Join Us.

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site.  Those were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was  more on the creative side.

*Written by Shadowstrike*


*It is day in a warehouse outside the city*

Serges: Damnation! Why can’t we–

Agile and Violen: Beat those C:IA fools.

Serges: How did you know what I was going to say?

Agile: We have heard that same statement at least 10 times today.

Violen: Can’t we just sit around the TV and not fight?

Serges: Yeah, that will work–*turns around*–WHERE IS THE DAMN TV?!

Rebel: *holding the TV* Haha! YOINK! *runs out*




Violen: NOOOOOOOOOOOO–Oh wait, Lucy is on!

Agile: Rebel stole the TV, remember? It was 30 seconds ago!


Serges: Agile, I think it is time we did something to change our future. It is time we increased our numbers!

Agile: You don’t mean….

Serges: Yes! I mean a Membership Drive! The X-Hunter’s Reputation will no longer be shamed by those damned Code: Island Attackers!

*A week later and every TV has had the same ad on it*

Serges: *wearing large glasses* So you say you got to know why the world goes round

Violen: *wearing an afro* And you can’t find the truth in the things you’ve found

Agile: *wearing a beret and a fake mustache* And you’re scared shitless ’cause evil abounds

X-Hunters: COME JOIN US!

*As they say the words, they appear on the screen with a location and a date underneath it*

*A few weeks later*

Agile: *sitting in a warehouse filled with people* Look at this turn out!

Violen: All these people want to join us?

Guy In Crowd: Wait, you mean this isn’t the place to touch Zero’s booblight?

Serges: No.


Agile: Wait! No!

Guy In Crowd: Why shouldn’t we?

Agile: Why? This is why… CUE THE LIGHTS!

Violen: *the lights dim, as he starts to sing * Well I heard you were looking for a place to fit in

Serges: *singing along* Full of adherent people with the same objective

Agile: A family to cling to and call brethren

X-Hunters: Come join us!

Guy in Crowd: Hey… these guys know what they are talking about…

X-Hunters: *singing more * All we want to do is change your mind
All you need to do is close your eyes!
*as they finish they strike a pose*
Come join us!
Come join us!
Come join us!

Serges: So, gonna stay?

Crowd: Hmm… NO! *All but a few leave*

Agile: Aw… they all left.

???: Um… not all of them sir.

Violen: Who said that!?

???: I did sir. You may call me GBD.

Agile: What is your real name?

GBD: My name is… um… I don’t really remember. Everyone has been calling me GBD for years that I forgot my real name.

Serges: What is your training?

GBD: I served with Megaman X for a few years, until I was shot down in duty.

Agile: Why do you want to join us, then?

GBD: Because people keep thinking that all I am good for it blowing up in less than ten seconds! Well, I want to prove them wrong! I’ll prove them ALL wrong!

Serges: I see nothing wrong here. Any other questions?

Violen: *raises hand* Do you like Lucy?

GBD: Wasn’t she some stupid human that died hundreds of years ago?

Violen: GRARGH LUCY IS NOT STUPID!! *smashes GBD to pieces*

Serges: Damnit! What was that for?

Violen: He said Lucy was stupid…


Violen: BUT LUCY!! *cries*

Rebel: You guys REALLY are messed up.


Rebel: Well, I came here originally to make fun of Zero, but now that I see it really is you guys in this place, I had a better idea.

Agile: And that was?

Rebel: I’m going to sit here *points to a chair* and watch you guys recruit.

Serges: *seething with anger* And why would you do that?

Rebel: Because I know you won’t get anyone else to join.

Serges: But what about them? *points to the rest of the people here*

Rebel: I doubt they will be here much longer.

Serges: Oh, you think that?

Rebel: Yes.

Agile: Well, watch this people… listen up!

Serges: *starts to sing* Don’t you see the trouble that most people are in?

Violen: *pointing at Rebel* And that they just want you for their own advantage?

Agile: But I swear to you we’re different from all of them

X-Hunters: Come join us!

Rebel: Bravo. *claps just once* Just bravo.

Metabad: That was rawkin.

Rebel: Metabad, what are you doing here?

Metabad: I go with the flow, and the flow told me to rawk here.

Serges: Thanks. Want to join up?

Metabad: No. That would not be rawksome.

Agile: Then… GET OUT!

Metabad: Okay, you’re not rawkin anymore! I’m out of here!

Violen: Uh-oh!

Serges: Is there anyone here that isn’t an Attacker?

Reploid A: Um… I’m not an Attacker. But, why should I join you guys? All you’ve done is sing to me.

Agile: This is why!

Violen: *starts to sing* I can tell you are lookin’ for a way to live

Reploid A: More singing…

Agile: Where truth is determined by consensus

Serges: Full of codified arbitrary directives

X-Hunters: Come join us!
All we want to have is your small mind,
turn it into one of our own kind!

Reploid A: O… kay…

Rebel: You guys are pathetic.

Serges: Shut up you!

Violen: So, what do you say, want to join?

Reploid A: Are… are you guys a band or something?

Agile: No. We’re bounty hunters.

Reploid A: Oh. Are you any good?

Rebel: They are the worst.

Serges: IGNORE HIM! We are the best of the best!

Reploid A: Then why do you want more people?

Agile: We want new blood.

Violen: Why do we want blood? Shouldn’t blood stay in the person?

Reploid A: Well… I’ll wait a bit and see.

Serges: Why wait?

Agile: You see, we are offering friendship!

Violen: *singing* You can go through life adrift and alone

Agile: Desperate, desolate, on your own

Serges: But we’re lookin’ for a few more stalwart clones

X-Hunters and Rebel: Come join us!
Come join us!
Come join us!

Reploid A: *to Rebel* Why did you just break into song?

Rebel: It’s kinda fun.

Reploid B: I… I think I’m going to join!

Serges: YES!

Violen: BABALOU!


Reploid C: I’m out of here. You guys are too weird. *goes to leave*

Violen: NOOOOO! *throws his mace at the Reploid, making it go boom* …Oops.

Reploid A: …Well that complicates this.

Rebel: *cracking open a coca-cola* Red Rum!

Violen: Can I have one?

Rebel: No.

Violen: I hate you.

Rebel: The world hates you.

Agile: Yeah, well… *singing* We’ve got spite and dedication as a vehement brew!

Violen: The world hates us, well we hate them too!

Serges: But you’re exempted of course if you

X-Hunters and Reploid B: Come join us!
Agile: Independent, self-contented, revolutionary!

Violen: Intellectual, brave, strong and scholarly!

Serges: If you’re not one of them you’re us already!

X-Hunters, Reploid B, and Rebel: So come join us!
Come join us!
Come join us!
Come join us!

Violen: *holding his mace* So… what do you say?

Reploid A: Um… I… um…

Serges: *aiming a rifle* Yes or no?

Agile: *sword in hand* It’s a really simple question.

Reploid B: *with a lead pipe* You know you want to.

Rebel: Just answer. *pulls out a Magnet Mine*


*The scene shifts*

Reploid A: Huh? What? Where am I?

Lifesaver: Your upgrade is done! That mp3 player addition correctly adjusted to your system!

Reploid A: Then… all that was a dream?

Lifesaver: Nothing more.

Reploid A: None of it happened?

Lifesaver: Not a single part.

Reploid A: Wow. That is… anti-climactic.

Lifesaver: I know. Imagine if you were reading this.

Reploid A: Yeah, sucks to be them.

The End


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