Dance of the Abyss pt. 2

*Written by Rebel4000*


*Last we left our heroes, they finally entered Anti-Majin’s fortress. There the team found themselves split up and facing villains they had encountered throughout their travels. With all of these faces now out to kill them, will the Island Attackers be able to survive? Read on to find out!*

Agile: *grabs the camera* But HEY! Before you go checking out what those losers are doing, see what the almighty X-HUNTERS are doing!

Serges: Agile, we are currently surrounded, Violen’s snapped, and you lost an arm.

Agile: Oh…

*Indeed, things were looking pretty bad for the X-Hunters…*

Violen: SOMEONE SAVE MEEEEEE!! *cries*

Thug #2: Heheheh, yoose punks’re fools ta tink yoose could beats us!

Thug #3: Less jus’ end tis… ‘ave fun boys!

X-Hunters: NOOOOOOOO!!

???: Not so fast!

Everyone: Huh?

Patches: *shows up* I said, “Not so fast!” You yellow-bellied cowards got wax in yer ears or something!?

Violen: PATCHES!!

Agile: WE’RE SAVED!!

*Patches clears a path to the X-Hunters, where he promptly whacks them with a wrench.*

Serges: *rubbing his cheek* P-Patches… it’s been forever*…

*See Series 1, Epilogue #12 “Game Over”

Patches: It has.


Patches: Well, thing is, I can’t do that.

Serges: Why not?

Patches: Because you fools are supposed to die!

Agile: P-Patches… what are you trying to say!?

Patches: Oh, come on! After all that horrible abuse I gave you fools years ago, you still don’t get it? Well, fine, then I’ll show you… *grabs his face and rips it off*

Serges: Wh… wh…


Anti: *throws the mask away* That’s right, it was me all along! THE GREAT ANTI-MAJIN!!!


*The X-Hunters are thus toppled by the swarming legions of Anti followers, with Anti’s laugh piercing into the air. Back at his fortress, however, there was laughing of a different flavor…*

Randomness: *licks a popscicle* Campbell soup! Mm-mmm, good!

Outlaw: *getting tickled by a giant feather* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OH GOD NO STOP IT HAHAHAHAHAH!!


Randomness: Stop? Stop!? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… NO ONE STOPS PRETZELS!!

*The giant feathers transforms into pretzels and are shoved into Outlaw and Dark Knight’s mouth*

Outlaw and Dark Knight: Gmmph! *gags*

Randomness: What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

Outlaw: *spits the pretzel out* ENOUGH!!

Randomness: Oooh, bad job. Needs more yo-yo! *spins a yo-yo around*

Outlaw: *rips the pretzel out of DK’s mouth* You okay?

Dark Knight: Yeah… what’re we gonna do? Nothing works on him anymore! And to make matters worse he keeps getting more random! *sprouts cucumbers for wings*

Randomness: I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hari Kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!

Outlaw: There is one way… we need to create a massive bomb of pure-randomness! That’s the only way to destroy him!

Dark Knight: But where are we gonna find enough randomness for a randomness bomb!?

Outlaw: Right there. *points at Randomness*

Randomness: *stops what he is doing* y u all look @ me liek that?

Outlaw and Dark Knight: *grabs Randomness*


Outlaw and Dark Knight: *throws him into a giant bomb that appears*

Randomness: *banging inside the bomb* BRING YOUR KETCHUP TODAY!!

*Outlaw and Dark Knight start to walk away from the giant bomb as it explodes sky-high, taking Randomness with it. As soon as the bomb detonates, the entire area returns to normal; a simple room with a hall on the other side.*

Dark Knight: We did it!

Outlaw: Yeah! Let’s get outta here!

*The two race out of the room. Elsewhere…*

Dracula: Stay still! *breathes more flames*

Metabad: No U!! *dodges and dashes between Dracula’s legs*

Dracula: Foolish Reploid! *turns around, swiping his claws at Metabad*

Metabad: *gets hit from behind* Gack!! *falls down*

Dracula: *lifts his leg up* I will crush you!! *stomps*

*Before Dracula can slam his foot on the ground, however, Metabad sprints to safety, clinging onto the side of the wall high above.*

Metabad: Hahah, you can’t get me!

Dracula: *slams into the wall, causing it to crumble apart*

Metabad: Woaaaah!! *falls on top of Dracula*

Dracula: *grabs Metabad* Now I have you where I want you…

Metabad: YOU WON’T TAKE ME ALIVE!! *sets Dracula’s hand on fire*

Dracula: Yaaaaaaargh!! *throws Metabad into the opposite wall*

Metabad: Oof!! *has a slab of the wall land on top of him* Gaarrgh!!

Dracula: *nursing his hand* You have been a constant thorn in my side ever since ressurection. I am going to enjoy finishing you off! *stomps toward Metabad*

Metabad: *tries to get up but fails* M-my legs… that slab has damaged them…

Dracula: What’s wrong? Can no longer move at your astonishing speeds? Fool! For your naivety I will make certain you receive a slow and painful death!!

*Dracula grabs Metabad and throws him into the opposite wall once more, causing more pieces to break off from it. Before Metabad can hit the ground, however, Dracula charges forward, kneeing Metabad in the gut, causing him to go flying toward the ceiling. Right before he makes contact, however, Dracula leaps high into the air, slamming his body into Metabad’s, causing the poor Reploid to be sandwiched between both the vampire and the ceiling.*

Metabad: AAAARRRRRRRRRGH!! *falls back down to the ground* Ugh…

Dracula: *picks Metabad back up* Do not pass on just yet… I have more I would like to do!

Metabad: Actually… I think that’s all you can do…

Dracula: *amused* Oh? And why is that?

Metabad: ‘Cause… the light is on my side…

Dracula: What?

*Using the last of his strength, Metabad explodes from Dracula’s grip, jumping all the way back to the ceiling where he was crushed at. With a well-placed punch, he breaks through the barrier, causing the entire ceiling to fall apart due to the lack of walls. With the ceiling now gone, sunlight pours into the room.*

Dracula: *reeling back* N-no!! The light!! My power is fading!!

Metabad: *lands* Now! *slices through Dracula with his whip*

Dracula: *spits out blood* Curses… I grew careless… Despite being more powerful you managed to use your surroundings to your… advantage…

*Coughing up more blood, Dracula collapses and slowly crumbles into a pile of ash.*

Metabad: *falls to one knee* Gah… I won… I really rawk now… Heheh… *gets back up* I gotta keep moving though…

*As Metabad chugged onwards despite his injuries, Rebel and Shadowstrike were still figuring out a strategy for defeating Waldo…*

Waldo: Die! *continues his assault*

Rebel: MOVE!! *runs between Waldo’s legs*

Shadowstrike: *follows suit*

Waldo: You won’t get away! *chases*

Rebel: *dives behind a corner* Grr… curse that Waldo! Always trying to stay one step ahead of me!

Shadowstrike: *next to Rebel* We gotta get rid of the mech…

Rebel: That mech… it’s like it’s hiding Waldo, and thus I must remove it to find him! I MUST FIND WALDO!!

Shadowstrike: (The only way to defeat that mech is to fight fire with fire…) *to Rebel* Reb, you go on ahead. I’ll take care of Waldo.

Rebel: Say what?

Shadowstrike: I’ve got a plan, you just have to trust me on this one!

Rebel: …Fine, but when you get Waldo I want to be the one who finally declares THAT I FOUND WALDO!!

Shadowstrike: …Sure.

Rebel: ALL RIGHT THEN!! *storms off back into the fortress*

Shadowstrike: Okay, now to–

Waldo: *blows a chunk of the wall up* There you are!

Shadowstrike: Crap, I’m outta time! *takes off*

Waldo: You won’t get away!


Bahamut: *laughs* Reploid, you are no match for my strength!

Sean: *struggling to stay up* I hate my teammates…

Bahamut: *coming closer* I’m going to enjoy tearing you from limb to limb after the humiliation you have caused me…

Sean: But wait, aren’t you supposed to be, for all intents and purposes, good? Why are you being so… evil?

Bahamut: Bah, who cares!? I’m not in that stupid game anymore, so I can do whatever the fuck I want!

Sean: …Did you just swear?

Bahamut: Yeah, I did! Fuck you! And fuck your mother!



Sean: … *wipes his eyes*

Bahamut: *laughs victoriously*

Sean: (That’s it… I’m screwed. I can’t hurt him and he’s gotten me down to my last leg, and now he’s just insulted both me and my mother. I think I’m gonna…)

Shadowstrike: *speeds past Sean*

Sean: What was that!?

Shadowstrike: *stops and yells* Sean! Over here! Hurry!!

Bahamut: What the Hell is this!?

Sean: I’m coming! *runs*

Bahamut: No! Don’t run! NOOOOOOOO!!

*As Sean ran from Bahamut, it caused the dragon’s programming, which he was still running on, to end the fight between both him and his opponent, causing Bahamut to vanish into thin air.*

Sean: *looks back* Well, that sure was anti-climatic.

Shadowstrike: No time for that! Waldo’s coming!

Sean: Waldo!?

Waldo: *erupts from beneath the bridge, causing more parts of it to collapse* Looks like you boys found me! Now I’m going to finish you!

Sean: Oh crap!

Waldo: “Oh crap”, is right! *points a large gun at the two* You have no chance to defeat me!

Shadowstrike: Actually, we do.

Waldo: You do?

Sean: We do? *gets smacked* Ow, what was that for!?

Shadowstrike: Let me try that again: We do have something to defeat you!

Sean: Uhh… oh yeah! We do!

Waldo: …

Shadowstrike: *pulls out a dagger* We’ve got the Dragonzord!

*Waldo frowns upon hearing Shadow remind him of the Dragonzord. In return, without saying a word, Waldo pulls the trigger to his gun, blasting the two hapless Reploids into oblivion. Or so he thought… With a roar, the Dragonzord provided a quick shield from the weapon fire as it appeared!*

Shadowstrike: All right! Let’s do it! *grabs Sean and jumps into the Dragonzord*

Sean: Go go Power Rangers, you Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers~!

Shadowstrike: All right, now we’re gonna kick some ass!

Waldo: Screw you! *attacks*

Sean: *grabs the Wiimote* It’s Morphin’ Time!

Shadowstrike: No more lame jokes from you.

Sean: Bite me.

*The two giant mechs duke it out for a good while, both inflicting incredible damage to one another.*

Waldo: *panting*

Sean: *panting*

Shadowstrike: Why are you both panting when the mechs are doing all of the work?

Sean: It adds to the realism.

Waldo: …Die! *lunges forward*

Shadowstrike: Now!

*The Dragonzord moves out of the way and knees Waldo’s mech in the gut, before grabbing it by the throat. Then, using the Zord’s drill-like tail, it impaled the mech, causing it’s system’s to overload.*

Sean: It’s gonna blow!

Shadowstrike: SHIT!! *throws the mech into the sea*

Waldo: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *hits the water*

*A moment later there was a huge explosion as water was hurled everywhere, drenching the Dragonzord!*

Shadowstrike: All right! We won!

Sean: Woohoo!

Waldo: *floating in an inner tube, unscarred* Curse you, Power Ranger wannabees! I’ll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaack… *is carried away by the current*

Sean: Well, now that that’s been taken care of, let’s get back to the others!

Shadowstrike: Way ahead of ya!

*The two send the Dragonzord back to the Whale King as they run back into the fortress to find the others. During that time Void was receiving a beating from his own creations…*

Void: *falls to one knee* Gurrgh…

Frank: *standing over Void* Had enough yet?

Void: …

Francine: *next to Frank* Stupid creator. He got more than he bargained for and now he can’t even speak for himself anymore!

Void: …You two are a disgrace.

Frank: A disgrace!? What do you know!? *kicks Void, causing him to go flying into a wall*

Void: Ack!! *collapses*

Frank: You built us with your own two hands, you gave us both life, and you humiliated us the moment we were activated! And now you dare call us a disgrace!?

Francine: It certainly takes one to know one!

Void: *getting back up* Urgh…

Frank: *clutches Void by the throat* I would even go so far as to say that you wouldn’t even have the decency to apologize for the mess you made!

Void: Nope… *chuckles*

Frank: SHUT UP!! *slams Void into the wall* Don’t laugh!

Void: *keeps chuckling*

Frank: I SAID STOP LAUGHING!! *slams him again*

Francine: Frank… obviously the good creator has finally lost it. He has realized the truth that his pitiful existence is coming to an end.

Frank: Hmph… as it should. The fool thought he could beat us with godmodding powers but he couldn’t even use them correctly. He deserves to die…

Void: …You guys are so… weak…

Frank: What did you just say!?

Void: Always relying on the godmodding powers, eh? Y-you… couldn’t beat me with your own strength… could you…?

Frank: You… YOU!! How dare you insult our strength!!

Francine: Frank…

Void: What’s the matter, Francine? Can’t… face the truth?

Francine: *growls*

Frank: We’ll show you! We don’t need godmodding powers to defeat you!

Francine: That’s right!

Void: Then prove it… give it your worst…

*Frank drops Void to the ground and steps back. As both him and Francine concentrate to relieve themselves of their godmodding powers, the pain that was inflicted upon them during the battle suddenly starts to kick in, causing them both to double over.*

Frank: Arrrgh!!

Francine: Urrgh…!

Void: Gotcha! *stands back up, weakly*

Frank: W-what did you…

Void: I knew that I’d be able to get you guys to release your power for a brief moment… and now everything that has happened to you in this fight is adding up… You two can’t handle the pain, am I right? Since you always focus on godmodding, you have never really been hurt… Neither of you have ever felt true pain before!

Frank: Curses! You’ll pay for this creator, right Francine… Francine?

Francine: *starts to fall apart from the damage*

Frank: !!

Void: It’s over, Frank… give it up…

Frank: *falls to the ground in shock* It can’t be… it can’t be! How could I…? How could you…? WHY!?

Void: …

Frank: You… you are always one step ahead of me… Always! Every moment you are always there, taunting me, laughing at me! And now you have just tricked us and killed one of your own creations… YOU MURDERER!!

Void: …

Frank: I can’t take it anymore… You might as well… kill me too…

Void: …No.

Frank: What do you mean!? Finish me!

Void: I won’t do it. If I killed you then it would accomplish nothing.

Frank: “Accomplish nothing”!? You just helped kill Francine! Yet you dare speak such words to me!? KILL ME!!

Void: Goodbye, Frank… *walks away*


*Frank, who had finally been toppled, found his cries to be in vain as Void continued to walk away, undeterred. As the members of the CIA continued to gather, there was one more who was still absent…*

Majin: *eyes filled with tears* Please… no… more… images!!

Papajin: Today is “Beat Anti-Majin Day!” I hope you kids all brought your baseball bats!

Kids: *lifts bats into the air* YAAAAAAAY!!

Small Child: *tugs Papajin’s shirt* Excuse me, sir?

Papajin: Yes?

Small Child: Do we have to do this?

Papajin: *kneels down* Are you saying that you don’t want to beat Anti with a baseball bat?

Small Child: Not at all. I just forgot to bring my bat.

Papajin: Hohohoho. Well then, I’ll give you this crobar to use. Have fun!

Small Child: Thank you, sir! *runs off*

Majin: (Anti… I know our people were harsh toward you, but we can learn! We can change! You just have to give us a chance…)

Mamajin: Anti! I found Eatijin’s collar in the yard just now! Did you eat our dog!? YOU SICK AND TWISTED MONSTER!! *pulls out a fly swatter and starts hitting Anti*

Majin: (Yes… even people like our parents… they changed before you killed them… if only you had given them a chance…)

???: How preposterous.

Majin: That voice… it’s you again. Where are you!?

???: *whispers* Right behind you.

Majin: *gulps*

???: I believe you have suffered enough… for now, anyway. So I am going to let you go.

Majin: Why are you doing this? Did Anti send you!?

???: So what if he did?

Majin: Then… that means I can’t trust you!

???: …You aren’t as stupid as you seem. Luckily for you, I am doing all of this on my own accord. It’s all a part of my plan, see… and you play a role in it.

*The mysterious figure releases Majin. Immediately Majin turns around, to find no one is there.*

Majin: He’s gone…?

???: *elsewhere* Please, did you think that I would let you find me so easily? If you want to know more, then simply move on ahead… we will be meeting shortly… Face-to-face…

Majin: I really need a beer… *walks forward*

*Majin walks through a dimly lit hallway, with no distinguishable features to be located anywhere. He travels forward for a good ten minutes before reaching a plain, metallic door. Grabbing the handle and pulling it, he is greeted by a blast of light which he is forced to squint at. As his eyes adjust, he discovers he is in a large, circular room with other passageways leading in.*

Majin: Where am I…? Wait, I hear voices!

Outlaw: *walks into the room with DK* Whoa! Hey Maj-dude! Where’re the others?

Majin: No clue… Void, Metabad, and I all went together but we got separated thanks to Frank…

Dark Knight: I’ve never seen this Frank before… but he sounds like bad news.

Outlaw: Yeah, but he was our butler for a while, too. Good ol’ days.

Void: *walks in* Were you talking about the old days?

Outlaw: Void-man! What happened to you!?

Void: Frank and Francine teamed up on me… Took care of them though…

Dark Knight: Francine!? Me and Outlaw encountered Randomness!

Void: That crazy crack fantasy of yours again?

Dark Knight: It wasn’t a crack fantasy! It was real!

Void: Suuure…

Majin: Actually, I’m starting to believe. This place’s feel has been… changing quite a bit. I mean, we saw Bahamut earlier, and if Francine also came back then that doesn’t leave out the possibility of this “Randomness” to also join the fray.

Void: True…

Dark Knight: Someone finally believes us!

Outlaw: Huzzah! *high-fives DK*

*As the four continued talking, Rebel enters, perfectly fine.*

Rebel: Yo.

Void: I see you are doing fine and dandy…

Rebel: Yep.

Void: Where’s Shadow?

Rebel: Oh… about that… Shadow didn’t make it guys…

Outlaw, Void, Majin, and Dark Knight: What!?

Rebel: It was awful! This giant mech appeared and it crushed him! I tried to save him, oh sure… but it was too late! I… I just don’t know what to do… *sobs*

Void: Damn, I’m, uh… sorry Rebel…

Rebel: Like you should be!

Shadowstrike: *runs in with Sean* More like how you should NOT be!

Rebel: Shadow! You’re alive! Oh thank goodness! …Where’s Waldo?

Shadowstrike: Oh, um… he got away?

Rebel: Go back to being dead, then. You’re worthless! *turns away*

Sean: Some things never change, do they…

Dark Knight: Could be worse!

Sean: *shocked* Darn it!

Majin: Speaking of which, I wonder where the other sayer of the magical line is?

Shadowstrike: Knowing him? Probably off “rawking” somewhere.

???: Oh, is he now?

Shadowstrike: Who said that!?

Majin: It’s that voice again!

???: Glad you haven’t forgotten me… Island Attackers! *enters through a portal*

Rebel: …You!!

Yuber: Long time, no see… As you can plainly see, I have followed up on my promise to battle all of you together, right here, right now…

Majin: *scratches head* Yeah but… Metabad isn’t here…

Yuber: Oh, you mean him? *steps aside, revealing Metabad on the ground, unconscious*

Rebel: Metabad!

Metabad: Ugh… *wakes up* W-where am I…?

Yuber: Your friend took quite the beating earlier. If I hadn’t picked him up and restored his strength he surely would have died. And that wouldn’t have gotten us very far, now would it?

Rebel: Don’t think we owe you anything, slimeball!

Yuber: Your words wound me, Centipede.

Shadowstrike: Yeah, learn to liven up a bit, Rebel.

Rebel: *in a friendly-sort of way* …Shadow, would you like to see Hell?

Shadowstrike: Um… never mind.

Yuber: Regardless, *draws swords* are you prepared to battle?

Outlaw: Do we have to do this? Isn’t there any other way?

Yuber: Fool, battle is all that there is! Murder, death, destruction… it’s the only solution to the problems that plague this decaying planet!

Sean: Guess there is no way around this, then…

Void: Metabad, are you capable of fighting?

Metabad: *standing next to the others* Yeah… whatever that Yuber guy did, I’m feeling a lot better. It’s time to rawk the party!

Rebel: All right, then, let’s do this. Island Attackers… ATTACK!!

*The CIA begin their assault on the final obstacle to Anti-Majin: Yuber. Immediately things take a turn for the worse, as Yuber displays impressive speed and reflexes, being capable of doding all of their attacks.*

Shadowstrike: Sonic Slicer!

Yuber: *slides to the right, letting the blades glide past*

Outlaw: *jumps into the air and spins rapidly toward Yuber*

Yuber: Impressive trick! *jumps high into the air, over Outlaw, letting him go spinning out of control* But I have seen better.

Outlaw: Waaah!! *crashes into the floor*

Rebel: You won’t get away with that! *pulls out his beam saber* Yaaah!! *swings*

Yuber: *deflects with both of his swords, locking them in place* Brings a sense of deja vu, doesn’t it?

Rebel: Grr… you weren’t this strong last time…

Yuber: Have you forgotten? I said I was merely testing you… this time it is the real deal! *pushes Rebel back*

Rebel: …Now!

Yuber: What!?

*Rebel vanishes right before Yuber’s eyes. In his place is Sean who unleashes a large chunk of crystal at Yuber head-on*

Sean: Take that!

Yuber: Another impressive trick! *takes his sword and slices the crystal in half, causing both halves to fly right past him* But once again, I have seen better.

Sean: *wide-eyed* No way… how are you guys capable of doing that to such hard material!?

Yuber: *appears before Sean* Don’t ask so many questions. You will ruin the fun of the game.

Metabad: I’m coming! *dashes forward, fire erupting from body* Speed Burner!

Yuber: *quickly moves*

Sean: *gets punched in the face* Oof!!

Metabad: Oops.

Rebel: *reappears elsewhere* Magnet Mine! *throws several*

Yuber: Magnets, eh? *moves and watches them follow* Interesting. *runs toward Dark Knight*

Dark Knight: Got you in my sight! *locks on and fires several volleys of bubbles*

Yuber: *weaves back and forth before getting directly in front of DK*

Dark Knight: Ack! *extends pincers*

Yuber: *vanishes before they make contact*

Dark Knight: Huh… AHH!! *gets bombarded by the Magnet Mines*

Majin: *watching Yuber run around* Got you!

*Majin throws a chain in front of Yuber, letting it get stuck in the ground. With all of his strength, Majin rips the chain back out, causing a huge chunk of the floor to go flying toward Yuber.*

Yuber: !?

Majin: Hah! I’d like to see you dodge that!

Yuber: *bends downward, letting the rubble fly over him and into Rebel*

Rebel: *gets smacked in face* Aaack! *is knocked out*

Metabad: *watching* You too, huh?

Majin: Tell me about it…

Yuber: *stops what he is doing and looks around* I have yet to even land a single blow and I’ve already taken half of you down…

Void: *in the air* Yeah… I was noticing that. Hence why I did nothing at all.

Shadowstrike: Okay, “Rebel.”

Void: What was that?

Shadowstrike: *whistles*

Yuber: You fools realize that once I get serious, none of you stand a ghost of a chance… and this time no cheap shot will save you!

Void: *clenches fist*

Majin: Uh-oh… it looks like he’s ready for the real deal now… what do we do!?

Shadowstrike: A plan would certainly be nice right about now, Void…

Void: Hey, just because I pulled a Rebel on you guys doesn’t mean that I was thinking of a way to fight back…

Shadowstrike: Then just what were you doing!?

Void: Too many questions, not enough time…

Yuber: Yes, time is up, Island Attackers… Any last words before you die?

Void: Uh…

Majin: Er…

Shadowstrike: Um…

Metabad: I DO!!

Void: Oh dear Lord we are going to die.

Metabad: Maybe we can uh… totally make a deal?

Shadowstrike: T-totally…

Majin: Make a…

Yuber: …Deal?

Metabad: YEAH! Like um… you work for that Anti dude ’cause he promised you lots of chaos and havoc and stuff, right?

Yuber: That was in the agreement.


Shadowstrike: …

Majin: …

Void: …

Yuber: …I’m listening.

Metabad: Y-yeah… we can totally do that stuff! I once destroyed an entire castle WITH A LEATHER WHIP!! *flails his whip about*

Majin: *to the others* I think Metabad is onto something!

Shadowstrike: I’m scared though.

Majin: Why’s that?

Shadowstrike: Because this is METABAD we’re talking about, here. Anything could happen.

Void: Let’s just see how far we can run with it. *to Yuber* Metabad is absolutely right! Before Anti started this whole “campaign on all of humanity”, we were well-known for causing more problems than fixing them! Look at me! I’m a scientist who built Frank, and now he wants to destroy everything in sight! Who knows what weapon of mass destruction I’ll build next! Hahaha…

Majin: And I’m uhh… a drunk! Not right now but… like 99% percent of the time I am! I smash my head through walls and do all sorts of crazy stuff, completely oblivious to what is happening around me!

Shadowstrike: Let’s not forget me! I crashed our flying base like three times already, and we’ve only had it for like a year! Next time I crash it it’ll probably be on top of a city! Plus the rest of our members are just as bad! I mean, Rebel is one day going to blow up every single Pepsi factory in the world… you’ll just have to see the fireworks when that happens!


Yuber: Hmm… So, let me get this straight… you promise to cause more destruction than Anti-Majin would ever hope to accomplish?

Void: Pretty much.

Yuber: While I am not thoroughly convinced you can pull such a task off, I have been caught off guard before…

Metabad: C’mooooon, you know you want toooooo!

Yuber: Very well. I will accept your terms.

Metabad: Rawksome!

Majin: D-does that mean you’ll let us go?

Yuber: Yes, I suppose it does. Since I have broken my contract with Anti-Majin in favor of this new one, I have no more reason to see you as enemies.

Shadowstrike: Woohoo!

Yuber: I will allow you to handle the… cleaning up around here. Next we meet, Island Attackers, I hope to see plenty of results.

Metabad: *nodding sagely* Oh yeah, definitely, TOTALLY!! WE CAN SO DO THAT!!

Yuber: Then I have stayed long enough. It is time to part. Farewell for now… *steps back and disappears*

Void: *falls to his knees* Holy crap, I thought my chest was going to explode for a moment there.

Majin: C’mon, let’s go check up on the others!

*The members check on their fallen comrades. After a few good minutes everyone was starting to come to.*

Outlaw: *kinda dizzy* These moments nearly remind me of the good ol’ days, too*. *runs off to throw up*

*See Series 1, Epilogue #2 “The Trump Card”

Sean: What happened to Yuber…?

Dark Knight: I’m not sure but I definitely had a dream where I kicked his ass.

Rebel: I had a dream where he was in a Pepsi factory and I blew it sky-high.

Shadowstrike: Don’t you dream that everyone is in a Pepsi factory right before blowing it up?

Rebel: Yes, but this time the explosion came with free Coke. *drinks a can*

Dark Knight: Where did you get that can?

Rebel: …

Everyone else: …

Rebel: Creepy. *keeps drinking*

Sean: But no, seriously, what happened?

Void: Don’t worry about it. We’ve got more important things to settle right now.

Rebel: *finishes his can* Damn straight! We’re going to kill that Anti!

Outlaw: Umm… guys… ’bout that…

Void: What is it, Outlaw?

Outlaw: I don’t really want to “kill” Anti…

Rebel: What!? Why not!?

Shadowstrike: He was the one who killed our former teammates. Plus he destroyed our old base. He’s caused a lot of pain and suffering right now, so why not?

Outlaw: Look, I know he’s been doin’ a bunch of bad stuff but… after checking out Majin World and really finding out why he is the way he is… I don’t have the heart to do it.

Everyone else: …

Outlaw: Anti was never really given much of a chance… the moment he was born he was deemed “evil” and was treated as such. I’d bet anyone who grew up like that would probably turn out more or less the same way.

Metabad: But dudez, he like totally killed his parents.

Outlaw: Yeah, I know. I was there, remember?

Void: So why do you–

Outlaw: This whole thing… when you think about it, none of it really has anything to do with us. We’re just a bunch of guys who got involved thanks to including Majin on our team. No, this feels more like… more like some “war of the past”… and now it has finally reached the present, awaiting it’s end in the near future.

Dark Knight: I’m with Outlaw. After all, would we be more like Anti if we did try and kill him? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?

Void: Maybe…

Outlaw: I know Majin must feel the same way. Right, Maj?

Majin: …

Sean: Majin?

Majin: …He’s my brother. He’s the only family I have left. Despite what he’s done… despite everything he has put us through… despite the fact that I grew up considering him to be “evil”… I don’t want him dead.

Outlaw: There ya go, boss bug.

Rebel: Fine. We won’t kill him. That DOESN’T mean we won’t beat the living daylight out of him, however.

Outlaw: Heh, trust me, I still want some payback.

Metabad: Let’s get this rawkin’ party started!

*The eight members all press forward, entering a room with stairs made of stone. They stop momentarily to gaze up at it.*

Shadowstrike: That’s a whole lot of stairs!

Sean: In most clich? castles, the final confrontation is in the room right past the long flight of stairs.

Majin: Then that means we’re almost there. Are you guys ready?

Metabad: READY!!

Dark Knight: Let’s do this.

*Running up the stairs as fast as possible, they all reach a large, red door, heavily locked up so no one may enter. With some hard attacks, however, the mighty door quickly breaks open as the CIA barge their way in…*

Rebel: Anti-Majin!!

Anti: *sitting on a throne* Well, well, if it isn’t the Code: Island Attackers. What brings you to my humble abode?

Rebel: Cut the crap, Anti, we’re here to put an end to this!

Anti: Hah! Don’t make me laugh! You fools can’t stop what has already started!

Void: Just what makes you say that?

Anti: Look at me! I built this fortress on top of the ruins of your former base, which I caused! It was I who booted you out of this miserable city and it was I who finally put the cretins that treated me like rubbish in their place! So what if you managed to take care of some of my cronies!? They mean nothing to me!

Outlaw: Anti, we don’t have to do this…

Anti: Shut up! You don’t know anything! All you have ever known is that I am some monster that needs to be destroyed! Just like my parents!!

Shadowstrike: But they changed Anti! They were willing to put the past behind them…

Anti: And I was not! I will never forgive those fools and I will never forgive you! To say that I haven’t been waiting for this moment would be a lie…

Sean: We aren’t afraid of you!

Anti: Hahahahah!! That’s just what that fat tub of lard Violen said! Yes, right before I ripped that pathetic excuse of a medicine ball out from the back of his neck and smashed it into his skull… As the rest of his teammates watched in horror!

Metabad: What happened to the X-Hunters?

Anti: Hehehehahahahah… you wanna know what happened to them? You wanna know what happened to them!? *pulls out Agile’s arm and waves it* “Hey there, Island Attackers!”

Dark Knight: You’re insane!

Anti: Insane? INSANE!? *stands and throws the arm at DK, who dodges it* For my entire life I’ve been dealing with numerous hardships. They felt as though they would never end! Heheheheheh… insane… I’m also demented, crazy, and maniacal!

Void: Here he comes…!

*At that moment Anti waves his arm, causing several robotic claws to spring forward, snatching everyone save Majin. They are then pulled high into the air and placed within a large cage.*

Rebel: *grabbing the bars* What’s the meaning of this!?

Anti: Hahahah… This fight is going to be between just you and me… brother!

Majin: …All right.

Shadowstrike: Majin! You’ve got to win!

Outlaw: *uncomfortable* Uh, guys, I think we’ve got company…

Rebel, Void, Shadowstrike, Dark Knight, Metabad, Sean: Huh?

Serges: *sitting in the corner, his hat missing* S-s-s-someone…

Shadowstrike: It’s the X-Hunters!

Void: *grabs Agile by the shoulder* Hey, you okay!?

Agile: H-h-h-h-h…

Sean: *waving his hand in front of them* They’re a complete mess. They won’t even respond…

Violen: No… no…! STAY AWAY!! *starts screaming uncontrollably*

Dark Knight: I think I am officially horrified.

Metabad: I just wet myself.

Dark Knight: Too much info.

Rebel: *to Majin* Majin! GET US OUT OF HERE!!

Anti: *listening* Such a racket, don’t you agree?

Majin: …

Anti: Those people you call “friends” are so worthless… I’ll enjoy killing each and every one of them personally!

Majin: I won’t let you.

Anti: Well too bad! Because after I’m through with you no one will be able to stop me! No one!

Majin: *transforms back to normal* Shut up and fight.

Anti: Grr… you’ll pay for that! *lunges forward*

Majin: *steps to the side and punches*

Anti: *gets hit in the face* Oof! Heheheh… *wipes blood from mouth* Oh how I’ve been waiting for this… the chance to finally rid myself of you once and for all! *fires several volleys of energy balls*

Majin: *starts dodging them all*

Anti: *quickly disappears and reappears behind Majin*

Majin: !?

Anti: Die! *kicks Majin in the face, causing him to go flying into one of Anti’s energy balls*

Majin: Arrgh! *hits the ground but gets back up*

Anti: Hmph, for someone who couldn’t bounce you sure know how to get back up quickly! *swings fist*

Majin: *catches it and locks places* Do you hate me that much for that?

Anti: If it wasn’t for our world’s messed up logic and the perception of Opposite Day, it would have been you who would have been deemed the “evil twin”!

Majin: That may be but… *starts to falter*

Anti: But? BUT!? But this! *starts pushing Majin backward, slamming him into the wall*

Majin: Urgh!

Anti: What is your pathetic excuse now, huh!? What failed reasoning could you possibly give to me now, HUH!?

Majin: Gah…


*Anti continues to crush Majin into the wall. Before he can realize it, however, Anti discovers his hands are burning due to Majin heating his hands up with pure energy within them. With a jolt Anti reels back, letting go in pain.*

Anti: YARGH!! *holding hands, covered in burn marks* You’ll pay for that…

Majin: *blasts forward, uppercutting Anti*

Anti: Oof! *goes flying upward*

Majin: *chases and knees in the gut*

Anti: Gack!!

Majin: Now! *grabs and throws Anti downward, unleashing a powerful blast of energy in the process*

Anti: *vanishes*

Majin: What!?

Anti: *reappears behind Majin, grabbing him* Gotcha!

*Holding onto Majin, Anti proceeds to go flying down toward the ground at a rapid speed. Before making contact, however, Anti releases his grip and pulls himself away from the ground, causing Majin to crash into the floor by himself.*

Majin: Ugh…

Anti: *appears before Majin* Goodbye. *fires a blast of energy*

Majin: AAGGGHHHHH!! *is consumed by the blast*

Sean: *watching* Majin!!

Anti: Bwahahahahahah!! Serves ya right!

Dark Knight: Is… is he… dead?

Metabad: Dude…

Anti: *continues laughing*

Majin: Urgh…

Anti: Haha–What!? You’re still alive!?

Majin: *looking beat up* We’re not done yet…

Anti: Oh, yes we are! *races forward and slams his fist into Majin’s face*

Majin: Ugh!! *falls backward*

Anti: *gets on top of Majin and starts punching him repeatedly*

Shadowstrike: He can’t fight back!

Violen: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!! *starts screaming again*

Rebel: Shut up over there! *to Majin* Majin! Don’t give up!

Majin: *inbetween the punches* I… I won’t…

Anti: *not stopping* What was that!?

Majin: I… I said… I said I WON’T!!

*With that Majin pushes himself forward, headbutting Anti in the face, causing him to reel back in pain. As Anti is clutched his face in agony, Majin stands back up with a determined look on his face.*

Anti: My face! MY FACE!!

Majin: *panting*

Anti: I can’t believe you did that! *reveals his nose is broken and bleeding* How dare you!?

Majin: *smirks* Looks good on you…

Anti: HOW DARE YOU!?!? *slams his foot into Majin’s side*

Majin: *gets hit but stays balanced* Urgh…

Anti: So, what, you think that because your stupid friends provided you some words of “support” that you can suddenly turn this whole thing around!?

Majin: …Maybe…

Anti: FOOL!! *grabs Majin by the throat, lifting him off the ground* I’LL KILL YOU!!

Majin: *getting choked* C-cough… I-I promised…

Anti: What?

Majin: I-I p-promised I w-wouldn’t kill you…

Anti: Oh, you did, eh? Then just how do you plan on stopping me? By throwing flowers at my face to make me feel better!?

Majin: If… If it w-would h-help…

Anti: You stupid drunk! *throws Majin onto the floor with a thud* I hate you!

Majin: *slowly crawls back onto his feet*

Anti: *points at Majin* This is it. No more games. We’re going to end this right here, right now!

Majin: *panting hard* A-Anti…

Anti: Shut up! Quit trying to act like my councilor or something! I’m going to kill you, your friends, and then take this pathetic planet for myself! SO JUST DIE!!

*While screaming that final line, Anti tackled into Majin, taking the weakened CIA member into the air. Flying upwards, Anti used Majin as a shield as he crashed into the ceiling, causing the stone to break and allowing him to pass through it to the outside. Once there, Anti flung Majin down, making him land on the rooftop on his back. Anti himself then landed on the opposite side. As Majin propped himself back up, lightning flash as thunder started to roar in the distance and rain began to fall.*

Anti: *wide-eyed* Heheheh… how’s this for a final battle!? Just you and me, all alone, with no one to disturb us… during the middle of a storm, no less!

Majin: *in pain* Gurrgh…

Anti: Oh, let’s not stop yet… the fun has just started!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

*Without warning, Anti fires a piercing beam of energy. Majin numbly hops to the side to let it whiz by.*

Anti: Hm, hm hm… *fires another beam*

Majin: *flings himself to the side to dodge*

Anti: Hah, you are like putty against my might! *fires once more*

Majin: *dodges and slips and falls*

Anti: *cackles* This is rich! The mighty Majin, defender of both Majin World and Earth, slipping and landing face-first!

Majin: *tries to get up but fails*

Anti: Need some help? *flies over and grabs Majin by the arm, yanking him up* Heheheh… y’know, this position suits you perfectly.

Majin: …

Anti: And people said that I had problems… look at you! All a mess… and for what purpose!? To see if you could “beat” me? To see if you could “avenge” your parents? To see if you could “make” your friends proud? It’s all a farce!!

Majin: …

Anti: *pulls himself face-to-face with Majin* My father… well, you know my father… he never did much for me… but you already knew that, didn’t you? Anyway, the point is, he never did much for me… but he did tell me one thing… I could never forget it. It was right before he pulled out a whip and started beating me for being the devil child that I was. Do you know what he said? Do you!?

Majin: …

Anti: He said, and I do quote: “Do unto others before they do unto you.” Now, I may seem a little “out there” sometimes, but lemme tell you… I took those words into serious consideration. I must have been… oh, what? Six at the time? When he told me those words, right when that whip came down, man, it hit me like a ton of bricks–the world I was living in was a messed up place. I realized then at that time that it had to be my duty to rid the universe of these confusing, silly people… to prove to them that their ways were completely flawed! Are you still with me?

Majin: …

Anti: *shakes Majin and gets no response* Hm. Oh well, I’ll keep going anyway. Where was I? Oh yes… The people in Majin World were really flawed, see… which is why I decided to purge myself of them. People like our parents and your friends… they are only bad news for you in the end, see? Which is why you’ve gotta gotta grab them one by one *grabs Majin’s head* and then just start applying pressure, get it!? *does so*

Majin: *cringes in pain*

Anti: Oho, but he lives! See, that was the problem that I reached! No matter how many of the annoyances I put down, well, it didn’t really seem to matter much, ’cause they always came back for more, and more, and more, AND MORE!! They were likes rabbits, always MULTIPLYING. That’s when I got the idea of more power. If you had more power, you could have more control in the world, heheheheheh…. After you got enough control in the world, the people just bent their knee to your will and thus you got everything in the bag! And I’ve got YOU to thank for that, dearest brother! If you hadn’t joined the CIA, I never would have met Frank who could give me so much inside information… and then none of this fun that we’ve been having could have POSSIBLY have started. Don’t you just feel special!?

Majin: …

Anti: Heeheehee… heheheheh… HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! In the end it’s all YOUR FAULT!! But don’t worry, I plan to make things right.

*Laughing hysterically, Anti drags Majin to the side of his fortress. They were over thirty stories high, with the ground quite a distance away. The rain continued it’s relentless assault, however, pouring down even harder.*

Anti: *wipes the rain out of his eyes with his free hand* So, as you can see, brother, your ride stops here. You’ll have a nice trip, rest assured; the grown-ups have got some important matters to deal with, like a whole world to conquer and some other annoying brats to eliminate. I hope you understand!

Majin: …

Anti: *waits for a response but gets none* Ahh, how boring. I was at least hoping for some sort of “You’ll never get away with this” bit. Them’s the breaks, I s’pose! *drops Majin*

Majin: *falls*

Anti: HehehahahahaHAHAHAHAH!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!! *turns around and starts walking away* Whoohoohoohehehahaha… *hears a noise* Huh? *turns around* What the…

*What Anti sees is unbelievable. Majin was standing on the hood of the Whale King, a tired look on his face as the ship had a headlight shining directly onto Anti, forcing him to shield his eyes. During this moment Majin holds up a small device in his hands: It was the same one that Sean used to control the Whale King’s movements earlier.*

Majin: I never come unprepared…

Anti: *growls* Why you–

*Majin presses a button on the device, and the Whale King fires a large, powerful stun-gun like weapon, electrifying the soaked Anti with 20,000 volts of electricity. Screaming in pain, all Anti can do is endure. The torture lasts for only a minute, but the time feels like an eternity. When the shock finally stops, the force causes Anti to go flying backwards, crashing into the wall of his fortress, causing the portion he made contact with to crumble on top of him. With a little bit of effort, Anti manages to free himself from the rubble but finds himself completely exhausted.*

Anti: *gasping for air* So… this is the end…?

Majin: No… not quite… I told you before… I don’t plan on killing you…

Anti: Heh… heheheh… You fool… you will regret that choice… I’ll come back… to haunt you…!

Majin: No, you will regret jumping to conclusions…

Anti: …What’s that?

Majin: Just because I said I wouldn’t kill you… doesn’t mean I plan on saving you!

*Majin pressed another button and the Whale King revealed another large gun. With little warning it fired a large cylinder which explodes into a ‘X’-like shape, crashing into Anti, who was sent careening through various walls and structures of his fortress. Once the mighty weapon finally made it’s way past the fortress it activated a jet booster, making it go flying up into the air. Despite Anti’s screams, he found himself unable to escape the weapon’s trap as it caused him to ever-continue moving upwards, until he was carried far out into the Earth’s atmosphere.*

Anti: *no longer struggling* Heeheeheehee… so this is what you meant, eh!? Not killing me but damning me to spend my time in the far reaches of space!? Only a fool would think of something so crazy… BROTHER!! Hehehehah, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAaaaaaaaa…

*Majin listens as his brother’s laughing fades off into the distance. He closes his eyes momentarily to contemplate what he had just done before snapping back into reality. Taking the ship, he guided it to where the rest of the team was and blew open a hole in the wall, before entering it himself.*

Majin: Guys!

Rebel, Outlaw, Void, Shadowstrike, Dark Knight, Metabad, Sean: Majin!!

Dark Knight: What happened!? Is Anti still there!?

Majin: No… guys… we got ‘im. Anti’s been taken care of…

Outlaw: B-but… is he…?

Majin: *shakes head* He’s not… but I doubt we’ll be seeing him for a long while.

Void: Great work!

Metabad: That was totally rawkin’!

Rebel: Now get us out of here, stat!

Shadowstrike: Yeah, the X-Hunters are really starting to freak us out here!

Agile: *still freaking* It could always be worse, it could always be worse, it could always be…

Sean: *getting shocked over and over* P-please, someone make him STOP!!

Majin: Hold on, I’ll get you guys down!

*Transforming back into Wire Sponge, Majin tosses his chains into the cage and yanked down as hard as possible, causing the cage to come crashing down to the floor. The members quickly gather their bearings and, with the X-Hunters in tow, hop aboard the Whale King. A few hours later…*

Majin: *being treated by Void* Urgh…

Void: You took a huge beating. You’re lucky to still be alive.

Majin: I know…

Rebel: *enters* Just dropped the X-Hunters off. Hopefully they’ll be able to figure out what to do on their own.

Majin: Yeah…

Rebel: Hey, Majin… I know I never really say this much but… *puts hand on Majin’s shoulder* Good job out there.

Majin: Rebel… thanks.

Rebel: I’ll leave you guys alone. Gotta get back into tip-top shape, right?

Void: *nods* I’ll see what I can do.

*Rebel exits the room, leaving the two members to continue repairs. On the deck of the Whale King, the rest of the members were watching the city from a distance, as the rain had finally stopped and allowed the sun to gently peek through the clouds above.*

Outlaw: Ya think we did good, guys?

Shadowstrike: What do you mean?

Outlaw: We defeated Anti and his minions… but at what cost? Majin’s parents were killed and most of Majin World was left in shambles… and Megalopolis will be feeling the effects of this for a while.

Sean: We had to do what we had to do. If we didn’t put a stop to Anti things would have only gotten worse.

Outlaw: Yeah… s’pose you’re right.

Rebel: *enters* What’re you guys doing?

Shadowstrike: Watching the city.

Dark Knight: I’ve never been here before, honestly… but… it doesn’t seem like that bad of a place.

Metabad: Oh yeah, totally dude. This place is–

Dark Knight: Don’t. Say. It.


Sean: *ignoring Metabad* So Rebel, how’s Majin doing?

Rebel: Void’s taking care of him right now. He took a bit of beating it looked like but… I don’t think it’s anything life threatening.

Sean: Ah.

*The six stand there for a while not saying anything. Finally, Outlaw breaks the silence.*

Outlaw: Hey, boss bug… do ya think… Maj will be all right?

Rebel: What do you mean?

Outlaw: He just fought his own brother n’ all…

Shadowstrike: Yeah, it must have hurt him to do that stuff…

Rebel: …

Dark Knight: Do… do you think Majin might…?

Rebel: Stop.

Everyone else: Huh?

Rebel: Look, it’s not really our place to assume what may or may not happen. What is important is that we continue to fight in what we believe in, no matter what the cost. That’s what Majin did today. He put everything on the line and stared at his brother right in the eye, making sure he took him down not just for himself or for the rest of us… but for the entire world. What Majin did should set an example for every single one of us.

Metabad: Yeah…

Dark Knight: I guess you’re right…

Rebel: In the end, we’re not trying to be heroes only looking to find our five seconds of fame. No, we are what we are… Code: Island Attackers. For now and always.

The End


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