The Gates are now Open pt.1

*Written by Metabad*

Narrator: It was a normal day aboard the Whale–

Metabad: FIRST!

Narrator: …Okay what was that all about?

Metabad: I just wanted to have the first line in this epilogue… HELL YEAH! *rawks*

Narrator: But why?

Metabad: Well everyone on Youtube was doing it… you know, with the first comment stuff… so I decided to give it a shot.

Narrator: Ugh… Youtube… just go back with the other team members and let me narrate, alright?

Metabad: M’kay, see ya later Nattator.

Narrator: It’s pronounced Narrator…

Metabad: Whatev’. *leaves*

Narrator: Anyways…

*It was a normal day aboard the Whale King… well, as normal as things get around there that is.*

Metabad: *eating some spicy peppers while rawking*

Rebel: *drinking coke while rawking*

Void: Excuse me, but why are you two in my lab?

Metabad: Lab, what lab?

Void: …The room you’re in right no–

Rebel: *smacks Void* Dr. Darkheart, this lab has been taken over by the Super Awesome Fighting Force and it is now our base of operations.

Void: What? But that’s not fair, I–

Metabad: You’re just going to have to move your lab somewhere else.

Void: This isn’t fair, I get no say in this?

Rebel: Nope, not really.

Void: But I wasn’t even informed beforehand.


Void: Huh?


Rebel: You heard the man.

Void: But… why do you want to take my laboratory of all places?

Rebel: Because…

*Background music seems to come out of nowhere*

Rebel: I’m a medieval man!

Metabad: I’m a medieval man!

Void: *sighs and leaves*

Outlaw: *walks in* Hey guys.

Metabad: Wh-wha-wh-wha-what do you want?

Rebel: Wh-wha-wh-wha-what do you want?

Metabad: Wh-wha-wh-wha-what do you want?

Dark Knight: *comes in and repeatedly pokes Metabad*

Metabad: Why do you keep touching me?

Rebel: Wh-wha-wh-wha-what do you want?

Metabad: Wh-wha-wh-wha-what do you want?

Rebel: Wh-wha-wh-wha-what do you want?

Outlaw: *pokes Metabad* You alright?

Metabad: Why do you keep touching me?

Majin: *storms in* Gabu Gabu.

Metabad: Wh-wha-wh-wha-what do you want?

Majin: Gabu Gabu.

Rebel: Wh-wha-wh-wha-what do you want?

Majin: Gabu Gabu.

Metabad: Wh-wha-wh-wha-what do you want?

Majin: Gabu Gabu. *slaps Metabad*

Metabad: Why do you keep touching me?

Rebel: Alright, that’s enough of that…

Majin: Gabu Gabu.

Metabad: M’kay, what do you want to do now?

Majin: Gabu Gabu.

Rebel: Let’s go eat something before Outlaw gets a hold of it.

Metabad: Sounds like a plan.

Outlaw: I’m right here, you know.

Majin: Awoooooogh 😥

Rebel: Alright let’s go!

Metabad: In the age of chaos, in the age of chaos, in the age of chaos two factions battle for dominance.

*Metabad and Rebel leave*

Dark Knight: So why are you here anyways, Outlaw?

Outlaw: I wanted to show this note to Rebel and so I came to Void’s lab since he told me he’d be here… *Takes out note*

Dark Knight: Huh? What does it say? *takes it*

Majin: wuh wuh wuh wuh wut do u want?

Dark Knight: Not you too, man…

Majin: Hay it catchy know wat I’m sayin’? know wat I’m sayin’? know wat I’m sayin’? know wat I’m sayin’? know wat I’m sayin’? know wat I’m sayin’? know wat I’m sayin’? know wat I’m sayin’?

Dark Knight: …Okay.

Majin: Poopop.

Dark Knight: Well whatever, now for the note… *ahem*

Dear Code: Island Attackers…
Land your ship in Washington D.C. and meet me by the Lincoln Memorial, I have important matters to discuss with you.



Dark Knight: Well, that’s odd…

Outlaw: My thoughts exactly, I mean… who is this William guy?

Dark Knight: What does he want to discuss with us?

Majin: y did the moon asplode den com bak?

Dark Knight: You’re still here?


Outlaw: Meh, just ignore him.


Dark Knight: So I guess we should give this note to the others?

Outlaw: Yeah, let’s go meet up with them.

*They both leave*

Majin: I r alone in the dark lol *chugs beer* I wuz transportid to mie underpants to a werld wher evil rulez, I herd a sound it wuz big n’ round it wuz da evil piece of poooooooooo…

*Back with the others*

Rebel: *eating pizza* It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Metabad: ‘Cept when you rawk while eating pizza.

Rebel: You bring up a good point…

Shadowstrike: So guys, can I rawk yet?

Metabad: NO! You can’t just automatically rawk, you know? Rawking is like a natural instinct, you have to be like… BORN with it! See, Rebel and I, we are natural born rawkers, just acquiring the very essence of rawking without being born with it is quite irregular, in fact… it’s unheard of.

Shadowstrike: Can’t you just teach me how to rawk?

Metabad: Nope.

Shadowstrike: Why not?

Majin: said the headcrab officer back to John Freeman.

Shadowstrike: When did you get here?

Rebel: Don’t change the subject.


Rebel: …and take that bucket off your head.

Shadowstrike: Aww… *takes bucket off*

Rebel: You’re never going to rawk if you keep doing that.

Metabad: Anyways, as I was saying… I can’t teach you how to rawk, because it’s so in born… I can’t pass it on… it’s a gift that’s unteachable.

Rebel: Yeah, and so far only Metabad and I have that gift, and we founded the Super Awesome Fighting Force in order to put it to good use.

Metabad: Daaamn straight! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Outlaw: *runs in* Rebel, there’s something I have to show you.

Rebel: What is it?

Dark Knight: It’s thi–*sees Majin* WHAT THE?! How’d he get here before we did?

Outlaw: I could have sworn he was behind us…

Dark Knight: No, I think we left him behind…

Majin: I r sneeky, liek an ox.

Dark Knight: Huh?

Rebel: Just ignore him.

Outlaw: Yeah, that’d be for the best…

Rebel: So what did you want to show me?

Dark Knight: This note. *hands it to Rebel*

Rebel: *reads it*

Outlaw: Strange, isn’t it?

Rebel: …Well one question does come to mind.

Dark Knight: What do you make of this?

Rebel: Where did you get this note, and who gave it to you?

Outlaw: It’s a funny story… I was out sewer hunting, and I was just getting out of a sewage pipe…

Shadowstrike: Too much information, dude.

Rebel: Shush, let him continue.

Outlaw: …When all of a sudden I saw a man in a dark cloak, he walked up to me and handed me that note, and I looked down to read it… when I looked back up he was gone.

Majin: Eveery1 juss disapeers now 😮

Outlaw: …Exactly?

Dark Knight: Whoever this William is… he seems awfully suspicious.

Shadowstrike: Yeah…

Dark Knight: So what do you make of this, Rebel?

Shadowstrike: And what should we do about it?

Rebel: Hmm… I really don’t know…

Outlaw: Yeah… who knows what kind of lunatic this guy could be?

Dark Knight: He could be with the New X-Hunters for all we know.

Outlaw: Or worse… he could be with Yuber…

Metabad: Wanna know what I think? I think we should go over there, and if that jerk is being a huge ass jerk we should totally RAWK HIS SAWKS AWFF!

Rebel: In true Super Awesome Fighting Force fashion!

Metabad: HELL YEAH!

Rebel: Alright team, we’ll head over there… and be prepared if he tries anything funny.

Outlaw: We should be careful though, we have no clue what this guy’s capable of…

Dark Knight: It could be worse.

Shadowstrike: Hey, where is Sean anyways?

Majin: *burps* *farts*

*Sean comes rushing in the room enraged*

Sean: Who uttered my curse when I was using the washroom?

Rebel: There are more important matters at hand!

Void: *flies in* More important matters… such as giving me my lab back?



Void: *sighs*

Metabad: In the age of chaos, in the age of chaos, in the age of chaos two factions battle for dominance.

Rebel: I’ll pilot the ship to Washington… the rest of you; go on the look out for any serious shit.

Shadowstrike: Why can’t I pilot the ship?

Rebel: Quiet, GDT mkII… and if I told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times… GET THAT BUCKET OFF YOUR HEAD!

Shadowstrike: Aww… *takes bucket off*

*So Rebel piloted the Whale King and landed at Washington D.C. as instructed*

Majin: Yayz washing masheen pee pee!

Void: It’s Washington D.C, Majin… not washing machine pee pee.

Majin: No mr. mayer I dun wanna banana but fanx for asken.

Void: … *sighs*

Rebel: Alright guys… where did that note say to go again?

Outlaw: The Lincoln Memorial, I believe.

Majin: But I dun’ liek linkin park, dey make me crie.

Everyone else: …

Majin: boo hoo poop ;;;;_;;;; spider crie.

*Ignoring Majin’s drunken rambling, they head to the memorial, where they meet up with six cloaked figures standing by the Lincoln sculpture*

Shadowstrike: Alright, which one of you is–

Rebel: Let me handle this Shadow, which of you is this William person?

??? #3: …Why do you want to know?

Dark Knight: We got this note, see? Our resident gator received it in the sewers.

Outlaw: Yo.

??? #1: Ah, yes… I recognize you… I am William.

??? #6: The pork beans, how long I have waited to pogo off a toaster!

??? #1: I believe my… friend, recognizes you as well…

Outlaw: Huh…

Dark Knight: Strange…

Rebel: So what are these important matters you wish to discuss with us?

Metabad: More importantly… are these matters rawkin’?

??? #1: Yes… you could say that…

Void: Can’t you ever be serious?

Metabad: I am as serious as can be.

??? #1: You could very well say tha–NOW, DO IT NOW!

*The rest of the cloaked figures pressed a button, and soon the Lincoln sculpture became a tank-like doomsday weapon*

??? #1: Enjoy your demise, Island Attackers!

Rebel: Oh, you’ve got to be kidding…

Shadowstrike: That’s offensive in so many ways.

*The cloaked figures stood at a safe distance and observed the fight while the Lincoln tank drove towards our heroes, shooting countless heat seeking missiles from the arms of the throne at them*

Rebel: *teleports out of the way of the missiles*

Shadowstrike: *slices one of the missiles in half long before it hits him*

Majin: I’m runnen outta ass batteriez!!!!!! *is crushed by the tank*

Outlaw: NO! *lifts up the tank* Majin, are you alright?

Majin: Craaaaaawling iiiiiiiiin my friiiiiidge *rolls out of the way*

Outlaw: Phew… hey wait, if I can lift this thing up so easily… *tips over the tank*

Rebel: Huh… it was that easy?

Void: That was very anti-climactic…

Metabad: Most of us didn’t even get to do anything, BOOOOOOOOOOO!

*Suddenly a purple aura circles the memorial, and before everyone’s eyes it flips back up and continues to drive around shooting even more missiles than before*

Rebel: Damn, spoke too soon…

Metabad: RAWKIN! *uses Speed Burner on the tank*

Outlaw: Hey wait… I’d recognize that energy force anywhere…

Dark Knight: …You guys take care of the tank… Outlaw and I will be right back.

Rebel: Well if we die, I’m pinning the blame on you two.

Outlaw: Fair enough.

*So Outlaw and Dark Knight left the battlefield… but before they did Dark Knight chucked Sean at the Lincoln tank*


Dark Knight & Metabad: IT COULD BE WORSE!

Majin: o i c wat u did thar.

*With the force of two lightning bolts working simultaneously, both Sean and the Lincoln tank were electrocuted, frying the tank’s missile function*

Lincoln Tank: …

Rebel: Alright! *fires off Magnet Mines at the tank*

Metabad: Rawksome! *shoots out fireballs*

Lincoln Tank: … *fires lasers from its eyes*

Metabad: NOT RAWKIN!

*We now go back to Outlaw and Dark Knight who are walking up to the cloaked figures*

Outlaw: I thought one of you sounded familiar…

??? #1: What ever do you mean?

Dark Knight: You know damn well what we mean… so, come on out…

Outlaw and Dark Knight: RANDOMNESS!

??? #6: My obsession, give in to me Seymour! Ugherhghalergh no hotdogs! *tosses cloak off revealing the omnipotent being known as Randomness*

Outlaw: Aha!

Dark Knight: We’ll take you down…

Randomness: Hamburger starts to touch my sauce, your mind playing tricks on you? *Reality itself seems to melt away and soon Outlaw and Dark Knight find themselves in a giant Void*

Giant Void: Incase my calculations are correct, the hypotenuse must be equal to the square root of this mass of matter.

Dark Knight: Oh, very funny Randomness…

Randomness: Control yourself before yourself controls you!

Giant Void: *farts out Dark Knight and Outlaw* Egads! A discovery, you know what this means, my assistant?

Randomness: Giraffe heads?

Giant Void: YES! *grows giraffe heads all around his body*

Outlaw: Alright… what should we do?

Dark Knight: Well, concentrating on multiple forms for him worked the first time…but after that it had no effect on him… Then we stuffed Randomness in a bomb… that could work again.

Giant Void: YOU DISOBEYED THE CHEMICAL COMPOUND OF GLUTCOSE, FOR THIS YOU MUST DIE! *giraffe heads shoot fireballs at DK and Outlaw*

Dark Knight: Oh crap! *dodges*

Outlaw: *is hit* Gah! …yeah, it could work again… only now we have a giant multiple giraffe headed Void after us.

Giant Void: I have disarmed any possible explosive matter in this field of dynamics.


Outlaw and Dark Knight: CRAP! *boulders fall on them and shatter into tiny pianos*

Randomness: HOORJ! *tiny pianos explode*

Giant Void: What a conclusion… *Giraffe heads shoot a Spin Wheel at Dark Knight and a Strike Chain at Outlaw*

Outlaw: How the?! *is hit by Strike Chain* Yeowch!

Dark Knight: *Is hit by Spin Wheel* How the heck did he get our weaknesses?

Outlaw: Just… at random, I guess…

Dark Knight: Makes sense… I think.

Randomness: Dollars or cents? *throws man eating money at Outlaw and Dark Knight*

Money: SCREEEEEEEEEEE! *slithers towards Outlaw and Dark Knight*

Dark Knight: GAH! WHAT THE?! *They latch onto him*

Outlaw: Not on my watch. *Picks the money off of Dark Knight and consumes it*

Giant Void: Such improvement… *drools acid on the rest of the money, burning it*

Outlaw: Wow, uhh… thanks?

Giant Void: No probalo! *sits on Randomness*

Randomness: WHO DA DEMON? *circles around the Giant Void and fuses with him to become Optimus Prime*

Optimus Prime: Autoscrolls, transform and eat pudding! *pukes an ocean of pudding all over the ground*

Outlaw: *eats his way out of it*

Optimus Prime: You have been eating the tricky shot of the billiard airships. *Mephiles bursts out of Outlaw’s stomach*

Outlaw: Crap!

Mephiles: DROWN IN DARKNESS! *Charges up a kamehameha wave*

Dark Knight: Hmm… *thinks*

Mephiles: *transforms into Silver*

Silver: IT’S NO USE! *blasts self in the face and dies*

Outlaw: Huh…

Dark Knight: Outlaw, let’s use this randomness against its own creator… Randomness!

Outlaw: Not a bad idea…

Optimus Prime: Your umbrellas are no match for a banana peel. *turns into the Grand Duke of Owls and shoots banana peels at Outlaw and Dark Knight*

*Suddenly Outlaw and Dark Knight have the ability to shoot out sharp umbrellas*

Dark Knight: Alright… eat this, owl! *fires off multiple umbrellas*

Outlaw: Now we’re talking. *fires umbrellas from mouth*

Grand Duke of Owls: Gad seuks! *drives away on a motorcycle*

Outlaw: Not so fast *turns into a dinosaur* ROAGGHHH! *chases The Grand Duke of Owls*

Grand Duke of Owls: Oh good lemons! *Jumps in a pool of lemonade*

*The lemonade suddenly turns into a giant number 2*

Grand Duke of Owls: Someone’s gonna pull that trick, two is less than zero! *Turns into Zero*

Dark Knight: Big mistake, buddy, Zero dies all the time! *impales Zero with energy pincers*

Outlaw: *Transforms back into original form* You’re finished…

Zero: Sorry, I’m dead. *turns into a giant deceased spider*

Outlaw: Umm… okay…

*Using the power of their minds, Outlaw and Dark Knight cause Randomness to transform into a moon that soon explodes, before the pieces get a chance to reform, Dark Knight incases them all in separate bubbles*

Dark Knight: Now Outlaw, crush them like feeble insects…

Outlaw: You got it. *With a massive jump, Outlaw lands with a hard thud on each and every bubble until Randomness is completely flattened*

Dark Knight: …Is it over, did we beat him?

Randomness: *evaporates into the sky*

Outlaw: …I’m not sure…

Randomness: *Becomes the sky, which in turn becomes a giant pancake* LOOK INTO MY EYES AND SEE MY ETERNAL BOXERS!

Dark Knight: Damn, guess not…

Randomness: On stage remains the fish says I to bequeath the cast of chandeliers… *begins to fall down* Stuffed buffalos in New York.

Dark Knight: Oh crap, if that pancake falls down here… we’ll be flattened!

Outlaw: Like pancakes!

Dark Knight: How ironic!

Outlaw: Well… not if I have anything to say about it…

Randomness: Duck rolls? *continues to fall*


*Soon Outlaw shoots out a gigantic blue beam from his mouth, slowly vaporizing Randomness*


Dark Knight: Not a bad idea… *fires gigantic lasers from his eyes*


*Soon Randomness is completely vaporized, with no traces of random matter left, Outlaw and Dark Knight are soon returned to reality*

Outlaw: Funny how the very thing that destroyed Randomness, was randomness itself…

Dark Knight: Think he’ll ever come back?

Outlaw: If that thing could survive an explosion, then unfortunately, I think it can survive being vaporized.

Dark Knight: Blast…

*Back with the others, the Code: Island Attackers were giving their all against the Lincoln tank*

Rebel: Take this! *fires Magnet Mines at the Lincoln tank*

Lincoln Tank: No thank you. *vaporizes the mines*

Void: …Did that thing just talk?

Metabad: NO TIME FOR QUESTIONS! *Shoots a stream of fire at the tank*

Lincoln Tank: Spicy. *Breathes fire from its mouth*

Metabad: Oh crap! *the streams of fire collide*

Shadowstrike: Does that remind anyone of Dragon Ball Z? *Fires Sonic Slicer at the Lincoln Tank*

Sean: A little bit, I guess… *Fires crystal hunter at the Lincoln Tank*

Lincoln Tank: *Vaporizes both the attacks with laser eyes*

Metabad: Gah, I can’t keep up with this fire anymore, dudes!

Dark Knight: Don’t worry, I got your back!

*Metabad ceases his fire attack and backs away as Dark Knight puts out Lincoln’s fire with his Bubble Splash before it can hit Metabad*

Outlaw: Have no fear, we defeated Randomness…this thing should stop attacking us at any moment…

Void: You mean that drug-induced hallucination created this?

Dark Knight: Totally… you believe us now, don’t you?

Void: Well, I can’t really think of any other scientific explanation for this.

Outlaw: At last, oh and speaking of scientific explanations, Randomness created a giant version of you that constantly spouted out non-sensible scientific babble to take us down.

Void: …

Dark Knight: It grew giraffe heads.

Void: …Okay, that is far too absurd.

Outlaw: What?

Dark Knight: So you don’t believe us anymore?

Void: Nope, not at all.

Outlaw and Dark Knight: NOOOOOO!

*With that the Lincoln Tank goes back into the wall, becoming a sculpture once more*

Dark Knight: Aha, then how do you explain that?

Outlaw: Yeah, we just defeated Randomness, and thus his effects on the sculpture wore off.

Dark Knight: See? Machines like that don’t randomly stop working… therefore, you should believe us.

Void: On the contrary, machinery can malfunction at unknown times… it happens quite often in my laboratory.

Outlaw and Dark Knight: Aww man…

Rebel: Enough of this petty bickering, guys, let’s focus on the matter at hand, now… it’s obvious that William was up to no good.


Rebel: You said it…

??? #1: EEK! Fall back, fall back!

*The now five cloaked figures fled the scene*

Rebel: After them!

Metabad: Right-o!

*The team soon began chasing after the cloaked figures throughout the city*

??? #1: Oh crap, they’re following us!

*The cloaked figures are chased all the way to Redmond, Washington, and are cornered at the Microsoft Headquarters*

Rebel: This is the end of the line for you fools. *Throws a kunai at William’s head*

??? #1: GAH! *just barely dodges*

Rebel: Now, tell us who you are…

??? #1: Shouldn’t it be obvious? For one thing, look at the building I have arrived at! Secondly… I already told you my real name…

Sean: William…

??? #1: …William Henry Gates the Third, to be precise!

*So the mysterious William tossed his cloak off, revealing none other than…*


Bill Gates: The one, the only…

Shadowstrike: But… why? Why did you choose to attack us?

Dark Knight: We never provoked you…

Void: Don’t you have better things to do with your time?

Gates: Well, see, the thing about that is… GET HIM, BOYS!

??? #2: Yes sir.

??? #3: I’ll torture those miserable fools…

??? #4: I expect to be rewarded handsomely, Mr.Gates!

??? #5: …Do we have to fight these guys again?

??? #4: SHUT UP!

??? #5: *cries*

Rebel: Wait… again?

??? #2: Yes, Centipede… again.

??? #3: Looks like the jig is up…

*The other cloaked figures throw their cloaks off simultaneously.*


Wolf: That’s right… Wolf O’ Donnel has returned.

To Be Continued…


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