, Crab.

Magna: Wait a minute… you couldn’t use the Silk Shot like that before!

Moth: Well if X can modify our weapons to his whims, why can’t we?

*Moth started to fly off but stopped, heading over to one of the newly installed intercom units*

Moth: Team meeting in my lab! No exceptions!

Magna: Didn’t I tell you stop taking my lines?

Moth: *shrugs a bit* My lab, my rules.

*An hour later, down in Moth’s lab, the seven members of Code: Island Attackers gathered around Moth and a strangely shaped being covered in a large white cloth*

Crab: Yay! A new play buddy!

Gator: This isn’t about me eating that lady’s dog is it? He kept barking at us… and I was hungry…

Moth: Now, do you know why I called you guys down here today?

Magna: Checking out the new portable microwave ya made? *Points to the large cloth covered object*

Flame: Giant mutant purple potatoes!

Snail: Well, it looks about the size of a mattress, and, oh… I don’t know, no sense in… umm, trying to, uh, ummmm… figure it… ou- *falls asleep on cloth covered object*

*Moth sighs a bit, looking at the others, pushing Snail off of the object*

Moth: No, no, no, and most defiantly, no. Today, I am going to be showing you guys the latest in reploid technology!

*Moth pulls the cloth off the object, revealing the reploid that seems to be a giant puzzle of pieces from each of the C:IA members*

Moth: Fellow reploids, I present to you Frankenploid! Also responds to Frank and Ugly.

Frank: *Tries to bow, but fails*

Magna: Uh… Moth… why?

Moth: Because back when we worked for the X-Hunters, Serges said that there was no use for junk! Well he was wrong, and I just proved it. Frank here has all of our strengths, none of our weaknesses, and also a dash of Zero inside of him.

Overdrive: Why Zero?

Moth: Mainly so I don’t have to worry about him staying dead for long.

Everyone else: Ahhhh…

Crab: So what’s he do exactly? Make cookies? Oh! How about cakes?

Moth: He does all that and much more. Frank here shall be our new butler.

Sponge: Are you sure that… Frank, is safe?

Moth: Oh don’t worry. Frank wouldn’t hurt a fly.

*Just then the doorbell rang*

Reploid at door: Island-to-Island Salesman!

*Frank then began a mad rush towards the door, trampling over the team*

Gator: I thought you said he wouldn’t hurt a fly?

Moth: Salesmen aren’t flies, now are they?

*The following day, in the kitchen…*

*Frank walks in carrying a cookie sheet full of cookies, only to be attacked by Crab who runs off with the fresh pastries*

Crab: Yay for cookies!

Frank: Soon… soon they shall be the ones making the cookies…

Crab: Yay for backstabbers!

Frank: I said nothing about that.

*Crab blinked and wandered off with the cookies*

*The day after that, in the living room…*

Frank: Not only will the C:IA be under my control, but so will the entire reploid race, and then, the world!

Overdrive: Hey now! Taking over the C:IA is my thing!

Frank: Not this C:IA.

Overdrive: Oh… right… carry on then.

*The next day…*

Frank: Metalloy melts at a temperature equal to ten thousand suns put together, interesting,

Moth: Too bad the fact that having that many suns in one spot causes the entire universe to implode on itself.

Frank: Bwah!

*Moth chuckles and flies off*

Frank: Soon I shall have my revenge on you, my creator! Soon!

*After that day…*

*Gator walks out of the sewers and into the kitchen*

Frank: I… just… cleaned… the floor…

*A few days later…*

Sponge: So… when do you think good old Frank will attack?

Moth: I keep telling you guys, he won’t be a problem.

*A loud explosion then echoed through the halls*

Sponge: Right… that sounded like it came from your lab.

Moth: Let’s go check it out.

*The two reploids hurried to Moth’s lab to find it in near ruins, Magna just outside*

Moth: Magna! You didn’t try to touch the portable microwave again, did you?

Magna: No! It was like this when I got here!

Moth: Likely story…

*Flame then came rushing into the area*

Flame: I hate to tell you guys, but Frank just busted out of the base!

Magna: What? Quickly! We must stop him!

*Sponge, Flame, and Magna quickly ran off, leaving Moth back at his lab*

Moth: Hey guys! Wait… eh… forget it. They shouldn’t be hurt too bad.

*Minutes later, the C:IA minus Moth landed in the flying van and got out, standing in Frank’s path*

Magna: Remember team! This thing has all our powers, so expect everything!

Everyone else: Right!

*Magna turned around just in time for Frank to shoot off a Silk Shot right in his face. The rest of the team then began to unleash their attacks on Frank while Magna picked himself off of the ground. Unfortunately for them, all of their attacks bounced right off of Frank*

Frank: Fools! I am both impervious to your weapons AND covered in 100% Metalloy!

*As soon as Magna got up, he quickly teleported behind Frank and activated his attraction, clamping his tail onto Frank’s mid-section. He quickly then began to upload the first of many viruses, only to have his tail yanked off violently by Frank*

Magna: Gah! Do you know how much that stings?

Frank: A lot more for you than it did for me.

*Frank then threw Magna’s tail at him just as Gator, Flame, and Overdrive charged at him. Crab stood back, shooting off the Bubble Splash at Frank while Gator launched Spin Wheels, Flame threw Speed Burners, and Overdrive flat out beat into Frank. At that point Frank quickly unleashed a large blast of energy, throwing the four around him back and away*

Frank: How utterly annoying you all are.

*Frank found himself suddenly trapped inside crystal due to Snail’s Crystal Hunter attack striking. Snail quickly followed up by jumping into his shell and flying quickly at the crystallized Frankenploid. Frank quickly broke out of his crystal prison and flew up into the air, activating Crystal Snail’s time slow, causing the team to start moving really slowly, save for Snail himself.*

Snail: Ha! That doesn’t work on me!

Frank: No, it doesn’t, but Magnet Mines sure do wonders.

*Frank quickly fired of a slew of Magnet Mines at Tuna, freezing up his circuits. He then landed and using Overdrive’s speed, ran around physically beating up on the team with a combination of Flame and Gator’s strength. By the time the time slow effect wore off, the entire team was badly beaten and on the ground*

Magna: He’s unstoppable!

Crab: And he’s everywhere!

*The team quickly got up and looked around, noting that Crab was right in the fact that Frank had surrounded them in a big circle*

Sponge: Wait a minute now! None of us can do anything like that!

Frank: Oh? Didn’t you know? I installed a clone machine in myself.

Magna: Great… we’re dealing with not only a Frankenploid, but a GODMODDING Frankenploid.

Sponge: No… no one is going to beat me like this… NO ONE!

*Sponge shook with rage, slowly turning from his usual green color to a red one. As he did so, Frank quickly reformed into one being while the rest of the team began to scatter*

Frank: What the…?

*The berserk Sponge quickly flew at Frank, colliding with a loud crash, the shock-wave impacting the ground some. Sponge tossed Frank up into the air and quickly followed after, the two starting to exchange punches and kicks with each other. While that was going on, the other members of the team had set up chairs and were sitting in them, eating popcorn*

Flame: Better than Dragon Ball Z!

Magna: That’s not saying much.

*While up in the air, Sponge tossed his Strike Chain at Frank, wrapping it around him. He then began to spin around, sending thousands of volts through the chain and into Frank before the chain let loose and launched Frank up into the air. Angered, Frank throw a flurry of Sonic Slicers down at Sponge, cutting up his chain*

Snail: Zzz…

Overdrive: So who do you think will win?

Magna: Well, you have to remember, Frank was made by someone who thought our butler needed to be more powerful than we are, and ended up turning him into a Godmodder. Ti-An there is currently being powered almost entirely by the maverick virus deep inside of him. In the end, it’ll come down to who loses their god-hood first.

Gator: Either way we’re screwed in the end.

Crab: Yay!

*Sponge wasted no time in unleashing more of the virus’s power, firing off blast after blast of energy at Frank, trying to hit him. Frank kept flying left and right, dodging the blasts, one of the stray ones slamming into the ground near where the others were sitting, a shower of dirt and rocks falling on them*

Snail: Mh? Is it over yet…?

Flame: Almost.

Snail: Ok… zzz…

*With a quick and hard punch, Frank slammed Sponge back down and into the ground. Sponge got out of the hole he made in the ground before collapsing in front of the others*

Frank: Enough of this foolishness. I have other things to tend to than you weaklings.

*Frank then began to fly off towards the nearest city, leaving the CIA to watch him. Just as he got close to the city, Frank teleported in a beam of light away and towards the C:IA base*

Magna: Huh? Quickly! Back to base!

*The team quickly boarded the flying van and flew back towards their base as could be safely allowed. Back at the base they make a search of the perimeter before heading inside, eventually heading inside and to Moth’s lab, finding Moth just finish shutting a panel on Frank*

Moth: And that should be that.

Magna: Moth! What’s going on here?

*Moth turned and looked over at the battered and beaten group*

Moth: Oh, hey guys. You really shouldn’t have rushed off so quickly. I was going to tell you guys that I had programmed Frank here with an emergency teleport if he got too close to a city.

*The team just stared at Moth for a while, a little dumbstruck*

Moth: So as I said before, there was no need to worry about him harming anyone.

*The team still stared at Moth, time seeming to have slowed a bit*

Moth: I also figured out why Frank did what he did. Seems he had a strain of the Maverick Virus in him. I’m not sure how it got there really. All the parts scanned as free of the virus when I was building him. Oh well. I was able to isolate and contain the virus for the time being.

Magna: You mean…

Flame: We just…

Sponge: You are dead Void.

Snail: Zzzz… Beat… Void…

Crab: Yay for unneeded battles!

Gator: I think I’m going to go crazy…

*Overdrive cracked his knuckles as he and the rest of the team advanced on Moth*

Moth: Hey guys… calm down… there’s no need to be that upset… is there? Right?

Magna: SHUT UP!!

The End



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