The Immortal Evil

*Written by Outlaw88*

*At an unknown location, The Rat and his crew are relaxing by a fire. One that is fueled by the remains of a town they went through.*

The Rat: That was fun. I sure hope the next place we come to puts up more of a fight. This last one was too easy.

Dead Man: …

R.O.B.: Beep.

The Rat: I wonder if there are any hamsters I can throw in the fire?

Yuber: You’ve done well Rat.

The Rat: Whose there?!

*The Rat is now fully alert. He is looking for the source of the voice. Yuber appears in the fire and leaps in front of the trio.*

The Rat: Oh, it’s you. What do you want?

Yuber: You have surpassed all my expectations; a true vessel of destruction and despair.

The Rat: I’ll ask only once more; what do you want?!

Yuber: You are the perfect choice to round out my dark force. It is time for you to repay your debt to me.

The Rat: I don’t own you anything.

Yuber: I brought you back.

The Rat: Then consider that opening Pandora’s Box. I do things my way, and my way only. I take orders from no one!

*Yuber chuckles at this remark.*

The Rat: Think that’s funny huh? Well as my way of “paying you back,” I’m going to give you a count of three before I blow your head off.

Yuber: I don’t think you understand, Rat.

The Rat: THREE!

*The Rat fires a blast from his arm cannon. Yuber disappears and shows up in a different spot. The Rat shoots at him each time he reappears to no avail.*

Yuber: As I said…


Yuber: You don’t understand.

*Yuber appears right behind The Rat and places a hand on his shoulder. The Rat becomes immobile.*

Yuber: You also don’t have a choice.

*A dark cloud engulfs The Rat.*

The Rat: AHHHHH!

Dead Man: …

R.O.B.: Beep.

*The cloud has now gone. The Rat stands with his head bowed. Yuber walks to the front of him.*

Yuber: That took a bit more power than I thought, but you are now ready to be my second general.

The Rat: Yes.

*Yuber casts a glance at Dead Man and R.O.B. Nega emerges from the shadows.*

Yuber: We don’t need your services. Your friend here just got a massive power boost. No one will be able to stop him now.

The Rat: Yes.

Nega: Do you want me to destroy those two?

Yuber: No need to waste your time on them.

Nega: How close until we are ready?

Yuber: Taking control of our new friend took more out of me than I had anticipated. I need to recover before I can create the rest of our army. Once I do we will be unstoppable.

Nega: I can’t wait.

*Yuber, Nega, and The Rat vanish.*

Dead Man: …

R.O.B.: Beep.

*We join our hero’s in their home base, the Whale King. It is on the ground and each member of the C:IA is doing their own thing. There is a downhearted feeling among the team and tensions are high.*

Majin: Does you have me lolli? I’zzzz gon use it as a stir thing. Swizzle!

Shadowstrike: What makes you think I’d want anything you touched? No, I don’t have your lollipop. Go bother someone else.

Majin: Ohhhhhkay Mr. long neck slinky man!

Shadowstrike: “Slinky man?”

Majin: Hey…Fish stick guy!

Dark Knight: Are you talking to me?

Majin: Ya. You haz lolz?

Metabad: The LOLZ? I gots them! LOL!

Majin: No, no. I needz the swizzle. THE SWIZZLE! I tink it was can be cherry. Had gum in it too.

Dark Knight: Ohhh. You mean candy. Yeah I ate that already.

Metabad: He gave me the gum!

Shadowstrike: Wait, so he gave you the stuff that was in the center of the thing he had in his mouth all day?

Metabad: Yeah! It RAWKED!

Shadowstrike: You guys make my head hurt. Can’t this discussion be somewhere other than near me?

Majin: You…ate the flavor maker?

Dark Knight: Yup.

Majin: You haz…The chewy?

Metabad: Yup, yup!

Majin: MOOOOO!

*Majin dives at them. They begin to fight.*

Shadowstrike: I’m going to leave now.

Dark Knight: Just don’t crash the ship again!

Shadowstrike: THAT DOES IT!

*Shadow joins the melee. Outlaw walks in.*

Outlaw: Hey guys! You want to watch a… Oh you’re fighting. I’ll wait.

Sean: What’s going on?

Outlaw: They’re fighting again.

Sean: What happened this time?

Outlaw: Don’t know. Want to watch a movie?

Sean: Which one?

Outlaw: I was thinking we could watch Memento for a start then something fun like The Brave Little Toaster!

Sean: Dude, those movies are stupid.

Outlaw: They are not!!!

Sean: You’re too easily amused!

Outlaw: You have poor taste!

Sean: Do not!

Outlaw: Do too!

*They continue to argue all while the fight between DK, Metabad, Shadow, and Majin rages on. Suddenly Rebel enters the room.*


*Everyone freezes. Rebel goes over to the couch, opens a Coke and slumps down.*

Metabad: Rebel! He hit me!

Rebel: I’m not your mother. I don’t give a damn if you beat the hell out of each other, just quit with all the noise.

Sean: You alright?

Rebel: Of course I’m not alright! I’m pissed off! Plus I was thinking.

Shadowstrike: *Under his breath* Bet that hurt.

Rebel: What was that?!

Shadowstrike: Nothing.

Outlaw: What had you thinking? Was it about Void?

Rebel: …Yeah. I was trying to think of how all this got started. Why did events like this have to happen? Then it dawned on me. Things started to go downhill for us when we met Yuber.

*At the mention of this name the group becomes serious. They nod in agreement to this.*

Sean: But what can we do about it? We don’t know where he is; he’s super fast and powerful and always finds us first. And even if we got lucky and hit him with anything, he’s immortal.

Shadowstrike: Not to mention he can create monsters on a whim.

Outlaw: And he has Nega on his side…

Rebel: I know. But there has got to be a way to defeat him. Last time we saw him he said he wouldn’t come after us until he was completely ready. I could only guess what and when that might be, but if we wait for it we won’t stand a chance.

???: You are absolutely correct.

*The team is startled by this strange voice. They prepare themselves for anything. A large form appears in front of them. It appears to be a man, clothed in black armor. His face is hidden.*

Rebel: Who are you?! What do you want with us?

Pesmerga: I am the black knight, Pesmerga and I am here to assist you in your quest.

Dark Knight: Hey, I’m the Dark Knight!

Majin: It’s only a flesh wound… *Hic*

Sean: Shut up you two!

Shadowstrike: Why do you want to help us?

Outlaw: And how can you do it?

Pesmerga: I have been pursuing Yuber for centuries; he has to answer for all the crimes he has committed.

Metabad: Centuries?! Duuuuude, you must him must be like…Super old.

Pesmerga: More than you will ever know.

Majin: Bidoof…

Rebel: So you’ve been hunting him for a long time; that doesn’t explain how and why you’re going to help us.

Pesmerga: I can take you to where Yuber is. He just recently used a large amount of power and won’t be able to make the monsters that would make up his army until he recovers it. I was able to locate him to this dimension, and I know where he would be. As for the why, that is simple. He is my enemy as he is yours. This is the perfect time for you to strike and it can only be done with my help.

Outlaw: Sounds like a plan to me.

Sean: Wait. Why did Yuber use a large amount of his power?

Dark Knight: Hey, yeah! Is this some kind of trap or something?

Shadowstrike: If it was a trap he wouldn’t have told us anything.

Dark Knight: But still!! We could be headed to our…DOOM!

Majin: Doomy doomy doom!

Pesmerga: I’m not entirely sure what his purpose was. He isn’t at full strength and that is what matters most.

Sean: Figures. Look, we’ve been through a lot of crap in the past and I just can’t trust someone who just appears in front of us. What’s the deal between you and Yuber?

Pesmerga: Hmmm…

Shadowstrike: Well?

Pesmerga: I can’t tell you all the details as it would be beyond your understanding. Yuber has been a source of misery and despair and it was assigned to me the task of stopping him. He was once a part of a higher order and wore armor similar to mine but he went rouge and betrayed those who once trusted him.

Metabad: So he didn’t RAWK?

Pesmerga: No.

Shadowstrike: What “higher order” are you talking about?

Pesmerga: I cannot say.

Dark Knight: This sounds way over my head man. Are you and he, like, cosmic beings or something? Yuber said he was a demon. Does that make you one as well?

Pesmerga: He and I are not alike. Beyond that I’m afraid I can say no more on the subject.

Majin: Hey…. Do any of yooz guyz see da creepy guy here? Him and dat pink elephant is makin me head go woop woop woooob.

*Rebel bops Majin on the head.*

Rebel: I don’t care either way. You can take us to Yuber and you say he’s in a weakened state. That’s more than enough reason for me to go.

Outlaw: I’m with ya boss bug!

Metabad: YEAH! We’ll kick his butt old school cuz we RAWK like chicken nuggets!

Sean: I wish you would stop talking. Anyway I don’t agree with this. Even with these conditions, it doesn’t change the fact that Yuber is immortal.

Pesmerga: Leave that detail to me. I assure you that if you choose to face Yuber now you will stand the best chance you will ever get. If you refuse my offer you will surely die at his hands. Are you up to this fight?

*After a bit more debating and some thought the team agrees to go face Yuber.*

Shadowstrike: Ok Pesmerga, just tell me where to go and I’ll get the Whale King going.

Pesmerga: That won’t be necessary. Where we are going is neither here nor anywhere.

Metabad: Wut?

Majin: Doez you mean…The inbetween?

Rebel: Stop being stupid.

Pesmerga: Actually, he’s right.

Dark Knight: No way! Majin was right about something?! The world must be ending.

Sean: I’ve heard of this. It’s a place that lies in between worlds and can act as a gateway to other places. Supposedly it’s just an empty void.

Rebel: Don’t say that word now.

Sean: Sorry.

Outlaw: Majin, have you been there dude?

Majin: Yuh.

Pesmerga: That is where he is, and that is where we must go.

*Pesmerga raises his hand. A swirling vortex appears.*

Pesmerga: Are you ready?

Rebel: Let’s do this, guys!

Shadowstrike: For the C:IA!

Outlaw: For Void!

Sean: For everyone Yuber has hurt!

Metabad: For kicking his ass!

Majin: Four more beers would be good.

Dark Knight: For… I can’t think of anything cool to say. Let’s kill us some demon scum!

*They enter the vortex.*

Outlaw: This feels so funky.

Majin: Da tingles be over soon.

*They arrive to the world that lies in between all others. It is a land that is mostly in shadow. There are various paths that lead to other worlds.*

Sean: Never thought I’d see this place.

Majin: Zoomzoomzoom…

Rebel: So where do we need to go?

Pesmerga: Forward.

Rebel: Forward huh, nothing else to add to that? Maybe we should we limit ourselves to one word sentences now.

*Pesmerga glares at Rebel.*

Rebel: Never mind.

Shadowstrike: Anyone else getting the creeps?

Dark Knight: From Pesmerga or this weird place?

Shadowstrike: Both.

Metabad: Hey Outlaw, think that crazy chick is here?

Sean: Dude!

Outlaw: Only one way to find out I guess.

Rebel: Is this going to be an issue with you if the worst should happen?

Outlaw: No, I can handle this.

Shadowstrike: How much further?

Pesmerga: It won’t be long now. Yuber will no doubt have sensed us.

*Elsewhere: Yuber is hovering in a meditative state high in the air. The Rat and Nega are staring at each other. Nega is looking at him in disgust. The Rat doesn’t seem to care.*

Nega: If we weren’t working together I’d probably kill you.

The Rat: Same goes double for you. You had better hope that you don’t get demoted because I’ll show you no mercy.

Nega: It doesn’t matter. Once our master has made our army we will have our own troops to lead. I won’t have to look at your ugly face as much as I have to now.

*The Rat gives her a grin. He then makes the throat cut gesture at her.*

Nega: Is that a threat?

The Rat: No, just a warning. Don’t mess with me bitch, and don’t get in my way.

*Yuber pays them no mind. He is busy collecting his energy. Suddenly his concentration is disrupted. He feels the presence of the C:IA. He lands in front of his generals.*

Yuber: We have company.

Nega: Is it them? How could they have found us here?

Yuber: I think an old friend of mine is with them. He must be banking on the fact that I’m not 100%. But he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. We need to deal with them now.

Nega: But we don’t have our army!

Yuber: No matter. We should be able to take care of things ourselves. I won’t have my plans stopped now.

The Rat: Let me at them first! I’ll make sure they never bother us again.

Yuber: So be it. Come, it’s time to show our faces to our guests.

*The trio vanishes. Back with the C:IA the team continues to walk. The path they are on seems to stretch for eternity and the surrounding area seems limitless. There are rock formations here and there, but the land is lifeless.*

Dark Knight: What a dull place.

Shadowstrike: Where the heck are we going anyway? I don’t see an end to this path.

Sean: I don’t think there is an end.

*Yuber appears.*

Yuber: That is where you are wrong. It all ends here for you.

Pesmerga: It’s about time you showed yourself Yuber. Today we finish things once and for all.

Yuber: Hello Pesmerga. You’ve finally caught up with me, and you even brought the loser squad.

Rebel: Real clever. I’ll bet you won’t be so funny when I kick your teeth down your throat!

Yuber: I doubt you’ll get the chance. Let me introduce you to my generals Pesmerga. This mistress of the sword is Nega.

*Nega appears. *

Nega: There is no hope for you.

Yuber: And the ultimate fighting machine; The Rat.

*The Rat appears.*

The Rat: Miss me Island Attackers?

Shadowstrike: Aw crap.

Dark Knight: Not you again!

Majin: Oh teh noez!

Sean: He must be what Yuber used his energy on.

Outlaw: As if he wasn’t tough enough already…

Yuber: They’re all yours Rat.

*Yuber and Nega vanish. *

The Rat: No distractions or crazy shovel guys to save you now. When I’m done there won’t be anything left to bury.

Rebel: Big talk from a small fry. C:IA!

*Rebel opens a can of Coke and begins to chug. The rest of the team prepare for battle.*

The Rat: Bring it.

*Rebel finishes his drink and crushes the can. *


*Shadow is the first to take action. He races towards the Rat and lands a powerful punch. The Rat rebounds and sends a flurry of energy blasts at Shadow and the rest of the team. Majin is hit and sent back but the others are able to dodge.*

Majin: Owie!

Sean: You ok?

Majin: Yuh. Me throw vine now!

*Majin whips and electrified vine at The Rat but misses. The Rat is in constant motion as he’s jumping, running and firing his weapons non-stop.*

Dark Knight: He’s a lot faster this time around.

*Metabad is flung back hard. Outlaw manages to catch him before he lands on his head.*

Metabad: His stuff hurts more too.

Outlaw: Anytime you want to step in and help is fine with us, Pesmerga.

Pesmerga: This is not my fight.

Rebel: WHAT?!

Pesmerga: My business is with Yuber and Yuber alone.

Shadowstrike: Great.

Rebel: Forget him. We handle this our way. Lets show this rabies factory who we are!

Outlaw, Majin, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Dark Knight, and Sean: YEAH!

*The team couldn’t stay still for long as a large blast forced them to separate.*

The Rat: Keep running! It makes it more fun for me!

Dark Knight: I really hate this guy.

Outlaw: Take this!

*Outlaw fires a spin wheel at The Rat, who easily jumps out of the way. However he jumps right into the vine Majin has thrown and is slammed down to the ground where Shadow unleashes a barrage of sonic slicers.*

Rebel: Good job guys!

The Rat: Good, but not enough to stop me!

*The Rat quickens his pace. He is now landing far more blows on the team and they are slowing down and getting beat up. Sean is returning fire but is unable to hit his target.*

Sean: This is getting us nowhere.

*Rebel has a bit more luck with his magnet mines. They are hitting The Rat but he is shrugging it off like it was nothing.*

The Rat: Are you even trying? This is too easy!

Shadowstrike: You won’t be laughing after this! Metabad, do your thing!

*Metabad fires a speed burner. Shadow runs with the flame giving it far more power and momentum. He stops and fires a sonic slicer into the wave of fire causing it to become a hyper flame attack. This knocks The Rat back several feet. *

Metabad: YEAH! RAWKIN!

Dark Knight: Did that do it?

Majin: Da mousey go bye?

*Before anyone can answer they have to scramble out of the way of another blast.*

The Rat: Now I’m pissed! I’m going to do what I should have done the first time around!

*The Rat begins to charge up his main gun. His added power is causing him to glow and send off waves of energy, pushing the Island Attackers back.*

Outlaw: This is so not cool.

Shadowstrike: There’s no way we can tell how big and fast that shot will be! This could be the end you guys.

Rebel: Not yet.

Metabad: Wut?

Rebel: Get ready Sean, just like we talked about.

Sean: I’m ready.

Dark Knight: You actually have a plan for this?

Majin: Wow.

The Rat: DIE!

*The Rat points his arm cannon at the team. Before he has a chance to fire, however, Sean fires a crystal and is immediately followed by an explosive mine from Rebel. The shot is rocketed towards The Rat and has become smaller. The crystal slams inside The Rat’s arm cannon just as he is about to fire. The energy is stopped.*

Sean: Perfect shot!

The Rat: SHIT!

*The energy backfires on The Rat. His body can’t take it and splits him into several pieces in a massive explosion.*

Rebel, Outlaw, Majin, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Dark Knight, and Sean: WOOOOO!!!

Outlaw: We did it!

Dark Knight: That was so kickass-awesome!

Shadowstrike: How did you guys come up with that?

Rebel: It was one of Void’s ideas. Figured I would give it a try.

Sean: I can’t believe how well that worked.

Pesmerga: Well done.

Rebel: No thanks to you.

Pesmerga: There is one more thing to do.

*Pesmerga walks over to the upper torso of The Rat. He holds out his hand. A moment later the dark cloud of evil rises and collects into a ball of energy. Pesmerga closes his hand around it and extinguishes it.*

Pesmerga: Yuber won’t be getting this back.

Metabad: Was that, like, the evil?

Dark Knight: Some kind of power or something?

Pesmerga: Yes, you could say that.

The Rat: Heh….Heh….Heh…

Outlaw: You’re still alive?! Damn you are tough.

The Rat: You’d….you’d better…..kill…kill me now…Cuz…I’ll make it my….life’s goal…to…

*The Rat tries to move but is far too damaged.*

The Rat: KILL YOU!

Rebel: Guess we should do as he says.

*Rebel is about to stomp The Rat’s head but The Rat fades away before he could do it.*

Dark Knight: What the hell?

Pesmerga: His part in this battle is over. Once the dark energy is gone Yuber’s influence and hold on him is lifted and he is sent back to your world.

Majin: Suck. Rebel almost did head stompy! Me wanted to see dat…

Pesmerga: It is time we move on.

Outlaw: Hold on a sec. We need a bit to recover.

Shadowstrike: Yeah. This must be part of the plot. Get us all beat up before we get to Yuber so we won’t stand a chance.

Pesmerga: Ah, I almost forgot.

*Pesmerga raises his hand. A healing light envelopes the team and fully recovers them. It even manages to take some of the beer buzz from Majin, making him a bit more coherent.*

Sean: That was handy.

Metabad: Dude! You RAWK man! I feel great!

Rebel: I take it back dark man, you’re a big help.

Pesmerga: Let’s move on.

*The team resumes their journey. In another location, Yuber is furious.*

Yuber: Damn them! DAMN THEM!

Nega: I knew the rodent couldn’t handle it. He was too erratic to be your general anyway.

Yuber: It’s your turn then. Don’t disappoint me.

Nega: They won’t know what hit them.

*Nega vanishes. Back with the C:IA.*

Outlaw: Hey, Pesmerga?

Pesmerga: Hmm?

Outlaw: Can you take that dark stuff out of someone before we fight them?

Pesmerga: No. Once in use it cannot be removed until the host has been weakened. Just how weak the person has to be depends on the amount of power being used.

Outlaw: Oh…

Shadowstrike: You still want to save her, dude?

Dark Knight: You hardly know her.

Outlaw: I’ve got to try.

Rebel: Just remember why we’re here.

Sean: We can try too, but we make no guarantees.

Outlaw: I understand. Thanks guys.

Majin: Youz welcome!

Metabad: Yeah dude, we’ll take that chick down hardcore!

Shadowstrike: You’re not helping.

*Nega appears.*

Nega: Hello boys.

*She ignites her beam saber.*

Rebel: I take it your boss isn’t too happy about losing is he?

*Rebel also ignites his saber. The rest of the team gets ready.*

Nega: I’m glad you got rid of that lunatic. But you won’t get by me.

Outlaw: Nega…

Nega: I’m sorry we didn’t get to finish our date, smelly-one. Maybe you’d like a taste of this for dessert!!!

*Nega slashes her saber and sends a wave of energy at the team. They are able to dodge and the battle begins.*

Nega: Keeping your distance won’t do you any good!

*Nega fires her arm cannon at the team and slashes at anyone who gets in close.*

Metabad: I be burnin!

*Metabad fires a speed burner but it is slashed to bits. Nega runs at him but is blocked by a bunch of spin wheels thrown at her. She slashes her saber at Outlaw who is shoved out of the way by Shadow.*

Sean: We need to get that sword away from her.

Rebel: Leave that to me.

*Rebel runs in close and slashes at Nega. She ducks. They have a stare down.*

Rebel: Let’s duel!

Nega: Fine. Your funeral.

*They cross swords at an intense pace. The rest of the team can only watch as anything they fire would hit Rebel right along with Nega. As the two of them slash and dodge it starts to become apparent that Nega is far better with the beam saber than Rebel. *

Nega: Is this all you got?

Rebel: I’m just getting warmed up!

*The intensity rises and each is slashing at an incredible pace and showing a tremendous amount of strength. However Rebel begins to show signs that he can’t continue at this speed and pace.*

Nega: Time to end this little game.

* Nega slices off the top of Rebel’s weapon, destroying it.*

Nega: So much for that.

Rebel: Totally worth it.

Nega: Huh?

*She now sees a magnet mine attached to her own saber. It explodes in her hand.*

Majin: WOOO!

Metabad: YEAH! Deception RAWKS!

Rebel: Good thing I have more of those at home. Now we stand a better chance of beating her.

Nega: I don’t need a weapon to destroy you! I can do it with my bare hands!

Dark Knight: Look out!

*Nega dashes at the team and lands many kicks and punches. She is very quick and nimble and is able to avoid and counter the C:IA’s attacks. Because they are now so close together they once again can’t fire their weapons without hitting each other.*

Sean: I wasn’t expecting this!

*He gets punched in the face.*

Shadowstrike: We need some separation here people.

*He is kicked hard in the gut.*

Outlaw: Hey Rebel, let’s do that thing!

Rebel: What?!

Outlaw: You know. That thing!

*Outlaw points at his tail. Rebel nods.*

Rebel: Now I get ya. That thing!

*As Nega dives at them, Rebel and Outlaw spin in place and just as Nega gets near they slam her with their tails sending her flying.*

Metabad: I got the follow up!

Sean: Hey, what are you…

*Metabad kicks Sean and sends him zooming at Nega. He hits her shell first, knocking her down.*

Shadowstrike: GOAL!

Dark Knight: Ten points dude!


Sean: I hate you all so much that it hurts me inside.

Metabad: Hey it worked right?

Rebel: Ok, now that we got some distance, let’s stay far enough away so that she can’t do that again.

*Nega gets up and shakes her head. She sees that the C:IA has spread out. *

Nega: I’m Impressed. Don’t Let’s Start.

Outlaw: !!!!!

*Nega looks confused by her words. *

Dark Knight: What’s up Outlaw?

Outlaw: That was TMBG!

Nega: It was nonsense!

*Nega fires a blast at Metabad. He wasn’t expecting it and takes a hit. Nega is now dashing here and there fighting with whoever gets close while dodging attacks and firing blasts of her own. *

Rebel: It’s time we step it up guys!

Metabad: Super Awesome Fighting Force Go!!!

*Rebel and Metabad combine their weapons to create the fire bomb technique. This catches Nega off guard and sends her towards Sean, DK and Shadow.*

Shadowstrike: Our turn!

*The three of them combine their weapons. The bubbles encase the crystal Sean made and when hit with a sonic slicer sends a barrage of shards and energy at Nega. She is flung towards Majin.*

Majin: Whip it good!

*Majin hits her full force with his vine. She is sent towards Outlaw. *

Rebel: Outlaw! Finish this!

Outlaw: Um. Um…

Dark Knight: You’ve got to do it!

*Outlaw is visibly upset. He lets out a yell and punches with all his might. There is a blinding light from the impact. When everyone can see again they are stunned by what has happened. Outlaw’s punch went through Nega’s body. There is a large hole in her chest. Outlaw gently places her on the ground.*

Outlaw: Pesmerga!

Pesmerga: That will do.

*Pesmerga hold out his hand over Nega. The dark energy rises up from her and again forms into a ball. Pesmerga grips it and extinguishes it.*

Shadowstrike: You did it Outlaw.

Sean: Man that was one hell of a punch.

Nega: Uhh… Outlaw?

Outlaw: Nega! I’m so sorry!

*Outlaw holds her up.*

Rebel: We had no choice, Nega.

Nega: It’s ok. This was my fate for choosing the darkness.

Outlaw: Nega, I wanted to save you. I’ve failed you…

Nega: You did save me. Outlaw, no one has ever shown me true kindness, no one ever cared for me. You did that. Thank you.

*Nega starts to lose consciousness. She is badly damaged.*

Outlaw: Nega!

Nega: Thank….You…

*Nega fades away.*

Pesmerga: No time to dwell on this. It has been done. Yuber is all that is left to deal with.

Dark Knight: Don’t worry Outlaw; I’m sure she’ll be ok. After all, she is a Zero clone.

Outlaw: *Sniff*

Metabad: Dude?

Outlaw: I’m ready to finish this! Yuber is going down!

Majin: Down to da pound!

Rebel: Ok Pesmerga, heal us up. We’re going to show Yuber why he doesn’t mess with us!

*Pesmerga does so.*

Shadowstrike: Do we have any plan for this?

Sean: It’s kinda hard to plan for a guy like Yuber.

*Rebel takes out a Coke and starts to drink.*

Rebel: All I know is…*glug* Combo moves seem to be working great.

Majin: Oh yes, I’d like a combo meal.

*Rebel bops Majin on the head. He then finishes his drink.*

Dark Knight: I say we just go all out and hold nothing back.

Sean: This is a first. I actually agree with you.

Pesmerga: Onward.

*The team resumes their journey. In another location Yuber is furious.*

Yuber: NO! NO! NO!

*He hits a nearby boulder which shatters from the impact.*

Yuber: I should have known not to put faith in others. They were the perfect choices and still they failed.

*Yuber smashes another boulder.*

Yuber: Those fools think they stand a chance against me. HA! I’ll show them power. I’ll show them pain. Heh. The C:IA dies today!

*Yuber vanishes. Back with our hero’s there is a sense of both determination and dread. They know that this battle could be their last.*

Metabad: So, uh, dark guy; are you gonna help out on this one or are you…

Pesmerga: LOOK OUT!

*The team scatters just in time to avoid a massive energy blast. Before they can regroup Yuber goes on the attack. He is amazingly fast and is able to land several blows on the team. He then jumps back.*

Yuber: Pathetic.

Majin: Ow.

Sean: Crap!

Shadowstrike: Wasn’t expecting that.

Rebel: Finally had the guts to show yourself huh? This is it for you!

Outlaw: I’ll make you pay for what you did!!!

Yuber: Tough words. Let’s see if you can back it up!

Dark Knight: Here he comes again!

*Yuber once again engages the team in battle. This time around they were ready for him and are able to put up a far better fight. Yuber is fast and is landing lots of hits but he is now on the receiving end as well. *

Yuber: This shouldn’t be happening.

*Majin lands a hard shot with his electrified vines and this is followed up by a strong kick and punch combo by Outlaw and Shadow. This sends Yuber back.*

Yuber: I see you’ve improved since last we met.

Rebel: Being professional ass kickers does that.

Metabad: YEAH! And we totally RAWK!

Sean: How bout we go on the offensive for once?

Dark Knight: Yeah! Let’s show him what we’re made of!

Yuber: Come and get me.

*The C:IA rush at Yuber. Outlaw and Sean are slower than the rest so they provide cover fire by shooting their weapons at Yuber while the rest get in range for close up attacks. Shadow leads the bunch and quickly gets the action started with sonic slicers followed up by fast kicks. Rebel is also hurling magnet mines non-stop while swiping with his tail. Yuber is finding it difficult to avoid everything. Where one attack misses there are three more to avoid. While ducking a vine thrown by Majin he is hit from behind by a speed burner. *

Metabad: RAWKIN!

*Yuber slashes at Metabad but gets slammed by DK’s pincer attack. Yuber counterattacks and sends DK flying. He then powers up and sends energy blasts at the team, hitting Sean Rebel and Majin.*

Yuber: See that Pesmerga?! No one can match my power!

Pesmerga: I’d stop gloating and pay attention if I were you.

Yuber: What?!

*Yuber is hit by a spin wheel which tears into him. He is able to shake it off but due to this he didn’t see Pesmerga who lunges at him. Yuber turns towards him and gets hit hard in the face. This is followed up by a crystal hunter which causes Yuber to stagger. He backs off to catch his breath.*

Rebel: Your face got pwned!

Outlaw: Pwned!! Man, it feels good to be holding our own.

Dark Knight: Yeah, and we’re hitting him way more then we ever have!

Sean: True, but I’m not so sure we’re doing any real damage. That whole immortality thing is still an issue.

Shadowstrike: Why do you always have to be a downer?

Majin: Down low like da chicken limbo.

Metabad: Yeah dude! We’re actually winning!

Yuber: Not for long. I’m done holding back. It’s time I used my Hachifusa Rune!

Majin: Da hoozafuzzle?

Shadowstrike: The hack is a rune?

Sean: Their objects of power. I’ve never heard of this one.

Rebel: Whatever. I’m still going to bash his head in.

*Yuber raises his hand. His body begins to glow with power as the Rune activates. The C:IA get ready for anything but nothing could have prepared them for what they see. Yuber has created a double of himself. Then a third is created. To their horror each new Yuber is creating another. Before they know it they are completely surrounded.*

Dark Knight: Holy crap.

Shadowstrike: We are so screwed.

Outlaw: I’m going down swinging. With any luck I’ll take a few out.

Pesmerga: That won’t be necessary.

Metabad: You got a plan?

Rebel: I sure hope so.

Yuber(s): DIE!!!!

*The mass of Yuber dives at the team. However before they reach the team Pesmerga holds out his sword. Every Yuber is frozen in place in the air and one by one they dissolve until the original is left.*

Majin: Wow.

Yuber: How…is…this…possible?

Pesmerga: You have abused your power and brought nothing but pain and suffering. I was sent to set things right.

Yuber: NO!

*A bright light surrounds the two. *

Rebel: What the hell is going on?!

*Yuber is thrown back. He is slow to get up.*

Pesmerga: It is done.

Metabad: What’s done?

Pesmerga: I think you will find the problem you were worried about has been solved.

Sean: What?!

*Yuber gasps. There is blood dripping from his wounds.*

Pesmerga: He’s mortal now.

Majin: He…Killable?

Dark Knight: What did you do?

Pesmerga: His time as a holder of a true rune is over. The core of his power came from that.

Outlaw: We should have a way easier time defeating him now.

Yuber: I have more then enough power to deal with you!

Pesmerga: He’s all yours.

Rebel: You’ll regret the day you messed with us!

*The C:IA and Yuber run at each other. Yuber still has enough power to send energy blasts at the team but they are noticeably less intense. Outlaw tries his spinning attack but is knocked out of the air and into Metabad. Sean is also knocked down but DK manages to hit Yuber with a bubble splash. Rebel and Shadow double team Yuber and deal a good bit of damage. Once again Yuber backs off. He is now panting and has several more wounds.*

Rebel: Face it, without your rune you don’t stand a chance. You should just stand still so we can blast you back to hell where you belong.

Yuber: You haven’t won yet you miserable insect.

*Yuber holds his swords out in front of him. He focuses all his power into them, making them blaze with energy.*


*Yuber runs at the team with swords on fire with power.*

Rebel: Throw everything you’ve got at him!

*Everyone fires their weapons at once. Each weapon converges at the same point and creates the ultimate attack. An ultra charged beam of explosive power rockets at Yuber. He only has seconds to realize what is about to hit him.*

Yuber: No. NOOOOOO!!!

*Yuber is incinerated. All that is left is a pile of ash.*

Majin: We… Did that?

Dark Knight: Is it finally over?

Sean: I… Think we won.

*There is a brief moment of silence.*

Everyone: YEAH!!!!!

Metabad: We so RAWK!

Shadowstrike: No more Yuber!

Rebel: Think we did good Outlaw?

Outlaw: I think Void would have been proud of us boss bug.

Pesmerga: Well done.

Sean: Thank you Pesmerga.

Shadowstrike: Yeah, without you we never would have stood a chance.

Pesmerga: I have you to thank as well. Yuber had to activate his rune before I could take it away. Had I just shown up he would have run like he always had.

Dark Knight: So what are you going to do with the rune?

Metabad: Can I have it? That would RAWK!

Pesmerga: I am taking it back to the dimension it came from. And it is time for you to return to your world as well.

Outlaw: Here comes that funkiness again.

Rebel: Thanks again Pesmerga.

Majin: WEEEEE!!

*Pesmerga sends them back to their world. He then goes over to the pile of ash. As he stares at it, a dark ball of energy emerges. Before it has a chance to get away Pesmerga crushes it in his hand.*

Pesmerga: Now it is truly done. My long quest is finally at an end. I am in your dept Island Attackers. Should there ever come a day when things look their bleakest I’ll make sure to repay the favor.

*Back at the Whale King, the team reappears.*

Majin: EEEEEEE! Oh… We’re back. Great! Now I can get more beer! That healing thing he did kept mellowing my buzz.

Dark Knight: Oh yeah, about that. I sold your beer stash for an electric kazoo.

Metabad: That was yours? I torched that stupid thing.

*The three of them stare at each other then start their fight anew.*

Shadowstrike: They’ll never learn.

Sean: Like you never learn to be serious and not mess up when you pilot.

Shadowstrike: At least I’m not cursed!

Sean: At least I can manage to stay away from buckets!

*The two of them get into a heated argument.*

Rebel: For Coke’s sakes can’t you guys give me some quite?

Outlaw: “For Coke’s sakes?”

Rebel: Coca-Cola is my religion and you will recognize it as such.

Outlaw: Yuber’s finally gone. It’s tough to believe.

Rebel: Yeah. Good riddance.

Outlaw: Want to get a cherry Coke?

Rebel: Totally.

The End


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