Trump’s Purchase

*Written by Shadowstrike*


*The story starts off in a boardroom in the Trump Taj Mahal, where Trump and two random unnamed and unimportant people sit, arguing over the evil millionaire’s recent purchase*

Random unimportant person #1: Sir, you cannot just buy them, they aren’t for sale.

Trump: You’re fired, really. I’m DONALD TRUMP, I can buy anything!

Random unimportant person #2: That’s true; he is Donald Trump.

Random unimportant person #1: But–

Trump: No buts. You’re fired. Again. The CIA is mine!

Narrator: At the Code: Island Attackers base, all is–*is shoved out of the way by PBX, closely followed by Rebel, who is pissed off*

Rebel: God damnit PBX, I can see the last cookie, but give me back my freakin’ Coca-Cola, NOW!

PBX: I got it first, you can have this! *tosses a can of Pepsi at Rebel that explodes in mid air from being shook to much*

Rebel: *is hit by the Pepsi* NO, IT BURNS!! I’M BEING MELTED BY ACID!!

GDT: Despite the fact that I would like to be the leader, dude, it’s just Pepsi.

Outlaw: Yeah, I’m going to go find something to eat… *walks away, out the door, but stops when he gets there*

Majin: That’s it, no more beer! Well, maybe just one more. *runs to the kitchen (or wherever they keep food and drinks) and goes to the fridge*

Void: Hey guys, look what I made–What the hell is Rebel doing?

Ghaleon: PBX took the last coke then threw a can of Pepsi at him, which I guess is like acid to him.

Deathtuna: *on the ceiling, fast asleep* Stupid Dynamo…

Outlaw: *at the door* Um, guys, it seems we got a summons notice.

Rebel: *wrestling with PBX for the drink* For what?

Outlaw: It, um, says here that we have to do community service at the Trump Taj Mahal for all the damage we have caused by fighting him.

PBX: WHAT?! TRUMP?! NO, I DON’T WANT TO GO!! *runs around crazily in a circle, even up a wall until he runs into the ceiling and is knocked unconscious*

Rebel: That was convenient.

*Twenty minutes later, the CIA walk into the Trump Taj Mahal (except for PBX, who was dragged)*

GDT: Who the heck was that guy anyways?

Rebel: Huh?

Void: I think he means the guy who randomly appeared in our base, which you got in the way of you and PBX with your morning chases.

Rebel: Oh, right, he’s our personal narrator.

GDT: …What?

Rebel: I bought a narrator to narrate stuff. Only problem is that we only have enough for him to narrate in our base.

GDT: And that’s useful… how?

Rebel: Details, details, GDT. Now, where do we–*falls through a hole*–gooooooooooooooooooooooo…

*All of the others members blink in surprise as holes appear beneath them, which they promptly fall through*

Rebel: *hits the ground and notices a fridge* Uh… where the hell am I?

Trump: *over intercom* Why Magna Centipede, didn’t you know that the notice was a scam? Now, I will torture you all. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Your torture is very simple; all you have to do is drink all the Pepsi in that fridge.


Trump: Good, now do it.

Rebel: Nevar.

Trump: Fine, I like it this way better. *snaps fingers* *The wall opens up and a cannons pop out. Seconds later they lock on and begin firing*

Rebel: Bullets can’t hurt me! *gets hit* AH, PEPSI!! AH, IT BURNS!! *faints*

*In PBX’s chute*

PBX: Yay! *lands in Trump’s office* Wha??

Trump: You have the easiest torture. You will be my secretary.


Trump: Fine, have it your way. *a cage falls down and traps PBX, inside the cage, is a desk, a phone and a computer* Now, get to work!

PBX: *grabs the bars and gets shocked*

*In the one holding Outlaw*

Outlaw: WHEE! *lands in the room that has no doors, windows or anything but a few vents* Okay… now what?

Trump: Ah, Outlaw. I think this will be a fitting torture.

*The room starts to fill with water*

Outlaw: Okay, I’m an alligator. I can swim. *touches the water* What? No, not soap!

*Deathtuna lands in a room filled with strategy guides to every game he has ever played*

Deathtuna: Sweet.

Trump: Yes, you can use these… but first. *he activates a tractor beam, pulling the batteries out of his Gameboy* There, now you can use them.

Deathtuna: I’m glad I always have extra batteries. *searches* DAMN IT, THEY’RE IN MY OTHER SHELL!

*GDT falls and hits the ground*

Trump: GDT, your torture is simple. Michael?

Michael Jackson: Come on GDT…


*Ghaleon, Void and Majin’s chutes both end up in the same room, they land in three chairs, which shackle them to where they are and position their heads towards a large screen*

Ghaleon: This is different.

Void: I agree.

Majin: *not drunk* Huh?

*On the screen, Trump appears*

Trump: I didn’t know how to torture you three exactly, so I went with my normal torture. Goodbye. *gets replaced with a Pauly Shore dvd*

Void: We are going to die.

Ghaleon: Yes, we are.

Majin: No, the alcohol had to run out now of all times!

*The torturing of the CIA goes on for days, until…*

Trump: PBX? File this for me now!

PBX: GET AWAY FROM ME!! *gets shocked again*

*The door blows open, and in its wake are the CIA, minus PBX because he was already there and GDT because, well, no one wants to go to Michael Jackson’s house*

Rebel: *is severely burned* Hello, Trump, we’re here to leave. Our community service time is up.

Trump: That was a lie. I did that just to bring you all here to torture you!


Trump: I guess it is now time for the climatic end-of-story battle.

Ghaleon: Yep.

Trump: Fine. *a giant mech lands in front of him* I guess I should mention that the real CIA now belongs to me. They will terminate you for stealing their initials! Ah, I love a good payback.

Void: …I hate you Trump. That mech looks so cool.

Rebel: Oh, stuff it ya wuss.

*The battle begins. Trump takes off, while Void starts off by trying to web the mech up, but it breaks free. It then fires a laser beam at Ghaleon, but he jumps out off the way, and the wayward beam gets PBX out of his cage. Outlaw charges the mech, but it jumps out of the way, right onto PBX, smashing him. Trump then fires a couple of homing missiles at all of them. The team tries to avoid, but the missiles eventually catch up and explode on all of them and they are all thrown back to the far corner.*

Rebel: Damn it. With that armor, that thing is almost invincible. We have to get rid of it somehow!

PBX: Why don’t we try to throw him out the window?

Void: That might work. From this height, and any attacks we could hit him with on the way down, that might just break that armor. But how?

Ghaleon: I can try to make him move back to the window, and Rebel can wait there, hidden and waiting to ambush it.

Rebel: That could work, except everyone needs to attack. CIA, ATTACK!

*It starts. Rebel slips away and hides by the window, preparing to ambush. The other six try to attack to knock it back, but they have trouble. Outlaw then picks up PBX and throws him with his spikes out. This causes it to jump back to dodge. Before it can land, Ghaleon jump kicks him, causing it land right in front of the window. Rebel, knowing it was time, tosses a Magnet Mine at the legs, causing them to malfunction, and fall out the window. In a last ditch attempt, the mech uses a grapple beam to grab them all and drag them down with him. However, the pilot within cannot dodge the barrage of attacks. When they hit the ground, the mech is destroyed*

Trump: *from the building* Fine, you’ve won today. But I will win next time. NEXT TIME!!

Void: We did it!

Ghaleon: But we lost GDT.

Outlaw: Looks like we need a new Overdrive.

Rebel: *points the mech pilot* You.

Pilot: Me?

Outlaw: Couldn’t be.

Deathtuna: Then who…?

Rebel: …Do you have any experiences with teams?

Pilot: Well, My grandfather was Turboman of the Drastic Measures, so, uh–

Rebel: Grab him.

Narrator: At their base, after laughing at the screams the person made when he was given the ability to turn into Overdrive Ostrich, the team is relaxing…

Outlaw: Newbie, what’s your name, anyway?

Pilot: Shadowstrike…

Void: Whatever newbie–Wait, where did he go?

Shadowstrike: *walks out of the kitchen holding a can of coke* Sweet, the last one!

Rebel: You sonnaofabitch.

Narrator: Rebel starts to beat the living daylights out of Shadowstrike!

Shadowstrike: Master of the damn obvious.

The End

???: Heheheh… And so Donald Trump has also failed. Although he was able to eliminate GDT, it didn’t even matter… Soon, verrry soon… The CIA… shall be DEFEATED!!


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