This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site.  Those were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was a more on the creative side.

This particular entry ended up becoming cannon so consider this a side story to where we are in the current story line.


*Written by Sean*


*At the X-Hunters secret base, currently a cardboard box they found on the street*

Agile: We need a plan to finally defeat those troublesome Code Island Attackers, our reputation has hit an all time low. Ever since X defeated us, we’ve fallen to lower and lower levels of misery.

Serges: Damn X, I remember working as a high level maverick. I had my own lab, much better than the dump that is that pesky Morph Moth’s. With proper funding I was capable of building real weapons. I remember with nothing but my genius and a few good parts that I created that wondrous duplicate of Zero after X had managed to take the three parts of Zero from us. It would have trounced X had Zero not shown up and destroyed my beautiful creation.

Violen: Uh, didn’t we succeed in keeping the parts from X and then X destroyed our Zero?

Serges: Ugh, ever since we’ve lost we have been down right pathetic! Agile, you’ve lost you’re skill!

Agile: I am still the best warrior; I’ve just had a few bad fights!

Serges: Violen, you’ve lost what little intelligence you’ve had! Last week we were arguing over whether it was Dr. Doppler or Zero who helped X defeat Sigma after the Doppler crisis!

Violen: But, I remember it happening that way!

Serges: And I lost the budget necessary for my intelligence to work!

Agile: Don’t you mean you lost you’re intelligence?

Serges: Silence! We all need to break this losing streak!

Agile: Yes, after this no more failures!

Hobo: Hey, what are you doing in my house?

Agile: This is now our base of operations!

Violen: You think you can take it back from us?

*Five minutes later at a local tavern*

Serges: *sighs* I can’t believe he took all three of us.

Agile: He was rather quick for a bearded guy who smelled of booze in old clothing.

Serges: Along with strong and smart, I can’t believe how he took down Violen.

Violen: *near tears* I don’t want to talk about it…

Serges: *takes a sip* We’ve hit rock bottom, haven’t we?

Agile: Yep. *empties his glass*


Violen: Why don’t I get a kids cup?

Agile: You’d look retarded.

Violen: But I want one…

Serges: You’re a bulky reploid that is known for muscle and we’ve just been talking about out rep. We can’t have the ‘tough guy’ of our group drinking from a cup covered with colorful cartoons that has a lid and straw!

Violen: *a bit desperate* What if I take the lid off?

Serges: *slams head to the table top* There isn’t enough alcohol in the world….

Bartender: How are you guys going to pay for these drinks?

Agile: You’re asking the X-Hunters to pay?

Serges: *lifting head up* We’re feared villains!

Bartender: You just got beaten up by a hobo, you lose any right to be called a feared villain.

Violen: He was a very scary hobo. *shudders*

Serges: It was a fluke!

Agile: You won’t stand a chance.

Bartender: You’re forgetting something. *snaps fingers*

Giant Mech: You called, sir?

Agile: That thing is huge!

Violen: Scary… *gets up and starts backing away*

Serges: I want one…

Bartender: I have to deal with drunk, overly powered reploids on a regular basis. This bar has stronger walls than most military bunkers and I have workers who can swat a god away. Believe me, you are the scrawniest guys to question paying their bill in a long time.

Agile: *gulp*

Serges: Well now that I think of it, our wallets really are a bit too heavy at the moment.

Agile: Really a pain, they would slow us down during are next evil plot. We don’t want to be weighed down.

X-Hunters: *Hand over the little they had and dash out*

*A minute later, the random hobo walks in and sits down. He demands a drink.*

Bartender: And how will you be paying?

Hobo: Pay?

Bartender: *snaps fingers* Don’t expect my employees and myself to be as weak as those three freaks.

Giant Mech: Can I actually blow someone up this time?

Hobo: *Raises a hand and a wave of energy travels outward towards the mech*

Giant Mech: *Whole body starting to vibrate* I’m losing control of my body, everything is shaking! My frame is starting to fall apart! *collapses into a pile of a scrap metal*

Bartender: *staring at former employee* Uh…. Would you be interested in a job?

*Back to the X-Hunters*

Serges: *sighs* Things used to be so much better. I remember when the Mavericks needed us and the Hunters feared us.

Agile: Sigma never even bothers calling us anymore. *Turns to Violen and glares* But then he started to dislike us rather early on.

Violen: *cowers and starts to cry* I didn’t think I’d pop his doggy’s head off with my hug! It was so cute, and I killed it…

Serges: Whatever, he never got to realize it wasn’t really his dog. I just picked one up at the local pound. I didn’t want to waste resources on rebuilding a pet when I could just buy a new one.

Agile: We just had to pay for our drinks and we got beaten up by a hobo! We were beaten twice today and by normal people, not even the Code: Island Attackers!

Serges: Not like the old days, we were feared and respected back then. I was such an amazing scientist. Void? He would have looked like a dimwit compared to me back then. I created a copy of Zero, when you two lost your Zero parts to X and when I lost mine because of a fluke.

Violen: But I remember X failing to recollect the Zero parts!

Agile: We all know what happened, Serges created the Zero copy with the black armor that got torn to pieces by the real Zero before it could smash X… wait, could you create another fake Zero?

Serges: Remake my fake Zero?

Agile: Yes, I just asked that.

Serges: Possibly, but I would need supplies. The Hunters would probably be the only ones with them.

Agile: And?

Serges: Shouldn’t they have amazing security for those areas?

Agile: Their best warrior is an ancient machine that they dug up from a hole that we are all based off of. Despite their enormous budget, their best weapons are the one X steals from us or the ones X finds lying around. Also during any major battle or war, guess who actually does anything significant? X and Zero are the only guys whoever defeat someone important along with the guys who on their own demolish more than half of the entire opposing army. Everyone else basically sits around and gets killed or rescued by X or Zero if they decide to fight.

Serges: How do you know this?

Agile: Eh, they pass out a few brochures during local parades.

Violen: I like the candy they hand out!

Serges: So you think we can sneak in?

Agile: I snuck in last week to steal twenty bucks and a pack of beer, trust me at least at this outpost they won’t care.

*Later that night*

Agile: Told you it was easy.

Serges: I can’t believe that the guards aren’t paying any attention at all.

Violen: Can I go watch tv with them?

Serges: No!

Violen: But “I love Lucy!” is on…

Agile: What is wrong with him?

Serges: A lot, but we don’t have time to talk about his many inadequacies. The guards are stupid, but the janitor has to clean this lab eventually.

Agile: Pfft, even Violen could handle a weak janitor.

Serges: With out track record as of late?

Agile: Well, he probably isn’t paid well. Maybe an IOU for five bucks can convince him to leave.

Serges: An IOU for five dollars?

Agile: We gave that bartender all our money, remember?

Serges: Right, now leave me alone so I can work.

*An hour later*

Violen: Are you done yet?

Serges: Not yet!

*An hour later*

Violen: Are you done yet?

Serges: Not yet!!

*An hour later*

Violen: Are you done yet?

Serges: Not yet!!!

*An hour later*

Violen: Are you done yet?

Serges: Not yet!!!!

*An hour later*

Serges: Yes! I finally finished!

Agile: You finished the Zero copy?

Serges: Huh?

Agile: The fake Zero we came here to make!

Serges: Oh, that. I finished that four and a half hours ago. I’ve been trying to beat the high score on this computer game.

Agile: How did you make something so fast?

Serges: They had plenty of spare parts and their system is pretty easy to use. When I was stumped on what to do I just went to Wikipedia or did a Google search.

Agile: You created a Maverick copy of Zero with what was lying around and an online encyclopedia?

Serges: No, I already said I used Google as well. A few things I found using Google.

Agile: Whatever, just show me the reploid.

*Serges leads Agile and Violen to a table and lifts up a sheet*

Agile: …Are you a pervert?

Serges: What?!

Agile: This reploid is a girl!

Serges: And?

Agile: Zero is a guy!

Serges: He looks like a girl and I could only find girl parts.

Agile: This room is full of reploid parts; they can’t all be for girls!

Serges: You don’t know that for sure and is there any real problem?

Agile: Changing the gender of our fake is stupid!

Violen: I think she is pretty…

Agile: *glares at Violen* Whatever! Can this copy do anything?

Serges: Of course! I did my best to give our copy the same abilities as Zero along with as much weaponry that I could possibly add. Her standard weapons are a buster and saber equal in power to Zero’s buster and saber, but that isn’t all I gave her. I added the best weapon copying system I could find along with some stealth equipment and anti-gravity boosters instead of just the standard dashing equipment. I believe I added a few elemental attacks that I found lying around along with a bunch of junk that I doubt anyone knew the purpose for. Also as an added bonus, this copy is a virus carrier. I gave her a unique virus based off the Maverick virus that has been created using the research of the Maverick Hunters themselves. Their search for a cure will cause a greater epidemic!

Agile: You have outdone yourself, I guess. You created your own virus?

Serges: Umm… Well most of the work on it had already been done and I googled to find the remaining bits and pieces for it. I’m not exactly sure about what most of the code means. I might be able to decipher a few bits and pieces of it if you want.

Agile: How much of the design for this reploid was yours and how much of it did you copy?

Serges: Ninety-nine percent.

Agile: Yours?

Serges: Copied.

Agile: Whatever. Just activate it.

Violen: Don’t you mean her?

Agile: Just activate the stupid reploid!

*Serges flips a few switches and the lights flash*

Fake Zero: Ugh… *Sits up*

Serges: It’s alive!

Fake Zero: I’m alive for less than a minute and I already have people yelling at me… *Rubs head and eyes while starting to yawn.*

Agile: Well, I guess it does work.

Fake Zero: I do have a gender, and I hope you guys have a name for me…

Agile: Yes, you’re Fake Zero.

Fake Zero: Fake Zero?

Serges: Yes, you are our female and maverick copy of the famous Maverick Hunter, Zero.

Fake Zero: Isn’t there a better name you could have given me?

Serges: Null?

Fake Zero: No.

Agile: False?

Fake Zero: Definitely not.

Serges: Decimal?

Fake Zero: No.

Agile: Copyrka?

Fake Zero: No way.

Serges: Replica?

Fake Zero: Uh, no.

Agile: One?

Fake Zero: No way in hell.

Violen: How about Nega?

Fake Zero: Nega?

Violen: Short for negative, but you probably hate it…

Fake Zero: Wait one second; I haven’t said anything yet… Nega… That just might work.

Janitor: *walks in* What are you guys doing here? *looks around* Who made this huge mess?! *raises broom threateningly*

Serges: RUN!

Nega: Why? *raises buster and blasts the janitor to pieces*

*A guard rushes in hearing the noise*

Guard: What’s going on in here?

Agile: That is why!

Nega: Him? He’s no big deal. *dashes over and slashes the guard in half at the waist*

*An alarm is raised and a bunch of guards dash in*

Serges: Now a big deal?

Nega: Just let me convince a few to attack their allies while we exit if you guys are so worried. *Infects a few guards and then uses her buster and beam saber to clear a path*

X-Hunters: *Just stare*

Nega: You guys coming?

Serges: Yeah, it has just been so long since we’ve actually succeeded…


Agile: I can’t believe she could take on so many reploids…

Serges: I can’t believe Nega is now securing us a new base. An actual base, not a dumpster!

Violen: Do you think someone will notice?

Serges: *smacks head* We’re now too big! They’ll be sure to send in X or the real Zero since we destroyed Maverick Hunter property!

*The next day*

Zero: I never thought I’d see you three again, but prepare to go back to the grave! *takes out beam saber*

Agile: *gulps* Nega, attack!

Nega: I’m not a Pokemon, but fine. *takes out beam saber*

*Two hours later*

Agile: So what is the score now?

Serges: Zero has died five times so far and Nega has bit the dust six times thus far. I say in a little bit we play dead and hope Zero goes away.

Violen: *pauses to think* If Zero and Nega started dating, would Zero be a narcissist?

Serges: *pauses for a second completely thrown off guard* What is wrong with you?

Violen: Well, yesterday you guys said a lot.

Nega: Are you guys going to help at all? *blocks an attack from Zero*

Agile: I think you’re doing fine on your own.

Nega: I died six times! *slashes at Zero*

Agile: Yes, and Zero has only died five times so far. You need to catch up.

*The next day*

Nega: Serges, I highly doubt a bikini is a required dress for maintenance.

*The next day*

Nega: Agile, how can you be the better warrior when you don’t fight?

*The next day*

Nega: I am not reading you a story, Violen.


Nega: Okay, I just need to adjust. Things have to get better. They aren’t going to keep making me do all the chores and fight all our battles while being either annoying or creepy as I work, are they? I know Serges is a creepy old man, Agile is a sexist and egotist, and Violen has the brain of a five year old and intelligence of a rock, but they must have some good qualities I haven’t noticed.

*A week later*

Nega: Get away from me, pervert! There is no way anyone sane would ever give you a degree!

Serges: *cowers*

*The next day*

Nega: Shut up, wimp! Maybe you can use your bragging as a weapon next battle, it is definitely more effective than your saber!

Agile: *cowers*

*The next day*

Nega: Go away, crybaby!

Violen: *starts bawling*

Nega: But I haven’t even gotten to the real insulting! You’re a warrior, can’t you take any name calling?

Violen: *while still crying shakes head*

Nega: Why must you make being mean like slaughtering big eyed puppies?

*The next day*

Nega: Okay, everyone out! I’ve had it!

X-Hunters: But this is our base…

Nega: Look, you guys are at best moochers. At worst, I’m not sure how to describe you! You’re lucky that I’m doing this the nice way; the not nice way involves severed heads!

Serges: But what are you going to do without us?

Nega: What am I going to do without you guys? I’m going to excel! I am an amazing warrior and have a virus that makes foes my loyal minions; I don’t know why I ever thought I might need you!

Agile: *gulps* Are you going to make us your slaves now?

Nega: No, I want competent minions! You guys would turn any army I create into a mess! Now get out before I start kicking you guys out the not nice way!

*The X-Hunters quickly run out the door and Nega slams it behind them*

Agile: Well it looks like we need to start our self-improvement plan over…

Violen: Back to the drawing board?

Serges: No, idiot. Back to the bar.

The End


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