Ring Warrior

*Written by Outlaw88*

Rebel: I said get out! Leave me alone!

Outlaw: Fine…

*Outlaw sadly walks to his own room and closes the door behind him. He picks up a framed picture that shows the team doing a funny pose.*

Outlaw: I guess that’s it then. No one cares anymore.

*With a sigh he puts the picture back down. He then gets a duffel bag and begins to gather some of his belongings.*

Outlaw: I did my best to keep things together but it wasn’t enough. I’ve let them down. But… What should I…

*Outlaw sees his Pro Reploid Wrestling poster on the wall and an idea hits him.*

Outlaw: Yeah… Why not? All I need is a costume and find a place that will train me.

*He leaves his room to find materials. A few days later…*

Outlaw: That was tougher than I thought but it’s done.

*He stuffs the costume in the duffel bag. He is about to leave his room but glances at the picture. He picks it up and puts it in the duffel bag and heads for the exit. He passes Metabad and Majin.*

Metabad: I’m telling you, it wasn’t really butter.

Majin: I no believe you. Hic!

*They see Outlaw as he starts to open the door. Metabad notices the duffel bag.*

Metabad: Hey man, where are you going?

Outlaw: I’m going to live the dream, dude.

*Outlaw jumps out.*

Metabad: I wonder if he knew we were flying.

Outlaw: *free-falling* WEEEEE!!! I’m pretty sure we were flying low enough to not make the emergency device go off so that’s good. What’s bad is that I can’t see the lake I was aiming for through all these clouds. Eh, I’m sure it will be fine.

*After clearing the clouds he sees the ground fast approaching.*

Outlaw: Aw cr–*BAM!*–ap… Ow…

*He gets up and dusts himself off. After climbing out of the crater he made he sees that he isn’t far from the city. He heads in.*

Outlaw: Now to find a gym that trains for the P.R.W. Now where did I put that map?

*Outlaw searches his bag and eventually finds a piece of paper. There are names and locations listed on it…*

Outlaw: Ok now, let’s see…

*A loud clap of thunder breaks his concentration and rain comes pouring down. Outlaw’s map is instantly soaked and ruined before he has a chance to read it. He gives a shrug and starts walking.*

Outlaw: I’ve been meaning to explore this city anyway. How hard can it be to find a wrestling gym?

*Several hours of wandering in the rain later…*

Outlaw: Man, this city is built like a maze. I am so lost.

*As he passes a lamp post he notices an ad.*

Outlaw: Score!

*The ad reads: Do you want to pursue a life of sports entertainment? Are you looking for a new life? Are you willing to put your body in harms way in highly dangerous, almost suicidal, levels of competition? *

Outlaw: Yeah!

*Ad: Then join us at the Bone Crusher Wrestling Gym! We’ll make you scream for mercy. We are conveniently located right behind you. *

Outlaw: Huh?

*Sure enough, there it is. Outlaw grins and walks inside. There are several wrestling rings and plenty of exercise equipment. There are lots of other reploids training in various ways.*

Outlaw: Awesome.

*He is approached by an old man.*

Man: Hey! Stop standing there looking stupid and get a towel! Stop dripping on my floor and blocking my door!

Outlaw: Sorry!

*Outlaw walks to the corner and pulls out a towel from his bag. The old man has followed him.*

Man: What brings you here?

Outlaw: I want to be a wrestler!

Man: No, I mean, what brought you here to be a wrestler? Are you running from something? No family? No friends? No ideas for the future?

Outlaw: All of the above.

Man: Good! That gives us the best results!

Outlaw: Say… You look familiar. Have I seen you before?

Man: I’m sure you have. In my prime I was on top; world champion, main events in sold out arenas all over the world, fame and fortune. Now I’m a broken down old man. I’m Randy “The Ram” Robinson and this is my gym.

Outlaw: Wow! It’s an honor to meet you!

*Outlaw extends his hand. Randy takes it and hurls Outlaw into a ring.*

Randy: Save it kid. Its time for the test.

Outlaw: Test?

Randy: If you really want to be a wrestler, you’re going to have to learn how to take pain. Lots of it. BOYS!

*All the other students and trainers enter the ring and surround Outlaw.*

Outlaw: *Gulp*

Randy: The kid here says he wants to be a wrestler. Educate him.

*Two hours of being pummeled and body slammed later…*

Randy: You still want to be a wrestler, kid?

Outlaw: YEAH! This is great! Can we do that again?

Randy: You heard him.

*Another two hours of chair shots, pile drivers and power bombs later.*

Outlaw: I can’t feel my legs. This rules!!!

Trainer: This guy is unreal. He’s enjoying it!

Randy: That’s enough. There’s something different about you, kid.

Outlaw: I’ve taken a lot of beatings over the years.

Randy: I see potential in you, kid. I’m personally going to train you and give you the skills and ability to succeed. I’m a tough teacher so it won’t be easy. What do you say?

Outlaw: YES!

Randy: Good! We’ll start first thing tomorrow.

*Randy and Outlaw walk to one of the benches, and watch some of the other students train.*

Outlaw: You really see potential in me?

Randy: Sure. For starters, you’re big.

Outlaw: What does that matter? That little guy over there looks like the most talented person in here.

Randy: In wrestling, the big guy is always pushed before the smaller guy. No matter how untalented they may be.

Outlaw: That doesn’t make much sense to me.

Randy: This is pro wrestling. Don’t think too deep into this, kid.

Outlaw: I’ll try.

Randy: I also think you have a good personality. A good character will always get you far.

Outlaw: Thanks! I’ve got a costume too, want to see?

Randy: First off, it’s not called a “costume,” it’s your ring gear. Second, we’ll provide you with something professional. Most rookies make their gear out of tin foil and string anyway.

Outlaw: And glitter.

Randy: What?

Outlaw: Nothing.

Randy: Go and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for you.

*Outlaw exits the gym. The rain has stopped and dusk is turning into night.*

Outlaw: Hmm. I didn’t give much thought on a place to sleep.

*While trying to think of what to do, he glances at the street. The manhole catches his eye.*

Outlaw: That’ll do.

*Outlaw pries the cover off and enters the sewer. It is dimly lit with an old lighting system. He sets up a hammock and quickly falls asleep. The next day…*

Randy: Welcome to day one of your training. I expect you to give it your all and I’ll accept nothing less.

Outlaw: Yes sir!

Randy: Here’s your gear. Put it on and keep it on. From now on you live that character.

Outlaw: That was fast.

*He puts on his ring gear.*

Randy: Now we need a name.

Outlaw: Oh yeah, I never did tell you my name did I? I’m Outlaw.

Randy: Outlaw? Hmmm. Not bad. That will go well with the mask.

Outlaw: What? No, I meant that…

Randy: Shut up! The lessons start now. I’m going to demonstrate the drills you will be doing. Once you master these, we’ll move on to offensive maneuvers. Also during these exercises we will be working on your strength, speed, and agility. Are you ready?

Outlaw: Yes sir!

Randy: I can’t hear you!

Outlaw: YES SIR!!!

*Randy gets in the ring. He runs full speed against the ropes and is able to bounce off and gain momentum. He then bounces on each side without slowing down. It is quite a sight to behold. He stops and exits the ring.*

Randy: Your first task is to learn how to use the ropes. They can help you and hurt you, so you’ve got to master them, kid.

*Next to the ring are two lines of tires, side by side. Randy runs through them with ease and then back again. Just to show off, he runs backwards.*

Randy: Next you run through these. You have to be light on your feet.

Outlaw: *Nods*

*Randy brings out some weights.*

Randy: Each time you do a push-up, I’m going to add weight to it. I think this is enough to go on for now. If you improve we’ll add more challenges. You got all that, kid?

Outlaw: I think so.

Randy: Ok, let me see you give each one a try. Go for the tires first.

*Outlaw trips almost immediately after putting his foot in the first tire. Randy shakes his head.*

Randy: I can see we’re off to a good start. Go ahead and try the ropes.

*Outlaw gets into the ring. He runs full speed and puts all his weight into the ring ropes. This results in Outlaw being sling shot through the ceiling.*

Outlaw: Why yes, stewardess the soup is running over the pudding cup making the mouse cry duct tape. And what’s this coming rapidly towards me? It’s my friend the ground! Hello ground!


Randy: This is going to take longer than I thought.

*He goes outside and pulls Outlaw from the crater he made, and helps him back in the gym.*

Randy: You ok, kid?

Outlaw: I’m not sure…

*Randy decks Outlaw in the head.*

Randy: How about now?

Outlaw: Never better!

Randy: Good! Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I tend to call this part the “80s Training Montage” and I think the song that will go best with this will be…. Crazy Train.

Outlaw: Sweet.

Randy: BEGIN!


*Outlaw runs at the tires and slips before he even gets to them. He gets back up and tries to run through the tires. He gets a few steps in before he topples over again. As he tries to get back up he gets stuck in the tires. *

Outlaw: Little help?

*Randy gives him a kick sending him rolling into a wall.*

Randy: Quit playing around!

*Outlaw comes rushing back and slides into the ring. He tries to run against the ropes again but ends up toppling over the top rope and onto the floor. *

Outlaw: This looked so much easier on TV.

Randy: Push-ups!

*Outlaw starts doing the exercise. This is one thing he actually knows how to do. He is going at a good pace when Randy walks up.*

Randy: Time for something extra.

*Instead of placing the weight on Outlaw, he drops it. Outlaw was not prepared for this and is slammed into the ground.*

Outlaw: Ok. That one hurt.

Randy: I didn’t say stop.

Outlaw: Right, right!

*Outlaw starts back up again. The added weight hasn’t slowed him down much. Without warning Randy drops another weight on him. Outlaw manages to stay up this time and keeps going. *

Randy: Good! Now try this…

*Randy drops two weights. Outlaw hits the floor, but recovers and starts doing push-ups again.*

Randy: Don’t get the idea that I’ll let up on you. Where we leave off today will be your starting point tomorrow.

*Day Two*

*I’m going off the rails on a Crazy Train.*

Randy: Run the tires!

*Outlaw gets a few steps in then falls flat on his face.*

Outlaw: Flipper feet and tire running don’t mix.

Randy: No excuses! Show me you really want to do this! Hit those ropes!

*Outlaw gets in the ring without realizing that there is a tire stuck to his foot. He gets about halfway when he trips and tumbles into the ropes. He gets tangled up in them and winds up hanging upside down. *

Randy: This is going to be a long montage.

*Day Three*

Outlaw: How many weights are on me again?

Randy: Don’t count. It’ll make it seem worse.

Outlaw: If you say so.

Randy: What if I said it was twenty?

*Outlaw hits the floor.*

Outlaw: No wonder it’s so heavy.

Randy: If I did say twenty, I’d be wrong. It was more than that. But once you had an idea of your limit you gave up.

Outlaw: I…

Randy: Mind over matter, kid. There are no limitations.

*Outlaw is hit by a wave of understanding. And a boot to the head.*

Randy: AGAIN!

*Day Five*

*I’m going off the rails on a Crazy Train.*

*Outlaw and Randy are doing the metal sign and head-banging in unison.*

Outlaw: This song rules.

Randy: Like the 80s.

Outlaw: What?

*Randy decks Outlaw.*

Randy: Quit messing around and get back to your training!

*Day Eight*

Randy: Time for a slight change of pace.

*Randy gives Outlaw a jump rope.*

Outlaw: Are you serious? I can do this.

*Outlaw tries to do the jump rope but catches his leg and slams into the ground.*

Randy: You were saying?

Outlaw: I used to think I had coordination. Now I see how wrong I was.

*Day Fifteen*

Outlaw: I can do this, I can do this.

*Outlaw runs at the ropes and manages to get the bounce right. *

Outlaw: YEAH! Yeah! Oh crap!

*Outlaw tumbles out of the ring again.*

Randy: Try not to let little victories make you forget what you’re doing.

Outlaw: Got it.

Randy: Run the tires!

*Outlaw takes a deep breath. He gets a running start and goes for it. To his surprise he makes it to the end. Randy nods in approval.*

Randy: Very good, kid. Now do it again.

*Outlaw manages to get back to the starting point without falling.*

Randy: Not bad. Now go faster.

*Day Twenty*

Randy: This is a practice dummy. I’ll be showing you the basics in offensive maneuvers. In addition to the drills, you will be doing these moves everyday.

Outlaw: I’m ready!

*Day Twenty-Five*

*Randy is off to the side watching his student’s progress with his arms crossed. Outlaw is running through the tires with speed. He then jumps into the ring and is able to run the ropes.*

Randy: Push-ups!

*Outlaw gets into position and readies himself. The weights are dropped hard but he is able to keep himself up.*

Randy: Do it!

*Outlaw begins. A little while later, one last weight is added. Randy himself. While Outlaw is doing the exercise, Randy stands atop the giant pile of weights. This is also the part where the song ends.*

Randy: Keep it up, kid.

Outlaw: Yes sir!!

Randy: Since you’re not going anywhere for a while I think now is a good time to go over the types of matches you can compete in.

*Randy motions to one of the other trainers. He tosses Randy a clipboard.*

Randy: Right. Obviously you’ll be in standard singles matches and the occasional tag team match. What I’ll be marking down are the specialty matches.

Outlaw: *Grunt* Sounds great!

Randy: Let’s see… Ladder match, cage match, and tank match.

Outlaw: Tank match?

Randy: Tank matches are for aquatic and amphibious reploids only. They don’t get to have too many of these so they always like to get a few more who can compete in it. It livens up the card.

Outlaw: Ok, sounds fun.

Randy: Sure is. Hey guys, we need a few more people up here. We need a bit more weight.

*More climb on top of the pile of weights. Outlaw strains a bit, but continues to do the push-ups.*

Randy: I’ll mark down Hardcore, Street Fight, and Falls Count Anywhere… Come to think of it, it’s basically the same match with different names. Inferno match is a good one.

Outlaw: Inferno?

Randy: They surround the ring in fire and sometimes light the ropes too. Sort of like when they take the ropes off and replace it with barbed wire. MORE WEIGHT!

*Even more get on.*

Outlaw: Are you sure about this?

Randy: You’ll be fine.

*The sound of breaking wood can now be heard. Randy and the other trainers jump off just before the floor gives way.*


Outlaw: Ow.

Randy: I think we’ll call it a day. I’ll have the floor fixed by tomorrow, which will be an important day. You and I are going to spar in the ring.

*The next day.*

Randy: Ok kid, this is how it’s going to work. We’re going to go over holds and counter holds. Your job is to counter what I do and attempt to knock me down. Each time I knock you down; you’ll owe me twenty push-ups and an extra round with the tires and jump rope. Got all that?

Outlaw: Yup! This is going to be fun; I actually get to wrestle a legend.

Randy: You won’t be able to keep hold of me long enough to make that claim just yet.

Outlaw: We’ll see about that.

*Outlaw lunges at Randy, who easily side steps him and trips him. Outlaw quickly gets up and tries a clothesline. Randy ducks and catches him in a side suplex. *

Randy: That’s forty so far. I guess you must really want to do more push-ups.

Outlaw: I’ll catch you yet!

*Several hours later.*

Randy: I think that’s enough for today. If we keep this up, you’ll owe me three days worth of push-ups.

Outlaw: *gasping*

Randy: You’ll get the hang of it eventually. You owe me a days worth of drills and exercise, and after that we’ll try this again.

Outlaw: Speaking of that, how much do I owe you for the training?

Randy: Listen kid, I was serious when I said I saw something in you. I don’t normally take students under my wing like this. So you don’t own me any money.

Outlaw: But there must be something I can do to repay you.

Randy: There is. I didn’t want to tell you this right away but this isn’t just for you. I want one last ride in the spotlight, even if it’s on the sidelines. I think you have a real shot at making it in this business and if that’s the case, I want to be there as your manager.

Outlaw: For all that you’ve been teaching me, I think that’s a fair trade.

Randy: Thanks kid. Don’t think that this means I’m going soft on you though. You still owe me for the beating you took.

Outlaw: Right. Say Randy, can I ask you something?

Randy: Shoot.

Outlaw: What happened to you? Why did everything change for you?

Randy: I made a lot of bad choices. I used illegal upgrades and I abused my body to such a degree that I couldn’t control myself anymore. I lost everything; money, fame, career; all gone. My family and friends left while they could, since I was unhealthy to be around.

Outlaw: How did you wind up here?

Randy: I managed to get clean and took a lot of tour dates. I saved up enough to open this gym. It’s all I have left in this world.

Outlaw: What about your family?

Randy: If there’s anything I’ve learned in this business, it’s this: Family only slows you down. Don’t you feel the same way?

Outlaw: I’m not sure what to think. I never felt that way about it before.

Randy: Forget about all that. Focus on what you’re doing now. Enough with this crap, go rest up. I expect you to be in top shape when we go to the P.R.W. Arena.

*Days later…*

Randy: You ready?

Outlaw: Let’s do this!

*Outlaw and Randy go hold for hold, counter for counter. Everything Randy does, Outlaw is able to reverse. If Randy tries a move, Outlaw is able to counter it. This goes on for a while until they come to a stand off. Randy claps his hands and laughs with approval.*

Outlaw: Yeah!

*Randy extends his hand. Outlaw goes to shake it but gets decked in the head.*

Randy: Never lower your guard! The match isn’t over until the ref says it is. Don’t forget that!

Outlaw: After getting hit so many times, how could I?

Randy: Kid, I think you’re ready to enter some competition. Take a few days off to recover. Then we go to the P.R.W. Arena for their tryout matches. With any luck you’ll get in.

Outlaw: How tough is it to get in?

Randy: Well, first the owner, Vince McMahondroid, has to like your look. Then you have to impress them by winning at least one match. Then, if they like your character and you have a bit of talent they’ll regularly book you to their events. Then you can compete for championships.

Outlaw: Sounds like it might be difficult.

Randy: Don’t worry about it. Now go shower up and get some sleep.

Outlaw: Show…er? What is this “shower” you speak of?

Randy: See? With a sense of humor like that, you’ll have no problems!

*That night…*

Outlaw: Zzzzzzz…

*Outlaw is in his hammock snoring loudly. The sewer is in total darkness. *

???: Outlaw.

Outlaw: *mumble-mumble*

???: Outlaw!

Outlaw: Huh?!

*Outlaw falls off the hammock. He looks around to try and find the source of the voice, but is unable to see anything.*

Outlaw: Whose there?

*A shadowy image of Nega appears.*

Nega: Outlaw.

Outlaw: Nega! You’re alive!

*Outlaw runs in her direction but does not gain any ground. She remains far away and the room is nothing but blackness.*

Outlaw: Is this a dream?

Nega: Your friends.

Outlaw: Huh?

Nega: Your friends are going to need you. They are in danger.

Outlaw: Danger? What kind of danger?

Nega: The time will come when you will have to act. Never forget who you are.

Outlaw: You’re not making sense. There is no more C:IA. I tried to keep it together but I failed. I’m no use to them anymore.

Nega: You will see.

Outlaw: Nega, is it really you?

Nega: Don’t worry about me. There are bigger things happening now.

Outlaw: What’s happening? What danger?

Nega: Beware the goat.

*Outlaw wakes up with a start, causing him to bash his head into the ceiling. He looks around while rubbing his head.*

Outlaw: Nega?

*There is a brief echo of his voice which turns into silence. After a few minutes, he lays back down.*

Outlaw: Beware the goat?

*A few days later at the arena.*

Randy: This is it! How do ya feel, kid?

Outlaw: For over a month I’ve been pushed to my physical limit and beaten to a pulp everyday.

Randy: And?

Outlaw: And surprisingly, I feel great! Better than great even!

Randy: The training is what does it. It makes you tougher, stronger, and harder to hurt.

Outlaw: I feel a lot more nimble too.

Randy: You give any thought on what you want your finishing move to be?

Outlaw: I was thinking about doing a splash from the top rope.

Randy: Ok. I’ll let the announcing team know.

Outlaw: Hey Randy, do you know anything about goats?

Randy: What the Hell are you babbling about?

Outlaw: Never mind.

Randy: Don’t get nervous, kid. It’ll mess with your head.

*They enter the locker room. There are lots of other reploids there attempting to make the tryout matches. *

Randy: I think we’re in luck. You’re bigger than most of the others.

Outlaw: Are you sure that’s really how it goes?

*Suddenly there is silence in the room as Vince McMahondroid makes his way through the room. He is looking at each reploid very carefully. He then stops in front of Outlaw.*

Vince: I see you’ve finally found yourself a rookie you are willing to bet on, Randy.

Randy: He’s sure to impress you Vince. Just give him a shot.

Vince: I like the look of you. You’re up first!

Outlaw: Thanks!

*Vince exits the locker room.*

Outlaw: That was easy.

Randy: What part of “They always push the big guy first” didn’t you get?

Outlaw: You know Vince?

Randy: He and I go way back. That’s not important right now. You have a match to get ready for.

Outlaw: Right! I’ll start warming up. Do you think you can find out who I’m up against?

Randy: I’ll see what I can do. I have to go tell the announcing crew who you are and that I’m going with you to the ring anyway. I’ll be back in a bit.

Outlaw: Gotcha.

*Randy leaves. Outlaw starts to get ready. He can hear the noise of the crowd as they pile into the arena. After a while Randy comes back.*

Outlaw: Any luck?

Randy: They’ve got our names, but they wouldn’t tell me who you’re up against.

Outlaw: That sucks.

Randy: I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t handle. Are you going to let an unknown stop you from your dreams? Are you going to let all that training be wasted?!

Outlaw: HELL NO!

Randy: Then get out there and give them all you’ve got.

*They make their way to the area where the backstage opens to the main arena. They are behind a curtain and can hear the crowd. The noise level goes down a bit as the in-ring announcer begins.*

Announcer: Ladies, Gentlemen, and Reploids! Welcome to the P.R.W. Arena!

*The crowd goes wild.*

Announcer: Pro Reploid Wrestling and Megalopolis in conjunction with our neighboring city Trumptopia are proud to present tonight’s event!

*The crowd gives a loud cheer!*

Announcer: We are going to be having tryout matches for future P.R.W. stars by having a tournament with these new competitors. The winner will become a regular here and as an added bonus, the current world champion has agreed to put the title on the line on Pay Per View! So not only will the winner become a part of the P.R.W. but gets a title shot as well!

Outlaw: Nice.

Announcer: First up, representing the “Bone Crusher Wrestling Gym” located right here in Megalopolis…

*The crowd cheers loudly for the hometown gym.*

Randy: This is it. Let’s do this, kid!

Outlaw: YEAH!!!!!

Announcer: Being accompanied to the ring by wrestling legend Randy “The Ram” Robinson, “The Big Green Machine” OUTLAW!

Outlaw: The what?

Randy: Catchy huh?

*The song “Ride the Lightning” by Metallica plays and the crowd cheers as Outlaw and Randy make their way to the ring. Randy gets on the apron and stands in the corner while Outlaw enters the ring.*

Randy: Good crowd tonight.

Outlaw: Do they cheer for everybody?

Randy: Sometimes. You have the hometown advantage so the crowd will be on your side.

Announcer: His opponent, representing Trumptopia’s “You’re Fired If You Lose Gym”…

*The crowd boos loudly.*

Announcer: He smashes, he bashes, and he sends his opponents to the scrap heap! He’s THE CRUSHER!!!!!

Randy: Uh-oh.

*The song “Stupify” by Disturbed plays.*

Outlaw: Is this bad?

Randy: Let’s put it like this; you know how the little guy is always brought out to let the big guy beat him up?

Outlaw: Yeah.

Randy: In this case, you’re the little guy.

Outlaw: What?!

*The Crusher has now emerged from the back. He is a massive, beast-like reploid that towers over all in the arena. He is almost as wide as the entrance way and he looks like he could wreck the place if he wanted to.*

Outlaw: I thought you and Vince went way back?

Randy: We do. I never said we were friends.

*The Crusher has entered the ring.*

Outlaw: This is so not fair.

Randy: Life never is. Tough luck, kid.

The Crusher: Me Crusher! Me crush puny lizard!

*The bell sounds, starting the match.*

Outlaw: Here goes nothing.

*Outlaw rushes in, but quickly has to dodge. The Crusher is so large that he takes up most of the ring. He is throwing punches but Outlaw is able to avoid them.*

The Crusher: Stand still! Me want crush you!

Outlaw: Ropes do your thing!

*Outlaw runs against the ropes and launches himself at The Crusher. He attempts to ram him with his shoulder, but is caught in a bear hug!*

Outlaw: Not… Good…

The Crusher: NOW! Me…*sniff* Me…*Sniff sniff* Me crush…

*The Crusher is wobbling. Having Outlaw so close to his face, he can’t help but smell what Outlaw has been sleeping in.*

The Crusher: You… Smelly.

Outlaw: If you think that’s bad, then check this out! BUUUUUUUURP!

*The Crusher falls over. Outlaw is on top and the ref counts to three.*

Announcer: Here is your winner… Outlaw!

*The crowd cheers loudly!*

Randy: I don’t know how the Hell you did it, but you did it!

Outlaw: Natural talent, I guess.

Randy: Just win your next two matches and you’ll earn a title shot on PPV!

Outlaw: No problem!

*The next two matches he was in allowed him to try out the skills he had learned. Outlaw was able to dominate the first opponent with a power-based wrestling style, using power bombs and clotheslines. The second opponent was closer in strength to him, so Outlaw changed his strategy to incorporate submission moves. He was able to perform his “Gator Splash” to much fan fare.*

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our newest P.R.W. competitor, Outlaw!

Outlaw: Yeah!

*The crowd cheers loudly!*

Randy: I knew you could do it, kid!

*Suddenly “This Machine” by Julien-K starts playing. The World Champion has appeared and is headed for the ring. The crowd boos him without mercy.*

Prototype John: So, you think you’re pretty tough? You’re nothing compared to me! I am the champ! You got lucky with these two-bit excuses for wrestlers. Hell, they aren’t even worth using as spare parts!

Outlaw: Calm down, dude. It looks like your going to pop a vessel or something.

Prototype John: SHUT IT! You don’t stand a chance against me. This Sunday, at Metal Doom, I’ll make you regret the day you put on that mask!

*Prototype John throws the microphone at Randy, and then storms out of the ring and to the back.*

Outlaw: What’s his problem?

Randy: He’s the guy Vince hand picked to be the main force in his promotion. He’s pissed because the fans hate him.

Outlaw: Why do the fans hate him?

Randy: Because Vince hand picked him, and gave him a mega push that never stopped. However, he is champ for a reason; he’s damn tough.

Outlaw: We have all week to get ready and there is no way I’m going to let him beat me. This is a dream come true for me, man. I never thought I’d get a chance to compete professionally, let alone have a chance to be world champion!

Randy: That’s the spirit, kid!

*After much training through the week, the big day finally arrives. The arena is sold out and the crowd is pumped to see the main event. Outlaw and Randy are in the locker room.*

Randy: How ya feelin’? You’re not nervous are you?

*Before Outlaw could answer, Vince comes in.*

Vince: Ah, there you are. I just wanted to wish you luck out there. Despite the fact that I hate having to look at Randy again, it’s been a while since we had a new wrestler that the fans seem to like. I think you’ll fit right in here with us.

Outlaw: Thanks Vince.

Vince: I also wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to make this match Anything Goes. That way Prototype John doesn’t have to hold back.

Randy: That doesn’t scare us! He can take it!

Vince: We’ll see.

*Vince leaves.*

Outlaw: Now I’m nervous.

Randy: Don’t be. You’ve trained too hard to let that stop you. If anything, this works in your favor since you don’t have to hold back either.

*They can now hear Outlaw’s music. They exit the locker room and head for the ring. Outlaw is focused and pays the announcer no mind. The crowd cheers for him and this gives him confidence. Randy stays on the outside of the ring while Outlaw climbs in. He waves to the crowd. This is a moment he has been dreaming about for a long time. He takes it all in. He also decides that win or lose, he will cherish this moment for the rest of his life. There is only a single regret on his mind.*

Outlaw: I wish the guys could see this.

*Prototype John’s music comes on and he struts to the ring. He is booed loudly but he doesn’t show signs of caring. He poses and holds the belt over his head. He then gets into the ring and stares at Outlaw.*

Announcer: This is the Metal Doom main event! This is an Anything Goes match for the World Championship!

Prototype John: I hope you brought a box to carry your teeth.

Randy: He’s going to make you eat those words!

*The bell sounds. Prototype John immediately slides out of the ring and smashes his title belt against Randy’s head, knocking him out cold. Outlaw goes to his fallen mentor.*

Outlaw: Randy!

Prototype John: That was from Vince. Though I admit I wanted to do that anyway. There’s going to be no help for you now.

Outlaw: I can take you on my own! You’ve pissed off the wrong guy!

*Outlaw grabs a chair and nails Prototype John in the head as he was rushing at him. John staggers but doesn’t go down. He gets back in the ring and dares Outlaw to follow. *

Prototype John: Don’t keep me waiting.

*Outlaw climbs in and they go at it. Each is landing hard punches. Outlaw starts to get the upper hand and backs John into a corner. The ref breaks them up. Outlaw backs away and was about to go back on the offensive when John springs from the corner and spears him down to the mat. *

Prototype John: How do you like that one, punk?!

Outlaw: That all you got?

*Outlaw is up and John tries the spear again. Outlaw counters with an arm bar takedown and follows it up with a leg drop. He goes for the cover but John kicks out at two. John hits a dropkick on Outlaw which sends him outside of the ring. As he stands back up, John leaps from the ring and lands on top of him. He goes for the cover and Outlaw kicks out at two.*

Prototype John: No one messes with me!

*He gives the crowd the finger which pisses them off even more. While he was distracted Outlaw trips him with his tail. He gets back in the ring with John following him. They punch each other some more. John hits a single leg take down and tries to lock on a submission maneuver but Outlaw makes it to the ropes. This forces John to release the hold. Pissed that the ref is doing his job, he argues with him.*

Prototype John: This is Anything Goes, remember?!

Ref: Basic rules still apply.

*John turns back around to face Outlaw and gets kicked in the gut. This allows Outlaw to hit a power bomb. Outlaw then runs against the ropes and goes for an elbow drop but misses.*

Prototype John: No more playing around.

*He grabs Outlaw by the tail and swings him over his head and slams him on the mat. He does this several times. Outlaw is slow to stand back up. When he finally gets to his feet he is brought back down again by a DDT.*

Prototype John: Time to end this.

*John lifts Outlaw on top of his shoulders. He then tosses him in the air and slams him hard with the added momentum. The crowd is booing hard. John grins and puts his foot on Outlaw. The ref starts to count but Outlaw kicks out. John is livid. This time he goes for a real cover and makes sure to hook the legs. Outlaw is able to kick out at two again.*

Prototype John: No one kicks out of that! NO ONE!

*John picks Outlaw up and tries his finishing move again, but Outlaw is able to shift his weight and crash down on John. He knocks him down with a clothesline and when John stands back up he hits him with a scoop slam. The crowd is going nuts.*

Outlaw: Try getting back up from this!

*Outlaw climbs to the top rope. He briefly looks around to see the crowd. Randy has gotten back up.*

Randy: DO IT, KID!

*Outlaw leaps off the top rope and hits John with the splash! The ref goes for the count. 1… 2… 3!!! The bell sounds and the match is over. The crowd is going insane!*

Announcer: Here is your winner, and NEW World Champion…OUTLAW!

*The ref hands Outlaw the championship belt. Randy enters the ring and is pumping his fists in victory. Outlaw is still stunned by the fact that he won.*

Randy: You did it!

*Prototype John has gotten back up, and now realizes what has happened. He kicks at the ropes.*

Prototype John: This isn’t over. I’ll get a rematch and it’s going to be soon. You can bet on it!

Outlaw: Any time you’re ready John.

*As John leaves the ring, Outlaw raises the belt to the crowd. They cheer for the new champion and chant his name.*

Outlaw: Thank you all!

*Some time later in the locker room, Outlaw is sitting at a bench, looking at the title belt. He has his bag with him and is using his towel.*

Randy: You did good, kid. You’ll be getting top booking now. And I get to be in the spotlight again.

Outlaw: That was a lot of fun.

Randy: Fun? This isn’t about fun.

Outlaw: It’s not? Then what is it about?

Randy: Fame and fortune of course!

Outlaw: I don’t really want those things. I just wanted to enjoy myself.

Randy: Whatever. The fact is you shocked the wrestling world tonight. You have a big future ahead of you. I’m going to head home. I’ll see you tomorrow to talk about it. Good night champ!

*Randy leaves. Outlaw is about to do the same when something falls out of his bag. He goes to pick it up. It’s the photo of his friends. He stares at it for a long time.*

Outlaw: I wish you could have seen me out there. I hope you’re all doing well. I always considered you guys more than friends. You were the only family I ever had.

The End


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