The Good, the Bad and the Oogie

*By Rebel4000*

*Last we joined the Island Attackers… Shadowstrike caused their ship, the Whale King, to go out of control and crash. Where they ended up was none other than Halloween Town, where they met Jack Skellington and his friends. While visiting Dr. Finklestein to get their ship fixed, Lock, Shock, and Barrel reported this news to Oogie Boogie. As he plotted to cause trouble, however, Frankenploid appeared and formed an allegience with the giant sack of bugs, and left him in the hands of Yuber before leaving. The two quickly raised an army and surrounded Halloween Town, preparing to conquer the land and eliminate the CIA and Jack. Raising a small army of their own, the forces of Halloween battled the giant bugs and undead creatures but quickly retreated, becoming trapped in Finklestein’s lab. It was there Void revealed that he had a back-up plan… to give the CIA Hyper Forms, but he needed time. Stalling, Void and Finklestein were capable of finishing the new power ups and Rebel managed to activate them. Now, with Yuber on the prowl for a worthy battle, can the CIA overcome all the odds and save the day…? FIND OUT TODAY, ON CODE: ISLAND ATTACKERS Z!!*

Rebel: *inspecting himself* So, now I’ve got some black armor and… *looks in a mirror* Red glowing eyes. Awesome. How the heck is this going to help us?

Void: Well, the Hyper Forms all come with several abilities, certain to kick enough ass that you’ll want to tear your’s off and throw it away!

Rebel: …Really?

Void: No, actually all it does is just increase our strength, defense, speed, etc. Maybe if you were lucky you’d get something else.

Rebel: Did I get rawkin ninja gear?

Void: I said if you were lucky.

Rebel: You suck.

Mayor: *crawls out of a corner* Excuse me, but could you PLEASE do something?

Rebel: Oh, right. Huge battle going outside. We’re on it. Let’s go, Void! *runs*

Void: I’m on it! *follows*

Finklestein: Go get that Oogie Boogie and show him who’s boss!

*Outside, the rest of the CIA are taking a moment to figure out what had just happened*

Shadowstrike: *surprised* What is this!?

Sean: I’d say that these are the Hyper Forms Void was talking about.

Metabad: Rawksome! *flexes* So now I’m both hot… AND cool!

Outlaw: I feel clean. *sigh* I guess that’s just one of the downsides to getting upgrades.

Dark Knight: I’m certain a little sewage will clear all that up!

Outlaw: You’re right! *rolls around in the mud* Ahh, much better.


Shadowstrike: The Hell!? How did he get drunk!?

Void: *walks up and smacks self* Damnit! I forgot to take out the beer reserves in his Hyper Form!

Majin: SHOOBIDEE DOODOO *rolls around in the mud as well*

Jack: *sees Rebel* Rebel! I see the Hyper Forms were a success. You’re looking sharp! I believe that is something that we would… rawk to, correct?

Metabad: CORRECT!! *rawks*

Jack: *rawks*

Rebel: Not really the time, but whatever. *rawks*

Outlaw: *covered in filth again* Boss bug, you’re back!

Rebel: Yeah. Now, where were–*gets smacked across the face by the giant bug, causing him to go flying through a building to the other side*


Dark Knight: Oh… right. That thing is still here, isn’t it?

Metabad: Well, you know what they say: When you gotta rawk, you gotta rawk.

Jack: Gentlemen, it’s time to show this bug who is in charge!

Giant Bug: SKREEEEEEEEEEEE!! *stomps the ground, creating minature shock waves*

Shadowstrike: JUMP!!

*Shadowstrike jumps up as a booster on his back turns on, causing him to go flying way past the roofs of the houses*


Outlaw: *makes a little hop* That’s a big jump.

Majin: *jumping about* ME LUVS HOPSCOTCH!!

Void: Guys, focus! Majin… try to become sober! We’ve got a bug to fight!

Majin: OKIE-DOKIE SMOKEY *salutes*

Jack: *throws some fireballs, but finds it to be ineffective* My attacks aren’t working!

Metabad: Lemme try. *rushes forward, hurling several blue fireballs at the bug’s feet*

Giant Bug: SKREEEE!! *reels back in pain*

Metabad: Oh yeah, that’s how you rawk.

Void: Jack, you should leave this to us. Go find Oogie Boogie.

Jack: But…

Dark Knight: Trust us, man! DIE YOU INSECT MWAHAHAHAHAH!! *points his shoulder cannons and fires volleys of high-pressured bubbles at the bug’s face*

Giant Bug: SKREEeeeEEEE!! *swings it’s claws in relatiation*

Dark Knight: Whoa! *leaps into the air* Hah, you missed me!

Giant Bug: SKREEEEEE!! *swings it’s other claw*

Dark Knight: OSHI–

Void: *grabs DK and flies off* Our turn. *goes overhead and sprinkles his deadly powder on the bug*

Dark Knight: Hmm… *fires his cannons from above*


Sean: *sticks pieces of hard diamond on the ends of Majin’s chains* Majin, aim for the big ugly thing!

Majin: RRRRRRRRR ok *swings both chains at the bug*

Giant Bug: *gets smacked by the chains, gets pounded by the bubbles, and gets paralyzed by the powder* SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Outlaw: Guys, I think it’s working! *fires off a couple Spin Wheels*

Giant Bug: *feels the wheels tearing it’s body apart as it crawls up it’s legs* SKREEEEEEEEEEEEE!! *breaks free from the attacks and smashes Outlaw against a wall*

Outlaw: Oof… guess not. *falls down but quickly gets back up* Okay, Mr. Bug, time for a date with the armpit!

*Outlaw, daring to do the stupidest move ever, tackles the giant bug, causing it to topple over. Now on top, Outlaw puts the bug in a headlock, or at least what could be considered one as Outlaw could barely get his arm around it’s neck.*


Shadowstrike: *falling back down* …aaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *lands directly on top of the bug’s midsection, smashing it*

Metabad: DUDE HE DID IT!! *rawks*

Shadowstrike: Huh?

Void: *lands* Good job Shadow. I guess we were wrong about you.

Shadowstrike: You were?

Dark Knight: Even I must admit, that attack was pretty ingenius.

Shadowstrike: It was?

Outlaw: *gets up* Whew, good thing you showed up when you did, Shadow. Who knows what that bug would have done to me.

Shadowstrike: Uh… thanks?

Outlaw: Oh, no, don’t thank me. By the way, those are some awesome shoes. *walks off*

Sean: Let’s go get Oogie, Shadow!

Void, Majin, Metabad, Dark Knight, Sean: *chases after Outlaw*

Shadowstrike: …I’m confused. What shoes was Outlaw talking–*looks down and sees he’s stuck in the remains of the bug*–Oh now that’s just SICK.

*Elsewhere, with Rebel…*

Rebel: *gets up, holding his head* Ugh… twice in one day is not making me a happy centipede.

???: I have a remedy for that.

Rebel: Who’s there!?

*A black portal opens up a few feet away from Rebel, and Yuber comes out of it, his hat covering his eyes.*

Yuber: It’s been a while, Magna Centipede.

Rebel: You!! So the Mayor was right… Anti really is behind all of this!

Yuber: How perceptive. Unfortunately it is far too late to make a difference.

Rebel: What do you mean!?

Yuber: Please… take a look around you. Destruction is everywhere. This once “lively” town is now being torn assunder even as we speak. You tried to prevent this from occuring but as we can plainly see… you failed. It must be something you are used to, I’m certain.

Rebel: Shut up! Last time… you killed the X-Hunters. You almost killed us! And now you are trying to do it again. I won’t let you push us around anymore!

Yuber: *sighs* Very well, then. *draws swords* Let’s just see how much you’ve improved, then.

*Without warning, Yuber charges at Rebel at astonishing speeds, swinging his swords at the leader of the CIA with the intent to kill. Before he can make contact, however, Rebel pulls out a small object and suddenly a beam saber comes out of it, which he uses to catch both swords, locking them in place!*

Yuber: What!? *pushes harder* I didn’t know you had a sword…!

Rebel: There are a lot of things you don’t know.

Yuber: *laughs* I see… *lets up and hops back some* I knew there was something different about you… Last time, that attack would have sliced you to pieces. Yet, now you can hold your own. Truly impressive.

Rebel: What are you getting at?

Yuber: This is the moment I have been waiting for. The fight that I have been seeking. Come, Centipede! Show me your might! *creates a fireball and throws it at Rebel*

Rebel: *disappears*

Yuber: Where did he go!?

Rebel: Behind you. *throws several shuriken*

Yuber: *dodges all but one, which tears the sleeve of his jacket* …Hm. Not bad. But how about this!? *flings himself at Rebel, slashing him with this sword*

Rebel: *deflects his blows with his saber* Too slow!

Yuber: What–*is punched in the face*–Oof!!

Rebel: Magnet Mine!

Yuber: *is caught in the explosion* AARGHH!!

Rebel: Now for the finish… *leaps into the air with his saber extended, but only hits the ground* What the…

Yuber: *rushes in from the side, slamming his blade into Rebel’s head, causing him to go flying back* Stupid Reploid… Did you think that you were winning?

Rebel: *slowly gets back up* …Yeah. I kinda did.

Yuber: You’re alive!? I hit you directly with my sword!

Rebel: Yeah… this must be that “added defense” thing Void was talking about. Ow ow ow… I’ve got a huge mark though. *touches the dent*

Yuber: …Ridiculous. I must have just not hit you hard enough. Prepare yourself! *rushes forward*

Rebel: *counters with his saber*

Yuber: *locked in place* Urgh… you have improved… I’ll give you that much…

Rebel: You better be careful trying to do this with me. After all, I’ve got two extra hands. *grins* Wouldn’t want to belt ya in the face again.

Yuber: Quiet! *breaks free* I will slaughter you!! *creates a massive blast of fire before him with the Fire Rune*


Yuber: Don’t die yet… I have only just begun! *charges in and starts hacking Rebel to pieces*

Rebel: YARGHH!!

*Yuber finally moves in for the kill as he uses one of his swords to slice Rebel’s head clean off his shoulders, which creates an audible “clank” as it hits the ground. As the fire dies down, Yuber is seen standing, watching.*

Yuber: *panting* …Hah. Hahahah. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Finally had it coming, didn’t you!? Pompous robot. I suppose I was wrong in assuming that YOU of all people was the one to bring me the greatest fight I had ever faced. *turns* No… of course not. That day shall never come. *starts to walk away*

Rebel: *reappears behind Yuber, restraining him* April Fools!

Yuber: Wh-What the–!? *struggles* What is this!?

Rebel: April Fools, duh. Why else would I bother sneaking up behind you, grab you, and then yell “April Fools!”?

Yuber: It’s… not even April yet!

Rebel: Bah… April, not April… You’re just splitting hairs.

Yuber: *angry* How did you survive!?

Rebel: C’mon, I’m a freakin’ ninja (or at least a wannabee)! What you destroyed was a simple replacement. *points at a burnt, hacked up log on the ground*

Yuber: A… replacement!? Since when!?

Rebel: Since now.

Yuber: Go back to then!

Rebel: Okay. Right… now.

Yuber: But what happened to then!?

Rebel: It’s now.

Yuber: Grrr…

Rebel: I know you were really strong because of last time, so I planned for this moment just in case. After you attacked that decoy I prepared all I needed to do was teleport behind you.

Yuber: Why, you… if it weren’t for that pathetic modification you’d be nothing! Nothing!!

Rebel: Maybe so. But I ain’t gonna miss this opportunity for payback! Time to say nighty-night! *stabs him with his tail, injecting a poison into him*

Yuber: DAMNIT!!! *screams in pain before lunging forward, free from his restraints*

Rebel: *is knocked onto the ground* Gah!! …Man, this guy is unbelievably strong!

Yuber: Strong? I’ll show you “strong!” *his hand starts to glow* The power of my Eight Devil Rune will bring you to understand a whole new world of pain!

Rebel: What the heck is an Eight Devil Rune?

Yuber: Oh yes, you were unconcious at the time when I first used it. I enjoyed using it to beat up your little stag friend. I’m surprised he lived.

Rebel: You did what to Metabad!?

Yuber: TIME TO DIE!!

*In an instant the power of the Eight Devil Rune was awoken, and Yuber ran circles around Rebel, creating several after-images in his wake. Rebel could only stand there and prepare for the worst.*

Rebel: He’s moving too fast… I can’t hit him… I can’t get past him… I can’t even teleport with this mess!

Yuber: *moves in for the kill, slashing him up with his swords*

Rebel: AAAAHHHHHHHHH!! *is nicked up badly*

Yuber: *finishes by stabbing Rebel directly in the throat*

Rebel: Gurk!! *clutches the blade in his throat*

Yuber: *stops moving* I heard it was the latest fashion. I must say it suits your style well… that of failure.

Rebel: Grrk… *reaches for the handle*

Yuber: Can you make it?

Rebel: *grabs hold of it and slowly pulls the blade out* Grrphllckrraaagh!! *throws the blade down on the ground*

Yuber: *claps* Not bad. Not bad at all. You certainly have stamina.

Rebel: *holding his throat* G-go fuck yourself…

Yuber: Believe me, if it was possible I would have already tried.

Rebel: !?

Yuber: Hah, bet you didn’t expect me to say something like that, did you?

Rebel: *gets up… barely* Actually… No. I didn’t. (Freak.)

Yuber: Oh well. *points his remaining sword at Rebel* So what now, Magna Centipede? Are we to be two immortals locked in an epic battle until Judgment Day and trumpets sound?

Rebel: *points his beam saber at Yuber* Or you could surrender.

Yuber: I think not. Let’s finish this.

*The two fighters walk around in circles, each one waiting for the other to make a slight move to initiate the final blow. Tension builds between them.*

Rebel: …

Yuber: …

Rebel: …

Yuber: … *twitches*

Rebel: … *lunges*

*There is a moment of silence as both move in close, locked together for what seems to be eternity. Suddenly, though, Yuber faulters.*

Yuber: GAAH!! *reels back, holding his wounded arm as he drops his remaining sword*

Rebel: (Now’s my chance!) *charges and swings*

Yuber: *leaps back and dodges*

Rebel: What the…?

Yuber: Most… impressive… To think that you would suddenly become so powerful in such little time…

Rebel: What’s it to you?

Yuber: This was just a test, see… *straightens up, still holding arm* Yes, a test. I had no doubt in my mind that you would provide an “entertaining” duel.

Rebel: Say what!?

Yuber: Unfortunately, I must cut this short. Next time, I hope to involve a few more of your friends. After all, the best battles is when the most blood is spilled.

Rebel: No! I won’t let you! *charges*

Yuber: *disappears into a portal*

Rebel: Darn! *lands where Yuber was* He got away… *clenches fist* I’ll show you the best battle! Just you wait!!

*Back with the rest of the CIA, they were battling agains the swarms of undead monsters and insects, trying to reach their leader, Oogie Boogie, as well as their comrade, Jack.*

Outlaw: Spin Wheel! *mows over a large group of monsters*

Shadowstrike: Man, these guys are getting easy! *slices through a couple*

Sean: Again, I’d say that’s probably all thanks to Void’s Hyper Forms. *encases a bug in crystal before shattering it with his shell*

Void: You can all thank me later. *blasts a small group with a Silk Shot*

Oogie: *in the very back* Crush them! Don’t let a single one of those Reploids survive!

Jack: Oogie! *emerges from the crowd*

Oogie: J-JACK!? You’re still alive!?

Jack: It’s time to put a stop to this, Oogie. *lunges*

Oogie: *dodges* Hahah, I think not, “old friend!” *to two zombies* Take care of ‘im for me!

Zombies: GRAAAAAGH!! *steps between Jack and Oogie*

Jack: Hmm… this is going to be difficult…

*Without warning, however, the zombies disappear, along with the rest of the undead monsters, effectively cutting Oogie’s forces by half.*

Oogie: WHAT THE!?

Dark Knight: *easily blasts a pair of insects out the way* All right, they’re fleeing!

Metabad: W00T!! *speeds past the remaining opposition to Jack* I WIN!!

Shadowstrike: This wasn’t a race, genius.


Majin: *wearing a bannana peel on head* im a keckleon lol

Oogie: *backing away* What’s going on!? Where are my men going!?

Rebel: *appears* Yuber fled.

Void: Rebel!

Outlaw: You got Yuber, boss bug?

Rebel: Yep. After Yuber was finished, I guess whatever the heck he summoned went with him.

Oogie: It… it can’t be!

Jack: It’s all over, Oogie. Just give up while you still can!

Sean: Logically, it’s the only choice you have left.

Oogie: “Logically”!? BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! That’s a good one! You fools, I’m the Boogie Man! I can do whatever the Hell I want! And if you aren’t shaking, then there’s something very wrong.

Metabad: ‘Cause this’ll be the last time we hear the Boogie Song?

Oogie: No, it just means you are stupid.

Metabad: Oshi.

Majin: gaspuh

Dark Knight: So, what exactly is it that Mr. Boogie Man is going to do? Run away from us again?

Outlaw: I still want to try out these new chompers, guys… *chomps jaws in front of Oogie*

Oogie: Grr… So you like making fun of me, is that it!? I’ll show you all a thing or two! Behold!

*Suddenly Oogie starts to inhale, and inhale he does. His lungs continue to suck in so much air that his mouth becomes a literal vaccuum.*

Dark Knight: What the heck is he doing?

Jack: I’m not certain…

Oogie: SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… *starts to inflate horribly*

Sean: *eyes widening* Guys, I think he’s…


Shadowstrike: Guys, hold on, I’ll get us out of here! Just… grab on!

*Everyone grabs hold of Shadowstrike, who turns around and, activating the booster on his back, takes off at blazing speeds.*

Oogie: SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… *expands to monsterous size*

Void: *panicking* Faster, Shadow, faster!

Shadowstrike: I’M GOING AS FAST AS I CAN!!

Metabad: We aren’t going to make it!

Majin: *has his arms sticking out* WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!


*Suddenly Oogie explodes, creating a deafening bang as it sounds out throughout Halloween Town. The explosion however, did not yield a terrible blast. On the contrary, it yielded… bugs. A giant wave of bugs which was smothering Halloween Town!*

Void: Bugs!? He was made of BUGS!?

Jack: Yep.

Sean: It’s coming our way!

Outlaw: AWESOME!! *opens his mouth*

Rebel: Outlaw, now is not the time to be stu–

Shadowstrike: *trips on the bugs and falls* Oof!

Everyone else: AHHHHHHHHH!! *is hit by the bugs*

*After the entire town is flattened by the bugs, the creepy crawlers begin to disperse, allowing the group to emerge, showing that they are indeed unscathed.*

Outlaw: *erupts from the bugs* THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS!! *chomps down on a few*

Shadowstrike: *spits a roach out of his mouth* PHLECK!! Stop it! I don’t feel so good…

Dark Knight: And take a look at this worm! *holds a ten foot-long worm*

Outlaw: Beautiful. *sheds a tear*

Shadowstrike: *turns green and runs off*

Void: *in the air* Yuck. Even if we weren’t killed we are going to smell for weeks.

Majin: Ugh… the impact knocked the booze right outta me… Where am I again?

Metabad: In a place that’s not rawkin, that’s for sure!

Majin: Oh. Could be worse though.

Sean: *zapped* Ow. Stupid curse. Ow. Stupid saying. Ow. Stupid teammates. Ow.

Metabad: Could always be worse, though!

Sean: *zapped* For the last time, stop saying that!

Jack: *gets up, holding his head* Oogie must have consumed a lot of bugs to pull that trick off…

Rebel: *kicks a pile* So what now? He exploded. Does that mean he’s dead?

Shadowstrike: *crawling back* I sure hope so… No more bugs please…

Jack: Well, Oogie is composed of bugs. The sack merely holds them all together.

Void: Wait a tick. He’s composed of bugs, and the sack just holds them together?

Jack: Yes. Why?

Void: Look around you, Jack! The entire town is covered with these things!

Jack: I don’t really understand what you are getting at, Void…

Rebel: Allow me to answer my savage friend, Jack.

Void: Savage!?

Rebel: Quiet. What he means to say, is that with all of these bugs everywhere, that means Oogie is in essence covering the entire town.

Void: Yes!

Jack: Disturbing thought.

Outlaw: *mouth full of bugs* Waih, oh ahm edding Ohgay?

Void: Exactly!

Outlaw: *spits the bugs out*

Dark Knight: So… what does this mean?

Void: Please, tell them Rebel!

Rebel: It means that it’s going to take a loooooong time to clean all of this Oogie up.

Jack: *nods* Ohhh.

Void: *smacks self*

Rebel: What? Is that not what you were going to say?

Void: No!

Metabad: Guys, my rawky senses are tingling.

Void: You idiots, this doesn’t rawk! All of these bugs covering the town means that Oogie can–

*A violent shake interupts Void, as another shake starts a few moments later, followed by a full-blown earthquake. The bugs, surrounding the CIA, start to squirm to life as they grab hold of all the rubble and remaining structures in the town, before moving to the center of the town. There they start to build, higher, higher, and higher up, creating a giant version of Oogie.*


Shadowstrike: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?



Dark Knight: Okay, I have NO idea what’s going on anymore!

Void: Oogie didn’t explode to kill us! He used it to cover the town so he could rebuild himself into that monstrosity!

Jack: That fiend!


Majin: RUN AWAY!! *runs*

Everyone else: *runs*


Jack: Friends? What friends!?

Sally: *within Oogie* Jack! Help me!!

Finklestein: Oogie captured us! We’re being crushed!

Mayor: Jack, please, I’m only an elected official here, I can’t handle these situations by myself!!

Monsters: JAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaack…


Jack: Sally, Finklestein… everyone! I’m coming! *tries to run*

Outlaw: Whoa, hey! Stop!! *grabs Jack*

Jack: Let go of me, Outlaw!! I must save my friends!!

Outlaw: Look, I know you wanna save your people and all. That’s cool. But it won’t do you no good if you get killed… well, killed any further.

Dark Knight: Listen to the gator! He knows stuff.

Jack: You’re… right. I’m sorry.

Sean: Well, now that that’s been settled, we need to figure out how to stop this thing. Any suggestions?

Shadowstrike: Aren’t you one of the two smart guys in the group?

Sean: And aren’t you the guy who is supposed to use common sense?

Shadowstrike: And aren’t you guys the people who are supposed to ignore said common sense?

Sean: And aren’t you the guy who keeps wearing a bucket on his head?

Shadowstrike: Could be worse.

Sean: *shocked* I should have saw that coming.


Shadowstrike: Damnit, he’s right!

Majin: C’mon guys, let’s show him what we’re made of!


*The CIA and Jack release a barrage of multiple attacks directed at the giant Oogie-Boogie, only to watch in vain as the attacks do minimal damage.*


Metabad: Oh yeah!?

Oogie: Yeah.

Metabad: Oh damn, the way you totally said “yeah” in a non-yelling sort of way just completely deflated my ego. I don’t even feel like rawking anymore.


Majin: *looks at the audience* It’s been one of those days. C’mon, Metabad!

Oogie: NOW I’M GONNA CRUSH YOU!! *forms two giant six-sided dice out of rubble and lobs it at the CIA*

Majin: NOT AGAIN!! *runs

Jack: TAKE COVER!! *runs*

Everyone else: *runs*

Oogie: OOOOH, WHADDA WE HAVE HERE? *sees the dice* WHAT!? SNAKE EYES!? *slams fist on the dice, causing them to explode in a rain of garbage*

Rebel: My magnets!! *trying futily to dodge the garbage* Arrgh!! My powers are… being cancelled…

Sean: *hiding in his shell* Seems like the Hyper Forms don’t negate our basic weaknesses.

Dark Knight: These Hyper Forms are worthless!

Void: Hey! Don’t say that! Unlike the others you even got new weapons!

Dark Knight: Pfft, yeah, and they can’t even shoot bullets.

Void: HOW WOULD BULLETS HURT THAT!? *points at Oogie*

Oogie: YOOHOO~, DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME!! *throws another pair of dice*

Everyone else: AHHHH!! *runs*

Oogie: *looks at the results* WHAT!? SNAKE EYES AGAIN!?!? I DON’T BELIEVE THIS! *smashes the dice*

Rebel: *continually getting pelted* Urgh… too much… can’t hold on… *passes out*

Majin: *grabs Rebel* Guys, Rebel isn’t looking good. At this rate…

Jack: None of us will survive.

Metabad: I am at a loss for all that is witty.

Shadowstrike: I’m surprised you didn’t say something about rawking. Were you actually serious back there?

Metabad: …

Shadowstrike: Well?

Metabad: DAMNIT!! *clutches head in frustration*

Outlaw: Is this boy okay?

Metabad: I just had the most RAWKSOME idea ever. But then it goes against what I just said I wasn’t gonna do!

Dark Knight: Which was!?

Metabad: Like, that Ooger Booger or whatever is kinda doing what Void does. Gathers garbage. That’s why Rebel got beaten so fast, ja? So I was thinkin’… since he’s kinda made of junk right now, couldn’t Void, like… rip it off?

Shadowstrike: …

Majin: …

Outlaw: …

Dark Knight: …

Jack: …

Sean: …

Void: …Metabad, that was ingenius.

Metabad: D00D!! I’ve suddenly got the rawk back! *rawks*

Void: One problem, though. I can’t rip all that junk off.

Metabad: I’ve lost the rawk again.

Void: *rubs chin* HOWEVER… it may still be possible.

Outlaw: Do ya got something cookin’, Void?

Void: Yep. It’s time to take that giant sack of bugs down!

Metabad: THE RAWK IS BACK AGAIN!! *rawks*


Void: Scramble! *takes to the skies* Shadowstrike, quick!

Shadowstrike: *runs from the attack* What is it!?

Void: Time is of the essense. I need you to run around Oogie! As fast as you can!!

Shadowstrike: I don’t really get it but… okay! *activates the booster on his back* Here we GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

*Almost like lightning Shadowstrike rushes forward, nearly crashing into stranded obstacles left behind in Oogie’s wake. Quickly, however, he gains control of himself and starts circling Oogie numerous times.*

Oogie: *notices Shadow* HEY!! WADDYA THINK YOUR DOING!? *swipes but misses*

Shadowstrike: Hah! Too slow!!

Void: Shadow, faster!!

Shadowstrike: You want me to go faster!? Well… *blasts off*

Oogie: WHAT THE!?

*In moments Shadow becomes a blur, unable to be seen. As he does this a vortex starts to be formed around Oogie, encasing the giant monster within it.*

Void: All right, now it’s time for part two of my plan. *flies next to Majin* Majin, is Rebel all right?

Majin: Uh… I’m not certain. *lays Rebel down*

Rebel: *waking up* Ugh… what’s happening…?

Void: Rebel, how are you feeling?

Rebel: Tired. Need coke. Get away. *turns over*

Void: Hey! Now’s not the time for coke!

Rebel: Ugh… what do you want?

Void: Do you have enough power to make a Magnet Mine?

Rebel: Not sure… that junk really messed me up. Lemme try… *concentrates and forms one* Here… I dunno if I can make another one, though… so you better make it count.

Void: *takes it* Right. *to Majin* All right Majin, your turn.

Majin: M-me?

Void: Shadowstrike is currently manipulating the air around him. I need you to electrify this Magnet Mine and toss it into the current he’s making. When you do that, a powerful magnetic field should be formed surrounding Oogie.

Sean: *walking up to them* Ohh, I get it now… you’re going to use the magnetic field to amplify your own powers.

Void: Bingo.

Jack: Interesting plan.

Majin: All right then. I’m off! Guys, distract him for me!

Outlaw: Will do! *to Oogie* HEY UGLY!! I’VE GOT A PRESENT FOR YOU!! *fires a pair of Spin Wheels*

Oogie: *watches the wheels speed by him* YA CALL THAT AIMING?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! LEMME SHOW YOU HOW IT’S REALLY DONE!! *takes a deep breath before spitting out a large wad of trash at Outlaw*

Outlaw: Yipe!!

Sean: Hah!! *throws his shell in front of Outlaw, deflecting the attack* Now ten times more resistant.

Outlaw: Booyah! *high fives Sean*

Dark Knight: *while running* Time to die, sucker! *fires several bubbles from his shoulder cannons*

Metabad: *mimicking* FEEL THE RETURN OF THE RAWK!! *releases a couple Speed Burners*

Oogie: *watches the bubbles and fire get caught in the vortex* HAHAH!! YOUR LITTLE FRIEND IS HELPING ME!! NOW I THINK I’LL MOVE ON TO THE GRAND FINALE…

Void: Crap!! Majin… HURRY!!

Majin: *as close to the vortex as possible* I’m on it! Here’s one for the team! *throws the Magnet Mine into the current*

Oogie: *finally notices Majin* FOOL!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO DO WITH THAT!?

Majin: Everything.

*The lightning rod atop Majin’s head, now more visible thanks to his Hyper Form, extends further and is zapped with electricity. Following this, Majin releases the built-up charge and into the atmosphere, directing the lightning bolts into the vortex, which ends up hitting the Magnet Mine which was trapped there. The Magnet Mine explodes upon contact with the electricity, transforming the vortex into a powerul magnetic field.*


Majin: Void, NOW!!

Void: Here I go!

Oogie: *realizes what’s going on* NO… NO!! I WON’T LET YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!

*Oogie slams his fists against the magnetic field, which proved to be ineffective due to the strong winds Shadowstrike was still creating. As he tried in vain to break out, Void was charging up his Silk Shot, before releasing it’s full power in the direction of where Oogie stood. In a matter of seconds the sound of metal could be heard being torn off of Oogie’s body as it went careening into the magnetic field, where the junk would vaporize upon contact.*


*A flash of light greets everyone, before things finally calm down. As everyone adjusts their eyes, they all see the aftermath of their fierce and bloody battle…*

Shadowstrike: My… my eyes… *rubs them* Is it… over…?

Dark Knight: *shoves a piece of scrap that survived off him* Gah… did we make it?

Metabad: I sure hope so…

Outlaw: *gets up and shakes his head* L-look…

Oogie: *nothing more than a torn piece of cloth with a few bugs in it* Y-yoyou fofoflosoolss…

Void: Is this what has become of Oogie?

Oogie: Reverangern isssssssss mmyiene!! Al-hallaala of ittt!!!!

Jack: *steps forward* Wrong Oogie. This time it truly is all over. You have lost.


Jack: *takes his foot and smashes the piece of cloth and the remaining bugs*

Sean: *dragging his shell* Finally…

Rebel: *lifts himself up* But… wait… what happened to the residents?

Jack: *gasps* You’re right! Where is–

Mayor: *shines a flashlight on the team* Hey!!

Sean: It’s the mayor!

Finklestein: Did you think that we’d kick the bucket that easily?

Wolfman: *howls* Guess again!

Jack: Mayor! Finklestein! And… Sally!

Sally: Jack!

*The two embrace while everyone watches.*

Dark Knight: I still say that girl’s got him whipped.

Clown: Hahahah! You all did it!!

Stair Monster: We knew we could count on you.

Corpse Child: Three cheers for Jack and the Island Attackers!

Monsters: Hip, hip, HOORAY!!

*After much reason to celebrate things start to quiet down.*

Outlaw: So what’s gonna happen to the town?

Finklestein: We’ll rebuild. Never a problem.

Void: Still, we feel awful about all of this mess…

Rebel: Look Jack, if there is anything we can do to make this up to you, just say it.

Jack: If I had to ask for anything… then take care of that Anti fellow. If it wasn’t for him, Oogie would never have gotten that much power in the first place, or at least thought he could have.

CIA: *nods*

Mayor: So, Island Attackers, how long do you plan on staying again?

Void: *smacks self* Crap! I forgot all about the ship!

Shadowstrike: *horrified* Oh no! With all that fighting… it’s probably been…

Dark Knight: Consumed by Oogie!?

Sean: And Void just fried the majority of the stuff he took…

Metabad: Not rawkin at all.

Rebel: Void, I am hereby blaming all of this on you! Way to go.

Void: Yeah, ’cause it wasn’t like Oogie Boogie was going to kill us or anything. *rolls eyes*

Majin: So that means… we’re stuck here.

Shadowstrike: NOOOOOOO!!

Finklestein: I can probably help create a new ship for you to traverse in, but that will take quite a while to complete… *scratches brain*

Rebel: So we’re stuck here.

*Everyone let’s out a deep sigh. As everything seems for naught, however, the sound of a dog barking can be heard in the distance. Shortly after, a small ghost-like dog appears.*

Jack: Well, if it isn’t Zero!

Zero: Ruff, ruff!

Outlaw: Aww, cute poochie.

Shadowstrike: Name sucks, though.

Void: *elbows Shadow* Be nice.

Sally: Zero! *pets* Where have you been!?

Zero: *grabs Jack’s sleeve and pulls on it* Grr…

Jack: Whoa! Hold on a moment Zero! *watches the dog take off* Zero!!

Sean: I think he wants to show us something.

Rebel: Well, what are we waiting for? Follow that ghost dog!

Metabad: RACE YA!! *takes off*

*The CIA and the residents of Halloween Town chase after Zero. They all run to where the spiral hill is located.*

Metabad: I WIN AGAIN! *does a little dance*

Shadowstrike: And again we aren’t racing, stupid.


Majin: *drinking a beer* Burp.

Sean: *ignoring the others* Wow, what is that?

Mayor: Oh, that’s the spiral hill. It’s great for winding and unwinding and all that spooky stuff!

Sean: Not that. THAT!!

*Sean points behind the hill, where they see the Whale King, fully repaired and ready to go.*

Jack: What’s this? What’s this? There’s a ship standing over there!

Finklestein: What’s this? It’s almost without a care!

Jack: What’s this? I can’t believe my eyes, I must be dreaming, wake up Jack this isn’t fair! What’s this?

Dark Knight: Shouldn’t WE be the ones saying that?

Rebel: At this point, I really couldn’t care less.

Majin: I wonder who did all of this for us, though?

*In the distance they all hear a laugh. A very distinct one that went “Ho ho ho.” The deniziens of Halloween all look at each other with confused faces.*

Outlaw: *whispers* Looks like they still don’t get it.

Void: Oh well.

Sean: I guess it’s time we got moving…

Jack: Oh, must you all leave so soon, though?

Rebel: Sorry Jack, but duty calls. As you said before, we need to take Anti down before he does anymore damage.

Shadowstrike: Wait, so are we…

Rebel: Not… yet. We still aren’t ready. But soon… yeah.

Metabad: Damg.

Jack: Well, as much as I’d love to go with you, gentlemen, I must stay here. My friends need me.

Sally: We will never forget what you have done for us.

Zero: Ruff!

Dark Knight: All right then, let’s get outta here! *runs onto the ship*

Metabad: Rebel, let’s say goodbye to Jack the only way us rawkers know how! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Jack: *rawks*

Void: Gimme a break…

Rebel: *finishes* All right, guys… let’s go!

*The CIA board their ship and take off while the residents of Halloween Town all say goodbye, watching them take off into the distant horizon, the sun greeting them as a new day begins. Now equipped with their powerful new Hyper Forms, will the CIA finally be able to defeat Anti-Majin? Only time may tell. Elsewhere…*

Anti: Status report.

Frank: All of our forces that were sent to Halloween Town have been wiped out. Oogie Boogie was terminated.

Anti: Blasted Island Attackers… I’ll get them yet! Just you wait…

The End


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