Dissed in the Digital World (Part 6)

*Written by Rebel4000 and Shadowstrike*

*The two opposing teams, Alpha Movement and Code: Island Attackers, were still attacking one another relentlessely, with neither Reploid nor Digimon showing any signs of stopping. The battle quickly turned into a fight for survival.*

Rebel: *sneaking around in the smoke* (All I have to do is get close to this guy and latch my tail onto him… after that it’ll be easy pick–) What!? *notices he has a tentacle wrapped around his leg*

Jade: Got you!

*Rebel is quickly dragged over to Jade*

Rebel: How in the world did you find me?

Jade: You aren’t as sneaky as you think you are, Rebel. You’ve still got a long ways to go before you can call yourself a true ninja.

Rebel: Is that so? *disappears*

Jade: Drat! I forgot that he could do that. Well, he’s gotta be around here somewhere… *uses his tentacles again*

*Elsewhere, the two Dark Knight’s were continuing their battle…*

Dark Knight: *Blade caught inbetween pincers* …Hmph! Not bad.

DK: I could say the same…

*DK pushes forward, knocking Dark Knight’s sabre out of his hands and onto the floor behind him. Dark Knight merely glances back for a moment before letting out a small laugh.*

DK: What’s so funny?

Dark Knight: Honestly, I can’t believe I am having difficulty in terminating such a puny looking Reploid. Obviously I must have grown careless. Then again… *leaps back and picks his sabre up* I suppose it might more than a coincidence that we share the same name!

DK: There can only be one Dark Knight in this world–there’s just not enough room! *lunges with the pincers*

Dark Knight: I couldn’t agree more! *charges*

*During Anime Master and Metabad’s battle*

AM: Quit following me around!


AM: Exactly. So leave me… *smacks Metabad with his trunk* …alone!

Metabad: I’VE GOTTA RAAAAAAAAAAWK… *goes flying into the distance*

*The Digimon, too, were continuing their battle of epic proportions…*

Taomon: Don’t let up! Hit them with everything we’ve got! *dodges a blast*

Grademon: Hey, hey! I’m the leader of the CIA’s Digimon so I should be saying that! *gets hit*

Hisharyuumon: The Alpha Movement will prevail! Seiryuu Jin! *morphs into a giant blade and attacks*

MegaSeadramon: Don’t think so! *grabs the blade with his mouth and throws it*

Garudamon: Take cover! *takes to the skies to avoid the blade*

GrappLeomon, Tankdramon, Sagittarimon, Vamdemon, and Shawujinmon Ahh!! *is hit by the blade*

Lilamon: I won’t let you hurt Dark Knight!

Lillymon: No, I won’t let you hurt Dark Knight!

Lilamon: That’s what I just said!

Lillymon: Mine is more correct!

*They both attack each other at the same, flying backwards. Meanwhile, inside the ship…*

Barbamon: It certainly is a wonderful thing seeing our enemies fight amongst one another. And here I thought we would have to get our hands messy.

iX: *to himself* Not like it ain’t a bad thing…

Leviamon: Enough pointless banter. Let’s find that emerald!

iX: Do we even know if that thing is here? The only reason why we came here was because Mr. Big Bucks over there wanted to.

Trump: Do you dare doubt the power of the dollar?

Lilithmon: Enough you two. I can sense it… there is an emerald here. Can’t you as well, Barbramon?

Barbamon: Yes… so let’s hurry and find it.

Trump: If I know those Island Attackers, that Morph Moth must have studied it out of his scientific nature. We should find his lab and start there.

Eggman: Leave it to me. I know a lab when I see one!

*The villains follow Eggman down a corridor until he stopps at a door and opens it. Certainly enough, it was Void’s lab.*

iX: Not bad, gramps. How’d you figure it out?

Eggman: There was a sign on the door.

iX: *smacks self*

Leviamon: Then let’s start looking! *smashes a cabinet open*

Eggman: Quiet! What if someone heard you?

Barbamon: With all of those fools out there beating one another up, I highly doubt it.

Lilithmon: Still, Leviamon, be a bit more careful.

Leviamon: Right, right…

*They check every single nook and cranny in the laboratory. Unfortunately, the elusive emerald could not be found.*

iX: Gah, I’m tired of looking! I give up!!

Eggman: You’re going to give up, just like that? Surely we were just mistaken of where it could possibly be, correct?

Trump: *thinking* …Check Rebel’s room. That could be the only other place.

Leviamon: This is pointless! Why would such an important emerald just be lying in someone’s room? Lilithmon, are you sure you sensed it?

Lilithmon: …Yes. Let’s check the leader’s room.

*As they walk outside the lab they notice a someone walking down the hallway. It was a black hedgehog holding three emeralds.*

Shadow: Hah, that was far too easy. These fools need to stop leaving their emeralds left unguarded… Not like I’m complaining, though.

Eggman: *chokes* I-it’s him! Shadow the Hedgehog!

Lilithmon, Barbramon, Leviamon: What!?

Shadow: *whirls around* Who’s there? *sees Eggman* Eggman! What are you doing here!?

Eggman: *smiles evily* Hohohoh… Shadow… what impeccable timing! We’ve been looking for you quite a while, see, and I…

Barbamon: You have the last three emeralds! Give them to me!

Shadow: You think I’m just gonna give them to you? Think again.

*Shadow uses Chaos Control and bolts down the hallway, leaving the villains stuck in place, incapable of doing anything. After a minute or so passed, they were able to move freely.*

Eggman: Curses! He’s gotten away!

Barbamon: A tenacious cockroach…

Lilithmon: And like all cockroaches, he needs to be squashed…

iX: Let’s kick his ass!

*Back to the clash of two teams…*

Seadragon: *notices Shadow right behind him* Hey, you’re pretty fast!

Shadowstrike: Faster than you! *jumps into the air and fires off a couple Sonic Slicers*

Seadragon: *weaves through the barrage* Hah, is that all you’ve got? *spins around and fires a Storm Tornado*

Shadowstrike: *is thrown backwards* Waaah!!



Majin: ROROROROROROR *bites Brick*

Brick: HE’S BITTEN ME!! I’VE GOT RABIES I TELL YOU!! RABIES!! *runs around flailing his arms*

Majin: *howls*

*With Spark and Outlaw…*

Spark: You may have taken my arm, but I’ll make sure to take your life by the time I’m through!

Outlaw: …Bring it.

Spark: *punches the ground* Electric Spark! *electricity surges toward Outlaw*

Outlaw: Don’t think so!

*Outlaw jumps into the air and starts to spin rapidly toward Spark, diminishing the electricity on the way. As Outlaw nears the surprised AM member, Spark grabs Outlaw with his one hand, feeling his hand slowly break off as Outlaw screeches to a stop, before getting thrown off in another direction.*

Outlaw: Ahhhh!!

Spark: Damn, he’s almost completely crippled me… doesn’t look good…

*As Spark tended his wounds, Sean and Darksage were continuing their epic battle…*

Darksage: So, everyime someone says “It could be worse” you get shocked?

Sean: *shocked* …Yes.

Darksage: I suppose it could always be worse, then, eh?

Sean: *shocked* Stop saying that!

Darksage: Well, it could be worse, I’m afraid.

Sean: *shocked again* (Actually… he’s right.)

*With Sean reaching this shocking conclusion, Void and Blackbelt were making some conclusions of their own…*

Void: I am telling you, Newton’s theory on gravitational pull is completely sound. There are hardly any faults in it!

Blackbelt: That is where you are wrong. Words such as “hardly” just doesn’t cut it in the world of science! That is why it’s still considered a theory.

Void: Blasphemy! And I suppose you have something better?

Blackbelt: Actually, I do. Now listen, gravity is all caused by… *sees Shadow behind Void* …Chaos Emeralds?

Void: Gravitational pull is caused by Chaos Emeralds?

Blackbelt: No, that Shadow guy has three of them! *points*

Void: *turns around* You’re right! One of them was one we found, too!

Blackbelt: And those other two belonged to us! The thief!

Void: …Temporary truce?

Blackbelt: Deal.

*The two Reploids shake hands as they face a common adversary.*

Blackbelt: Now… LET’S KICK HIS ASS!!

Void: Charge!! *fires out a web of silk*

Shadow: *is ensnared* What’s going on here!?

Blackbelt: *curls up into a ball and rams into Shadow*

Shadow: *goes flying off the ship* MARIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…

Blackbelt: All right! Now, I’ll be taking these… *reaches for the emeralds, only to be blocked off*

Void: No, I’ll be taking them! They must be studied in the name of science!

Blackbelt: Wrong! They must be studied in the name of the Maverick Virus!

Void: I guess the truce is off, then…

Seadragon: Move outta the way! *zooms by, taking the emeralds*

Blackbelt: Way to go, SD!

Void: No!

Seadragon: Now, I’ve just gotta take these emeralds to a safe location–

Shadowstrike: Don’t think so! *grabs SD by the feet, yanking him backwards*

Seadragon: Ack! You again!

Shadowstrike: I’ll be taking these. *takes the emeralds and throws SD back*

Seadragon: Nooo!! *crashes into the ground*

Shadowstrike: I’m gonna make it!!

Spark: Don’t think so, kid!

*Using what’s left of his remaining hand, Spark rips off a large piece metal off the top of the ship and flings it toward Shadowstrike, hitting him in the side, causing the emeralds to go flying out of his hands.*

Jade: I’ve got it! *grabs them with his tentacles*

Rebel: *sneaks up behind Jade and takes the emeralds* No, I’ve got it!

Darksage: *steals the emeralds with his tongue* You’re not the only one who can disappear!

*Immediately Darksage blends in with the ship, and slithers over to the opposite side. As soon as reappears, however, Outlaw goes right through the flooring beneath him to grab the emeralds with his mouth.*

Outlaw: *mouth full* This ship tastes like an actual whale!

Dark Knight: No one cares, fang face!! *zips by and takes the emeralds*

Outlaw: Wha!?

Dark Knight: Now that we have gotten back what was rightfully ours, we can resume this petty battle… *starts to slow down* Hold on a moment… why am I slowing down?

Sean: *using his powers* Someone, quick, catch him!

Metabad: RAWKIN CATCH!! *tackles Dark Knight, sliding into DK*

DK: *jumps on top of the two* We’ve got the faker!

AM: I don’t think so! *slathers their path full of oil*

Metabad, Dark Knight, DK: Whoa!! *spins out of control*

Brick: THE RABIES!! I’M FOAMING AT THE MOUTH HERE!! *is plowed into*

Dark Knight: *lets go of the emeralds* Nooo!!

*Everyone watches as the emeralds go flying up into the air once more. As they continue moving forward, they all see that they are heading toward Majin.*

Rebel: Majin!!

Void: Get the emeralds!!

Jade: No, stop him!!

Blackbelt: We can’t let him take them from us!!

Majin: why do the sparklies sparkle???

DK: You stupid drunk!

Dark Knight: *advancing* Keep acting stupid!


*At that moment, Majin pulled out a Strike Chain and hit the emeralds with it, making them get sent back. The emeralds fly over the heads of all the members as they watch in shock, until it lands at the feet of a particular group as a man bends over to grab them. Everyone, including the Digimon, who had been so preoccupied beating one another up, stop to look at the intruders.*

Barbamon: *holding the emeralds* …And with this we have all seven…

Leviamon: And it’s all thanks to you fools!

Void: Wait a tick, just what in the world is going on here?

iX: You would like to know that, wouldn’t ya!?

Seadragon: iX!?

Blackbelt: What are you doing here… and Eggman too!

Eggman: Hohoho… you honestly didn’t think that our last encounter would be the end, would it?

Rebel: Of all the damn… Trump too!?

Trump: So we meet again, Island Attackers. I hope you are ready to be fired from your duty as heroes.

Majin: lol wut

Darksage: All right, just what in the world is going on here?

Barbamon: It’s all very simple… we are a part of the Seven Great Demon Lords, and together we have come together to search for the Chaos Emeralds in hope of ruling a dimension!

Void: “A” dimension?

Leviamon: There are hundreds of thousands of dimensions. With the power of the Chaos Emeralds, traveling to them is an easy matter!

Lilithmon: And we have plenty to choose from because of this… a new dimension for us to dominate!

Eggman: That is why we were gathered together. We were promised that if we assisted them we would be able to rule this dimension for ourselves.

Trump: As you know, Island Attackers, what you have done to me has ruined my public image. This was by far the best option after the Demon Lords busted me out of jail.

iX: But who cares–we’ve got asses to kick!

GrappLeomon: Hold!

Grademon: *Crossing blades and standing in front of Rebel* We can’t let you do that.

Leviamon: You puny ultimates? You are nothing to us! You won’t even scratch us.

Hisharyuumon: We have to at least try. Evil such as you should not be allowed to exist.

Barbamon: Trying is what will get weaklings killed! Crimson Flame! *Barbamon raises his Staff as hellish flames engulf the digimon of the two teams*

Shawujinmon: Waterfall Formation! *spins his staff causing a tornado of water to douse the flames around the 16 Ultimates, then sending the tornado towards Lliithmon.*

Leviamon: *swings his tail, destroying the Tornado, and sends Shaujinmon flying into the wall behind him.*

GrappLeomon: Turbine Kick! *tries to kick Lillithmon, only to be slashed by her Nazer Nail*

MagnaAngemon: My blade can destroy any evil soul! Excalibur! *goes to slash Barbamon, but fails as he catches the blade in his bare hand* Wha! *Barbamon snaps the blade in half and blasts MagnaAngemon into the wall using Pandemonium Lost*

Tankdramon: Gattling Blast! *Fires 3600 missles at Leviamon, at point blank range* Now I’ve got you!

Leviamon: *Each missles hits him, but is unphased* No, you didn’t. Cauda! *He slams his tail on the ground, causing a massive jet of water to slam into TankDramon*

Taomon: Talisman of Light! *uses her brush to draw a symbol, which blasts Lillithmon, but has no effect.*

Lilithmon: You really must try harder, one would think you’re not even trying! *stabs Taomon with her claw, then throws her to the side*

Sagittarimon: You want something tougher? Take this, Judgement Arrow! *fires a three pronged arrow at Lilithmon*

Lilithmon: *dodges the arrow* You call that tough? I’ve seen far better! *slashes Sagittarimon with her claw* Phantom Pain! *spews the deadly mist on his wound*

Sagittarimon: The mist! It… burns… *collapses*

Lillymon: *flies up above Barbamon* Time for you for to fall! Flower Cannon! *Summons a flower bulb and fires a blast of energy at Barbamon*

Barbamon: Pandimonium Flare! *The flame engulfs the small blast of energy, until it slams into Lillymon, who falls to the ground ablaze.*

Lilamon: Lilac Dagger! *Forming a dagger in her arm, she tries to sever lillithmon’s clawed hand, only to be slashed by it, then kicked to the wall*

Raidramon: MegaSeadramon, lets try to a double attack.

MegaSeadramon: All right. Thunder Javelin!

Raidramon: Blue Thunder! *The two electric based attacks fuse to form a massive lightning bolt. The bolt slams into Leviamon, who winces slightly*

Leviamon: Admirable effort, but still not enough. Cauda!

*He again bashes his tail into the ground, causing another torrent of water to form, this time smashing into MegaSeadramon and Raidramon, sending them crashing into the wall and still continued to blast them.*

Vamdemon: Bloody Stream! *he throws his blood red energy whip at Lillithmon * Time for you to suffer!

Lilithmon: *The energy whip crashes into her, but does nothing.* Your power is weak for one who could have so much more. *around her, the whip turns a deep shade of purple, and slowly creeps up Vamdemon. The purple crashes into him, overloading his systems with a virus.*

Cyberdramon: Grrrr…Cyber Nail! *jumps on Leviamon’s back, clawing madly at his back.*


Leviamon: Annoying pest. *rolls over on his back, crushing Cyberdramon onto the ground.*

Metabad: …Never mind.

Garudamon: Wing Blade! *The giant bird fires a giant bird of flame, and has it fly right at Barbamon*

MetalGreymon X: Giga Blaster! *fires two huge missles at Barbamon*

Barbamon: Hmph. *appears behind MetalGreymon X and kicks him into his own missles, then soon appears behind Garudamon and throws her into her own flames*

Hisharyuumon: *transforms into a blade yet again* Grademon, we are the only one’s left.

Grademon: We can’t give up! *grabs the massive blade and charges towards Barbamon*

Barbamon: Your allies have fallen, why do you continue to fight?

Grademon: I have to, if I don’t no one will! *slashes at Barbamon, only for Barbaman to blast the blade, causing it fly out of his hand, and send Hisharyuumon flying towards the wall.*

Lilithmon: *slashes at Grademon* Your finished!

Grademon: *blocks with his twin blades* No I’m not! Grade Slash! *Slashes Lillithmon, to no effect, who backhands him into Leviamon, who slams Grademon with his tail*

Leviamon: That was tiresome, now let- *He stops as Grademon gets up* You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re finished. Just stay down.

Grademon: I won’t let you win. I can’t! I WON’T! *a light flares up out of him, covering him and the 7 other digimon of his team in it.* DIGIVOLVE!

*The light dies down, and in Grademon’s place, is Alphamon, Legendary leader of the Royal Knights. Next to him stands Gaiomon, MetalGreymonX’s digivolved form.On the other side of Alphamon, is Justimon, the mega form of Cyberdramon, In the air above them hovers Magnamon, Sakuyamon, Seraphimon, and Rosemon, the mega formns of Raidramon, Taomon, MagnaAngemon, and Lilamon respectfully. Behind them all coils the massive form that is MetalSeadramon, the mega form of MegaSeadramon.*

Alphamon: You are all going down.

Leviamon: What is this!?

Lilithmon: It… it can’t be…

Barbamon: Alphamon!? How is it possible for a Royal Knight to be hidden amongst such weak Digimon!?

Magnamon: Don’t forget about me, either!

Lilithmon: *to Barbamon and Leviamon* That makes two… more than enough to match us three with their other partners.

Hisharyuumon: …That’s it! Look at those Demon Lords… they’re on the defensive now!

Vamdemon: Are you saying what I believe you are saying?

Hisharyuumon: Yes… we must Digivolve now!

Tankdramon: But what about the power of the Maverick Virus?

Garudamon: We cannot rely on it at this point… we must defeat our enemies!

Shawujinmon: He’s right! Let’s do this!

Hisharyuumon: DIGIVOLVE!!

*Another blast of light covers the Alpha Movement’s Digimon, causing them to Digivolve. At the front is Ouryuumon, the digivolved form of Hisharyuumon. Behind him stand Rosemon, Hououmon, BanchouLeomon, Darkdramon, Zanbamon, VenomVamdemon, and JumboGamemon, the digivolved forms of Lillymon, Garudamon, GrappLeomon, Tankdramon, Sagittarimon, Vamdemon, and Shawujinmon respectively. They all stand right next to the CIA’s Digimon, tall and proud.*

Lilithmon: Them as well!?

Leviamon: They are all at the Mega level… what should we do?

Barbamon: Heheheh… do not forget my comrades, we have the power of the Chaos Emeralds. There is no way we can lose!

Sakuyamon: If that’s how you feel, then prepare to be terminated. Amethyst Wind!!

*Sakuyamon creates a powerful gust of wind that flings hundreds of purple shards at the Demon Lords. Immediately all three of them move out of the way, seemingly dodging the fatal attack. To a trained eye, however, they were actually littered with cuts all over.*

Lilithmon: Grrr… you wench! You will pay for that! *lunges at Sakuyamon with her Nazer Claw*

Rosemon: Rosy Cradle! *grabs Lilithmon and flips her over on her back*

Rosemon: Ivy Hug! *multiple vines sprout and wrap themselves around Lilithmon*

Lilithmon: W-what is this!?

Sakuyamon: You’re own demise. *jumps into the air and performs a Spirit Kick, straight at Lilithmon’s head*

Lilithmon: NOOOOOOO!! *tears out of vines and grabs Sakuyamon by the foot, shoving her back* You stupid Digimon! I am a Demon Lord–you three are nothing! You stand no chance of defeating me!

Rosemon: Perhaps you are right.

Rosemon: Then again, maybe you aren’t.

Lilithmon: What did you say!?

Magnamon: I believe she said, “You lose.”

Lilithmon: *turns and faces Magnamon* …You. “Royal” Knight. You dare to challenge me?

Magnamon: It’s a tempting offer, but I didn’t want to ruin this cat fight. *smirks*

Lilithmon: Hmph! Please humor me.

Magnamon: Very well. Magna Blaster!! *fires a few energy bullets*

Lilithmon: *dodges the bullets* Nazer Nail!

Magnamon: *blocks the claw with his gauntlet, feeling the poison eat at his armor*

Lilithmon: *lets go* Phantom Pain!! *spews mist*

Magnamon: *jumps to the side* Magna Kick!

Lilithmon: *is kicked in the side and goes flying back* You… will pay for this. *gets back up*

Magnamon: The only one who is going to pay is yourself!

Lilithmon: It appears I should stop going easy on you. Very well. Prepare to feel my true might… Darkness Love!

Magnamon: Not if I can help it! Magna Explosion!

*In a brilliant dispay Magnamon unleashes a powerful energy wave from his body, which collides into Lilithmon’s attack. The two attacks lock in place, each trying to overwhelm the other, until the Magna Explosion breaks through and strikes Lilithmon dead-on, causing her to scream in pain until she turns into data and disappears.*

Magnamon: …Whew. That was tough.

Sakuyamon: No time for relaxing, Magnamon. We’ve got work to do.

Magnamon: Right!

*Over with Leviamon and the other CIA and AM Digimon…*

Leviamon: So, now all of you are Mega. Does this mean I will finally get a worthy challenge?

Gaiomon: If you mean us earning our payback, then yes.

Leviamon: Hahah… Fool! I will tear you apart and eat you myself!

Seraphimon: In the name of all that is holy, we will purge your viral form from this world! Strike of the Seven Stars! *fires seven holy orbs at Leviamon*

Leviamon: *takes the attack head on* Oof!! No… no!! Not a seraph! Anything but that!

Seraphimon: I see that my mere presense frightens you.

Hououmon: That is our advantage! Let’s get him! Crimson Flames!

Gaiomon: Rinkageki!

*The combined attacks strike Leviamon as he attempts to run away from the imposing form of Seraphimon.*

Leviamon: N-no fair… Get away from me!! Cauda!! *slams his tail on the ground, causing the entire ship to shake violently along with water spraying everywhere*

Seraphimon: W-what are you doing!?

Gaiomon: He’s going crazy! At this rate he’ll crack the ship open like an egg!

Hououmon: Let us hurry!

*The three Digimon advance toward him but are knocked back by Leviamon’s rampage.*

Ouryuumon: Allow me to assist you!

VenomVamdemon: And I as well!

MetalSeadramon: Don’t forget about me!

*The three large Digimon wrestle with Leviamon, holding him down*

Leviamon: L-let me go!!

MetalSeadramon: Quiet.

Ouryuumon: *struggling* Seraphimon, now!!

Seraphimon: Right! Hallowed Ascension! *summons a powerful bolt of lightning to crash right on top of Leviamon*

Leviamon: IT BURNS!!

Ouryuumon: And now to finish this–Eiseiryuuoujin!! *stabs Leviamon in the head with both of his blades*

Leviamon: AHHHHHHH!! *erupts into data and scatters*

VenomVamdemon: Now, let us destroy the rest of these pathetic fools.

Everyone else: Right!

*Finally, at the site of the final battle stood Barbamon and Alphamon and his companions.*

Barbamon: So, Alphamon… to think that the two of us would have a face off.

Justimon: Hey, what about us!?

JumboGamemon: If you think we are just going to stand back and watch you two fight, then you are sadly mistaken!

Alphamon: Unfortunately, he is right. I want you all to stand back and let me handle this.

Darkdramon: What? Why!?

Zanbamon: Bah! Don’t listen to this guy! Besides, we aren’t even on the same team!

BanchouLeomon: Wait. Can you not see it? This is what they call… destiny.

Justimon: Destiny?

BanchouLeomon: Yes… they were destined for this. Just the two of them. We cannot interfere.

Darkdramon and Zanbamon: …Very well.

Justimon: All right, then. Alphamon, as much as I’d love to help, it seems like everything rests on your shoulders. Sorry.

Alphamon: Don’t worry about it. Now… *summons his legendary sword, Gradalpha*

Barbamon: Heheheh… Destiny may be correct… after all… Alphamon is to forever rule over the empty seat. Why is it now that you appear?

Alphamon: Because not only is the Digital World in danger, but every dimension in existance.

Barbamon: How true! But enough idle chitchat. It is time for you to die! Crimson Flame!

Alphamon: *deflects the spell with his sword* Yaaaaaaaah!! *swings his sword*

Barbamon: *blocks it with his staff, which snaps from the pressure* My staff!

Alphamon: Digitalize of Soul! *fires multiple green rings from his hand*

Barbamon: *hit full force* Ack!! I don’t believe it… The battle has hardly started and yet you already have the upper hand.

Alphamon: Did you assume otherwise?

Barbamon: Not at all… but I refuse to accept this as “destiny”. Prepare to face my true might! Pandemonium Lost!

Alphamon: What!? *is suddenly caught in a violent explosion*

Justimon: Alphamon!!

Zanbamon: He’s dead already!?

Barbamon: Bwahahahahah!! Die you fool! Go back to the Digital World as a pathetic Digi Egg! Hahah!!

*As the dust clears, a sword flies by as it stabs Barbamon in the chest, causing him to scream as he stebs back, clutching the mighty weapon with his hands until he pulls it out, severly wounded.*

Barbamon: Impossible…!!

Alphamon: *reappears* But it is.

Barbamon: *falls to his knees, and with a shudder, turns into data and scatters*

BanchouLeomon: He did it!

Darkdramon: All right!

Rebel: HECK YEAH!! Way to go, Alphamon! And to think I doubted you just because you were slow in digivolving to your Rookie form… I’m not worthy!


Justimon: *sighs*

Ouryuumon: Is it over?

Jade: Ouryuumon! Did you and the others take care of Leviamon and Lilithmon?

Magnamon: Pretty much. Everything is practically wrapped up.

Sakuyamon: And the good news is is that the Chaos Emeralds are now in safe hands.

Void and Blackbelt: What a relief… Eh? *stares at each other before turning away*

Shadowstrike: So in the end Veemon was also a part of the Royal Knights. Sweet!


Outlaw: Hey, now, don’t be trying to use those words so lightly, ‘kay?

Spark: *arm duct taped back on* So what now? Do we continue fighting?

Dark Knight: Yes! *faces DK* I will show you who the real Dark Knight is!

DK: Oh, really?

Seadragon: *ignoring them* Things seem pretty peaceful now…

Sean: Yeah. Sure hope it stays like this.

Trump: I hope you idiots didn’t forget about us.

Sean: DAMNIT!!

*The CIA and AM turn to face Trump, Eggman, and iX.*

Eggman: I honestly can’t believe that you defeated the Demon Lords. But we will still be taking the prize! *pulls out a vacuum*

Brick: What the heck is that!?

Eggman: It’s the Egg Sucker!

*Everyone bursts out laughing.*

Eggman: What!?

Void: Egg Sucker? How original.

Rebel: Says the guy who made Frankenploid.

Void: Quiet you.

iX: Seriously, I’m with them. Come up with better names!

Eggman: Grrr…

Darksage: Okay, so what does this thing do?

Eggman: I’ll show you! *presses a button and a vacuum activates, pulling the Chaos Emeralds into the device*

Blackbelt: H-hey!

AM: He’s got the emeralds!

iX: *takes them out and holds them* We’re gonna rule the universe now!

Jade: It’s a fight then! Let’s go Alpha Movement!

Rebel: CIA… ATTACK!!!

Barbamon: *reforms* Hohoho… not so fast…

Everyone else: Huh!?

Leviamon: *reforms* We will not be defeated…

Lilithmon: *reforms* Especially by you!

Trump: Do you see now, fools? The Demon Lords are unstoppable. Isn’t that correct, Barbamon?

Barbamon: …

Leviamon: Barbamon?

Barbamon: …Chaos Emeralds! I beckon you! Come to me!

iX: What the…? *the emeralds fly away*

Barbamon: *holding them* With this… HAH!! *blasts Leviamon and Lilithmon*

Leviamon and Lilithmon: AHH!! *has holes ripped through them*

Dark Knight: Holy Hell!!

DK: You can say that again!

Seraphimon: Everyone… stay on guard!

Lilithmon: Barbamon… why…?

Barbamon: My dear Lilithmon, I am doing this for the sake of our goal. It is only natural to have some sacrifices along the way.

Leviamon: Y-you… tricked us…

Barbamon: Now… with the power of these emeralds…

*The seven emeralds glow simultaneously, circling around Barbamon. Instantly Lilithmon and Leviamon scream as they are reduced to bits of data that encases Barbamon’s form, until his body glows as brightly as the emeralds. Slowly his body shifts, transforming into a horrible monster…*

Eggman: T-this is too much… even for the world! *hops into his floating pod and takes off*

iX: Hey! Old man! Wait for me! *latches onto the back of the pod*

Trump: You fools! Don’t leave me behind! *chases after but is caught* What!?

Rebel: *pulls him back with his tail* Hey, Trump… stick around for a bit. The show is just about to start.

Trump: Magna Centipede… you are a fool. We will all die!

Rebel: No, we won’t! Right, Alphamon?

Alphamon: Right! Everyone… let’s do this!

Everyone else: Right!

Barbamon: Y-you will al-all… EVERYTHING WILL DIE!!

*In a flash of light takes place, followed by perpetual darkness as Barbamon’s transformation is completed.*

Sakuyamon: It’s…

JumboGamemon: It’s monstrous…

Magnamon: Don’t back away now!

Gaiomon: So, this is his true form…

GranDracmon: That is correct. I am now a true Lord of Demons… GranDracmon!

Ouryuumon: This is it. We cannot lose!

GranDracmon: You cannot lose? I am afraid you are wrong. With this new power I will rule every single dimension! Only me!

MetalSeadramon: We won’t let you! Let’s get this freak!

Gaiomon: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! *swings his swords*

GranDracmon: *grabs his swords and breaks them, and then knocks him out of the way*

Justimon: Justice Kick! *makes contact but has no effect*

GranDracmon: An eye for an eye… *turns around and kicks Justimon with his hind legs* And a kick for a kick!

Justimon: Oof!!

Darkdramon: Giga Rour!

Zanbamon: Mystic Flame!

JumboGamemon: Megaton Hydro Laser!

GranDracmon: Three on three, eh? Allow me… *raises his arms* CRYSTAL REVOLUTION!!

Darkdramon, Zanbamon, JumboGamemon: Aghh!! *is covered with a crystalline ice*

BanchouLeomon: Hold on, friends! Lion King Advance!!

GranDracmon: Another target? Crystal Revolution! *encases BanchouLeomon in ice*

Alphamon: You fiend!

*The rest of the Digimon quickly gang up on GranDracmon but to no avail. As quickly as they come they are put down.*

GranDracmon: I grow tired of this nonsense… it is time to finish this.

VenomVamdemon: No!

GranDracmon: EYE OF THE GORGON!!

*All of the Digimon scream as GranDracmon gazes into their hearts, until they die down and stare blankly into space.*

Void: What’s going on?

Outlaw: They aren’t fighting back!

AM: I don’t know about you guys, but this doesn’t look good at all.

GranDracmon: Fools… Your Digimon have surrendered to the darkness. Nothing can save them.

Alphamon: Wrong!

GranDracmon: …You!!

Ouryuumon: And I as well.

GranDracmon: So two of you did not succumb to the darkness… such a pity.

Alphamon: Gradalpha! *lunges his sword at GranDracmon*

Ouryuumon: Eiseiryuuoujin!! *attacks*

GranDracmon: Crystal Revolution! *encases them in ice*

Rebel: No!!

GranDracmon: Now nothing can stop me… nothing! Hahah!!

Jade: It’s all over, then…

Void: Not so fast!

Blackbelt: What are you planning?

Void: We can still use the Chaos Emeralds.

Spark: Why in the world would we want to use those things?

Void: Don’t you guys get it? If Barbamon could use them to force himself to Digivolve, then we can do the same!

Majin: *sober* He’s right! We’ve gotta do this. Together.

Seadragon: You mean… *looks at Shadowstrike* As more than two seperate teams?

Shadowstrike: Yep.

Rebel: *takes some emeralds* Then it’s settled–We, Code: Island Attackers…

Jade: *takes the rest of the emeralds* And we, Alpha Movement…

Rebel and Jade: Shall work as one!!

*Together the Chaos Emeralds flash and Alphamon and Ouryuumon erupt from the crystalline ice. The two of them glow and merge into one being–Alphamon (Ultimate War Blade King Dragon).*

Ultimate Alphamon: GranDracmon!!

GranDracmon: What!? You again? …You seem different somehow…

Ultimate Alphamon: Yes, and with this new power, the might of the CIA and the AM will destroy you!

GranDracmon: Those two pathetic teams of Reploids? Don’t make me laugh. Now, get out of my way–I have several dimensions to conquer!

Ultimate Alphamon: Never!

GranDracmon: Then prepare to face the cold reality of the situation. Crystal Revolution!

Ultimate Alphamon: *dodges the attack* Ultimate War Blade King Dragon Sword!!

*Using his giant blade which was originally Ouryuumon, Alphamon flies right into GranDracmon, slicing him cleanly through his midsection, causing him to fall into two pieces. GranDracmon, in surprise, can only scream in pain.*

GranDracmon: Arrrrgh!! H-how… how can this be possible!? I am… a king…

Ultimate Alphamon: GranDracmon… for your heinous acts you have been sentenced death. Never again will you threaten the peace of this nor any other universe.

GranDracmon: N-never ag-gain? Hah… hahahah… HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Ultimate Alphamon: What’s so funny?

GranDracmon: It’s you… d-do you honestly think that this is… th-the end? Th-there are others out there… others, wh-who will take this p-pathetic world and everything e-else for themselves… And then… w-we’ll see who really won!

Rebel: *to himself* Others… like Anti-Majin…

GranDracmon: Goodbye… for now… *turns into data and disappears*

Metabad: WE REALLY DID IT THIS TIME!! *rawks*

Darksage: Three cheers for the AM and CIA!

*Everyone cheers as the captured Digimon are freed. There is a small celebration over the battle won and the friendship made.*

Jade: Rebel, just so you know, we won’t fight you anymore.

Rebel: Really now?

Jade: Yeah, but it will be a pain to cover this up from Sigma… but we won’t let you worry about it.

Rebel: Thanks, Jade.

Jade: Don’t mention it.

Shadowstrike: Yo, Rebel, aren’t you forgetting something?

Rebel: What?

AM: *points to Donald Trump, sneaking off*

Rebel: Not so fast, Trump! *grabs with his tail*

Trump: Island Attackers and Alpha Movement… I see we are still alive.

Blackbelt: Spare us, dirtbag.

Trump: Just what do you plan on doing with me?

Void: Well, seeing as how you broke out of jail and assisted in trying to take over not only this but every other dimension out there…

Brick: You better enjoy a long time in the slammer: Again!

Rebel: Outlaw, take him to our cell room!

Outlaw: Right! *carries Trump off*

Trump: Curses! I’ll get you yet, Island Attackers… just you wait! And the Alpha Movement, too!

*As everyone laughs, a strange light comes down and the Digimon begin to fade.*

Sean: What’s going on?

Agumon X: Sorry, Sean.

Ryuudamon: We have to leave now.

Jade: What!? Why?

PicoDevimon: We believe that a lot of these problems as of late are all caused by us Digimon.

Dorumon: We think the world just isn’t ready for us… yet.

Majin: *cries*

Patamon: There, there, Majin. We’ll always be together.

Majin: Really?

Patamon: Yes, as long as you drink lots of this. *hands him a bottle of beer*

Majin: WOOHOO!! *chugs*

Elecmon: But yeah, it’s been real guys.

Piyomon: For real.

Veemon: Just remember how much I owned, okay?

Shadowstrike: Will do!

Brick: But… Kamemon, who will be my unwavering servant?



Metabad: C’mon, Monodramon, let’s do a rawkin’ goodbye.

Monodramon: No. Now shut up.

Commandramon: Darksage, may you be successful always.

Darksage: What, you think I’m not? I predicted this predictable ending back when this predictable storyline first predictably started.

Commandramon: Then I have nothing to fear.

Betamon: Tell Outlaw I said bye, okay?

Void: We will–goodbye, you guys.

Renamon: Goodbye…

Bearmon: Until we meet again…

Palmon: DK, you be careful!

Lalamon: You too, DK!

Dark Knight and DK: WE WILL!!

*As the CIA and AM wave goodbye the Digimon vanish, presumably back in the Digital World. Shortly after Outlaw returned with Trump in a holding cell, the AM decided it was time to leave.*

Spark: I guess we should say sorry about the mess.

AM: We probably owe you one…

Rebel: Nah, you guys helped us destroy GranDracmon. If you weren’t here who knows what would have happened.

Jade: *put his hand on Rebel* Rebel, if you ever need us, just send the word. Hopefully it will get through.

Dark Knight: And you… I suppose that with everything ending on good terms we shall settle this dispute another day.

DK: Bring it–I’ll gladly end it!

Seadragon: All right, we’re finally done. We can leave at any time.

Jade: Then this is it.

Void: Yeah, it is.

Rebel: I would just like to say, to everyone out there, from Code: Island Attackers and Alpha Movement…

AM and CIA: It’s been a blast having you with us!


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