*Written by Rebel4000*

*Early one day, the Island Attacker’s ship, the Whale King…*

Void: *sets tools down* There, all finished.

Rebel: *looking in the mirror* Whoa, talk about nice.

Void: Well, the “modifications” you specified for your alternate form pretty much required a complete overhaul. I mean, seriously. Shades?

Rebel: Do you have a problem with shades!?

Void: Well, no–

Rebel: Then shaddup.

Void: …Regardless, you’ll find that this form is far more versatile in both combat and normal activities, should you require it.

Rebel: *smacks Void*

Void: Ow! What the Hell was that for?

Rebel: You forgot to mention how bad ass I look!

Void: Oh… and you look bad ass.

Rebel: Now, there’s just one question…

Void: Yes…?

Rebel: *picks up a can of Coke and looks at his claw hand* How the heck am I supposed to open my Coke?

Void: Use your other hand.

Rebel: That’s stupid. *leaves and goes to the kitchen* Hey guys, how do you suggest I open my Coke with this claw for a hand?

Outlaw: Well, if it were me I’d just eat the thing whole.

Rebel: I’d do that, believe me, but I kinda-sorta lack a mouth.

Shadowstrike: If you don’t have a mouth then how can you drink Coke to begin with?

Rebel: Shadow… you’re not helping…

Shadowstrike: Oh…

Majin: i juz smack dat bad boi *burps*

Dark Knight: Skewer it with my pincers!

Sean: Start drinking something else.

Rebel: No, no, and most definitely NO!! God, why is everyone around here so useless!?

Metabad: Why don’t you just open it with your other hand?

Rebel: Brilliant! *to Void* Why couldn’t you come up with that? Some genius!

Void: *sighs in frustration*

Majin: hic, dun worry 2 much i tink he juz wans 2 ignore up… uv… us *burps in Void’s face*

Void: *shoves Majin out of the way* Yuck! I’m going back to the lab…

Shadowstrike: Again? But you finally came out!

Void: So?

Outlaw: Well… we never see you much these days, Void man.

Dark Knight: Come join us in shocking Sean!

Sean: Um… let’s not.

Void: Sorry, but I’m just too busy for that sort of thing nowadays. With all of these problems coming up, one needs to be prepared.

Dark Knight: What kind of problems?

Outlaw: Probably with the New X-Hunters and Yuber.

Metabad: But d00d, it could always be worse!

Sean: *shocked* A thousand curses upon you!

Void: Well, Metabad, you’re wrong–it is worse right now. Plus, a scientist never sleeps.

Outlaw, Majin, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Dark Knight, Sean: But! But!

Void: Again, sorry. Maybe once things have finally calmed down… *leaves*

Shadowstrike: Man… that sucks.

Rebel: Yeah, yeah, poor old Void has to work. Boohoo.

Metabad: RAWKIN’ IS A LOT HARDER!! *rawks*

Rebel: *rawks*

Shadowstrike: You’re mean.

Rebel: And you just figured that out?

Outlaw: C’mon, let’s not be like this, guys.

Sean: Seriously. As Void said, we’ve got more important things to focus on.

Majin: *has grapes stuck in his nostrils* im grapeman!

Everyone else: …

Majin: *starts dancing* bloopity-bloopity-bloopity-bloopity…

Dark Knight: More important things, huh?

Sean: I don’t even want to hear it.

Majin: bloopity-bloopity-bloopity-bloopity…

Shadowstrike: Someone, please make him stop.

Rebel: Allow me. Hey, Majin–shut up.

Majin: bloopity-bloopity-bloopity-bloopity…

Rebel: … *whacks Majin on the back of the head*

Majin: GHOUGH!! *grapes pop out*

Outlaw: I CALL DIBS!! *dives*

Metabad: NO WAY I SAW THEM FIRST!! *dives*

*While Outlaw and Metabad fight over who would possess the grapes and for what purpose, the doorbells rings.*

Sean: I’ll get it! *walks to the door that leads to the deck* I wonder who it could be? *opens the door*

Byron: Salutations!

Sean: Oh, hey Captain… wait. How did you get on the ship!? And since when do we have a doorbell!?

Byron: Oh, details are unimportant, friend! What is important is that I speak with you and your friends.

Sean: Ohh, no. I want answers!

Byron: *knocks Sean out with his shovel*

Dark Knight: Sean, who is it? *peeks head around the corner* Hey, it’s the captain!

Rebel: *transformed* What? The captain!?

Byron: Hey there, everyone! Been busy fighting for justice since our last meeting?

Rebel: Naturally! That’s all we ever do!

Outlaw: *walks up to Rebel, chewing* Me and Meta dude decided to split the grapes.

Metabad: *chewing* Grapes rawk!

Shadowstrike: But… those were in Majin’s nose.

Majin: *picking his nose* i make me own grapez

Metabad: Hand-made grapes don’t rawk!

Dark Knight: Could be worse.

Sean: *shocked* Yeah, it’s nice to see that you guys care that I was just hit by a shovel. *gets off the floor* I’M FINE, BY THE WAY.

Rebel: *ignoring Sean* So, what brings you all the way up here, Captain?

Byron: Well, you see… I have information concerning… the New X-Hunters.

Everyone else: Really!?

Byron: Yes! The time to assault the fiends at their base of operations is nigh!

Sean: You actually know that much?

Byron: Er… well, no!

Dark Knight: …Didn’t you say you had information?

Byron: Yes! I did!

Outlaw: So, you lied.

Byron: No! I really do. I’m just waiting for Flannery to come with our newest recruits.

Shadowstrike: New recruits?

Byron: Yes! They may not seem like much… but I decided to give them a chance. Plus, they were the ones who had the information on the New X-Hunters.

Metabad: So you guys worked something out? What a rawkin’ idea!

Flannery: WE’RE HERE!!

Byron: Oh, good. There they are!

Flannery: Sorry we took so long… we were busy making sand castles!

Violen: But whenever I touched them they broke apart! *sobs*

Agile: Touch? You were smashing them you big oaf!

Rebel: …What.

Outlaw: Um…

Shadowstrike: What are the Old X-Hunters doing here?


Shadowstrike: I did.

Agile: …You! *looks at the rest of the team* And you!

Majin: *spinning on one foot* and me and me and me and me and me me me me memememememememeeeee

Byron: Eh? Do you all know each other?

Sean: Er… well, these guys used to be a part of the original X-Hun–

Agile and Violen: *grabs Sean* SHHHH!!

Sean: !?

Agile: *whispers* He can’t know about that! He’d kill us!

Violen: And then we wouldn’t be able to make any sand castles!

Flannery: I LOVE SAND, GUYS!! *throws a whole bunch into the air*

Rebel: So… you guys are with the captain now?

Agile: Yes.

Shadowstrike: Wait… that means that you must be the ones who have the information?

Agile: Yes.

Dark Knight: Which means that we will be going on some bizarre adventure, right?

Agile: Yes.

Rebel, Outlaw, Majin, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Dark Knight, Sean: SHIT!!

Byron: Let’s go inside to do the talking.

*Thus the CIA, along with Captain Shovelman and his crew, head inside to continue their discussion…*

Void: *emerges from his lab* What’s going on out here?

Outlaw: Oh, Void! The captain’s come back!

Flannery: And we brought sand!

Void: …That’s nice.

Dark Knight: He also brought Agile and Violen with him.

Void: …Yep, going back to my lab. *leaves*

Sean: There he goes…

Shadowstrike: Shouldn’t we bring him back?

Rebel: Meh, if he wants to hole himself up in his lab then let him. We’ll fill him in later. Anyway, Captain, Flannery, Agile…

Violen: …

Rebel: …Violen.

Violen: *beams*

Rebel: Fill us in.

Dark Knight: You guys have information on where the New X-Hunters are based?

Agile: Hmm… I dunno… What’s in it for us?

Rebel: Oh, c’mon, are you still acting like this!?

Agile: Hey, I said we don’t need your help, and I stand by that!

Byron: Wait, just wait. We need their help!

Agile: We do?

Violen: Yeah! *gets smacked* Er, uh… we do?

Byron: If it weren’t for them, me and Flannery would never have started to do research on those fiends and we never would have met you two! ‘Twas fate that brought us all together! It is our destiny!

Flannery: DESTINY!!


Agile: …Fine. We’ll talk.

Rebel: Good! Now spill the beans.

Outlaw: Tell us everything that you know…

Agile: After we “parted ways” with you guys, we did some searching. We wanted to find Serges! It was during this time that we encountered… them.

Shadowstrike: Them?

Violen: *sniffs* The new guys…

Sean: Balrog and Misery.

Agile: Yeah. We saw them by chance and they were talking to each other, so we hid and listened in…


Misery: You are a fool, Balrog.

Balrog: Huh?

Misery: Do you really think that Master Serges’ plan was to simply destroy the CIA?

Balrog: Well, if it wasn’t then why does he keep telling me to do so?

Misery: He knows the CIA’s true strength. He knows that you will be unable to stop them… which is why you have just been a mere distraction, while I carry on with our real plans.

Balrog: …

Misery: Of course, in the unlikely scenario that someone like you actually manages to defeat the Island Attackers, then even better. I’m not holding my breath, though.

Balrog: So what’s the plan, then? Don’t leave me out of the loop, Misery!

Misery: All right, all right. I’ll tell you, but this is just between you and me, got it? If anyone else finds out about this, well… let’s just say Serges will be looking for a new TV.

Balrog: I’M NOT A TV!!

Misery: Then shut up and listen. While you have been busy fighting the CIA, I have been collecting parts. These parts are essential components to a device that Serges is building to carry through with his plans of world domination.

Balrog: ‘Kay. That’s neat. What’s the device do?

Misery: Ho ho ho, that’s for me to know and for you to find out.

Balrog: What!? You said you were gonna let me in!

Misery: If I let you too far in, you’d probably mess everything up. Now stop your complaining and let’s head back to the base. I’ve already collected the next part that was located here, so there’s no point in dilly-dallying.

Balrog: Right! To the North Pole!

*End flashback*

Agile: After that they both left.

Outlaw: Huh, that’s weird. So why would they base themselves there?

Shadowstrike: Yeah, it’s kinda out-of-the-way, isn’t it?

Flannery: Plus it has no sand! What were they thinking!?

Agile: It’s quite obvious why they are there–it was where our old base was located…

Violen: Serges must be using it! He was always kinda cheap.

Rebel: Ohhhh yeahhhh… I knew that.

Sean: Hmm… The North Pole and a device that Serges is building for world domination… there has to be a connection somewhere.

Majin: perhaps he wans 2 b KING OF DA HOLE

Shadowstrike: …World?

Majin: oh thats juz silly *burps*

Byron: Whatever the case may be, we swim across the ocean to the chilly north, and locate their base of operations so we may put an end to their villainous ways!

Dark Knight: Or we could, like, use the Whale King to take us there.

Byron: …Well, if you want to suck all of the fun out of it.

Rebel: Right. Shadow, take us to the North Pole. Metabad, go and get Void. Be sure to break lots of stuff to get his attention.

Metabad: Can I bring Majin to help me?

Rebel: Sure.

Metabad: Rawksome! Let’s go Maj!

Majin: hickory-dickory-dock-lock-mock-sock-rock

*Metabad and Majin, using some bizarre methods, manage to sneak into Void’s lab, where we can hear much screaming and yelling along with glass breaking, among other things. The Whale King, however, moves onward to the arctic despite the chaos within… and as it reaches its destination…*

Outlaw: *looking out the window* Hmm… some kinda thick mist is blocking the view.

Rebel: Weird. How much further?

Shadowstrike: …

Rebel: What?

Shadowstrike: Why… why is Flannery flying the ship?

Rebel: Because… Uh, that’s actually a pretty good question. Why is Flannery flying the ship!?

Flannery: Wheeeeeee. *does a loopty-loop*

Dark Knight: *hanging on to the chair* THIS IS WHY I DON’T TRUST WOMEN DRIVERS!!

Flannery: WHEEEEEEEE. *does several more loopty-loops*

Void: *flies in* Rebel! What are you doing!?


Void: *sees Flannery flying* Oh god. OH GOD. WHO LET HER PILOT THE SHIP!?

Byron: *hanging upside down* Not me.

Agile: *hanging off of Byron* Not me.

Violen: *hanging off of Agile* I’LL ADMIT–IT WAS ME!! *breaks into tears*


Flannery: Zoooooooooooooooom. *does a final loopty-loop and positions the ship back to normal*

Shadowstrike: …Just what was the whole purpose of that!?

Flannery: *points outside*

*The team looks outside. Flannery spelled the word “SAND” using the Whale King in the sky.*

Rebel: …You nearly killed us all so you could spell the word sand!?

Flannery: Yep.

Rebel: …Cool.

Everyone else: *groans*

Shadowstrike: *shoves Flannery out of the way* Okay, despite that waste of time, we will be arriving to at the North Pole in exactly… two minutes.

Outlaw: I dunno about you guys, but I’m ready.

Sean: Me too.

Majin: ready freddie!

*Before the team could even fully prepare, however, there was a loud bang outside, and suddenly the Whale King rocked back and forth!*

Dark Knight: What’s going on!?

Shadowstrike: We’re under attack! There’s something out there…

Agile: Wait! The mist is clearing!

Outlaw: *eyes widening* It’s a…


*Indeed, jutting out of the water, incased in ice, was a building of a most impressive size–the X-Hunter Base. Despite that most of it had been destroyed from the inside-out years ago, it looked as if hasty repairs were made–along with a few upgrades. Several guns and cannons were mounted on top of it, where one of the largest cannons had smoke emerging from it. Without warning, it fires another shot, causing the Whale King to rock back and forth once more.*

Byron: Tsk! The cowards are assaulting us from afar! Have they no shame!?

Agile: Well… since this is Serges’ we’re talking about… no. Not really.

Violen: *sucking on his thumb* Some things just won’t ever change, huh?

Agile: *pulls Violen’s thumb out of his mouth* UNFORTUNATELY.

Rebel: *slams hands on table* All units, prepare to engage the enemy! Sean, Void, man the weapons! Open fire!

Void and Sean: Roger!

Flannery: Ooh, ooh! Can I help!?

Rebel: Sure.

Void and Sean: …

Flannery: YAY!! *drags Void and Sean off*

Rebel: All right, now, Shadowstrike, you move us in as close as possible. We need to infiltrate that base! After you do that, assist Sean, Void, and Flannery anyway you can!

Shadowstrike: Yes, sir!

Rebel: Everyone else… follow me! *leaves*

Outlaw, Majin, Metabad, Dark Knight, Byron, Agile, Violen: *follows*

*The team following Rebel made their way to the deck. Once there, they found that the ship was now next to the mighty base, with attacks from both sides being launched furiously.*

Agile: So what do we do now!?

Rebel: Now… we head toward our target! *points at the base*

Byron: Right you are, Rebel! *points with the shovel* CHAAAAAAAAAAARGE!!

???: Huzzah!

Outlaw: Not again…

Balrog: *dropping down from the sky* Whaddya mean, “not again”!? I think I’ve become one of the best reoccuring characters in this series, if I do say so myself!

Dark Knight: We don’t have time for you!

Metabad: We’ve got bigger fish to fry, maaaaaaaaan!

Majin: fish is mmm-mmm gurd *burps*

Balrog: Well too bad! It’s time to prove myself in this final battle of ours! Prepare yourself! *jumps into the air and starts throwing projectiles everywhere*

Rebel: Everyone, you know the drill! *teleports out of the way*

Violen: *watching everyone dodge the projectiles* Huh? I know the drill? There’s a drill!? I’m confused! *gets blasted by the projectiles* AAHHHH!!

Agile: *zipping past the attacks* Idiot.

Byron: I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY SUCH A MUNDANE ATTACK!! *whacks one of the projectiles back with shovel*

Balrog: What the–*gets hit in the face* BWAAAH!! *hits the ground*

Outlaw: All right, now’s the chance to finish him once and for all! *fires a pair of Spin Wheels*

Balrog: *slowly getting up* Urrrgh… *gets run over by the wheels* GUUUUURK!!

Metabad: WE DID IT!! *rawks*

Dark Knight: No sense in actually rawking, seeing as how we’ve defeated him several times already, and our real mission hasn’t even been completed yet.

Byron: *crosses arms* Yes, I fail to see the need to rawk at this point in time.

Metabad: Aw, you guys are no fun.

Majin: ya lurn 2 light up *lights up like a lightbulb*

Balrog: *gets back up* Not so fast! I have one more move to make!

Rebel: Oh, do you now!?

Balrog: Yes! Stop this, if you can! *fires several missiles at Rebel at close range*

Rebel: REBEL SHIELD!! *grabs Agile*

Agile: EEEEEEEEK!! *gets blasted*

Balrog: *blinks* Huh…

Rebel: *throws Agile on the ground* Look what you did to Agile! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!!

Balrog: But I–*gets kicked in the face*–OOOF!! *gets sent flying off the ship* NOOOOOOooooooo…

Dark Knight: Man, Rebel sure does know when to fight back.

Outlaw: Well, when boss bug fights for his friends, he tends to get a little emotional.

Agile: *charred and burnt* Emotional smotional, I’m sueing.

Violen: *also charred and burnt* Did I miss anything?

Agile: *kicks Violen off the ship as well*

Violen: WHAT DID I DOOOOOOOooooooo…

Byron: ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!! We must go and put a stop to the New X-Hunters evil plans immediately!

Rebel: He’s right. Just ignore Agile, everyone. He’s trying to distract us. *leaves*

Agile: W-what…? I’m doing no such thing!

Metabad: Did you guys here something?

Agile: I… I feel so… ignored…

Majin: *pats Agile on the back*

Agile: …You aren’t ignoring me?

Majin: ur a funy fire hydrant *lifts leg up*

Agile: NO!!

*The team moves away from the Whale King and infiltrates the New X-Hunters base. They quickly start to search the entire premises for a way in…

Violen: I’m scaaaaaared!

Rebel: Shut up. I had to go out of my way to haul your worthless butt back up here!

Violen: But I was kicked!

Dark Knight: Then kick back!

Violen: *looks at Agile*

Agile: *glares*

Violen: Um… I’ll pass… *backs away*

Outlaw: So, where exactly is the entrance to this place?

Agile: I dunno.

Everyone else: …What?

Agile: I said I dunno! Everything looks kinda different.

Violen: Maybe they moved the entrance?

Metabad: That’s pretty rawkin’ in a not-rawkin’-sort-of-way.

Rebel: All right, lets split up to find the entrance. Captain, why don’t you and Agile group up, Outlaw will take DK and Violen, and I will go with Majin and Metabad.

Outlaw: Sounds good to me, boss bug.

Byron: Very well, I will let you take charge in this assignment as leader.

Rebel: Yeah, that’s right. I’m the leader! And what I say goes. Now get outta here you losers.

Dark Knight: Mmm’kay. *drags Violen off*

Agile: Whatever. *leaves*

Metabad: Let’s rawk all over the place! Let’s go, Maj.

Majin: okiez cuz dats wut we gotta do right rrrrreb?

Rebel: …Don’t ever call me by my name again.

Majin: ur dah boss rrrrreb

*Thus the group splits up…*

Dark Knight: This place is massive!

Violen: I don’t like big places like these!

Outlaw: Then I recommend staying out of the sewers. One time me and DK got lost for two days straight because we were chasing an old boot.

Violen: Just a boot?

Dark Knight: It was glowing!

Outlaw: And we could hear it chanting “Lets play” over and over in our heads…

Violen: Oooooookay.

Outlaw: Anyway, I wonder where the entrance is? You’d think such a big place would have more than one opening. Or at least a really big door.

Dark Knight: Wait! I think I see one! *points*

*Indeed, a small distance away in the back left corner of the facility was a small door leading inside.*

Violen: Woohoo, we did it!

Dark Knight: Last one there is a helmetless Mettool!

Outlaw: Hey, wait! Let’s get the others first–

???: Not so fast!

*Out of thin air a black orb appears a small distance away from Dark Knight, high in the air. The moment DK nears the orb, it releases a bolt of lightning, striking the ground right before him.

Dark Knight: Whoa! *jumps back*

Violen: What happened!?

Outlaw: Someone is here! Come on out!

Misery: *appears* Hm-hmm, I see you have quite fast reflexes for a robot.

Dark Knight: So it was you!

Misery: So it was! What are you going to do about it?

Dark Knight: Kick your ass, of course!

Violen: But that isn’t very nice…

Dark Knight: …

Outlaw: …

Misery: …

Violen: …Oh…

Misery: Anyway, if you want to make it inside you’ll have to deal with me. I hope your ready to die.

Outlaw: Let’s do this, guys!

Dark Knight: Bubble Splash!

Misery: *disappears right before the bubbles make contact*

Dark Knight: What the!?

Misery: *reappears in another spot* What, is that all you’ve got?

Dark Knight: Grrr… take this! *fires several volleys of bubbles*

Misery: *disappears and reappears* Now it’s time for you to take a seat! *fires out several black orbs that fire lightning*

Dark Knight: *gets hit* Gurrgh!

Outlaw: DK!

Violen: I-I’ll fight! *swings his mace at Misery*

Misery: *flies up and over the attack* Too slow! *creates another wave of orb-producing lightning*

Violen: *hit* YEEEEOW!!

Outlaw: *jumps between the bolts of lightning* Don’t think so!

Misery: !?

Outlaw: *gets in front of Misery* Dual Spin Wheel!

Misery: *is hit in the face by two wheels* Aaaagh! *hits the ground and disappears*

Outlaw: …Did I get her?

Misery: *appears above Outlaw* Not likely! *blasts Outlaw with a large bolt of lightning*



Byron: *swings shovel over shoulder* Agile! Pick up the pace! You are supposed to be twice as fast and yet you are falling behind!

Agile: *panting* Yes… yes sir…

Byron: Now… *points in no particular direction* WE GO THERE!!

Agile: Why…?

Byron: Because I have a strong feeling that the entrance is in that direction! Wake up, man!

Agile: *starts to nod off and gets smacked by a shovel* OW!! Okay, okay…

*The strange duo walks in the direction Byron suggested and do indeed find a door in the back right corner of the facility.*

Byron: Ah-hah! You see? I am never wrong.

Agile: But I didn’t say you were–

Byron: *lifts shovel in the air* NEVER WROOOONG!!

Agile: *cowers*

Byron: Now, let us go back and find the others to let them know of the good news! *turns to leave*

Misery: *appears and fires a black orb at Byron’s back*

Agile: CAPTAIN!! *shoves Byron out of the way and gets hit instead* GAAAAAHH!!

Byron: What just happened!? *sees Misery* You! You were that witch from before!

Misery: Oh? You remembered me? I’m flattered.

Agile: *gets slowly back up* Be careful, captain… she’s not like that other guy…

Misery: Hah. Hahahahahah! Well, of course I’m not. That fool Balrog can’t be relied on to do anything. Much like you.

Agile: What did you say!? First you change Serges, next you mock me!?

Misery: I did nothing to Master Serges. He simply took a good opportunity and made the most of it. As for mocking you… well, I still find it hard to believe he had such a poor taste in allies.

Agile: Why you–

Byron: What does she mean by “poor taste in allies”, Agile?

Agile: *sweats* Erm… n-nothing…

Misery: Regardless, if you want to see the master, you’ll have to do so in body bags. Die! *lifts up into the air and fires more black energy balls*

Byron: Scramble! *dodges*

Agile: *moves between the attacks* I’ll show you! I am reliable!

Misery: Then dodge this!

*Concentrating briefly, Misery throws a small black energy ball which releases a shockwave upon impact, knocking Agile off his feet*

Agile: *hits the ground* Oof!

Misery: Time to die! *prepares to fire another energy ball*

Byron: Don’t think so! *hurls shovel at Misery, hitting her*

Misery: Aaaaaah!! *reels back in pain*

Byron: *the shovel comes back as a boomerang and is caught* Before you hurt one of my allies, try taking me on!

Misery: I’ll be more than glad for what you just did! *fires a large energy ball at Byron*

Byron: *takes a deep breath and lift shovel up into the air* …Now! *swings shovel down, hitting the energy ball back at Misery*

Misery: What the–*gets hit in the face and hits the wall before disappearing*

Byron: Yes! *pumps shovel into the air* FOR JUSTIIIIICE!!

Agile: *coughs* C-Captain…

Byron: No need to fear, Agile. Let us be on our way and–*gets hit from behind*–GAAAAAAGH!! *collapses*

Agile: No…!

Misery: *floating in midair behind Byron* Now, now… play time is over…


Majin: *bouncing around like a spring* WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP

Metabad: *rawking while walking* AWWWW YEAH!!

Rebel: *rawking while walking on the wall* HELLZ YEAH!!

Majin: dey call me ed i am a head and i go burp and then im dead

Metabad: NICE JIM!!

Majin: im a jim? or a ed? im discombobulated now rrrrrreb

Rebel: Quit calling me by name! It just sounds… weird coming from you.

Majin: watever u say rrrrrrreb *starts bouncing off the wall* YABBA-DABBA-DOO

Rebel: Hey! Watch it! *gets hit by Majin and they both fall to the ground*

Metabad: Osnapz!

Rebel: Ugh… okay… so lets find that entrance already.

Metabad: Why not over by that conveniently placed door in the very back center of the base?

Rebel: Works for me. Let’s go, Maj.

Majin: IM COMMEN RRRRREB!!! *rolls along the ground*

*As the the three near the door…*

Metabad: …Something about this isn’t rawkin’.

Rebel: Yeah, you’re telling me…


Misery: *appears* Too late! *releases a flurry of fire bats*

Metabad: Damn! Those bats are almost as hot as me… NOT!!

Misery: That’s what you think…

*Suddenly, the bats starts to divebomb the three CIA members, intent on taking them down with their own lives*

Rebel: Lets get outta here! *teleports out of the way*

Metabad: *grabs Majin and uses a nearby wall to jump over and away from the bats* Booyah!

Misery: There is no escape! *summons more bats and as them come after the group*

Rebel: *appears next to Metabad and Majin* All right guys, lets do this–Majin, use your lightning attack on the bats!

Majin: *drools*


Majin: WHEEEEEEE!! *starts dancing*

Misery: What…? Are you trying to insult me with such outrageous behavior?

Metabad: If we embarrass you enough will you leave?

Misery: No, I’ll just kill you harder.

Metabad: Damn. It was worth a shot.

Majin: I FEEL ZEH POWAAAAAH!! *bolts of lightning rain down on the bats, frying them*

Rebel: Now! Lets fire bomb this witch! *fires a Magnet Mine at Misery*

Metabad: YEEEAAAAAH!! *hits the mine and causes a huge explosion right in Misery’s face*

Misery: *set ablaze* YEEEAAAARRRRGH!! *vanishes in the inferno*

Rebel: I think I smell a winner!

Metabad: Nothing can stop us! *high-fives and rawks*

Majin: only thing dat can stop us is rufus teh amazen chocolate raisen…

Rebel: …Right. Anyway, let’s get going! The others can catch up later. We’ve got an appointment with one Serges!

*The groups walks through the pile of fire bats that they took down as they head toward the door. Before they make it even halfway, however, the bats suddenly spring back to life and attack!*

Rebel: What’s going on!?

Misery: *reappears* Ohohoho, did you think it was over already? Guess again. This battle, along with the others, is just getting started!

Metabad: Others? You mean the others are going through this weird, funky stuff too?

Misery: Wouldn’t you like to know! *cackles evilly*

Rebel: Let’s do this… again!

*Back with Outlaw, Dark Knight, and Violen…*

Outlaw: *breathing hard* This is… getting ridiculous…

Dark Knight: No matter how many times we beat her down she just comes back for more… And it doesn’t help that Violen is too busy crying to actually help fight…

Violen: *cowering in the corner* DON’T HURT MEEEEE!!

Misery: Are you boys done yet?

Outlaw and Dark Knight: Urk!

Misery: If you are… then it’s time to end this once and for all…!

Outlaw: Get ready, here she comes!

Misery: The final lightning strike, now! *points wand at the group*

Outlaw and Dark Knight: *closes eyes and anticipates the attack* …

Violen: …Uh? *looks over shoulder* She… she’s gone!

Outlaw: *opens an eye* She is…?

Dark Knight: Well that was… strange.

Outlaw: Yeah… At least we can go through the door now–*sees the door is missing*–hey wait, the door is gone, too!

Dark Knight: Say what!? Now what do we do?

Violen: Go back?

Outlaw: I guess so…

*With Byron and Agile…*

Misery: *laughs evilly* Hahahahah! This is rich! So much for the “captain” and his “reliable” teammate!

Byron and Agile: *on the ground, bruised and beaten* Ugh…

Misery: *lands on the ground and plants a foot on Agile’s chest* What do you say?

Agile: …

Misery: I can’t hear you! *kicks him*

Agile: Urgh!

Misery: Hmph. Stubborn until the very end, aren’t you? That’s okay, though. I can and will force you to beg for mercy… you just need some more “discipline”…

Byron: Leave him alone, fiend…

Misery: Quiet, fool! You will get yours shortly… *to Agile* But you, you will suffer the consequences for defying us, right here and right NOW!! *raises wand*

Agile: NOOOOOOOO!! *lunges upward only to find Misery gone* W-what…?

Byron: She vanished again… but why? Perhaps something has changed… *slowly gets up* I see the door disappeared as well… We must hurry to the others, Agile… before it’s too late! *limps off*

Agile: *gets slowly back up* Yeah… before it’s too late… assuming that it isn’t already…

*Back with Rebel, Metabad, and Majin…*

Rebel: *has lower arms folded* Well, this is just great, first that witch disappears… and then she takes the door with her!

Metabad: Not rawkin’.

Majin: *pats Rebel on the back* dont get mad get glad rrrrrrreb

Rebel: I thought I told you to stop calling me by my name!

Majin: lol ur a fun guy rrrrrreb

Rebel: Why I outta…

Outlaw: Boss bug!

Metabad: It’s the others! All right!

Rebel: What happened to you guys?

Dark Knight: We were assaulted by Misery!

Rebel: What!? Impossible, we were assaulted by Misery!

Violen: Maybe she’s got a twin?

Metabad: Dude, no offense but… that idea just doesn’t rawk…

Violen: B-but it was worth a shot, right? Right!?

Outlaw: Not really, no.

Violen: *cries*

Byron: *arrives* Everyone!

Rebel: Captain! …What happened to you!?

Byron: Agile and myself confonted the fiend known as Misery!

Rebel, Outlaw, Majin, Metabad, Dark Knight, Violen: What!?

Agile: It was really weird, too… right when she was about to finish us, she vanished along with the door… to the entrance…

Outlaw: So it wasn’t just us, then.

Byron: Did the same thing happen to the rest of you, too?

Dark Knight: Yeah…

Violen: I’m scared, Agile!

Agile: Get away from me!

Majin: sometimes u jus gots ta take a blink and go woooooooooooooooo

Rebel: Well, lets head back a little bit and think of our next course of action…

Byron: Agreed. We’ve gained nothing from this.

Dark Knight: Sounds good.

*As the group turned around, they encountered Shadowstrike and Sean!*

Shadowstrike: Hey guys.

Rebel: …What’re you guys doing here?

Sean: Well, we got kinda bored sitting on the ship, since there really weren’t any major attacks after you guys infiltrated the base, so we decided after playing a couple games and having some lunch to go assist you all in this delicate operation.

Metabad: You guys had lunch? Without us!?

Shadowstrike: Yeah… sorry about that…

Byron: Where is Flannery?

Sean: Oh, we left her on the ship so we could get out of here ASAP in case of an emergency.

Agile: You mean as a crazy pilot again?

Dark Knight: Could be worse.

Sean: *shocked* What the Hell was that for!?

Dark Knight: Hey, back off. I haven’t had a good chance to say it for a while now and I want to watch someone suffer!

Rebel: Hmm… Oh yeah, where’s what’s-his-face?

Shadowstrike: You mean Void?

Rebel: Yeah. Him.

Shadowstrike: He said he was gonna check something out and took off into the sky… he should be back soon…

Sean: Oh, I see him!

*With that Void swooped down from the sky and landed, looking slightly worse for wear.*

Rebel: Yo, Void! What have you been doing?

Void: Oh, Rebel, I’m glad I caught you. Did any of you encounter Misery?

Violen: I did! And so did he, and he did too, and… *gets several stares* …Yeah… *slinks back*

Void: *continuing* When the rest of us exited the ship, I spotted Misery from a distance, near the top of the base. I decided to encounter her on my own, and it turned out she was creating copies of herself as a trap. I ended up taking her down, so the copies she made should have vanished as well.

Outlaw: So THAT’S what happened!

Dark Knight: Void, you are a lifesaver!

Void: Huh? Thanks, I guess.

Byron: Indeed, we would not be alive if it weren’t for you and your hard work. *shakes Void’s hand*

Void: Gee, this is embarrassing…

Rebel: Whatever! Void, quit being all lame and help us find the door to this place already.

Void: Oh, the door to this place is where Misery was located. I can show you all where it is.

Byron: Well how about that! You are indeed useful!

Void: Hahah, thanks…

Shadowstrike: Yeah, we’re really lucky to have Void with us.

Majin: void dah noid!

Rebel: Okay, okay! Void’s great, who cares! Let’s just go in there and kick Serges’ ass already! *walks off*

Everyone else: …

Sean: Well, that was rather immature.

Agile: *snorts* And to think he was treating me like I was immature earlier.

Shadowstrike: You’re more egotistical than anything else.

Agile: Yeah!

Void: *sighs* Well, Reb will be Reb…

*The group catches up with Rebel as Void shows them the way into the base. The inside was completetly different to how the outside looked, showing that, despite the quick patchwork on the outside, the inside had been totally remodeled.*

Byron: Hmm… such a big place.

Outlaw: It feels kinda empty, though. Lifeless, even.

Violen: Do you think Serges built all of this by himself?

Agile: Don’t be stupid. He couldn’t even build you a better brain.

Violen: But I like my brain…

Agile: Does anyone else like it?

Sean: I don’t.

Shadowstrike: Not me.

Dark Knight: Me neither.

Void: …Don’t look at me.

Byron: I have no meaningful comments on the matter.

Outlaw: Err…

Metabad: Nope.

Rebel: Who are you again?

Majin: yes well ok not really i lied im a bad majin :<

Agile: You see? No one likes your brain.

Violen: Darn…

Void: Anyway, I suggest we get moving–

Rebel: Yes, let’s get moving! Right now! Follow me!

Sean: Do you even know which way to go?

Rebel: Uh…

*Indeed, the area which they started off in had multiple branching paths.*

Shadowstrike: Maybe we could split up?

Byron: There is no time for that! If we were to encounter the leader of the New X-Hunters with only small fraction of our group, who knows what could happen! We must stick TOGETHERRRR!! *pumps shovel upward*

Dark Knight: Any ideas then, Rebel?

Agile: Yes, please hurry and save us, our fearless “leader”.

Rebel: Shut up. We could… uh…

Void: How about we follow the pipelines?

Outlaw: Pipelines?

Void: *nods* See the pipes along the walls and ceiling? They are all over the entrance, but they only continue down one path. Although it isn’t much to go on, it would be a good deduction that it could take us the right way.

Byron: I see… brilliant!

Shadowstrike: Void, how exactly did you get to be so good at all of this?

Void: Well, I told you guys earlier that one had to be prepared.

Outlaw: And now your showing us what you meant! Neat!

Majin: dat is 1 kewl custard if ya get mah drift

Shadowstrike: I think you mean “customer”.

Rebel: Guys! Quit praising Void and let’s get going!

Metabad: Rawkers aren’t waiters you know!

Majin: o mebe i shud stop bein a waiter at ihop then so i can rawk mah sawks awff

Void: Not that kind of waiter, Majin.

Rebel: Void! Quit correcting Majin and get a move on!

Void: Yes, yes…

Dark Knight: Let’s go have that appointment with Serges! *leaves*

Violen: *gulps* This is it…? I’m kinda scared… How about you, Agile?

Agile: *shaking uncontrollably* W-w-w-what!? S-s-scared!? What f-f-f-for!? It’s just… it’s just… it’s just Serges! G-g-good old… Serges… Who wants to k-kill us…

*The team continues to makes their way through the base, traveling down the hallway that Void suggested. After a good bit of distance…*

Dark Knight: Man, this is boring! Even more so than that time back when we had to walk down those passage ways in Anti-Majin’s fortress*.

*See Series 3, Epilogue #37 “Dance of the Abyss”

Sean: And the path just keeps on stretching…

Agile: Are we sure we’re going the right way!?

Rebel: Void messed up.

Void: Hey! I didn’t say that this was THE correct path. It was just an educated guess.

Rebel: Void messed up.

Byron: Now, Rebel, there is no need to be like that. Surely we will reach the end if we pick up the pace, yes?

Shadowstrike: Let’s just go already…

*Thus the group continued for another half hour so…*

Majin: looks liek 2day is gona b a gud day 2day woohoo

Rebel: …If you say so.


Outlaw: Are we really sure that this is taking us anywhere?

Sean: Where else would we be going, then?

Violen: Maybe someone should check… *sniff*

Agile: *gets looked at* …Fine, fine! I’ll run back and see how much distance we’ve covered.

Shadowstrike: I’ll help!

*The two speedsters turn around and take a step back… only to find themselves at the entrance!*

Agile: What the!?

Shadowstrike: We’re back… how!? When!?

Agile: *gets on knees* WHYYYYYYYYY!?!?

Shadowstrike: …

Agile: Sorry, always wanted to do that.

Shadowstrike: *smacks Agile*

Outlaw: *peeks head out from the hallway* Hey, uh… what’s going on?

Shadowstrike: We’ve been duped!

Metabad: What!? That ain’t rawkin’ man! NOT. RAWKIN’.

Violen: Now what do we do?

???: Now you die!

*Without warning, a barrage of projectiles appeared from above and rained down! The CIA and friends, taken aback, try their hardest to dodge the onslaught.*

Misery: *appears* Did you think you could escape me?

Rebel: You!

Void: So, you’re back for seconds, huh?

Misery: Hmph, you merely caught me off guard, moth. This time, the true battle begins! And with my magic spell, you won’t be wandering off anywhere.

Sean: So we need to defeat you to proceed!

Byron: Very well! *gets into a battle position* I shall enjoy disposing you from the vicinity once and for all, fiend!

Misery: You bizarre, shovel-wielding person! Don’t go to heaven! *unleashes a small energy ball*

Byron: Oh, so you want to play ball, is that it!? *hits the energy ball back*

Misery: *dodges* Why you…! *hits Byron with a bolt of electricity*

Byron: Gurgh…!

Outlaw: Take her down! *fires a Spin Wheel on the ground*

Misery: *watches as it passes beneath her* Hah, looks like you are at a disadvantage.

Outlaw: Guess again.

*The Spin Wheel hits the wall behind Misery and begins to climb up it, reaching the ceiling. The moment it does it drops off and hits Misery in the back of her head, causing her to hit the floor.*

Misery: Oof! *slowly gets back up*

Metabad: I so got her! *unleashes a flurry of Speed Burners*

Misery: Not so fast! *summons a wave of fire bats to absorb the attack* Die!

Metabad and Outlaw: Ahh!

Sean: Crystal Hunter! *encases some of the fire bats in crystal*

Dark Knight: Bubble Splash! *puts the rest of them out*

Void: Now, it’s time to move! Shadow, use your Sonic Slicers to surround Misery!

Shadowstrike: I’m on it! *fires a couple of slicers*

Void: Now… for a touch of poison! *flaps his wings and releases the poisonous cloud, which gets trapped in the air current of the Sonic Slicers*

Misery: *getting affected by the poison* Grrr, this doesn’t look good… *prepares to fire a lightning bolt but gets cut off by another one* What!?

Majin: *doing a weird dance* say wut bobobo say wut bobobo say wut bobobo

Misery: *prepares to fire an energy ball at Majin*

Violen: I-I’m helping! *swings mace*

Misery: *barely dodges* Whoa!

Agile: *runs up to Misery and hits her with his beam saber*

Misery: Gaah!

Agile: *points it at Misery* Surrender.

Misery: Are you… telling ME what to do?

Agile: …

Misery: This is classic… Master Serges, I hope you take care of these fools for me… *disappears*

Byron: Gah… *gets up* Did the witch finally leave for good?

Sean: Looks like it.

Rebel: *looking impatient* Yeah, yeah, good job ‘n’ all. Now let’s go.

Agile: You didn’t even do anything!

Rebel: Hey, I’m the leader! So if I wanna slack off I can.

Void: Reb, I don’t think slacking off during the middle of a crisis is a good idea…

Rebel: Yeah, and you said you took care of Misery for us earlier.

Void: My bad.

Shadowstrike: Hey, things happen.

Rebel: No they don’t. Void, quit being so worthless to the group for once!

Void: *sighs* Reb–

Rebel: Nope! Not listening.

Dark Knight: ANYWAY, I think this hallway is shorter than it originally was!

Byron: Yes, I can see a door at the end already!

Agile: A-already? *gulps*

Outlaw: So… this is really it this time.

Sean: Let’s hurry!

Majin: bad boi watchu gona do, watchu gona do wen dah bad boi isnt bad boiiiii

Metabad: That’s deep, dude.

Majin: im juz dat gud *burps*

*The group gathered around the door at the end of the hallway. Hesitantly, they opened the door and stepped inside. What they saw was amazing–a large room which in both height and width, with a very large structure made of metal reaching up to the very top of the ceiling. The structure was cylinder-shaped, having been designed like a cage to see through. At the base of the structure… was Serges.*

Agile: Serges!

Serges: So Misery lost as well, did she… Worthless. She talks big but she’s worthless like the rest of you.

Violen: Serges…

Serges: Regardless, I should commend you for making it all this way here. Welcome to my lab.

Sean: This is your lab!?

Byron: Very impressive… for the leader of the New X-Hunters! *points shovel dramatically*

Serges: Hmph. You must be that Captain Shovelman Balrog was blabbering on about the other day. Not like I care. I have far more important things to concern myself with.

Byron: Now hold on a second! You can’t know who I possibly am.

Serges: …Yes I can.

Byron: No you can’t, so just be quiet and listen: In a time of darkness… when the world needs a hero… there is but one person who can stand up to the terrors of society…

Serges: *sighs with great annoyance*

Byron: *pumps shovel into the air* I am the one… the only… CAPTAIN SHOVELMAN!! DEFENDER OF SHOVELS… EVERYWHERE!! *fireworks go off in the background*

Serges: I DON’T CARE!!

Agile: Serges! Stop this!

Violen: Quit doing all of this stuff, please!

Serges: …You two. You will die for bringing this person in here.

Agile and Violen: NOOOOO!!

Rebel: Serges! We will stop you!

Serges: Just try! It’s already too late… in just a few minutes this world shall be destroyed, and a new order shall be established!

Void: What do you mean?

Serges: Ah, if it isn’t Morph Moth. You were always the biggest pain in my side. And to think at one point I even considered you a rival…

Dark Knight: Just get to the point!

Serges: *coughs* Yes… what you see here… is my greatest creation ever!

*Serges then presses a button, and behind him a monitor lights up, revealing a large satelite.*

Everyone else: A satelite?

Serges: Not just any satelite! In the middle of this room, behind that cage, a large dish will be raised to the very top of the base! There, it will release a transmission to the satelite, which will cause it to activate… Once activated, the satelite will then release powerful energy waves that will cause an instant global warming! My calculations predict a 10% increase in temperature!

Sean: 10%!? That’s ridiculous!

Outlaw: You wouldn’t!

Serges: *laughs maniacally* But I would!

Void: By doing that… you would cause the polar ice caps to melt and raise the water temperature… Places would surely flood.

Violen: That’s horrible! Where would we live!?

Byron: Relax. Yes, if the glaciers were to melt there would definitely be a noticeable rise in water, but it wouldn’t be enough to flood the entire world. Your plan, while still incredibly dangerous, is also incredibly flawed, Serges!

Serges: And that is where you are wrong!

Byron: …Say what?

Serges: Why do you think I chose this place as my new base? This place has a little secret…

Agile: …You clever bastard.

Rebel: What? He’s a clever bastard? Why is he a clever bastard!?

Agile: One of the Maverick’s original plans to annihilate the human race was to flood the world.

Shadowstrike: It was!?

Metabad: Dude, talk about a total plot twist…

Violen: Wasn’t this base the reason for it? I think it could create it’s own water by combining those atom-y things…

Outlaw: Ohhh, I think I remember that. Yeah, it could combine atoms to create its own water and then could pump it into the ocean. That’s why this place was built on the ocean. It also came with a floatation system so that it could support itself when the time finally came.

Void: Yes… but it was scrapped because it was deemed as too time-consuming. Sigma figured that slaughtering the humans would be far more enjoyable, anyway.

Dark Knight: So, in other words…

Sean: All Serges needs to do is melt the ice caps, and then use this base to add to the water level until he gets the desired results…

Byron: Then nothing would be safe…

Rebel: …What? …What!? …WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?

Void: Rebel, you act like you never heard of this plan.

Rebel: That’s because I haven’t! You guys kept me in the dark!

Outlaw: But you were a higher rank than us in the war.

Rebel: Forget you! I didn’t know about any of this!

Serges: Who cares about what you didn’t know!? What is important is that this old world will be replaced with a new one, with this base serving as the starting point for my glorious new empire! The New X-Hunters Empire! Then, everyone will serve under me–*sees no one is paying attention to him*

Agile: How could you not know!? I could understand those other guys, because they weren’t there, but you were one of the top Mavericks!

Violen: Even I know… which is saying something…

Rebel: Shut up! You think you know everything!? Well I’m still smarter than you!


Majin: and im smarter than teh toaster

Serges: HEY!!

Byron: Rebel, I think as leader you need to start remembering these important details more clearly.

Dark Knight: Yeah, seriously. Void is doing a better job at it it seems.

Rebel: Man, you guys are seriously annoying the shit out of me today!

Serges: You… you’re all just jealous! Jealous of my amazing intellect! That’s why you’re ignoring me!

Sean: Serges, do us a favor and be quiet. We are busy arguing here.

Rebel: In other words, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Serges: Grrrrrrr, I’m being made a fool by you simpletons! You’ll pay for this!

*Mumbling to himself, Serges pushes another button, and a large dish raises from the floor into the middle of the room, behind the cage. It then proceeds to slowly rise up toward the ceiling, which opens up to lead to the outside.*

Byron: What the…!?

Serges: One minute! In just one minute, that dish will reach the top, and generate the transmission for the satelite! This world is doomed! DOOMED!!

Sean: …No!

Metabad: We have to stop him, guys!

Void: Let’s go, Rebel!

Rebel: …

Void: …Rebel!

Rebel: Gah, just shut up already! Void, you piss me off! Everyone else, you know what to do!

Violen: B-but this is Serges! We can’t fight him!

Agile: We just want him to return to normal!

Serges: Normal!? I’m far more normal than you freaks!

Void: This whole thing started because of that hat Serges is wearing… Everyone! Aim for that hat!

Serges: …! Oh, no you don’t!

Sean: Crystal Hunter!

Serges: *moves out of the way and pulls out a small energy gun* Die! *fires a blast*

Sean: Ack! *uses shell to deflect the attack*

Outlaw: Bad move! *moves to where the crystal block was formed by Sean and knocks it toward Serges*

Serges: *gets hit* Gaaah!

Dark Knight: Here’s our chance! *prepares to fire a blast of bubbles*

Shadowstrike: Let me help!

*Shadow quickly places a Sonic Slicer in front of DK, who then releases a large bubble. The bubble slowly touches the slicer, which causes the air to become even more powerful at is goes flying toward Serges Demon Crown, causing it to get torn to shreds.*

Serges: Wh-what…? *falls to knees* My… my crown! MY DEMON CROWN!!

Agile and Violen: SERGES!! *runs up to him*

Serges: GET AWAY FROM ME!! *waves arms back and forth* My crown… it can’t be gone…!

Agile: S-Serges…

Serges: *frantically grabbing the scraps* If… If I put the scraps back together… then surely it will be all right! Surely! Hahahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

Dark Knight: This is… kinda pathetic…

Serges: HAHAHAHAHahahaha…ha… *passes out*

Everyone else: …

Outlaw: Oookay… So… what now?

Byron: I believe before dealing with Serges there was something about a dish…

Shadowstrike: What!? The dish!? Oh no!

Void: Crap! *runs over to Serges’ computer* …

Metabad: How’s it lookin’?

Void: …It’s no good. Serges has a really complex system set up. Even if I knew the password I don’t think I could bring the dish back down…

Outlaw: So there’s nothing we can do?

Rebel: …

Violen: Now what do we do?

Majin: Perhaps we should head back to the ship?

Dark Knight: Whoa, Majin isn’t drunk anymore.

Sean: It’s kinda strange how he switches back and forth like that…


Sean: *shocked* Yeow! Was that really necessary at a time like this!?

Metabad: Dude, it’s necessary at ALL times.

Agile: Okay, so we’re going to the ship. I’ll bring Serges back…

Void: I’ll help.

*Thus the CIA and the rest return to the ship…*

Flannery: WELCOME BACK!!

Byron: Flannery, did you do an admirable job watching the ship?

Flannery: YOU BET!! I filled it with lots of saaaaaaaaaaand.

Sean: It’s a good thing I left my spare shells at the cleaners…

Agile: Hey guys, I think Serges is starting to wake up!

Serges: Ugh… where am I?

Byron: Serges! Are you sane?

Serges: W-what kind of stupid question is that? And who are you anyway?

Byron: Ohhh, don’t be silly. I already told you who I was.

Serges: …No you didn’t.

Byron: Yes I did.

Serges: *to Agile and Violen* You two, I thought I told you that when you pick up new recruits, make certain they aren’t so… weird. I deal with it enough from you morons.

Agile and Violen: SERGES IS BACK!! *hugs Serges*

Serges: *getting crushed* Ack! Stop it! I can’t… breath…

Void: Guys, let Serges go. We need to fill him in, it seems like…

*A few minutes later…*

Serges: I can’t believe all of that happened from that stupid crown… I was merely trying it on… and the rest is a blank.

Dark Knight: That is definitely weird. But, onto business about the satelite…

Serges: Obviously, it must be stopped. Unfortunately, with my loss in memory I do not think I’ll be capable of doing so. Therefore, we must use brute force.

Majin: How much time do we have?

Serges: Well, if the satelite is out in space… and it will take a brief period of time for the satelite to start emitting the energy waves… so maybe half an hour?

Violen: That’s not a very long time… *sniff*

Serges: Which is why we must destroy it immediately!

Dark Knight: What are our options?

Serges: If we had the time, we could simply build a small missile and shoot it down. Of course, when developing the satelite, I made sure to give it the proper defenses, so even that would be out of the question.

Byron: If we can’t use weaponry, what could we possibly use?

Serges: …Well…

Void: Stop. I know what you are going to suggest.

Shadowstrike: What is he going to say?

Void: …You were going to suggest sending one of us up there to destroy it ourselves, weren’t you?

Serges: …Yes.

Outlaw: That doesn’t sound too bad. One of us just flies up there, takes care of it, and comes back down, right?

Serges: Idiot! That’s not what it means!

Outlaw: Uh… it’s not?

Void: Outlaw… Everyone… What Serges is suggesting is that one of us… sacrifices ourselves to destroy the satelite.

Dark Knight: No… no way!

Agile: Serges! You can’t be serious!

Serges: I am quite serious.

Sean: Unfortunately… it looks like it might be the only feasible option as of right now.

Shadowstrike: This is insane…

Metabad: Yeah… this isn’t even the time to think about stuff, like rawkin’.

Everyone: …

Rebel: …I’ll do it.

Everyone else: What?

Rebel: I said I’ll do it. I will go up there and put a stop to that satelite!

Void: Rebel! Think for a moment! If you were to go, who would guide the rest of the team–

Rebel: I said I’m going and that’s that! If it’s get blown up or drown to death, then God damn it I’m going to blow myself to kingdom come!

Serges: Well, since we so graciously have earned a volunteer… shall we get the preparations ready?

Byron: I shall help.

Sean: Me too.

Void: …I’ll help in a little bit.

*Thus, everyone parts ways, preparing for the moment that Rebel blasts off into outer space to destroy on his final mission…*

Rebel: *to himself* So… this is it…

Void: *enters the room* Rebel, are you sure you want to do this?

Rebel: …Void, I’ve been doing some thinking as of late.

Void: Yeah…?

Rebel: I’m not really cut out for this whole “leader” thing… I just don’t feel like I’m all that good at giving decent orders and stuff.

Void: That’s surprising to hear from you.

Rebel: There’s more to it.

Void: Like what?

Rebel: …Meh, screw it. I’m going, and that’s that. *looks at a clock* Seems that it’s time. *turns back to Void* Void… farewell.

Void: Yes… farewell to you, too, Rebel…

*In the navigation room of the Whale King, everyone but Rebel and Void were present…*

Outlaw: I wonder where Void man ran off too…?

Shadowstrike: He said something about wanting to check something out in his lab, and to not bother him.

Outlaw: So he’s not going to see Rebel off? Damn…

Serges: All right, everyone, this is it. *points to a large monitor before them*

Sean: This monitor is connected to a camera in the docking bay, where the Arwings are located. We have decided to attach several explosives to the hull of one of the Arwings, which Rebel will use to… crash into the satelite.

Metabad: Oh man, I’m getting teary-eyed… does anyone have a hanky?

Majin: *hands one to Metabad*

Metabad: Thanks, dude. *blows nose*

Byron: We will have absolutely no contact with Rebel once he has taken off. All we will be able to do is watch and pray that the mission goes well.

Flannery: I put my good luck sand on the ship, so it should be A-OK!

Dark Knight: So… this is really happening.

Agile: I never thought I’d say it but… I’m gonna miss ‘im.

Violen: I hope you all will be like this if something ever happened to me…

Agile: Yeah… keep on dreaming.

Serges: The Arwing will take off in 10 seconds…

Outlaw: Goodbye, boss bug…

Sean: 5…


Byron: 1… Ready for take off!

*The countdown now finished, the Arwing with the explosives begins to move, heading toward the exit of the ship. In a matter of seconds it is outside, heading upward.*

Outlaw: There goes a brave man.

Majin: He will be missed.

Rebel: *enters the room, clutching head with a crobar in hand* Ugh… what did I miss?

Everyone else: …

Rebel: Hey, what happened to the plan to send me off in one of those Arwings, anyway?

Shadowstrike: Uh… Reb…?

Rebel: What?

Sean: If… if you aren’t piloting the Arwing… then who is!?

Rebel: What…? *looks at the monitor and sees the Arwing* No… he couldn’t! HE WOULDN’T!!

Serges: What is going on!? Who is in that ship!?

Rebel: I… I remember now! Void… he must have hit me with this crobar when my back was turned! I was knocked out for a few minutes!

Outlaw: Say what!?

Sean: Then… that means… the one who is piloting that Arwing is–

Dark Knight: Oh my God, somebody get him out of there!

Byron: We can’t! All communications were cut off for this mission!

Rebel: Why the Hell is that!?

Byron: V-Void recommended it…

Shadowstrike: He’s insane! He’ll never survive!

Rebel: *grabbing hold of the monitor* Void! VOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!!!

*And in a flash, the Arwing makes contact with the satelite, resulting in a massive explosion. Once all was clear, all that could be seen was the emptiness of space, with a few mere scraps of metal debris floating inbetween…*

Serges: It’s… it’s over… the mission was… a success…

Majin: How could this have happened?

Sean: I… really don’t know what to say…

Rebel: *still holding the monitor* VOID!! VOOOOIIIIID!! YOU STUPID IDIOT!! IT WAS ME WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO GO!! ME!! VOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiid… *gets dragged off by Outlaw*

Outlaw: C’mon, boss bug… let’s get some fresh air…

Shadowstrike: I feel sick.

Dark Knight: Same… none of us saw this happening… perhaps not even Void…

Metabad: This has to be a dream, guys… right? Right!?

Byron: *to Flannery and the X-Hunters* I believe this is the part were we head on our way.

Flannery: Huh?

Agile: Y-yeah… we should get going…

Violen: *to the Island Attackers* We’re sorry for your loss…

Serges: We’ll… we’ll deal with you another time… okay!? *wipes eyes and leaves*

Majin, Shadowstrike, Sean, Dark Knight, Metabad: …

*Byron, Flannery, and the X-Hunters all exit the Whale King, leaving the Island Attackers to themselves. On the deck…*

Outlaw: I know how ya feel, boss bug… Void had been with us since the very beginning, heck before even the team was formed… and now it’s just me ‘n’ you.

Rebel: *face covered* …

Outlaw: Boss bug–no, Rebel–I don’t know what you are thinking right now, but please don’t do anything rash… for our sake. *leaves*

Rebel: …Farewell, Void…

The End


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