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I.W.F. Memories pt. 2

April 8, 2015



Here are the bios that I wrote. I’m not going to fix any of the spelling mistakes as that would ruin this little walk down memory lane.



Titles Held–I.W.F, Commercial and Tag Team(current) Championships

The booker of the I.W.F, and one of the biggest, strongest compeditor the I.W.F has to offer. Once he has his mind set on your destruction, you may never be the same. He is currently teamed up with Maveric, and together, they are doing what they please. he is never afraid to show off his numerous titles, and will always find time to beat up on the weaker wrestlers. His hatred and rage seem to fuel him while taking out his opponents.

Titles Held–Hardcore, Hardcore Tag Team(current) Champinonships

The essence of insanity, Blade seemes to enjoy taking pain. He is one of the toughest wrestlers in the I.W.F. Unfortunatly he has the intelegence of a tree stump, and will believe almost anything you tell him. He is currently taging with Skoomyster, and they both seem to be enjoying themselves here in the I.W.F. With a new “friend”, a Tyco Teddy Bear named Fester Blatz, and a new phrase, Fear Me!!!! He has become more dangerous and uncontrolable than ever.

Titles Held- Tag Team (current) championships

A submissions expert, he is one of the most technical wrestlers in the I.W.F. He has done well in singles, but has found recent sucess in the tag team division. He has allied himself with War, and is currently at the top of his division. He cares a lot for his win/loss record, and goes to extreme lenghts to keep his record with as little losses as possible.

Titles Held-Intercontinental, Hardcore Tag Team(current), I.W.F (current) Championships

The master of skooyness he is the ladies man of the I.W.F. He is a great compeditor, and is one of the top wrestlers in the industry. His mixture of martial arts, and high flying stunts makes him a force to be reconed with. His antics with Blade has invloved him in Hardcore matches, but he dose’nt seem to mind.

Titles Held-Lightweight Championship

One half of the comic relief team for the I.W.F he has have had more losses than wins. It was a maricle that he got the lightweight title, but now that he has it, he seemes to forget all the losses he had. His first win, for the title has made him think he can win, but hasen’t yet.

Titles Held-

The other comic person in the I.W.F. He seemes to enjoy being with Super Crazy, and has made us laugh more than he has won a match. He has the potential to be great, but just can’t stop dancing long enough to do it.

Titles Held-Commercial Championship

The gentleman of the I.W.F. He seemes to be an upperclass snob, but has proven to be an extremly tough person to deal with. He hates to lose, and trys almost any “proper” way of getting his hands of the I.W.F. title. He is currently feuding with War, but has not been too succesful in this task. IFTHY SMELL WHAT THE GENTLEMEN ARE BAKING!!!

Titles Held-

The most evil person known in the I.W.F. He constantly preches of some sort of higher power, but no one knows who, or what that is. He has nothing but evil intenions for the other wrestlers, and can’t wait to cause misery on all who cross him.

Titles Held-Intercontenental(current) Championship

One of the strongest people in the I.W.F. He can nearly destroy the other wrestlers.He is a great athete, and will most likley have great sucess in the future. He has shown us time and time again, that you should never mess with him, or you face the wrath of the Pain Killer.

Titles Held-Commercial(current) Championship

Hailing from New Jersey, he will beat the hell out of anyone who insults his hometown. He has shown great tehcnical skills, and has done well so far. He is trying to get the IC title, but hasen’t been able to win it yet.

Titles Held-

A great wrestler, he has done well so far. He is currently taging with the Jersey Devel, and togther thay have won many matches. His skills as a high flyer have served him well, and can get great hight when performing his Elboe drop from Hell.

Titles Held- Lightweight Championship

One of the top lightweight wrestlers, he has dominated his division for a while. His loss to Nevets however has seemed to weaken his pride. He has had great success so far, and wants to move on to bigger, and better things

Titles Held-

The other gentlmen of the I.W.F. he and Rockford are a strong team and he has shown great skill in singles competition. He too is very proper and can be annoying at tines, but don’t be fooled by his weak tea drinking apperance, for he can easily put a hold that will make you submit with pain.

Titles Held-

A misfit from Pokemon, he has come to try to dominate in wrestling as well as video games. Unfortunally for him, all the other wrestlers hate Pokemon, and don’t find him cute in the very least. He has been beaten up so much, but he just keeps on going.

Titles Held-

Super Crazy has been every where, but has found his way home here in the I.W.F., and is having the time of his life dancing the nights away. He and will most likely make a huge impact here and will definatly give us hours of enjoyment.

Titles Held-

A strange person to say the least, he has black and white hair, and just does the dumest things you could think of. With a combination of high flying stunts and the art of FooDoo he has has lost more times than he has danced, making that a lot.

Titles Held-Hardcore(current) Championship

Not much is known abouth this strange person but we can plainly see his is someone you don’t want to mess with. He has a love of the Hardcore Match and would be a ferse compeditor to the Hardcore Championship. His mentality is as short as his temper, and can become violent at the snap of a finger.

Titles Held-Lightweight (current) Championship

The pimp of the I.W.F, he is make’in easy money winning matches. His victories over the top lightweights have made him a strong contender in that division. His daredevil like actions make him unpredictable at times, and he is always willing to sacrafice his body to win.

Titles Held-

A man on a mission, FU is out to prove himself to everone who doubts his ability. No one is sure where he is from, since his accent changes more than his mood. He has shown great high flying stunts when trying to beat an oppenent, and has never cared about the other wrestlers. A dangerous combination. We’ll have to keep an eye on FU.
Titles Held-

As quick as lightning, Thunder is easily one of te fastest wrestlers here. He is able to launch a quick offence and back off before his opponent knows what hit him. A great ground wrestler, Thunder can grapple like it was second nature, a skill that is needed here in the I.W.F.

Titles Held-

A wrestler who is not sure of what he should be doing with his matches. He can’t seem to decide which is more important, winning, or beating the hell out of people. A very resilient wrestler, he has lasted in matches that seemed impossible for him. He is sure to go far with his wrestling career.

Titles Held-

Hey hey hey! Fat Albert has come here to the I.W.F! He is now making the other wrestlers worried, since Fat Albert will eat anything. He is an extremely tough person to deal with, and even harder to keep fed. Many of the wrestler fear him, and a good thing too, because if you got on the wrong side of him, he would flaten you with his massive weight.


I.W.F. Memories pt. 1

April 8, 2015



Ah, The I.W.F. The “I” stood for Independent which we though was super clever when we were twelve.  In the late 90’s up until the early 2000’s my friends and I were obsessed with pro wrestling. The Attitude Era with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mankind, and The Rock was a pivotal part of our young lives and lead to some fun and crazy moments.

My friends and I made a backyard wrestling federation. It started out with just three of us messing around in the safety of our living rooms until we were kicked outside. Then we tried to wrestle on the grass in the front yard, but this proved to be a bit too tough as the ground was hard and we were wimps that really and truly didn’t want to hurt the other guy. So we were limited to weak punches and clotheslines and slow fake falls.

We then got the bright idea to use inflatable mattresses to cushion the falls which greatly added to the amount of “slams” and jumps we could do. That is until we popped one. At least we were finally in the backyard away from the normal public so we could work on our silly characters and play out theme music as loudly as we wanted.

Then the turning point happened. My parents got me a big trampoline for my birthday with the knowledge that I was going to ignore all of the WWF’s (now the WWE) plea to not try it at home. Now we could do things like dropkicks and choke slams without the worry of the hard ground and its ability to keep reality in check. We still were wimps when it came to things like weapons and actually hurting the other guy, so before you get worried I can honestly say the worst injury that occurred was a sprained hand, which incidentally was my own.  We were never the ones you saw on the news where they were using cheese graters and broken glass.

We did film a lot of it though. This was a time long before we had cell phones so the videos are on actual tape and are sitting in a box somewhere. Maybe one day I’ll try and retrieve the footage to see my teenage self do some very stupid things. One aspect that I have rediscovered though is that I had made a Geocities site for it. I listed all of the wrestlers, put up bios and really showed the world what a terrible speller I was.  I though the site was long gone, but to my surprise it has been revived.

For your enjoyment here is the front page of the “Official” I.W.F. site. I’ll link it here just in case the copy/paste doesn’t do it justice and I will be putting up the bios in a separate post.

Hello, and welcome to the I.W.F!!!!!!  We are a group that hate rulez, and just want to enjoy life as we see fit. We do what we want, and have a blast doing it!!!!! This part of this fine site will tell of the wrestlers, matches, and current champs. please enjoy yourself, and don’t try this at home!!!
Jersey Devil
Sir Lansworth
Super Crazy
Mr. Sunday Delight
Fat AlbertBIOS

Current champs

I.W.F Title—-Skoomyster
Commercial——Jersey Devil
Tag–War, Maverick
Hardcore Tag–Blade, Skoomyster

Type of Matches

Normal–Pinfall, Submission, Countouts, or Disqualification to win. Weapons, low blows, or beating up the ref will get you DQ.

No DQ–pinfall, submission,or countout. Can’t be DQ. Weapons are allowed

Tag–A team match, two wrestlers in at a time, and each can tag in a partner.

Hardcore–pinfall or submission. No rules. Weapons, lowblows, and anything you want to do you can to win.

Handicapped matches–can be three, two, or uhfair match. Usually its a two on one beating, or with special rules.

Tecnical match–Can use submissions, and holds only. The opponent must submit in order to win.

I Quit Match–Beat the hell out of your opponent until they say “I Quit”.

Last Man Standing–Keep wrestling until you, or your opponent can’t get up by the time the Ref counts to ten.

Chokeslam match–Who ever chokesllams the opponant first wins.

Garage Match–Match takes place in a garage. Anything goes, and must pin to win.

**If both wrestlers can’t get up by the time the ref counts to ten, it’s a double count out.

Bucking Bronco Match–
Who ever Bucking Bronco’s their opponant first wins. A Bucking Bronco must consist of 3 “ups” and 3 “downs”. Most Bucking Bronco matches are hardcore.

Wrestlers Finishers/Trademark movesWar
Special–The End
Trademark–Double Powerbomb

Special–Blade Dropkick/Pearl-Dive

Special–Jim Magarnigal
Trademark–Clothesline From Hell

Special-Skoowy-Kick/Sweet ‘n’ Low
Trademark–THE LEG!!!!!!

Special–The Nevets Hold

Special–Fallen Angel

Special–Gentlemans Drop
Trademark–Genltemans Elbow

Trademark–Soul Snatcher

Special–Pain Killer
Trademark–Jack Hammer

Jersey Devil
Special–Sin Hold
Trademark–Ball N Chain

Special–Flying Elbow from Hell
Trademark–The Drop

Special–Tornado DDT/Senton Bomb
Trademark-Bucking Bronco

Sir Landsworth
Special–Gentlemens Drop
Trademark–Arm-Bar Submission

Super Crazy
Special–The Crazanator
Trademark–The Garlic Roll

Special–Pika Bronco

Mr. Sunday Delight
Special–The Delightening
Trademark–The FROG

Special–No 1 Knows

Special–Money Shot
trademark–The Giant Leap

Special–Frog Splash
Trademark–Fishermans Suplex

Special–Giant Sidewalk Slam
Trademark–The Low Blow

Special–Scorpion Death Drop

Fat Albert
Special-Elephant Drop
Trademark-Albert Splash of Doom