Majin World

*Team Collaboration*

*It was another day at the Island Attackers flying base, the Whale King. The team had just finished eating breakfast and some of the members were lounging in the… erm, lounge.*

Shadowstrike: *flipping through channels at a super sonic-rate*

Sean: Can you slow down?

Shadowstrike: No.

Sean: Well, I can’t even tell what’s on.

Shadowstrike: Me neither.

Sean: Then why do you keep doing it?

Shadowstrike: Beats me.

Majin: *drunk as usual* bidoof

Dark Knight: Well… this sucks! Anyone have anything good to watch? Preferably with lilies… Get the hint?

Outlaw: Hey, I’ve got an idea! *snags the remote from Shadow*

Shadowstrike: Hey!

Outlaw: I found this awesome show the other day… check it out!

*Outlaw changes the channel to “Dirty Jobs”*

Mike Rowe: *has his hand up a horse’s ass* This tickles.

Shadowstrike and Sean: WHAT THE FUCK!?

Majin: RIPPY ROW ROW!? :@

Void: *enters the room reading something* Guys, would you mind keeping it down? I’m trying to read some important papers and… *looks up* OH HOLY HELL WHAT IS THAT!? *gouges eyes*

Outlaw: So I take it this show earns a “yes”?

Dark Knight: Abso-posi-lutely! *gets punched* PAIN!

Outlaw: Man you guys are weak. He’s just getting dirty. And… doing jobs.

Shadowstrike: MY EYES! THEY BLEEED!!!

Majin: FOOOO!

*Rebel walks in*

Rebel: Sup all? *Glances at the TV* I think I know that guy.

Sean: You know Rowe?

Dark Knight: Were you on his show?

Rebel: That was long ago.

Majin: I has a toe!

Void: So what did you do?

Rebel: Hey you didn’t rhyme!

Void: I don’t ryhme.

Outlaw: Killjoy.

Void: Whatever.

Rebel: I rented him Majin once.

Outlaw: What for?

Rebel: You don’t want to know.

*Majin spits out a urinal air freshener*

Sean: That is so nasty.

Dark Knight: Can we turn that off please? This show has no lilies in it!

Outlaw: Can I eat trash in your room over your lily posters?

Dark Knight: NO!

Outlaw: “Dirty Jobs” it is, then.

Void: Urgh, I don’t want to watch, I’ll go do something else…

Majin: me tellz storryz of unparraleled hidden me past!

Shadowstrike: Haha! That’s our Majin! Always telling nonsense, like your past is interesting.

*Outlaw turns off the TV to look at the show in his own room because of the complaining, and soon, everyone was out of the living room, apart from Majin*

Majin: roooooooo…*tear rolls down cheek*

*With the rest of the team*

Sean: Weren’t you a little harsh on Majin?

Shadowstrike: What do you mean?

Sean: Surely his past must be slightly interesting.

Rebel: It’s not.

Sean: What makes you so sure?

Rebel: Because I know everything! *throws a can of coke at Sean*

Sean: *gets hit and the can explodes, causing him to go flying into the wall*

Shadowstrike: That’s some powerful stuff.

Dark Knight: Could be worse.

Sean: *shocked* I hate you all.

Void: On a note that has nothing to with this current topic, who is flying the ship?

Shadowstrike: Don’t be silly Void. I am.

Void: …How?

Shadowstrike: …Oh.

*The members barge into the control room, where they see Metabad at the controls, bashing his hands on the console*

Metabad: GO ME!!

Void: Metabad! What are you doing!?

Metabad: Flying.

Shadowstrike: Hey, stupid, you don’t know how to fly.


Rebel: Rawk on, rawker dude!

Void: No, don’t rawk on. Metabad, get away from those controls before–

*Suddenly the ship starts spinning*


Dark Knight: SOMEONE STOP THIS CRAZY THING!! *throws up everywhere*

*Outlaw enters the cockpit*


Jesus: Yo bro, what’s–oh god OH GOD!!!


Sean: We’ll get sued for stealing that joke when we survive this.


*Majin enters the cockpit*


Everyone else: NOT NOW!

Majin: roooooo…*tear rolls down cheek*

Narrator: Will the C:IA survive this heartbreaking and exciting crash? Will Metabad ever rawk with Aerosmith? Will DK stop throwing up everywhere? Will Majin ever tell his story?! I DON’T KNOW, BECAUSE I’M GETTING THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!

*The narrator grabs the last parachute and jumps out of the Whale King*


Shadowstrike: Oh, yeah right. That would be a good idea.

*Shadowstrike runs over to the controls and immediately tries to get the Whale King to rise and stop its descent.*

Shadowstrike: Umm… You all might want to hold on to something.


Shadowstrike: Oh, yeah right. Sorry.

*The Whale King makes a crash landing, the sound of metal scraping the earth resonates through the control room. Eventually everything slows to a stop. Everyone gets up and looks around, surveying the damage. Most groan and Void sighs.*

Metabad: This doesn’t rawk.

Rebel: Correct.

Void: This is going to take forever to fix.

Sean: Eh, its not that bad. Besides I’ll help.

Dark Knight: Yeah, it could always be–

*Sean throws a crystal into his mouth, Dark Knight starts to choke and falls onto the ground.*

Sean: I’d like to keep that down to once per a day, please.

Rebel: Fine, so Void and Sean will do repairs. Shadowstrike can probably help by fetching tools or something. Dark Knight, Metabad, and Outlaw can clean.

Outlaw: Aw, it looks kind of nice in here actually. Can’t we keep it this way?

Void: NO!

Outlaw: Fine…

Void: Rebel, what are you going to do?

Rebel: What every good leader does. I will supervise.

Majin: Whut can I dooz?

Rebel: Uh, I guess if one of the groups wants an extra hand you can help them. Anyone need Majin’s help?

*Dead silence*

Majin: I telz story now?

Rebel: Fine! Tell your stupid story already! *grabs a coke*

Sean: What happened to supervising?

Rebel: Oh, that? I am.

Sean: How?

Rebel: I’m supervising Majin’s story so it doesn’t become overly-convoluted.

Void: Whatever. *starts leaving* We need to stop damaging this ship, I swear. This is, what, the third time?

Shadowstrike: Second.

Void: Quiet, you.

Outlaw: Now, now, let’s all keep this civil, mm’kay? *to Majin* Go ahead, Maj dude, you can tell us the story now.

Dark Knight: *spits the crystal out* Story time! *gets punched* PAIN AGAIN!!

Rebel: You clean. Me and Outlaw can handle this.

Everyone else: Aww…

Shadowstrike: Hey, why is Outlaw suddenly off cleaning duty?

Rebel: One, it’s Outlaw. His idea of clean is a sewer. Second, he’s far less annoying than you. Third, he.. uh..

Outlaw: Has Cherry Coke!

Rebel: Has Cherry Coke!

Shadowstrike: *grumblegrumblegrumble*

*Shadow goes off to try and find a garbage bag*

Sean: Maybe having the base in the air all the time is a bad idea.

Metabad: Hey for my first time behind the wheel I RAWKED!

Void: No, you did the thing furthest from rocking.

Metabad: That’s RAWKING! Say it right or not at all!

Rebel: Shut up and let Majin start!

Majin: Thankyz! I member a long long time ago. A long long long long long…

Outlaw: Somebody hit him, he’s stuck.

Dark Knight: Oh, oh, me, me!

*DK goes to smack Majin but unexplainably bursts into flames.*

Sean: Stop drop and roll dude! Or not, I don’t care.

Majin:…time ago… A time before the great drunkening.

*All attention to Majin*

Majin: some funny happened or sumthin I CANT REMEMBER IT WELL but i guess u could say i came from an alternate world??

*There is silence.*

Rebel: …

Outlaw: …

Majin: …


Rebel: …BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!! *falls out of chair*

Majin: I DO GUD GUIZ!?!?

Outlaw: *trying to hide a grin* Uh… yeah, real “gud” job, Maj dude! *pats Majin on the back* We were moved to tears by that. Ain’t that right, boss bug?

Rebel: *on the floor* C-Can’t… breath… hahahah…

Dark Knight: *comes back in with Metabad* Did Majin already tell his story?

Outlaw: Yep.

Dark Knight: Darn it! Why do we have to clean, Rebel!?

Rebel: M-my… heart… it’s not… f-feelin’… s-so good…

Outlaw: (Is he gonna be okay!?)

Metabad: This isn’t rawkin anymore.

Rebel: *gets back up* Majin… that story was awful! And now I think I’m gonna die… it’s all your fault!

Majin: roooo… *sheds a tear*

*Just then Majin got an IDEA. It was an amazing IDEA. So amazing that it amazed itself. That was one Hell of an IDEA, huh?*

Majin: o me noeze!!! i jus take u dere k

Rebel, Outlaw, Metabad, and Dark Knight: …’Kay.

Majin: k

*Without warning, everyone is enveloped in a strange light, including the members not present, and vanish without trace. When they reappear, they are in a strange, foreign world.*

Shadowstrike: *wearing a bucket on his head and wielding a mop* Where am I!? I’VE NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE!!


Void: *also wielding a mop* I smell a badly written plot device.

???: Majin! IS THAT YOU?

Majin: *transforms back to normal* MAMAJIN! *goes running off*

Void: What the hell?


Dark Knight: I’m scared.

Outlaw: I think we all are.

Majin: THAT’S IT! *grabs the others and drags them with him*


Shadowstrike: It could be worse.

Sean: Oh you son of a–*is shocked, and the shock transfers to Majin, making him drop them*

Metabad: Wait, where is Rebel?

Void: And our mops?

*Back where they landed*

Rebel: Okay men, It’s time I made a new team, and I am choosing you two to be my commandos!

*The mops fall down*

Rebel: Good! Play dead! You’re learning already! *beeper goes off* Uh-oh, gotta get back! *takes off*

???: Why, is that you sonny? Godjin i missed ya!

Majin: PAPAJIN!!!

Void: Wait, why do you call them with “jin” after it?

Papajin: What are ye youn’ pikes talkin’ ’bout? ‘Ere in Majin World we all’re called jin behind our names.

Shadowstrike: …That… explains… stuff.

Papajin: Say, were are ye comin’ from now anyway?

Metabad: From a planet called Earth! Majin told us where he came from, so he brought us here.

Majin: Oh, Papajin, I got you something to make! It’s a drink from our world!

*Papajin sticks his hands out, Majin gives him a sixpack of beer*

Papajin:*drinks* This mighty good tastin’ drink is magnificent! Take a drink, Mamajin!

Shadowstrike: This won’t end well.

Void: Wait a sec… You weren’t a drunk here?

Majin: Du huh?

Sean: Maybe you should ask that again when he sobers up. That six pack was all that he brought and it’s mostly gone now.

Outlaw: Hey Majin… If this is your world, why did you leave?

Shadowstrike: And what about Anti? How does he fit into all of this?

Majin: Waz…..Waz… Family issues.

Rebel: *Takes another look at the Majin family* I don’t think the word “dysfunctional” covers it, but it’s the closest one I can think of.

Metabad: Maybe it was a Family Fued! *Waits for laughter but gets silence* Or maybe, its Family Matters! *crickets*

Dark Knight: One more corny joke and I torture your spleen.

Void: I am interested in hearing how all this came about. Think you could tell us?

Papajin: *Sigh* Its a bit of a story but yeeesh I think we can.

Mamajin: Hold on a moment, dear, perhaps we should go inside…

Papajin: Good idear!

Void: *smacks self* Urgh, not one of those annoying accents…

Papajin: Quiet! Let’s go into the house!

*Thus the CIA plus the Majin family enter the Majin house in Majin World. Savvy?*

Dark Knight: Not a bad place you’ve got here.

Mamajin: Oh, well, someone’s gotta keep it nice and clean!

Outlaw: C-clean!? YIKES!! *bolts down the hall*

Shadowstrike: No, Outlaw! Don’t runaway!!

*Outlaw keeps running down the hall until he enters the kitchen. Immediately he dives into the pantry, throwing someone else who was already in there out.*

Raijin: *lands face first* Ow… Where the Hell am I?

Majin: *enters the room* BRUDDER RAI RAI!!

Raijin: Huh?

Majin: *runs up to Raijin and hugs him* IT BEEN FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND…

Raijin: *getting squeezed to death* Ack… can’t… breath… help…

Void: *runs in* Bad Majin! BAD!! *hits Majin with a rolled up newspaper*

Majin: *yelps and lets go*

Mamajin: *sees what’s going on* How dare you hit my son, you animal!

Void: What are you going to do–

Mamajin: *pulls out a can of insecticide and sprays it into Void’s eyes*

Void: MY EYES!! *runs around blindly until hitting the wall*

Raijin: … *crawls away*

Sean: This is going to be a long day.

Void: So, can we get to the story now?

Papajin: Ah, yes now where should I start…

Dark Knight: Maybe the beginning would be a good idea.

Papajin: Not where I would start, but okay. It was the third year of our marriage when we decided to have kids. So one night–*gets pegged with a crystal*

Sean: We don’t need those details please.

Mamajin: Bad slug! I’ll shrivel you up! *throws an entire salt shaker at Sean*

Sean: *ducks* I’m Crystal Snail, not slug!

Shadowstrike: Is there really a difference?

Sean: I don’t know.

Void: You don’t know?!

Sean: Sorry, it didn’t seem useful so I didn’t bother remembering it. Why would I need to know the difference?

Outlaw: Well there are culinary reasons.

*Everyone turns and stares*

Outlaw: A slug makes a good addition to a stew if salted but a better addition to sushi if you manage to get a hold of unsalted ones. A snail you cook much more like a crustacean and coat with a mixture of tartar sauce and WD 40.

Sean: *backs away* I am staying away from you for now on.

Outlaw: I’d never cook a reploid! That would be cannibalism.

Sean: Good.

Outlaw: Besides the cooking time is too long.

Void: ANYWAYS, can we get back to the plot-important back story and flashback?

Papajin: Ah, yes. I will skip to after the birth, when we first discovered it. I remember it like it was only yesterday…


Papajin: OH NO!

Mamajin: What?

Papajin: I just realized I didn’t save money on my car insurance.

Mamajin: Honey, can we get back to the babies?

Papajin: Sure, I’ll examine them now.

Mamajin: Shouldn’t we get a professional?

Papajin: I am a professional! I am a doctor and therefore it is my god-given right to do whatever I wish despite my doctorate being in a different field. Now I can see that we obviously have a case of twins…

Mamajin: Yes dear, and you know what that means.

Papajin: Of course, that means one of them must be an evil twin.

Mamajin: Yes of course I know that. You forgot I had a twin sister. She was declared the evil twin after birth.

Papajin: It was a good thing you shotgunned her in the back of the head at your seventh birthday party. Who knows what else might have happened if she was allowed to develop actual skills to be put to evil purposes.

Mamajin: So how do we determine which one is evil?

Papajin: Let me see, today is Monday… Garfield hates Mondays… Garfield is a cat… Cats bounce poorly… I got it! We throw them on the ground and whichever bounces the highest is obviously good.

Mamajin: Sounds logical. I’ll throw this one first.

*The future Anti is thrown against the ground. He bounces almost to the ceiling.*

Papajin: Now the second one.

*The future Majin is thrown. He hits the ground and rolls over. Papajin picks him up.*

Papajin: Under normal circumstances, this would mean this baby is the evil twin.

Mamajin: We better start ridiculing him and giving him a terrible childhood while loving the other baby in front of him then.

Papajin: However, today is OPPOSITE DAY! That means this baby is the good twin and the other bouncing, bad baby is made of PURE EVIL!

*End flashback*

Papajin: And from there it only got worse. Anti was a bad seed right off the bat. He’d cry whenever we walked past him to hug Majin or asked if he could share Majin’s presents. However it looked like there was some hope in him. When they both turned eight, he started to go hide in a corner by himself and leave the rest of us be. We only later learned he was plotting something.

Dark Knight: …That explains a lot.

Sean: Yeah, ‘specialy why Majin seems to be indestructable to hitting him with things. *throws a brick at Majin and it bounces off*

Papajin: Anyway, when our boys grew up, we locked Anti up in a cage during the night, because he tried more then once to eat us during our sleep.

Mamajin: Yes dear, but don’t forget that the thing that made us do it is because he ate our dog.

Outlaw: (Psst, Majin, what was the dog’s name?)

Majin: (Eatitjin, had a ring to it.)

Papajin: We then officialy started to worry about him when he tried to take over Mayorjin’s office, and wanted to make us his personal slaves, but because our Majin was a good and not drunk boy, he saved us and got candy to show him how much we love him right before Anti’s eyes. Then we had a problem: what to do with an evil twin? He blew up our house before, so locking him up was not a good option.

Mamajin: So we came on the idea to send him to another dimension with our advenced technology!

Void: May I ask what it was?

Papajin: A Gamejin in a microwave oven.

Mamajin: You’d be suprised what you can make by putting Gamejins into stuff; a Gamejin in a washing machine can bring back the dead! A Gamejin in a fridge can make you touch Godjin!

Dark Knight: So how come Majin is also banished?

Papajin: He wanted to eat the burrito that was still in the microwave oven.

DK, Void, Outlaw, Sean, and Shadowstrike: Ohhhhhhhhhh…

Majin: Thinking about it, how did I get back now anyhow?

Narratorjin: Plotholes.

*Meanwhile, back with the narrator*


*Back at the evil lair of evil evilness were evil things are plotted by evil…people*

Anti: *stands up* My spider senses are tingling.

Frank: Your what does what now?

Anti: The seal has been broken, I can go back and terrorize the ones who have imprisoned me on this cursed world!

Frank: You’re… still not making much sense.

Anti: Don’t you see? This sudden unexplained plothole makes it possible for me to return to Majin World! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!

Yuber: That may be, but don’t you think that acting on your emotions might hinder your plan?

Frank: Hello? Can someone explain what’s going on here?

Anti: This is a team epilouge! It does not need to make sense! And it did drag on to make anyway, so this will put some speed in it!

Frank: Why does the universe hate Frankenploid…?

*Back on Majin World*

Ryouga: Man… I just wanted to look for a bathroom. How did I end up here?

*Using his powers and finding the right dimensional wavelength, Anti teleports himself to Majin World. However he is nowhere near his former house*

Anti: Ha! They thought they could be rid of me forever, well I’m back and I will have my reve….I feel funny…

*Suddenly Anti’s power begins to dwindle*

Anti: I can’t believe this! All the power I accumulated on Earth isn’t working here. Stupid Majin World.

Ryouga: Is that where I ended up?

Anti: How in the world did you end up here?

Ryouga: Your guess is as good as mine.

Anti: I’m glad you are here, regardless. Frank and Yuber would have gotten in the way, but with half my power not working, I might need the backup. I sense that my idiot brother is here, too.

*Back to the C:IA*

Papajin: So you see Anti had to be sent away. And even though we didn’t want to, Majin had to leave too. Somebody needed to be there to keep an eye on the eeeeeevvvill one.

Void: Don’t you think you are responsible for all of this, then?

Mamajin: What you mean?

Void: You threw your babies on the floor, treated Anti like dirt and then banished him.

Papajin: Tradition!

Rebel: BOOOOOORING! I’m out of Coke over here.

Sean: Real sympathetic of you, Reb.

Rebel: I get it, ok. Anti is messed up and wants to kill us all. I understood that without knowing where he came from.

Majin: *sobering up* It’s not as easy as all that, you know.

Outlaw: Seems easy to me.

Majin: There had to be a balance. You can’t have pure evil without good and vice-versa.

Shadowstrike: My head hurts.

*Suddenly a flower pot appears over DK’s head and drops on it*

Dark Knight: Mine, too.

Sean: Well, that was random.

*Back with our evil friends*

Anti: Right… where was it?

Ryouga: I think I can find it on this map and–*Anti takes the map and burns it*–that was not very nice.

Anti: *Kicks a random puppyjin*

Ryouga: Why do I even bother…?

Little Girl: Hello, I am Meijin, can you help me look for my mommy and daddy?

Anti: No, because I killed them.

Ryouga: You did not!

Anti: Hush, I want to see the suffering in her eyes.

*The girl runs away*

Anti: I’m starting to hate you now. But anyway… *grabs Ryouga’s hand, and flies to the city* This is going to be fun.

*Back with the C:IA*

Mamajin: Dear, I think something is wrong ouside.

Papajin: What do you mean?

Rebel: I THINK the city is on fire.

Sean: Wait… the city’s on fire!?

Shadowstrike: *lifts arms up* WE’RE ALL GONNA DIIIIEEEEEEEE!!

Rebel: *smacks Shadow* Not helping.

Papajin: Someone has to go out there and save the innocent…

Void: *nods* Yes, that would appear to be the case…

Mamajin: Honey?

Papajin: Seeing as how our fair city is in danger, it would only make sense if–

Shadowstrike: You go and help?

Papajin: What kind of stupid logic is that? YOU’RE going to do it.

Shadowstrike: SAY WHAT!?

Mamajin: Oh, Majin! Can you please do this task? For us?

Majin: *holding head* Ugh… got a hangover… uh… I mean… sure?

Mamajin: GOOD BOY!!

Majin: *beams*

Void: This is getting weird.

Dark Knight: I think the fact that we ended up in a world full of Majin’s was already pretty high up on the weird-o-meter.

Metabad: I give it a 10 out of 10! *thumbs up*

*The C:IA leave Majin’s home and hurry towards the engulfed city*

Void: I wonder how this fire started?

Sean: Who knows? Maybe things just burst into flames here.

Shadowstrike: I hope not, last time I was on fire all you guys did was just point and laugh.

Rebel: Last time I was on fire people roasted food over me. In fact you were with me on that one*…

*See Series 2, Epilogue #14 “The Really Effed Up Misadventure”

Dark Knight: Does anyone have a plan or are we just going to run head-long into the inferno?

Metabad: I’m fireproof so I’d be just fine with that.

Outlaw: Thats not a bad thought actually. You should go into the fire and get as many people as you can out of there.

Void: Good idea! You do that Meta, and take Sean with you. He’s got a bit more armor than us so he should be able to handle it.

Sean: Should?

Rebel: Just go! We’ll try and find the source of all this.

Majin: I sense something…

Shadowstrike: It had better not be beer.

Majin: No… It’s him. My brother.

Outlaw: Good. I’ve been looking forward to evening the score between us. And with our upgrades we should stand a better chanve against him.

Rebel: Ok that settles it. Meta and Sean go into the city and try to save what you can and put out that fire. The rest of us will find Anti.

Dark Knight: Can you locate Anti-Majin?

Majin: I think so.

Shadowstrike: Alright!

Metabad: We are gonna RAWK! Lets go!


Ryouga: I still don’t see why you hate them all so much…

Random Man: OH MY GHAWD my house is on fire! I better hide inside!

Ryouga: Point taken.

*Just then, our heroes enter the city of Townsvi–Majin World city*

Rebel: NOT SO F-

People: *alot of mumbling* Is that not our great and fearless hero? Yeah, but he disappeared, remember? Why has he returned?

Rebel: Well, I’ve never thought about myself this way… not all the time anyway.

*They all run past Rebel and glomp Majin*

Void: Great and fearless hero indeed.

Person #1: Majin! You have returned!

Majin: Uh… hi.

Person #2: Don’t you remember me, Majin? I’m your biggest fan! Fanjin!

Majin: Yeah… I kinda remember you…

Dark Knight: What kind of a name is Fanjin?

Sean: What kind of a world is Majin?

Dark Knight: Point taken.


Majin: *starts backing away*

Outlaw: I think he needs help, guys.

Rebel: *grumbles* Feh.

Void: What, are you mad that they ran past you?

*As the scene unfolded, a blazing fireball whizzed past everyone, hitting Fanjin.*


Metabad: *shows up with Sean* Rawk powerz activate! *sprays Fanjin with more fire*


Sean: Why did you do that?


Outlaw: I think you killed him… it was a he wasn’t it?

Shadowstrike: You can never tell with those crazy fans.

Anti: Bwahahahah!

CIA: Is that…!?

Anti: That’s right! It was all me!

Majin: Anti! How dare you do that to Fanjin!

Ryouga: Shut your trap!

Rebel: *sneers* Well, well, if it isn’t the lost guy. Hope you’re ready for an ass kickin’ this time.

Anti: Let’s not get too hasty! I’m going to enjoy this so–

Person #1: Oh, Majin please save us!

Person #3: Only you can do it!

Majin: *scratches head* Heh… I’ll try?

Person #4: *waving a cane around* I named my grandson after you! You have to win for him!

Anti: Um…

Person #3: Yeah! And I still want my autograph!


Shadowstrike: Oh god, it’s another fan!

Anti: Hey…

Majin: *batting the people away* Everyone, please, I’ll try and save you but you need to calm–

Person #1: Three cheers for Majin! Hip-hip…

Crowd: HOORAY!!

Person #5: Hip-hip…

Crowd: HOORAY!!

Person #4: Hip-hip…


Everyone else: …

Ryouga: … *claps quietly*

Anti: …Thank you, Ryouga… everyone. Now! Back to what I was trying to say, I–

Crowd: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *runs around screaming*

Anti: GODJIN DAMN IT ALL!! *starts attacking everyone*

Sean: Very long day indeed…

*Everyone stops screaming*


Person #6: You kinda did that already. *combusts into flames*

Anti: I never really got a chance from the start with you people! All you do is act stupid, do nothing and what you do do makes no sense! You people all made my life a living Hell! If only I could find my stupid parents, then I could–

Papajin: ‘Ey Majin sonny, we came to see you kick this evil menace of the face of the planet!

*Anti’s eye twitches, and fullout attacks the ones he hates the most, but just at the last moment…*


Majin: *slow motion* Father, noooooooooo–*gets hit by the attack*–UEARGH!!!


Mamajin: My lovely son, no! What have you done! You monster!

Papajin: Yes! what have you done!? This is all your fault!

Dark Knight: No it’s not!

Papajin: Huh?

Outlaw: He’s right, it’s actually your fault to begin with.

Void: Yeah, you people are crazy, you pestered Anti with no good reason just because he Majin’s “evil” twin. Even if he is crazy and evil, you are the cause of all this!

Mamajin: Now, hold on! It was determined that Anti was evil! We couldn’t help that!

Shadowstrike: Yes you could! You could have just given him some love and compassion like you did to Majin, and none of this stuff would be happening right now!

Person #1: Love and… compassion…?

*All of the denizens of Majin World look down in sadness*

Papajin: I… I guess you kids’re right.

Anti: Father…?

Papajin: Son…?

Mamajin: Son!

Anti: Mother! Father!

Papajin and Mamajin: SON!! *runs over to Anti*

Outlaw: Looks like a job well-done. *turns to the others*

Void: Yep. I guess Anti really wasn’t all that evil after all–

Anti: *incinerates Papajin and Mamajin* BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

Majin: NOOOOO!!

Void: –Spoke too soon.

Dark Knight: Hey, what’s the deal Anti!? They were going to apologize!


Metabad: Everyone! 😀

Anti: WRONG!!

Metabad: D:

Anti: All I need is power! And I’m going to get it by ridding myself of all of you… *points at Majin*

Majin: …

Anti: You took everything I knew away from me the moment I was born! I will make DAMN certain that you suffer the same fate by having everything that you have ever known and loved taken away from you… starting with that pathetic planet known as Earth!!

Rebel: So that’s your game, huh?

Anti: Exactly! Now if you fools will excuse me, I have a world to conquer! *creates a portal back to the normal world* Ryouga! Take care of them!

Ryouga: W-w-w-w-what!? You’re just gonna leave me here like this!?

Anti: I don’t have the power to take them on here! So just DO IT!! If you want to uphold your end of the bargain then you’ll do as you’re told!

Ryouga: …Fine.

Majin: Wait! Anti-Majin!

Anti: Goodbye, foolish brother…!

*With that Anti enters the portal which closes upon him entering. The CIA quickly turn their attention to Ryouga, however, who is preparing to assault them.*

Ryouga: Island Attackers… IT’S TIME TO DIE!!

Dark Knight: Is Ryouga even worth it?

Void: What do you mean? He works for Anti.

Dark Knight: Yeah, but he is only human. Not even an immortal human.

Rebel: Don’t worry, I’ll take him. I have a score to settle.

Shadowstrike: Whatever.

Ryouga: Its time to finish this! I’m the greatest martial artist, I’ll take you down with one punch!

Sean: I doubt that punch could even dent my shell.

Ryouga: I’ll kill you all!

*To prove a point Ryouga punches Sean’s shell and the unexpected happened.*

Sean: What the… You punched through crystal! This stuff stops bullets and can withstand fire, but you cracked it!

Ryouga: *grasping one bleeding hand with the other* You broke my fist! I can’t move it! It feels like its on fire!

Metabad: Fire? I’m on it! *takes out a hose and soaks Ryouga*

Ryouga: …Crap. *turns into a pig*

Void: That makes no sense!

Outlaw: I know. Where did Metabad get a hose?

Sean: You guys sent us to rescue people from the fire. I’m not entirely sure why he still has it.

Rebel: I think Void meant the fact he turned into this tiny pig. How can I fight a pig? I mean maybe if he was a maverick, but no he is just a small pig.

Outlaw: If you don’t want him, can I have him?

Rebel: Sure.

Void: But why did he transform?

Outlaw: It’s dinner time! *starts chasing Ryouga*

Sean: Dunno, maybe its a curse like mine. It looks like it had a trigger. And I thought mine was bad.

Ryouga: *squeals*

Dark Knight: Yeah, I guess things could always be worse.

Sean: *shocked* … I should have seen that coming.

Outlaw: We’re eating well tonight! A little cooking, a little seasoning, a little sewer water, maybe some rat as a side dish…

Shadowstrike: Still aren’t there worse curses?

Dark Knight: Yeah, like changing genders.

Ryouga: *runs frantically*

Shadowstrike: That is ridiculous. Though I guess things truly can always be worse.

Sean: *shocked* I hate you.

Outlaw: Sure, keep running! The chase helps me build up an appetite!

*About 20 minutes later*

Outlaw: *holding Ryouga the pig* Time for some soup!

Rebel: That better be normal water.

Outlaw: It is normal water.

Sean: Not sewer water?

Outlaw: Sewer water IS normal water.

Dark Knight: It could be worse. Could be used sewer water.

Sean: *shocked* Damnit!

Outlaw: *tosses the pig into a giant pot of boiling water*

*Suddenly there is a bright flash*

Ryouga: *back to normal* Big mistake. *kicks Outlaw in the head, knocking him into Sean and DK and to the ground.*

Void: Damnit, looks like we still have to fight.

Rebel: Good, I thought that today was going to be boring. *dashes towards Ryouga and kicks him in the head* Hi! Remember me? *flips back and disapears*


Rebel: *reappears on top of an unharmed building* Hah, big talk coming from a pig!

Ryouga: *uses his good hand to shatter the entire house*

Rebel: *disappears and reappears a good distance away* Crap, I forgot he could do that!

Ryouga: *charges*

Rebel: *disappears and reappears*

Ryouga: STAY STILL!!

*As the two fighters continued their game of cat and mouse, the others were watching.*

Void: *rubbing chin* I still don’t get it. How did he change back? And what caused him to turn into a pig from the beginning?

Outlaw: *stirring the soup* Maybe it has to do something with the water? *tastes it* Hmm… could use a little seasoning.

Metabad: The water? *picks up the hose* I WANNA TRY!! *sprays Ryouga*

Ryouga: *turns back into a pig* Oink!?

Rebel: Aww, he’s all puny again. *picks him up by the neck*

Ryouga: *squeals in vain*

Metabad: D00D THIS RAWKS!! *rawks*

Dark Knight: Hey, maybe he turns into other things as well! Gimme that. *takes the hose from Metabad*

*As DK gets ready to blast Ryouga, however, he takes a step back and accidently bumps into the lever, changing the settings from “Cold” to “Hot”.*

Dark Knight: Fire!! *sprays*

Ryouga: *changes back to normal* Grrr… I’M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!! *breaks free from Rebel’s grip*

Majin: RUN!! *scrambles*

Ryouga: GET BACK HEEEEERE!! *charges*

Sean: *having trouble running* Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…

Ryouga: *lunges forward and grabs Sean by the legs*

Sean: Oof! *hits the ground* SOMEBODY HELP!!

Outlaw: *grabs the hose* I’m on it! *sprays Ryouga*

Ryouga: *gets hit with the hot water* …

Outlaw: …Um…

Ryouga: PREPARE TO DIE!! *throws Sean at Outlaw*

Outlaw: *gets hit and goes flying* AAAHHHHHH!!


Ryouga: Where’re the rest of you, huh!? *starts searching*

Rebel: *hidden in the shadows* What’s the deal, guys? Why didn’t he transform?

Shadowstrike: I dunno. Maybe it only happens at random?

Dark Knight: That’s stupid.

Shadowstrike: Your face is stupid.

Void: *breaking them up* We don’t have time for this. What we need to do is figure out how we’re going to–

Ryouga: *punches a whole through the wall* HAH!! Found you!

Void: Crap, scramble!

Metabad: *pulls out his whip instead* HIYAAAH!! *flails it about*

Shadowstrike: What is he doing?


Ryouga: … *grabs the whip and hits Metabad with it*


Ryouga: *hits Metabad again*

Metabad: OW!! *runs*

Ryouga: *throws the whip at the back of his head*

Metabad: OW!! *hits the ground and knocks himself out*

Dark Knight: Classic.

Ryouga: Okay, now where was I? Oh yeah… PREPARE TO DIE!! *charges at Shadowstrike*

Shadowstrike: You’ve gotta be kidding me. *zips behind Ryouga* Hey, idiot, right behind you!

Ryouga: HUH!? *charges off to the right*

Shadowstrike: …

Void: *seems him heading his way* Uh-oh. *takes off to the skies*

Ryouga: *goes barreling past him to Dark Knight*

Dark Knight: Gimme a break. Bubble Splash! *blows some bubbles at Ryouga*

*Ryouga runs right through the bubbles… and turns into a pig*

Ryouga: Oink!?

Dark Knight: Nice. *picks up Ryouga* Void, catch! *throws*

Void: *catches* All right, now what to do with you?

Ryouga: *bites Void’s hand*

Void: Ow!! *drops Ryouga* Rebel, catch him!

Rebel: I’m on it!

*Rebel watches Ryouga fall through the roof of a decaying house. As he enters it he quickly locates Ryouga in the bathroom’s bathtub, which was full of hot water.*

Rebel: Well… this is… unique.

Ryouga: YOU’RE GONNA DIE BUG!! *blasts out of the tub*

Rebel: YIPE!! *disappears*

Void: *sees Ryouga leave* He’s back to normal again!?

Ryouga: *sees Void* DIE!! *rips out a street light and hurls it at Void*

Void: *gets hits in the chest* Aagh!! *hits the ground*

Shadowstrike: Hey, cut that out! *charges toward Ryouga at full speed*

Ryouga: Think not! *shatters the ground in front of Shadow, causing him to go flying backward*

Shadowstrike: ARRRGH!! *collapses*

Dark Knight: Hey, lost boy, I hope you’re ready for some more bubbles! *fires out several volleys from his shoulder cannons*

Ryouga: *dodges them and gets in close to Dark Knight*

Dark Knight: W-what?

Ryouga: *headbutts him*

Dark Knight: *is K.O.’d*

Ryouga: All right… just one more… WHERE ARE YOU CENTIPEDE!?

Rebel: *hiding in the shadows* (If I wait here… maybe he’ll get lost on his own…)

*Unfortunately Ryouga managed to stumble his way over to where Rebel was*

Ryouga: FOUND YOU!! *attacks*

Rebel: Darn it! I’m tired of this! *dodges*

Void: *weak* R-Rebel… water… get some water…!

Rebel: *dodging more attacks* But the water only seems to work sometimes!

Void: It’s… the only way…

Ryouga: YOU’LL NEVER DEFEAT ME!! *uppercuts Rebel*

Rebel: Oof!! *goes sprawling back* W-why are you working for Anti-Majin, anyway!?

Ryouga: If I help him and he completes his goal, then I’ll be free of my curse! I will no longer turn into a measely little pig!

Rebel: Idiot, Anti won’t help you! He only cares about himself!

Ryouga: SHUT UP!! *continues fighting*

Rebel: *dodging* (Gotta think… water changes him… but only at certain times… what changed!? The water from the hose… the water in the soup… in the bath… DK’s bubbles… wait… it’s all in the temperature!) Cold water! *gets socked in the face*

Ryouga: Finally figured it out, huh!? Too bad it won’t do you no good!

Rebel: *on the ground* Urgh… is this the end?

Ryouga: *raises his foot* Centipede, I’m gonna make your face a soft spot on the bottom of my shoe! DIE!!

*Before Ryouga can do anything, however, a blast of cold water rams into him, causing him to transform back into a little pig.*

Rebel: W… what just happened?

Majin: *holding the hose* Got him!

Outlaw: *getting back up* Maj! Where’d ya go?

Majin: After we scrambled, I took the civillians to a safe spot. The city is destroyed…

Sean: *holding his head* But… but we won.

Rebel: No we haven’t.

Shadowstrike: Huh? But we just…

Rebel: All we did was take care of a grunt. *grabs Ryouga by the neck*

Ryouga: *squeals*

Void: Rebel is right… we… gotta settle this now… before it’s too late…

Outlaw: Are ya sure your gonna be okay, Void buddy?

Void: Yeah… just give me… a moment to recover…

Dark Knight: So this is it. We’re gonna take Anti head on.

Everyone else: *nods*

Metabad: So like, how do we get back n’ stuffs?

Dark Knight: Uhh…

Sean: Um…

Outlaw: Got me there. *shrugs*

Majin: It’s simple really. Just like how we came here, I can take us back to the Whale King.

Rebel: What!? Hurry then, Majin!

Majin: I’m on it!

*Thus Majin used his powers to take the CIA back to the Whale King. The moment they arrived they locked Ryouga, still in his pig form, up, and began plans for assaulting Anti’s fortress while fixing the damages on their ship… the beginning of the end was now.*

To Be Continued…


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