An Unlikely Trio

*Written by Metabad*

*It was a normal day at the Whale King… and this time I can actually say that, because none of the CIA members were actually in their base, instead they were just relaxing at a nearby pizza parlor having a nice meal*

Outlaw: Oh, these anchovies look really good…

Dark Knight: Ehh… I’d prefer plain old raw meat on my pizza.

Outlaw: Oh, now THAT is a good idea!

Dark Knight: You bet it is.

Void: NO, we’re all going to order one pizza… one that is actually edible.

Outlaw and Dark Knight: Aww man…

Metabad: He’s just lookin’ out for his bros dude.

Rebel: So what do you want on this rawkin’ pizza, Meta?

Metabad: Eh, I dunno… I mean all I really had before was cheese pizza, but if you can think of some rawkin’ toppin’z then feel free to rawk out some hardcore-type toppin’z.

Rebel: Alright, but first I got to get some soda.

Majin: FERGY!! Wutever dat iz… *foams at the mouth*

Shadowstrike: Did we REALLY need to bring him along? *points at Majin*

Majin: gurgagurgurgurg… *spins around* u spin me rite roond baby rite roond.

Sean: Well if we didn’t bring him along with us, he probably would have singlehandedly destroyed the Whale King if left unattended in his drunken stupor.

Void: Hey, I’m supposed to be the guy with the sophisticated vocabulary around here!

Majin: I dun car giez I gotta go potty! *bounces towards the bathroom on his head*

Rebel: *walks up to counter* Yeah, hi, I need something to tide me over while I decide on what pizza to get…

Unimportant Person: …

Rebel: So, as you may or may not know… I need some damn Coca-Cola, so you got any?

Unimportant Person: …Nope… We only sell Pepsi.

Rebel: …

Shadowstrike: Uh-oh…

Rebel: …

Sean: …I take it we should run?

Rebel: …


*So the CIA did as they were told and evacuated the building, save for Rebel and Majin*

Sean: So what do you think he’s going to do in there?

*The Pizza Parlor explodes in a fiery rage*

Outlaw: That.

*Majin was still sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper, presumably unaware of the destruction around him*

Void: Umm… Majin?

Majin: *puts newspaper down* a littel privacy if u plz *continues reading newspaper*

Rebel: *twitch*

Metabad: Hey Rebel dude, it’s alright, everything’s rawksome now, kay?

Rebel: …They… sold… Pepsi… they… sold… Pepsi…

Outlaw: Look, don’t worry everything’s alright now.

Mewtwo: Heh… but not for long… *uses telekinesis to lift Rebel up into the air*

Rebel: GAH! What the?!

Metabad: Dude, that was totally not rawksome, who are you anyways?

Mewtwo: *sighs* I thought you might ask that… I am Mewtwo.

Outlaw: Oh, you’re that Pokemon, right?

Mewtwo: Indeed, I am… for too long has my name gone unmentioned and unheard of… well no more! I am taking a stand, in fact… my friends and I have been taking a stand for quite some time now…

Void: …And who might your friends be?

Mewtwo: Hahaha, I’m glad you asked, fool…

Rebel: Oh, and by the way… You are anything BUT underrated, I mean you had two of your own movies which you starred in, you’re so damn powerful in the games, if not the most powerful…

Majin: *eyes bulge out* HE’S RITE!

Shadowstrike: Also you got to be in Super Smash Brothers Melee, so your claims of being underrated are false, heck you’re probably one of the most popular Pokemon in the entire franchise so what do you have to complain about?

Mewtwo: Hrmph, I was once popular, I’ll admit that… but no more, how many games am I in now? I was left out of Gold and Silver, returned for Fire Red and Leaf Green but only because those were remakes. There wasn’t a trace of me in Ruby, Saphire and Emerald… I wasn’t in Diamond and Pearl or Platinum, and they had the nerve to put in Arceus, the most powerful god-like Pokemon in the world, it is as if they were trying to mock me…

Metabad: You do bring up a good point, but–

Mewtwo: –Also my voice actor for the first movie Phillip Bartlett is a rather unknown voice actor, who has never even been mentioned since his debut movie… he’s really had no other roles either… people don’t even know nowadays whether he is dead or not… and let’s face it, Dan Green sounded too much like Yu-gi-oh in the second movie I was in… after that I only appeared in intros, and only had a cameo in a single episode where I was some sort of mirage. I also was replaced in Brawl by that pesky Lucario… and Brawl was much anticipated, perhaps more so than melee, it raised that pitiful normal pokemon to fame while I collected dust as a trophy.

Metabad: True, I did miss you in Brawl…and your first voice actor does need more love.

Shadowstrike: But you had your fame, can’t you pass the torch onto someone else?

Mewtwo: NO! *lifts Shadowstrike up with telekinesis and sends him crashing into a building* I have had enough, like I said; my friends and I are taking a stand… like I, they too are hated, underrated and underappreciated, although unlike me they never really had their claim to fame. So come on out, you two!

Snagglepuss: Enter stage left… *walks in* Good morning day!

Mewtwo: This is Snagglepuss… a Hanna Barbara cartoon mountain lion, he was overshadowed by the likes of Scooby Doo and Yogi Bear, and thus never really was that popular, and he was constantly ridiculed by immature gay jokes, well no more…

Sean: …You’re kidding, right?

Snagglepuss: *takes out tommy gun from hammerspace* Heavens to Murgatroyd I’m gonna shoot you all, kill you, even!

Mewtwo: Hahaha… and my other friend should be coming in just a second.

*Soon the entire city shook, as if an earthquake was occurring, the source of the tremor was eventually revealed as a loud roaring sound was heard, the CIA looked in the general direction of where the noise came from*

Mewtwo: This is the American Godzilla, or to the Godzilla fans, simply “Zilla” Do I even need to explain that this poor creature is hated? He is scorned by countless fanboys for “not staying true to the Godzilla name.”

Shadowstrike: Well the movie wasn’t even that great, really.

Mewtwo: But you fools don’t realize that it was a wonderful movie by itself… He was relatively ignored after his movie, and out of spite Godzilla 2000 was aired in American theaters… just to blow the American version out of the water.

Shadowstrike: The cartoon was cool; I’ll give him that–

Rebel: Shut up and let him continue! *Whacks Shadowstrike upside the head*

Shadowstrike: Ow…

Mewtwo: Well I did not like that one bit, and those insects at Toho had the nerve to put Zilla in one of their own movies only for Godzilla to beat him within a few seconds, that was biased and unfair and I for one shall not stand for it.

Metabad: Then shouldn’t you be sitting down?

Mewtwo: The cartoon starring him was good, so why must you hate him? In fact, because of you, I’ve taken this creature into my care after the cartoon ended just so that you wretched fools would cease harming him.


Mewtwo: He’s quite enraged you see? He wishes to prove that he’s better than that puppet lizard, just as much as I wish to prove that I am stronger than Mew.

Zilla: *Angered roar*

Snagglepuss: Calm down you silly billy, we’ll get these CIA members soon, right now even!

Rebel: Huh?

Void: Why would you three want to destroy us?

Mewtwo: Direct orders from our master, you see?

Outlaw: …Who might that be?

Mewtwo: You will be dead before you know the answers! Now, Zilla… destroy these whelps!

Zilla: *runs towards the CIA*


Zilla: *Angered roar*


*The CIA soon run away from Zilla*

Void: We can’t just spend this entire time running away… we need to think of a plan!

Dark Knight: What are you talking about? A creature that big and slow couldn’t possibly keep up with us.

Metabad: …

Shadowstrike: …

Dark Knight: What?

Shadowstrike: …Um…

Metabad: …Actually… Zilla’s faster than the original Godzilla, he excels at speed.

*Metabad is soon crushed under Zilla’s foot*

Zilla: *Triumphant roar*


Sean: We have to defeat this creature somehow… Strike, how was this beast destroyed in the movie?

Shadowstrike: He was trapped by suspension cables and shot down by the military.

Outlaw: …Wow, really?

Rebel: …Well that’s lame.

Shadowstrike: Yeah, but the cartoon series that came after that was more true to the original.

Rebel: Well Strike, today is your lucky day… you’re going to fight that thing.

Shadowstrike: WHAT?

Rebel: *speeding off with the rest of the CIA* Good luck!

Shadowstrike: Hey, wait up!

*Shadowstrike tries to run towards the CIA but Zilla’s leg blocks his path*

Shadowstrike: …Hiiii theeere!

Zilla: *grunt*

Shadowstrike: You wouldn’t hurt a guy with glasses, would you? *Puts on glasses*

Zilla: *roars*

Shadowstrike: *glasses fly off* Aww, crap! *runs away*

Zilla: *chases after Shadowstrike*

Shadowstrike: Why are you trying to kill me? I have seven friends, kill them instead!

Zilla: *shakes head*

Shadowstrike: Then you leave me NO CHOICE! *fires a Sonic Slicer at Zilla’s head*

*It directly hits him but he is unaffected*

Shadowstrike: …Aww, crap… *continues running while firing 3 more sonic slicers at Zilla’s head*

Zilla: *fires atomic breath from his mouth*

Shadowstrike: GAH! *knocked back a ways* Oomph! That all you got?

Zilla: *grunts and begins burrowing underground*

Shadowstrike: YEAH YOU BETTER R–*he is soon cut off by the ground under him opening, revealing the giant lizard with his mouth open* OH SHI–

*Zilla soon closes his mouth, but the ostrich pries his mouth open with his feet*

Shadowstrike: Just… gotta… hold… his… mouth… open… don’t… let… him… eat… me… state… the… obvious… talk… in… long… unnecessary… pauses… like… this… *looks down and sees Zilla’s mouth glowing green* CRAP!

Zilla: ROAAAAAAR!! *launches Atomic flame breath*

Shadowstrike: *launched in the air* HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIT! *lands in Zilla’s hand*

Zilla: *holds Shadowstrike at eye level*

Shadowstrike: *is on fire* IT BUUUUUUURNS!

Zilla: *snarls and throws Shadowstrike into the ocean*

Shadowstrike: AHHHhhhhh… *splash*

Zilla: *takes a leap and dives after Shadowstrike*

Shadowstrike: MPH! *fires more Sonic Slicers*

Zilla: *swerves to avoid them*

Shadowstrike: Okay, seriously if you’re going to eat me then do it already!

Zilla: Eat you? Oh I am no barbarian; I only eat tuna but thank you very much for your generous offer kind sir.

Shadowstrike: …Did you just talk?

Zilla: …No?

Shadowstrike: You did, I clearly heard you talk!

Zilla: Well… alright, you caught me red-handed. I CAN talk, but only when I am underwater.

Shadowstrike: That doesn’t make ANY sense.

Zilla: Oh, what does make sense these days?

Shadowstrike: How are you talking so clearly under water?

Zilla: I should be asking you the same thing.

Shadowstrike: …Touch?.

Zilla: Indeed.

Shadowstrike: So why are you fighting us?

Zilla: Oh, I believe my good friend Mewtwo already told you the reason old chap.

Shadowstrike: Your leader, right?

Zilla: Mmm yes, quite.

Shadowstrike: Who is he anyways?

Zilla: Oh, we are under orders not to reveal his identity.

Shadowstrike: Come on, don’t be chicken.

Zilla: Enough with the prudent name calling, I get enough of that from that ill begotten pink mountain lion. Why I remember when I first found him in that filthy flea-ridden cavern. But alas I cannot tell you and must kill you under penalty of… well, I’m really not at liberty to say.

Shadowstrike: Alright, but just one more question.

Zilla: Make it quick now old bean, chop-chop!

Shadowstrike: Why do you sound so British when you were made… erm… I mean filmed, wait no… born in America?

Zilla: Ahh, America was once a British colony was it not?

Shadowstrike: But in the movie you were the result of a FRENCH nuclear test.

Zilla: My family migrated there when I was young. Now, I am afraid I must kill you. For you are FAR too hideous for my liking; away with you.

Shadowstrike: … *tries to frantically swim away but is blocked off by some boulders*

Zilla: Oh ho ho ho, your attempts at escaping amuse me so, but it will not work here.

Shadowstrike: *swims to the surface*

Zilla: No, not on my pocket watch–and just where do you think you are going? *reaches out for Shadowstrike and pulls him back down* I was not finished gloating you impatient buffoon! Tsk tsk, now you’ve gone and made me do this the hard way…*Whacks Shadowstrike with his tail and pins him to the ground*

Shadowstrike: *sighs in defeat*

Zilla: That’s the spirit, old chap. Now I must crush you under my foot like I did to that stag earlier, no hard feelings though. Pip-pip cheerio!

*Zilla was about to crush Shadowstrike under his foot when suddenly he felt a searing pain in his back*

Zilla: Blimey! *releases Shadowstrike* What treachery is this?

Dark Knight: *lodging his energy pincers in Zilla’s back* Get to the surface Shadow, hurry!

Shadowstrike: …*nods and swims to the surface*

Zilla: In the name of the queen… in the name of Big Ben, and in the name of my offspring, I will not let you vile cretins get away with this!

Dark Knight: *swims to the surface as well* Your numbers up, monster!

Zilla: *swimming after them* Oh please, monster is such an extreme word for me; I do not eat any humans, do I?

Shadowstrike: Actually, I’m pretty sure you did.

Zilla: Okay, maybe I DID eat one, but that was purely by accident.

Shadowstrike: Well your offspring ate a handful of humans.

Zilla: Well maybe they did, but they smelled like delicious tuna, can you really blame them?

*Soon Shadowstrike and Dark Knight get back on land*

Shadowstrike: So do you have any plans in defeating this creature?

Dark Knight: Yup.

Zilla: *leaps out of the ocean and creates a giant earthquake just by landing on the ground*

Shadowstrike: Well, if you DO have plans, now would be a good time to tell me them.

Dark Knight: No time to explain, just follow me!

Shadowstrike: Alright…

*So Dark Knight and Shadowstrike began running away from Zilla once more, up ahead there are multiple strike chains connecting between two buildings*

Shadowstrike: …So your whole plan was relying on Majin?

Dark Knight: Actually HE came up with the plan.

Shadowstrike: What? But you said–

Dark Knight: I lied.

Majin: *on top of one of the buildings* I like 2 b heplful! *burp* hay mr. crocodile, iz multiple stryke chainz liek havin sex or sumfin?

Outlaw: *on the very same building* You should know, you had sex with a ship once, remember?

Majin: O ya! *Hic* she needz 2 write moar.

Outlaw: “She” got blown up.

Majin: u got dat rite, they’re not da same wen dey r fat.

Outlaw: That’s not what I meant

Majin: den whaut did u meen o great hero of Koridai?

Outlaw: …Nevermind, let’s just pray that your plan works.

Majin: It ttly duz, I came up wiff it in 5 mins, 4 whoal minz.

Outlaw: I thought you said it was five minutes.

Majin: dats whut I sed, 3 minutes, I wuz evan sober… till I drank sum nice creamy baileys.

Dark Knight: *slips through the gaps between the Strike Chains*

Shadowstrike: *slides under the Strike Chains* This better work…

Zilla: *runs straight into the Strike Chains*

Dark Knight: GOT HIM!

Zilla: *struggling to get out*

Shadowstrike: Just like in the movie… only there were missiles exploding on him.

Rebel: *teleports in and begins throwing Magnet Mines on Zilla*

Shadowstrike: …Good enough.


Majin: Milky white…

*After a few more Magnet Mines, as well as many other attempts to get out of these Strike Chains, Zilla collapsed in defeat and shut his eyes*

Zilla: *Defeated roar*


Rebel: Good job on distracting him long enough so that we could prepare, Shadow.

Shadowstrike: I was left for dead and forced to fend for myself.

Rebel: Okay, just for that… no more lines for the rest of this epilogue.

Shadowstrike: But, but, but–

Rebel: No buts.

Majin: Specilly no butts!

Mewtwo: *teleports in* I must appreciate your yearning for survival, even though it is entirely pointless.


Mewtwo: It all ends here, I shall destroy you all… *launches all of the CIA members back with his telekinesis*

Shadowstrike: *passes out*

Rebel: Yeah, you BETTER pass out, punk.

Mewtwo: You may have defeated Zilla, but the war is not over yet, now… you must face ME!

*But before Mewtwo can even charge after them he immediately passes out.*

Rebel: …

Majin: …

Outlaw: …Wow, that was anti-climactic.

Dark Knight: You said it.

Metabad: *standing behind Mewtwo with a taser in his hand* You think I’d miss this party?

Outlaw: But… dude, you were crushed.

Metabad: I got better.

Rebel: …Works for me!

Majin: Creamy beige…

Sean: *runs in* I hardly got any lines in this epilogue.

Dark Knight: Well Sean, it could–

Sean: Oh no, you are NOT finishing that sentence!

Metabad: Always be–


Void: *flies in* I was about to complain about the same thing, actually.

Outlaw: I think the one who got the most lines in this epilogue was Shadowstrike.

Rebel: Lucky bastard…

Shadowstrike: *still passed out*

Rebel: Yeah, you BETTER stay unconscious!

Outlaw: Well, I guess that’s it.

Rebel: Let’s go–

Snagglepuss: Enter stage left! *runs in* Heavens to murgatroyd! What happened to my buddies? Partners, even.

Rebel: Nevermind.

Sean: I forgot about you, admittedly.

Snagglepuss: *somehow picks up Zilla and Mewtwo* Well, if you’ll ex-SCUSE me, I have to rebuild my buddies into cyborgs, it’s the only logical thing to dooo~.

Void: You mean to tell me that you are the scientist of your little group?

Snagglepuss: That’s right; got a problem with that, do you want to fight about it? *looks at Majin* What about you, walking sponge?

Outlaw: Don’t tick him off.

Rebel: He’s dangerous, and stupid.

Snagglepuss: Dangerous indeed, you don’t scare me Majjy and you better not show up around my lab heeere. I’ll give you a left and a right and an about face and down you goooo, what do you say about thaaaaat Majjyyyyy?

Majin: Do u love me?

Snagglepuss: Exit, stage left! *runs away with Zilla and Mewtwo in both hands*

Rebel: Metabad, follow him.

Metabad: Si, por favor! *runs after him*

Snagglepuss: *still running*

Metabad: *still running*

Snagglepuss: *background moves to make it look like he’s running*

Metabad: *same desired results here*

Snagglepuss: *stops in his tracks and turns around*

Metabad: *also stops*

Snagglepuss: Are you following me?

Metabad: …

Snagglepuss: …

Metabad: …

Snagglepuss: …

Metabad: …Yes.

Snagglepuss: …

Metabad: …

Snagglepuss: …

Metabad: …

Snagglepuss: …

Metabad: …

Snagglepuss: That’s what I conjectured.

Metabad: …

Snagglepuss: …

Metabad: …

Snagglepuss: …

Metabad: …

Snagglepuss: *continues running*

Metabad: *continues chasing*

Snagglepuss: *runs into his laboratory*

Metabad: Oshi–*turns around* HEY GUYS, I FOUND THE LAB!

Rebel: We’re already here.

Metabad: *turns around* Oh, RAWKIN’! Now all we have to do is go into the lab.

Majin: I race u do u race me?

Metabad: YOU’RE ON PALBERT! *runs into the lab*

Majin: mie name iz nawt Willy. *runs alongside Metabad*

*As soon as the rest of the CIA members enter the lab, they see Snagglepuss, along with Mewtwo in robotic armor, as well as Zilla with cybernetic parts*

Snagglepuss: Hope ya enjoy your new upgrades, fellas… courtesy of me, on the house, even!

Cyber-Zilla: *sneezes*

Cyber-Mewtwo: You all got lucky last time, for if it were not for that sneak attack I would have unleashed my TRUE power! But now Snagglepuss has enhanced Zilla and I to perfection, and as such we will–

Rebel: Yeah, yeah, yeah typical villain monologue, just get on with it!

Snagglepuss: Oh, you’re no fun!

Cyber-Zilla: *roars*

Snagglepuss: How dare you!

Cyber-Mewtwo: Silence… now, AFTER THEM! *Points to the CIA*

*As soon as Mewtwo shouted, the trio charged straight for the CIA*

Rebel: Alright guys, I got a plan…Void, Dark Knight, Metabad, Majin, Outlaw, Shadowstrike’s passed out body, come with me and help me defeat Mewtwo.

Sean: What about me?

Rebel: You will have the honor of single-handedly taking on the giant mechanical chameleon.

Metabad: Iguana, dude.

Rebel: Whatever.

Sean: Can’t I at least have some back-up?

Rebel: *sighs* Fine. *throws Shadowstrike’s passed out body at Sean which lands with a hard THUD in front of him*

Sean: …Actually when I said that, I had someone more… conscious in mind.

Rebel: Well that’s my final offer, take it or leave it.

Outlaw: Actually, I’ll go with him…

Rebel: What, but why?

Majin: Cuz iz liek zilla vs moar reptiles btut Outraw neads 2 b biggor liek hueg 2 fite 2 fart.

Outlaw: Well, I think he would be easier to handle than Mewtwo, and besides… someone needs to look out for Sean.

Rebel: Alright, fine… the rest of you, come with me. *Speeds off towards Mewtwo*

Metabad: This fights gonna be HELL-A RAWKIN! *Accompanies Rebel*

Void: This should be an interesting fight to say in the least…*flies towards Mewtwo*

Majin: I WILL ALWAYS FITE 2 FART! *bounces towards Mewtwo*

Dark Knight: You are all WEIRDOS! *accompanies Majin*

Sean: Well, looks like it’s just you and me, Outlaw…Oh, and him. *Points to Shadowstrike*

Shadowstrike: *inexplicably has a bucket on his head*

Outlaw: How’d THAT get on him?

Sean: Hell if I know. *Throws it off*

Outlaw: So…

Cyber-Zilla: *fires missiles at Outlaw and Sean*

Outlaw: *dodging* How are we going to go up against this creature?

Sean: *takes out dragon flute* I have my ways…

Outlaw: Hey, what’s that?

Cyber-Zilla: *fires lasers from mouth*

Sean: *dodges* Well, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to show this to any of my other teammates…but since Strike is passed out…*plays flute*

*Soon the Dragonzord falls from the sky and strikes a pose*

Outlaw: The Dragonzord? Neat! Can I pilot it?

Sean: Maybe some day, but for now Shadow is the main pilot.

Outlaw: But he’s passed out right now.

Sean: …Oh yeah, I forgot already…looks like I’ll have to pilot it.

Outlaw: But what can I do?

Sean: You can…stand on top of it and throw spin wheels at Cyber-Zilla or something.

Outlaw: *shrugs* Alright, good enough…but I HAVE to pilot that thing someday!

Sean: *sighs*

*So Sean and Outlaw got into the cockpit of the Dragonzord, dragging Shadowstrike along, we now observe the rest of our heroes battling Mewtwo*

Cyber-Mewtwo: I’m going to win…

Metabad: OVER MY DEAD GRANDMA! *uses Speed Burner on Mewtwo*

Cyber-Mewtwo: *raises a defense barrier* Fool! *Performs a Counter on Metabad*

Metabad: OWWW!

Majin: oooo dat 1 hert him!

Rebel: *Teleports around the place throwing magnet mines at Mewtwo*

Cyber-Mewtwo: *raises the mines with telekinetic powers while also teleporting around the place* Two can play at that game! *Fires the mines back at Rebel*

Rebel: *caught in the explosion* Gahhh! There has got to be some way to beat this guy…

Dark Knight: *Charges at Mewtwo with Energy pincers sticking out*

Cyber-Mewtwo: I can read your mind like an open book… *eyes glow blue and DK is stopped in his tracks* You cannot win.

Void: Wait… that’s it!

Metabad: Did you think of something RAWKIN’?

Void: See, we’re thinking of our attacks while we fight him…

Rebel: So what’s your point?

Void: I was getting to that, now while strategizing is fine and dandy for combat situations, Mewtwo always remains two steps ahead of us. We need to somehow not think of our attacks before we perform them.

Rebel: Wow, Void… that might just be…

Void: …

Rebel: …The stupidest thing you’ve ever said!


Void: I admit, I couldn’t believe I said that either, but it might just work.

Rebel: Well, we COULD do that…

Metabad: OR we could pit Mewtwo up against Majin, either way works.

Rebel: A rawkin’ idea my friend!

Metabad: YEAHHHHH! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Majin: *rakes leaves*

Void: …

Majin: Da whealz on da whale go plop and doing, plop and doing, plop and BOI-OI-OI-OING!

Void: …I think you may have something here.

Cyber-Mewtwo: Well, are we still fighting? Or did you all realize how useless it is to go against me?

Rebel: I’ll tell you what, let’s see if you can beat Majin single handedly.

Metabad: If you win under 30 minutes, we’ll give you the Whale King!

Void: Now wait just one second here, we never agreed to that…

Metabad: Don’t worry, we don’t HAVE to do it, see it’s all about tickling their buying bone.

*All of the CIA members there (besides Majin) leave the battlefield and observe the oncoming battle*

Cyber-Mewtwo: Now let me get this straight… you will actually give up that sorry excuse for a ship, if I beat an incoherent drunk who has no idea what he is doing?

Majin: Dats rite mofo cuz I just spekil like dat *hic*

Cyber-Mewtwo: Hahaha, this will be simple…

Snagglepuss: A complete joke, even.


Snagglepuss: Kick his butt, Twoster!

Cyber-Mewtwo: Never call me that again…

Snagglepuss: Heavens to Murgatroyd, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed or what? I’m just being supportive.

Cyber-Mewtwo: Let’s just get this over with… *faces Majin* I doubt you have what it takes to defeat me!

Majin: Da sky dies da same… da starz… da mewn…

Cyber-Mewtwo: *fires a Shadow Ball at Majin*

Majin: OMPH! *is hit in the stomach*

Cyber-Mewtwo: Please, this is pathetic… *teleports and shoots purple flames at Majin*


Rebel: So much for your plan Void…

Void: Actually it was Metabad’s plan.

Rebel: Shut up, I can still blame you if I want!

Cyber-Mewtwo: *standing on top of Majin* Any last words?

Majin: BUT WATE, DERES MOAR! *latches onto Mewtwo with a Strike Chain and electrocutes him*

Cyber-Mewtwo: *armor begins short circuiting* ARGH…I should have…seen that coming…nothing a little mind reading won’t fix though. *presses fingers against head*

Majin: *turns towards Snagglepuss* HAI SNAGGLEPENIS!

Snagglepuss: Say-whaaaa? What did you call me now? Oh that’s it friend, I’ll knock you so hard through stage left, you’ll come out all the way through stage right! *raises fists*

Cyber-Mewtwo: No, Snagglepuss… this is MY fight…

Snagglepuss: Hey, I’m just trying to help, don’t need to be such a sour puss!

Cyber-Mewtwo: Now…to read your mind…*closes eyes*

Majin: lolololol dat tickels!

Cyber-Mewtwo: …That cannot be…

Snagglepuss: What’s going on? What’s going onnn, differ beggar?

Cyber-Mewtwo: I sense absolutely no thought within this being…

Snagglepuss: Oh wow, and that’s the ace in your trump, the way ya win battles, the little tricksies up your sleevies!

Cyber-Mewtwo: I know that, Snaggle–*Mewtwo is soon cut off by more lightning striking him*

Snagglepuss: Heavens to Murgatroyd, is it storming so hard, IN my lab? That doesn’t make any sense… this day is just getting odd, strange even!

Majin: *dancing* knee drop drop-pa-pop-pa-mo-bop

Rebel: Alright, Majin’s had his fun… time to kick some ass…


Rebel and Metabad: YEAHHHHH! *rawks*

*Soon Rebel, Metabad, Dark Knight and Void spring into action once more*

Snagglepuss: Oh me, oh my! In the words of Ackbar…it’s a trap!

Cyber-Mewtwo: What?!

Rebel: *takes out Magnet Mine* Metabad, you know what to do…*throws Magnet Mine at Mewtwo*

Metabad: Right-o! *shoots a fireball at the mine*

*The mine soon explodes in a fiery rage, directly hitting Mewtwo*

Cyber-Mewtwo: *the mine blows his armor off* NO! My armor…

Snagglepuss: I worked so hard on it, too… slaved away, even! We should all just exit stage left already, whaddya say old pal?

Mewtwo: No, I can still fight… *a Strike Chain soon tangles around him* What is the meaning of this? *is tossed into a Silk Shot, which Majin soon coats in electricity* GRAHHHH!

Dark Knight: Now for the finisher! *encases Mewtwo in a bubble*

Mewtwo: …That’s it?

Snagglepuss: That was a bit flimsy; he can still fight y’know…

Dark Knight: Heheh… but not for long! *impales Mewtwo with his energy pincers*


Snagglepuss: TWOSTER, NO! *pulls Mewtwo off of the energy pincers*


Snagglepuss: Oh… that looks painful, fatal even! We really should exit the stage, you’re in no condition to fight.

Mewtwo: …You… may be right… Snagglepuss…

Snagglepuss: Are you alriiiight?

Mewtwo: This is nothing a little recovery won’t fix… but I fear we must retreat… *turns towards the CIA* Code: Island Attackers… you win… for now… *presses hand up against head*

Snagglepuss: Buh-bye Codeys, don’t forget to write, exit stage teleport!

*Mewtwo and Snagglepuss are soon teleported away*

Metabad: Dude, that fight RAWKED!

Rebel: Meh, coulda been better…

Metabad: …Yeah, I agree, we could have kicked more ass to the moon while pulling it out of its orbit, I mean now that I think about it… that fight was so non-rawkin that I think I fell asleep!

Rebel: I liked that fight.

Metabad: Oh, yeah… I was on the edge of my seat that whole time, I mean that Mewtwo was one powerhouse of a villain, you know?

Rebel: Nah, that fight sucked.

Metabad: Yeah, well–

Dark Knight: *facepalm*


Void: Metabad, don’t you see that he’s just trying to screw with your head?

Metabad: …Are you screwin’ with me?

Rebel: Yeah, I am.

Majin: DATS OUR REBEL! *laughs like a laugh track*

Void: Well, let’s go see how Outlaw, Sean, and Strike are doing. *flies off*

Rebel: Hey, I make the orders around here, BUG!

Void: But you’re a bug too…

Rebel: SILENCE! I KEEL YOU! *strangles Void*



Void: EEK–*choke* WHAT ARE YOUR–*cough* ORDERS SIR? *gasps for air*

Rebel: Let’s see how the others are doing. *releases Void*

Void: Okay, was that REALLY necessary?

Rebel: Yes. *runs out of the lab*

Majin: 2 da windaow, 2 da wall! *bounces after him*

Metabad: *rawks while following Rebel*

Void: *sighs and flies off*

Dark Knight: *stumbles after the group* Damn these short legs of mine!

*The group soon sees Cyber-Zilla, with his mechanical arm torn off and a bite taken out of his chest with a Spin Wheel sticking out of his chest, lying unconscious while staying afloat above the water, before he was teleported away*

Sean: …That… was…

Outlaw: AWESOME!

Shadowstrike: *wakes up* H-huh? What did I miss?

Sean: Shadow, you missed the greatest fight the Dragonzord ever had!


Shadowstrike: Damn… sounds like I missed quite the battle… thanks a lot Mewtwo…*mumble mumble*

Outlaw: I even got to pilot it at one point, how cool is that?

Sean: Where did you learn to pilot machinery like that?

Outlaw: I read a book about piloting giant mechs… before I ate it.

Rebel: *teleports in* Sounds like you two had quite the battle.

Shadowstrike: Hey, what about me?

Rebel: What ABOUT you?

Shadowstrike: I freaking defeated him the first time for crying out loud!

Dark Knight: Yeah, but only with my help.

Majin: Und my brians *picks nose with breadstick* I m a lawyer!

Shadowstrike: *sighs* Everyone’s against me…

Rebel: Well team, it’s been… an odd day to say in the least…

Metabad: You got that straight.

Void: I propose we–


Void: No, no, no, not THAT kind of proposal, Majin.

Majin: I do!

Void: *sighs* Let’s just go back to the Whale King already.


Void: …That you give the orders.

Rebel: Exactly, don’t make me choke a bitch again, with that said, let’s go back on the Whale King.

Sean: Right behind you Rebel.

Metabad: You might be RIGHT behind him, but I’m RAWKIN behind him! *rawks*

Majin: I m a robutt beep boop bop bip bip lol

*So with that said the CIA went back to the Whale King, meanwhile in a far off evil fortress of doom…*

Gates: *sitting on a throne made from bloody bones that is on fire*

Mewtwo: *bowing to Bill Gates* And that is why we have failed you, my master… I am so sorry, please forgive us.

Gates: Gentlemen, I am very disappointed in you.

Mewtwo: I beg of you, please spare us, we tried our best in eliminating the CIA!

Snagglepuss: But heavens to Murgatroyd! They were tough cookies to crack, even with my technological genius!

Zilla: *Roars*

Snagglepuss: Oh you did not just call me that! You wanna fight? I’ll give you the old one-two!

Zilla: *Grumbles*

Snagglepuss: As in fisty-cuffs ya dimwit! I–

Gates: SILENCE! *slams hands down on the arms of his throne*

Snagglepuss: ULP!

Zilla: *whimpers*

Mewtwo: Won’t you give us another chance? We will not fail you next time, my leige… you have my word.

Gates: I appreciate your loyalty, but your failure is unacceptable…

Snagglepuss: Like, what are ya going to doooo~?

Gates: *smiles wickedly*

Zilla: *starts shaking all over*

Gates: *takes out a jar*

Mewtwo: …Wh-what is in there?

Snagglepuss: I don’t think I wanna knowww…

Gates: *slowly twists the jar open*

*Before the trio knew it, a swarm of mosquitoes soon went flying out of the jar, heading directly towards the three*


Zilla: *Frightened roar*

Mewtwo: Oh damn it…

Gates: Not only poor people should experience this.

*The infected killer mosquitoes begin violently biting the trio all over their bodies, while they run around Bill’s fortress, screaming and crying in pain and agony as Bill Gates lets out a sinister and evil laugh*

Gates: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Oh, I’ll get you Code: Island Attackers… I’ll get you yet… *shakes fist*

The End



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