*By Void Darkheart*


*It was just a typical day in the base of the Island Attackers. Typical in and of the fact that things were blowing up and loud noises were being made in the tower. The reason for the explosions today could be found on the floor that consisted of the lab for one Morph Moth.*

Magna: Ok, set up the next round of explosives guys. We’ll blow him out of there if you all have to go down!

Bubble: But Magna…

Magna: Not now Crab.

Overdrive: Magna…

Magna: I said shut up…

Wire: BEER!

*The cry for beer is quickly followed by the sounds of more explosions and the sight of smoke, even more scorched walls, and a door that still stood.*

Magna: For the love of, what does he make his lab out of? Metalloy? Nerpium? Kryptonite?!

*Fortunately for Morph Moth, he was no where near his lab. He was currently in town with Frankenploid, who was on a very, very short leash.*

Frank: This is humiliating.

Void: Yeah, but still, can’t let you go running free and wild and all. You’d destroy the city.

Frank: Yeah, why did you build me with that much power and now limit it?

*Then a well dressed man ran up to the two of them.*

Man: Hello there! I’m a person-to-person salesman…

*That was all that was said before Frank sent the man flying into, and through, a nearby building.*

Void: Someone has to take care of the trash. Anyway, we need to hurry, or we’ll be late for the expo.

Frank: Expo? What kind of expo is this?

Void: The only kind that would force me to leave my lab all on my own and to drag you out here, under modified programming that is.

Frank: An anime convention?

*Morph stopped for a bit, standing there and blinking a bit.*

Void: Nah… you go to one anime convention and you’ve been to them all.

*It didn’t take the two of them too much longer (and a few more salesmen) before they arrived at the convention hall for the city.*

Void: And here we are! S3Expo!

Frank: S3Expo?

Void: Science Entertainment Expo Expo…

Frank: That’s a stupid name.

Void: We’re scientists, not name makers. I mean, I named you Frankenploid.

Frank: The comment still stands.

*Just sighing and removing his disguise, Morph headed into the convention proper, flying around some as he examined some of the various exhibits.*

Morph: Lets see… theory of comedic physics… heh, everyone knows that that it exists. Hardly a theory. *he moves on to the next exhibit* Paper metal? Doesn’t seem like it’d be that useful… *moves on* A YEAST POWERED ENGINE?! Jeez, they’ll let anyone in these days…

Frank: So says the moth that builds everything out of junk and always seems to waste solar energy.

Morph: Are you complaining, or would you rather I have used actual pieces of junk to make you? As for the energy, never know when you’ll need it.

*Meanwhile, on the other side of the expo… *

Serges: Ahhh, finally… I’m rid of those two. At least now I don’t have to worry about them causing too much damage around here.

*Serges quickly hovered over to an empty spot and began to set up his booth. His exhibit? The theory of techno-babble.*

Serges: Hopefully enough people will buy into this and I can get enough cash to afford a real lab again…

*Fortunately for the X-Hunter, most scientists of this day and age would rather look like fools than admit they don’t know what they’re talking about. Thus, the nonsense at his exhibit made perfect sense to everyone and he was getting his money’s worth. That is, until…*

Morph: Theory of Techno-babble? You’re really stretching for it this time, Serges.

Serges: GAH! What are you doing here?

Morph: *shrugs* Free country, Science Expo, and I am a scientist… of sorts, but one none the less. That, and I knew that you’d be here.

Serges: Well I’m not causing any trouble, so get!

Morph: Oh please now. I’m not here for a fight. On the contrary, I’m here to prove you wrong!

*By now, the crowd of scientists that were around Serges’ exhibit had spread out some.*

Serges: What are you talking about? You can’t prove any of this here is wrong.

Morph: Not this crap you pass off as real science. No… I came to prove that you CAN make something powerful and worthwhile from junk! Behold! Frankenploid!

*Morph moved so that Serges could see the creation in question, who currently looked indignant, angered, and just generally annoyed.*

Serges: That hunk of scrap is powerful? HA! I bet he can barely destroy anything!

Frank: You want to bet? Give me a target and I’ll blow it up!

Serges: Take out that annoying moth then.

Frank: Oh how I wish I could…

Morph: *laughing* Oh please… like I would let my second strongest invention be able to destroy, let alone attack, me.

Serges: You’re not as dumb as I might have thought… how about the exhibit across from mine?

*Frank turned around and quickly fired off a Sonic Slicer, slicing up the target quickly.*

Serges: Mmmm… not bad… but what about that exhibit? *points to an exhibit on the power of nuclear reinforced steel.*

*Frank smirked a bit and froze the exhibit over with the Crystal Hunter, quickly melting it then with the following Speed Burner.*

Morph: As you can tell, he has all of the attacks of my team, as well as a few other tricks that shall remain hidden for now.

Serges: *grumbling a tad* Fine fine… you were right. But you said he was only your second strongest invention? Where’s your first?

Morph: Top secret and currently being designed and debugged.

Scientist: What keeps this Frankenploid from destroying the city if he, or you, so pleased?

Morph: Well, his normal programming is such that he can not really come with in attacking range of the city. For today though, I put that program on hold, as well as deactivated the more powerful weapons.

*Serges, in the meantime, had started to get annoyed. It was his exhibit space and the like that Morph was taking up with his own show, even if it wasn’t an official one.*

Serges: Morph! I challenge you to a Brain Off!

Morph: *turning to face Serges as everyone else let out a gasp* You realize that we don’t have the time, or the space, for a proper Brain Off, right?

Serges: Hmmm… true. Then let’s just settle this like we always did. *pulls out a blaster and fires it at Morph*

*Morph quickly dodged out of the way and flew off, Serges flying after him and firing the weapon. Morph winced as his back side and wings became more and more scorched from the blaster shots, turning around and returning fire with his Silk Shot. Getting hit with the attack did faze him, but Serges continued onward, firing off some more shots of his own. Morph did as best he could to dodge, but there wasn’t much space for him to do so, and the damage was starting to build.*

Morph: Nnnn… fine. Time for the Solar Beam…

Serges: Ha! You don’t even have enough energy here to power it fully!

Morph: Yeah, which is why I always have just enough for me to use it on hand.

Frank: Well that explains that…

*Morph then clenched his fists, pulling his arms back and preparing to fire off his strongest weapon.*

Morph: Any last words?

Serges: I’ll be back! *turns tail and runs away*

Morph: *sighs and flies back down to the ground* My bluff worked.

Frank: Bluff? You were bluffing? What happened to that solar energy you had?!

Morph: Oh, I used that stuff to power my repair systems already.

Head of S3Expo: Um… excuse me… sir? What are you going to do about the damages that were caused here?

Morph: Hm? Oh… that… uh… bill Serges for it. He owes me anyways. Here’s the address…

*Later, back at the Island Attacker base…*

Magna: One last time Gator!

Wheel: *holding Crab in a ramming position* I don’t think its working…

Bubble: Yay! Head injury!

Flame: Why do you want to get in there so badly?

Magna: The Coke Machine of Infinite Dispensing is in there…

Flame: Really?

Magna: Dunno, but it would be something that Void would make…

Crystal: Save that he’s not even here…

Magna: …What was that?

Flame: He said that Void isn’t there. He went off into town with Frank for some reason.

*The silence was almost deafening as the realization of what was said sunk into the team leader’s mind.*

Wire: BEER!

Magna: Just… just shut up!

The End


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