Darkness Comes

*Written by Rebel4000*


*It was the day of Halloween and at the Island Attackers base, the Whale King, things seemed normal enough. No special incidents, no major battles against any foes, nothing. That is to say, until night came…*

Dracula: *on tv* I vant to drink your blood! BLOOD!!

Girl: *screams*

Dark Knight: *yawns* Boring.

Shadowstrike: People who say new horror movies are lame and praise the old ones don’t know what they are talking about.

Outlaw: *shaking uncontrollably* Y-yeah… D-don’t know w-w-what they’re t-talking about…

Majin: *passed out with a bottle of beer in hand* Zzzz…

Void: *walks into the room* Are you guys still awake?

Dark Knight: Yes?

Shadowstrike: Is there a problem?

Void: It’s three o’clock in the morning. Some of us are trying to sleep, y’know.

Metabad: BUT D00D!! IT’S TOTALLY HALLOWEEN AND CANDY IS TASTY AND YUM YUM YUM!! *shoves a box of Gobstoppers in mouth*

Shadowstrike: You aren’t supposed to eat the box!

Metabad: *spits the box out*

Shadowstrike: *gets hit in the face with it* GROSS!!

Rebel: *drinking a can of Barqs* Void, we’re too cool for trick or treating. Therefore, we must indulge ourselves by staying up late and watching old horror movies.

Outlaw: W-w-what he said…

Void: Whatever. Unlike MOST people, I am trying to get some sleep. Who knows when we’ll have another threat coming up?

Rebel: Bah! Sean said the same thing. You know what we said?

Void: *sarcastically* I couldn’t begin to imagine…

Rebel, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Dark Knight: IT COULD BE WORSE!!

*Below Sean is heard screaming much profanity.*

Void: Why is Sean below us?

Rebel: Ah, yes, that was also a part of his punishment.

Void: Punishment?

Rebel: Yes. PUNISHMENT FOR HIS INSOLENCE!! *shakes fist with anger*

Shadowstrike: All who disobey the power of the movies watches the dungeon!


Majin: *hiccups and rolls over* ZzzzzzzzZZZzzz… biggle wiggles never said no jives… *burps*

Void: Riiiiight. We don’t even have anyone down in those cells anymore.

Outlaw: B-but Void… I’m telling ya I think that giant g-g-gorilla is still down there somewhere–

Void: There is no gorilla! Quit being stupid and go to bed already. *leaves*

Everyone else: …

Majin: jive jiven jivey jives… zzzzz…

Rebel: *gets up and stretches* Welp, best go check on Sean. Get to it, DK.

Dark Knight: What!? Why do I have to do it?

Rebel: ‘Cause I just finished my root beer. I demand more! Now go.

Dark Knight: Fine, fine… BUT DON’T START THE NEXT MOVIE WITHOUT ME!! *runs off*

Shadowstrike: Too late. *pops in Frankenstein*

Outlaw: No! This one is really s-s-scary!

Metabad: Nuh-uh! IT’S TOTALLY RAWKIN’ MAN!! *rawks*

Shadowstrike: …

*With Dark Knight…*

Dark Knight: *heads into the ship’s cell room* Yo, Sean.

Sean: *points* YOU!!

Dark Knight: *points at self* ME!!

Sean: How dare you activate my curse in this dark and gloomy place and then come down here to check up on me!

Dark Knight: …’Kay. *turns to leave*

Sean: Wait! Don’t go!

Dark Knight: Why?

Sean: It’s lonely.

Dark Knight: *leaves*


*As DK is heading back toward the stairs, he takes a look into one of the cells. There he sees a puddle of goo on the floor.*

Dark Knight: Oh my God! *opens up the cell and goes inside*

Sean: Huh? What’re you doing?

Dark Knight: This was Trump’s cell, right? This goo was from Outlaw’s dinner last Christmas*!

*See Series 3, Epilogue #31 “The CIA Holiday Special!”

Sean: Yeah, it’s almost a year old and it still stinks.

Dark Knight: Exactly! It’s dinner time! *gets on the floor and starts licking up the goo*


Dark Knight: *stops and looks at Sean* I just said “It’s dinner time!”.

Sean: That stuff is almost a year old, though!

Dark Knight: Which just gives it better taste! It’s like wine, Sean. Outlaw taught me these things.

Sean: That’s… just… nasty.

Dark Knight: Could be worse. *goes back to licking*

Sean: *gets shocked* Ack! Okay, I’m outta here. I gotta get the pump from Void’s lab when you end up poisoning yourself. *runs upstairs*

*Not paying Sean any attention, Dark Knight continues to lick up his “dinner”. His back turned to the cell, however, he fails to notice the shadow that creeps up behind him.*

Dark Knight: *too busy to turn around* Is that you, Sean? Look, I’m fine, so you can put that stupid pump away. Okay? …Sean? *turns around* W-what the… no… No! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Rebel: So lemme get this straight: You left your position to get a pump?

Sean: Yes.

Rebel: Sean! I am tired of you disobeying my orders! I am going to demote you.

Sean: …To what?

Rebel: I need to drink on it. IT WON’T BE PRETTY THOUGH!! *smacks Sean*

Sean: Ow.


Shadowstrike: What in the world!?

Outlaw: *hiding under the cushions* Frankenstein! He got DK!

Majin: *lying on top of the cushions* Zzz… giddy up woowoowoo…

Rebel: Okay, first off, I doubt Frank got DK.

Outlaw: Not Frank! Frankenstein!


Sean: Well, one is our enemy and the other isn’t. *gets smacked again* WHY DO YOU KEEP SMACKING ME!?

Void: *enters* I can’t get any sleep around here! Who was it was screaming and why are you guys yelling!?

Rebel and Sean: *points at one another* HE DID IT!! NO HE DID IT!! I DIDN’T DO IT!! QUIT BLAMING ME FOR THIS!! IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM!!

Shadowstrike: Sean left the dungeon with DK still there, and we heard DK screaming.


Void: What? Then why haven’t we checked already?

Outlaw: B-but Frankenstein is down there!

Void: …

Outlaw: …

Rebel: …

Sean: …

Shadowstrike: …

Metabad: …

Majin: Zzz…

Void: …Right. Well, we’ll all go down and check. I guess Outlaw can wait here though.

Outlaw: Whew!


Void: Yes?

Rebel: The only person waiting here is gonna be Sean!

Sean: What!? Why me?

Rebel: You left your position, remember? THIS IS PAYBACK!! *smacks Sean*

Sean: *rubbing cheek* Damn it.

Metabad: S’okay, dude. It could always be worse.

Sean: *shocked* Damn it.

Outlaw: So I have to go?

Rebel: Yes.

Outlaw: NO!! I DON’T WANNA GOOOOoooooooo… *gets dragged off*

Sean: Sigh. Alone again.

Majin: *sleeping next to Sean* bobobobobobo

Sean: Sort of.

*The rest of the team heads downstairs to the cells.*

Shadowstrike: DK! Where are you?


Void: This is strange… very strange.

Rebel: I’ll say. How dare he disappear during the middle of a movie!

Outlaw: G-guys… I don’t see him…

Void: Hmm…

Metabad: Not rawkin’.

Rebel: Well, this was a colossal waste of time! Let’s go back, guys–


Rebel, Outlaw, Void, Shadowstrike, Metabad: What!?

Shadowstrike: Sean’s in trouble!

Void: Hurry!

*The team races back into the living room. There they see Majin still fast asleep on the couch… with Sean’s empty shell next to him.*

Metabad: WHAT IS THIS!?

Void: I don’t know what is going on… is this some sort of joke!?

Shadowstrike: Why would Sean leave his shell…? Unless…

Outlaw: Frankenstein!

Rebel: For the last time, Outlaw, FRANK ISN’T BEHIND THIS!!

Void: Frank? What does Frank have to do with anything–

Metabad: WHOOOA!!

Void: Huh?

Metabad: Rawk powerz… ACTIVATE!! I got an idea! *shakes Majin*

Majin: Gurbeldurp!! *wakes up*

Metabad: What happened to Sean?

Majin: o well u see… sumtin hapend.

Shadowstrike: Like?

Majin: i dunno lol

Rebel, Outlaw, Void, Shadowstrike: …

Metabad: …YEAH!! *rawks*

Rebel: Okay, I’m getting sick of this. Let’s split up and see if we can find DK and Sean. Outlaw, Metabad and I will check the left wing. Void, Shadowstrike, and Majin will check the right. Got it?

Everyone else: Got it!

Rebel: Let’s go!

*The team splits up. Little do they realize that two shadows were following them…*

Outlaw: Oh man… what if F-Frankenstein gets us?

Rebel: Shut up already!

Outlaw: I’m serious, you guys!

Metabad: But d00dz, if something did get DK and it was down in the cells, wouldn’t it be that gorilla you keep going on about?

Outlaw: …So you’re saying that the gorilla and Frankenstein are in cahoots!?

Metabad: MAYBE!! *maniacal laughter with a lightning bolt*

Outlaw: *screams and faints*

Rebel: God damn it. Now it’s starting to rain. What else could go wrong?

Metabad: Uhh… Outlaw just fainted.

Rebel: Who?

Metabad: I DUNNO!! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

*In the right wing…*

Majin: *riding on Shadow’s back* ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM

Shadowstrike: Not running.

Void: Quiet you guys. We need to find a clue to Sean and DK’s whereabouts.

Shadowstrike: Do you really think we’ll find one?

Void: Well, if we don’t find one we will find them. They’ve got to be on the ship somewhere, right?

Shadowstrike: It’s a big ship, though.

Majin: *beating on Shadow’s head* faster pony!! GO FAAAASTER!!

Void: It may be a big ship but they still need to be somewhere on it. So we need to keep looking.

Shadowstrike: Okay…

Majin: YEEEEEEHAAAAAW!! *burps*

Shadowstrike: Majin, will you get off of me!? I’m not gonna run!

Majin: no u *jabs feet into Shadow’s sides*

Shadowstrike: *squeals and takes off running down the hall*

Void: You guys! Wait up! *starts following*

Shadowstrike: I CAN’T STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!! *crashes through a door and trips and falls into a room* ACK!!

Majin: wheeeeeeeeeee *hits head on wall*

Shadowstrike: *getting up* Okay… ow… not doing that again…

Majin: *rolling about on the floor* soopy doopy!

Shadowstrike: Ugh… hey Void, did you happen to bring a sub-tank with you? *looks up to see Void not there* …Void?

*Shadowstrike, worried, runs out of the room, looking for Void but cannot find a trace of him anywhere.*

Shadowstrike: VOOOOID!?

*A few minutes later he heads back to the room where he crashed into.*

Shadowstrike: Majin, I can’t find Void! Have you seen him!?

Majin: nopez

Shadowstrike: Damn it. He’s gone missing too! We need to find the others, now… *hears some thunder followed by the lights going out* …Great. There goes the power. *some dim lights turn on* And there goes the auxillery. This is gonna make it harder to… HUH!?

*During the interval of the lights going off and back on, Majin disappeared.*

Shadowstrike: Majin? MAJIN!? WHERE DID YOU GO!? *runs back outside yelling* DON’T LEAVE ME ALL ALONE!!

*Back with Rebel and Metabad…*

Rebel: *raiding the fridge* Can’t search for our missing team members without some refreshing Coke products!

Metabad: Rite.

Rebel: *tosses Metabad a can of Coke* Bottoms up!

*The two chug their cans before slamming them back down.*

Rebel and Metabad: Ahhh… That hit the spot!

Metabad: But liek, do you think we did a good thing leaving Outlaw behind?

Rebel: What happened to him again?

Metabad: I can’t remember.

Rebel: IT’S HIS FAULT THEN!! So anyway, since we’re done “inspecting” the kitchen, how about we go “inspect” the pantry next?

Metabad: That’s a rawkin’ idea, d00d.

Rebel: Totally. *heads into the pantry* Hmm… let’s see… WE NEED TO MAKE SOME PB&J’S!!

Metabad: YEAH!!

Rebel: So… we’ll get the peanut butterrrrrr… *throws Metabad a jar of peanut butter* We’ll get the breeeeeaaaad… *throws Metabad a loaf of bread* …And now we need some jelly! Metabad, can you be a pal and get some jelly? I’m gonna look for some chips…

Metabad: I’LL FIND THAT JELLY IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO!! *rawks off to the fridge*

Rebel: Hmm… Doritos? Nah… Ruffles? Close… Where are my favorite chips? Grr… How’re things looking on your end, Meta? Did you find the jelly? *is handed a jar of jelly from behind* Haha, that’s cute Metabad, but I don’t need the jelly ’cause I gave you everything else…

*Turning around to hand the jelly back, Rebel notices that the person in front of him is most definitely not Metabad.*

Rebel: Who the Hell are you!?


Outlaw: *wakes up* Ooh, my head… Wait, where did Rebel and Metabad go? Did they… leave me? ALL ALONE!? *curls into a ball and starts sucking his thumb*


Outlaw: What was that!?

Rebel: STAY AWAY!!

Outlaw: Rebel!?

*Without a moment to lose Outlaw jumps up and races toward the kitchen. As he nears it he sees Rebel on the ground outside, getting dragged by some unseen force.*

Outlaw: Rebel!

Rebel: Outlaw!? SAAAAVE MEEEEEEEEeeee…

Outlaw: NO!! *lunges for Rebel’s hand but misses*

Rebel: *disappears into the darkness*

Outlaw: No, no! REBEL!! *desperately tries to find him but fails* Why is this happening!? Who is doing this… and why!? WHY!?

*A crash is heard in the distance. Outlaw, tensing up from fear and anxiety, edges toward the source. He hears some more noise in a room furthest down the hall, all the way in a storeroom. Cautiously, he opens the door with a Spin Wheel in hand, preparing to slice the intruder’s head clean off…*

Shadowstrike: *sees the Spin Wheel coming* WAAAH!! *dodges*

Outlaw: Oh crap, oh crap! Shadow! *drops the weapon* What’re you doing in here!?

Shadowstrike: I’m uh… I’m… looking for Majin?

Outlaw: …

Shadowstrike: …

Outlaw: …Did you find him?

Shadowstrike: …No.

Outlaw: What about Void?

Shadowstrike: They… they both disappeared! It happened so suddenly… What about Rebel and Metabad?

Outlaw: Gone… I saw Rebel get t-taken away… there is something on this ship, man… I dunno if it’s F-Frankenstein or a giant gorilla or what, but there is definitely something…

Shadowstrike: Dude, what’re we gonna do!? We’re the only ones left! We’re gonna be the next targets for sure… Oh God, I don’t wanna die, I DON’T WANNA DIE!!

Outlaw: *shakes Shadow* We have to remain calm! We gotta… or else!

Shadowstrike: No, I’m outta here! *breaks free from Outlaw* Whatever it is on this ship got the others, but they ain’t gonna get me!

Outlaw: Shadow!

Shadowstrike: See ya later, Outlaw. If you’re smart you’ll escape, too. *takes off at sonic speed*

*All Outlaw can do is watch Shadow disappear into the darkness. Letting out a big sigh, he turned to face where Rebel was dragged off to.*

Outlaw: I’ve gotta be brave… whatever it is…


Outlaw: What was that!? *turns to face the storage room* Is s-something in here!?

???: Fufufufu…



Shadowstrike: *slows down* I wonder if I made the right choice…? No… I’ve gotta get outta here! They won’t get me!

???: Shadowstrike…

Shadowstrike: Huh!? *stops* Who’s there!?

???: Shadowstrike… Shadow…

Shadowstrike: How do you know my name!?

???: Come play with us Shadow… FOr eVer aND eVeR AnD EVER…

Shadowstrike: L…L…LEAVE ME ALONE!! *takes off running*

???: Hahahahah… yOU cANnoT eScapE!!!

*Without warning, Shadowstrike steps on a strange, white substance in the middle of the floor, slips, and lands on his back. Yelling in pain, he can do little to get back up as he notices a disformed shadow creeping over him…*

Shadowstrike: No… stay away… leave me alone… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

*Back with Outlaw…*

Outlaw: *running through the halls* Gotta… gotta get away…!

???: *following silently behind Outlaw*

Outlaw: Don’t look back… you don’t wanna look back… *takes a look behind him*

???: *catching up*

Outlaw: CRAP I LOOKED!! *focuses more on running*

*Outlaw barrels into the living room with the television still playing Frankenstein. As the movie reached its climax, Outlaw jumped over the couch and, using his immense strength, threw the couch toward his chaser in hopes of slowing him down. He then proceeded to keep moving.*

Outlaw: I hope… that slowed him down… *turns a corner*

???: *silhoutte appears before him* Heheheh… wHere aRE yoU goInG?

Outlaw: AAAHHHHHHHHH!! *heads back to the living room*

???: *shadow appears from behind the couch* ThERe iS nO EsCApe!

Outlaw: NOOOO!! *turns back around and sees another form*

???: Fufufufufu…

Outlaw: Huh? Huh!? There… ARE TWO OF THEM!?

??? #1: TiME tO pLay…

??? #2: tiMe To PLaY…

Outlaw: *lets out an ear-piercing scream before running down another hallway*

??? #1 and 2: Heeheehee… *follows*

Outlaw: *getting tired* It’s no use… I can’t get away… I’ve got to hide… There!

*With the two mysterious intruders momentarily out of sight, Outlaw runs into Void’s lab. The lab itself was large with many odds and ends within, giving Outlaw plenty of places to choose from. In the end he chose to hide under a table with a white blanket covering the underside.*

Outlaw: *heart racing* (Please don’t find me… please don’t find me… please don’t find me… please don’t find me…)

*Out of the corner of his eye, Outlaw sees two shadows behind the blanket enter the room, walking slowly around without a word. Trying his best to not make a sound, Outlaw even holds his breath as the pair inch closer to his hiding spot…*

Outlaw: (No… don’t find me… don’t look here… please… don’t… look…) *passes out*

??? #1 and 2: Heeheehee…

*A couple hours later… in the cell room…*

Outlaw: *wakes up* Mm? *sees himself tied and gagged* Mmm!!

??? #1: *near him, in the shadows* Heheheh… wAkEy-WaKeY…

Outlaw: *struggling to break free* MMMMM!!!

??? #2: *appears behind Outlaw* Fufufufu… *removes his gag*


??? #2: Heheheh… yOUr fRieNds aRE oUrs…

Outlaw: Mm!

??? #1: Fufufu… TimE tO pLAy… doCTor… *holds up a knife in the light*

Outlaw: *eyes wide with fear* MMMM!!

??? #2: Heeheehee… wHo wE aRe…

*As if by magic, despite the constant sound of thunder in the background, the lights suddenly turn back on, with a small light above the cell room that Outlaw was in turning on full blast, lighting up the entire area. Within the two intruders are revealed to be…*

Outlaw: !!!

Oreo Bros.: THE Oreo Bros.!!

Outlaw: *flipping out at what he is seeing* MMM!!!

Oreo: Yeah, that’s right. It’s us bitch. Bet you didn’t see that coming, huh?

Loreo: You stupid Island Attackers never pay any attention to us, always giving time to your “Anti-Majin” and “Frankenploid” and “Yuber”. Hell, even those losers, the X-Hunters, get more screen time than us! In fact, they even got a huge plot twist! What the Hell do we get!?

Oreo: On top of that you arrested our boss! We hate you swine! That’s why we’re gonna kill you…

Outlaw: *manages to get the gag off* NO!!

Loreo: Ohhh yes… We’re gonna kill you. We’re gonna kill you so fuckin’ hard, man.

Oreo: *holding the knife* Time to play… doctor… and say nighty-night… *raises it*

Outlaw: DON’T DO IT!! *shuts eyes in fear*

*Fortunately for Outlaw, the knife never came down. Instead, much screaming could be heard.*

Oreo: W-what the Hell!?

Loreo: What is that thing!?

???: *lets out a cry before pummeling the brothers*


Oreo: No, not the face! NOT THE FACE!!


Outlaw: H… huh? *opens an eye and sees the brothers on the ground, beaten badly* What just happened?

Loreo: G-giant… monkey…

Oreo: N-neverm-more…

Outlaw: Didn’t think I’d see the day. *uses all of his strength to break free from his bondages* Now where are the others? Guys!?

*Outlaw checks the next cell over and sees his team members all chained up to the wall, unconcious.*

Sean: *waking up* Ugh… Outlaw?

Outlaw: Hold on, I’m gonna get you guys down!

*Without delay the members were reunited with the Oreo Bros. apprehended*

Rebel: So it was these little fuckers that did this!?

Outlaw: Yeah… but then the gorilla saved us!

Void: Suuure it did, Outlaw. Just like Randomness joined up with Anti*.

*See Series 3, Epilogue #37 “Dance of the Abyss (part 1)”

Dark Knight: What!? I thought you believed us!

Void: It’s all theoretical, my friend.

Sean: Never mind that, what’re we gonna do about these two?

Oreo Bros.: *still knocked out* Uuuugh…

Shadowstrike: We kill them.

Dark Knight: I agree with this idea full-heartedly.

Majin: *burps* me 2!!

Void: Sure.

Sean: Works for me.

Rebel: *cracking knuckles* These two are gonna GET IT.

Metabad: It’s time to rawk some sawkz awff. *pulls out whip*

Outlaw: Wait, guys. Don’t.

Rebel: Oh, c’mon, Outlaw! Are you gonna tell us not to kill them, too!? You did the same shit with Anti*!

*See Series 3, Epilogue #38 “Dance of the Abyss (part 2)”

Dark Knight: Yeah, lighten up!

Outlaw: Ohhh no. I’ve got a better idea…

*A few minutes later…*

Oreo: *coming to* Huh… where are we?

Loreo: It looks like we’re tied to a rope hanging off the side of the ship.

Oreo: Oh, okay.

Loreo: …

Oreo: …

Loreo: …

Oreo: …SAY WHAT!?


Outlaw: Okay, Shadow, hit the gas!

Shadowstrike: Roger! *makes the Whale King go at top speed*

Metabad: *has to grab onto a chair so he doesn’t go flying* THIS IS GONNA RAAAAAAAAAAAAWK!!

Void: *grabbing a hurl bag* FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, I’M GONNA THROW UUUUUPPP!! *hurls*


Oreo Bros.: *getting dragged along* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!



*The Oreo Bros. continue to go flying in the air as the Whale King moves onward in its crazed flight. Suddenly, however, the Oreo Bros. vanish in a flash of light.*

CIA: Huh!?


Shadowstrike: *stops it*

Sean: Okay, what just happened?

Outlaw: I dunno. It was just getting to the good part, too.

Rebel: Damn those oreos! DAMN THEM TO HELL!! *shakes fist angrily*

Majin: liek wut hapend 2 teh cookies?


Void: …Nah. We did that already*.

*See Series 1, Epilogue #4 “Destroying the Space Time Continuum (part 1)”

Dark Knight: Y’know what? Who knows and who cares. It’s going on six in the morning and I want to get some damn good sleep.

Shadowstrike: I hear ya. Let’s get out of here guys.

Rebel: Pfft, staying up one night and you guys are tired? *drinks a can of coke* Lightweights.

Majin: yah wat lite daipers *foams at the mouth*

*The CIA survived the doom that the night both brought and left with to embrace the morning sun. What happened to the Oreo Bros., however? In another time, another place…*

Oreo: *getting up* Oof… we smacked right into the ground at those speeds…

Loreo: It’s a good thing we’re made of creamy white filling or we would be goners for sure!

Oreo: I know what ya mean, bro. Where are we, anyway…?

Loreo: I dunno. Let’s ask that kid over there for some directions.

Oreo: Good idea… *stumbles over to the kid* ‘Scuse me, could you tell us where we are, exactly?

Martyr: …

Oreo: Uh… hello?

Martyr: …

Loreo: Maybe he’s asleep… with his eyes open.

Martyr: …Oreos. *licks lips*

Oreo Bros.: … *runs*

Martyr: *chases*

The End


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