Beasts of Metal and Lightning

*Written by Sean*


*The Yoshobos run until they reach a beach with a bridge leading to an island covered in forests. One turns around and looks back to see if the group was followed. Luckily it seemed that the Yoshobos speed was enough to escape unnoticed. The group of Yoshobos dash across the bridge. After the last Yoshobo crosses another group of Yoshobos appear. A short conversation is carried out by a series of warks, after which a red Yoshobo walks to the edge of the bridge and raises his hands. Shortly meteor after meteor comes crashing down and destroys the bridge. The Yoshobos then quickly run though the forests covering the island until they reach a small village. Then the group with the unconscious and nearly destroyed CIA on their backs run to a nearby and rundown building while the rest scatter.*

*One of the Yoshobos then runs to a nearby hut that looks like it would fall down if there was a sudden breeze. The Yoshobo enters the hut and looks at the state of disarray that the hut is in.*

Green Yoshobo: *warks loudly*

Sean: Okay, I’m up! What is it, Greg?

Greg: *warks*

Sean: Look I know the room is a mess along with the structure itself, but I’ve been too busy trying to get technology and magic to mix when they obviously don’t want to. I mean I’ve only managed to set up computer systems and internet access in five villages and I got cursed each time I did so. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get them removed.

Greg: *warks*

Sean: Oh, right you were with me when I was looking for someone to remove the curse. So what is it that you’re waking me up for anyways?

Greg: *warks*

Sean: Reploids?!

Greg: *warks*

Sean: Badly damaged Reploids?

Greg: *nods*

Sean: This island can’t do any sufficient repairs on anything that advanced. Why did you take them here?

Greg: *warks*

Sean: Oh, great… Well then gather up everyone with healing abilities that you can along with everything that looks useful. I’ll meet you there. Oh by the way, where are they again?

Greg: *warks*

Sean: Well at least that is close by. *exit and runs off*

Greg: *runs off as well*

*An hour later*

Sean: *groans* Okay, I think we either stabilized or worsened five of them. The other three, I’m pretty sure were dead when they got here and if they weren’t they are definitely dead now.

White Yoshobo: *warks*

Sean: Hey, don’t call me a quitter Wallace. I mean look at this blue insect guy, he is obviously dead.

Green Yoshobo: *warks*

Sean: Gerald, fine. I’ll try something. You two cast some spell or something. I’ll see if I can get anything works *Wallace and Gerald use their magic as Sean tries working with the wiring. Just then the Reploid starts glowing and Sean’s body is locked into place.* Well, this probably won’t be pleasant.

*There is a flash of light and Sean gained the powers and form of Crystal Snail.*

Sean: That was surprisingly painless. Well I guess that didn’t end up too badly; this form seems fairly powerful. So I guess it could have been easily been worse. *Is shocked by a jolt of electricity* Ouch, what was that?

Gerald: *warks*

Sean: Oh, I mixed magic and technology again, didn’t I? Well, it could always be worse. *receives another electrical shock* Okay, do not say anything like that again.

Wallace: *warks*

Sean: They’re getting up… that is good.

Rebel: *groans as he rises* My head…

Sean: Good morning. It is still Rebel, right?

Rebel: You don’t sound like Tuna, but you still sound familiar… Sean?

Sean: Yeah, I’m afraid you’re group was not in too good of a condition when you showed up and still isn’t. I don’t think Flame Stag and Bubble Crab are revivable in their current state. You’ll need replacements. Crystal Snail was also not revivable but as you can see, I accidentally snagged this form already. Hope you don’t mind.

Rebel: I don’t. Is there any coke on this island? I feel like Pepsi attempted to poison me again.

Sean: There is water and fruit juice and that is it.

Rebel: No coke? *does anime-style faint*

Majin: *gets up and groans* I need a drink.

Sean: *sighs* This might take a while.

*After everyone gets up, the remains of the CIA explain what happened to Sean and Sean explains to them where they are when they are done.*

Sean: So, that’s basically it. This island is covered in forests with villages hidden between the trees. Each village is ruled by a chief and the whole island is ruled by a council of the six greatest chiefs currently alive. The islands main species are the Yoshobo who are a biologically impossible species and everything here is done with very simple technology or magic. The ones on your team that you called Ghaleon, PBX, and Deathtuna are now dead.

Void: I can’t believe those guys actually killed three of our team.

Majin: Anti-Majin has gone too far. I shouldn’t have been drunk so much–I probably could have found out what he was up to due to his strange absense.

Outlaw: Hey, don’t let it get to you Majin dude. We all should’ve been watching out… so it’s all our fault that this happened.

Shadowstrike: Still, to think that they are actually gone… even though I hadn’t been on the team long, I had gotten to know them well.

Rebel: *clears throat* As leader of the team, I feel that I should take a moment to mourn over our losses. What Anti-Majin, Frankenploid, and that Ryouga guy have done is intolerable to both the CIA’s pride and our members, both old and new. We WILL have our revenge!

Void: Wow Rebel, that was rather… leaderly of you.

Rebel: Yeah, just don’t tell anyone and I won’t tear those sheets you call wings off your back.

Shadowstrike: Anyway, the least we could do is give them a proper burial.

Sean: Actually, bodies have a habit of disappearing if left alone for long enough on this island. Sometimes they leave an item or bits of their power behind, but mostly they just vanish.

Void: That makes no sense.

Sean: Yeah, also I think you guys are still a bit of a mess so if possible you should try doing some repairs to everyone when we leave the island, Void.

Void: *sighs* Of course, but why wait until then?

Sean: Well for one we have few supplies that would be useful for that task and two technology and magic don’t mix too well here. You will generally get cursed.

Void: It could always be worse, I guess.

Sean: *shocked*

Rebel: How can it be worse? Three of our members died, we are still two short, and there is no coke?

Sean: *shocked* Please don’t comment on things being able to or not being able to be worse. You generally jinx things and you’re going to electrocute me.

Shadowstrike: How does that work?

Sean: As I said when you mix technology and magic, curses often follow.

Rebel: Well I guess you could have ended up worse.

Sean: *jolted with electricity* I know where you sleep or will know shortly.

Rebel: So?

Sean: Also I will find out where you’re stash of coke is.

Rebel: Not the cola!

Sean: Then stop that. Now what am I forgetting?

Black Yoshobo: *warks*

Sean: Oh, right Bob. I need to take you guys to the chief of this village who will then either declare us worthy and send us to the council of chiefs or declare us unworthy and send us out on our own with no support.

Outlaw: What can a bunch of lizard-bird things do to help anyways?

Sean: Eh, can’t hurt. Just follow me, but I need to grab one thing first. *picks up large bag from the corner of the room* We will need this.

Shadowstrike: What is it?

Sean: You’ll see.

*Later when meeting with the chief of the village who is a Fat Yoshobo*

Fat Yoshobo Chief: I do not see why I should help you false animals. You are abominations, not living things.

Sean: *throws bag in front of him* Well, that really is too bad. *opens bag* On the way here I just managed to find a few items that I though you might want to see. *starts pulling out objects* Various fruits, various vegetables, and what is this? I seem to have picked up a bunch of rare Gysahl Greens and a few batches of freshly baked Yoshi Cookies. They look like a rather good quality too, and hard to find. Most of those products end up in the Chocobo and Yoshi communities, being kept from their hybrid offspring. *notices the chief starting to drool* And what is this? An even rarer commodity?! Yoshi Cookies baked with Gysahl Greens, one of these is almost impossible to find much less this batch that I have with me. Also knocking out the bridges must have some effect on shipping so these rare goods will probably become rarer.

Fat Yoshobo Chief: Perhaps I could put in a good word, though I doubt it can help much…

Sean: *begins pulling the food away*

Fat Yoshobo Chief: Actually, I believe I see your point of view clearly now and is obviously more correct than mine. I must put my full support behind you and make sure a regiment of skilled and powerful Yoshobos escort you to the Council of Chiefs.

Sean: *hands over all the food* Thank you for your support. We will surely be able to gain aide because of your kindness. *bows and leaves, the rest follow*

Rebel: You bribed a chief with food?

Sean: Look, a Yoshi is obsessed with good food and so is a Chocobo. I mean a fat or chubby Chocobo lets you shove a sword in its stomach in exchange for those Gysahl Greens. Anyways let’s go, the council would probably be more willing to help us, but less bribable.

Shadowstrike: How come these guys can speak English anyways?

Sean: Chiefs will sometimes have to deal with the outside world and it is more convenient so why are you complaining?

Shadowstrike: Is that the best explanation I’m going to get?

Sean: On this island, yeah. Looks like our rides are here now, so let’s go.

*Black Yoshobos appear and allow themselves to be ridden. They then rush off to the top of a nearby mountain that has a humongous lake in front of it. On top rests six Yoshobo*

Another Fat Yoshobo Chief: Greetings.

Rebel: Do you have more food, Sean?

Green Yoshobo Chief: I may be a tad overweight, but I assure you I am much wiser than the chief you have met. Though I guess it is for the best since we would have liked to see you anyway.

Black Yoshobo Chief: The ancient prophecies, they speak of them do they not?

Blue Yoshobo Chief: Yes… Beasts of metal and lightning have come seeking our help. These must be the ones spoken of.

Orange Yoshobo Chief: Perhaps we should not be too hasty, their kind is common now a days.

Red Yoshobo Chief: They fit the description and they need our aid. We have helped them already so they are our ally now and their enemies are our enemies. Launching a full scale assault is what we should do.

Orange Yoshobo Chief: We can not sacrifice our own for strangers. Besides that does not fit the prophecy.

Blue Yoshobo Chief: Yes, our gift for them is hidden in the deep waters below. It is what has been predicted to be given to them and it is what we will give to them.

Green Yoshobo Chief: While aiding them is ideal, are you sure that we should trust such old texts to dictate our actions? It would be foolish to…

Gold Yoshobo Chief: Silence! I am the high chief of the council. I will deem their worth. Which is your chief?

Rebel: I am. Why, do I have to fight you?

Gold Yoshobo Chief: Perhaps, but is violence always your first choice to solving problems?

Rebel: Generally it is the only choice or correct choice, so yeah. People who want to bash our heads in usually don’t want to sit down and have a cup of coke while we resolve our differences peacefully.

Orange Yoshobo Chief: *gasps*

Gold Yoshobo Chief: Word for word, an exact match to the prophecy.

Rebel: Wait, my answer was predicted?

Gold Yoshobo Chief: Even you’re response is an exact match. The prophecy ends here after saying that we should bestow this gift on to you. It was given to us when we came to this island to give to you when you appeared.

*The Gold Yoshobo Chief then turns to face the water.*

Gold Yoshobo Chief: I command it to rise from the lake below!!

Outlaw: It is probably something stupid like an enchanted sword.

*The ground begins to shake slowly, before increasing at an alarmy rate. As everyone desperately tries to keep their balance, a giant blue machine rises up from the water and flies toward the group. It appears like a giant whale and one would mistake it for a Mechaniloid at first glance, but instead it is…*

Rebel: A… Whale King?

Blue Yoshobo Chief: We have guarded this as it remained hidden for years; it is yours now and your responsibility. Its technology rivals your world’s and it has room for all of you and more inside.

Black Yoshobo Chief: If you need help in the future, you may come to this council directly for our aid.

*The Whale King lands gently before them and a ramp extends from the mouth. The CIA board the machine, following signs inside to a control room with a map and instruction manual lying near the controls.*

Void: *looking at the map* There are plenty of rooms for us all and apparently a store room with food, ammo, and other supplies.

Sean: *sits down at the controls* I am so flying this.

Rebel: *tries to push Sean away* I’m the leader, I get first chance at piloting. *The two start moving away from the controls as they argue*

Shadowstrike: *sitting down* This looks like it will be fun. *takes off*

Sean: *notices the Great Whale King started taking off* Darn it!

Rebel: Bah, anyway… *sits down on a seat* We have to think on what we are gonna do.

Outlaw: What do you mean?

Rebel: Well obviously we can’t just fly back to Megalopolis ‘cuz You-Know-Who is there waiting with his posse.

Void: I agree. If we were to go back at this point we would just get beaten again.

Shadowstrike: Even with a bad boy like this? *does a bunch of fancy maneuvers*

Void: Unfortunately.

Sean: Hmm, the guys you speak of must be pretty tough then.

Majin: Oh yeah…

Sean: Then allow me to make a suggestion: Let’s go exploring the world. If we cannot solve our problems yet, then the least we can do is go out and learn from them. What do you guys think?

Majin: Sounds pretty good to me. After all it couldn’t get any worse, right?

Sean: *gets shocked* I know you are just doing that to annoy me.

Rebel: Then it is settled. *points into the unknown* Shadowstrike, take us there–Code: Island Attackers is going global!

The End


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