The Nightmare After Christmas

*Written by Rebel4000*

*It was another day at Code: Island Attackers flying base, the Whale King. The members were all engaging in various occupations around the base, with Void and Shadowstrike in particular down in the engine room, making a routine inspection…*

Shadowstrike: So why are we down here again?

Void: *sigh* I’ve already told you three times. Do I really have to say it a fourth?

Shadowstrike: Yes.

Void: Very well. And take that bucket off your head!

Shadowstrike: Aw… *takes the bucket off*

Void: Anyway, this Whale King is older technology. Powerful, but still nonetheless old.

Shadowstrike: Kinda like X except less whining.

Void: Bingo. Now, the engine room needs to be properly checked every other month or so, because if this baby were to fail on us, we’d hit who-knows-what that’s below us…

Shadowstrike: Oh.

Void: Yeah, “Oh.” Now let’s get back to work.

*A few minutes pass as the two inspect the engine.*

Shadowstrike: Everything looks good to me.

Void: Hmm… the energy readings are all positive. Guess we’re good to go.

Shadowstrike: Man, what a waste of time.

Void: Quiet you, unless you want to be nicknamed “GDT mkII.”

Shadowstrike: I don’t even know who that is.

Void: Original Overdrive. Basically, you my friend are just a replacement.

Shadowstrike: And you carry a man purse!

Void: …Who told you that–*hears an alarm go off*

Shadowstrike: Does that sound mean we’re gonna die?

Void: Don’t be stupid. Let’s see… What the Hell!?

Rebel: *runs into the room* Void! What in blazes is that racket!? I was trying to beat my record of drinking 342 cans of coke in a day!

Void: Got bad news, Rebel. One of the cells on this engine has just blown!

Rebel and Shadowstrike: What!?

Void: Take a look at this chart… the energy levels are steadily dropping. We’ve gotta land this ship NOW!!

*And so the three Island Attackers race back up to the main part of the ship, where they then head to the control room…*

Sean: *at the controls* All right, so where are we landing?

Shadowstrike: Say… why are you piloting?

Sean: Because you keep wearing a bucket on your head.

Shadowstrike: Aw… *takes the bucket off*

Void: It doesn’t matter WHERE you land it, as long as you manage to LAND it.

Sean: But right now we’re directly over the Pacific Ocean…

Rebel: Meh, one of those islands will have to take a sacrifice.

Void: Rebel!

Rebel: Listen up, Void, I ain’t gonna let some stupid island stand between me and life! And Sean, if you land in the ocean I swear I will haunt you to the day you die.

Sean: But we’ll all be dead.

Rebel: I guess it couldn’t get any worse then, could it?

Sean: *shocked* No.

Outlaw: Ahh, the drama.

Dark Knight: Makes me sick.

Metabad: IT RAAAAAAAAAWKS!! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Majin: y oshun named pacifier?

Void: No, no, no. Majin, it’s not called “Pacifier.” It’s called “Pacific.”

Majin: wat so specific bout it?

Void: *smacks self*

Sean: *ignoring everyone else* All right… I’m gonna land this baby!

Shadowstrike: Not so fast! *shoves Sean* I’m the pilot of this ship! I wanna be the one to land it!

Sean: Hey! Stop that! You’re messing up the flight path!

Shadowstrike: It couldn’t get worse!

Sean: *is shocked and the controls are fried* Oww… look what you did!

Void: What just happened?

Sean: He not only messed up the flight path, but he fried the circuts in the control panel!

Void: *turns to Shadowstrike* You what!?

Shadowstrike: Umm… oops?

Rebel: Way to go, GDT mkII.

Metabad: Not rawkin.

Dark Knight: *falls to the ground* Urgh… the drama… suffocating me…

Outlaw: When all else fails, make some good food. That’s my motto. *heads to the kitchen*

Void: Damnit you guys, don’t you see what’s going on around here? Now that the flight path is messed up and we can’t change it…

*Suddenly, the entire ship starting spinning out of control*


*The ship goes flying up into the air at unbelievable speeds, before heading back down, nearly nosediving. The members on board can do little but hang on for dear life as the aircraft touches down on the flat surface of an unfamiliar terrain…*


*A few minutes later…*

Rebel: *rolls out of the ship* Ugh… did anyone get the number of that last Coca-Cola truck…?

Sean: *curling out of his shell* Where are we…?

Void: That’s what I’d like to know…

*The team views their surroundings. It was mostly gray in color–the ground, the objects, everything, minus the sky, which was completely black.*

Sean: Wasn’t it early in the morning?

Void: Who knows how long we’ve been out of it…

Rebel: Well, first thing’s first. How is everyone doing?

Outlaw: *explodes from the wreckage* Awesome! Totally awesome! Look at all of this garbage just lying around!

Dark Knight: You could make a freakin’ statue with all of this trash!

Void: *rubs chin* That’s a pretty good idea…

Majin: *lying on back, kicking his arms and feet* SNOW ANGELS ARE PHUNY

Metabad: Dude, I like totally rawked my sawks off during that crash. I was all like “whoa,” and you guys were all like “whoa,” and then suddenly the ship was all like “whoa” and which made me all like “whoooooa.”

Dark Knight: You’re stupid.

Metabad: I dare you to say that again! Only this time say, “Metabad, I LOVE YOU!!”

Dark Knight: Got a better idea. *attacks Metabad with Bubble Splash* Mwahahahah!

Metabad: Nuuuuu!! *runs*

Outlaw: Ahh, everything looks all good to me, boss bug.

Rebel: Hmm… Something seems missing though.

Void: I think that’s the lack of one Mr. Shadowstrike.

Rebel: Oh, right. GDT mkII. Where is that boy?

Shadowstrike: HELP ME!!

Sean: I think that just answered one question.

*The Island Attackers run off to locate the source of the voice. There, they find a nearby town with Shadowstrike being surrounded by a group of monsters…*

Wolfman: *to Shadowstrike* And just who are you?

Undersea Gal: What’ll we do with him?

Devil: Look at him; he’s scared out of his wits! Let’s make it quick and gobble him up!

Zeldaborn: We should lay a curse on him!

Helgamine: Or turn him into a frog!

Clown: *laughs* Does it even matter? He’s already an ostrich… *tears his face off* AN UGLY ONE AT THAT!!


Rebel: Hey, freaks, get away from him!

Monsters: Huh?

Outlaw: Spin Wheel! *fires a pair of wheels, causing the group to scatter*

Shadowstrike: Guys! Thank goodness you’re here!

Void: You’ve been causing us a lot of problems lately, Shadow.

Shadowstrike: Sorry…

Dark Knight: What’s going on? What are those things?

Shadowstrike: I don’t know. I woke up near this town and suddenly those things showed up! Where are we? We need to get out of here!

Sean: We can’t… the ship’s busted. It’s gonna take a lot of work to repair.

Shadowstrike: No…

Wolfman: *howls*

Dark Knight: Guys, I think we’ve got some more company…

Rebel: Stay on your toes.

Cyclops: You dared attack us? You are a threat to our people!

Void: That’s because you wanted to harm our friend?

Clown: Harm? *laughs* We don’t harm… only scare!

Metabad: What be you unrawkin people?

???: We are the denizens of Halloween Town!

CIA: Huh?

The Witches: It’s Jack!

Wolfman: Jack!

Majin: who jack?

Outlaw: Sounds like their leader…

Jack: Welcome, one and all! Welcome to the town of Halloween… Halloween Town! I am Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King! Who might you all be?

Rebel: *steps forward* I am Rebel40000, also known as Magna Centipede, and I am leader of Code: Island Attackers. Those guys over there are Void Darkheart, Shadowstrike, Sean, Outlaw88, Majin, Dark Knight, and Metabad.

Jack: Oh, it certainly is a pleasure to meet you! Please, pardon my friends, they are just doing what they do best.

Shadowstrike: You mean scare the living daylights out of us?

Jack: Is that right? Huh! Looks like we’re making good progress for next Halloween after all!

Sean: Oi vey.

Jack: Anyway, please, come on in… allow me to show you around!

Mayor: *drives up* Jack! What’s going on!? Did you manage to figure out what the source of that crash was?

Jack: Oh, it’s you, mayor! Am I glad to see you. I believe I figured out where the source came from. I was just about to show our special guests around.

Rebel: Hold on a moment, what exactly is going on here?

Jack: Well, if you must know… Rebel, was it? Well, we heard a large crash just recently. Shook the entire town! Luckily nothing was severely damaged, but we’ve been sending scouts out to locate the source, and when we found your friend we realized that he must have been the cause behind it. Of course, seeing the rest of you show up has pretty much confirmed it.

Void: Well, you are partially right, Mr. Skellington. We were flying around in our airship, and the engine died and we lost control, so we crashed.

Jack: An airship, you say? Hmm… Very interesting! Dr. Finklestein may know how to fix that.

Majin: lol beetlestein

Jack: No, no, not Beetlestein. FINKLEstein!

Majin: orite.

Void: Judging from his name, I’d assume he’s a scientist?

Jack: Correct. He is more in-tune with these gizmos then I could ever hope to be.

Mayor: Umm… excuse me… but what are we supposed to be doing now?

Jack: Oh, I’m sorry, mayor! Well, let’s see… I’m assuming that our new friends would like to get their ship back up and running, correct?

Sean: That’d be pretty nice.

Shadowstrike: Anything to get me away from this place! *is bopped on the head* Ow!

Rebel: *rubbing his fist* Don’t mind him.

Jack: *nods* Will do. Anyway, I figure that we should send some men to salvage the ship, and while they are doing that you can talk to Dr. Finklestein to see about lending a hand to repair it. Then, while all of that is underway, you can all spend some time here and sight-see!

Rebel: Hmm… sounds good to me. What do you all think?

Metabad: Sounds like a rawkin plan to me! *rawks*

Outlaw: Eh, as long as I get around to cookin’ like I said I was then I guess I’m good.

Dark Knight: *whispers to Outlaw* Say… with the guys in this town they’d probably love some of our concoctions…

Outlaw: *whispers* Good idea!

Void: I’m fine with it… even though I’ll probably spend most of my time on the ship. I don’t particularly trust a scientist I’ve never heard of before.

Sean: I can probably help out a little as well.

Shadowstrike: I don’t wanna stay here…

Metabad: But it’ll RAWK!!

Shadowstrike: No it won’t.

Metabad: D:

Majin: *drinking a beer* Burp.

Rebel: …I’ll take that as a yes. So yeah, we’re completely fine with that, Mr. Skellington.

Jack: Please, call me Jack. Everyone does!

Rebel: All right then, Jack, please show us the way.

Jack: Right away. *to the mayor* Mayor, go get some able ghouls to salvage the wreckage. We’ll rendezvous with you shortly.

Mayor: Okie-dokie then! *in his megaphone* Aaaall ghooouls, come to the town gate immediately! Aaall ghooouls, come to the town gate immediately…

Jack: Hahahah, that lovable mayor. What would we do without him? Anyway, let’s get going! We can talk on the way.

Void: Right. So, Jack, what exactly is this “Halloween Town?”

Jack: You don’t know? Halloween Town is the very embodement of all that is Halloween! Every year we celebrate the holiday in a typical festive manner, scaring as many people as we possibly can! Then, after all is said and done, we start preperations for the next year.

Dark Knight: So it’s a perpetual cycle?

Jack: *nods* Oh, it is a thrill though. Granted, sometimes it can start to get a little stale… but nevertheless, the show must go on! That is why I am constantly searching for new and fresh ideas.

Metabad: Sounds like a rawkin place to rawk! *rawks*

Jack: Right you are! *rawks*

Rebel: Now THIS is my kinda leader! *rawks*

Void, Dark Knight, Sean and Shadowstrike: *sweat drops*

Outlaw: Heh, funny stuff.

Majin: jelly bellies!

Jack: Anyway, perhaps you can all tell me about yourselves? I don’t think I have ever heard of the Code: Island Attackers before.

Rebel: Well, basically we are a group of Reploids, banded together to fight evil.

Shadowstrike: Even though we got beat by Anti-Majin…

Rebel: That was a fluke, damnit! Next time I swear his ass will be grass!

Dark Knight: Rebel sounds pissed.

Sean: Not surprising. After all, they lost their old base and three of their close friends after that fight*.

*See Series 2, Epilogue #19 “Dark Time”

Jack: Hmm… seems like you all have quite a story to tell. Well, we’ve got plenty of time! Please go ahead.

*As the Island Attackers explain their story, in the shadow are three mischevious figures…*

Lock, Shock, and Barrel: *giggles uncontrollably*

Lock: It looks like things are getting interesting!

Shock: We better go tell Oogie Boogie about this!

*And thus the three troublemakers hop into their walking bathtub, heading back to their hideout. They head down in the basement where their master, Oogie Boogie is located…*

Lock, Shock, Barrel: Mr. Oogie Boogie!

Oogie Boogie: What do you fools want? It better be good!

Barrel: We saw something amazing! Jack was–

Shock: *shoves Barrel out of the way* What he means is that a ship crashed!

Oogie: Hold on a tick… what was that about Jack?

Lock: A ship crashed, and we’ve got these visitors in Halloween Town! They’re Jack’s “special guests.”

Oogie: Oooh, special guests, huh? Sounds like this could be good… *rubs “hands”*

Shock: They called themselves Code: Insane Attackers!

Lock: It wasn’t Insane Attackers! It was Island Arsenals!

Shock: Was not!

Lock: Was too!

Shock: Was not!

Lock: Was too!

Shock: Was–

Oogie: QUIET YOU NINCOMPOOPS!! I don’t care if they’re the next ingredient for my snake and spider stew, I’m gonna use these fools to my advantage… *laughs*

???: First, the correct term is “Island Attackers.” Second, you aren’t going to do anything to them until you have agreed to our terms…

*Out of nowhere a familiar-looking Reploid comes down from above…*

Frank: …Oogie Boogie.

Oogie: Well, well, well, what have we here? Frankenploid, was it?

Frank: Glad you remembered my name. It seems that the Island Attackers have made an abrupt pit stop in Halloween Town.

Oogie: Wait… those special guests are the ISLAND ATTACKERS?

Frank: That’s right. Remember the proposal we gave you a while back, Oogie? If you help us, we’ll help you.

Oogie: Do you mean…

Frank: If you destroy the Island Attackers, we’ll help you get rid of Jack Skellington, and Halloween Town will be yours to control.

Oogie: Bwahahah!! Bug Day will soon be making a comeback, then. *to his henchmen* All right, scum, let’s get busy! We’re gonna assemble the biggest armada this world has ever seen, and annihilate those CIA fools!

Lock, Shock, and Barrel: Right away! *runs off*

Frank: Glad that you are cooperating with us. I’ll be leaving, then, to tell Anti-Majin of this news. Before I do, though, I’ll leave to you the service of someone who may be able to help you…

*Elsewhere, back with the CIA…*

Finklestein: Hmm… an airship, you say?

Jack: That’s correct, doctor. My friends here are in need of repairs so they can get back to their travels.

Finklestein: *scratches brain* Well, I’ll need to take a look and see the damage myself, but I’m confident that I can rebuild it and make it even better than before!

Void: (That’s what they all say!)

Shadowstrike: *choking* Void… my neck… you’re squeezing it…

Void: Oh! Sorry, I just suddenly felt like squeezing something! *let’s go*

Finklestein: Where is the ship now?

Jack: I had it moved closer to your workshop.

Finklestein: Excellent… well then, I’ll be getting to work then. You are all free to stay for as long as you like.

Outlaw: Gee, that’s mighty kind of you!

Finklestein: A friend of Jack Skellington is a friend of mine. As long as you can cook, that is…

Outlaw: I can make a mean stew.

Finklestein: With dried rats?

Outlaw: Only the worst!

Finklestein: I outta call you son!

Outlaw: Daddy!


Void: …Oookay. Well, I’ll be going on ahead to help with the repairs. *flies off*

Finklestein: *nods* I must be getting to work. I will let you all know once the ship is complete. *strolls away*

Rebel: Now that has been taken care of, feel free to show us around, Jack.

Jack: Wonderful! I’ll show you all the way to my place, seeing as how you will probably be spending a night or two there.


Sally: *appears* Hello, Jack…

Jack: Oh, Sally! It’s great to see you!

Rebel: *to Jack* Who’s the broad?

Jack: *whispers* That’s Sally. She’s Finklestein’s creation.

Rebel: Oh.

Sally: Who are your friends, Jack?

Jack: These are the infamous Island Attackers! They come from the land of Megalopolis Town, where they battle evil on a day-to-day basis.

Sally: Oooh… that sounds interesting.

Shadowstrike: Megalopolis Town?

Rebel: Don’t ask.

Jack: Doesn’t it? Why, I wouldn’t mind going around with these gentlemen myself in order to see the world!

Sally: …

Jack: Heheh, of course, I wouldn’t dream of leaving you behind, Sally. Honest.

Dark Knight: This girl’s got him whipped!

Metabad: But does she know how to RAWK?

Jack: Don’t mind those details, Metabad! In good time I’m sure she’ll learn how to rawk as well.

Metabad: w00t!

Rebel: Yeah, as much fun as this has been, Outlaw’s cookin’ for Dr. Finks, and Void has already left to work on the ship with him. I’d suggest we’d better get going, too.

Jack: *nods* Well, Sally, I’ll see you soon!

Sally: Be careful Jack. I’ve got a bad feeling something is going to happen…

Dark Knight: Lady, don’t be silly. Nothing bad is going to happen around here.

Sally: My premonitions are never wrong, though…

Dark Knight: Then stop having them! Sheesh.

Majin: such a silly sally ffffff


Jack: Before we start going, are there any more questions?

Dark Knight: Yeah, who are those guys? *points at the Street Band*

Jack: Oh, they play awful music.

Sean: If it’s so awful then why play it?

Jack: Because it’s bad!

Metabad: I’m confused.

Rebel: Just shake your heads and act like you know what’s going on.

Dark Knight: Again, sheesh.

Jack: *to the Street Band* Hey, why don’t you play something for our guests?

Street Band: What did you have in mind, bone daddy?

Jack: Hmm… what should we play…?

Majin: BEER!

Metabad: I want it to be something that I can rawk to!

Majin: BEER!!

Rebel: You ain’t the only one, Metabad.


*Everyone stares at Majin*

Majin: wut

*At that moment, a car comes speeding towards them before coming to an abrupt stop. The mayor pops out of the driver’s side, his face flipped over to the sad side.*

Mayor: Jack! Jack! It’s awful! It’s TERRIBLE!!

Jack: Whoa! What’s the matter, mayor?

Mayor: It’s…

Rebel: Yes?

Mayor: It’s…

Shadowstrike: We’re listening…


Metabad: WE GET TO BOOGIE!? RAWKSOME!! *rawks*

Mayor: Not the boogie! Oogie Boogie! He’s coming to Halloween Town!

Jack: Oogie Boogie? But why?

Rebel: Who is this “Oogie Boogie” guy?

Jack: A fiend who lives outside of Halloween Town. He’s more or less a bully to the community who doesn’t scare just for fun… he truly is evil. I’ve had clashes with him in the past.

Sean: So basically he is comparable to one of our own villains.

Dark Knight: Could always be worse!

Sean: *shocked* Stop doing that!

Jack: Anyway, it’s just Oogie Boogie? I’ll have this problem taken care of in a jiffy.

Mayor: No, Jack! Don’t go!

Jack: Why not?

Mayor: Oogie Boogie isn’t alone! He has… an entire army!

Everyone else: HE HAS A WHAT!?

Mayor: It’s terrible! We’re all doomed! Gigantic bugs are nearing us at a rapid pace! We’ll be overrun!!

Sean: Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us this time…

Outlaw: *steps outside with a large, steaming pot* Hey guys, I forgot to ask where Finklestein was headed. Do you think you could point me in the… uhh… what’s with the freaked out faces?

Rebel: Outlaw, drop that pot and let’s go get Void. We’ve got a war to attend.

*The seven Island Attackers, Jack, and the Mayor all rush over to where Void and Finklestein are working on the Whale King. When they get there they explain to them the newest situation that they’ve landed themselves in.*

Void: So an entire army is closing in on us?

Finklestein: Then the only thing we can do is retaliate.

Outlaw: What do you mean?

Finklestein: What do you mean, what do I mean!? And to think I called you son!



Shadowstrike: We don’t have time for this stupid random crap! If we don’t move we’ll all die!

Void: GDT mkII’s right. Let’s concentrate here.

Shadowstrike: Quit calling me that!

Dark Knight: Then quit wearing that bucket on your head!

Shadowstrike: Aw… *takes the bucket off*

Finklestein: *clears throat* Anyway, here is what’s proposed: We gather the strongest, most capable men in Halloween Town, and we use them to counter the advancing army.

Dark Knight: …That’s it?

Finklestein: Yes.

Dark Knight: That’s freakin’ suicide!

Finklestein: Then why don’t you come up with something better!?

Dark Knight: Err… well…

Finklestein: Eh? Eh? EH!? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT!! *shakes fist*

Jack: Calm down, doctor. I trust in your words, and personally, I believe that this is the only choice we have right now.

CIA: *nods slowly*

Jack: Mayor, go gather as many fighters as you can. When you gather enough, take them to the area where the army is closing in, which I will then lead–

Finklestein: Wait a minute!

Jack: Huh?

Finklestein: I need you to stay here, Jack.

Jack: Why, doctor? Something wrong?

Finklestein: You are the Pumpkin King. If something were to happen to you, then we’d be all lost.

Sally: Please, don’t go Jack!

Jack: Sally…

Rebel: *puts hand on Jack’s shoulder* Do what they say, Jack. I’ve got an idea, myself. The CIA will gladly take the mantle and lead the troops to victory! What do the rest of you guys think?

Outlaw: I’m not complaining.

Metabad: As long as I get to rawk, then I’m cool. *rawks*

Shadowstrike: Let’s go show ’em who’s boss!

Sean: Look, DK, things did get worse!

Dark Knight: Bah.


Jack: Right. Then I leave all of this in your capable hands, Rebel.

Shadowstrike: Oh boy, now Rebel is capable. *rolls eyes*

Rebel: I don’t need to be chastised by some GDT clone!

Void: …

Rebel: Something the matter, Void?

Void: Huh? No, it’s nothing… let’s do this!

*The Island Attackers head out to assist the Mayor and Jack gather as many soldiers as possible to counter Oogie’s army. Meanwhile, the mastermind himself is leading the attack with glee…*

Oogie: Bwahahah! I can see those poor saps now, fleeing in terror! I got only the best bugs to do the job this time around… my own personal “super bugs!”

Yuber: *appears from the shadows* Then I suppose it is time to play my hand.

Oogie: Eh? You still here? Well, you might as well do something useful. Get on with whatever you’re supposed to do!

Yuber: Hmph. Of course.

*With the wave of his hand, another army full of undead monsters appears behind Yuber.*

Oogie: *whistles* Not bad. Then if you’re serious about playing in the big leagues, then take your troops to the other side. We’ll pull a pincer attack on those weaklings and crush the opposition!

Yuber: Sounds like a plan. One condition, though.

Oogie: *impatient* What is it now?

Yuber: I want to kill the Island Attackers.

Oogie: As long as I get Jack then I couldn’t care less.

Yuber: Then we are in agreement with each other. It’s been a pleasure. *steps back and both him and the entire army disappear*

Oogie: *shudders* That guy… gives me the chills!

*Back with the CIA, the team was heading towards the main gate of Halloween Town, where the enemy army was reaching at a rapid pace.*

Wolfman: *howls* I’m ready to show those bugs who the wolf-man is!

Behemoth: *sticks tongue out stupidly and nods*

Clown: Hahahah! *tears face off* LET’S GIVE THEM A SHOW THEY’LL NOT SOON FORGET!!

Shadowstrike: At least the residents are raring to go.

Void: I was kind of scared that they wouldn’t be capable. After all, they seem more intent on just having a good scare rather than actually resort to violence.

Majin: *sober* During times like this, the only thing we can do is fight… even people who don’t like to.

Rebel, Outlaw, Void, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Dark Knight, Sean: *nods*

Dark Knight: All right! *points* Let’s go get those overgrown bugs!

Mayor: *runs up to the CIA* WAAAAIT!!

Rebel: What is it now, mayor?

Mayor: Terrible news! Another army has appeared from the opposite side!

CIA: What!?

Outlaw: More enemies?

Void: But who the heck could be leading those troops?

Mayor: Well, we sent out a small scout… well, according to him, it was a strange man dressed in black…


Rebel: Yuber…

Mayor: You know him!?

Majin: I guess this means Oogie Boogie and Anti-Majin are in cahoots.

Void: *face palms* Terrific…

Shadowstrike: What do we do now?

Rebel: …All right, we’re gonna split up. I’ll take half of the available troops and move them to the other side of town. Outlaw, Dark Knight and Shadowstrike, I want you to come with me. Void, I’m leaving you in charge.

Void: All right…

Metabad: It’s time… to rawk. *rawks*

Dark Knight: Can’t you ever say anything else that is relevant?


*The CIA split up with Rebel’s orders. In due time, everyone is positioned to where they should be, and before long, both sides start clashing with one another, resulting in a bloody battle.*

Cyclops: CHAAAAAAAAARGE!! *tackles a small monster*

Devil: Show no mercy! *saws through a zombie*

Zombie: *screams as it is slaughtered*

Rebel: *takes out a few zombies with some kunai* Damn, there’s too many of them!

Outlaw: *tears one to pieces* They don’t even taste good!

Zombie: RAAAAGH!! *pounces Dark Knight*

Dark Knight: Agh!! GET IT OFF OF ME!!

Shadowstrike: *slices through it* You owe me one.

Dark Knight: Hahahah, no. Thanks for the laugh–*is pounced again* OKAY OKAY!!

*On the other side of town…*

Metabad: Speed Burner! *sets a bug on fire*

Bug: SKREEEE!! *kamikazes into Sean*

Sean: Oww!! *puts himself out* Watch where you’re aiming!

Void: *takes to the skies to dodge an attack* Hmm… this isn’t good. We’re being pushed back!

*Another brigade of super bugs appears, overcoming the opposition.*

Majin: *skewers one and two more appear* There’s too many of them!

The Witches: Ahhh!! *knocked out of the sky*

Void: *fires a beam of light, eradicating a line of them* Take that!

Bugs: *replaces the soldiers with more* Skree!!

Sean: Void! We can’t do this!

Metabad: I CAN’T RAWK HERE!!

Void: They’re right… *opens up a comm. link* Rebel! How’re things on your end?

Rebel: *taking on two zombies at once* Peachy.

Void: No time for sarcasm, Rebel!

Rebel: Things are getting worse, Void! I don’t think we can hold them off like this! We haven’t even seen Yuber in this army of undead freaks!

Outlaw: *is surrounded* We’re being overrun! We have to get out of here! *clears a path and flees to town*

Monsters: *flees as well*

Void: Crap… looks like we’ve got no choice… Rebel! Get the others and head back to Finklestein’s place! I have an idea!

Rebel: Right! *to everyone else* DK, Shadow! We’re getting out of here! *runs*

Dark Knight and Shadowstrike: *follows*

Zombies and Bugs: RAAAAAAGH!! *chases*

*The Island Attackers all leave the field and run back to Dr. Finklestein’s place. There, Void reveals to them all his last-ditch plan…*

Void: All right, guys. Time is of the essense, so listen up.

Finklestein: You better make it quick… without any obstacles the enemy is on the verge of invading.

Rebel: *with a can of coke* Go ahead, Void. We’re all ears.

Void: *nods* Right. Rebel, do you remember a while back when I gave you that remote?

Rebel: You mean this one? *pulls out a small remote*

Void: That’s the one. I want you to press it.

Rebel: But… I already did*.

*See Series 2, Epilogue #19 “Dark Time”

Void: You what!?

Rebel: I know I may not seem the type, Void, but I know when it’s important to press the button. When Anti, Frank, and Ryouga beat us I pressed it, and those Yoshobos showed up which saved us.

Sean: Wait a second, so Void knew about the Yoshobos beforehand?

Void: *shakes head* No, no, no! I never knew about them before! Rebel, that remote wasn’t for calling Yoshobos!

Outlaw: What was it for, then?

Void: A while back… I started working on a project dubbed “Hyper Forms.” It essentially allows us to power up into a more powerful form. While most don’t exhibit new attacks, they do allow increased strength, defense, speed, and so on. I finished them a while ago and I was really just waiting for a proper time to unveil it… That remote I gave you Rebel is what activates them in case of an emergency.

Dark Knight: If that’s the case, then when Rebel pressed it back then, shouldn’t the Hyper Forms have been accessed?

Shadowstrike: Maybe something happened to them?

Void: That can’t be…

Sean: Guess we’ll have to resort to Plan B, then.

Metabad: But I wanted to rawk all hyper-like!

Void: Wait a second. If I am given enough time to look into the matter, I can probably fix whatever the issue is and we can use it to our advantage.

Rebel: So we just need to stall for time?

Void: Yeah. This won’t be easy, though…

Finklestein: I’d be willing to lend a hand.

Void: All right then… it’s a deal!

*Suddenly, the sound of several windows breaking outside could be heard.*

Rebel: Crap, we’re outta time!

Jack: *to Rebel* Rebel, we need to stall for Void and Finklestein to complete the Hyper Forms.

Sally: Jack! Don’t go!

Jack: Listen, Sally. If I don’t make a stand, Oogie Boogie and his new accomplices will take over Halloween Town, and eventually, the world itself. I cannot stand by and let my friends do everything for me!

Majin: Looks like he really wants to help.

Rebel: Then he is by all means welcome. All right, guys… whatever you do, don’t let the enemies into this house!

*The CIA, along with Jack Skellington, barge outside, to be met with the soldier’s of Anti’s army, raiding all the houses and chasing out the innocent civilians of Halloween Town.*

Oogie: Hahahah! Run, run, as fast as you can! You’ll never escape from me, the one and only Boogie Man!

Jack: Oogie Boogie!

Oogie: Huh!? *turns to see Jack* J-J-Jack!! You’re still here!?

Jack: Oogie, we’re going to take you down, right here, right now!

Rebel: So you’re Oogie Boogie, eh? You’ll pay for what you’ve done!

Oogie: So, you fools must be the Island Attackers. Working together with Jack… Hah! Yuber said he wanted your heads but if the opportunity presents itself, I’ll crush you all at once!

*Two super bugs appear before Oogie Boogie. They scream before charging at the group of heroes.*

Dark Knight: Scramble! *dodges*

Majin: *dodges and throws a chain* Take this, you ugly insects!

Bug #1: *is wrapped by the chain* Skreee!?

Majin: *is pulled forward but resists* Urgh!! Guys, take him down!

Metabad: Rawkin Powah! *slams his fist in the bugs face*

Bug #1: SKRAAAAAAAAAHH!! *breaks free and slashes Metabad*

Metabad: Aaaghh!!

Bug #2: Skreee!! *attacks Metabad*

Outlaw: Metadude! *fires a pair of Spin Wheels at the bugs*

Bug #1: SKREE!! *is torn to pieces*

Bug #2: Skree…EEE!! *tackles Outlaw*

Outlaw: Oof! *locks places with the bug*

Dark Knight: Get him! *fires bubbles*

Shadowstrike: *fires Sonic Slicers*

Bug #2: *takes the hits but doesn’t budge*

Outlaw: Grr… help me!

Rebel: *jumps on Sean’s shell* Sean, curl up and activate your jet boosters.

Sean: Huh?

Rebel: No time! Aim for the insect!

*Without hesitation Sean curls up and goes flying towards the insect with Rebel attached. Immediately Rebel pulls out a Magnet Mine, and using the momentum of Sean’s jets, springs off of him and toward the bug, slamming the mine into it’s face and down it’s throat. The bug reels back, letting go of Outlaw, before exploding.*

Rebel: *covered in bug fluids* Ugh… I never want to do that again.

Outlaw: *also covered* Aww, it’s not that bad. It’s even like a shower if you look at it in a–

Rebel: NO IT’S NOT!!

Oogie: Grr… I bet you think you are all something amazing, huh!? Well, I’ve still got more tricks up my–*feels his body tear*–WHAAAA!?!?

Jack: *using his claws* No more tricks, Oogie! This time it’s all over!

Oogie: *covering up the wound* My… my bugs!! You’re making my bugs spill out of me!! I won’t let you defeat me like this, JACK SKELLINGTOOOON!!

*In desperation, a giant super bug that looks like a mantis lands between Oogie and the heroes, allowing Oogie to run off to stitch himself up. The heroes can only look at each other in despair.*

Shadowstrike: Oh god… a normal sized one was hard enough! Now we have to take on a GIANT!?

Dark Knight: Stop complaining. *extends pincers* We’ve got a war to win.

Jack: *preparing some magic spells* I wonder how Void and Finklestein are doing…? If they don’t hurry…

Rebel: Things couldn’t get any… *sees Sean looking at him* Er, I mean… well, things are pretty bad right now–*is smacked across the face by the giant bug, causing him to go flying back into Finklestein’s lab*

Metabad: Rebel!!

Majin: Don’t worry about him! We’ve got to beat this thing!

*Back in the lab…*

Void: So that was the problem! Three of the Hyper Forms disappeared!

Finklestein: A bizarre circumstance, to say the least.

Void: Yeah. Oh well, at least we managed to replace them. Just in time too, with our three new members. I’m actually kind of glad I had the opportunity to redo them now. And I wouldn’t have gotten it done without your assistance, Finklestein.

Finklestein: Think nothing of it.

Void: No, really. I didn’t exactly trust you at first, mainly because I am so used to fixing everything myself, and when Sean helps me his curse always gets in the way…

Finklestein: Well, we scientists have to look out for each other!

Void: *nods furiously* Too true! We should collaborate more–

Rebel: *falls down the stairs* Agh!! *gets up* Void… VOID!? What are you doing!? We’re out there getting our asses handed to us, and here you are having a leisurely conversation!?

Void: It was an educational conversation.

Rebel: Screw that! Are those Hyper Forms done yet?

Void: Just finished them, actually.

Rebel: …

Void: …

Finklestein: …

Rebel: …Well!?

Void and Finklestein: Well what?


Void: Oh, just press the button again. The rest will work by itself.

Rebel: All right, then… *pulls out the remote* This is it…

Void: The stage is all yours, Rebel.

Rebel: …Let’s do it.

*Rebel flips the switch and a beam of light surrounds him, preventing anyone from looking inside and outside of the cylinder. Void then receives the same treatment, followed by the rest of the Island Attackers outside, causing Jack, Sally, Finklestein, Oogie, Yuber, and everyone else to stop what they are doing to watch in awe. After a few minutes passed, the light began to diminish, revealing something completely new. Meanwhile, outside…*

Yuber: *in the distance* Hmm… It looks like things are getting rather interesting. Perhaps now is the time for me to finally have the battle that I have been seeking… Island Attackers!

To Be Continued…


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