Series 2 Prologue

*Written by Rebel4000*

Rebel: Hello everyone. Yes, I am talking to you, not that person who is currently staring at me through my window. As you may or may not realize, I am starting this second series off by not doing the usual *It was morning at the Island Attackers island base* crap, mainly because in a prologue I can do whatever the hell I want, like this! *teleports next to Void*

Void: Whoa! How the heck did you do that?

Rebel: A wizard did it, silly Void. *sets his desk on fire and runs out of the lab*

Void: …Damn him. Good thing I planned for such an occasion. *pushes a button and another table comes out of the floor*

Rebel: *Back in his room* So as you can see, I can do whatever I want since none of the other members EVER know what I’m planning to do. Speaking of which! *teleports next to Majin*


Rebel: That’s right. Now don’t forget to chase that imaginary mutated beer bottle that only you can see into the city. Oh and be sure to grab the others with you and don’t let them go!

Majin: *runs through a wall*

Rebel: Excellent. *teleports back to his room* Now to where we begin in this little prologue. Just what does Rebel have planned for you kiddies? FAN MAIL! Yes, we here at Island Attackers get many a letter that mainly asks about why everything that we do happens. And, well, I’m just one bored person so I’ve decided to answer a few of these. That’s right! You didn’t get me at all for one whole epilogue so now you’re going to get me FOR ONE WHOLE PROLOGUE INSTEAD! Let’s begin… *tears an envelope open*

: Dear Rebel, Just what exactly happened to Bass after “The Christmas Party?” Did Wily ever get him? From, Andrew.

Rebel: Well Andrew, Wily is a very smart person. He just built himself a time machine and grabbed Bass. Good thing too, he couldn’t kill us even if he was given a rocket launcher that fired nuclear missiles. Next letter!

: Dear Rebel40000, I am rather confused by that one epilogue that you wrote, the second part of “Destroying the Space Time Continuum.” What exactly did Ti-An do to Zero at the end of it? Sincerely, FCI.

Rebel: He pulled a bunch of rocket launchers that could fire nuclear missiles out of his ass and destroyed him, unlike a certain someone that I refuse to mention again. Next!

: Dear CIA, If Bubble Crab is afraid of Donald Trump, then why did he want to infiltrate his fortress and kidnap him in “Frankenploid?” Thanks.

Rebel: …You know I bet this unnamed letter is from that guy who keeps staring at me through my window.

Guy: *Winks*

Rebel: Funny thing is, my room is on the fourth floor of this base.

Guy: *Looks down and falls*

Rebel: N00B! Anyways, to answer this question. This is freaking PBX we’re talking about. You’d have a better chance at figuring out what goes on in some psycho’s mind than his. On to the next letter…

: To whomever it may concern… Just what exactly is the CIA base like? A lot of the action takes place there, but I don’t have a good enough visual. From, FINKRAT28.

Rebel: Interesting question, FINKRAT28, very interesting indeed. But do I really need to answer that? I mean, to me, the only guys who have rather detailed bases are the Mech Maniacs (even though they went through like three of ’em), the Sinister Six, and Cossack’s Comrades. But I s’pose I could enlighten thee.

*Rebel teleports to a room with a large screen. He then grabs a pointing stick as the screen flashes and reveals a map of the entire base.*

Rebel: Originally when I decided to form the X2 Team, I figured the base where we would all hang out at would be on the island that took place in the game… but not anymore. The island itself is fairly large, with trees strewn about, and it also has it’s own inactive volcano. The difference is that it’s all actually real. None of that metallic crap. Still sound like the original island? WELL STOP. ‘Cause that’s all the similarities. The other differences is that near the edge of the island (the one closest to Megalopolis), is a large tower, where we all live. Think like MM3 for a moment, with the way Wily’s Skull Castle looked. Now just remove the skull and slap an entire paint of blue all over it and now you’re set. There is also a bridge that connects this island with the city. And before I get started on the smaller details, this tower is six stories tall, including a basement!

*The screen flashes again as it changes and Rebel points at the bottom of it.*

Rebel: On the first floor is the entrance, with a elevator leading to the rest of the base. Yeah, we don’t believe in stairs ’cause we’re all too lazy. The garage, or cave that you will, that has our pimpin’ Rescue and Special Operations Van. If it wasn’t for that, this floor wouldn’t get used that much. Now the second floor has the living room where we watch tv, the kitchen, and the dining room. Funny thing is, we never use the dining room.We just eat wherever. The third floor is where Void’s lab is located. It’s a big old lab, in fact the only thing that isn’t his lab is the hallway which connects to the elevator and the door to the lab, and a small room that used to have that old beat up computer which I finally replaced a little while ago. Anyways, I’m certain Void has some cool stuff in that lab of his, but I never really get a chance to look around since he’s in there almost 24/7.

*Once again the screen flashes as it zooms in on the last four floors. Rebel moves his pointing stick down, and lightly taps the fourth floor.*

Rebel: The fourth floor is where all of our rooms are. We sleep, read, or do anything that we like to do so that the other members never get in our business. Of course, while the others use locks on their doors, minus Tuna since he can’t even make it to the bed, I use state of the art technology, so you’re forced to input a password! Har har har. I be verrrry tricky. Next up is the fifth floor, which is where we store all of our junk. So, you’ll mostly find boxes, boxes, and more boxes. Did I also mention boxes? Oh well, onto the sixth floor, which has only one purpose, just like the fifth floor. Some like to call it “The Lookout Room.” I like to call it “The Place Where Nothing Happens.” Seriously, all it has is a telescope and a radar to detect things from a distance… but blah. Since when do we need to lookout anyways?

*For the final time the screen flashes which shows the basement, which strangely enough has two sections. Rebel points to one part.*

Rebel: The deal with the two parts is quite easy to explain, actually. The first part, which I am pointing at right now, is mostly filled with water, and it has the Island Attackers Special Lifesaving Submarine! Yeah, we haven’t used it at all, just like the Lookout Room, but submarines completely own telescopes, no contests. The other part of the basement is everyones favorite… TRAINING COURSE OF DOOM (TCoD)!! Mwahahahah! Yes, that place shall never disappear, and it’s all PBX’s fault ’cause I say it is! As to where this room is… well, I magically added it. Yep. I sure do a good job at explaining this stuff, don’t I? *teleports back to his room* Now it’s time for the next letter. Sure hope it’s easier to answer…

: Dear Rebel40000, Can I join your team? Is there anything I can do? I’M DESPERATE! -jojo4.

Rebel: Sure, you can always be certain that something crazy will happen to the team. I’m actually hoping for some new sla–I mean, members, that don’t mind getting roughed up a bit! Now for the next one. *opens it*

: Dear Mr. Centipede, You’re liable for car insurance!

Rebel: Woo! *sets the letter on fire* I love my lighter. NEXT!

: Rebel, Why do you suck so badly?

Rebel: *Writes GDT’s name at the end of it* lolol, bcuz u suk evn mor!!11one1 *grabs another letter*

: For the members of Code: Island Attackers, Just who are your favorite villains in your eps? My favorite is Donald Trump! From snagemmachine.

Rebel: Well, the other members are busy doing… stuff, but I guess I can I try and guess what they are. Mine is Agile. Don’t know why, but after doing this whole team stuff he’s kinda grown on me. The big loser. PBX’s has to be Donald Trump, I mean, he never shuts up about him. And when he does, he’s saying “Yay!” or some crap like that. Majin… it’s kinda hard, but I’ll just take a shot into the blue and say that one guy, Anti-Majin, is his favorite. I mean, he’s the anti version of himself. C’mon people. I think Outlaw likes Violen the most. Either that or one of the other X-Hunters, but then again he could also like Trump. Tuna… he likes… DYNAMO MAN!! Or was that hate? I forget. Ghaleon is a mystery to me, he doesn’t seem to like or hate anything, though for some reason I’d have to guess at Anti for now. Void, eh, probably Frank, just ’cause he’s a self proclaimed genius who never got his butt handed to him by that monstrosity. GDT likes all of them… to beat up. So obvious right there. So, now I’m going to do the final letter. Hope I can answer it.

: Dear Rebel40000, Who was the mysterious character at the end of the last epilogue in series one? Was it Patches? Sincerely, 32346324.

Rebel: 32346324? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is it some sorta code, calling me a pair of underwear? Oh well… And uh… what are you talking about? Mysterious character? Hahahah. There are no mysterious characters here. No sir. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Got it? Good. Now shut up about it–*hears the doorbell* Damn it. *teleports and answers it* Yes?

Officer: This is the police.


Officer: No, no. I wanted to tell you we found your idiotic friends running around disturbing the peace. One of them was insanely drunk and so we had to detain them.

Rebel: *Sighs* Oh good god, and here I thought it was something important. *walks off*

Officer: Uh, sir? Aren’t you going to go get them? …Sir?

The End


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