What in the World Happened? (Series 3 Prologue)

*Written by Rebel4000*

*On the Island Attackers new flying base, the Whale King…*

Rebel: I think a small recap of the last few events that took place is in order.

Dark Knight: What? Why?

Void: That’s right… you and Metabad haven’t heard the whole story of what has recently happened to us.

Metabad: We didn’t? Dude, that doesn’t really rawk.

Dark Knight: All right. Enlighten us, Rebel.

Rebel: Okay, first off, we have a big problem on our hands. His name is Anti-Majin.

Metabad: Majin?

Rebel: No, no, ANTI-Majin.

Majin: He’s the exact opposite of everything that I am, basically.

Metabad: Oh.

Dark Knight: Hmm, a being who is the exact opposite of yourself…

Rebel: Anyway, he has teamed up with a monstrosity known as Frankenploid–

Void: Hey! I know he tried to kill us all on more than one occasion, but I don’t believe that gives you any right to call–

Rebel: Shut up. *to everyone else* Void made him.

Shadowstrike: You bastard!

Void: Thanks… I guess. *glances around*

Dark Knight: Okay, okay, so let me get this straight so far: A guy who is the exact opposite of Majin, called Anti-Majin, teamed up with a reploid built by Void named Frankenploid, right?

Sean: From what I’ve heard, yes.

Metabad: What do you mean, from what you heard? YOU WERE THERE RIGHT?!

Rebel: I’m gettin’ to that! *clears throat* Okay, so Anti also called the service of some punk named Ryouga… don’t know much about him, ‘cept I don’t like him. Together the three of them fought and defeated us, destroyed our former base, and killed three of our previous members.

Sean: I’m like you guys… new to the team. Although my joining was more of a freak accident*.

*See Series 2, Epilogue #20 “Beasts of Metal and Lightning”

Outlaw: We will never forget what they did to our former friends and teammates.

Shadowstrike: Yeah…

*The room is silent for a moment.*

Metabad: Damn. That really doesn’t rawk.

Void: You just had to ruin the moment, didn’t you?


Rebel: Moving on… We decided to learn from our mistakes and that is why we are currently traveling across the globe. When the day that we have to face Anti comes, we will be ready.

Dark Knight: Hmm, I see. So that’s what happened. Just how strong is this Anti-Majin fellow anyway?

Majin: Frighteningly strong. In fact I’m afraid it is probably just beginning…

Shadowstrike: What do you mean, “it is probably just beginning?”

Majin: Now that Anti has removed those he deems as a threat out of the way, what do you think his next goal will be?

Outlaw: The world?

Majin: Yep.

Metabad: But I neeeeeeeeeeed the world! How am I gonna rawk without it?

Dark Knight: *readies a Bubble Splash* I can help rectify that matter.

Metabad: Nuuuuuuuuu. ;_;

*As Metabad rawks his way out of the situation, the rest are going over some other minor details…*

Rebel: So how would Anti try to take over the world?

Void: Even if he did manage to beat us, I doubt that would suddenly crown him ruler of everything.

Majin: I’m not certain… but we’ve got to stop him before it’s too late!

Sean: So I guess it’s settled. We will gain experience and then defeat Anti once and for all.

Shadowstrike: As a team!


Dark Knight: This’ll be over soon! Mwahahahahah!!

Rebel: Team. Right. Whatever.

Outlaw: You okay there, boss bug?

Rebel: Just trying to figure out when this dumb prologue will end. Everyone go do some stupid stuff like you usually do!

Majin: Actually a beer sounds pretty good right now… *leaves*


Dark Knight: *goes straight through the wall*

Shadowstrike: I need to go watch this…

Sean: Then I suppose I’ll pilot the Zoid.

Shadowstrike: Oh no you don’t! *chases after Sean*

Outlaw: Uh… guess I’ll go cook. Heh, maybe I’ll get Majin to help me since he’s in the kitchen. *leaves*

*In a few short moments, the only ones that are left is Void and Rebel.*

Void: …You know, for once it wouldn’t hurt to be partially serious without some stupid jokes.

Rebel: Ah, but then I wouldn’t be me.

Void: True. So what now?

Rebel: Not exactly sure. I only know one thing right now–I want revenge on Anti and I aim to have it. *pauses slightly* Anyway, I’m going to go stop Outlaw from poisoning us while I grab a Coke. See ya. *disappears*

Void: Yeah, see you… *flies to his lab* I feel that the team is starting to change because of Anti. If that is good or bad, though, I’m not so certain…

The End


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