Enter the Assassin

*Written by Rebel4000*

*Late one night at the Code: Island Attacker’s former base, now Anti-Majin’s evil fortress…*

Anti: Blast it all!

Frank: What are you going on about?

Anti: Didn’t you watch the news, you fool? The CIA is still alive!

Frank: What!? How!?

Anti: Apparently some “huge epic battle of the ages” was recorded a few days ago with them being on it*.

*See Series 2, Epilogue #26 “Dissed in the Digital World (part 6)”

Frank: How could that be…? Our huge epic battle was supposed to be the huge epic battle of the ages*! Not their huge epic battle!

*See Series 2, Epilogue #19 “Dark Time”

Anti: It doesn’t matter. What does is that they are still alive when they should be dead! Do you have any idea what this means?

Frank: I am afraid to ask.

Anti: Plan time.

*And so the two super villains start to draw up plans to thwart the CIA once and for all.*

Frank: We could always just blast their new base out of the skies. Can you say “instant KO?”

Anti: Or we could alter the gravitational field surrounding them, causing them to go flying upwards into outer space!

Frank: Perhaps we could go over there and simply beat the snot out of them again. I mean… we did it before. We just have to get Ryouga for some back up and we’ll be all set.

Anti: We can’t.

Frank: Why not?

Anti: He got lost looking for the bathroom again.

Frank: That’s the fourth time this week!

Ryouga: *knocks a wall down* Uh… is this the bathroom?

Anti and Frank: …

Ryouga: Right. Carry on. *leaves*

Anti: Arrgh!! *tears up the paper they were drawing on* This is pointless! We’re never going to figure out a way to defeat them and they will eventually come back and try to stop our plans of causing mass chaos and destruction!

Frank: Now, now, Anti. There is still hope yet. Let’s take a look in this old book that I found. *holds up a small, black book*

Anti: What the heck is that thing?

Frank: It was made hundreds of years ago–I’m not really certain who wrote it. Anyway, this book contains some pretty useful stuff… surely we can use this to destroy the CIA!

Anti: Let me see that. *takes the book and flips through some pages* Yes… yes! It’s all right here! With this those fools will finally be put in their place! Mwahahahah!!

*The following day, at a local gas station…*

Clerk: Okay, say that one more time, dude.

Void: We want to know if you have fuel for a Whale King.

Clerk: And uh… what’s a Whale King again?

Sean: It’s our ship.

Shadowstrike: A Zoid.

Outlaw: And it’s really, really big.

Rebel: It’s right outside if you wanna take a look at it.

*The clerk turns to look out the window, only to see a massive blue ship sitting on top the gas pumps, crushing them and causing oil to spew everywhere. Outside Metabad and Majin are running around in a circle next to it.*

Metabad and Majin: WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Rebel: Ain’t she a beaut?

Clerk: Uh…

Dark Knight: He must be amazed by the paint job.

*Everyone nods in agreement.*

Clerk: Well, thing is dudes, is that you kinda crushed the gas pumps.

Void: And?

Clerk: Well that’s gonna cost a lot of money to fix.

Shadowstrike: You’re right. Sorry that you have waste your paycheck on that.

Clerk: Hey, wait a sec…

Rebel: Let’s go team!

*The Island Attackers leave, leaving only the clerk to stand there dumbfounded. Outside the CIA get ready to leave.*

Rebel: Okay, so here’s the game plan: We’re gonna grab some buckets and nab as much fuel as possible.

Outlaw: *pounds his stomach* Heh, I’ve got enough storage in here to last a lifetime. *sticks his mouth on a pipe and sucks in all of the oil*

Sean: That’s just gross.

Outlaw: *gets back up* Eh, you kinda get used to it after awhile. *smacks his lips* Mmm, tastes just like momma’s homemade soup.

Void: So, is there anything we’re forgetting before we move on?

Dark Knight: You mean last minute stops?

Void: Well, we’re flying around on a ship most of the time now. You’ve gotta enjoy these stops.


Void: *ignoring Metabad* Anyone? …Please?

Rebel: Void! I see you over there, ignoring a fellow teammate. For shame. *to Metabad* Where do you wanna go Metabad?

Metabad: Oman, it’s gonna rawk.

Rebel: Well, duh. I could tell you that.

Metabad: I wanna go to…

*At Toys ‘R’ Us*

Void: You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Metabad and Rebel: QUIET!!

Majin: *holding a teddy bear* ur teh bestest frend i ever had *hic*

Teddy Bear: *talking* I love you mommy.

Sean: *to Void* Well, it COULD be… I mean, it’s not too bad, Void. We’ve got a video game section.

Void: True.

Outlaw: *is covered by a pile of four year olds* So uh, guys, how long are we staying here?

Shadowstrike: Ask Rebel and Metabad.

Rebel: *tearing open an action figure*

Worker: Sir, you have to pay for that.

Rebel: Bite my shiny metal ass!

Metabad: D00D!! That rawked! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Outlaw: *has more kids pile on top of him* They… they like me! They really like me! *they then start to leave* W-wait! Come back! Is it the smell? Is it not strong enough!? TELL ME!!

Dark Knight: *sees the kids inching towards him* Oh… HELL no. Get these little freaks away from me! *runs*

Majin: TED WILL SAVE YOU!! *throws the bear at DK, hitting him in the face*

Teddy Bear: I love you mommy.

Dark Knight: Up yours! *takes the bear and rips his head off*

Majin: NOOOOOOOO!! *cries hysterically*

Void: Okay, that’s it. We are leaving. Shadow, get Metabad.

Shadowstrike: Right! *runs over and grabs Metabad by the collar and takes off*


Rebel: Hey, Void, what do you think you’re doing?

Void: No more fun and games Rebel. I’m taking you down!

Rebel: You’ll never take me alive, coppah!

Void: *ensares Rebel in a Silk Shot*


Metabad: *comes crawling back with Shadow holding onto him* FOR THE SUPER AWESOME FIGHTING FORCE!!

Shadowstrike: Help me, Outlaw!

Outlaw: Okay, okay. *lays on top of Metabad, pinning him*


Sean: C’mon, you guys. Do we have to settle things like this? People are starting to stare.

Void: More like they’re looking at DK getting attacked by the hordes of kids.

Dark Knight: They’re everywhere! Everywhere, I tell you! *is dogpiled*

Majin: *still crying over Ted*

*Suddenly an explosion rocks the store. Over in the distance, a group of familiar-looking Reploids greets the CIA in the newly made hole in the wall…*

Outlaw: The X-Hunters!

Agile: Well, well! If it isn’t the Island Attackers!

Serges: We knew that if we came here we’d find you… my tracking device never fails me!

Violen: What!? I thought we were here to buy some more stuffed animals–*is slapped*

Agile: You don’t know what you’re talking about!

Void: So, I take it you want to tango with us?

Shadowstrike: *coughs*

Void: What?

Shadowstrike: Tango, Void? Tango? Is that the best you could come up with?

Void: Be quiet, you. Since Rebel is currently… preoccupied, I must take the mantle of leader momentarily.

Dark Knight: *beneath the pile of kids* Sounds like mutiny to me!

Void: It’s not! I am just the obvious choice for second-in-command!

Sean: Funny, I always assumed that Rebel would put Metabad as No. 2…

Metabad: YEAH!!

Agile: Umm…

Void: Oh, c’mon! Even Rebel has more brains than that.

Outlaw: Yeah, about that Void… We’ve known him for how long, now?

Serges: Uh…

Void: That’s beside the point. If Rebel wanted this team to survive in case something were to happen to him, he’d want it in the hands of someone capable! Someone… like me!

Shadowstrike: But Rebel isn’t even capable himself and yet the team has survived for over three years now…

Rebel: You guys do realize that I am right here, right?

Void: *ignores Rebel* Again, that is completely beside the point–


*Everyone turns to stare at Violen.*

Agile: Whoa… I didn’t think he had the lungs to scream like that…

Serges: I think I heard the windows crack…

Metabad: Definitely doesn’t rawk.

Violen: It could easily rawk! Actually, no, that’s not quite right. What I mean to say is, that it doesn’t necessarily rawk, but at the same time it’s not completely awful

Agile: Enough of this! It’s time to get down to business!

Void: Here they come! Island Attackers, attack!

*Before anything can happen, however, a blue aura surrounds the store, causing everyone to freeze in place minus the Island Attackers and X-Hunters.*

Serges: Huh?

Shadowstrike: What’s going on?

Dark Knight: *explodes from the pile of kids* Hah! Thought they had me, did they!? Well I showed you fools! Hahahahah!!

Sean: *studying the blue surrounding* This is a highly advanced magic field…

Rebel: *rips free from the Silk Shot* So what are you saying? We’re trapped?

Outlaw: *gets off of Metabad* Looks like it, boss bug.

Metabad: *getting up* Definitely doesn’t rawk.


Sean: Someone must have lured us into this.

Agile: Way to figure it out, genius!

???: You are not as stupid as you all seem.

Outlaw: Who said that?

*A man materializes out of thin air. He was tall and lean, wearing all black with long, blond hair put into a ponytail. His eyes were two colors–one a blood red and the other an icy blue.*

Rebel: Who the Hell are you?

???: My name is of no importance to a walking dead man.

Rebel: *clenches fists* What did you say!?

???: Hmph, very well… The name is Yuber. I have been sent by Anti-Majin to exterminate you.

Majin: huh… Anti know we live?

Yuber: Apparently you all left quite a show that was broadcasted worldwide the other day… Yes, I must thank you for such a wonderful display of carnage.

Metabad: So does this mean you won’t kill us ’cause we just rawk at carnage like that?

Yuber: No.

Metabad: Damn.

Void: Why are you siding with Anti-Majin, though? He’s trying to rule the world! …I think.

Yuber: Because by attempting to do so he will cause large amounts of destruction. Even if he fails… destruction will still result. I thirst for the bloodshed…

Violen: But that’s not very human-like…

Yuber: Right again. I’m not some mere flesh and blood human that you are all used to seeing. I am immortal–I have lived for countless centuries watching this pitiful world continue playing it’s pitiful role… and everytime a chance for this planet to suffer arises I have been there to help assist it.

Outlaw: That’s… just not right…

Yuber: Which is exactly why I’m here now. Anti-Majin told me that if I were to kill you all his plans for a global takeover would speed up, and as you all know, the sooner he commences with part two of his plan the sooner we get to see some people die.

Rebel: So here you are… getting ready to finish us off. Is that it?

Yuber: Precisely… I see that as leader you do have some brains after all.

Dark Knight: You call yourself immortal… but I will prove to you otherwise!

Majin: *sober* And you said you worked for Anti. We won’t let you stop us!

Yuber: Strong words for someone afraid of kids and another a drunk. Very well then. *draws two long, thin swords from his sleeves* Prepare for the end.

Rebel: All right, let’s go do this! Island Attackers… ATTACK!!

Serges: Wait!

Everyone: Huh?

Agile: *pulls out a beam saber* So you guys are just gonna fight each other while we stand back and watch? I don’t think so!

Shadowstrike: What are you idiots going on about–

Serges: We are sick of being treated like third-rate villains! We’ll take this guy down by ourselves, and then we’ll defeat you, Island Attackers!

Violen: What he said!

Yuber: Hmph… what fools. Very well, then. Prepare to meet your maker.

*The three X-Hunters charge at Yuber, weapons drawn. Before they make impact, however, the demon disappears and reappears behind them.*

Yuber: Too slow.

Serges: Wha–AAAGH!! *has his arm sliced off*

Agile: Serges! *swings his saber*

Yuber: *parries* Do you honestly think you can defeat me, Reploid? *knocks Agile’s sword out of his hands* They always say ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately for you, that will not be the case.

Agile: What!?

Yuber: *cuts Agile in half*

Agile: Gagh!! *crumples to the floor*


Yuber: *dodges and grabs the chain* “Cut it out?” The Reploid was so weak… the power of my blade sliced through him like butter. I didn’t even try. *pulls the chain and flings Violen*

Violen: AAHHH!! *crashes into Serges, crushing him*

Yuber: You three bore me. *turns to walk away but stops* What the…!?

Agile: *holding onto Yuber’s ankle* W-wait… another round…

Yuber: You don’t seem to comprehend what has just happened. Here… allow me to make it more clear. *stabs Agile in the head*

CIA: !!!

Violen: Agile! Serges! NOOOOOOOO!!

Yuber: And you… your screaming has gotten on my last nerve. Time to say goodnight.

*With a flick of his wrist, Violen is suddenly struck with a bolt of lightning, causing him to scream in pain as his circuits are fried. A minute passes afterward, with no movement coming from the X-Hunters mangled remains.*

Sean: He… he killed them… He really killed them!!

Rebel: You monster! They weren’t even a challenge for you and you still slaughtered them!

Yuber: Why do you care? After all, they were your enemies. If anything you should be thankful that I was eliminating such nuisances for you.

Dark Knight: I’ve gotten sick and tired of this guy…

Yuber: If you think you can fare better than the three stooges, then please be my guest…

Rebel: Right. Island Attackers… KICK HIS ASS!!

Outlaw: Spin Wheel! *unleashes a pair of wheels at Yuber*

Yuber: *quickly moves*

Shadowstrike: Sonic Slicer! *releases a blade*

Yuber: *steps to the side*

Void: Silk Shot! *fires a ball of junk*

Yuber: *easily dodges*

Sean: Crystal Shot!

Metabad: Speed Burner!

Yuber: *dodges again*

Rebel: Magnet Mine!

Majin: Strike Chain!

Yuber: *moves out of the way*

Dark Knight: Enough of this! Bubble Splash! *opens his mouth and fires a stream of bubbles*

Yuber: *doesn’t move at all as the bubbles float gently past him* …Is that all? How disappointing.

Dark Knight: Why you…!! *creates his energy pincers and lunges at Yuber*

Yuber: My turn.

*Yuber runs toward Dark Knight and quickly moves to the side, using one of his swords to slash the CIA member’s side, making him come crashing to the ground. He then leaps and teleports directly in front of Outlaw and slashes him in the chest, making him fall back, and then quickly runs over to Void and attacks him, slicing his wings clean off, causing him to land face first on the floor.*

Sean: He’s fast!

Rebel: You won’t get away with this! *pulls out multiple shurikens and flings them at Yuber*

Yuber: Too late for that. *dodges and gets behind Magna, piercing one of his swords through his tail and ultimately his midsection*

Rebel: Gah!! *collapses*

Metabad: Nooo, not my rawkin buddy! *ignites his blue flames* I’ll get you for that! *charges*

Yuber: *attemps to get out of the way but gets punched in the face, knocking his hat off* …Not bad. You actually managed to hit me. I suppose it’s time to throw off the kid gloves, then.

Void: Ugh… Metabad! Get away from him! NOW!!

Metabad: What?

Yuber: Experience true power… my Eight Devil Rune! *launches himself forward, creating several afterimages as he attacks Metabad from all sides*

Metabad: AHHH!! *is badly beaten up*


Outlaw: No!!

Yuber: *finishes and knocks Metabad to the side next to Rebel* Who else wants to waste my time?

Dark Knight: *is back up* Grr… he’s fast… and strong.

Outlaw: It’s almost like that time when Anti, Frank, and Ryouga beat us only it’s just one of him.

Majin: We need to come up with something, and quick.

Sean: I’ve got it!

Void, Outlaw, Dark Knight, Majin, Shadowstrike: What?

Sean: He focuses mainly on speed, right? Well if I use my powers I can slow him down.

Void: Good thinking. I’ll move in and distract him. Everyone else, you make sure Sean can finish and when he does, move in for the finishing blow!

Dark Knight: Ugh… I think I’m wasted… I don’t think I can help much…

Void: Don’t worry about it. We can handle this. You just rest and watch Rebel and Metabad. All right… time to do this!

Outlaw: Good luck, man.

Shadowstrike: Don’t die.

Void: Will do. *walks up to Yuber* If you think you’ve beaten us then you’re mistaken.

Yuber: Hmph. I see no reason to fear you. Even if you aren’t human you Reploids are still… so pathetically weak.

Void: Oh yeah? Then let me show you something! *extends his hands forward and fires a powerful beam of light*

Yuber: What the–!? *moves but is hit in the shoulder* Argh! You will pay for that… with your lives! *hand begins to glow*

Void: *turns to Sean* Sean, now!

Sean: I’m on it! *releases a blast that ends up slowing Yuber down*

Yuber: W-what is this…? I can hardly move…

Majin: *uses his chains to tie Yuber’s hands behind his back* Everyone! Get him!

Outlaw: *attacks with Spin Wheel*

Yuber: *is slashed up by the wheel* Ugh!!

Shadowstrike: Now to finish this! *runs up to Yuber and kicks him square in the gut*

Yuber: Oof! *goes flying back and hits the ground*

Outlaw: We did it!

Shadowstrike: Oh yeah, I got him all right. Did you guys see that sweet finishing blow?

Void: Good job back there, Sean.

Majin: Yeah, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to tie him down.

Shadowstrike: I hate you all.

Sean: We can celebrate later–We need to check up on our fallen comrades first.

*The remaining CIA members get Rebel and Metabad. In a few minutes they are concious again.*

Metabad: Ow… that was definitely not rawkin.

Rebel: *playing with the whole in his stomach* This is going to hurt in the morning.

Void: *has his wings underneath his arm* Speak for yourself.

Rebel: So… what about the X-Hunters?

Sean: *walks up to Rebel* I was just checking them out. Their life signs… it’s gone.

Rebel: *wide-eyed* You mean they really are…?

Outlaw: Man… I didn’t think that they’d become casualties in this mess, too…

Majin: It was always them and us, after all.

*The older members are all silent for a moment, remembering their past struggles with the villainous team.*

Void: *changing the topic* Anyway, why is this aura still surrounding us?

Majin: He’s right… it’s still here. The people are still frozen too.

Dark Knight: *busy kicking a kid* Take this! And that! Mwahahah!!

Outlaw: Guys… I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Rebel: Yeah… Say, what did you do with that Yuber guy’s body?

Shadowstrike: Huh?

Rebel: The body. It’s not there anymore.

Void: We didn’t touch it.

Dark Knight: Then… that means–

*Dark Knight is cut short as a sword plunges through his body and then slowly taken out.*

Rebel: Dark Knight!

Dark Knight: I’m… okay… *passes out*


Yuber: I told you I was immortal. Did you think some kick was going to stop me?

Shadowstrike: (You weren’t acting all that cool when I actually DID it, bitch.)

Rebel: You bastard… you will pay for what you have done! Island Attackers… ATTACK!!

Yuber: …Not today.

CIA: Huh?

Yuber: You are stronger than I gave you credit for… It might be more fun to have this battle when you are actually ready.

Majin: So does this mean that we actually have a fighting chance?

Yuber: What are you talking about? Your deaths will be served by my hands. I just wanted to say farewell for now… as I gave you all a lovely parting gift. *kicks Dark Knight’s body over to the CIA*

Outlaw: How could you!?

Yuber: Consider yourselves lucky. *takes a step back* Island Attackers, the next time we meet is when you are lead down a fiery path of destruction.

Rebel: Wait!!

*As Rebel reaches out for Yuber, a black portal opens up beneath the enigmatic man and pulls him in before closing. The rest of the members can only look in shock. Immediately the aura disappears and time resumes once more.*

Rebel: He’s… gone…

Void: *puts a hand on Rebel’s shoulder* Rebel… let’s get back to the base. We need to tend to Dark Knight.

Rebel: …Yeah…

*The Island Attackers solemnly head back to the Whale King. Elsewhere, Yuber is reporting what happened to Anti.*

Anti: So, what you are basically saying is that you failed to destroy them?

Frank: How completely useless.

Ryouga: I don’t even know what’s going on around here…

Anti: My plans! I need those CIA goons dead once and for all! I need to wipe them out so I can–

Yuber: The plan hasn’t changed. Let me handle the CIA. You can just keep focusing on your end of the bargain.

Anti: Ergh… right. Well, you just better make certain that it doesn’t happen again. After all, I’m the one who summoned you!

Yuber: But of course.

Frank: *suspicious* Anti… I think we should keep an eye on him…

Yuber: There is no need to concern yourselves over me–I am more than happy to assist your cause because of the outcome. So, please, do not mind me… and I will continue fighting the Island Attackers for as long as necessary.

The End



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