Dance of the Abyss

*Written by Rebel4000*

*At Megalopolis, the city where the Island Attackers used to operate, trouble was brewing. Ever since Anti booted the CIA out and established his own fortress, people who pledge allegiance to him started to patrol the streets. Although only minor skirmishes have broken out every now and then, undeniable stress had been pushing the city to it’s limits, creating a powderkeg waiting to explode. On a seemingly normal day, things were about to take a nosedive into Hell… and it all started at an innocent restaurant.*

Darksage: *nodding off*

Geoff: *smacks Darksage awake* So, what’re we doin’ here again?

Jade: According to Vile, it’s “for all the good work we’ve displayed recently.” I think he’s gonna try and jump us though.

Regulus: *moving his fork around* Well, this is Alice’s Restaurant, so at least we’ll be getting some good food, right?

Snipe: *appears out of nowhere* You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant (except Alice).
You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant.
Walk right in, it’s around the back,
Just a half a mile from the railroad track,
You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant. *leaves*

Jade: Well, that was certainly random.

Cyros: That was too random!

*As the members of Alpha Movement continued to have a good time, a group of shady-looking Reploids entered the building.*

Waitress: *greeting them* Welcome to Alice’s Restaurant! How many will it be today?

Thug #1: Heheh, how’s ’bout jus’ me n’ you, babe?

Waitress: Excuse me?

Thug #2: ‘Ey now, don’ be all greedy, man. Save some fer th’ res’ o’ us!

Waitress: *dropping the friendly attitude* I’m sorry, but I’m not available. Do you want a table or not?

Thug #3: Aw, look at th’ li’l thing. Yoose guys’re scarin’ ‘er!

Thug #1: Who cares! ‘Cause I sure don’t…

Geoff: *overhearing* Gah… those guys are getting on my nerves…

Seadragon: Sounds like a fight to me… *grins*

Jade: Hey, hey, we aren’t going to start getting into fights. This is our break, so let’s try and just keep it a little peaceful, shall we?

Thug #2: Hey! Whaddya punks keep on jabberin’ ’bout!? Shaddup already!

AM: Too late.

Seadragon: *charges forward and uppercuts Thug #2*

Thug #2: GWAAAAAAAAGH!! *goes flying through the wall*

Thug #1 and #3: !?

Jade: Oh well. All right, let’s do this team!

Thug #3: Oh, I see now. Ya’ll think yoose can jus’ team up on us like dat, eh!?

DK: We don’t need to gang up on deadbeats like you. We’re real villains!

Thug #1: Hah, “real villains”!? Fool, we serve Anti-Majin, n’ he’s a REAL villain! Soon ‘e’ll be tak’n ov’r tis city n’ den ta res’ o’ ta world!

Darksage: I’ve heard of that guy before. Didn’t he set up a fortress or something on the offskirts of town over a year ago?

Thug #2: *getting back up* Heh… so what if ‘e did? It ain’t gonna do yoose punks no good! *whistles* All righty, boys, less ‘ave some fun!

*Out of nowhere, legions of gang members show up, knocking down the door to Alice’s Restaurant!*

Waitress: *screams and runs off*

Geoff: Yeah, this looks like it’ll be fun all right!

Seadragon: I hear ya!

Thug #3: This ‘ere fight is gonna be th’ end o’ yoose punks!

Thug #1: Death ‘n th’ ring!

AM: The ring? Our ring’s outside.

*With those words, the Alpha Movement barrels through the thugs of Anti followers, moving the fight outside. No matter how many they take down, however, more come to join the fray. Soon the team is overwhelmed.*

DK: *panting* There sure are a lot of them…

Regulus: *trying to count the opponents* There has to be over a hundred of them!

Jade: Damn! I knew people supported that weirdo, but I didn’t know there was this many!

Thug #1: *laughs* So ya see, Alpha Movement, Anti is ta true rul’r ’round these parts!

Thug #2: *holding a crobar* Heheheh… now we’s gonna finish you off real quick-like…

Seadragon: Not if I can help it! Storm Tornado!

*SD’s attack rips through a chunk of the reploids but they are quickly replaced.*

Jade: Not good…

Thug #1: Now I think it’s time we finished ya off. Go wild, boys!

???: Not so fast!!

Everyone else: Huh?

*At that moment, the members of Code: Island Attackers dropped down from the sky, via their mobile base, the Whale King.*

Rebel: I said, “Not so fast!!”

Jade: Rebel!?

Rebel: Yo, Jade. Long time, no see.


Dark Knight: Not now! We’ve got bigger fish to fry!

Thug #3: What ta ‘ell is dis!? Gah, no more games! Finish ’em!

Rebel: All right, Island Attackers… ATTACK!!

*The CIA unleash their full power at the mob and manage to take care of a good portion of the goons.*

Thug #2: What the…? Impossible!


Regulus: That’s “underestimate”, genius!


Thug #3: Well, dis ain’t no problem. We got more from where dat comes from!

*Thug #3 whistles, and more thugs appear*

Outlaw: Holy sewage, Void-man! There sure are a lot of them!

Void: Is this the extent of Anti’s forces?

Thug #1: I see yoose losers know who Anti is. He’s gonna rule ov’r all o’ us one day, so we might as well jus’ bow ta ‘im now! Ta sooner, ta better as I always say!

Majin: Darn it, at this rate we’ll be taken down by these guys before we can even get close to Anti’s fortress!

???: Not so fast!!

Everyone else: Huh?

Agile: *shows up* I said, “Not so fast!!”

Rebel: I already said that, copycat!

Agile: *shoves Rebel out of the way* NOT SO FAST!!

Violen: *trips and falls flat on face* Oof! *gets back up* Yeah… don’t run so fast… please…

Agile: *smacks Violen* Don’t leave us out of this fight… ISLAND ATTACKERS!!

Shadowstrike: We don’t have time for you idiots!

Serges: *comes in on his hover board* Idiots!?

Sean: Yeah, seriously, can’t you see we’re about to be decimated by Anti’s followers here?

X-Hunters: …

Sean: Well?

Agile: Yeah… we kinda did…

Dark Knight: Kinda did!?

Serges: That’s why we were wondering if… um…

Void: Yes?


CIA: …Say what?

Agile: Just this once! We hate that Anti guy! Ever since he’s showed up we haven’t been able to do anything like we used to! And then one of his minions killed us and we got resurrected through some weird plot twist thing… it’s been horrible!


Rebel: Okay, okay, just get off me already! *shoves Violen off*

Violen: WOOHOO!!

Thug #2: *coughs* Ex-squeeze me, gents, but it seems as though yoose’re fergettin’ sumtin’…

Thug #1: LIKE US!!

Alpha Movement: And us, too!

Rebel: Right. Okay, X-Hunters, you wanna help? Then take care of those thugs for us while we head over to Anti’s fortress.

Agile: Roger!

Serges: As long as we get credit for it!

Majin: Sure thing!

Sean: Alpha Movement, c’mon, let’s get out of here!

*Both the CIA and AM flee as they leave the X-Hunters behind to take care of the thugs.*

Thug #3: So, yoose fools think yoose can take us all on, eh?

Violen: *shaking* Th-th-th-that’s r-r-r-r-right! I’m n-n-not scared!!

Thug #1: Funny! Yoose guys’re a funny bunch! We’ll make dis easy on yoose!

Agile: All right, this is it, men!

Serges: “X” Formation! Hit ’em hard!



Jade: Thanks for getting us out of that mess, guys.

Void: Don’t mention it. Things have really gotten bad around here, haven’t they…

Darksage: Not really. It just suddenly happened.

Outlaw: Curse that Anti… how much more pain is he gonna cause!?

Seadragon: I don’t really care about the pain, per se, but I do wanna have a piece of the action!

Sean: Are you kidding us? You’re in no condition to fight.

Seadragon: Hah, think again! I’m a born fighter! I’ll take that Anti on by myself if I must!

Cyros: *grabs SD* Don’t be STUPID!! You’ll only get yourself killed!

Geoff: Even I have to agree that would be stupid.


Jade: As much as I’d hate to say it, we’d be best leaving this up to the Attackers.

AM: What? But why?

Regulus: They’ve probably got a score to settle.

DK: That explains why they’ve come back after all this time.

Majin: *nods* Yeah, we plan to take him out personally… my brother.

Jade: …Well, that explains everything. We’ll leave the rest up to you then.

Rebel: Thanks Jade. Don’t get into anymore trouble. We don’t have time to be saving your asses 24/7!

Geoff: Speak for yerself, smart ass.


Shadowstrike: Guys, let’s just get this over with.

Void: Shadow’s right. It’s time go.

Cyros: Good luck!

*The Alpha Movement part ways with the Island Attackers, who now turn their attention to Anti’s castle, which is off in the distance.*

Outlaw: This is it guys… ya ready for this?

Metabad: Dude, I was so totally born for this. It’s like, destiny or something.

Dark Knight: And your talking is completely ruining the moment.

Metabad: SAY WHAT!?

Sean: *ignoring the others* How should we approach this? Should we sneak around the back and see if we can find a way in through there, or should we use the ship to lead a head-on assault? Or should we see if we can set our frequencies to teleport in?

Void: I’ve thought about teleporting. Unfortunately there is some sort of anti-teleportation field set up around the structure. Not even Rebel could get past it if he wanted.

Shadowstrike: So what do we do? Rebel?

Rebel: Simple. We charge in there head-on.

Everyone else: Are you kidding us!?

Rebel: Nope. Anti is probably expecting us… I’m sure he knew Ryouga wouldn’t be enough on his own. He probably WANTS us to sneak around the back, or use our ship as a weapon. So instead we’re gonna tackle it on foot.

Void: That… actually makes a little sense.

Majin: But can’t we use the Whale King for something? Like a distraction of some sort?

Sean: That’s a pretty good idea. I’ll see about setting up an auto-pilot to have it fly over Anti’s fortress. If anything, they’ll be too busy paying attention to it than us… and it should cut their forces by a good amount.

Outlaw: Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s do this!

*Sean pulls out a small remote and uses it to control the Whale King’s movement near Anti’s fortress. Almost immediately the the fortress begins to assault the empty ship, which starts flying around dodging the weapon fire to the best of it’s ability.*

Sean: *under his breath* Good luck, Whale King…

Shadowstrike: *salutes*

Dark Knight: You two can feel sorry for the base later, we have a fortress to storm!

Rebel: He’s right. Island Attackers… STORM!!

*The CIA thus started to charge toward the fortress, running across the large, expansive bridge that connected the small island it sat on top of to Megalopolis. With the Whale King serving as a distraction, they saw very little resistance.*

Void: *flying* We’re halfway there!

Shadowstrike: *trying not to go too fast* This is too easy!

Sean: *being dragged by Shadow* He’s right, it is. It’s almost as if–

*Out of nowhere, a giant fireball suddenly blasts the bridge right before the CIA, causing a large chunk of it to fall apart! With only a small part now connecting the other half, the bridge starts to wobble slightly.*

Majin: What in the world as all that about!?

Sean: I blame my curse.

Dark Knight: Could be worse.

Sean: *shocked* Darn it.

???: Puny Reploids, you dare show yourselves?

Void: Is that…

Metabad: Oshi–

Sean: No way! Impossible!

Bahamut: Oh, but very much possible! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now… The chance to thoroughly crush you cheating, no-good hackers!

Outlaw: Hey, we couldn’t help we needed to get through that game quick!

Bahamut: I don’t care! I will eradicate each and every one of you!

Sean: This isn’t good… Bahamut is pissed. Last time we really did have to cheat in order to beat him. This time around we’re going to need to put our abilities to the test and see if we can finally topple The Dragon King in a true battle of endurance–

Rebel: *with the others on the other side of the bridge* Good luck, Sean!

Sean: Oh, you dirty–

Bahamut: *roars*

Sean: Definitely the curse…

*With the rest of the CIA*

Majin: Do you think we did a good thing ditching Sean like that?

Rebel: Hey, he’s the one who decided to cheat in that game. Let him clean up his own mess.

Shadowstrike: But he was going up against a giant dragon–

Rebel: I said, “Let him clean up his own mess.” Savvy?

Metabad: Rawkin’.

*Soon enough the team reaches the entrance of the fortress, with a giant door in front of them.*

Void: This is it? No guards, no nothing?

Outlaw: I guess Anti’s too busy dealing with the ship.

Dark Knight: Yeah. Anyway, how the heck are we supposed to open this big door!?

Void: I guess if we all worked together we could push it…

Shadowstrike: You need to pull it.

Void: …How the heck are you supposed to pull that damn thing!? The handles are like fifty feet high!

Shadowstrike: I was just sayin’…

Void: You know what? No. YOU pull it, Mr. Know-It-All.

Shadowstrike: *sheds a tear*


Void: Not now, Metabad. I’m berating Shadow here–


Void: *sighs* Fine, what is it?

Metabad: *points at a smaller entrance*

Rebel: Why is there a smaller entrance next to the entrance?

Void: ANTI JUST CAN’T MAKE A GOOD FORTRESS!! *throws arms up in frustration*

Outlaw: *pats Void on the back*

Dark Knight: Can we just go already?

Rebel: He’s right. Enough goofing off. Let’s do this, team!

*The team goes through the smaller entrance. Once inside they find a long hallway that only goes straight. After walking down the path for a good while, they eventually come to a fork in the road–the path broke off into three separate parts.*

Shadowstrike: Well… this presents a problem.

Dark Knight: I fail to see it. Let’s just pick one and go already! *walks down a path*

Outlaw: Yo, DK! Wait up! *follows*

Void: Ugh… always so impatient. Might as well choose. Hopefully it all ends up at the same place.

Rebel: Good luck guys. C’mon, Metabad. *walks down a path*

Metabad: *not paying attention* Huh? Rebel? WHERE’D YOU GO MAAAAAAAAAN!? *goes down another path*

Void: Guess he’s going with me. *follows Metabad*

Majin: Don’t leave me behind! *chases Void*

Shadowstrike: Um, um, um… *flips a coin* Heads! *gets tails* …Wait, there are three paths. Damn it! *goes down the path Rebel took*

*With Outlaw and Dark Knight*

Dark Knight: *pumps fist into the air* All right! It’s time for yet another awesome adventure of Dark Knight and Outlaw!

Outlaw: Outlaw and Dark Knight, according to the epilogue.

Dark Knight: Whatevz. So, what’re we gonna do?

Outlaw: Follow the path I s’pose. Not so much of an adventure, eh?

Dark Knight: Laaaame.

*The two continue walking for a bit*

Dark Knight: Laaaaaaaaaaame.

*A bit more*

Dark Knight: Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Outlaw: Bored much?


Outlaw: I said, “Bored much?”

Dark Knight: And I said, “LAAAAAAAAAAAA–”

*Suddenly the floor beneath them collapses, sending the two of them into a trap.*

Outlaw and Dark Knight: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! *hits the ground softly* Huh?

Dark Knight: Where are we?

Outlaw: No clue… but why is everything seemingly made out of Crayola crayon drawings?

*Indeed, everything, from flowers to little birdies, were in reality crayon drawings brought to life.*

Dark Knight: Y’know… it’s kinda peaceful.

Outlaw: Yeah. Almost as if…

*A pizza falls from the sky.*

Outlaw: …Pizza?

*More pizza falls. Followed by steak! Yum. Rum!*

Dark Knight: *is hit by a bottle of rum* Ow! What the heck is going on?

Randomness: *explodes from a flower pot* HELLOOOOOOO!! It is ever not being gladfully ginger to see you againz!!

Outlaw: Oh god, no…

Dark Knight: IT’S RANDOMNESS!!

Randomness: That’s-a me! Randomiocoochi!! But you can just call my BILLY!

Outlaw and Dark Knight: *screams*

*With Void, Majin, and Metabad*

Metabad: *rawking*

Majin and Void: *keeps shoving Metabad away*

Metabad: Why do you keep interefering with teh rawk?

Void: Because you keep getting in our way.

Majin: I need a beer…

*As the three continued their bickering, they evetually reached a large, open room.*

Majin: Are we at the end of the path already?

Void: Don’t think so; there’s another hall at the end of the room.

Metabad: LET’S GOOOOO…

???: I don’t think so…

Metabad: WHO SAID THAT!?

Frank: *teleports in front of the entrance* I did.

Void: Frank!

Frank: Hello, creator. It’s been a while.

Void: Move out of the way, Frank. It’s Anti-Majin we’re after.

Frank: Oh, but I’m afraid I cannot let you do that. After all, if I let you go, then how would I be able to finally exact my revenge upon you?

Majin: What did we ever do to you, Frank? Before I even joined the team you’ve had a personal vendetta against us!

Frank: Why? You are all a bunch of simpletons! And my creator lacked the brains to realize what he created–a regular Frankenstein, in the form of a Reploid! From the moment I was activated that’s all I was. I hated every moment of it! It was like my very existance was an insult! Just how does my creator repay me for all of this, however? He limits my power! What does that mean? Does this mean that I am useless!? Well, I’ll show you all!

Metabad: Looks like it’s time to rawk.

Frank: I think not. *presses a button*

Majin and Metabad: *falls through a pair of trapdoors* WAAAAAAAAAaaaaa…

Void: What the!?

Frank: For now, I want to take you on personally.

Void: Is that so… *gets grabbed from behind* What’s this!?

Frank: Oh, but telling the truth isn’t in my nature. Silly me! I brought a special guest with me today. Someone who shares the exact same sentiments such as myself…

Void: *eyes widening* No… it can’t be…*

Francine: *holding Void* Oh, but it is! Frank found and rebuilt me, and even enhanced my strength! So I am no longer just a simple toy for you to play with, creator!

Frank: *preparing a Speed Burner* Heheheh… just hold still for a moment, creator. This will be over shortly…

*With Metabad…*

Metabad: *hits the ground gracefully* RAWKIN’!! *rawks*

???: Metabad…

Metabad: Huh? Whozzat?

???: Metabad…


Dracula: *appears* Right behind you.

Metabad: *turns and jumps back* You! You were that creepy dude with the castle! Count Chocula!

Dracula: Actually, it’s Dracula.

Metabad: Ohhh… Got any cereal though?

Dracula: No.

Metabad: HEATHEN!!

Dracula: *takes a sip out of his wine glass* Regardless… I have been summoned here by Anti-Majin. His power was enough to revive me.

Metabad: *pulls out a pipe* Ahh, yes, I see, interesting, hmm…

Dracula: …You do not take things very seriously, do you?


Dracula: A bad man? Hmph. Let me ask you, “What is a man?”

Metabad: Uhhh…

Dracula: I’ll answer that. *throws his glass on the floor with a shatter* A man is nothing more than a miserable little pile of secrets!

Metabad: Then that must make you… A BAD MISERABLE LITTLE PILE OF SECRETS!! *points dramatically*

Dracula: Enough of this nonsense. Have at you!

*With Majin…*

Majin: *touches down gently* Okay… this is weird…

*Without warning a strange machine grabs Majin’s feet, locking him in place*

Majin: Very weird…

*Then a giant screen lights up before him, broadcasting a strange black and white program.*

Majin: What… is this?

Papajin: Let me see, today is Monday… Garfield hates Mondays… Garfield is a cat… Cats bounce poorly… I got it! We throw them on the ground and whichever bounces the highest is obviously good.

Mamajin: Sounds logical. I’ll throw this one first.

*The future Anti is thrown against the ground. He bounces almost to the ceiling.*

Papajin: Now the second one.

*The future Majin is thrown. He hits the ground and rolls over. Papajin picks him up.*

Papajin: Under normal circumstances, this would mean this baby is the evil twin.

Mamajin: We better start ridiculing him and giving him a terrible childhood while loving the other baby in front of him then.

Papajin: However, today is OPPOSITE DAY! That means this baby is the good twin and the other bouncing, bad baby is made of PURE EVIL!

Majin: It’s… a recording… of the past…

Mamajin: Is Majin a good boy? Yes you are! Mommyjin loves you THIIIIIIIIIIIIS much! Unlike your bad, bad brother, Anti, you deserve all the love and attention in the world!

Papajin: Majin, let’s play some catch! Anti can sit in the corner and cry!

Mamajin: Happy Birthday, Majin! Oh, and Happy Birthday Anti… hopefully this’ll be your last one.

Papajin: Majin son, I want ya to take over the family business one day. I can’t let Anti do it, since he’s an evil demon child and needs to be PUNISHED severely!

Majin: *closing his eyes* No more, quit showing this!

Papajin: Mamajin, that brat Anti is crying again!

Mamajin: Oh, Papajin. Must I do everything myself? Just smack him around a couple times like I do and that’ll make him stop for a bit.


*As Majin tried to break free from his torture of the past, Rebel and Shadowstrike were still walking down their path undeterred…*

Rebel: *grumbles* I thought Metabad was following me.

Shadowstrike: Sorry…

Rebel: Eh, no biggie. At least I won’t be distracted when I smash that Anti’s face into a pulp!

Shadowstrike: You really want to fight him, don’t you?

Rebel: Hell yeah, I do. This is serious pay back for what he’s done to us.

Shadowstrike: If you say so.

Rebel: …

Shadowstrike: …

Rebel: …Yeah, this sucks.

Shadowstrike: Sorry…

Rebel: It’s not your fault unless I say it is. It’s just this path is so BORING!! I need some Coke.

Shadowstrike: Hey, I’ve got some Coke!

Rebel: Really!?

Shadowstrike: Yeah, it’s right–*turns around and spots Waldo* WALDO!?

Rebel: Waldo? WHERE!?

Waldo: Yipe!! *runs past Shadow and Rebel, further down the hall*

Rebel: *grabs Shadow* QUICK WE’VE GOTTA CATCH HIM!!

*Rebel drags Shadow down the hall as fast as he can, until finally reaching a dead end*

Shadowstrike: Yep… it’s a dead end.

Rebel: Dang it! Waldo!! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME AGAIN!! *drops Shadow and shakes fist*

Shadowstrike: *hits the floor and looks at the dead end* Hey… there’s a crack under the wall.

Rebel: A crack?

Shadowstrike: *gets up* Lemme try something. *takes a step back and kicks the wall, breaking it into pieces* Hah! Take that!

Rebel: A-HA!! A clever disguise! Glad I saw through it! Let’s go!

Shadowstrike: Yessir…

*The duo heads through the opening, which takes them outside*

Rebel: What the!? How are we outside!? Shadow, your plan is a failure! I refuse to take it as my own!

Shadowstrike: Thief.

Rebel: I heard that!

Waldo: Excuse me, but were you looking for me!?

Shadowstrike: Damn.


*Indeed, Rebel found Waldo… who was inside a giant mech.*

Waldo: Good job finding me. Your reward is death!

Rebel: …Good luck, Shadow! *takes off*

Shadowstrike: Why you–

Waldo: *opens fire on Shadow*

Shadowstrike: HOLY SHIT!! *runs*

*Back with DK and Outlaw*

Outlaw: *wearing PJs* Why hath thou Randomness returneth to smite thee?

Dark Knight: *wearing a Batman mask* GURHYHFJDASHAS!?

Randomness: *bouncing on the ceiling* Go Fish is the way of the cheddar! GIMME STOCKS!!

*The stock market crashes on top of DK and Outlaw*

Dark Knight: This stock market is made of cardboard!

Outlaw: It also has the power to cause us to stop talking funny!

Randomness: *appears as a snake, wrapping himself around Outlaw’s face* BONJOUR GIRLFRIEND!! You are a turkey!

Outlaw: Nooo!! *grows a third eye* AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!

Dark Knight: I’ll save you! *pelts exploding peanuts at Randomness*

Randomness: *eats them and inflates like a balloon* ZIP-ZOP-ZOOBITY-BOP!! *farts ping-pong balls*

*The ping-pong balls go flying off in every which way, smacking Outlaw and Dark Knight in the faces*

Dark Knight: *spits a ping-pong ball out of his mouth* Phleck!

Outlaw: Somebody stop this insanity!

Randomness: Ohohohoho. Insanity is quite tasty with profiles! DIE WITH YOUR BOOTS ON!!

Dark Knight: Outlaw, we need to combat him like last time!

Outlaw: Right!

*The two start to concentrate on various forms for Randomness to turn into.*

Randomness: *changing shapes* NoooooOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOoooooo!!!!!!!11

Outlaw: It’s working! Just a little more!

*The two continue their assault until Randomness explodes! …Into more Randomness*

Randomnesses: WHEEEEEEEE!! *reforms back into one being*

Dark Knight: What is this!?

Randomness: Gallant brusters! Randy-Dandy won’t be going away without fish sauce this time! It is currently 1:03 AM!!

Dark Knight: What do we do!?

Outlaw: What any sane person would do. We flip out.

Outlaw and Dark Knight: *screams*

*With Void*

Francine: Arrrgh! *clutching burnt arm*

Frank: Curses! Creator, how dare you do that!

Void: *in the air* You guys are trying to kill me. As much as I’d hate to do it, if that is how you are going to play things, then so will I.

Frank: So you admit it, then? Being a godmodder is great, no?

Void: …

Francine: The foolish creator is going to pay for this! Horming Torpedo! *fires several torpedoes at Void*

Void: Crap! *flies but finds them following him*

Frank: Magnet Mine!

Void: *sees the mines coming at him* That’s it… *moves out of the way at the last minute, letting the mines crash into the torpedoes*

Frank: *applauds* Bravo, creator. Bravo.

Void: (Please stop calling me creator. It’s weirding me out.)

Frank: I will not.

Void: Damn it! You can read minds!?

Francine: With godmodding powers, we can do anything.

Frank: Yes, for you see, we are professionals. Unlike you, who has barely tapped into our wonderful power!

Void: We’ll see about that. *fires a blast of light directly into Frank and Francine*

Frank and Francine: Urrrgh!! *goes crashing into the wall*

Void: Now! *fires a spray of silk, encasing both the Reploids within* And then… *snaps fingers and lets the cocoons explode* Survive that!

Frank: *behind him* If you insist.

Void: What!?

Francine: Storm Tornado!

Frank: Bubble Splash!

*Void is caught in the powerful vortex, and is then struck by the bubbles, which careened into him at high speed.*

Void: Aagh!! *hits the ground* Impossible…

Frank: Impossible? *laughs* No, impossible is what you thought you could accomplish. *pulls out a Spin Wheel* I am so going to enjoy this…

Francine: *pulls out a Boomerang Cutter* Equal sharing, now…

Frank: But of course…

Void: …Hah! *unleashes a powerful blast of energy*

Frank and Francine: Again!?

Void: You won’t beat me like that!

Frank: Pathetic! You still only know how to use meager godmodding powers! You are nothing! NOTHING!!

Void: Shut up and fight!

Francine: YAAAARGH!! *swings the boomerang*

*With Metabad*

Metabad: *batting Dracula’s attacks away with his whip* This is so easy, it rawks!

Dracula: *teleporting about* Fool… you will regret those words! *summons a small array of bats*

Metabad: Zoooooom!! *leaps over the bats and whips them to oblivion*

Dracula: Time to end this. *unleashes another fireball attack*

Metabad: Don’t think so!

*Before Dracula can disappear again, Metabad leaps over the fireballs and strikes Dracula directly in the face with his whip. Immediately Dracula reels back from the pain.*

Dracula: *hisses* Impressive… you have improved since last we fought…

Metabad: Rawksome!

Dracula: This was just a test, however. This next form will be the true battle! Prepare yourself! *transforms into a giant monster*

Metabad: Not rawksome!

Dracula: I WANT YOU TO DIE!! *breaths fire everywhere*

Metabad: *leaps high up onto a wall* You missed me!

Dracula: *jumps high into the air and claws Metabad*

Metabad: Aaahh!! *hits the ground with a thud* Ugh…

Dracula: Hahahahah!!

Metabad: *gets back up* Not yet! *whips Dracula*

Dracula: *reels back* Arrgh! That accursed whip… I will put an end to it once and for all!

Metabad: Bring it on, dude!

*Back with Sean*

Bahamut: …

Sean: …

Bahamut: …

Sean: …So…

Bahamut: *unleashes Mega Flare*

Sean: DAMN IT ALL!! *gets hit and goes flying back*

Bahamut: You are pathetic!

Sean: Screw you! *throws a Crystal Hunter at Bahamut*

Bahamut: *the crystal bounces off* …

Sean: …Well this sucks–

Bahamut: *unleashes another Mega Flare*

Sean: I HATE THIS!! *gets hit and goes flying back again*

*Back with Rebel and Shadowstrike*

Waldo: *walking around* Where are you guys? Come out, come out, wherever you are… I promise I won’t hurt you… much…

Rebel: *hiding behind a corner* (I’ve already done this with Ryouga, so he better not find me here. Or else.)

Shadowstrike: *hiding behind the opposite corner* (I haven’t done this with Ryouga, so I know damn well he’s gonna find me.)

Waldo: *finds Shadow* Hello there.

Shadowstrike: Kinda backwards, don’tcha think?

Waldo: I don’t care. *opens fire*

Shadowstrike: SHIT THE FUCK!! *runs off to where Rebel is*

Rebel: *sees Shadow* No, NO!! Don’t come here! If you do then Waldo–

Waldo: There you are, Rebel!

Rebel: CURSE YOU!! *runs*

Shadowstrike: *runs*

Waldo: *chases*

Shadowstrike: Can’t we do anything!?

Rebel: Yes. I run, you stay.

Shadowstrike: And end up like Sean!? No thanks!!

Rebel: Point taken.

*The two continue to run until they reach a dead end*

Rebel: Crap!

Waldo: This is the end of the line for you!

Shadowstrike: ‘Cause like, no seriously… this is the end of the line.

Waldo: Yeah.

Shadowstrike: If you were to take another step… then you’d be stupid.

Waldo: Yeah.

Shadowstrike: So don’t take that step!

Rebel: I won’t.

Shadowstrike: Won’t what?

Rebel: I won’t take that step.

Shadowstrike: Good, ’cause if you did, it would definitely be the end.

Waldo: Yeah.

Rebel: Where are we going with this?

Shadowstrike: No clue.

*Back with Majin*

Majin: *head being held in place* I DON’T WANT TO WATCH ANYMORE!!

Mamajin: ‘A’ is for apple. ‘A’ also stands for Anti, and as we all know, ‘E’ stands for evil which is what he is. HE MUST BE TREATED POORLY!! Which is ‘P’, in case you were wondering.

Papajin: Anti is a menace to society! We must ban him from Majin World posthaste! Majin mah boy, only you, his good, pure, and innocent brother, can keep a close eye on him and make certain he does not try anything sinister to where we send him!

Majin: I seriously can’t take it anymore…

???: Do you seek peace?

Majin: Who’s there!?

???: Do you?

Majin: …I just want to put a stop to all of this.

???: Interesting. Perhaps we shall see if you are truly capable of such a feat. Just a bit more, please…

Majin: Huh!?

*With that Majin was forced to watch the flashbacks again.*

Majin: Damn it, make it stop… MAKE IT STOOOOOOOOP!!

To Be Continued…



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