Rampage of the Rat

*Written by Outlaw88*

*It has been several weeks since the defeat of Anti-Majin and the C:IA is finally able to relax. However, our story does not begin with them. It begins with three unknown figures standing atop a hill looking at the city of Megalopolis.*

??? #1: Look at it. One of the largest cities in the world.

??? #2: Beep.

??? #1: I’m not sure if they have any defenses but it doesn’t matter. It will be no use against us. Right?

??? #3: …

??? #2: Beep.

??? #1: Yeah you said it! No one can stop us! Let’s head out.

*In the C:IA’s amazing mobile base, we join our hero’s in a rare moment of peace among the members. The Whale King is currently on the ground away from city. In the TV room…*

Shadowstrike: Hey Sean, pass the chips would ya?

Sean: Sure thing.

Metabad: This show RAWKS!

Dark Knight: These are commercials.

Metabad: I don’t care! YEAH!

Dark Knight: Whatever.

Majin: Ishhhh all good.

Sean: Aw, come on man, I thought you were going to give that up.

Majin: I iz… Cutting back. Onlys gots a lights buzzzzz rights nows.

*Outlaw enters the room*

Outlaw: Hey guys, any of you seen Void?

Shadowstrike: Where else would he be? He’s in his lab of course, you should have known that.

Outlaw: Yeah, but I figured I’d ask anyway.

Sean: What do you want to see him for?

Outlaw: Just got a few questions for him. I’ll catch up with you guys later.

Dark Knight: See ya.

*Outlaw leaves them to their television and heads for Voids lab. He comes up to the closed door and knocks which causes a beam of light to shine on him.*

Outlaw: This is new.

Lab Security: Scanning personnel… Scanning… Personnel approved. Welcome Outlaw.

*The door to Voids lab opens. Outlaw goes in to find Void working on some new devices.*

Outlaw: Sup Void? What’s with the door?

Void: I got tired of just anybody coming in here so I added some security. It will only let a few people in.

Outlaw: Like who?

Void: Besides you and me it will allow Sean and Rebel.

Rebel: *Appears out of nowhere* Damn right!

Void: For that reason right there. That and he would have had a fit if I didn’t let him in.

Rebel: Damn right times two!

Void: *Ahem* As for the rest they like to touch stuff far too much for my tastes. I let you in here because at least you know not to try and eat the chemicals.

Outlaw: Yeah, that minty fresh stuff made me learn my lesson.

Void: That was mouthwash. What did you want anyway?

Outlaw: I had a couple of questions for you. My computer went dead again. I’ve tried everything but it doesn’t want to go. Could you please fix it for me? I wanted to update my journal.

Void: Maybe later. I’ve got a lot of work to do you know. I’m not a handyman. Anything else?

Outlaw: Ok yeah. Know how our base is in the air a lot and we haven’t exactly been the followers of safety? Is there anything to be done if one of us fell off while we were in flight? Like jetpacks or something?

Void: Actually I’ve been working on something for that very problem, and I had asked Rebel to come here to test it.

Rebel: You told me you invented the ultimate Coke vending machine! I didn’t sign up to be a guinea pig!

Void: So I lied. You’ve dumped us into the ocean more than once so its time you pay for it.

Rebel: *Sarcastically* Fine. What do I do?

*Void places a small device on Rebel. It instantly adds itself to his armor and becomes unnoticeable.*

Void: Ok, I need you to step into the launcher.

Rebel: Say what?

Void: I’m going to fire you really high in the air.

Outlaw: Couldn’t Rebel just teleport there?

Void: He can’t go as high as the Whale King can while it’s in flight. I need him in that altitude for it to work.

Rebel: If I get hurt I am totally going to force you to make that vending machine.

*Rebel steps into the launcher. The roof to Void’s lab opens up, and a few moments later Rebel is fired high into the air.*

Outlaw: You sure you know what you are doing?

Void: Maybe.

*Rebel has a brief moment of hang time before he begins to fall rapidly.*

Rebel: This had better work.

*Suddenly the device sensing that Rebel is falling activates and instantly returns him to Voids lab.*

Rebel: Whoa!

Void: Good it seems to be working perfectly.

Outlaw: How does it work exactly?

Void: These devices sense if you are in free fall as well as how high up you are. It then sends whoever is wearing them back to a safe spot here on board. I’ve got one for all of you so take them to the others when you leave.

Outlaw: I count six here.

Void: I only made seven.

Rebel: I get it; you didn’t make one for Shadow. Next time he crashes we can throw him out the window!

Void: I didn’t make myself one.

Outlaw: Why not?

Void: I can fly, I really don’t need it.

Outlaw: That doesn’t sound very smart.

Void: Hey! Who’s the genius around here? Who has saved you both countless times?

Outlaw: You.

Rebel: *grumbles* You.

Void: Right. Give those to the others now. I’ll see you later.

*Rebel and Outlaw leave the lab. Meanwhile back at the city…*

??? #1: Seems this place had some damage done to it not long ago.

??? #2: Beep.

Unknown #1: Good idea! There’s always time for a little fun. After that we’ll show these people what we can really do.

??? #3: …

*Back with the C:IA*

Majin: Do de do de do de dooooo de do.

Sean: So much for cutting back.

Shadowstrike: At least he started later in the day.

Rebel: So what movie are we going to watch tonight?

Metabad: How ’bout that one with that guy who saves that girl from that guy with the gun he stole from that other guy who rides around in the cool car and stuff?

Dark Knight: The one where they go to that place where they have to find that other place to find that thing?

Metabad: Yeah! That one!

Rebel: We saw that one already.

Dark Knight: How ’bout that one with that girl who keeps messing up?

Shadowstrike: As long as it isn’t another lame parody movie I’m fine with that.

Sean: You guys make my head hurt.

Metabad: Could be…

*Sean clubs Metabad over the head.*

Sean: Don’t even think about finishing that.

Metabad: *Rubbing his head* You’re no fun!

Outlaw: Why don’t you get rid of that curse if you hate it so much?

Sean: I’ve been lazy. But with everyone shocking me on purpose I’m starting to become more motivated.

Rebel: You’d probably just curse yourself with something else.

Metabad: Yeah… Itcouldbeworse!

Sean: *shocked* Damnit!

TV: We interrupt our current program with a special news report!

Dark Knight: Aw man, they stopped at a good part.

Shadowstrike: Might be important though.

TV: The First Megalopolis Bank has just been robbed by a strange Reploid accompanied by even stranger accomplices. Here is the footage:

*The screen shows a rat-like Reploid standing outside the bank. He then fires a blast at the entrance causing an explosion. He then enters the hole he created and is followed by an odd looking robot that appears to be dragging along another Reploid.*

Metabad: That doesn’t RAWK man.

Shadowstrike: Looks serious.

Rebel: Eh. Let the police handle this one.

Sean: That’s not very super hero like.

Rebel: We took out a ton of villains not too long ago and I think we deserve a break. I don’t want to waste my time dealing with a petty thief.

*Void rushes into the room.*

Void: Guy, we’ve got trouble on our hands, did you see the news report?

Dark Knight: Yeah, why?

Void: We need to…

Rebel: Aw come on Void! Do we really need to get involved this time? He doesn’t even look all that tough.

Void: Let me show you something.

*Void takes out a laptop. Everyone gathers around to see.*

Void: A long time ago a black market company decided to manufacture assassin droids. Heavily armed robots that followed whatever command given to them to the letter. They made them small to make people think they weren’t a threat and designed them to look like rats. Once their mission was done they would return to their maker for new instructions.

Shadowstrike: How many of these things did they make?

Void: They made a new one every couple of years. They did this because technology is always changing. When a new one was made they would deactivate and destroy the older model. It’s not certain how many in total were made.

Sean: So what happened?

Void: As time went on these ratbot assassins became less and less effective. Having them as robots limited their ability to adapt to new situations and with the development of Reploids, robots were at an even greater disadvantage. So they decided to try something different.

Metabad: They made it a Reploid huh?

Void: Right. Not only that but they decided to make that last one the model to end all. They put more weapons on it than ever before as well as a new type of armor that was lightweight but incredibly durable. It’s first few missions were a phenomenal success. But…

Rebel: But?

Void: Since it had a mind of its own it began to do missions its own way. Rather than stealth it would go on a rampage destroying whatever was in its path. Many innocent casualties were a result. Basically he went Maverick.

Majin: Oooooh. Naughty.

Outlaw: So what did they do?

Void: The company responsible decided to try and stop their creation, but they soon found out they had lost all control over it. They ended up luring it to their base and attempted to seal him in stasis forever. The ratbot saw through this plot and blew up the base with everyone including himself inside. The story was supposed to end there but it seems he’s come back.

Rebel: Damn, looks like we do have to go after this guy.

Sean: How do you think he came back, and what are those things he has with him?

Void: I don’t know. It’s possible that the explosion didn’t destroy the ratbot but it surely would have deactivated him. There is no telling what or who got him going again. As for those other two… I’m really not sure. They were too blurry to see on the TV.

Shadowstrike: I’ll get us to the city right away!

*Shadow runs to the control room. Moments later the Whale King takes off and heads for the city.*

Dark Knight: Do we have a game plan for this?

Rebel: Let’s just blast the heck out of him.

Void: That’s probably the best idea actually. It might be impossible to reason with him.

Sean: I wonder why he robbed a bank.

Outlaw: You can ask him yourself when we get there.

Metabad: Hey check it out, another report.

*They turn their attention back to the TV.*

TV: This just in! The mysterious rat-like Reploid is now firing his weapons at several buildings. A full scale evacuation has been ordered.

Majin: That… not good.

Rebel: At least everyone will be out of our way.

Shadowstrike: *Over the intercom* We’re here guys. I’m going to land now.

*Once the Whale King lands, the team all head outside, taking note of all the damage to the city.*

Rebel: Alright let’s find him, shoot him, and go home.

Dark Knight: Shouldn’t be too hard. All we have to do is follow the path of chaos he left.

*Suddenly a blast hits part of the street near where the C:IA is standing causing them to jump back.*

Sean: Here he comes!

*Through a cloud of smoke the rampaging ratbot makes his appearance. He is once again followed by his cohorts.*

“Ratbot”: Finally some new targets! I was getting bored with the buildings.

Metabad: The Code: Island Attackers are no one’s targets cause we RAWK way too much!

Void: I don’t know why you’re here Ratbot, but we’ve come to stop you.

The Rat: “Ratbot?” Close but no cigar! I’m The Rat! I’m the superior model! And since we’re doing introductions this is my assistant R.O.B. and my best friend in the whole wide stupid world, Dead Man!

R.O.B.: Beep.

Dead Man: …

Shadowstrike: It’s… A retro-type robot and a corpse?

Sean: This has gone from weird to just plain disturbing.

The Rat: The C:IA huh? Never heard of ya. You don’t look like too much of a threat to me.

Rebel: I could say the same thing about you, Shorty.

The Rat: What did you just call me?!

Rebel: What’s the matter small stuff? You have a Napoleon-thing going or what?

Dark Knight: You do realize he’s like my height right?

Rebel: Well you’re a pipsqueak too.

Void: Rebel, it might not be a good idea to make him angry.

Rebel: I’ll call him whatever I…

Majin: LOOK OUT!

*The Rat fires a large blast from his arm cannon at Rebel. Majin’s warning was well timed as everyone got out of the way. The shot goes past our hero’s and destroys a nearby car.*

Outlaw: That was too close!

Majin: Yeah, that knocked the drunk out of me.

Rebel: Alright, now I’m pissed! Let’s get him!

*The C:IA rush The Rat who begins running and firing his various weapons at the team. Void takes flight and attempts to fire a silk shot but is forced to go back when a part of a building begins to crumble over him.*

Shadowstrike: Take this!

*Shadow sends a flurry of sonic slicers at The Rat, who is unable to dodge the quick attack. Smoke arises from where the slicers hit and soon he is hidden in it.*

Shadowstrike: Ha! That got him!

Dark Knight: Don’t be too sure.

Shadowstrike: *Sees The Rat emerge* Aw crap, he’s still standing.

The Rat: Heh, just a scratch.

Rebel: You won’t be laughing after this!

*Rebel throws several magnet mines but to no avail as The Rat shoots each one before they can get too close. Outlaw launches some spin wheels but they too as taken out.*

Rebel: Damn.

The Rat: This is too easy! Are you two enjoying the show?

Dead Man: ….

R.O.B.: Beep.

Void: Let’s try something different guys. He’s been keeping us away with long range attacks so maybe we can do better if we get in close. Metabad, Outlaw, Shadow, and I will provide cover fire while the rest of you rush him and take him down any way you can.

Rebel: *Cracks knuckles* His face doesn’t know what’s coming!

Majin: I’m ready when you are!

Sean: How do I keep getting myself in these situations?

Rebel: NOW!

*The three chosen to get in close take off towards The Rat. Before he can fire at them he is forced to dodge the attacks of those providing the cover fire. The Rat returns fire at the group allowing the three to get in close enough to launch their own attacks.*

Sean: Yah!

*Using momentum, Sean goes into his shell and knocks The Rat to the ground. Majin uses his vines to cover and tie him up. Rebel gets a few hit in with his fists and tail.*

Rebel: Not so tough when you can’t shoot at us, huh small fry?

The Rat: Who says I can’t shoot at you?

*The Rat uses his tail to fire a beam directly in Rebel’s face. While the beam itself wasn’t strong enough to do major damage, the recoil sent Rebel flying back. He is caught by Outlaw.*

Outlaw: You ok?

Rebel: *Very pissed off* His tail has a laser on it… Of course his tail has a fucking laser on it!

The Rat: *Still tied up* If you think that was bad, just wait until I break out of this. Then you’ll really see some fire works!

Majin: I think not.

*Majin sends shock waves through his vines. Sean hits him a few times with his weapon for good measure as well. The Rat yells in pain.*

Shadowstrike: This is our chance!

Metabad: DOGPILE!

*Everyone pounces on The Rat which allows them to land a good number of blows. Suddenly The Rat begins to shake.*

Void: What the…?


*The Rat generates a destructive energy field that throws the C:IA several feel away. A large crater is made where they used to be. The Rat, now free of the vines, is standing in the middle.*

Metabad: Didn’t see that coming.

Void: Everyone alright?

Dark Knight: I think so. What’s better is that I think we finally did some damage. Look!

*The Rat is holding his arms as sparks fly out from a few wounds.*

The Rat: Heh, not bad. You actually managed to hurt me. Shame it’s not going to help you guys much.

Rebel: Oh yeah? Well tough talk from a guy who just got his ass kicked!

The Rat: We’ll see about that. Hey R.O.B.!

R.O.B.: Beep.

*R.O.B. who was a safe distance away from the fight takes off towards The Rat with Dead Man in tow. When they reach him R.O.B. begins to do repair work.*

Shadowstrike: Oh I don’t think so!

*Shadow fires off some Sonic Slicers at the trio but hits an invisible field.*

Shadowstrike: Huh?

Sean: Wait a minute, something’s wrong.

Outlaw: No kidding, he’s getting fixed and we can’t stop it. That R.O.B. thing must be doing it.

Sean: No, that field is magic-based, and it isn’t being generated by that robot.

Dark Knight: Could it be?

Majin: Dead Man?

Dead Man: …

Void: This is bad. We need to come up with something quick.

Rebel: You’re the brains man, why can’t you come up with anything?

Void: Lets try getting in close again, but this time we all do it.

Metabad: Worth a shot I guess, and this time we’ll RAWK him so hard that he won’t know what RAWKED him!

The Rat: I hope you guys were holding back as much as I was, I wouldn’t want round two to be too easy for me.

Dark Knight: Aw crap.

Rebel: Bring it! We won’t hold back either!

Void: Why are you doing this anyway? What’s the point of all this chaos?

The Rat: I destroy for the sheer joy of destroying!

Sean: What about the bank? What did you do with the money?

The Rat: Oh that? I threw it away. I only did it for fun.

Void: So you really are crazy then.

The Rat: I just do what I like, nothing too crazy about that. Though the people who made me called me that before I melted their faces off! *laughs long and hard*

*The team prepares for their next assault. R.O.B. has finished his repair work and The Rat has stepped out of the protective barrier.*

The Rat: Good job guys; now sit back and watch the show!

R.O.B.: Beep.

Dead Man: …

*The team goes on an all-out offense as they fire their weapons at their foe. He in turn begins to dodge the slower attacks and hit the others with shots from his arm cannon. Compartments on The Rats body start to open up, firing missiles and energy beams at the team.*

Outlaw: You weren’t kidding when you said they put a lot of stuff on him!

Sean: This sucks! *gets hit and is thrown back*

*Void flies over The Rat and unleashes a Solar Beam that he had been charging. This hits The Rat but also makes him angry. He shoots at Void who manages to not get hit.*

Void: Little help over here!

Dark Knight: I got him! *rushes and tackles The Rat* Try this!

*DK fires some nasty looking bubbles at The Rat.*

The Rat: Ugh, get away from me! *fires a strong blast, knocking DK back*

Rebel: DK!

Dark Knight: I’m good… Kinda.

Shadowstrike: What was that you just did?

Dark Knight: A little something I picked up while sewer hunting with Outlaw. I call that the “Sewer Bubble Belch”!

Outlaw: Awesome!

Majin: Let’s keep on him guys!

*The C:IA once again goes after their enemy. Sean has rejoined the fight as well. The Rat takes a few hits but does not slow down. His attacks are hitting more often however, and are also doing far more damage.*

The Rat: You jerks may be good, but I’m better! When I’m done with you I think I’ll level more of this city!

Metabad: In your dreams! Hey Outlaw, throw me!

Outlaw: What? Oh I get it; right on my man!

*Outlaw picks up and throws Metabad like a javelin. Metabad then ignites and slams into the Rat. Outlaw who had been running after Metabad lands a solid and powerful punch on The Rat as well.*

Void: Great going guys!

Metabad: Oh yeah, we rawk, we rawk, we, we, we rawk!

*Majin charges up and uses his vines like a whip. Rebel throws several handfuls of shurikens at him as well. The Rat is able to avoid these and returns some heavy fire.*

The Rat: That all you got?

Shadowstrike: Not by a long shot!

*Shadow uses his super speed to slam into The Rat. He is sent back but quickly recovers and hits Shadow with a missile fired from under his hat.*

Shadowstrike: *Yells in pain*

Rebel: This vermin is really PISSING ME OFF!

Metabad: Yeah!

*Rebel sends a bunch of Magnet Mines flying towards The Rat. Before he has a chance to shoot them Metabad uses his Speed Burner. The fire hits the mines causing an intense fire blast! The Rat is hit with the full force of this explosion.*

The Rat: *Panting* What?! How?!

< img src=”/pictures/flame32.gif”> C:IA: Whoa!

Majin: What was that?

Void: When your weapons combined it seems to have caused some kind of reaction, making a new attack. Very interesting…

Rebel: That there was a “FIRE BOMB”! I so rule!

Sean: I wonder if that will work with the rest of our weapons.

Void: Well we know fire sure works so how bout you try that with Outlaw?

Metabad: We get to rawk again Gator-dude!

Outlaw: Yeah!

*Outlaw sends out some Spin Wheels. Metabad hits them with his fire which causes another strong reaction. Instead on the normal blades, the result is a large spinning “Fire Wheel”. It too hits the stunned Rat.*

Shadowstrike: Ha! Now we’ve got you!

The Rat: You… ARE ALL DEAD!

*The Rat begins to charge up. He is glowing with power and the pavement around him begins to crack.*

Dark Knight: Um…Void? Rebel? Anyone?

Void: Oh man this is bad. I didn’t know he could charge up. A direct hit could kill us!

Shadowstrike: *Panicked* What do we do?! What do we do?!

The Rat: There’s nothing you can do now! I’m going to turn you into a molten pile of scrap!

R.O.B.: Beep.

The Rat: What? It’s that time already? Damn. We better hurry home then!

C:IA: Huh?

*The Rat powers down a little and walks away with his cohorts.*

Majin: What are you doing?

The Rat: Myth Busters is coming on soon. That’s my favorite show and I never miss it. We’ll have to finish this some other time. Later, haters.

Sean: Saved by a TV show?

Rebel: I’ll take it any way it comes. I’m beat, let’s get out of here.

Shadowstrike: I agree. What’s the matter, Void?

Void: I just can’t figure out how he got reactivated. The more I think about it the more it puzzles me. It couldn’t have been Anti, since there would have been no way he could have known about The Rat.

Outlaw: I’ve got a good guess. Look around.

*The team does so. The area in which they were fighting is completely trashed. Several buildings were damaged and even more damage was done to the surrounding area.*

Majin: Yeah… I think I know what you’re getting at.

Shadowstrike and Rebel: Yuber.

???: You rang?

*Suddenly Yuber appears in front of the team.*

Rebel: You!

Yuber: Impressive work.

Void: Why did you do this!?

Yuber: For someone so smart you ask very stupid questions. Have you forgotten our deal already*?

*See Series 3, Epilogue #38 “Dance of the Abyss (part 2)”

Void: Grrrr…

Yuber: The reason is simple. You cause the most destruction when you fight, so I needed to find a suitable opponent for you. The Rat was easy to find, his mind and spirit desired for destruction almost as much as I do. And he won’t be your only problem. I’ll make sure you hold up your end of the bargain. Until we meet again.

Rebel: Wait!

*Yuber vanishes.*

Sean: Can we go home now?

Majin: I really need a beer.

Void: Yeah, let’s go.

*The C:IA head back to the Whale King. A little while later it is air born. A good distance away The Rat turns around and see’s the ship.*

The Rat: Heh. Cool ship.

R.O.B.: Beep.

The Rat: Yeah, I do still have some of that charged up energy. No sense in wasting it.

*Back on board the Whale King.*

Metabad: Man, today so did not rawk!

Dark Knight: For once I agree with you.

*Suddenly alarms sound.*

Rebel: What now?!


*The ship is rocked hard but does not fall.*

Outlaw: How bad is it?

Sean: Looks like one of our engines is damaged.

Void: Shadow, you go and check out the rest of the ship. I’ll go out and see if I can’t fix that engine.

Majin: Couldn’t you just wait until we land?

Void: That’s one of our main thrusters. If it isn’t going we will loose fuel at a much faster rate, so if I don’t fix it now we could crash.

Rebel: Well we sure don’t want that.

*Void exits through a hatch in the roof and flies to the damaged engine. Outlaw follows as far as the door.*

Outlaw: What do you think, can you fix it?

Void: This shouldn’t be too hard.

*Void goes to work and makes the repairs.*

Void: That went well. Now to get it going again from…

*Void is cut off as the engine roars to life. Void is hit with the force of it and is knocked unconscious as he sent flying off the ship.*

Outlaw: VOID!! *jumps out and dives after him* (Please work! Please work! Let me catch him before this thing turns on!)

*Outlaw is able to get to Void just in the nick of time. They are both transported back to the bridge of the ship.*

Outlaw: Void, wake up man!

Void: Uhhhhh…

Metabad: You alright?

Void: Yeah… I guess you were right after all Outlaw.

Rebel: Hey, I was there too!

Majin: Did you fix the engine?

Void: Yeah, we’ll be ok.

Shadowstrike: *Rushes in* More bad news guys.

Dark Knight: More damage?

Shadowstrike: Worse. They are gone.

Sean: *Shocked* Ack! Who?

Shadowstrike: Donald Trump and Ryouga! Both of them are gone! Their cells are still locked and everything. It’s like they vanished.

Rebel: Three guesses on who is behind this.

Void: Damn that Yuber. What else can go wrong?

Metabad: Well, we never did find all that money.

Dark Knight: Just shut up.

Rebel: We need to prepare team.


Serges: I can’t believe it!

Agile: Look at all this cash! We’re rich!!

Violen: We finally get a lucky break! Woohoo!

Agile: I knew living in this dumpster would come in handy one day! What should we buy first? A new car? An actual home?

Serges: No, I have a much better idea.

Violen: What?

Serges: Upgrades. The X-Hunters will be jokes no more!

The End… For Now…


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