Series 4 Prologue

*Written by Rebel4000*

Narrator: Today was a quiet day for the Code: Island Attackers… and for all the right reasons! After their last exciting adventure, the team has been taking it easy lately… *hears a noise* Uh-oh. *hides behind the couch*

Rebel: *comes in with a can of Vanilla Coke* Oh, man… I’m beat. *sits down on the couch and looks at the audience* Hey there, folks, Rebel40000 here, presenting to you another insight on the world of “prologues”. Let’s see, *starts counting his fingers* first prologue I introduced the team, second prologue I went into detail over our old base, and the third prologue we did a quick summary of what was going on. Well, I suppose with this being the fourth prologue I may as well continue the trend, seeing as how the last series was so massive. *takes a quick swig of his Coke* Ahh… good stuff. Now where was I? Oh, yes… *sets can down and sees the narrator sitting next to him*

Narrator: Yo.

Rebel: …

Narrator: …

Rebel: …

Narrator: …

Rebel: …Who are you?

Narrator: I’m the narrator.

Rebel: …

Narrator: I… narrate what’s going on in the base?

Rebel: …

Narrator: I do most of it… behind the scenes?

Rebel: …Then go back behind the FUCKING SCENES!! Yeesh…

Narrator: What’s the point of having a narrator if you plan on explaining everything yourself!? You guys never use me for anything!

Rebel: Like I care! What are you doing narrating all of our shit anyway!?



Rebel: *running through the phonebook* Ah-hah! This is the one. *picks up the phone and dials* Yeah, I need you to narrate for us. Yeah, yeah. You will? Cool. *hangs up*

Narrator: *bursts through the door* I’m here! So, what do you guys need me to narrate–

Rebel: No time for that. Trigun is starting! And I never miss Trigun. *throws an empty can of Coke at the narrator* Throw that away for me. *leaves*

Narrator: *looks at the can and sighs*


Narrator: So when can I leave?

Outlaw: Did you guys hear something?

Majin: *drunk* doop-doobity-doob-doop!!

Outlaw: Guess that’s a “No”.

Narrator: Oh, c’mon, you guys always hear me when I narrate!

Void: Hmm… must be the AC unit. I’ll have to fix that.

Narrator: Am I really that unnoticeable…?

Shadowstrike: *runs the narrator over*

Narrator: *with a footprint on his face* Ow…


Void: …You know, for once it wouldn’t hurt to be partially serious without some stupid jokes.

Narrator: *being ignored* For once, I agree.

Rebel: Ah, but then I wouldn’t be me.

Narrator: Unfortunately.

Void: True. So what now?

Narrator: Now you guys can set me free…? I haven’t been getting paid to do this for two years straight…

Rebel: Not exactly sure. I only know one thing right now–I want revenge on Anti and I aim to have it. *pauses slightly* Anyway, I’m going to go stop Outlaw from poisoning us while I grab a Coke. See ya. *disappears*

Narrator: *looks up and blinks* Hmm…

*End flashback*

Narrator: And that’s why I’m here. I just want to do my job without being ignored. Can’t I help for once? PLEASE!? *breaks down crying*

Rebel: …Fine. You can help explain things, BUT JUST THIS ONCE!! Are you happy!?

Narrator: *wipes away the tears* Thank you…

Rebel: Aw, c’mon, be a man already. *grabs a can of Coke and hands it to the Narrator* Here, have a drink.

Narrator: *grabs the can and looks at it* What the Hell is this shit?

Rebel: *surprised* It’s Coca-Cola.

Narrator: More like Shit-Cola. *pours the contents onto the floor*

Rebel: HEY!! I paid good money for that!!

Narrator: Pfft, whatever. I stick with the local brand! *pulls out a bottle of Red Rock and hands it to Rebel*

Rebel: … *sniffs it and takes a sip*

Narrator: Well?

Rebel: … *nods and gives a thumbs up to the audience*

*Several hours worth of cola later…*

Rebel: *throwing his 347th bottle of Red Rock behind the couch* So yeah, anyway, where were we again Narrator?

Narrator: *finishing up his 326th* Urp… We were talking about Anti completely pwning you guys.

Rebel: OH!! Yeah, so anyway, we went on this “journey” or something stupid like that to get stronger. Who came up with that journey idea anyway?

Narrator: According to the script, you did.

Rebel: Feh, could be worse.

*The two hear Sean screaming in pain in the distance. They then burst into laughter.*

Narrator: Oh… my sides… but yeah… you guys went on a journey to get stronger… and got some nifty power-ups, too…

Rebel: *snicker* Yeah, the Hyper Mode upgrades that Void developed. Why the heck he kept them from us for so long is beyond me. Stupid scientists.

Narrator: So, after the CIA finally got stronger you went to a place called Majin World, which is where both Majin and Anti originated from, right?

Rebel: Yep. Lemme tell ya, Majin and Anti’s parents were FUCKED UP. Those two seriously screwed Anti over. Heck, it was thanks to them that we had to go through all that mess in the first place!

Narrator: True, true… but after all of that we had the epic TWO-PART SHOWDOWN!! All of the villains that debuted in Series 3 save a couple came back at the end for a rematch against the different members. And at the end… the final climatic-showdown between brothers! Majin vs. Anti-Majin! I seriously pissed myself watching that.

Rebel: I didn’t, mainly because we had the X-Hunters sitting right next to us flipping out.

Narrator: Whatever happened to those guys, anyway?

Rebel: *shrugs*

Narrator: Works for me!

Rebel: But yeah, as you can see, after we finished that stuff we’ve been hanging around Megalopolis for a bit, I guess trying to make up for being gone for so long. It’s been kinda peaceful. Kinda boring though.

Narrator: Hence why you are here explaining things in a prologue.

Rebel: Damn straight. *finishes off another bottle of Red Rock* I dunno what’ll happen in this new series. I just hope we can put that previous stuff behind us. I hated that crap.

Narrator: Aye.

Rebel: Anyway, it was kinda cool talking to you, Narrator. Which is odd… I never thought I’d like chatting with a narrator of all people.

Narrator: No prob. Glad I could be of assistance.

Rebel: Yeah. Hey, maybe since we’ve had this whole “bonding” experience, you’d like to hang out with the rest of the team?

Narrator: Can I?

Rebel: Sure, dinner should be almost done anyway. Hmm, I wonder what it is–

Outlaw: *over the intercom* Guys, I’ve just finished dinner! Hope you all enjoy! I’ve added a couple “mystery ingredients” this time!

Rebel: …

Narrator: …I’m going back behind the scenes. *gets up and leaves*

Rebel: Yeah, good idea.

The End


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