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The C:IA Holiday Special!

September 22, 2014

*Written by Outlaw88*

*’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Whale King, much excitement and activity from our favorite super team. Each one was busy with the holiday so near, in the hope that no one will try and kill them this year.*

Void: *Eating a candy cane* Ah, I love this time of year. The weather is nice and cool, and people and Reploids are generally nicer to each other. Except when they are shopping anyway, and for once we might get left alone and have a nice time.

Sean: Like that will last long.

Metabad: Sure it will, in fact it’s gonna rawk! *Rawks!*

Majin: Zoooooooom!

*Majin runs around hanging his vines everywhere in an attempt to be decorative*

Shadowstrike: Not too bad, Majin. But next to my awesome Christmas tree your stuff can’t compare!

*Shadow points to a tiny, mini tree with way way way too much crap on it*

Void: Good grief.

*In walks Rebel with all arms full of coke*

Rebel: Ok I got my jolly fuel.

Dark Knight: Hey, something smells good. What are you cooking, Void?

Void: I’m not cooking anything. Shadow?

Shadowstrike: *trying to make his tree stand up* Nope, not me. Maybe Majin was sober long enough to put a roast in the oven or something.

Metabad: Are you kidding? Do you think we would even let him near the oven much less cook with it?

Majin: I’m a pretty pretty pony!! *Does a little jig*

Rebel: I bet I can figure out who it is. The one guy who should never be allowed anywhere near a kitchen. Why does Outlaw insist on trying to poison us?

Metabad: I guess he’s trying to be nice. But hey, *grins* it could be worse!

Sean: *ZAP* Ow! Don’t say that!

Dark Knight: Say what?

Sean: It could be worse. *ZAP* Ow, ow, ow! I hate you both…

*Just then Outlaw walks in with a huge steaming pot with the lid on. The rest gather around and gawk at it*

Outlaw: So what do you think? Who wants to try it first?

Rebel: I’m not convinced.

Outlaw: Oh it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever made. I used the best stuff I could find. I even sent the recipe to Chef Bender.

Void: I’m not touching it until I know what’s in it.

Outlaw: If you say so.

*Outlaw opens the lid. Uber putrid stuff*

Outlaw:(Sing to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas)

The first thing I used in my recipe
Is mold I found in the pantry.
The next thing I used in my recipe
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantry

The next thing I used in my recipe
3 bad eggs
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantry

The next thing I used in my recipe
4 slimy slugs
3 bad eggs
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantry

The next thing I used in my recipe

Shadowstrike: Just listening to this is making me sick.

Majin: Hey, the whatever-it-is in the pot is so strong I’m losing my buzz. What month is this?

Metabad: Um… December? Hence the holiday stuff and the rawking to the Christmas tree?

Majin: Wow awesome! Time to hit the eggnog!

*Majin leaves the room*

Sean: Jeez. Um Outlaw, this stuff…

Outlaw: It’s awesome I know. It has more in it too!

Void: And I’m sure you won’t stop until you tell us the rest right?

Rebel: Just one more reason why I won’t touch it.

Outlaw: *Resumes* The next thing I used in my recipe
6 spider legs

Dark Knight: Wait, only 6? What about the rest?

Outlaw: Made them into candy canes.

*Void spits out the cane he was eating and proceeds to gag*

Outlaw: The next thing I used in my recipe
7 flakes of dandruff
6 spider legs
4 slimy slugs
3 bad eggs
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantry

Shadowstrike: You ok, Void?

Void: Ugh. Remind me to double check everything I eat.

Rebel: You think after living with these nuts you would have learned that on your own.

*Rebel takes a swig out of one of the cans he’s holding. He spits it right back out*


Void: Looks like you should do the same.

*Majin rushes back in with a large pitcher of eggnog*

Majin: Noggggg… Is… *chugs* holiday treat!

Outlaw: Spiked the hell out of it huh?

Majin: Ya!

(Sung drunkenly to the tune of “Oh Dradle”)

Oooohhhhh eggnog, eggnog, eggnog
I fill you up with booze
Oh eggnog, eggnog, eggnog
With you I cannot lose!

*repeat a lot*

*Majin falls flat on his face*

Sean: Should we try and revive him or something?

Void: Nah, let him sleep it off.

Shadowstrike: He’s still useful though, check it out! *Puts the tree on top of Majin*

Metabad: Awesome! You know if he had gotten any drunker it…

Sean: Don’t you dare.

Metabad: It could have been…

Sean: I’m warning you!

Dark Knight: Might have been…

Sean: I swear I’ll hurt you both so freaking bad!

Metabad and Dark Knight: WORSE!!!

*Massive ZAP!*

Sean: When I regain feeling in most of my body you both are going to feel more pain than you have ever felt before.

Rebel: Ok who took the coke? I am not drinking the Dr. Pepper that’s in the fridge. Whoever bought that is going to feel my wrath by getting stabbed in the eyes!

Void: Is it really that big a deal?

Rebel: Of course it is! Don’t you know all I really want is one thing?

Rebel: (Sing to the chorus of “Jingle Bells”)

Gimme Coke, gimme Coke
And I don’t mean the drug!

If I could drink it all day
I’d be a happy bug!

Oh gimme Coke, gimme Coke
I’d drink it all down!

And if I ever needed cash
I’d sell you all to the pound!

Dark Knight: Hey!

Rebel: And I would, too!

*Rebel takes off towards the kitchen and raids the fridge*


Anti and Frank: I hate all this singing!

Ryouga: I kinda like it, actually.

Frank: Shut up Pig-boy!

Ryouga: Scrooge…

Anti: I got coal again too…

*Back to the CIA*

Outlaw: So back to my masterpiece.

Void: There’s more?!

Outlaw: Yup!

The next thing I used in my recipe
8 lizard tongues
7 flakes of dandruff
6 spider legs
4 slimy slugs
3 bad eggs
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantry

Void: Oy.

*The room goes dark and a single spotlight shines on Void*

Void: (Sung briefly to the tune of “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem”)

Oh why do I put up with them?
I could work without a fuss.

*Metabad pokes his head into the light*

Metabad: Because you’d get your ass kicked,
if it weren’t for the rest of us.

Void: Oh… Right.

*Elsewhere in the not-so-secret location of a cardboard box*

Serges: *Sigh* Yet another holiday with us in shame.

Agile: You would think that eventually our bad luck would change.

Violen: Hey guys guess what?

Agile: Your brain started working?

Violen: No, better than that! My stocking got filled!

Serges: You have a stocking?

Agile: What’s in it?

Violen: Coal!

Serges: Really?! That’s great! That’s exactly what we asked for!

Agile: No kidding, I’m freezing. Who’s got a light?

Violen: Uh…

Serges: Um…

Agile: *Sigh* Things never change.

*Back to the CIA*

Outlaw: Theeeeeee–

Void: Just skip to the end.

Outlaw: But I was having fun.

Metabad: If you really want to have fun, just keep doing the “Worse Curse” to Sean. I’ll never get tired of seeing him get zapped!

Dark Knight: It’s funny the way he twitches!

Sean: Payback time!

*Sean attacks DK and Meta*

Rebel: Alright I have enough Coke to make it through the rest. Go ahead Outlaw.

Outlaw: The last thing I used in my recipe
12 jars of sludge
11 rotting road-kill
10 mutant frogs
9 toe nail clippings
8 lizard tongues
7 flakes of dandruff
6 spider legs
4 slimy slugs
3 bad eggs
2 old shoes
And mold I found in the pantryyyyyyyy!!!

Shadowstrike: Man that’s beyond gross. Far worse than anything you’ve ever made. How in the world do you expect us to eat that?

Outlaw: I don’t.

Void: Huh?

Rebel: Didn’t you say you wanted us to try?

Metabad: *Now with a black eye* Yeah. You called it a masterpiece and everything.

Dark Knight: *With two black eyes* I don’t get it.

Sean: If you didn’t make it for us, then who? Is it all for yourself?

Outlaw: Nope. This fine creation is for a “friend” of ours.

Majin: *Groggy and with the tree on his head* Tube socks…

Shadowstrike: You made it as a gift?

Outlaw: Ammunition.

*In one of the Whale King’s cells*

Trump: Blast those CIA idiots! How dare they lock me up! I’m the richest man in the world, not some common criminal. I’ll get them. As soon as I get out I’ll make them pay.

*A chute opens up above his jail window. It drops a special present in Trump’s cell.*

Trump: What in the world?

*The gift explodes upon impact with the floor filling the cell and covering Trump with the nasty dish*


*Back with the CIA*


Rebel: Oh man, I shot Coke out my nose!

Void: I have to admit that was awesome.

Outlaw: I knew you would get a kick out of that.

Dark Knight: Hey wait a minute, how come the good smell is still here? That wasn’t your stew?

Metabad: Didn’t you hear what was in it? There is no way that it could smell like that.

Sean: Then what?

Outlaw: Go in the kitchen and see.

Rebel: I’ve been in there already, nothing there.

Outlaw: Didn’t check under the sheet huh?

Rebel: Uh…

*They all go in the kitchen. Outlaw takes off a sheet that was covering a large table. All sorts of good food to be had*

Shadowstrike: Whoa! You made this? Better question, you can actually cook real food?

Outlaw: Of course! I figured you guys wanted a real feast this year. We are still a team and we survived a lot of bad situations. I pulled out all the stops this time.

Void: I’m actually impressed Outlaw. Wait… Did you wash you hands before you made all this?

Outlaw: I didn’t really want to but yeah. Dig in guys.

Dark Knight: I call first on the mashed potatoes!

Metabad: Something still doesn’t feel right. Something is missing.

Sean: I know!



Rebel: I think you mean have a Happy New Year.

Void: And I think we will too.

The End


Bohemian Rhapsody C:IA Style

September 1, 2014

*Written by Rebel4000*

This is one of the “Specials” that appeared on the site. ┬áThose were usually stories that either were written in a different format, had a story that didn’t focus on the main group, or was a more on the creative side.


*It was late at night at the Code: Island Attackers base… but some people just couldn’t sleep.*

Majin: *drunk* BEER!

Rebel: *high off of caffeine* HEY MAJIN HIT ME WITH ANOTHER!!

Majin: BEER!


Majin: BEER!

*After another hour consuming alchohol and Coke, the two members went to bed. Majin, who drank the most as usual, wasn’t feeling too well, however.*

Majin: errrr i DoN’t feeeeeeeeeeel 2 well… *passes out*

*The next day…*

Majin: Urrgh, my head hurts. I think I drank a little too–*turns a sickly green*–Urp!! *runs to the bathroom*

*After “relieving” himself, Majin heads to the kitchen to find some more beer.*

Majin: Yup, nothing like some beer to get a man over a hangover! *stops, blinks, rubs his eyes, and blinks again* Huh?

Agile: Hey Majin.

Majin: Agile? What are you doing here?!

Serges: *reading the comics* Are you drunk again? We live here. We are a team, after all–ooh, Garfield. *starts laughing maniacally*

Majin: Wha…?

Agile: Too true… *turns his head* Hey, Violen! Are you done with breakfast yet?!

Violen: *in a really girly voice* Yessir Mr. Agile, sir! *giggles uncontrollably*

Serges: C’mon, Majin. Let’s sit down and eat.

Majin: …Right… *sits down and looks at the food* What the heck is this?

Violen: Soy sauce with peas.

Majin: …Then why is it moving?

Violen: Oh, no!

*Violen pulls out his medicine ball and proceeds to beat the food to death, until it retialiates by eating him whole and then catches itself on fire.*

Agile: FIRE!!

Serges: FIRE!!

*Agile grabs Serges and uses his body to put the fire out.*

Agile: Whew…

Serges: Man, that was some quick thinking, Agile! I wish I was as smart as you.

Majin: …Come again?

Agile: Aw, stop it, Serges. Just because I have a PhD in nuclear technical rocketry fission doesn’t mean I’m that smart.

*Majin can only stare in wonder as he watches the two talk. He is amazed that Agile is a brainiac and that Serges is an idiot.*

Majin: Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide–
No escape from reality…

Agile and Serges: Open your eyes…
Look up to the skies and see!

Majin: I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy.
Because I’m easy come, easy go,
A little high, little low…
Anyway the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me…
To me…

Rebel: *smacks Majin* Majin, shut up.

Majin: *blinks* Hu-what?

Void: Shh! We are trying to remain hidden.

Dark Knight: So quit singing!

Rebel, Void, Outlaw, Shadowstrike, Metabad, Sean: Shhh!!

*Everyone–all of the members of the Island Attackers–stand there for roughly 27 hours, waiting.*

Majin: So, um… what are we doing again?

Rebel: *smacks self* Would someone get this guy a beer?

Shadowstrike: I’ll do it!


*Everyone stares at Void in wonder.*

Outlaw: I smell puppies.


Shadowstrike: No!! *kills Void*

Rebel: *gasps*

Outlaw: *gasps*

Sean: *gasps*

Dark Knight: *gasps*

Metabad: *gasps*

Majin: *gasps even louder than everyone else* What did you do?!

Sean: *points* Oh my God! He killed Void!

Metabad: You bastard!

Shadowstrike: B-but… he was gonna kill me first! You guys gotta believe me.

Outlaw: We must do something.

Dark Knight: Yes, before we are next.

Rebel: But what?

Sean: *jumps on Void’s corpse* I suggest we peel off his skin using a potatoe peeler and then feed it to a group of starving fangirls who scream “CloudxSephiroth” which will lead the fulfillment of a dark and ominous proficy where we all shall gain the amazing ability of boiling carrots.

*Everyone stares. Especially Majin.*

Rebel: That idea… is just crazy enough to work! Did everyone bring their potatoe peelers?

Rebel, Outlaw, Metabad, Sean: *lifts their arms up, showing potatoe peelers*

Majin: *notices he has one too* Uh…

Shadowstrike: W-wait! Don’t I at least get a… *picks up a phone* Phone call?!

Dark Knight: Oh, fine, you big baby.

Sean: But you only get five minutes!

*And so Shadowstrike dials the phone*

Shadowstrike: Mama, just killed a man.
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.
Mama, life had just begun…
But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away!

Everyone else: Mama ooo~!

Shadowstrike: Didn’t mean to make you cry!
If I’m not back again this time tomorrow–
Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters…

*A sudden explosion interrupts the group. The intruders are…*

Rebel: The Code: Island Attackers!

Majin: …Say what.

Agile: Aha! So this is what you X-Hunters have been planning! Trying to destroy a Coca-Cola factory in the name of Pepsi, eh?!

Majin: *a part of him dies inside*

Serges: Good thing you decided to put Majin undercover for us, huh boss?

Agile: You bet!

Metabad: Majin is a traitor!

Rebel: How dare you!

Majin: Err… I’m confused… and man I still gotta hang–*throws up Violen*

Everyone else: Eww…

Violen: *wearing a pinky frilly dress* April Fools everyone!

Agile: Now, to finish this! Let’s just see who the real murderer is! *pulls Violen’s mask off* Gasp!

Serges: It was Majin!

Both Majins: *laughs nervously*

Outlaw: Then who is this other Majin? *pulls his mask off* Gasp!

Sean: It’s Void!

Majin: So who the heck did I kill… or Shadow killed… or was it Violen?

Agile: *steps forward* Obviously it was all an ingenious attempt for Majin, knowing that Void was in fact Violen to kill him and thus throw him back up to reveal that he had actually killed himself which would result in the immediate death of Void.

Void: *immediately dies*

Sean: It all makes perfect sense!!

Majin: No it doesn’t.

Metabad: Yes it does.

Majin: No, it doesn’t.

Rebel: Yes, it does.

Majin: No it doesn’t, damn it!

Agile: *grabs Majin’s jaw and moves it* “I mean yes it does silly me hahahah.” Look! He admits! Take him away!

*Members of the CIA and X-Hunters grab Majin and drag him off.*

Majin: Too late, my time has come.
Sends shivers down my spine,
Body’s aching all the time…
Goodbye everybody–I’ve got to go…
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth–!!

Everyone else: Mama ooo~!

Violen: *appears* Anyway the wind blows~…

Majin: I don’t want to die…
I sometimes wish I’d never been born at all!

Rebel: *takes out a crobar and knocks Majin out* Shaddup.

*After a little while, Majin wakes up and notices he is in a courtroom. But it is not a normal courtroom, for he is standing the middle of a spotlight, and the Island Attackers, X-Hunters, and other teams are seated around him. He looks up and sees the judge, which looks like Donald Trump, peering at him, and other various villains to the side acting as the jury.*

Trump: *in a loud, booming voice* HOW DO YOU PLEAD?

Majin: Innocent, what else?! This is ridiculous, I didn’t kill anyone! Shadowstrike did!

Phoenix Wright: *slams his hands on the table* He’s lying damn it, and I can prove it!!


*Everyone stops talking.*

Trump: *looks at Frank, who is drawing a picture of the trial* TELL ME, WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THE PICTURE YOU ARE DRAWING, MR. FRANKENPLOID?

*Frank sighs, stands up, and lifts his picture into the air so everyone can see. All it contains is a red squiggly which looks disturbingly like Ronald McDonald’s hair. Everyone simply stares stupidly at the drawing, making “oohs” and “ahhs.”*


Frank: I see a little silhouetto of a man!

Neonman: Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?

Shadowstrike, Blackbelt, Nathan: Thunderbolt and lightning–very, very frightening me!!

Jade: Galileo!

Ben: Galileo!

Jade: Galileo!

Ben: Galileo!

Jade: Galileo!

Ben: Figaro!!

Alpha Movement: Magnifico-o-o-o-o-o-o…

Majin: But I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me–

Wily’s Warriors: He’s just a poor boy from a poor family!
Spare him his life from this monstrosity!

Majin: Easy come, easy go, will you let me go–

Trump: Bismillah!

Ryouga, Oreo, Loreo: No, we will not let you go–

CIA: Let him go–

Trump: Bismillah!

Jobin, Quint X, Red: We will not let you go–

Red Alert: Let him go–

Trump: Bismillah!

Sigma, Vile, Wily, Bass: We will not let you go–

Majin: Let me go–

X-Hunters: Will not let you go–

Majin: Let me go–

Alien Wily, Gutsdozer, Dragon: Will not let you go–

Majin: Never, never, never let me go-o-o-o-o-o-o–

Shadow Hunters: No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!

Starnik: Oh mama mia, mama mia!

Majin: Mama mia, let me go!
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me,
for me–

Everyone else: For me!!


*Everyone shuts up.*


Mr. Whiz: *hands Trump an envelope*

Trump: *opens the envelope* GUILTY!!

Anti-Majin: *stands up and points* Hah! I KNEW you were going to get the ax! You hax!!

Majin: Shut up!


Majin: Can I go home?


Majin: Hey!

*After the trial…*

Rebel: Majin, I’ll never forget ya.

Majin: Really?

Rebel: No, actually I lied.

Majin: Oh…

Rebel: In fact, I’ve already found a replacement for you. C’mon out!

Naoshi: Hey.

Majin: *stares*

Naoshi: Rebel, guess what?

Rebel: What?

Naoshi: I LOVE AVI!!

*Out of nowhere Metabad appears with two guitars and hands one to Rebel. The two then proceed to rawk out.*

Metabad: So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?

Rebel: So you think you can love me and leave me to die?!

Metabad: Oh, baby–can’t do this to me baby!

Rebel: Just gotta get out–just gotta get right outta here!!

*Rebel immediately jumps out of a 20-story window and plummet to his death. Naoshi and Metabad scream.*

Naoshi: *points at Majin* Oh my God! You killed Rebel!

Metabad: You bastard!!

Majin: If I got a nickle everytime someone called me that, I’d have… *counts his fingers* 5 cents.

*X, Zero, and Axl come in and slap handcuffs on Majin.*

X: You are under arrest for the murder of a suicide!

Majin: But I’m already under arrest!

X: Then you’ll be above arrest, damn it!

Axl: Zero, quick, DO A BARREL ROLL!

Zero: *does a barrel roll out of the same window Rebel jumped out of and dies.*


Majin: Now’s my chance! *knocks X out of the way and runs down the hall*

Naoshi: Stop the murderer!

*Majin runs from the law as Code: Island Attackers, Alpha Movement, Red Alert, Wily’s Warriors, X-Hunters, Shadow Hunters, and everyone else chases after him. Eventually he bursts out of the massive labrynth of the building, outside, and with the persuers right on his heels.*

Majin: FREEEEEEEEEEDOM!!! *hits a brick wall* Ow. *looks up* Why is there a brick wall right in front of the doorway?


Majin: *turns to see that he is surrounded* Leave me alone!! I didn’t do anything!

Brick: LIAH!!

*The group slowly advances on Majin as everything goes dark. Next thing Majin notices he standing up on a podium with his head stuck in a guillotine.*

Fay: Good, your awake. Now we can commence with the execution!

Majin: Now wait just one cockin-pickin minute…

Fay: Executioner, are you ready to… execute?

Lan: YOU BET!!

Ben: Come on! Kill him already! I haven’t got enough violence today!!

Anime Master: Although this is technically justice.

Ben: Violence, justice… since when were they different?

Fay: *clears his throat* Majin, you have been charged with the murders Void Darkheart, Rebel40000, and Zero.

Majin: Okay, first off, Shadowstrike killed Void! Second, Rebel killed himself! Third, Zero is right over there!

Zero: *waves*

X: *kills Zero* OH MY GOD NOT ZEROOOOOOOOOO!! *cries*

Fay: Okay then, you have been charged with the murders of Void, Rebel, Zero, AND Zero, bitch. Any last requests?

Majin: Don’t kill me?

Fay: Hahahah, sorry, this is America. We don’t spare people here unless they are famous and can give us lots of moolah. *faces Lan* Drop the guillotine!


Everyone else: Ooh yeah, ooh yeah~!

*As Lan drops the guillotine, the last thing Majin sees is Violen, in tears, coming up to give him a big, wet, sloppy kiss–*


Void: *flies in* Majin, you’re awake!

Majin: Void! You’re alive!

Void: *blinks and nods slowly* Yes… it would appear that I am.

Majin: That’s great! What about Rebel, is he alive too? I mean, I saw him jump out of a building and all so I–

Void: I doubt jumping out of a building would harm Rebel, much less kill him, especially when Coke is involved.

Majin: Oh.

Void: *pulls out a clipboard and checks it off* You’ve been out of it for about two days… Apparently you went passed the limit on how much alchohol you can handle… not to mention you drank beer when it was warm.

Majin: Ew.

Void: Very. Anyway, I suggest you get some rest. I’ll have Frank bring you some food later. *starts to leave*

Majin: Hey Void?

Void: *stops* Hmm?

Majin: …Bah, forget it.

*Void shrugs and walks off, and Majin flops back down in his bed and sighs deeply, glad he is out of that nightmare.*

Majin: Nothing really matters…
Anyone can see…
Nothing really matters–nothing really matters to me…

Everyone else: Anyway the wind blows~…

The End

The Freakacast! Episode: 12 It’s-a Mario!

August 31, 2011

The Freakacast! Episode: 12 It’s-a Mario!

Andrew and Matt take a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Music Credits:

Songs to Wear Pants to: Freakacast Theme

Sideview: Super Mario

Gifted But Twisted: Super Mario Bros. (Punk Cover):

Cap. Lou: Do the Mario!

Nostalgia Critic Review of the Super Mario Movie:

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The Virtual Boy:

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Halo vs. Donkey Kong:

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