Prelude to a Dark Time

*Written by Shadowstrike*

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site.  Those were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was a more on the creative side. This particular story is like a “What if?” type that focuses on what could have happened before we meet Anti-Majin and Yuber.


Staring his enemy down, each one knew it was going to be a fight to the death. Complete insubordination was the matter here. The leader was staring daggers at his former teammate, who in turn had a look that could incinerate a tree. Only one would survive. Only one could be the who–

“Hey, boss bug, where are the power converters?” asked the blue sweater clad teenager who just walked up.

The leader, Magna Centipede, turned and stared at him. “Shadowstrike, can you not see I am about to kill PBX here?” he said, rhetorically.

“What is it over this time Rebel?” asked Shadowstrike, this being the third time today this had happened.

“The last cookie.”

“Your going to kill PBX over a cookie?” he asked, as the after mentioned Bubble Crab, walked off sneakily last cookie in hand.

“Yes,” said Magna, who then turned to his now vanished opponent.

“And you wonder why we aren’t taken seriously…” Shadowstrike says, opening a can of Coca-Cola.

“Meh. Like it really matters to me,” sighed Magna, taking the can of Coke from Shadow’s hand.

In another part of the base, the main room to be more precise, three other members of the team rested. Crystal Snail was showing a rare moment. He was wide awake and concentrating on something. He had his guitar in his hands, and he was trying to learn the hit song “I’d Like To Apologize” by the hit oldies band Sweeve. In front of the TV, sat Flame Stag, He was totally absorbed into “The Adventures of the Sinister Six” for the Play Station 5. On the couch, staring at the wall, sat Majin. He was totally drunk. Every once in awhile, he would let out a bark.

“Hey, Ghal,” Yelled Crystal Snail, to no avail. “GHALEON, TURN THE TV DOWN!” he then screamed, hoping to be over heard.

Ghaleon then, yelling over the T.V. “DEATHTUNA, SHUT UP, I’M TRYING TO AVENGE EDWARD HERE!” The two continued to yell back and forth at each other, all the while, Majin was trying to dig through the wall with a spork.

In the laboratory, two reploids stood. One was an older type, beard and red eye showing prominent. He stood upon a hover platform. The second bore a purple armor plating. He had a sword sheathed to his side. They stood and looked around their surroundings until the door to the outside opened. In walked their third member. The hulking reploid walked in, mace hitting against the red armor upon his back. He joined the other two. Upon looking at their surroundings, they had to struggle to stifle a laugh.

In the sewers below the base, Wheel Gator was swimming, looking for his next meal. Near him, floated Morph Moth. He was putting solvents into the sludge. Unaware to him, his inventions might soon be the end of him.

Later that night…

Seven out of the eight members of the Code: Island Attackers were in bed, asleep. All except for Bubble Crab, who, due to his insomnia, never slept. He, like normally, was running to and fro, all throughout the base. That was, until he came upon Morph’s lab. Upon going near the door, he heard muffled shouting. Opening the door, he heard.

“Void Darkheart, I have you to thank for this marvelous machinery. If you didn’t pioneer this “Hyper Form” technology, my colleagues and myself would not have the upgrades we do now,” breathed a scowling old reploid, who had a visor over both eyes, upon his back was an omega class battle-pack, a type of jetpack.

“I wouldn’t have made it if I knew that filth like you would try to steal it,” Morph Moth hissed, pure anger in his voice. There was a stare down, until, the moth-themed maverick made a mad dash for the door.

“HEAT HAZE!” yelled a robot in the corner, as hundreds of clones, all of the same robot appeared. Every clone had the same motif. They were clones of Agile, but, not the same. This new appearance was a drastic change. Jet black instead of purple, he also had beam sabers fused to his wrists.

“Nice try moth” the clones, with the same voice all said.

“Violen, grab him,” Serges said, as he powered up a gun upon his back. Following his orders, a huge robot appeared out of nowhere, moving faster than any robot his size should, and grabbed Void. He held him in front of Serges. The robot holding him was much alike the Violen of old. Except that his one had two maces and blue armor, and he didn’t give off an air of idiocy. Serges leveled off the gun. Void then fired off his Silk Shot, at the exact moment Serges fired. The Silk Shot hit the gun, utterly destroying it. But, the beam had found its mark in Morph Moth. Morph was pulled into the air by a bright light. He was then thrown violently to the ground. But, upon hitting, he was not himself. He was reverted to his cocoon form. He was then duct taped to the wall. He would be able to break lose, but it would be hours later. And by then, it would be to late…

“GUYS, GUYS, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!” Yelled the frantic Bubble Crab. In mere moments, he is joined by the six other members of the Code: Island Attackers.

“PBX, I was sleeping. This had better not be petty bullshit,” Said the half awake leader of the team.

“What did I say, next time you find a rat, just come get me,” said the hulking form that was Wheel Gator.

“Guys, I am being serious! We are being attacked by the–” gasped Bubble Crab, as a laser bolt shreaded through his stomach. As he collapsed to the ground, three figures stepped into view.

“My god, PBX is down and, who are you guys?” asked Crystal Snail, pointing at the three figures.

“You don’t remember us?” the one floating asked “why, with all the time we spent together, I’m appalled you don’t remember!”

“The eye looks familiar…” Wheel Gator says suspiciously. “Wait a tick…Serges!?”

“Took you long enough, simpleton.”

“I’ll make you eat those words!” screamed the enraged Wheel Gator, as he charged at Serges but was slashed by a black blur. “Wha?”

“You must be more careful, gators are known to be quite clumsy,” said the blur, as he sped around Outlaw. That was, until, he ran into a block of frozen air, courtesy of a Crystal Hunter, that was precariously placed there by Deathtuna just moments before.

Meanwhile, Shadowstrike and Ghaleon had just engaged the now blue Violen.

“Remind me to thank that Void again, as his power ups allowed me to do this!” he raises his hands, and fires the two mace balls that were suspended before them. The chains whistled as the air went streaking through them, as the maces rocketed towards their targets. Ghaleon jumped up to dodge, as shadow jumped to the side. Before they both had even landed, 20 rounds of both of their indivivudal weapons streaked through the air towards Violen. “Going to attack me yet?” he sighed, as the weapons hit his armor but left not a single mark.

At the same time, Rebel and Majin were doing all that they could to dodge the various rounds that Serges was spitting out at them. Still, they both were hit some. Rebel fired a Magnet Mine, and took a Spin Wheel to pay for it. As the mine exploded, Majin threw his Strike Chain, and imbedded them into Serges’ jetpack. “You annoying gnat!” breathed Serges, as flames erupted around him. When they died down, Majin no longer had hands.

“Majin, are you alright?” asked a worried Rebel.


“I had to ask.”

As that was happening, Shadow and Ghaleon had devised a plan to defeat Violen. As Violen fired his maces again, shadow dashed forward, and used a reinforced Sonic Slicer to cut the laser chain. Before the mace fell, Shadow kicked it up to Ghaleon, who caught it in mid air. Swinging it around once, he hurled it towards Violen. Violen attempted to move his arm to guard, but, Shadow had the other mace by the chain. The mace slams into Violen, as a resounding shatter is heard. Violen can look only in disbelieve as his armor has been shattered. Before he can even process another thought, he is slammed by many rounds of the two Attackers weapons. His last thought before being shut down was “I forgot to tape Lucy…”

Everything was not going as well for the Outlaw and Deathtuna. They were being battered by the black blur. Finally, it stopped. As they looked up, they saw a familiar face.

“Agile, when did you get so strong?”

“Thank Void. Well, actually, you WON’T get the chance to!” He snickered. “I hope you like my next trick.” As he said that, a solid illusion appeared next to him, and another on the other side. As soon as they appeared, the two illusions and Agile turned to blurs again, removing Outlaw’s arm from its socket, and destroying Deathtuna’s shell. After a few more moments, they fell. Agile could only stand over them snickering.

At the same time, Serges was still firing random blasts at Rebel and Majin. That was, until Majin tried to dodge the wrong way, and slammed into Rebel. As the two hit the ground, Majin was hit with the esenece of Sonic Slicer, and fell to pieces at the hand of Serges. Jumping to his feet, Rebel dashed forward, trying to poison Serges. That was, until, one of the guns turned to his face, and fired. Rebel was rocketed back to a wall by what seemed to by a solid pillar of Silk Shot. As he slowly feel to the ground, pieces of his armor stayed on that place. He crashed to the ground, and deactivated.

Shadow and Ghaleon were celebrating their small victory over Violen. As they were, they neglected to turn around. As their teammates fell, the two remaining X-Hunters turned their attention to them. Silently signaling each other, they agreed as to how to attack. Serges charged his guns with Crystal Hunter and aimed at the back of Shadowstike, as Agile and his three clones triangulated around Ghaleon. With a signal Serges fired, and Agile charged. Shadow was hit in the back and as he fell forward to the ground, his armor crumbled around him. He fell to the ground in his human-self. Next to him, Ghaleon was stabbed by three beam sabers. He screamed in pain and rage, as he feel to the ground deactivated.

“We did it… we finally did it!” said Agile, his voice filled with glee.

“You think so?” joked Serges, “Well, you’re wrong. We aren’t done until they are dead.”

“Can I kill Rebel first?” asked Agile, brandishing his sword.

“Go ahead.”

In a flash, he was in front of the deactivated body of Rebel. He brought his sword to the throat. If he even twitched, it would be all over for the bug. He brought his arm back, and he started it’s descent. Just as it was about to slice, time stopped. A figure appeared in the air, shimmering at first. But, soon, it came into clear view. Anti-Majin, the C:IA’s worst enemy, floated above them.

“No, this is not how it should be. First off,” he waves his hand, and the X-Hunters glow. A second later they are in their normal forms. Another second later, they are just gone. Anti waves his hand one last time, and the C:IA are no longer damaged. He waves his hand again, and they are back to where they were before the fight. He waves his hand one last time, and time resumes, without him there.

On a cliff over looking the C:IA tower, stands two figures, hidden in shadows. In front of them, appears Anti-Majin.

“Hello again my associates. The day of reckoning has come! The C:IA will not see another sunrise. We will see to that!”

The End


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