Captain’s Orders

*Written by Rebel4000*

*’Twas another day on the Whale King, home of the Island Attackers.*

Ryouga: *on the windshield* Island Attackers! I challenge you to a duel!

Void: …How did he get on our windshield?

Shadowstrike: No idea. I was just piloting the ship when I hit him.

Void: But we’re 50,000 miles above ground!

Shadowstrike: Look, I just pilot the ship. It’s not my problem.


Sean: What exactly will we earn from letting you in?

Ryouga: A duel. With me.

Sean: Should we accept his terms?

Void: Hmm…

Ryouga: Well!?

Void: No. *activates the windshield wipers*

Ryouga: *gets smeared off the windshield* YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF MEEEEEEEeeeee…

Dark Knight: *comes in* Hey guys, what’s up?

Shadowstrike: You just missed Ryouga getting pwned.

Dark Knight: Damn. Could have been worse, I guess.

Sean: *shocked* Yipe!

Metabad: *comes in* WHAT’S GOING ON GUYS!?

Dark Knight: We just missed Ryouga getting pwned.

Metabad: Did it have anything to do with curses?

Shadowstrike: Not really.

Metabad: Osnapz. I guess it could have been worse, though.

Sean: *shocked* Double yipe!

Void: *rubbing chin* I still wonder how he got on our windshield…

Shadowstrike: Can’t be that big of a deal, can it?

Void: Well, what if someone else were to end up on our windshield by some freak accident? That would cause… problems.

Metabad and Dark Knight: IT COULD BE WORSE!!

Sean: *shocked* KNOCK IF OFF ALREADY!! *chases*

Metabad and Dark Knight: *runs*

Void: *sigh* Those three–

*Suddenly, without warning, there is a loud “thump” from up above. Everyone onboard the ship immediately stops what they’re doing to look upward, toward the source.*

Rebel: *teleports in* What the Hell was that noise?

Shadowstrike: Sounded like a thump.

Rebel: No shit.

Void: Now, now. Let’s go get the others and check it out. *grabs a pager* Everyone, please meet up on the deck! I repeat, please meet up on the deck. *hangs up*

Rebel: …Void, I thought we already went over this. Stop stealing my lines*!

*See Series 1, Epilogue #1 “Undercover Kicks”

*On the deck…*

Outlaw: ‘Sup everyone? Why were we called here?

Majin: YAH dont u no i gots ta peeeeeeeeeee *pees everywhere*


Metabad: DUDE THAT GROSS IN A RAWKIN’ SORT OF WAY!! *rawks, then acts disgusted, then rawks again, then acts disgusted again*

Shadowstrike: *sees Outlaw just standing there* OUTLAW AREN’T YOU DISTURBED BY THIS!?

Outlaw: Disturbed by what?


Outlaw: Oh, I thought it was just dirty rain. *to Majin* Yo, Maj dude, chill, ‘kay?

Majin: okiez *stops*

Void: *soaked* Well, now we’re all going to need baths!

Outlaw: …

Void: Don’t give me that look.

Rebel: Whatever! Look, let’s just figure out where that stupid noise came from.


Shadowstrike: That noise…

Dark Knight: Oh, no…

Flannery: *explodes onto the scene, throwing sand everywhere* SAND FOR EVERYOOOOOOONE!!


Void: *avoiding the sand* Flannery! How did you get on the ship!?

Flannery: I fell.

Void: So that was you!? BUT HOW!?


Outlaw: *nibbling on some sand* Logic doesn’t seem to mix with this girl.

Rebel: *wiping the sand off himself* All right, Little Miss Flannery, what exactly do you want?

Flannery: I wanted to show you guys something!

Shadowstrike: Oh god, it’s her relatives. I know it.

Majin: do ya tink tehy leik sandy shtuf 2??

Flannery: *runs inside*

Void: Oh crap. Quick! Don’t let her get away! *chases after*

Everyone else: *follows*

Outlaw: *now inside* Gasp… where did she go?

Sean: No idea… I’m just gonna sit here for a moment to catch my breath… Man this shell is heavy… *sits on the couch*

Rebel: All right, well… let’s split up. If you find her, just holler. *leaves*

Outlaw, Void, Majin, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Dark Knight: Right! *leaves*

Sean: Split up… right… I’m on it… Huh?

Flannery: *comes in holding a pie* Hi Sean.

Sean: …Hi?

Flannery: I baked you a pie.

Sean: Um… thanks… I think…

Flannery: Here, have some! *hands him a slice*

Sean: … *looks at Flannery*

Flannery: *waiting for him to eat it*

Sean: …Gulp. *takes a bite and eyes open wide* Wow, this is delicious! *takes another bite*

Flannery: You like it? YAY!!

Sean: This is good. Really good. *takes another bite* What kind of pie is this? Cherry?

Flannery: Noooo.

Sean: Strawberry?

Flannery: Nooooooooo.

Sean: Apple?

Flannery: Nooooooooooooooooo.

Sean: Okay, I give up. *takes another bite* What is it?

Flannery: SAND!!

Sean: *stops chewing* …Huh?

Flannery: It’s sand, Sean. Sand. Now the sand is a part of you. Do you understand? *gets up and walks off*

Sean: …

Metabad: *comes in* Oh man, is that pie!?

Sean: Uh… yeah…


Sean: Sure. *hands the pie over*

Metabad: W00T!! *starts eating* Oh yeah, where’s the Cool Hip?

Sean: What?

Metabad: Cool Hip. You can’t have a pie without Cool Hip.

Sean: Say Cool Whip again.

Metabad: Cool Hip.

Sean: You’re saying it wrong. It’s not Cool Hip, it’s Cool WHIP.

Metabad: Cool Hip!

Sean: Dude, why are you putting so much emphasis on the ‘h’!? It’s Cool Whip!

Metabad: Cool Hip!

Sean: Cool Whip!

Metabad: Cool Hip!

Sean: Cool Whip!

Metabad: Cool Hip!

Sean: Cool Whip!

Metabad: Cool Hip!

Sean: Cool Whip!

Metabad: Cool Hip!


Metabad: PHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTTT!! *spits the pie out*

Outlaw: *in the distance* Guys! I found her!

Rebel: *bursts into the room* What’re you two doing!? Outlaw needs us! *takes off*

Void: *chasing after Rebel* Slow down, Rebel!

Metabad: Oopsie, not rawkin’! *leaves with Sean*

*The team locates Outlaw in the kitchen, where Flannery is surrounded by sand pies.*

Rebel: *points* You! How dare you waste our precious food supply to create these abominations!

Flannery: Abomination THIS!! *throws a pie at Rebel*

Outlaw: NOOOOOOOOOO!! *jumps in front of Rebel, getting hit instead*

Shadowstrike: Outlaw!

Dark Knight: Are you okay!?

Outlaw: *has pie on face* Mmm… sandy.

Rebel: That’s it. GET HER!!

Flannery: THE SAND WILL NOT BE STOPPED!! *tries to plow through the team but fails*

Majin: *wraps Flannery up in chains* whoooooooooooa slow down buddeh

Void: Excellent work, Majin.

Majin: juss doen mah job *pats belly and belches*

Dark Knight: Let’s dispose of her! Mwahahahah!!


Outlaw, Void, Majin, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Dark Knight, Sean: Yes, sir!

*The team begins to walk down the hall, with Majin dragging Flannery behind him. Little do they realize is that someone was sneaking up behind them…*

???: Psst…

Majin: hunh? *turns around and gets hit in the face with a shovel* DING-DONG *collapses*

Shadowstrike: What in the world!? *dodges the shovel*

???: Unhand her, you fiends! Lest you taste the almighty power of the shovel that I hold!

Rebel: Oh, in that case… *gives the finger* FUCK YOU!!

???: *clobbers Rebel over the head*

Rebel: *collapses next to Majin*

Outlaw: Just who is this guy!?

???: I thought you would never ask! In a time of darkness… when the world needs a hero… there is but one person who can stand up to the terrors of society…

Dark Knight: Just get on with it, already…

???: *pumps shovel into the air* I am the one… the only… CAPTAIN SHOVELMAN!! DEFENDER OF SHOVELS… EVERYWHERE!! *fireworks go off in the background*

Flannery: YEAH GO BYRON!!

Byron: *points shovel at the CIA* Your time has come!

Void: Ooooookay. If you say so.

Byron: DIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!! *charges at Void with shovel raised*

Void: *flies over Byron*

Byron: DIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee… *keeps running down the hall*

Outlaw: Not the brightest bulb in the box, is he?

Flannery: Oh, the captain just likes to be silly.

Dark Knight: Did we say you could talk!?


*About thirty minutes later… in the living room…*

Sean: So you are a… super hero… and Flannery is your… sidekick?

Flannery: Daaaaaaaaah.

Majin: daaaaaaaaaah

Byron: That is correct! Together, the two of us form an unstoppable duo! Let us show them our form, Flannery!

Flannery: SAAAAAAND!! *drops a pile of sand on the ground*

Byron: TALLY-HO!! *scoops sand with his shovel and flings it at Majin*

Majin: *getting smacked in the face with sand* WUT TEH HOOBALOO!?

Dark Knight: That’s… interesting.

Metabad: This duo is pretty rawkin’, but not as rawkin’ as me n’ Rebel’s Super Awesome Fighting Force! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Byron: Ahh, yes, I nearly forgot! The reason why we are here is to ask for your aid!

Shadowstrike: Our aid? Us?

Byron: Yes. Flannery told me all about you and your team. We would love to have your assistance!

Rebel: What’s the catch?

Byron: No catch. Just help us purge the streets of our beloved country… *raises shovel* BEFORE IT IS TOO LAAAAAAATE!!

Rebel: Hmm… GROUP UP!! *everyone circles around him* What do you guys think?

Void: These guys are insane.

Rebel: Other than that.

Void: …These guys are insane.

Outlaw: I think we should help them. After all… he’s a single father with a daughter who has only sand to eat.

Shadowstrike: Wait, they’re related!?

Metabad: D00d, tear jerker!

Majin: tat poor famly…

Void: …I think somewhere along the lines there was a loss of communication.

Sean: Let’s just help them out. As fellow heroes, we should be doing our part as-is.

Outlaw: Yeah! What he said!

Rebel: It’s decided. *turns to Byron* We’re in. What do we have to do?

Byron: Excellent! All we must do is catch the nefarious evildoers. TO THE CITY!!

Flannery: Dun-dun-dun-dun dun-dun-dun-dun SHOVELMAAAAN!!

*Cue a close up of Bryon’s head zooming in followed by it zooming back out. Suddenly, the group is in the city!*

Shadowstrike: The Hell!?

Dark Knight: How’d we get to the city!?

Sean: *looks at Byron in horror* What are you?

Byron: I’m Shovelman.

*At that moment, a shot is heard being fired in a nearby bank.*

Majin: DANJUR!!


Flannery: Aye aye, Captain!


Void: …You’ve got to be kidding me.

Outlaw: Don’t be like that, Void man. It’s just his style!

Rebel: You guys, HURRY UP!! *chases*

*Inside the bank, we see none other than The Rat holding the place up.*

The Rat: All right, stick the money in the bag!

Employee: I can’t!

The Rat: What’s that? What’s that? You can’t? *puts his arm cannon up to the employee’s face* Run that by me again.

Employee: *sobbing* That’s not a bag! It’s a stereo!

The Rat: *lifts up the stereo* Ohhh, right. That was when we held up the Wal-Mart down the street. *tosses it to Dead Man* Catch!

Dead Man: *gets hit on the head* …

R.O.B.: Beep.

The Rat: Yeah, yeah, I’m on it. *to the employee* JUST GIVE ME SOME CASH, ALL RIGHT!?

Employee: O-okay…

Byron: *busts the door down* HALT!! COMMENCE WITH YOUR ACTIONS NO FURTHER!!

The Rat: … *blasts the employee’s head off*


Flannery: *behind Byron* YEAH!! THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT, CAPTAIN!!

The Rat: So uh, who the Hell’re you? *to Dead Man and R.O.B.* You guys got any idea?

Dead Man: …

R.O.B.: Beep.

The Rat: Huh. Okay. So who exactly are you?

Byron: Thought you would never ask! In a time of darkness… when the world needs a hero… there is but one person who can stand up to the terrors of society…

The Rat: *blasts another employee’s head off*

Byron: *pumps shovel into the air* I am the one… the only… CAPTAIN SHOVELMAN!! DEFENDER OF SHOVELS… EVERYWHERE!! *fireworks go off in the background*

Flannery: And I’m his faithful sidekick… FLANNERY!! SAND FOR EVERYONE!! *tosses sand up into the air*

Byron: And these are our companions… the Island Attackers! *steps to the side to reveal the team*

The Rat: …Oh. Heh. It’s you guys. Looks like you’ve picked up a couple o’ live ones. And here I thought I had issues.

Dead Man: …

Byron: Enough! *readies shovel* Vile creature, you will not escape from us today! Flannery!

Flannery: SAND ATTACK!! *kicks up a bunch of sand*

The Rat: Say what!? *is blinded*

Byron: HI-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! *strikes*

Majin: o0o

Shadowstrike: Did he get him!?

*As the scene unfolds, we see that R.O.B. had come in at the last moment carrying Dead Man, who in turn projected his magic barrier to deflect Byron’s attack.*

Byron: What trickery is this!?

The Rat: You lose! *shoots Byron in the knee with his laser tail*

Byron: Argh! *collapses*

Flannery: CAPTAIN!!

The Rat: All right, that was fun. The show’s over kids! *presses a button and a bus crashes through the wall* Let’s get out of here, boys!

R.O.B.: Beep. *carries both The Rat and Dead Man onboard*

Outlaw: Wait!

The Rat: Smell ya later! *takes off*

Shadowstrike: Damn… he got away.

Void: That was embarrasing.

Rebel: Shove it. How’s the captain?

Sean: *checking his knee* It’s a small injury. He won’t be doing anything on this leg for a while, though.

Byron: Curses! The fiend tricked me. Of COURSE he’d have a laser on his tail.

Rebel: Oh, of course…

Dark Knight: So what do we do now? Go home?

Byron: No! Never! We must… continue to uphold justice!

Dark Knight: But you’re knee–


Metabad: We must continue to rawk on! THE SAFF NEVER BACKS DOWN!! *rawks*

Rebel: Agreed. Outlaw, take the captain outside with us.

Outlaw: Right away, boss bug. *picks up Byron*

Flannery: I’LL GET SOME SAND!! *runs off*

*As the team walks out of the bank… it explodes.*

Dark Knight: Awww, shit.

Sean: So much for saving the bank.

Shadowstrike: Could be worse.

Sean: *shocked* God damn it.

Byron: *crying manly tears* Curse those rogues! All of those people in there… gone to waste! We must work harder!

Void: Yeah… about that… I really don’t think you’ll be doing anything on that leg.

Metabad: You can’t rawk on a bad leg! ‘Cause then you just kinda… flawp.

Majin: i c wat u did thar

Metabad: TOTALLY!! *rawks*

Sean: Seriously though, you shouldn’t push yourself.

Byron: Hmm… perhaps you are right. Then that means… *points dramatically* That YOU will all have to take over for me!

Dark Knight: We won’t let you down, Captain!

Byron: You better not!

Flannery: *comes back* I GOT SAND!! *pours it on Byron’s wound*


Outlaw: You okay, Captain!?


Flannery: I’LL GET MORE SAND!! *starts to run away*

Void: Oh god, someone stop that girl!

???: Huzzah!

Outlaw: There’s that battle cry again…

Balrog: *drops down from the sky, landing on top of Flannery* Finally found you guys!


Void: Wow, someone actually stopped her.

Dark Knight: Stopped? More like crushed.

Balrog: Uh… are you guys listening to me?

Shadowstrike: No. Now go away.

Balrog: …You guys aren’t nice.


Byron: What in the world is this fiend that crushed poor Flannery, anyway? Some sort of microwave?

Sean: No, his name is Balrog. He’s some sort of bad guy… I think.

Byron: Bad guy!? *gets up, shovel ready* THEN WE MUST STRIKE HIM DOWN!!

Balrog: Eh? Just who’re you supposed to be?

Byron: Glad you asked! In a time of darkness… when the world needs a hero… there is but one person who can stand up to the terrors of society…

Balrog: …

Byron: *pumps shovel into the air* I am the one… the only… CAPTAIN SHOVELMAN!! DEFENDER OF SHOVELS… EVERYWHERE!! *fireworks go off in the background*

Balrog: …So who’re you supposed to be?

Byron: He’s worse than I thought…

Flannery: *wriggling under Balrog* SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!

Void: *face palming* Look, Balrog, could you just PLEASE get off of Flannery?

Balrog: Huh? Who’s Flannery? *sees the girl under him* AHHHHHH IT’S THE SAND GIRL!! *jumps off her*

Flannery: I GOT SAND FOR EVERYONE!! *throws some at Balrog*

Balrog: *swatting the sand* GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!

Byron: The fiend is distracted! Now is our chance to strike!

Rebel: I like your thinking! Island Attackers… ATTACK!!

Shadowstrike: Sonic Slicer!

Outlaw: Spin Wheel!

Balrog: *gets hit by both attacks* WAAAAAH!!

Dark Knight: My turn! *fires a volley of bubbles*

Balrog: That wasn’t fair! I wasn’t ready! *dodges the bubbles and gets in close to Dark Knight*

Dark Knight: What the–*gets grabbed* Lemme go!

Balrog: Alley-oop! *tosses DK into a nearby building*

Dark Knight: *hits the wall* Gack!

Metabad: Time to rawk! *releases a flurry of fireballs*

Balrog: *releases multiple missiles, causing them to explode against the fireballs upon impact*

Metabad: Whoa!! *gets knocked back by the force*

Balrog: *takes to the skies, unleashing many energy projecticles to the ground below*

Void: Scramble! *takes to the skies* You’re not going to pull that trick on us! *begins charging energy*

Balrog: Don’t think so! *fires a missile at Void*


*In a moment of desperation, Sean curls into his shell and rockets in front of the missile, letting his shell absorb the impact. Unfortunately, the blast also caused Sean to go flying back to the ground.*

Sean: *crashes* Ugh…

Void: Don’t worry Sean! I’ll get him for you!

Balrog: It’s too late! I’ll dodge it!

Void: Not if I do this–! *fires the energy beam below Balrog, at Majin*

Balrog: What!?

Majin: *absorbs the energy and fires it back out at Balrog*

Balrog: *gets hit* AARRRRRRRGH!! *hits the ground but rebounds* I’m not through yet!

Rebel: We’ll see about that! *draws beam saber and slashes*

Balrog: *swiftly moves out of the way*

Rebel: Stay still!

Balrog: Never! *attempts to grab Rebel*

Rebel: *locks places with Balrog* Grr…

Byron: Rebel! Use this! *tosses his shovel*

Rebel: Right! *breaks away from Balrog and grabs the shovel* Ohh yeah, what now?

Balrog: *fires a missile*

Rebel: CRAP!! *dodges*

Shadowstrike: Don’t leave me out of this! *runs behind Balrog and grabs him*

Balrog: Not this again! *shakes Shadowstrike off*

Outlaw: Then try me on for size! *grabs hold of Balrog*

Balrog: What!? NO!! *struggles to break free but fails*

Void: Rebel, now’s your chance!

Byron: Use the shovel!


Majin: n brush yo teef!

Rebel: ALL RIIIIIIIIGHT!! *jumps into the air and comes back down, slamming the shovel into Balrog’s face*

Balrog: OOGH!!

Outlaw: …

Shadowstrike: …

Void: …

Majin: …

Byron: …

Flannery: …

Dark Knight: *getting back up* Did we get him…?

Metabad: Duhhhhh.

Balrog: *has a mark on face* I’m kinda woozy…

Void: He’s still standing after that!?

Rebel: *hands the shovel back to Byron* That’s some damn thick skin.

Sean: I thought it was some sort of metal exoskeleton.

Dark Knight: Well, only one thing to do now. *cracks knuckles* Time for some fun!


Balrog: AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! *takes off into a nearby building*

Shadowstrike: It looks like he’s making a break for it–into an electronic store!

Byron: After him, everyone! Do not let him escape!

*’The team, along with Byron and Flannery head off inside the building where Balrog went to. Once there they found Balrog… along with Misery, who was floating in the air.*

Misery: *sees the group* You let them follow you here!?

Balrog: Hey! It wasn’t like I did it on purpose!

Void: Just what are you doing here, Misery?

Misery: …Hah! That’s none of your business, now is it?

Dark Knight: Serges wanted something from this store, obviously. Why ELSE would his lackies be here?

Balrog: Damn, he’s good…

Misery: Quiet, you. Besides, even if our master did want something here, why should we tell you?

Majin: ahhh stealin on teh streets… it a tough life, dat. bak in teh day i waz purty keen on gettin me some of teh goodes 2, hic.

Outlaw: Weren’t you a hero before you met us, though?

Majin: itz jus a side job lol *puts an iPod in pocket*

Byron: Whatever the case may be… we must put a stop to this Misery by… putting her out of her misery!

Flannery: Ba-dum-ching!

Metabad: *rawks*

Void: *face palms*

Byron: Flannery! Ready yourself!

Flannery: SAND!! *drops a pile of sand on the ground*

Byron: TAKE THIS!! AND THAT!! *scoops the sand and flings it at Balrog and Misery*

Balrog: NO!! SAVE ME!!

Misery: *watches as the sand lands beneath her* My, my, how impressive. It is so impressive that I think we’ll just call it a day.

Balrog: W-we will?

Misery: I already got what we came for. We’ll just report to Master Serges about my success… and your failure, naturally. *disappears*

Balrog: WHAT!? NOOOOOOO!! *takes off*

Everyone else: …

Sean: Well, that was… interesting.

Dark Knight: Could be worse.

Sean: *shocked* Ow.

Shadowstrike: I wonder what they were after…

Void: And that they already obtained, apparently…

Rebel: I guess we won’t find out for now. Anyway, I’m beat. How about we call it a day, everyone? Captain?

Byron: Sounds like a good idea to me. I probably shouldn’t be running on this knee of mine anyway. BACK TO THE SHIP!!

Rebel, Outlaw, Majin, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Dark Knight, Sean, Flannery: Aye aye, Captain!

Void: Whatever. Let’s just go. *begins to leave*

Misery: *reappears behind the group* Hold on for just a moment.

Rebel: What the? You’re back!?

Misery: I just realized that now would be the perfect opportunity to finish what Balrog should have ended himself.

Dark Knight: So it’s a fight you want? Bring it!

Misery: Oh, silly Reploid. I don’t plan on getting my own hands dirty. Enjoy! *casts a spell and vanishes*

Sean: That spell… I think I recognize it–

*Sean is cut short as all of the electronic gear in the store starts going haywire! Then, without warning, they start to move about, as if they had come to life.*


Majin: tis remindededed me of teh tiem wen i waz drunk

Outlaw: Let’s get out of here!

*The team runs for the door, only to find that it won’t budge.*

Dark Knight: What’s wrong with the door!? Why won’t it open!?

Sean: Yeah… this is definitely the spell…

Void: What spell?

Sean: She casted a spell which allows inanimate objects of your choosing to come to life. In this case, electronics.

Shadowstrike: So what does that have to do with the door not opening?

Sean: The door is an electronic door, obviously. Now it won’t let us out.

Void: Terrific…

Majin: tats wat i sed wen i waz drunk 2

Rebel: Shut up, Majin.

Outlaw: Uh… guys… I think we’re trapped…

*Indeed, with no way out, the CIA was pressed against the wall, with the animated electronics edging closer and closer… Was this the end of our beloved heroes!?*

Byron: There is only one way out, it seems.

CIA: Huh?

Byron: I will focus all of my power and obliterate these monstrosities with one attack!

Void: Um… look, Byron… I know now isn’t a good time to say this but… you really don’t have any super powers.

Byron: Say what?

Flannery: NON-BELIEVERS GET SAND IN THE EYES!! *throws sand at Void*

Void: Ow! Stop that!

Dark Knight: I smell a traitor.

Metabad: MUTINY!!

Byron: We’ll talk about that later! First, let us get out of here!

Rebel: Do your worst, Captain!

Byron: Here we go! *lifts shovel up, having it point toward the sky* IN THE NAME OF THE GOD SHOVELOS, I WILL HAVE THE POWER!!

*In a matter of seconds, Byron’s muscles begin to bulge with abnormal power, and the shovel in his hand starts to radiate with a blinding, white light!*

Outlaw: What is this power!?


*With all of the power stored, Byron slams the shovel down onto the ground, releasing a blast of energy so powerful that it rips the electronic equipment to shreds!*

Byron: *back to normal and breathing heavily*

Void: …

Rebel: …That was FANTASTIC!!

Majin: A WINNAR IZ U!!1

Sean: What was that attack? It didn’t seem like magic…

Flannery: IT WAS LIKE SAND!! Only not.

Metabad: I dunno what it was BUT IT RAWKED!! IN FACT I THINK IT BROUGHT THE LEVEL OF RAWSOMENESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!! *rawks so hard the building begins to shake*

Outlaw: I think ya better save the celebration until we’re in a more stable environment, Meta dude.

Metabad: KK.

Rebel: *smugly* So what did you think of that, huh, Void? Not bad for a man who lacks powers, am I right?

Void: Look, there is probably a logical explanation behind all of that. I refuse to believe what I saw just now as some sort of “super power”.

Dark Knight: Well, they always said ignorance is bliss… although I believe in this case you are just being stupid.

Void: Takes one to know one.

Byron: Let’s… not fight right now… breather…

Shadowstrike: I think we should call it a day.

Outlaw: Let’s go back to the ship.

Flannery: Dun-dun-dun-dun dun-dun-dun-dun SHOVELMAAAAN!!

*Cue a close up of Bryon’s head zooming in followed by it zooming back out. Suddenly, the group is back on the Whale King!*

Sean: *weirded out* Just how do you do that!?

Byron and Flannery: Do what?

Sean: …Never mind.

Void: All right, let’s treat Byron’s injuries. Shadow, could you go get a cold pack from the freezer?

Shadowstrike: …

Void: …Oh, right. Let’s treat the captain’s injuries. Better?

Shadowstrike: I suppose. *runs to the kitchen*

*Thus the CIA started treatment on Byron’s injuries. The next day…*

Outlaw: Do ya have to go so soon?

Sean: I doubt your leg is back to 100% yet, as well.

Byron: Ah, but we must be heading off. The world cannot wait for me to recooperate forever! Besides, I plan on doing research on those New X-Hunter fellows you told me about. Flannery is already onto something!

Flannery: *on the ground, sniffing* I smell their sand!

Rebel: Well then, I hope you all take care!

Byron: Farewell, comrades! Until we meet again! *jumps off the ship*

Flannery: BYE!! *jumps off the ship*

Majin: *waving hands frantically* BIIIIIEEEEZZZZZZ!!!!!

Void: …Y’know, we really need a better way of letting people off our ship.

Dark Knight: You do realize you are a little too late for that, right?

Shadowstrike: Eh, I think it could be worse.

Sean: *shocked* Yeah…

Metabad: …Could be worse.

Sean: *shocked* Hey, guess what? Fuck you.


*Elsewhere… in a remote location…*

Serges: *smacking Balrog around a bit* Let this be a lesson to you!

Balrog: OW!! I’M SORRY!!

Serges: Never underestimate the Island Attackers! EVER!!

Misery: That’s what I tried to tell him, but he wouldn’t listen to me!

Serges: Whatever. Soon… soon my greatest creation shall be completed! Then I’ll put all of those fools in their place… the Island Attackers… Agile… Violen… even my former bosses Sigma and Donald Trump! I will make them know my power and then… THE WORLD WILL BE MINE!! KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH–*back cracks* OWOWOWOW!! MY BACK!!

The End


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