The Christmas Party

*By GDT & Rebel4000*

*It was Christmas in the future city of Megalopolis, and everyone was giving presents and opening them*

Boy: Here you go mommy.

Woman: Oh, a boa constrictor! How–

Boa constrictor: *CHOMP*

*Yes, even the villains were in the joyous time of year, including Donald Trump…*

Donald Trump: Santa, no offense, but you’re fired.

Santa: Great, there goes my paycheck for the year…

Elf: But Santa, what about Christmas?


*The X-Hunters, in there newly built base, were exchanging gifts between one another…*

Serges: Here you are, Violen.

Violen: *Opens the box* Oh, wow! An official “I Love Lucy” stopwatch! It’ll go perfectly right next to my official “I Love Lucy” action figures! Thanks, Serges!

Serges: Aw, don’t mention it. And here’s your present Agile.

Agile: *Tears the paper off* Cool! A bunch of rusty knives! Now I can slit my wrists whenever I want! THANKS GUYS!!

Serges and Violen: Don’t mention it, buddy!

Man: Hey you guys! How many times do I have to tell you, get outta my dumpster!!

Agile: Quickly! Retreat!

*And even Dr. Wily back 20XX was celebrating Christmas… sort of*

Dr. Wily: Thank God I built that time machine to send that stupid navi back to his own time. Don’t you agree, Bass?

Bass: *In the time machine* What’cha say Wily?

Dr. Wily: Get out of there, you fool! If you’re not careful, this entire place could–


*Bass then teleported away*

Dr. Wily: ……..Crud…

*The real story begins at the Island Attackers… uhhh… island…*

Overdrive: Hey Crab, what the hell are you eating.

Crab: “Retard Sandwich” yay!

Overdrive: What’s a “Retard Sandwich”?

Crab: Flamin Hot Cheetos, and Miracle Whip.

Overdrive: RIGHT.

Morph: Be quiet, I’m doing research on it ever since I found radioactivity emitting from it.

Wheel: But who picked the name?

Morph: Crab.

Wheel: Oh.

Magna: I’m bored…

Wheel: Me too.

Crystal: Zzzzz…

Wheel: Well see you guys I am going to town.

Magna: Meh!

*So Wheel Gator jumps in the sewer and goes to town*


Overdrive: Since when do we have a phone?

Magna: Since I stole one.

Overdrive: Ohhh…

Flame: I’ll get it! Hello… Yeah right ok we will be there soon. Bye.

Wire: Who was it?

Flame: I don’t know but there’s a party at that old warehouse on 3rd Street.

Magna, Wire, Crab and Overdrive: PARTY!!

Magna: Well, let’s go!

*So the C:IA hopped it to their super shagadelic bus of the 70’s and headed to 3rd Street except Wheel, Morph and Crystal*

Overdrive: *Grinning* Nice. A keg.

Crab: YAY for cookies!

Magna: Lets not start that again.

Flame: Cool.

*Suddenly Bass shows up*

Overdrive: Damnit I just finished tapping the keg!

Crab: And I’m not finished with my cookies!

Bass: Well too bad, Island Attackers!

*Super indestructible cables pop out of the ground and enclose the Island Attackers*

Bass: HA! You’re all screwed now Island Attackers.

*Three stray cables drop to the floor*

Bass: Where are the rest of you…?

Wire: Oh, they’re off doing something stupid.

Bass: Makes sense.

Overdrive: *Reaches for beer hat*

Magna: Overdrive… what are you doing?!

Overdrive: It’s still a party right? I can’t leave a party until I throw up!

Magna: Why?

Overdrive: It’s the only time I get drunk.

Magna: Ahh…

*Overdrive throws up and it burns the cable around him freeing him*

Overdrive: Ohhhh, my head…

Flame: Woah, shouldn’t have had the punch… *Pukes*

Magna: *Gags himself with his tongue*

Crab: *Still eating cookies* Ohhh..*Pukes*

Wire: *Pukes*

Bass: You’re all disgusting. I’m out of here. *Leaves*

Overdrive: Wire, you didn’t eat or drink anything to puke and you didn’t gag yourself so what happened?

Wire: Crab’s “Retard Sandwich”.

Overdrive: Ahhh.

Magna: Welp, let’s go home…

*At IA’s base*

Magna: Hey Crystal, where’s Wheel?

Crystal: Zzzz… *Throws crinkled piece of paper at Magna*

Magna: “Wheel called, he’s in jail, and he didn’t leave a number. Sincerely, The Snail on the Couch”.

Magna: We have to go get Wheel out.

Overdrive: Naaa, lets just leave him there.

Flame: I’ll go get him.

*So Flame leaves to get Wheel out of jail*

Overdrive: Well I’m gonna hit the sack.

Crab: What sack, huh huh huh?

Overdrive: I am going to go to sleep.

Crab: What about hitting the sack?

Overdrive: …Shut up.

Crab: Yay for shutting up!

Morph: By the way Crab, did you know that your “Retard Sandwich” contained spider eggs?

Crab: Yep. I’m pregnant for Christmas! Yay!

Morph: Just checking.

*An hour later Flame comes back with Wheel*

Magna: Why were you in jail?

Wheel: Uhhh… I fed a diabetic horse?

Magna: Will someone please just end this stupid thing already?! Oh yeah, and SHUT UP!!

Wheel: Meanie.

The End




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