Opposite Day

*By Outlaw88*  *Note: This might have lost a little bit of it’s charm due to there no longer being any visuals from the character sprites. Hopefully it’s still enjoyable.*

*We join our hero’s on a lazy peaceful morning in which Moth is showing Overdrive around his lab*

Morph: This is Frank, he cleans up after us.

Overdrive: Cool!

Frank: I hate my life…

Overdrive: Man, this place is huge! Thanks for the tour Moth.

Morph: No problem. I just wanted to establish the “no touch” policy.

Bubble: Like I listen to that.

Morph: *Surprised* How did you get in here?

Bubble: The door?

Morph: I have got to get a better lock.

Overdrive: Hey, what’s this one do?

*They all stand in front of a strange looking machine that is box-like and messed up looking, but working*

Bubble: Ohhh I want to pull the lever!

Overdrive: No way, I want to!

Morph: Ok that’s enough, both of you out.

Overdrive: But I want to know what it does!

*Moth pushes a button and a trap door opens under Crab and Overdrive sending them down. Moth then stands looking at the machine*

Morph: Hmmm. What DOES it do?

*Crab and Overdrive end up in the living room with the rest of the team.*

Flame: I see you’re back from the tour. How was it?

Overdrive: It was pretty neat, except he wouldn’t let me touch anything.

Bubble: I took a paper clip!

Overdrive: So what are you guys doing?

Magna: We’re playing “Will Gator Eat It?”

Wire: *BUUUUUUUURP* Yeah, so far he’s eaten a bike, a trash can, a chair, a lava lamp…

Wheel: That one burned a little.

Crystal: I just had this wicked dream where I was dreaming about a dream I once dreamt.

Magna: That almost made sense. Man, I need new friends.

Bubble: You can have this puppet I made out of silly putty. I call him Squoosh!

Magna: I’ll pass.

Wire: *hic* Anyone want some of this beer keg?

Overdrive: With a group like this who needs sobriety?

Crystal: Hey, it’s empty!

Wire: Whoops. Too late I guess. *Belch*


Morph: What should I do with this thing?

Frank: You could test it and find out what it does.

Morph: True, but I don’t know if it’s dangerous or not.

Frank: So you’re just going to let it sit? A fine creation left to rot?

Morph: You’re right! I made it and it needs to be tested!

Frank: That’s the spirit! You should invite the others to witness this great moment.

Morph: That’s a great idea! Thanks Frank, I guess you finally warmed up to us. I’ll call them right now.

Frank: (Hahaha! He ate that up like candy! With any luck that pile of junk will explode, killing them all. Then I’ll be free of their idiocy! I just need to get out of the lab for a while and let the fireworks fly.)

*Later with everyone gathered in the lab in front of the mysterious machine*

Morph: After careful consideration I have decided to test this amazing machine with an audience present.

Bubble: Now can I pull the lever? Pleeeeeeease?

Magna: You’ll break it. I will be the one to…

Flame: I think we should let Moth do it.

Morph: Thank you.

Overdrive: Brown-noser.

Flame: What was that?!

Overdrive: Nothing…

Crystal, Wire, Bubble: *Snicker*

Wheel: So what is this thing anyway? Any idea of what it does?

Morph: That’s the thing. Usually when I make something I have what I want it to do in mind, but this thing I made using spare parts of various things. I never got around to testing it before so I really don’t know what to expect.

Magna: Sounds fun. I hope it turns out to be a cake machine!

Crystal: Let’s get on with it while I’m still awake enough to care.

Morph: Ok, here we go.

*Moth pulls the lever on the machine. At first it just hums loudly, then it blasts a blinding light all across the room. Then it makes a loud coughing noise as smoke rises from the top as it shuts down. Everyone stands still as they look around for the result of what just happened.*

Void: Hmmm. I wonder what it did.

Rebel: Hey, that’s an awesome Moth impersonation Crab!

PBX: I didn’t say anything.

Outlaw: Whoa! Now that is freaky!

Ghaleon: Why do I suddenly smell like rotten cabbage?

Deathtuna: Man this is a weird dream. It’s all Twilight Zone and stuff.

Majin: Uh-oh. My buzz is gone!

Void: *In horror* Oh no, this is no dream!

Rebel: You mean…

Shadowstrike: This is real?!

Everyone: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Void: Ok, stay calm everyone, I’ll just pull the lever again and it should fix everything.

*Pulls the lever but nothing happens*

Rebel: It must have broken!

Shadowstrike: Can we panic now?

PBX: So I’m in Moth’s body? I can fly now? Awesome!!!

*PBX gives his newfound wings a try and ends up bashing into the walls and ceiling*

PBX: Whooooo!

Void: Damnit! Stop hurting yourself. I mean myself. I mean…

Shadowstrike: Oh man, why do I suddenly feel so tired? It’s like… Like all my energy is being drained.

Deathtuna: Yeah, you’ll get used to that. Wow! I feel like I have more energy than I know what to do with! Kinda like when I ate that stew*.

*See Series 1, Epilogue #9 “TV Turmoil (part 2)”

Rebel: Void you have to fix this; I can’t go through life as a sponge!

Majin: How do you keep from tripping over your tail? It feels really weird to have two extra arms.

Ghaleon: This stench is killing me! How can you stand to be so disgustingly filthy Outlaw?

Outlaw: How can YOU stand to be so clean? This is way past squeaky on the clean-o-meter.

Void: Everyone just be quiet while I try to think of something.

*Void starts to pace while the others argue amongst themselves about themselves all while PBX continues to crash into walls.*

Deathtuna: Is today Friday by any chance?

Majin: Nope, today is Monday. Why do you ask?

Deathtuna: Because it would be a “Freaky Friday.” Hahaha.

*Only Tuna laughs at his joke*

PBX: Hey, there are buttons way up here!

Rebel: Don’t push anything! This is bad enough as it is without you blowing stuff up.

Void: I think what I’ll do is take this thing apart and see what needs to be repaired. I need you guys to leave my lab so I can work in peace.

Shadowstrike: *Yawns* Forget it! I’m staying put.

Void: No. *Pushes the button he used before*

Shadowstrike: Not again!

*The trap door opens up sending the team to the living room, save PBX who was in the air*

PBX: Wait for me! *dives after them*

*In the living room*

Rebel: I guess we chill until Void is ready.

Ghaleon: I’ll be right back. *Leaves*

Outlaw: Me too. *Leaves*

Rebel: The only good thing about this is that I can consume triple the amount of Coke than I could before.

Majin: My alcohol stream!

Shadowstrike: *Gasp, pant* This stupid shell weighs a ton! No wonder he gets tired so easily. I’ve never gone this slow in my entire life.

Rebel: That’s strange, the whole weighted shell bit worked in Dragonball.

*Ghaleon returns*

Ghaleon: What do you think?

Majin: Whoa, I’ve never seen you… err… Outlaw clean before. He shines up pretty good.

Ghaleon: I just couldn’t take it anymore. If I had to smell like that for a few minutes more I would have gone insane.

Shadowstrike: Think Outlaw will be pissed?

*Suddenly Outlaw’s stench fills up the room. Five minutes later, Outlaw himself shows up.*

Outlaw: Ahh, much better.

Ghaleon: AHHH!! What did you do?!

Outlaw: Well I…

Rebel: Hold it! Ghal, when will you learn to not ask him that? You know he always has a disgusting answer, and considering that’s your body it might be best if you didn’t know.

Outlaw: What could I do? That clean feeling was just maddening. *Notices Ghalion* My filth! Guess you had the same idea.

Ghaleon: Just don’t eat anything ok? I don’t want to have my stomach pumped.

Shadowstrike: Has anyone seen Tuna?

*PBX falls from the ceiling*

PBX: Yay, brain damage! Tuna said something about “taking advantage of a gift” and went outside.

Majin: I hope he picks up another keg.

Shadowstrike: He had better not be doing anything stupid with my body.

*On the highway*

Deathtuna: Whooooo! I can’t believe I’m beating traffic on foot! This is my dream come true; this has to be the best feeling in the world!

*Suddenly Dethtuna gets hit by a truck which is hit by a car, followed by a bee chopper which crashes into the pile*

Deathtuna: Followed by the worst feeling in the world. I need to get home.

*Back at the C:IA HQ*

Majin: I need a beer, being sober is like the weather channel: Boring as hell unless you’re drunk.

Rebel: Well you can’t, mainly because you drank it all earlier.

*Majin goes to the fridge and pushes a button, which open a secret compartment. As the door opens, the theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey” plays and a huge room filled with beer of all kinds is revealed.*

Shadowstrike: Now that’s a lot of beer.

*Majin goes at it*

Rebel: My liver!!

Void: *On an intercom* Everyone come back to the lab.

Majin: TACO!

Rebel: Finally. Let’s go guys. And Outlaw, stop burning the furniture!

Outlaw: Heh heh fires cool.

Shadowstrike: Huh huh so cool.

*Back in the lab*

Outlaw: Did you figure out what’s wrong?

Ghaleon: Better yet, did you fix it?

Void: Before I answer anything, where’s Tuna?

*Tuna comes crashing through the window*

Deathtuna: Yeah! Speed rules!

Void: *Ignoring Tuna* After taking a complete analysis of this machine I’ve found out what went wrong. One of the parts fried when we tried to make it work a second time.

Shadowstrike: Is it fixable?

Void: The piece itself is now useless and I don’t have anymore here. Without this part I can’t fix this machine.

Rebel: So why don’t we just go and buy a new one? We’ll take a ride to town, get the damn part and we’ll be back to normal by dinner.

Void: It’s not that simple, as this piece is in high demand right now. It will be extremely hard to find, and if we don’t get the exact same thing, the machine will not have the same effect and won’t change us back. It might even do more damage.

Deathtuna: Crap!

Ghaleon: It seems we have no choice but to look around for it.

PBX: Like a scavenger hunt! Yay!

Outlaw: What is it we’re looking for anyway?

Shadowstrike: I bet it’s something super high tech.

Majin: Shiny pants…

Void: An Easy Bake Oven.

*Stunned silence from the team*

Deathtuna: You’re joking, right?

Rebel: Are you trying to tell me that our only chance at getting our bodies back, hell our very sanity rests in the one lightbulbed hands of an Easy Bake oven?!

Void: Yeah.

PBX: I like cookies!

*The team, very annoyed by this news, all get in the van and go to the city*

Void: Be alert guys, let’s just find what we came for and leave.

Rebel: An easy bake… Of all things…

Outlaw: Hey! I can’t use my disguise thing.

Shadowstrike: Same here.

Void: Those were custom made for each of you specifically. Given the state we’re in they won’t work at all.

Majin: *Sobering up* Man I can’t keep my buzz going.

Deathtuna: How bout you stay sober for this one huh? We need to keep our eyes open.

Rebel: Let’s start looking.

Ghaleon: I’ll check the toy stores.

Deathtuna: I’ll check various shops.

Outlaw: I’ll check every trash can.

Rebel: I’ll drink more coke!

Void: Oh, that’s real helpful. Shadow, Majin, what are you doing?

Shadowstrike: Trying to keep up.

Majin: Trying to figure out how to work four arms and a tail. *Smacks himself in the head with his tail*

PBX: *Bashes into a light pole* Weeee! I’ll check the candy stores!

Void: It wouldn’t be in…

*PBX crashes through a candy store window*

Void: Never mind.

Shadowstrike: Here comes Ghaleon! Any luck?

Ghaleon: No, but I did find this awesome Nall plush! So cute!

Rebel: Ooook. Moving on. Find anything Tuna?

Deathtuna: I found a Creepy Crawler machine. Is that close enough?

Void: I’m afraid not. What did you find Outlaw?

Outlaw: Lunch.

Ghaleon: NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Outlaw: Relax, I’m only joking. Geeze, you’re easy to freak out.

*PBX come’s flying back with a huge bag of candy*

Shadowstrike: Can I have some?

PBX: Nope. *Engulfs the entire bag*

Void: That can’t be good for me.

Rebel: So now what? We’ve checked all the stores around and we found nothing.

Majin: eBay?

Shadowstrike: Screw eBay! We need to find it now; bidding on one that may or may not exist is not an option.

Ghaleon: I agree. I don’t want to be in this body anymore.

PBX: We could go on a road trip to Canada, pet the amazing moose that eats pickles, who will lead us to the forbidden ice cream shop for a sandwich, zoom to Brazil to catch re-runs of He-Man, and call the magic banana bread on the phone of doom and ask him about staplers.

Deathtuna: How in the world would all that help?

PBX: It wouldn’t but it would be fun!

Rebel: Ignore him. Any other bright ideas that aren’t stupid?

Void: We could check the news papers.

Ghaleon: Call somebody?

Outlaw: Search the junkyards?

Rebel: No, no, and never. What we really need is a convenient plot device.

*The Oreo Brothers show up*

Deathtuna: Works for me.

Oreo: There you are! We’ve been searching all over for you the moment we heard you were in the city.

Ghaleon: Why would you do that?

Loreo: Easy, revenge! The last time we met we would have destroyed you had that mohawked psycho not shown up*.

*See Series 1, Epilogue #9 “TV Turmoil (part 2)”

PBX: Yay, A-team!

Rebel: Under normal circumstances we would like nothing more than to kick your sorry butts, but we’re in a hurry. So how about we give you a rain check?

Oreo: Heh heh heh… We know what you’re after.

Shadowstrike: Oh yeah? How would you know that?

Loreo: Let’s just say there was a particularly angry candy store owner. I’m not sure why making little cupcakes is that important, though?

Void: *Whispering to the team* They don’t know what’s happened to us. Try not to reveal this to them, the last thing we need is to have to deal with their boss.

Oreo: What was that?

Rebel: We’ll fight you only if you tell us what we need to know!

Loreo: If you win, sure.

Majin: Are you sure about this? I’m still having problems with this tail. *bonk!*

Ghaleon: Yeah, how are we going to do this?

Void: Look we’ve been in plenty of battles together so you should all know how the others weapons work. We have no choice in this so lets do it!

Outlaw: All right action at last!

Shadowstrike: We’re in trouble aren’t we?

Deathtuna: Oh yeah.

PBX: Yay upcoming pain and suffering!

Loreo: Ready bro?

Oreo: Let’s rumble!

*The Oreo Bros. begin the offensive by blasting at the team, who all jump out of the way.*

Rebel: Ok team, do your stuff!

*Rebel throws a wire at Oreo but he dodges it.*

Void: Let’s see you dodge this!

*Void shoots many bubbles at the Oreo Bros. Unfortunately the bubbles only go so far until they just float away.*

Void: Damn! I need to be closer to… *Gets kicked in the head* Ack!

Ghaleon: Hold on Vo… er… Crab!

*Ghaleon lets fly with a few blades*

Loreo: Yipe! *Just gets out of the way*

*Tuna fires a few slicers at Oreo, just as Outlaw sends a stream of fire at him from the other side. This results in the blasts merging to form an explosion*

Deathtuna: Did we get him? *Is hit by Oreo*

Oreo: Not a chance!

*Though still having problems with his tail, Majin leaps at the duo throwing whatever he can find in his arsenal. He gets promptly blasted back down to the ground.*

Void: (They are just too fast! We can’t get a decent hit on them at all, just like last time. Wait. It isn’t like last time, we were missing…) Shadow! … Snail!

Shadowstrike: *Hiding in his shell* Yeah?

Void: Power up and slow them down!

Shadowstrike: How do I do that?

Outlaw: Figure it out, we’ll cover you!

*The team goes on the attack with Rebel getting a charge and firing bolts at the bros., while Void, Outlaw, Tuna, and Majin fire their weapons. Though the bro’s are able to dodge most of it PBX flies head first into them knocking them down*

PBX: I did something right! Yay! *Gets blasted*

Ghaleon: I’m no good with this weapon. There must be something else I can do with this body. *Picks up a nearby truck and hurls it at their foes. They scramble out of the way, saving PBX from another blast* He may be smelly but he’s strong.

*While the battle rages on*

Shadowstrike: Oh man, why does it all come down to me? Ok Shadow, think. How does Snail’s power work? Maybe I push this button? *A soda pops out of his shell* Nope not that one.

Deathtuna: Focus your energy! That’s the only… *Gets hit with a cream filling blast*

Void: We’re not going to last much longer at this pace.

Rebel: Hurry up already!

Shadowstrike: I got it! Get out of the way now!

*The rest of the team jump back behind Shadow, who then unleashes his attack.*

Oreo Bros.: Huh?

*The blast surrounds and captures them in a field of energy.*

Oreo: What the…

Loreo: I can’t move! What do we do?!

Void: You lose.

*The C:IA collectively blasts the Oreo Bros.*

Oreo Bros.: AHHHH!!!

Rebel: Well?

Oreo: Ok, ok, you win.

Outlaw: Now tell us what we want to know.

Loreo: The X-Hunters bought the last one in town.

Majin: Figures.

Deathtuna: Do you know where they are?

Oreo: Why should we tell you?

Shadowstrike: Cause if you don’t, Gator here will eat you for lunch. Right, Gator? *nudges Ghaleon*

Ghaleon: I will? I mean, yeah of course I will! *Chomps jaws*

Loreo: *Gulp* Their super secret base…

PBX: Yeah?

Oreo: So uber secret and hidden…

Rebel: Go on…

Oreo Bros.: The most secretive of secret bases…

Everyone else: Get on with it!!

Oreo: Is right behind that McDonalds over there in the play-place.

Void: Why am I not surprised?

Rebel: Let’s go and get this over with.

Loreo: Not so fast! Now that we’ve caught our breath, prepare to… huh? I still can’t move!

Deathtuna: Oh yeah, about that. The energy field will wear off in a few hours. Have fun now.

*The C:IA head over to McDonalds*

Oreo: Do you think this is safe? Us being trapped like this in the middle of the street?

*They are hit by a semi*

Loreo: No…

*At McDonalds*

Rebel: Any plan?

Void: No, not really. Today has been so messed up I haven’t been able to think straight. Though that might have something to do with what body I’m in.

PBX: Peanut!

Ghaleon: There they are, in the ball bin!

Serges: Curses! We’ve been found!

Agile: I knew we should have hid at the Burger King.

Violen: I like Happy Meals!

PBX: Me too! Yay!

Rebel: We’ve come to… Ohhhhhh! Soda!

Void: *Ahem* We came for the Easy Bake Oven.

Shadowstrike: Damn right!

Agile: We’re not going to just hand it over without a fight! Come on guys, let’s get them!

Serges: Wait a minute. Something isn’t right here.

Violen: What do you mean?

Serges: For starters since when is Crab intelligent? Moth said “yay”, Sponge is craving soda, and look there! Flame is filthy while Gator is sparkling clean!

Agile: Now that you mention it, I’ve never seen Rebel drunk before.

Majin: *Hic* Whooozafuzzzle…

Void: Where did you get that?

Majin: In this giant keg here. *Taps Tuna’s… Shadow’s… Whoever’s shell*

Shadowstrike: So that’s why it was so heavy.

Serges: See? Something is up. It’s almost like…

Rebel: It’s not what you’re thinking at all!

Agile: Oh? Then what’s going on?

Rebel: It’s simple really. It’s uh… um…

Violen: It’s what?

Outlaw: Opposite Day.

Agile: It is?!

Ghaleon: Yeah! Of course it is, why else would I be so clean today?

Violen: Wow! I want to play too! Instead of a big ol’ X-Hunter, I’ll be a kitty! Meow!

Void: Sure, whatever. We’ll just take the easy bake now.

Serges: Don’t we fight for it first?

Shadowstrike: Not today. Instead of that we skip right to the outcome of the fight. So it’s the opposite of you getting really hurt.

Agile: Neat! Who wins?

Deathtuna: We do. That doesn’t change.

Serges: Damn. Well then here you go. *Gives the Easy Bake Oven to them*

Void: Thanks. Ok team we got what we came for.

Violen: Meow! Purr!

Rebel: Right, let’s go home.

*The team hastily return to their HQ and go immediately to Voids lab*

Majin: How long do you think it will take for them to figure out it was a trick?

Void: *Working on the machine* It’s been what, an hour? Right about… now.

*At McDonalds*

Serges and Agile: DAMNIT!

Serges: Stupid, stupid stupid!

Agile: How could we have fallen for that?

Violen: Meow?

Serges: Stop that!

Ronald: Hey kids, play nice, now.

Agile: Shut up, Ronald.

*Back at C:IA HQ*

PBX: Is it done yet?

Void: Not yet.

PBX: Now?

Void: No.

PBX: Now? Now? Now? Now? N…

Void: PBX!! SHUT UP!!!!

PBX: …

Void: *Sigh*

PBX: Now?

*Void throws a hunk of metal at PBX*

Shadowstrike: Heh, Void hurt himself.

Ghaleon: Guys, we should really leave him alone and let him work.

Rebel: I’m not leaving until he fixes this mess.

Deathtuna: I’m gonna miss the super speed.

Outlaw: I’m going to miss being a flamethrower.

Ghaleon: I won’t miss this stench.

Majin: I hate being sober. It makes me think of stuff.

PBX: Like what?

Shadowstrike: Ways of getting more beer?

Majin: Well… Yeah, but not right this minute. What if it doesn’t work like it did last time? What if we’re stuck like this?

*A moment of silence hits them as they contemplate this.*

Rebel: It HAS to work! Otherwise I’ll go horribly insane and bring all of you with me!

Void: Hopefully that won’t be the case. At any rate I’m finished with the repairs.

Shadowstrike: I don’t think I can wait any longer. Throw the switch!

*Void does so, but nothing happens*

Everyone: Son of a…

*Suddenly the machine kicks on and emits a blinding light that lasts for a few seconds then shuts off again.*

Magna: I can’t see. Did it work?

*Moth rubs his eyes until they adjust.*

Morph: I think it did! I’m me again!

Crystal: Me too!

Overdrive: Hell yeah!

Wire: Beer party!

Flame: Hey wait… I still smell like rotten cabbage.

Wheel: That’s cause I put some in your armor. We’re back to normal.

Flame: Oh good. Wait a minute. AHHHHH! Unclean, unclean!

*Flame rushes out screaming*

Bubble: I’m super durable again! Yay!

Morph: What do you mean by that?

*Suddenly the immense pain from what Moth’s body took seized him*

Morph: Oh my head. Never mind.

Magna: Moth, I hereby order you to dismantle this evil thing and never make anything like it again!

Morph: I’ll do it tomorrow when I’ll feel less beat up.

Bubble: Can I have the Easy Bake Oven?

Morph: Sure, why not? It might stop those cookie battles of yours.

Magna: I get first dibs!

Bubble: Do not! *runs out*

Wheel: Or not. Clean… Gross…

Wire: Time to raid my secret stash!

Crystal: I think I’ll have one, too.

Overdrive: After a day like this, being drunk with you guys doesn’t seem so bad.

Magna: I’m getting a soda. Come on guys, lets get out of here.

*After they leave only one remains in the lab.*

Frank: Rats! The machine didn’t explode! Why couldn’t it have just gotten rid of them?

*Frank kicks the machine and then leans against it*

Frank: Hurrmph. Stupid piece of junk.


Frank: Ow…

???: Perhaps I may be of some assistance…

Dne Eht…?


Dhn Eet…?


The End



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