Series Five Prologue

*Written by Rebel4000*

*Note: These are going to be the last few epilogues for the C:IA. Series five was never completed. I still have some extra content we did  but after that we will have to say farewell to the Code: Island Attackers*

*It had been several months since the CIA managed to finally defeat Yuber. Although such an event had caused much relief and even celebration, due to the CIA losing Void Darkheart to events prior caused tensions to run extremely high, resulting in such feelings to be short-lived. It was due to this that a decision was finally met…*

Sean: *packing his belongings when he hears a knock on the door* Come in!

Outlaw: *enters* Heya Sean buddy.

Sean: Oh… hey Outlaw.

Outlaw: Um… you sure you really want to do this?

Sean: …Yeah. The team hasn’t really been the same since Void left… and we haven’t really accomplished much since Yuber.

Outlaw: Well, I’m not certain if the others will say it, but I will miss you, man.

Sean: Same here… I hope the modifications I made on the hyper forms will help, though.

Outlaw: I’m surprised you actually did it. I mean, it was Void’s greatest invention. Kinda seems like we are erasing his memory almost by doing so…

Sean: It was Rebel’s idea. I wasn’t really keen on it, but he pretty much FORCED me to do it. Which is another reason why I’m leaving.

Outlaw: Don’t let boss bug’s words get to ya, Sean.

Sean: No, I’m serious, Outlaw. He has really gone down the drain and his behavior is really unacceptable. Plus getting shocked every single hour is starting to really get on my nerves.

Outlaw: Yeah… sorry ’bout that…

Sean: Eh, there really isn’t much need to apologize. You’ve never purposefully tried to activate my curse, anyway. But I am serious about Rebel, though; he’s become extremely moody and to be honest, I’m actually scared to even be near him. Like, he could snap at any moment over anything.

Outlaw: …

Sean: Anyway, I am pretty much done packing. I think I will let myself off…

Outlaw: Okay…

*The team had slowly started to break away, one by one. The even worse part was, no one really seemed to care… save for Outlaw.*

Outlaw: *in front of Rebel’s room* Here we go… *enters* Boss bug…?

Rebel: *watching TV with a Coke in hand* …

Outlaw: Boss bug, ya there?

Rebel: …What?

Outlaw: Um… Sean left.

Rebel: Hmph, that so? Well good riddance. We don’t need a loser like him anyway. *drinks Coke*

Outlaw: C’mon man, don’t say that! We shouldn’t be letting people go like this! Dark Knight has already disappeared… he didn’t even give a warning. Now Sean… We should do something to get the team motivated again.

Rebel: *annoyed* Like what?

Outlaw: Like, uh… fight crime? Like we used to do–

Rebel: Outlaw.

Outlaw: Yeah?

Rebel: I think I’m tired of fighting crime.

Outlaw: What?

Rebel: I’m tired of it. I don’t want anything to do with it.

Outlaw: But you haven’t even tried doing so! Ever since Yuber you’ve lost all of your drive and motivation to do anything!

Rebel: Because I got my revenge… and that’s all I needed. So now I’m done.

Outlaw: Void would be sad to hear this–

Rebel: Don’t you dare mention that damn name to me!

Outlaw: …Sorry…

Rebel: Ugh… *drinks Coke* Just get out.

Outlaw: But boss bug…

Rebel: I said get out! Leave me alone.

Outlaw: Fine…

*A few days later…*

Rebel: He WHAT!?

Metabad: Outlaw flew the coop, dude. He just said he was gonna “live the dream” and hopped off the ship.

Rebel: That… damn traitor! How could he!? I WILL KILL HIM!!

Majin: burrrrp dont werry 2 much bout it rrrreb

Rebel: Majin, shut the Hell up! You stupid drunk!

Majin: rooooo…

Metabad: Whoa, no need to be so angry, dude. Rawkers have no need for teh angerz, remember?

Rebel: Metabad, you shut up too!

Metabad: B-but we’re rawk buddies… of the Super Awesome Fighting Force–


Metabad: Wha… what…?

Rebel: Jesus, you are so annoying sometimes! I can’t believe I even bothered picking you up when we were searching for replacements*!

*See Series 2, Epilogue #22 “Dissed in the Digital World (part 2)”

Majin and Metabad: …

Rebel: Replacements… yeah, that’s what all of you guys are! Just some stupid replacements! Well I don’t need you! I DON’T NEED ANY OF YOU!!

Shadowstrike: *enters the room* ALL OF YOU BE QUIET, I’M TRYING TO PILOT!!





Shadowstrike: Reb, don’t you even DARE tell us what to do! I’ve had it up to HERE with your mouth! *gestures*

Rebel: Oh yeah!? Well too bad! I’ll say whatever I wanna say ’cause this is MY ship!

Metabad: I thought it was all ours?

Rebel: Hah, like I’d give you guys anything!? Don’t make me laugh!

Majin: im a sad majin… rooo…

Rebel: So yeah, this is MY ship and if you don’t like it, then why don’t you all just the Hell out?

Shadowstrike: Why should WE get out? If anything you’re the one who is most deserving!

Rebel: Didn’t you just hear!? I said this was my ship! So it belongs to me! M-E!

Shadowstrike: Not if I force you out!

Rebel: Say what–

Shadowstrike: *grabs Rebel*

Majin and Metabad: !?

Rebel: *gets lifted off the ground* Wh-what the Hell are you doing!? I’m your leader… you can’t do this to me…!

Shadowstrike: Oh, shut up. *opens an emergency door*

Rebel: *feels the air pull* Sh-Shadow… Wait a second! Think about what you are doing!

Shadowstrike: Oh, I know perfectly well what I’m doing… *let’s go of Rebel*

Rebel: *gets sucked out of the ship* NOOOOOOoooo…

Shadowstrike: THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR MAKING FUN OF ME AND MY BUCKETS!! *closes the door*

Metabad: D-dude… did you just kill Rebel!?

Majin: me a scared widdle spongey-wungey

Shadowstrike: Who the heck cares if I killed him or not? I sure don’t!

Metabad: But that was totally unrawkin’! It was like… everything that was not rawkin’, rolled into a ball!

Shadowstrike: Man, are you still talking about rawkin’ after all this!? What the Hell is wrong with you!?

Metabad: GOOD SIR, I DO NOT APPROVE OF YOUR ACTIONS!! *turns to leave*

Shadowstrike: Where are you going!?

Metabad: To find Reb. I dunno about you, but I’m not ready to give up on him! *leaves*

Shadowstrike: Fine, then leave. AT LEAST I STILL HAVE MAJIN!! Right, Majin?

Majin: FLIPPERS WAIT FOR TEH PORCUPINES *starts flopping like a fish and leaves*

Shadowstrike: M-Majin!?

*And like that, the members of the CIA had all gone their own ways, none of them looking back. The only person who appeared to stay onboard the Whale King was Shadow, who simply walked back to the controls to steer the ship.*

Shadowstrike: …So, this is how it ends, huh? Never thought it would be so… quiet.

Dark Knight: *falls through the ventilation shaft* Finally found that damn sock! It eluded me for WEEKS!!

Shadowstrike: God damn it.

The End


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