Dissed in the Digital World (Part 5)

*Written by Dark Knight*

*Aboard the Death Rogumer*

SEADRAGON: Laser cannons charged at maximum firepower and ready to blast that whale to…

JADE: No, wait!


JADE: Don’t fire!

AM: Aw, but I installed those new laser cannons yesterday! They are just like the ones of the Millenium Falcon!

BEARMON: Yeah, I want to see action! I want to see BLOOD!



BLACKBELT: You better explain this.

JADE: They deserve a true fight.

RYUUDAMON: He’s right!

SEADRAGON: And why, if I may ask?

JADE: Well, they seem to be the other Mavericks who followed us in the first Maverick Rebellion.

AM: Such fond memories…

JADE: Do you remember them?




DARK KNIGHT: *doesn’t answer*

BLACKBELT: Well, you weren’t with us at that time, but yeah, I remember them.

SPARK: Wait a tick, aren’t they the Mavericks who weren’t good enough to be in the battlefront?

The sound of a window crashing is heard. Immediatly, a shoe hits Spark’s head.



DARKSAGE: Whatever… *falls asleep*

BLACKBELT: *thinking*

AM: *burps*

SEADRAGON: *slaps himself*

SPARK: *punches Brick in the face*


BLACKBELT: Why did you do that?

SPARK: Dunno, needed to do something.

JADE: So guys, you ready for a fight?

Everybody answer with a sonorous “Yeah!!!”, except Dark Knight and Darksage (who’s still sleeping).

JADE: Dark Knight, are you listening?

Dark Knight is in the corner, speaking something with Lilymon.

JADE: What are you two speaking about?

DARK KNIGHT: *shadowy* I’m telling her the story of the Guardian.

SEADRAGON: The what?

DARK KNIGHT: Did I say the story of the Guardian? I mean I was speaking how hard we will fight those guys.

LILYMON: *giggles*


JADE: *sighs* Anyway, it’s time for the showdown!

BRICK: So let’s go and kick some Hunter asses!

SPARK: Man, that’s the second time you said that in these crossover series! And they aren’t Hunters!


BLACKBELT: What’s this, enemy fire?!

JADE: Nah, just the Fourth Wall breaking…

At the Whale King…


SHADOWSTRIKE: I must admit, kicking someone else’s butt would be good for a change.

DK: And… it could always be worse.

SEAN: *gets shocked* Hey!

DK: No problem, dude. It could always be worse.

SEAN: *gets shocked* Enough! One more time and you know where this is going? *holds up a rotten rat*

DK: Funny rat.

OUTLAW: *eats the rat* Heh, tasty.

SEAN: o_0

AGUMON X: *pukes*


DK: I’m wondering how must one of those sewer hunts be, as I have no problem with the dirt nor the smell!


DK: Yeah!

OUTLAW: Dude, once these weird problems finally end, let’s go for some sewer hunting, ok?

DK: It’s a deal!

EVERYONE: *roll eyes*

LALAMON: Just promise me you’ll always take a bath!

BETAMON: Oh man… sorry Outlaw but don’t count me in those ones!

VOID: *sighs* So that our brilliant leader brilliantly managed to begin the hostilities, I think there’s no way back, right?

MAJIN: FUNI LADY VERY ANGRY!!LOL!1!11!!one1kk *laughs histerically*

PATAMON: *laughs historically as well*


METABAD: *getting serious* Void, I know. It’s time to…

VOID: Fight?

METABAD: No, rawk! *rawks*

VOID: Why am I not surprised?

MONODRAMON: Same here.

Sounds are heard behind the main hatch of the ship

VOID: They’re here!



REBEL: Quiet you all! I’ll try to hear what they’re saying!

Rebel moves right next to the hatch. Meanwhile, outside…


SPARK: HYAAAA!!!! *charges a punch and busts the hatch down*

REBEL: Oof! *hatch falls over him*

AM: You!

CIA: You!

AM Digimon: You!

CIA Digimon: You!

REBEL: *getting up* So, you managed to enter here?

JADE: Of course, my comrade.

SPARK: *chuckles*

AM: The nostalgia…

REBEL: Yeah, it’s fine to see another reunion of the Cossack Comrades in this centur–

SHADOWSTRIKE: Screw that! Rebel, we’ve got bad guys to–Hey, aren’t you guys Darksage and Seadragon? Didn’t you used to work for my grandfather way back when?


DARKSAGE: *gulp*

METABAD: *gulp*

SHADOWSTRIKE: *smacks Metabad*

METABAD: Ouch! That didn’t rawk.

JADE: Anyways, *brings Nautilus* shall we start?

REBEL: *to himself* Damn, he’s got a lightsaber…

Suddenly, something comes flying through the air, breaking a window and falling in Rebel’s hands. It’s Agile’s beam saber.

REBEL: *stares at the sword* What the heck is this thing doing here?

VOID: That can only mean…

SHADOWSTRIKE: Something happened to the X-Hunters…

In the Maverick HQ…


VELGUADER: *sits down*

SIGMA: Good boy! Hey, Vile, isn’t Velguader truly the best dog in… *stares at Vile* Are you alright?

VILE: *runs away*


Back at the Whale King…

SPARK: Hehehehe!

CIA: Huh?

SPARK: I remember the sole mention of those guys gives Vile diarrhea.

CIA: …

DORUMON: *to the AM Digimon* And you! Don’t even try thinking you will harm them!

VEEMON: Evil will not prevail!


MONODRAMON: (Oh please, may those guys free me from that retard!)

RYUUDAMON: So do you want a fight?

BEARMON: Then that’s what you will have! *clenches fists*

KAMEMON: *to himself* Oh please, may those guys free me from that tyrant penguin!

BRICK: Pardon?

KAMEMON: Nothing, my lord.

BETAMON: Time to digivolve!

The CIA Digimon digivolve with the power of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP to their Champion forms, minus Lalamon, who digivolved to Lila-chan!

FLAMEDRAMON: Ready for a beating?

RYUUDAMON: *snickers* Is that so? Guys…

ELECMON: Let’s show them the power…

PicoDevimon: Of the Maverick Virus!

They digivolve to their Champion forms using the evil power of the Virus, except Lily-chan, of course.

GAWAPPAMON: (My time will come, soon. Muhaha!)

The two groups of Digimon engage in a fight.

DK: *to Boomer Kuwanger* You’re going down, skinny corpse! *points his Bubble Splash cannon (wich curiously looks like a gatling gun) at him*

DARK KNIGHT: *cold* Sure?

LILAMON: *to Bubble Crab* Watch out, I feel a strange energy emitting from him!

DK: Nothing my new powerful yet short and stocky body can’t handle, my dear.

And so the ultimate battle begins. Meanwhile…

iX: This is their base…

BARBAMON: That Chaos Emerald will soon be ours!

LILITHMON: Odd. I feel some presence there…

LEVIAMON: And what is it?

LILITHMON: Oh, don’t worry, it dissapeared… I think.

Into the fray, several individual fights are taking place…

DK: RAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! *shoots a full barrage of Bubble Splash*

DARK KNIGHT: *easily dodges* What, too quick for you, little boy?

Crab shoots another barrage of fully-automatic Bubble Splash. Dark Knight dashes out of the way, and teleports.

DK: Grrr, where are you, coward?

DARK KNIGHT: Behind you! *sends a swift kick to his back*

DK: Agh! *keels over*

Dark Knight takes his Boomerang Cutter, ready to terminate the crab Reploid.

LILAMON: Dark Knight!!

DARK KNIGHT: The hell? What do you want with me you… *sees Lilamon* sweet cute flower?

LILYMON: Hey! *smacks Dark Knight’s head, surprisingly without suffering any harm from the razor-edge blades*

DARK KNIGHT: What was that for? You’ll be always the most precious person to me, Lily-chan!


DK: *gets up* (Aww, what a pretty girl!!!). Anyways, why are you named after me?

DARK KNIGHT: *sighs* I was going to ask that…

DK: Put that away for later! *activates Energy Pincers*

DARK KNIGHT: *smirks* Is that so? It seems you’re gonna make things *brings Necro Sabre* interesting.

As both Dark Knights continue their duel, let’s check Jade and Rebel…

REBEL: *delivers a quick blow with Agile’s saber* I won’t give you any chance, even to an old comrade like you!

JADE: *blocks it* Sorry, Rebel. Orders are orders. *sighs to himself* Mmm, I don’t like this…

Rebel lunges at Jade, but he dodges the lightning fast swing of the sword, darting as it comes down. Jade responds by launching a salvo of Homing Torpedoes. Rebel tries to dodge them but they finally hit him.

REBEL: *staggering, slightly sorched* Ouch… those freakin’ missiles surely pack a punch.

JADE: Well, I saw your design was similar to Boomer’s one, and deducted that a tracking weapon would be just as effective.

REBEL: *recovers* My turn now.

Rebel tosses a small bomb, releasing a black smoke cloud wich quickly engulfs them both.

JADE: You think that can fool me? Watch and learn! *starts swinging his tentacles around him, trying to find Rebel.*

GIRL: Hey! >o<

JADE: *sweatdrops* Ehh… I didn’t want to…

GIRL: *slaps Jade*

JADE: That hurts? *rubs the red spot on his face*

REBEL: *leaps at Jade, saber drawn* And the pain only begins!

Meanwhile, each Alpha Movement member is fightning against a CIA counterpart. Let’s take a look…

MAJIN: WOOF WOOF!!!! GRRRR!!11!!one1

BRICK: Oh, my God! He’s insanely drunk! I’ll take him! *leaps at the barking Majin. The two then begin to wrestle on the floor*


VOID: *supremely complicated mathematical speech*


mY hEaD hUrRrRtSsSs….

AM: Stop jumping! I can’t target you!

METABAD: *jumping rawk*

AM: *oils the floor*

METABAD: *trips and falls*

AM: Hehehe. *aims his cannon at him*


AM: Time to die, boy!

METABAD: WAAAIIIIT!!! Can I have a last will?

AM: *sighs* Whatever.

METABAD: YEAH! *rawks*

AM: *grimaces* You’re disgusting, I’m out of here.


SPARK: You look like a pretty buff guy. Let’s see if you can handle some of this! *throws a punch*

OUTLAW: *catches it with his arm* Okay! *chomps down on it*

SPARK: Yaaargh!! *pulls back, having his arm torn off*

OUTLAW: …That’s gotta hurt. Heh.

SPARK: Now I’m REALLY angry! *throws a punch charged with electricity*

OUTLAW: *grabs it with his mouth and lights up like a Christmas tree*

After a slightly gross encounter…

SHADOWSTRIKE: Man, I can’t believe you would actually hurt the grandchild of your former leader.

SEADRAGON: What can I say? Times change… and I don’t plan to fall behind! *zooms past Shadowstrike*

SHADOWSTRIKE: *smirks* So you want to play that game, huh? I’ll match you blow for blow! *runs after*

As for the last set of members, well…

DARKSAGE: An interesting match-up, to say the least.

SEAN: Yeah.

DARKSAGE: I suppose it could be worse.



With everyone beating the snot out of each other, all that was left were the Digimon, who by that time managed to reach their Ultimate forms minus Lilamon and Lilymon. During this entire conflict, however, the villains were slowly advancing onto the ship. When all three parties meet, will disastor truly arrive for the world? Or…

To be continued…


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