Occult and Butterfly’s

*Written by Avi*

*Alone, one lost sea creature… robot… thing wandered the streets, with nobody but his trusty beer bottle to keep him company. Having watched what he once considered his surrogate family tear itself apart before his very eyes, life, as he knew it, had all been stripped away from him in a heartbeat. There was nothing to do now but to drown his sorrows away…*

Majin: *chug chug chug* Yeeeeeh I drink aloooone… *chugs* yeeeeeah wif nobuddy else… *chugs and sobs*

*None too far away*

Generic Bad Guy Reploid: NYEH NYEH! *runs away with some old lady’s purse*

Elderly Reploid: Why you…!! *runs after him, shaking her cane*

*Aaaand back with the Sponge.*

Majin: Siiiigh… I use ta be soup a hero ‘til we wuz broken up… *hic* …but za days of bein Formation: Beach Invaders… days of saven criminals and fighten old ladies is at an end… *hic* BUT THEIR MEANIEFACES NAO. Good riddens. *hic* Rooooo… so ronery… *passes out on the sidewalk*

*Aaand back with the old lady and the theif.*

Generic Bad Guy Reploid: …The hell? There’s nothing of value in this purse! What am I supposed to do with pencils, paper, and… is this a *plastic replica of a human heart* with a recipe for chicken marsala scribbled on it in a rather elegant cursive script? …Though I must admit, that is some very nice handwri–

Elderly Reploid: *stabs the theif in the eye with her cane, taking back her purse… which she promptly whacks him with several times before nailing him below the belt with her boot* Why thank you, son! It’s high time somebody finally took notice of my work!

Generic Bad Guy Reploid: … *laying face-down in a pool of his own oil*

Elderly Reploid: Oh, phooey. So close, yet so far. At least I won’t have to spend anything on ink today!

*The woman drew a quill pen and an empty ink jar from her purse. After filling the jar with robot oil, she dipped the pen, and proceeded to draw a smiley face on a nearby parking meter.*

Elderly Reploid: *facing the parking meter* From this day forward, your name is no longer “Time Expired.” I hereby dub thee… *Francisco Von Muddypants the Third!*

“Francisco”: …

Elderly Reploid: So… you wish to hear my story, son? Well, it’s a long one, but… seeing as how you are firmly wedged in the cement of the sidewalk, you have no choice but to listen! Mwee hee hee hee…

“Francisco”: …

Elderly Reploid: For too long, I have lived as a… starving artist, if you will. Even at the ripe young age of 22–that’s like, 220 in reploid years, by the way–technology is sooo hard to keep up with these days… oops, got sidetracked for a second there. What was I saying? Oh, yes. My name is Ms. Avalon–I forget what my first name is, so just call me “Avi.”

“Francisco”: …

Avi: I live up on the hill with my butterflies. I, too, am a butterfly–but alas, even at my age, I am still but a larva. Yet, I live on as a lone artist, ever scribbling away until the day when my work is finally noticed–then, and only then, will I earn my wings and mature to adulthood.

“Francisco”: …

Avi: Heh heh. Aaah, Francisco, you remind me of an old friend… from waaaaay back when I was still in touch with society. He really liked these. *She reaches into her purse, pulling out an age-old Oreo cookie. She attempts to jam it into the meter’s coin slot.*

“Francisco”: …

Avi: Yummy, huh? Heh heh… to be feeding you, a complete stranger… makes me yearn for a child of my own… one who will never grow up to tell me “get out of my life you crazy effing b-word…” but alas! I came down from the mountain to search for art supplies and the like, so I can’t stay for long. It’s been nice meeting you, Francisco, now I’m off to find me a canvas.

Majin: *still passed out, face flat on the sidewalk*

Avi: …Hey! That giant cucumber looking thingy shall fare nicely for my next piece!

*Later… cut to a log cabin in the middle of the woods. Inside, the walls, floors, and ceilings are all coated with hundreds upon hundreds of drawings, while countless numbers of butterflies and moths flutter about through the air.*

Avi: *finshes painting a rather-abstract looking face on the back of Majin’s head* …Alrighty. Time for a break… s’getting late…

Majin: …uuuuugh…

Avi: Hm? That sound… was that its air escaping? Do cucumbers even DO that?! Sigh, better plug the leak. *turns Majin around*

Majin: …oooooooooh…

Avi: …It has a face on the other side?! I… didn’t paint that… or did I… GAH! I don’t even know any more! *turns Majin back around, to the face that she painted* Tell me, Mrs. Scatterbeans… I didn’t paint a face on the back of your head, did I? DID I?! Please tell me I haven’t completely lost it!

Majin: …Ugh… need… more beer…

Avi: …

Majin: …

Avi: …Did… *WORDS* just… come out of your mouth?!

Majin: …Like, do you have some?


Majin: Eep… um, s-sorry? *struggles to get up* (Freak…)

Avi: NOT. REAL. YOU ARE JUST A PAINTING. I AM NOT GOING TO–*turns to her dishwasher (which also has a face drawn on it)* …What’s that Harvey McBooBoo?

Dishwasher: …

Avi: You say that my cucumber canvas was actually an unconscious reploid, and he just woke up? Oh! Oh, okay…

Majin: *starts to slowly edge away from Avi*

Avi: *to Majin* Aw, I’m so sorry I scared you, I didn’t know… look, I have beer for you. Come on, little guy.

Majin: R-really? *gets up and approaches Avi*

Avi: Yes. See, I don’t drink alcohol, so I’ve been saving it for somebody, for all these long years… besides, it’s the least I could do after creeping you out like that, dear. I hope you’ll accept it…

Majin: Yes, of course! My bottle, it’s empty… I need to drink. I don’t know what else I can do at this point…

Avi: Awww, I’m so sorry… please, come this way. *motions* Did something happen? You can talk to me.

Majin: Eh… well… even if you’re this crazy derelict granny who I just met not even a minute ago–sorry–I have nobody else at this point, so… *sighs*

Avi: If you don’t want to talk, I can understand… personal matters, ya?

Majin: …No, it’s alright… it’s just… I was once part of this group of friends, we were together for many a long year… but then our pal Void, he… he’s gone now… ever since then, things fell apart, and… we are no longer a group…

Avi: *pats Majin on the back* I have something that would help you feel better, ya? *hands him a very surrealistic painting of a beer bottle*

Majin: Boy, that sure looks good…

Avi: You… like my work?

Majin: It’s very nice, but–

Avi: YES! YES! YES! *dances* PUBLICITY, YAY! *clears throat* Erm, anyway. I painted that way back in ‘XX. But since I’m not gonna drink it, you can have it!

Majin: Well, thanks! But… how does one… eh, drink a painting?

Avi: …Oh, so that *is* just a painting, durr. *Slaps self* Sorry, not sure about these kinds of things most of the time, haha…

Majin: *sigh* Is it at least made with, um, alcoholic paint?

Avi: Doesn’t exist, silly. I do have some paints you could probably get high off of, though… NOT THAT I ENCOURAGE IT! Thankyouverymuch.

Majin: Being high isn’t quite the same as being drunk… so, I guess you don’t have any real beer?

Avi: I don’t drink, so no. Sorry!

Majin: It’s alright… well, I guess I’ll be off to… wherever. Thanks again for the painting.

Avi: NO, DON’T LEAVE! …Erm, sorry! All I have are my butterflies, my moths and my paintings to keep me company… it’s not often I’m able to speak with anybody who actually speaks back!

Majin: Um–

Avi: Please, let me buy you liquor! So what if I normally don’t promote alcoholism, I’ll buy you all the liquor you can handle if you just don’t go! Just stay a little longer… um, please?

Majin: Err…

Avi: Do you even have money to buy your liquor?

Majin: Well, no…

Avi: *smiles* I do. For uh, some reason or another. Come on, dear, let’s get you wasted! By the time I’m through with you, there will be no more pesky brain cells to bother you ever again!

*The unlikely duo exits the cabin, trudging through the woods until they made it to town. After a good while of walking…*

Avi: *stops* Oooh, look at the pretty junkyard! I’m sure I could get all kinds of cool canvases there!

Majin: Huff… huff… need beer… can’t go on… without…

Avi: Huh? Oh, sorry. Come on, Majin. This way, now. *continues walking with Majin by the hand* To the bar we goooooooo~!

*Unbeknownst to them, however, they were being scoped out, by somebody in that same “pretty” junkyard…*

Suspicious Hooded Figure: *peering through binoculars* Yes… such a magnificent specimen… so that is Wire Sponge Drinker. His DNA… it will soon be mine, yes…

*The hooded figure leaped up, assuming a diver’s stance. He dove headfirst into the junk, actually “swimming” through it at lightning speeds…*

Suspicious Hooded Figure: It’s the bar you want? Oh, no, I’m sorry to disappoint, my dear Wire Sponge Drinker… but I want you at my place… oh, yes. I do…

*Much later, Avi and Majin reach the bar… or rather, what was left of it!*

Avi: Well… I’m so sorry, son. *gazes at the smoldering ruins of the bar* Could we take this as a sign? Perhaps, one that says, “Maybe you shouldn’t drink so much, it’s bad for you?”

Majin: …*blink blink* …NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *collapses to his knees, amidst the ruins * OH THE INHUMANITY! *licks the ground, hoping to scoop up some spilt beer*

Random Reploid: Haha, that won’t do ya any good, boy. All the beer was stolen, y’know. Saw the whole thing, I did!

Avi: Huh? Like, what happened here?!

Random Reploid: Some bozo came in with an army of moth-like robots… I dunno. How do you describe them, they were like… ghosts, or zombies, or something… they drove everyone out, stole all the beer, then the lead bozo blew the whole damn place to kingdom come with some grenades or something.

Avi: *looking the other way* At least they left a trail of beer bottles leading somewhere!

Random Reploid: …N-No, they did not. What ever are you talking about?

Avi: …Oh, okay, maybe they didn’t… Mumblemumblestupidbrainnotworking…

Majin: *following the trail of beer bottles* YES YES YES *drinks one whole bottle, then goes to the next* BURRRRRP *and the next* BER GIMME SPINACH POWER WOO WOO *and the next* I’mma pop I da saila man *and the next* toot toot

Avi: …Wait. Call it a gut feeling, but I don’t think I’m hallucinating this time… MAJIN, WAIT! *goes to follow him…*

Random Reploid: Not so fast! *raises an arm, causing Avi to be blown back by a very colorful explosion!*

Avi: AH! *hits the ground* So you’re really a purse snatcher, I… I knew it! 99% of the time… they’re the only ones… who want to talk to me… *staggers up*

Random Reploid: Purse snatcher, eh? Heh heh… thanks for the idea, old hag. I’ll just be taking that… *reaches for Avi’s purse… only to be stabbed in the eye with her cane, kicked in the face, stomped on, and scribbled all over, because hey, why not*

Avi: Pfft! Gonna have to try harder than that. Been dealing if your kind all my life, sonny. *stomps on the reploid’s face some more before stepping off*

Random Reploid: …Ugh… even with the power of magi-technology at my hands, I was beaten by… an old lady… Lord Mechalcanos! Take pity on my worthless soul! *explodes for no good reason*

Avi: Lord Mechalcanos… huh. Kids these days and their evil overlords and their rap music and their yo-yos… *sees the trail of empty bottles* …Majin, get back here! *follows the trail*

*Cut to a dank, dirty, underground laboratory in the depths of the local junkyard…*

Suspicious Hooded Figure: *laying a beer bottle down in front of him, completing the trail* You’ll come to me soon, Wire Sponge Drinker. Oh, yes. You will–

Majin: *takes the beer bottle the Hooded Figure just laid down and drinks it* moar pls

Suspicious Hooded Figure: Heh heh heh… that was quick. Very quick indeed… *Inches closer to Majin* Good evening, Wire Sponge Drinker… quite the drinker indeed, oh yes. That was a whole bar’s worth of beer you just had. Your capacity for alcohol is… most intriguing. Very intriguing, heh heh… I must study you further.

Majin: *hic* u lok funee avee did u gro ur hair

Suspicious Hooded Figure: *strokes Majin’s head* Such a pretty flower… I hope you don’t mind me feeling it for a while… oh, so velvety soft…

Majin: ew gross an tis not a flower I’m a sea munster not a pickel *buuurp*

Suspicious Hooded Figure: *takes his hand off Majin, and inspects it thoroughly* Ahhh, yes, very nice, very nice indeed! Such excellent DNA, I must analyze it immediately! *pulls a set of test tubes out from his cloak*

Majin: Pickels ar like honey bs in that thar full ov life, like oceans over manhatten in da sumr rain in august july september 14th *hic* hunh wut did I just say???

Suspicious Hooded Figure: …heh heh heh. You are a very intriguing specimen, I must say. *gets to work analyzing Majin’s DNA…*

Avi: *barges into the lab* There you are, Majin! Don’t you worry your mother like that ever again!

Majin: Mutter? U NOT ME MOMY U LYING LIE LIE. But w8 if yur avee and hes avee den whoosa reel 1

Suspicious Hooded Figure: Eh? *turns to see Avi* What’s that worthless old relic doing in my lab? Feh… no matter… it’s alright… this time. I might just have a use for you later… oh yes…

Avi: *glares at the figure* Don’t you dare try anything funny with him. I adopted that Sponge child first! Just ask the purse snatcher who I blew up back at the bar what will happen if you even think about it, sonny boy…

Suspicious Hooded Figure: So, the minion I left to distract you at the bar… HA HA! Bested by an old relic… that was to be expected, yes… that failure of a test subject. Heh heh heh…

Avi: So, are you this… “Mechalcanos” or whatever?

Suspicious Hooded Figure: Heh heh heh! Me? Mechalcanos? Oh, that’s not a question to be asking me. Oh, no… that’s a question you should be asking your so-called “child,” Wire Sponge Drinker!

Majin: duh whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Suspicious Hooded Figure: Yes, you… well. *Are* you Lord Mechalcanos? That… is what this test shall tell me… *holds up a test tube* Oh yes…

Avi: Wait, then… who the heck are you, boy?!

Suspicious Hooded Figure: Me? Heh heh heh… *removes his hood*

Suspicious No-Longer Hooded Figure: In one lifetime, they addressed me as… “Metal Shark Player.” Reploid geneticist… but then my body was destroyed by that pesky Mega Man X Quitter! And his wussy girlfriend, Zero Knitter! But that’s alright, since I have a new body now, as you can plainly see… oh yes. These days, they call me… “Player 2.”

Majin: cool story sis

Player 2: I couldn’t use my old identity because some punk stole it from me when I was in my… disassembled state. Some punk and his stupid team, whatever they’re called!

Majin: Reploid majinellion? Reploid metabadellion? Shadowstrikellion? Seanellion? Outlawellion? Darkknightellion?

Player 2: But the Reploid Whatcha-ma-call-its are no concern of mine, oh no. See, the Cult of Mechalcanos… they needed my genius… so they built me a new body, powered by magi-technology… a very wonderful thing indeed. And now, it is my life’s mission to find Mechalcanos… in one of you, Wire Sponge Drinker. One of you Code: Island Attackers!

Majin: dood ther is no moore F:BI… no more… *sniff* BOO HOO HOO

Avi: *comforting Majin* Now look, you gone and made him cry–*takes a look at Player 2’s face* …Metal Shark Player. Sounds… so familiar…

Player 2: Heh heh… I… kind of am what one would call a “wanted criminal.” Ha ha ha… oh yes. Wanted for the highly illegal practice of DNA Resurrection… bringing dead reploids back to life. An occult science, if you will… *fangy grin*

Avi: …I remember now. I-I drew your criminal sketch! That was, like, one of the few paying jobs I’ve had! …Say, have you ever seen it? Do you think I captured your image well enough?

Player 2: *fiddling with a machine* Heh heh… I… have another job for you, relic… while I wait for the results of the Is-He-Mechalcanos-Or-Not analysis. Come along, now…

Avi: So, have you seen your criminal sketch or not? I know that was several years back, but I still want critique! I mean, I *have* improved as an artist since then, but–

Player 2: *chains Avi to a chair* Do you know why I’m telling you of my shady past? Evidentially not… but let me just say, before joining the Cult of Mechalcanos… I hadn’t the access to much of the occult knowledge I have now… I could only create soulless clones of dead reploids that broke apart minutes after creation. But now, I can truly bring the dead back to life… oh yes!

Majin: yo can u bring bak void I miss im and is funny antics ='(

Player 2: Can I bring back Void? As in… Void Darkheart Runner? Ha ha! Funny you should mention that, because that was my plan exactly!

Majin: dood *buuurp* SRSLY?!?!?!?!?!

Player 2: Ha ha ha… I’m dead serious. *holds out another test tube* This DNA belongs to Void Darkheart Runner… AKA Morph Moth Flicker. Your friend will be back in no time… oh yes he will… *approaches Avi*

Avi: You still haven’t told me what you thought of my sketch… HEY!

Player 2: *jabs a huge syringe into Avi’s arm*

Avi: AHH!! OH GOD!! *leaps up, breaking free from her chains*

Player 2: Heh heh heh… you are now dying. Dying to make way for a new self… the once-dead Morph Moth Flicker shall rise to take your place in the living world! HA HA HA!!

Avi: Ahhhh… no… help… *falls to her knees*

Player 2: You can take my critique to the grave… your criminal sketch… the teeth were too rounded, my face too pointy, and my eyes too beady. Otherwise, it was pretty good.

Avi: Ah… yes, well, realism was never my thing… I’m more into the imagination-y stuff, heh… good to know. Thanks… now I can die happy knowing some criminal I sketched approves of his portrait. *smiles*

Player 2: Oh, well, that was my old body anyway. Heh heh heh… farewell, relic!

Majin: g…goodbye crazy lady… *sniff* majin saaaaaaaad… *drinks from his beer bottle some more*

Avi: I’m taking the next cocoon up to heaven… *begins to… somehow spin a cocoon around herself*

Player 2: So begins the metamorphosis. Morph Moth Flicker shall join us once again very soon! In the mean time, allow me to check your results, Wire Sponge Drinker. *goes over to his machine, and pulls out a paper it just printed out* Hmmm…

Cocoon: …

Player 2: *looking the results over* Hm…

Cocoon: …

Majin: ka thump ka thump ka thump ka thump

Cocoon: …

Player 2: These results…

Majin: YES?!

Cocoon: …

Player 2: Are…

Majin: YES?!

Cocoon: …

Player 2: …

Majin: YES?!

Cocoon: …

Player 2: …negative. *tosses the paper away* Your DNA does not match up with that of Lord Mechalcanos. You are not him. One of the other Island Attackers is, though… *goes to cross off “Wire Sponge Drinker” from a list*

Wire Sponge Drinker (X) Wheel Gator Lounger (X) Bubble Crab Rubber(  ) Flame Stag Rocker (  )Morph Moth Flicker ( X)  Magna Centipede Feeler ( X)  Crystal Snail Slugger ( ) Overdrive Ostrich Bunker ( )

Player 2: Any of the remaining five could be him… we are certain. It was foreseen by The Hell Goat himself… It won’t be long, heh heh heh.

Majin: WHAT THA HELL IS A GOAT. But w8 im not metallicanos? not me? That sux, I’m in salted =(

Player 2: Why yes, it does suck. Very much. Especially for you. Since I have no other use for you…

Majin: …ye-yes?

Player 2: …I’m just going to have to eat you. *opens his mouth, and lunges at Majin!*

Majin: EEP *leaping out of the way, he throws one of his strike chains at Player 2*

Player 2: *catches it by the chain, which he promptly bites right off!*

Majin: osnap! *drops his bottle, which breaks on the ground. A small puddle of beer is left in its wake*

Player 2: *goes to take a bite out of the distracted Majin*

Majin: *waits for Player 2 to step in the beer, before electrifying the puddle with his other Strike Chain* woo go me

Player 2: *shocked*

Majin: Tee hee hee. This reminds me liek of when donkey crab cursed at snaily man causing the zap zap… *pauses* …Sean… and dark nightlight…

Player 2: *catches Majin in a bear hug* …You’re mine, yes…! *tackles him to the ground* join me… become a part of me… in my belly! *opens his jaw…*

Cocoon: …*shakes*

Player 2: *gets ready to bite Majin’s head off*

Cocoon: *breaks free from its thread, smashing Player 2 in the face!*

Player 2: OW! *thrown off of Majin*

Majin: Hey.. why n how you know sux left? You have ball of crystal? You a peepin’ tommy boy?

Player 2: Not that you’ll live long for this to matter, but through much research… Much research indeed, we were able to trace the histories of the moth, centipede, and alligator. They were the only ones that are true Reploids out of your strange lot. However, the ones that still live… They are still an issue. One we will be dealing with. Soon.

Majin: OooOOooh… Where they nao? I wantz give them high five.

Player 2: The centipede is being tracked at this very moment. His death will be glorious. The alligator on the other hand we seem to have lost. But no matter. He alone wouldn’t be able to stop what is in motion.

*Suddenly the cocoon begins to move*

Player 2: …Well, what do you know… Void Darkheart Runner is awakened it would seem!

Cocoon: …ugh…

Player 2: Greetings, Dr. Void Darkheart Runner! My name is Player 2, reploid geneticist… I brought you back to this world, yes…

Cocoon: …I’m…alive…?

Player 2: Oh, yes. Call me… an admirer of yours, Doctor. As a scientist myself, I feel it would be beneficial if the two of us… collaborated, in some form…

Cocoon: …I…

Avi: *explodes out of the cocoon, jabbing Player 2 with a dagger of concentrated solar energy!*

Player 2: GAH! What in the… this isn’t Void Darkheart Runner. It… *almost* looks like Morph Moth Flicker, but… no, my calculations were flawless… *is zapped by a solar ray from said moth*

Avi: Mwehehe! If I knew how to make a decent, witty one liner, now would have been the time I’d have done so! Alas, I am but a mere, lonely artist…

Majin: *getting up* …zomg avee is the new void! O:

Player 2: Not possible… the magitech, the occult knowledge… how could my experiment fail?

Majin: u 4got ta draw the pentygram

Avi: Of course, the pentagram! *produces a chalk* It’s not an evil cult without a proper demonic ritual! Let Avi show you how to draw one. Just watch, and you’ll be sure to get a nod of approval from even the prince of darkness himself!

Player 2: *slaps the chalk out of her hand* You don’t tell me how to do my job as a soulless minion, outdated relic! I’LL EAT YOU TOO! *lunges at Avi*

Majin: *whips Player 2 with his strike chain, drawing attention from the cannibalistic reploid to himself* hi

Player 2: *goes to bite majin, only to be nailed from behind with a clump of junk* OUCH! *picks up said clump of junk* Silk shot… huh. Why is this projectile shaped like… erm, an abstract caricature of George Washington in a sombrero? Most intriguing…

Avi: Projectile?! I was sculpting with that, and you made me drop it! *uses silk shots to draw together pieces of junk from nearby into one big clump* Show some sense for your surroundings, child!

Majin: um avee *hic* were in a baddle u shudn’t hav da silly drunk tellin u dat

Avi: But… but… my newfound junk sculpting abilities… WHY AM I SO MISUNDERSTOOD?! *smashes her silk shot “junk sculpture” over Player 2’s head*

Player 2: Ugh… *rubbing his head* that damned… *picks up the “sculpture”* …dragon’s head holding a flag pole in its mouth with a grocery list hanging off of it… pretty neat. But that’s beside the point, I’ve had it up to here with you ill-behaved test subjects! *throws anchor-shaped grenades everywhere*

*Small explosions erupt all over the lab as Player 2 makes his getaway, “swimming” across the ground and out the door…*

Avi: Temper issues, anyone? Reminds me of my grandkid, trashing the whole table just because she couldn’t have her ice cream at dinner… wait, do I even have a grandkid, or was she a painting too? I forget.

Majin: hey um yo I think the hole place is exploding????????

Avi: Or maybe I really did have a grandkid, and I just did a portrait of her–wait, what? *looks around* My gosh, you’re right! What an astute observation… you might just have what it takes to be an artist!

Majin: …y is da drunk hafta be the 1 wif common sense 2day? Y O Y O Y O Y?!?!?! leyz get outta here k *runs*

Avi: Oh, right! *flies on out after him*

*The moth and the sponge rush on out of the laboratory, which quickly finds itself collapsing in on their tracks. They soon make it out, to breathe the fresh, midnight air of… the junkyard. Lovely.*

Avi: …Phew. Say, I wonder where that shark went…

Majin: bak 2 th ocean, ihop, cuz its meen to keep fish in tanks ='(

Avi: Well said, my son. *pats him on the head* Say, the street lights look bright tonight. I’ve… never looked at them in this way before… it’s… like I have an urge to fly right into them repeatedly…

Majin: lol me 2

Avi: Then what are we waiting for? LET’S DO IT!

*Avi takes Majin by the hand, and together, they ascend towards the gleaming lights.*

Majin: so brite

Avi: The light… this feeling. So exhilarating! It’s like I’m 100 reploid years younger!

Majin: wheeeeeeeeee!!! Are those yur grandbaby’s *points*

Avi: No, those are moths… actual moths. And at last… I am one.

Real moths: *fluttering all around the light*

Avi: They are among the most under-appreciated and unloved creatures on Earth… always considered mere pests… just like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It is all too fitting I had to become one of them, rather than the majestic butterfly I had hoped…

Majin: im sorry u angst

Avi: Don’t be. Being a moth isn’t so bad. In fact… it really isn’t bad at all! For once… I am happy… *gets hit by a blast of solar energy and drops Majin!*

Majin: WHAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Avi: NO! *is stuck with more blasts of solar energy!* Where did… *is hit with even more…*

*Back on the ground…*

Majin: *on his back* dat kinda hurtz ='( *a shadow begins to loom over him* Huh whoareyou… oh… my…

Void(?): …

Majin: oops I deid lol. HI VOID!!

Void(?): … *blasts Majin with solar energy*

Majin: owch *flies back*

*In the air…*

Void Clones: …*they prepare to blast Avi some more*

Avi: *vaporizes one of the many clones with her own blast of solar energy* I wonder, should I be flattered? After all, only the best artists are shamelessly ripped off! *dodges another solar blast*

Player 2: *on top of a random building* Heh heh heh… sorry, but you aren’t the original Morph Moth Flicker…oh, no. I do believe it is you who are the rip off… oh, yes!

Avi: You misbehaved little… *extends her arms, and begins to draw in random pieces of junk using Silk Shot*

Player 2: Hehehehehe… I can do that too! *extends his arms, and magnetically draws in random pieces of junk… which meld together and form another Void clone!*

Avi: Grrr… *tosses her “sculpture” at the clone; the clone is promptly destroyed* …Hah! I see they don’t make sculptures like they used to. You could learn some things from me, kid!

Player 2: Heh… *makes three more Void clones… and, that’s not counting the ten or so that are already standing behind him*

Avi: Urk… quantity over quality, I say! *dodges solar blast after solar blast… but is eventually hit, as there are too many to keep track of* Ah…

Player 2: Bwahahahaha!! The Hell Goat’s upgrades… the Cult’s magi-technology… I can make dozens of these as if it was nothing. Oh, yes… *watches Avi struggle to fight the dozen of them off* Now to entertain my dear, pretty flower… *looks to the ground*

Majin: *destroys another clone* w00t go me *buuuuurp*

*a dozen more clones show up in front of the sponge*

Majin: Ut oh *dances around their solar attacks, as he struggles to take them all on*

Player 2: Yes, yes, fight, my pretties… *creates more clones* Weaken them some more… I hunger ever so…

Avi: *destroys a clone* Ugh… for every one that falls, three more show up…

Majin: huff… *destroys yet another* huff… *collapses*

Player 2: Well, it looks like the first course is ready… heh heh heh! *dives off the building to go after Majin!*

Avi: N-NO! * goes after him, only to be hit with more solar beams*

Player 2: * licking his chops, he slowly walks towards the kneeling Majin* I shall savor this… oh yes… *opens his jaw*

Avi: Oh… oh no… *looks at the clones* Hm…? They… stopped?

Void Clones: *they begin to slow their advances*

Player 2: What is the meaning of–*feels a raindrop* Oh… no.

*And with that, it starts to rain–harder, and harder–the clones all begin to scrunch up, and… melt.*

Player 2: A fricken rainstorm. You… you can’t be serious! YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS! My clones…

Majin: *gets up* let yur lov rain down on meeeee

Player 2: Grrrr… my dinner will just have to come to me then!! *breaks into the nearest building–a closed up office complex*

Avi: *descends* The clones are gone, and the maverick ran away… so…

Majin: beach invaders… *hic* invade! *runs into the building after Player 2*

Avi: Wait! Be careful! *charges in after him*

*Inside, Majin and Avi travel a ways until they find themselves in a very narrow hallway, with a certain, crazed psychopath waiting at the other end…*

Player 2: *Using his newest DNA sample, he makes a Wire Sponge clone* Yes… my dinner will come… *makes more Sponge clones*

Majin: ohai if yur maken a bunch of me’s y doint you eet them insteed

Player 2: Would you drink the beer that comes out from your–

Avi: Excuse me, THERE ARE CHILDREN HERE!! *aims a solar blast at Player 2, but one of the Majin clones shoves itself in the way*

Player 2: Children who drink alcohol. Some parent you are! *makes more clones of Majin, all of which charge towards our heroes*

Majin: shes not my mudder don’t insalt her *attacks his clones*

Avi: … *also attacks the clones*

Player 2: *makes more* Go… my pretties. Scatter around him. Do it now. *grins evilly*

Majin: *strangles more clones with his chains* hunh

*The narrow hallway quickly becomes crowded with fake Majins–all of them surround the real Wire Sponge, and an all-out Brawl seems to break out! With Majin attacking the clones, the clones attacking him, and even each other–the real Majin had soon become indistinguishable from the fakes.

The crowd of Wire Sponges blocked the hallway. On one end, was Player 2. On the other was Avi, who stood motionless, not exactly sure how to go about the situation…*

Player 2: Heh heh heh heh! Go on, blast me. I’ll be waiting here. I’m sure the possible sacrifice of your precious child will mean nothing to take down a deranged psychopath like me… all for a good cause… ha ha ha… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Avi: *staring at the all-Sponge brawl* I… *looks up*

Player 2: Still thinking, Morph Moth Flicker? Ah ha ha ha… the choice should be easy. Blast Wire Sponge Drinker… and get me in the process. Or, you could walk away, and my clones can overwhelm you, and you’ll *both* end up on my dinner plate… oh, yes.

Avi: …um… sorry it took me so long to ask, but… why “Flicker” anyway? *takes out a red marker*

Player 2: Why “Flicker?” Why FLICKER?! The genius of I, Metal Shark PLAYER, extends beyond the knowledge of mortals!

Avi: Mmm hmmm. *draws on the walls*

Player 2: Those extensions at the ends of our names? Heh heh heh… they are no mere nicknames! But rather, the signatures of our internal psyches. To mere relics like you, these signatures go unnoticed… but with my scientific knowledge, and with the Cult’s powerful clairvoyance, I CAN SEE ALL!

Avi: You crazy. *finishes drawing*

Player 2: I’m soooooooooooooo hurt, relic.

Avi: Um… *stares at the wall*

Player 2: What are you doing, anyway?

Avi: I’m… starting a fire? I think…?

Player 2: …KYAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! A senile old relic indeed! You only drew some flames on the wall! A failed CPU like yours has no place in the world of Lord Mechalcanos! Other than in my belly!

Avi: …I need to stop doing this… *runs away*

Player 2: So you’re letting Wire Sponge Drinker die? Suit yourself, mother of the year! Prepare my Sponge dinner, clones!

*The clones cease their brawl, as they clear some room for Player 2 to claim his feast… as he leans over to chomp his prey, he notices something on the other end of the hallway–fire. Alarms begin to go off…*

Avi: *runs back onto the scene* Huff… found the kitchen… I did my part…

Player 2: Grrr… clones, continue the brawl! *they do so* This serves no problem. I’ll still be waiting here, while the fire catches up with YOU, Morph Moth Flicker!

Avi: Tell me… this… *is* a real fire this time, right?

Player 2: Why yes, my dear relic, it is.

Avi: Good.

Player 2: Heh heh heh… you seem so confident, but did you know that the Moth armor is weak against fire?

Avi: Um… phooey. But that’s a risk… worth taking… um, right?

Player 2: Pffft, REAL smart. You plan on trapping me in a burning building? HAH HAH HAH!!! *watches the flames spreading ever closer* I don’t mind my meals a *little* overdone, but–

**The sprinkler system goes off, not only dousing the flames, but dissolving the clones!**

Player 2: Wha… DAMN IT ALL!!

Avi: So, the senile old “relic” knew about the sprinklers, but the so-called “genius” didn’t.

Player 2: It… was just an oversight–*a sprinkler goes off over him!* N-NO!! MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOP!!

Majin: *stumbles over to Player 2* lol ur a shark? Ur week to water??????? A SHARK!!! WEAK TO WATER!!!! *hic* LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Player 2: No… I’m not… *scrunches up into a fetal position, as he continues to be showered by the sprinkler* NOOO!!! I’LL RUST!! I’LL *RUST!!!* HELL GOAT, HELP ME!!!

Avi: …wow.

Majin: dood srsly ure a shark.


Majin: I LOL IN URE FASE *wraps a Strike Chain around Player 2, and electrocutes him*

Player 2: SDJFLKSDJFSDLKJFdkslfjsdlkfjdsFDSJLFJDSLKflsdfjksl *falls over, sizzling in a puddle of water*

Avi: WE DID IT! *glomps Majin*

Majin: owch that may or may not be a lidl creepy

*Later, in the local park… The rain had cleared up, and dawn had began to break. Our two heroes take this time to reflect on their victory.*

Avi: Today was a pretty fun day. Being a butterfly is so much fun!

Majin: ur a moff not a butt fly

Avi: No one will ever care to learn the difference. I mean, I sure don’t! *finishes drawing a mustache on the unconscious Player 2’s face for no real reason* There we go!

Majin: itz is evil twin *buuuurrrrp* needz more tophat and monocle

Player 2: *waking up* …urgh… the storm… is it… over? *feels himself being hoist up into the air* Hm?!

Avi: *carries P2 into the sky* Hi again, sonny. I’d just like to thank you for making me a butterfly and/or moth. So… thanks!

Player 2: You… did you save me from the shower of heaven’s judgement? Heh heh… a move you will soon learn to regret… oh, yes… yes indeed…

Avi: Well… Majin did say something along these lines–a fish’s place is not to be cooped up in somebody’s tank. Or cult, speaking non-metaphorically. But rather, they should be set free to swim in the oceans, the streams, and… *drops Player 2* …the lakes.


Avi: *lands beside Majin* YAY! Being a superhero is fun, I must admit! Is this like what you did with your friends, back in the day?

Majin: yus… me kinds a mistt them… even though their jerks in the end. >=( but crimefite is still cool yo

Avi: We could be the new… “Formation: Beach Invaders” or whatever they were called. I mean, being a superhero means publicity, and then… no more starving artist Avi!

Majin: hey wynaut letz dew eet!

Avi: Alright, it’s settled! Rawk on, Maj! *rawks*

Majin: …!!! Did u just…

Avi: I’m an artist in every sense of the word, kid. And rawking is an art form, is it not?

Majin: *hic* robble is ganna sue u cuz he sez only he and rudolf r allows to roke

Avi: Hahaha… right. Anyway… I guess we’d better get going. If things go the way one would expect them to… we may very well end up having to face this “Hell Goat” and “Mechalcanos,” wouldn’t you think?

Majin: mebe?

Avi: There’s one way to find out–TO ADVENTUUUUURE!~

Majin: 2 advenshure!!!11~ (…Mechalcanos…) *thinks back to Player 2’s comments…*

Player 2: And now, it is my life’s mission to find Mechalcanos… in one of you, Wire Sponge Drinker. One of you Code: Island Attackers!

Player 2: …negative. Your DNA does not match up with that of Lord Mechalcanos. You are not him. One of the other Island Attackers is, though…

Player 2: Any of the remaining five could be him… we are certain. It was foreseen by The Hell Goat himself… It won’t be long, heh heh heh.

Majin: to… advenshure…

The End…?


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